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* Caffeine-Free
* Phedon’s Journeys
* Phedon’s Lines
* Delphi Structures

Phedon Bilek
Copyright © 2018 by Phedon Bilek

All rights reserved. This e-book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or

used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the

publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a review.


“No matter how bedazzled they are by your presentation of a

Magic Square, or how accurate your picture duplication is, it

will pale in comparison to what your psychic impressions are

about them”



- TITANAS. Thank you brother. No explanations necessary. You know.

- TAKEL. For always being there. You helped more than you imagine.

- CHRISTOPHE AMBRE. Thank you for always being honest and true to your
word. You earned my deepest respect as a performer and a professional. You

now have my friendship.

- JAMES SCOTT. For being always ready to help and to listen. For road-
testing PRISM for months. For being such a beautiful person. For everything

you’ve done. Thank you James. I owe you.

- FRANCIS GIROLA. You have always been there to listen and your opinions
have helped this project mature. Merci Francis.

- WARREN THACKERAY. I remember driving to Harlem on that cold

December day to see you. I left to meet a fellow mentalist and made a friend.

Thank you my African brother for everything and keep your juices flowing…

You rock.

- PERSEUS ARKOMANIS. Ευχαριστώ. For Road-testing some of this

material, especially PRISM. For your valuable insights. For being really talented

and dedicated. Keep loving Magic.

- MILLARD LONGMAN. For being a gentleman. And for coming up with the
best peek in the universe.

Welcome to Sibyl’s Supplement. Between the DVD and this PDF you must feel

bombarded with information. I reassure you: it’s not an impression. You’re not crazy.

The material contained here should get you occupied for a –long- moment, and is

aimed at serious and dedicated performers only. But this is the price to pay for

freedom. For being able to look, feel, even BE real, anytime, anywhere, with nothing.

Our inventions mirroring our secret wishes, I have designed ideas and techniques that

will leave no room for your audiences to doubt they’ve met a real psychic. So if you’re

into disclaimers…

I wanted you to get the maximum possible, and that is the reason why I decided to

include this booklet, which recaps what I feel is important and brings further details

on certain ideas, techniques and routines that I could have never fully explored in a

DVD. For instance I provide here a journey for each category on S.C.R.E.W.E.D., that

you can use as stock should you choose to. I tried to leave no stone unturned, and in

the event I failed covering something please never hesitate reaching out to me, either

on Facebook or on my email: phedonbilek@hotmail.com. I pride myself saying that I

personally replied –and still do- every single message I have received from people all

over the world, be it for PROTEUS or other routines and ideas either published or just

discussed. This is not about to change now. Or ever.

Last, but not least. I decided to retail this at $50, against the opinion of everyone

involved in or in the know of this project. I deeply believe in my heart of hearts that

this should be the price for each routine alone. But when it comes to Magic (in its

broader definition), money was never my motivation. I am offering you these ideas

not because I want to see your hard-earned shekels into my account, but because I

am hoping you will like them, adopt them, adapt them to suit your style, amaze your

audiences, and maybe take them somewhere else, as I have done it myself with the

original ideas or concepts that gave birth to what you are holding right now. THAT

would be the best reward I could possibly have.

Again, thank you for your trust. And never forget: Minimalism is the tool that will set

you free.

With much love. Always.


I named this the Caffeine-Free Reading for a simple reason. Here in Greece Coffee

Reading is extremely popular. Greek coffee is, unlike filter coffee, espresso, etc.,

brewed INSIDE the very water you’re drinking. Therefore, before drinking it one has

to let the coffee solids settle at the bottom of the cup.

Once drunk, the eventual sitter turns her cup down, allowing those solids to slowly

fall, smearing the cup’s walls and leaving an intricate network of lines, shapes, designs

that make no sense at all but to the reader, who can decipher them.

Growing up I witnessed countless readings, and I can tell you that if you think you’re

a good reader, you stand no chance facing a Greek grandma, should she be a coffee

reader. It’s with coffee reading that I realized the power of using a SYSTEM, the reader

being but a mere interpreter that cannot be blamed for misinterpreting something

this or that line or shape really meant…

I always wanted to create a system replicating this. And one day it dawned upon me

looking at a crumpled sheet of paper. What I saw was an intricate network of lines,

shapes, designs, that made no sense at all. And all I needed was… a piece of paper

to create an anytime, anywhere, impromptu, hard hitting, conversational, fun and

mysterious experience that every sitter would enjoy and accept. I later on added an

extra dimension to the mix, asking the sitter to write their name. This enabled another

layer of analysis to be carried out using something that most lay people consider to

be a science: graphology. This idea came to me after watching Rudy Hunter’s

fantastic Draw Me A Tree DVD.




3. DETERMINE TOP Turn like a wheel and stop

4. DETERMINE SIDE Turn Front-Back and stop

5. MARK by tearing TOP and LEFT

6. (OPTIONAL) WRITE-YOUR-NAME (anywhere, if asked)






During all the process be very attentive and notice EVERYTHING in their attitude,

their reactions, their actions… Every single detail is important and will be subject to

interpretation later on. And there is nothing to reject here: they DID smile when

grabbing the paper. They DID ask confirmation. And EVERY SINGLE ACTION has a


1. Attitude when told to crumple the paper: Suspicion? Amusement? Need for

confirmation? Question “WHY?” Curiosity? Irony? Indifference? Disdain? à SHOWS


2. Crumple: HOW? 2-hands (Thorough. Focused. Efficient)? 1-hand? (Confidence.

Multi-tasking. BUT sometimes Superficial). Lightly? With strength? Taking time and

being thorough, or fast and unfinished?



