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Lesson Plan in English 9

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
1. Identify the element of poetry;
2. Analyze a poem through identifying its elements; and
3. Distinguish the features present in poetry and prose.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Elements of Poetry (Death, Be Not Proud By John Donne)
References: A Journey through Anglo-American Literature Learner’s Material, Module
2: Lesson 2 pgs 162-164
Materials: manila paper, pictures, pentel pen, cartolina
III. Procedure
a. prayer
b. checking of attendance
III. Procedure
A1- Activity
a. Drill:
 The teacher will let the students sing the song below:
I’d catch a grenade for you; I’m stuck in the dark
Throw my head on a plane for you, But you’re my Flashlight.
I’d jump in front of train for you. You’re getting me, getting me
You know I’d do anything for you. Through the night.

b. Review:
1.) What is a prose?
2.) What are the elements of prose?

c. Motivation:
 The student will be asked:
1. Who among you have here already made a poem?
2. To whom did you dedicated your poem with?
3. What are the things you consider in making a poem?

Activity Proper: DECODING GAME

 The teacher will post a cartolina containing letters with its equivalent numbers.
 There will be a cartolina strips containing numbers that have hidden letters.
 The teacher will encourage the student to decode the specific number into letters to reveal the
hidden word.
 The first student who can raise his/her hand will be the one to answer and will gain a point.
 These are the words hidden on the group of numbers:
-Stanza Sound patterns
-Theme - rhythm -rhyme scheme
-Symbolism - meter
-Imagery - rhyme

A2. Analysis

 The student will be asked by these following question:

1.) What do you observed of the words you had decoded?
2.) What do you call of this group of word?
3.) What is a poetry?

A3. Abstraction
 Definition of poetry
 Proper discussion of the elements of poetry

A4. Application


 The students should work in pairs in this task.
 The students will write their answer in a 1 whole sheet of paper.


Direction: Compare and contrast the features present in prose and poetry using a Venn diagram. Write
it a 1 whole sheet of paper.

Read the biography entitled, “Ida B. Wells- Barnett and Her Passion for Justice” by Lee D. Baker