3. Un-crumple: How? Meticulously (Tends to go out of their way to minimize the

damages of their mistake) or Fast (Tends to give little importance, rather focusing on

the future)? Taking care of the paper (Respect towards the mistakes, as lessons taken)

or not (Will to put the past behind)? Tears (rejection) or not? Trying to make it perfectly

straight (search for harmony between past and present, or will to erase the mistake

from memory) or not?



4. TOP: Which side is chosen? Width (Conventional thinker. Follow rules. Organized.

BUT maybe Rigid) or Length (Out-of-the-box thinker. Needs space. Prone to

challenge authority not seen as legitimate. Wants to be the one setting the rules. BUT


5. Attitude while following the instructions about choosing TOP: Hesitant and

changing their mind? Or rather Direct, Decisive? à ATTITUDE TOWARDS


6. Amount of crumples

7. Depth and Height of crumples (Hills and Valleys)

8. Position of the crumples on the paper

9. Notion of RELATIVITY between the quadrants (Top ≠ Bottom and Left ≠ Right)


10. Name:

Size of name (Small [shy] or large [confident] or very large [over-confident]),

Position on paper (What Quadrant? Where on paper? à Timeline and


Graphology Analysis (Upper[spiritual] and lower[Appetites] loops, direction

of letters[leaning forward or backwards], O's closed [tight lips] or not, Angular

[analytical] or rounded [ongoing], breaks in letters[stressed] or not, "it" system[are i

dotted and t crossed?]), Slopping (going up[ambition] or down[maybe a chronic

illness or condition], à SEE GRAPHOLOGY TIPS


* Hills: Positive events

* Valleys: Negative events

* Straight Lines: Continuing event, in time or across Body/Mind areas. SIZE of the

line? POSITION in the MATRIX (Area/Timeline)? Is it a Hill (positive) or a Valley


If HORIZONTAL: Hill (+) or Valley (-)? à TIMELINE

If VERTICAL: Hill (+) or Valley (-)? à Does it affect

BOTH areas, Body AND Mind? To what extent?

* Circles: Completed task, accomplishment or needing to (following position on


* Squares: Situation tidies up, organized or needing to (following position on


* Triangles: Danger!

* Letters: Initials of persons who played /are playing / will play an important part

in sitter's life

* Add as much SYMBOLISM as possible. If ANYTHING resembles something that

can be interpreted, GO FOR IT! Take a moment at the beginning to discern

PATTERNS! Let your imagination flow!

As you can see there is an awful lot to look at, to analyze and to say, depending on

the time we want to allocate to that reading. It can take 3 minutes, it can take 20

minutes. That is the beauty. And what is very interesting is that it allows you to make

the sitter participate fully, and make HER reveal what SHE thinks this hill or that valley

represents. DO NOT FORGET you’re but a mere interpreter, and that YOU, as

opposed to the system, are the fallible component. YOU need help. Asking “Er…

Here there is a clear indication of an event that had a NEGATIVE impact on your

mind. Look at the depth of this valley. It’s right on TOP in the distant past, so it is not

affecting your body. What happened here Jane…?” Let Jane clarify this. At the end

you’ll be credited to have seen her depression that followed her divorce. That’s just

how our brain works. But feel free to help it by ‘painting everything gold’ when



(I have borrowed many from Rudy Hunter)

- SIZE OF LETTERS * Small: Introvert

* Large: Extrovert

- LOOPS * Upper loops: l, h, b… How well formed? à Intellect, Spiritual

* Lower loops: g, y…. à Bodily appetites: food, sex,

- VOWELS are important! How WELL-ROUNDED they are!

* If Open, not closed: GOSSIPER! Like to TALK! Open!

* If Closed: Value Secrecy! Discreet!

- SLOPPING * Upwards: Ambition!

* Downwards: Chronic 'Condition', maybe illness

- LEANERS (SLANT) to RIGHT (ahead) or LEFT (Backwards)


* Right: Interested. Paying attention.


* Angular: Analytical

* Rounded: Easy, ongoing person, emotional


If BREAKS in a word: consequence of our modern-day multi-tasking.



* Printers (digital): Communication is ESSENTIAL. Need to be

CLEAR, Concise, direct.

* Scripters (manuscript): Artistic. Writing is not only conveying

Information, but IDEAS, Emotions.

* Mix of both: Should be TEACHERS! They are concerned with



Practical. Conveying information is the purpose.

- i . t SYSTEM

* If they take the time to dot the "i"s and cross the "t"s: Attention

to details. Are the dots right ABOVE the "i"s? Are crosses ON the "t"s?

* If the "T" crosses are long and sharp: Ruthless with their enemies,

protective with loved ones


• Name Underlined: Need for attention

• Short Name (Jon for Jonathan): Doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Or feel

uncomfortable with their name

• Name + LAST NAME: Importance of their origin. Pride. Part of their identity

• Symbols (Flower, Heart, Star…): Need for attention, will to share, idealistic

• Position in the Matrix: Timeline/Body-mind. Where did they write? E.g.TOP

LEFT? à Rooted in the past, most likely nostalgic, valuing intellectual

achievements, spiritual…

You have now in hand everything you need. Add to that

- YOUR personal input based on your imagination and on what you discern

- THEIR input

- The discussion resulting from the interpretation process

and you find yourself with something solid, fun, conversational, interesting,

mysterious and very engaging that you can do anytime, anywhere, for anyone, with

absolute confidence. The system is covering you from all angles and allows you an

incredible level of freedom in your statements. Furthermore, the GRAPHOLOGY part,

although optional (I sometimes do JUST the paper reading), constitutes a very

important part of the process as it is seen by audiences as an undisputed method. To

them graphology is an exact science and this adds an extra layer of legitimacy and

credibility to the whole experience.


The process the way I perform it goes like this (but feel free to modify it to suit your


- Crumple

- Un-crumple

- Determine TOP

- Determine SIDE

- Mark the final Orientation (sometimes I do NOT do this, as I’m asking them

right after to WRITE the name, which consolidates the orientation)

- Writing of NAME

- Interpretation
• about how their attitude crumpling / un-crumpling and the meaning, about the orientation

they chose

• about the name: graphology and other details

• Introduction of the Matrix TIMELINE/BODY-MIND (Quadrants)

• Place of their name in the Matrix both from a Timeline point of view and a body/mind one

• Introduction of the concept of HILLS and VALLEYS and their meaning

• Joint discussion of the patterns on the sheet, with active participation from the sitter who’s

asked to interpret some data that elude the interpreter


- You are a mere interpreter. You’re trying to make sense of the indicators you’re


- Be caring and don’t take yourself seriously. Have fun.

- A very important point taken directly from Rudy: Don’t be all sugar and spice.

You want to be seen as HONEST

Good luck with CFR.



"I see... a change in your environment. That can be moving houses, changing jobs

or even a significant trip to come. Also, I feel some level of stress owed to pressure

applied by a member of your family, a woman I sense, maybe your mother or

girlfriend/wife, regarding a major step or a decision to be taken about your life.

Finally, I see an ongoing conflict with someone, not family but possibly a close

acquaintance or a co-worker, that needs addressing before it backfires on you..."

The lines must be delivered FAST, with NO PAUSE, eyes closed, holding their

hands or the Blank Piece of the billet or any personal object. When done, let it sink

just 2 seconds, and ask

* which one they're feeling to be the priority right now if the lines are

aimed at the sitter personally

Even if we hit on ONE line this is the one they will mention, and to the audience

watching we hit on EACH line, they’re just mentioning this one because it is their


* if they know the person well enough to be AWARE of those issues (what I call

Pre-empting) if the lines are aimed at a person thought-of by the sitter

SUBTLETY: We are NOT asking if we hit!!

We IMPLY WE HIT EVERYWHERE, we’re just asking what is the MOST IMPORTANT!

Or if they're AWARE! This covers us from all angles whatever happens

DISTAZO LINE (The DOUBT: for a person thought-off)

"Despite appearances and what you might be thinking this is a person who doubts

themselves quite often, and secretly questions the wisdom of their choices and

decisions in life. I picture them sitting on the edge of their bed, wondering where

they would be right now should they have taken a different path at some point in

their life... “

SUBTLETY: - The "DESPITE APPEARANCES..." line COVERS US from all angles

again. Even if they don't agree, and even if they express it, WE HAVE FORESEEN it

and WARNED THEM. We KNEW they’d disagree, hence the introductory line. We

can add that this person feels that showing doubts is a weakness, and chose to

appear very confident. It’s a proud person, and we can even tell the sitter “and you

DO know this, don’t you?”

- When possible finish this with the GENDER CONFIRMATION (we know the gender

of the thought-off person because at this point we have peeked the name): “By the

energy I'm getting here... I'm not asking you, I am TELLING you with 100%

confidence this is DEFINITELY a MAN!"

HUBRIS LINE (The EGO: Flattery)

“You have a sharp intellect but what really stands out is your inborn tendency to

instantly understand some situations without the need to mentally process them.

You are truly gifted with what is commonly referred to as ‘Intuition’. And I can sense

you’re fully aware of this. For example you’re the kind of person to pay close

attention to first impressions when meeting someone, and TRUST this highly

misunderstood and controversial feeling. You have noticed that your... ‘hunches’

have more than often proved to be so accurate that they border Premonition. Yes, a

sharp intellect augmented by what I would call ‘Instinct’"

SUBTLETY: We present the First Impression as a

CONTROVERSIAL and MISUNDERSTOOD notion to make the sitter feel different

by choosing to trust it. Because let's be honest: we all are heavily influenced by our

first impressions. Aren’t you?

SUBTLETY: We choose INTUITION to flatter our

sitter. The reasons are the following: first, choosing external looks or intelligence

would be too obvious, as these are the eternal compliments everyone receives. So,

should we use any of these words the sitter's BS detector will go crazy and we're

uncovered. Second, intuition is a compliment they NEVER heard before. So, it does

NOT sound as one. Their BS detector remains therefore silent. Also, it throws them

off. And the beauty of this particular one is that it implies other things, like...

INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM. Think about it: can you imagine an intuitive person

being stupid? I personally think it's possible, but it's not what comes to mind. By

throwing this at them we take them off the beaten path, and flatter their ego in a

very unusual way.


“I’m experiencing difficulties to read you, and that’s quite unusual and disturbing... I

am doubting you’re aware of this but it seems you have unconsciously erected

barriers to protect yourself, most likely after a major disappointment in someone

you trusted...”

SUBTLETY: "Unconsciously" erected

barriers: This covers us fully again in case of disagreement. Even if they are reluctant

we can point out we knew they would doubt it, hence the “unconsciously” and the

“I’m doubting you’re aware of this…”


"The Greeks have different words to describe the multiple forms LOVE can take...

EROS is the feeling one would develop for a lover, a sexual partner. Very strong,

passionate, but easily lost. AGAPE, on the other hand, is the PUREST form of love.

It is all about Protecting, Caring, Sharing. It’s all about SELFLESSNESS. That, for

instance, is the love of a mother for her child. And AGAPE is how I would explain

what I am sensing right now holding this. Tell me.... who used to own this ring?"


GRANDMOTHER: MEGA-HIT, as we have SENSED it! If NOT, no problem: the

mother thing was just to illustrate, and the first owner will be credited for having

feelings of similar nature and pure!

If using the AGAPE LINE after we have established the spec is thinking of a

MATURE WOMAN we can finish with the following: "... And AGAPE is how I would

explain what I am sensing right now... Does this woman -BECAUSE IT IS A

WOMAN!- have TWO or THREE children?"

This is what I do in the performances you saw. I used this after having ascertained

the age of the person they were thinking of (with the innocent question at the

beginning “about what age is this person…?) AND the gender (via the peek).

SUBTLETY: Either they say 2 or 3 it's a

HIT! If they say 1 it's still a hit, and we can inquire whether she lost one, like a

miscarriage. No kids? No problem! It's a shame, as she was meant to have some

owing to the nature of her feelings! What happened…?


"I will tell you what you're projecting. First, I feel DISAPPOINTMENT. Possibly an

open conflict. Second, a clear sense of EXPECTATION. One that you've been

having for some time now, but which kind of grew stronger lately...

…The vibrations I'm getting suggest otherwise but I feel this is material. Like a

House, a Car, or something like a Piece of Jewelry... What is it? (DISCUSSION)

…The bitterness I feel here goes beyond the simple disappointment. I feel close

proximity with the person involved. Who is this person? It’s not family… is it??”

STRUCTURE: The first (disappointment) covers a very large spectrum from simple

disappointment to open conflict. Everyone will have, at various degrees, something

that fits here. About the Proximity, every conflict is with people close enough to us

to share -conflicting- interests or views... We will ALWAYS be hitting here. Even if

not family, it will be close.

The second (expectation) relates to everyone. All human beings have goals in life.

And having goals we all have expectations. And all of those grow stronger with time

due to impatience inherent to the human nature. EX:

* Young lady: getting married, be independant...

* Young man: buy a car, get a job...

* Mature Man: Buy a house, create his own business, get a promotion

* Mature woman: providing for her children, travel

The THREE-PART GUESS at the end finds here a perfect use, as ANY of the options

(even ANY other MATERIAL one) will be a HIT! Even NON-MATERIAL options will

hit, as we can back-pedal and say that I should have stuck with what the vibes were

suggesting à “the vibrations I’m getting suggest otherwise…”

Shoot, shoot, shoot. Deliver the lines without letting the sitter analyze them too

much. "Allow" her to talk ONLY when asking her a direct question. Be very

observant of reactions and interest. Adopt a Push & Probe attitude.

LOST RING LINE (When we KNOW it's a WOMAN, but

UNDER the required age to "apply" for the AGAPE LINE. This is to Confirm


"The person you have in mind recently lost something. Or rather misplaced it. I can

feel their anxiousness, and by the strength of this feeling I suspect this was a gift.

The object was a Ring. Or an Earring maybe... When you speak to this lady again -

because by the nature of the object it definitely IS a woman- ask her whether she

found it or not"


As explained in the video PRISM is my way of rendering a reading sure-fire. It

accomplishes this by

• Shifting the focus from a FALLIBLE source (the sitter) to one we fully master:

US. That is to say that we are NOT addressing the sitter BUT... OURSELVES.

How can we EVER be wrong about... ourselves...?

• Shifting the focus from FACTS to FEELINGS. We are not trying to 'find' where,

when, who, but rather the precise emotional state they experienced

• Making it DEEPLY EMOTIONAL, causing them to significantly lower their


No need to be a skilled reader. Just TELL A PERSONAL STORY!

By its very nature PRISM is ideal when DEALING WITH APPROXIMATES. As explained

in the section ON BEING REAL of the DVD I prefer vague questions to accurate ones.

No need to explain the reasons again, but here this concept makes full sense.

PRISM is based on a simple postulate:

In a reading context, as long as THE ESSENCE OF OUR

EXPERIENCE matches THE SITTER'S, the reading is


CONNECTION is established


If we KNOW our sitter's current EMOTIONAL STATE it's very simple to make up

(or simply TELL if there is an actual one) a personal story CONVEYING THE


And we all know that once on an EMOTIONAL level our brain works differently and


MOREOVER: The fact that the story is the MEDIUM'S PERSONAL ONE makes it

IMMUNE TO REJECTION by the sitter as it's out of the latter's control. The sitter will

CAPITALIZE ONLY on the ESSENCE of the Medium's experience: FEELINGS! And as

long as they match everything we say will make full sense!

In this approach the Performer is the medium. He's channeling the emotions felt and

interprets them the way he feels them through his personal bias, or PRISM. He relies

on past experiences that made him feel the very sensations and vibes he's receiving

from the sitter.

Let's assume their category is HEALTH (and that we have ascertained it’s not about

the sitter herself but a person close to her via the Vanishing Negative question)

"We’re all like a prism. A ray of light enters it and the outcome is something totally

different. If the papers read tomorrow that Bill Gates lost his fortune one person might

feel happy, because Bill Gates was a filthy rich and this person is jealous. Another

might feel sorry for the poor guy who worked his ass off and lost everything. They all

received the same piece of information, but their resulting individual feeling is the

outcome of their own personal bias and are here complete opposites! SAME piece

of information, OPPOSITE feelings…! (Now we grab the object). This object conveys

VIBES... ENERGY that will be translated through my own PRISM, and interpreted by

my own personal bias. It CANNOT give me NAMES, EVENTS, DATES.... Just resulting

FEELINGS I will try to express... (Now we hold their hand and close our eyes) ... what

I feel here is... what I usually feel as a father when it is about my child... As a son when

it's about my father or my mother... As a brother when it concerns my sister... Or as a

husband when I feel my wife is in trouble. A feeling of anxiety, born of uncertainty...

But there is Hope as well in this mix. The last time I remember feeling this is when I

arrived in Rhodes to learn my grandma was in a hospital. That very feeling irradiated

through my chest..." ETC…

The PRISM principle can be incorporated in any reading-related routine or technique

that appeals to interpretation and emotions. It's fully used in my De Profundis routine,

and in a couple others not taught in this DVD.

IT IS AN AMAZING Q&A TECHNIQUE: When we read the question, FIND 2

KEYWORDS. Then just proceed with a personal story that conveys the relevant




Our story: "This sense of… ANXIETY… But mixed with HOPE… This is a feeling all

but too familiar... It used to tie a KNOT here (showing chest), and usually came at

night, once I switched off the light. More than once it prevented me from falling

asleep, as it kept my mind running while doubt tortured me endlessly... Back then I

was dealing with uncertainty when it came to my future, and this very feeling I get

now holding your piece of paper was the very one I had then, this mix of fear of

tomorrow with this hope that kept me going... I was so scared not to find the right

balance, as despite my youth I already knew the importance of certain parameters in

life that make or literally break one’s existence... PAUSE… The very fact I got these

vibrations means that our paths are similar, and I want to reassure you. Like I did,

sooner than you think you WILL meet the person you have been waiting for… "

Use in the concept of "EMBRACE VAGUENESS TO TOUCH

UPON REALNESS" (in a Q & A Context)

"Your mind is now bombarded with thoughts and ideas, and what I want you to do is

organize them a bit... Let's try this simple mental exercise: consider your thought. The

whole experience. Visualize, feel everything, re-live it! Get its VERY ESSENCE, and

CONCENTRATE the whole thing into ONE SINGLE WORD. A word that would sum

everything up to anyone hearing or reading it... You have such a word? Good... In

doing this you forced yourself into re-considering this experience from a multitude of

angles, thus immersing yourself completely. Now, since I need something PHYSICAL

to work with, please... write that word here..."


* Gives the performer incredible freedom, as it relates to HIMSELF and NOT the

sitter! Whatever the story, the sitter will only retain the EMOTION and FEELINGS

experienced by the performer while holding their hand/object. And this will ALWAYS


* Enables the performer to BE REAL! Like in movies where the psychic receives an

IMPRESSION and tries to connect the dots, here the IMPRESSION IS THE

PEEK/ELBOW TELL. FROM HERE THE REST IS REAL! Intuition, interpretation...

* Increases/expands the sitter's Tolerance Level to an incredible extent. The story

is the Performer's, and there is no way anyone can deny it. The sitter WILL then

connect the dots and relate to their own experience, to an extent that will surprise


* Discharges the performer from needing to provide risky details to make the sitter

accept the reading

* Built-in No-Risk DR. The onlookers will truly believe that the story narrated is

EXACTLY the sitter's, just told from a different viewpoint!

* "Teaches" the sitter something about how the human mind, psychometry, or

whatever the Mentalist wants to convey, works. It's felt as a little free lesson they will

remember forever

* Very effective way for a performer to enter the realm of readings and gain

confidence, or even hone one’s 'reading' skills.


• Never hesitate to gesture/move when eyes closed, expressing feelings. Show

WHERE the feeling occurred, where the KNOT is when this feeling happens or

happened... Feel, BELIEVE!

• We always start by giving TWO KEYWORDS summing up the feeling or

situation. Then we segue into a PERSONAL Story that generated those very

feelings. Example for a Job-Related Concern: "Anxiety... Fear of tomorrow... I

remember this feeling... I still was a student in Oxford, but already I woke up

at nights wondering... what about tomorrow...?... etc."


Let’s imagine you just met someone. A woman preferably, although this is NOT an

obligation. Obviously you know TWO pieces of very valuable information:


• Her –approximate- AGE

Think DYNAMITE MENTALISM. Nothing complicated, please don’t even think about

learning the categories George Anderson is detailing. Just consider this woman, her

age, and quickly think of a stage of life she must have been through. A common

experience pertaining to her ‘category’. Think of women around you, like your

mother, aunt, sister.

So, bear with me for a second. Imagine that when shaking her hand you change your

attitude, look puzzled, and show awkwardness. Let her take the bait, then explain that

you are, with certain people, getting vibrations. Vibrations that your mind translates,

after being processed, into feelings. And tell her SHE is giving away strong vibes.

Explain that we all are like a PRISM (PRISM Script here). And go on telling her that the

very feeling you are having right now is all but too familiar… (Two Keywords here).

And go on into your “personal” experience, detailing the period, place, situation,

and your emotional state.

After you’re done just ask her what exactly is the situation that makes her feel that

way. Let her tell you everything.

Finish normally with giving good advice, be fully empathetic, and don’t forget to

recap “reprising everything in gold”. Make no mistake: she will remember that you

saw EVERYTHING SHE told you and that’s exactly what she will be telling everyone.

Don’t forget: YOU CAN NEVER BE WRONG! That’s YOUR own experience! And you

are just interpreting what SHE is projecting! Let’s say you are ALL wrong! Let’s say

EVERYTHING goes south. Then what?

……. Nothing! That is what SHE is giving away! That’s the story HER vibes are telling.

Your INTERPRETATION must be off. That’s all. Hence the necessity to always use a

SYSTEM, a METHOD. And here, PRISM is your method. You’re covered. Go and try

this. Thank me later.


Taking your sitter into a Journey guarantees she will be deeply affected. If your

Journey is well designed, I mean by that that its interpretation and deeper meaning

fit her experience, she will remember you forever.

Its power comes from the shroud of mystery surrounding it. I wish you could stop, for

a moment, thinking like a mentalist and be a layperson again. Imagine you are

thinking of a past experience that hurt you, you wrote nothing down (if you want to

do this prop-less) and this guy holds your hand, warns you he will tell you what he

sees, with no filter, and that it will most likely make no sense at all to you, maybe not

to him as well. He closes his eyes and starts describing a metaphorical scene whose

interpretation at the end describes exactly not only your experience, but your state

of mind at the time, your lover’s attitude towards you, the lessons to be learned from

this, and so many other things you had buried deep into your heart. All this by…

some mysterious vision he had by holding your arm.

Face it. It’s insane. And that is the very reason it is so potent. It throws everybody off,

and combined to the emotional charge inherent to it the Journey will always be an

experience they’re not about to forget soon.

Of course, I encourage you to make up your own journeys. In that case you will be

totally in phase with what you’re saying, and the journey will be tailor-made for the

client facing you. But I am aware this is new for you, and making up an allegory with

symbols that will suit the person in front of you and waiting for you to speak is not

that easy at first. So, for you not to give up on this I am providing you with examples

I have used in the past. Read them, so you understand the “philosophy” behind them.
I can assure you that, should you give it a go, soon enough you will be making your

own journeys and the pleasure you will get seeing your sitter being deeply touched

and moved will be unmatched.

As I said in the DVD I have two categories of journeys:

• Self-explanatory, which make sense to the sitter while I’m telling the story

• Mysterious, which will only make sense during the interpretation phase

Also: once you’ve done the journey, open your eyes, stare at them for some time and

ask them whether they can make any sense of this. Let them talk, explain what they

can. Just listen, nod, smile. When they are done and only then, propose to give YOUR

take on this, as you have ‘some’ experience with these visions now…

Because it is dealing with a negative feeling I strongly advise to end with a good

word, offering them some relief. Be aware that the simple fact of opening up to you

will have already made this happen, and they will feel this burden to be lighter. Many

times I hug them, and should you do so I can assure you that very often they simply

won’t let go of your embrace…

The following examples are briefly summed up. You will decide of the time, of what

to emphasize in your performance. Some of these will be Self-explanatory, some will

be mysterious.

o SELFISHNESS Mysterious

I see you… You're in a strange place, calm. The environment you're in must be a

familiar one though, since you're feeling perfectly fine and confortable. There is a

light music playing, nothing too noisy, more like a distant background melody.

Someone appears in the picture... A man… By the way you’re looking at him and by

the smile he has, you two are intimate. This is your lover.

Short after his coming to you and after having exchanged a few words he finally shows

you what he's been holding in the hand he's been hiding behind his back: a bouquet

of DAFFODILS. Beautiful YELLOW DAFFODILS... They truly are wonderful. There are

too many to count. You look so surprised, so happy, you extend your arms and grab

the bouquet, that you press against your chest, closing your eyes.

When you open them a moment later the man is gone. You're back to being alone.

You place the daffodils in a vase that's on a table in the middle of the picture. No one

could miss this explosion of YELLOW if they passed by. You are still here, silent,

contemplating it, pondering on the reasons why the man who offered them to you

disappeared so suddenly...


1. What do YOU (sitter) make of this...? Any idea...?

2. Do you want me to tell you what I PERSONALLY MAKE OF THIS, based on my


- The DAFFODILS. This shows the erotic nature of the relationship. The person

figuring here is your lover. These particular flowers, the Daffodils -or Jonquils or even

Lent Lilies in the UK- are a symbol of REBIRTH and GOOD LUCK. That's their positive

attributes. But here we're dealing with pain. With negativity. And on the dark side
Daffodils symbolize EGOTISM (we avoid the term 'Selfishness' as it was the one used

to name the Cause). You know that Daffodils are part of the NARCISSUS family? You

know who Narcissus was in the Greek mythology? He loved HIMSELF more than he'd

love ANYBODY........... (Tell the story and take time. Tell about how Narcissus loved

himself above all, and that this was his demise, as wanting to see his reflection in the

water of a lake he slipped and fell into it, drowning…)

- The color YELLOW. This color is associated with OPTIMISM, LIFE. But here we're

dealing with NEGATIVE feelings, again. Therefore we must consider the DARKER side

of this color. Do you know what this color stands for in its negative side? No...? Well,

YELLOW is the color of DECEPTION. BETRAYAL. TREASON. It also symbolizes

COWARDICE. Obviously this man gave you flowers, a symbol of sharing, but

perverted and corrupted by this color. Does that make sense? Because telling you “I

love you” when one loves himself more IS betrayal!

- The CENTRAL POSITION of the vase, to be seen. I do believe this pertains to

the LESSON learned. You placed this vase in the center of the picture because you

do NOT want to forget this episode, despite what you might think. This is here to

remind you.

o SELFISHNESS Self-Explanatory

You're on a road. It's empty. There is nobody but someone appears in the picture...

A man…

Thing is: at the end of this road you both stop in front of a house. By the way you

both stand, talk, I can see your relationship is an intimate one. And it appears to me

that this is the end of a long trip, as you both look exhausted, hungry and thirsty. The

way you're looking at this house is quite revealing.

He finally decides to push the door open, and you both enter the house. The interior

is quite rustic, there is no need to describe it. The only thing that stands out is the

table at the center of the room, on which lies a plate with two large red apples.

Despite your exhaustion and hunger and thirst you decide to explore this new

environment, as it seems this is going to be home, for some time at least.

After having had a look at every room and place in this house you return to the main

room to find that your companion has eaten both the apples, and is now sitting there,

in content, waiting for something...


1. Entering the house. Symbolizes one's inner self. By entering the door HE pushed

you entered his world. You got a glimpse at his innermost self

2. The fruits on the table. Fruits are food. Food symbolizes sharing. In all culture food

is offered, and moments shared around a table. The food lying there is to give you

the opportunity to share. On top of that, there are TWO apples, one for EACH of you,

making the act of sharing easy. Furthermore, the table is at the CENTRE of the room:
this shows that all this is about what's going to happen here, with this table, with

these apples.

3. The fact the fruits are APPLES. We all know the symbolism of apples. I do believe

this tells you that when submitted to temptation this man will not consider anyone

else but himself.

o COMMUNICATION self-explanatory

I see you… You're in a strange place, calm, with a person. You're facing each other.

This person I see here with you is intimate. It is your lover. You're facing each other,

both being a mirror image of the other.

You are captivated by this person, and pay no attention to your surroundings. When

you finally do, you realize you're surrounded by a silent crowd, coming and going. A

couple of passer-byes stops and talks to you, to whom you reply before they take

their leave. You notice the same is happening to your partner. He answers the

questions, exchanges with the people talking to him, before letting them go.

When alone you return to looking at each other, smiling. You look happy, like you

haven't seen each other for a long time. Finally he makes the first move and talks to

you. But you hear nothing. It's exactly like you watched an actor on your TV screen

talking to the camera while muted. You hear the light sound of the crowd, and

background noises. Your hearing is just fine. No, you are not the problem. You ask

him to repeat, but he does nothing. You repeat your request and you realize he's

paying attention to your mouth, in an attempt to lip-read you. He talks again, but still,

no sound. You realize he's just as confused as you are.

You try to reach him and your hand meets an invisible barrier. Invisible but solid as

rock. Like a glass barrier between you and him. When he realizes this his hands try to

reach out to you, but bump on this invisible obstacle. You see him scream, yet you

hear nothing. You feel desperate, and you understand the feeling is mutual.

You turn around to seek help among the people around you, shouting in panic. They

hear you and start gathering. Before you attempt to explain you realize there is

nobody facing you. Your friend has left.


This one is quite obvious. Both here have no communication issues per se since they

are talking to strangers but cannot FULLY interact with each other. There IS SOME

communication, as they can see one another, and to some extent try to understand

each other. But the main communication medium (speech) is clearly problematic,

suggesting a major problem, despite the attempts from both sides. The glass wall is

a strong symbol, as it is invisible, yet so hard.

o RELIGION (VALUES) Mysterious

I see you clearly. You're in a busy place, people walking around. Picture a busy street,

or even avenue. And you're not alone. You're walking alongside a man, who is on

your right. This man is your companion, as you are holding hands.

You look happy. You're well dressed, you're wearing fine jewelry, and I can tell you

both compliment each other, as he is dressed for success himself. I cannot tell what's

your destination, but it looks worth it.

Suddenly you see something on your right. Next to the wall, sitting on the sidewalk,

is a man. He's old and dirty, and he's holding a pail where lie a few coins of lower

value. This sight disturbs you, and the contrast between this man and yourself

instantly brings a sense of guilt that you cannot hide. Your companion notices it at

once, and realizes that the shadow sitting on his right is the origin of your sudden

change of mood.

As a result he puts on a smile, turns to the man and kicks the pail, making the few

coins fall on the floor and roll. As a result you instantly try to catch a couple of them

landing in front of you, while you realize that this was a deliberate action. You turn

and look up to your companion, to realize he's laughing and mocking both the

beggar and yourself. After the coins have been gathered and placed back into the

pail, he grabs you by the hand telling you to hurry, that you've lost enough time with



1. Well-dressed, jewelry, happy. This must mean you're feeling complete. Doing your

best also to match the person next to you, or to honor him. You make all the efforts

from your side to make this work

2. You both are walking together. This means that at this point you both had a

common objective, a common goal, and both of you are going towards it. For now

you share everything.

3. The beggar is here I believe to appeal to one's deeper feelings. This is here to test

that your compatibility goes beyond the material goals in your respective lives. And

what happens is very interesting, as the very presence of this person begging for help

brings out different, or rather, opposite feelings. In your case it brought compassion,

whereas in your companion's case it brought... well. Something you ignored about

him, and that deeply affected you. This incident shone him under a new light for you,

and you found out that you shared much less than you first believed. Enthusiasm,

happiness, maybe material blinded you, before you opened your eyes and saw the


o WHINING Mysterious

I see you clearly. You're in a room. Imagine something very simple. You are sitting

across a man. You are facing each other. This person must be your lover, hence his

presence here in the picture. You are looking at him, both your elbows on the table,

your hands holding your head. He is looking back at you, with a stern attitude, and

he is talking to you. I cannot hear what this is about. But I do see that he takes very

short breaks before starting again.

On the center of the table lies... a crown of flowers. Deep purple flowers, like little

trumpets... No doubt, these are petunias. Purple ones, arranged in a perfect circle,

lying on the center of the table, between you two.

Your eyes are closing. I see you're trying to escape this. I have no clue on the issue

here, but it makes no doubt this moment is not a pleasant one for you. You stay a

long moment in this alternate world you jumped into. The man's attitude seems not

to be influenced by this, as he's going on and on, talking in what looks like a never-

ending litany...

When you open your eyes you realize the chair facing you is empty. The man is gone.

You stay a moment like this, trying to realize what happened, before placing your

hands on the table and starting staring at the floral arrangement that has been lying

there all the time as a witness to what happened earlier, maybe in an attempt to



1. The fact they're sitting ACROSS from each other à antagonism

2. The demeanor of the lover: stern

3. The fact she's holding her head with both of hand à resignation
4. The crown: circle à Repetition

5. The Petunias à Resentment and Anger

Example of interpretation:

"What I am making of this very strange vision is this... I'm warning you, it might be

completely irrelevant... first, you are sitting across your lover, which is odd. Sitting

directly across a person usually means antagonism. Opposition. A conflictual

situation. Furthermore, I saw you elbows on the table, holding your head. This is very

revealing regarding your state of mind. This posture screams resignation. And it is

obvious this is a direct result of this man's words and demeanor, which is, if you

remember, stern. You're reminding me of a little girl who waits for the storm to pass.

Now, something that made no sense at all until a moment ago is starting making

sense to me... The flowers. Let me explain: usually flowers come in bouquets. But

here, WHY a crown? And why Petunias, and not a more... ‘usual’ choice? Well... Listen

to me and let me know whether this is relevant or not, as there MUST be a reason to

this detail. It is a crown because a crown is CIRCULAR. And circles are symbolizing

REPETITION. Usually it's a wheel that embodies the cyclical nature of time. This shape

is telling me that this situation is RECURRING. And the repetitive nature of this is a

direct cause of your feeling. Does that make any sense? And WAIT! Again, why

Petunias? Petunias are beautiful flowers. Their symbolism however is less exciting.

They represent RESENTMENT and anger. I don't know if you understand but to me

it is now crystal clear. I have no idea about the cause of your break-up, but this vision

is telling me in a very mysterious way that the repetition of a situation led you to

resentment and sometimes anger, and that at some point you were just about to give

up until you thought about it and realized where this was leading your life..... I think

you were so right to take this decision 'Maria', because this man's constant negative

pressure on you would have been your demise...."

o ENVY (JEALOUSY) Self-Explanatory

You are with a man, who seems to be your lover by the way you both feel confortable

together, in a familiar environment. You feel HOME. Everything goes fine, there is

harmony here.

At one moment you disappear, leaving your companion alone. He's calling you, many

times, and when he's about to come looking for you, you re-appear. He just freezes,

looking at you... You just appeared with a red dress that compliments your body, and

heels. You just look stunning, and you know it. And by the look at his face, he seems

to agree.

However, passed this moment the situation unfolds in a way you would have never

predicted. When you expected compliments, interests, even desire, what you see is

him becoming overly serious, with his gaze becoming even… judgmental. You feel

so awkward at this moment. You feel guilty, although you know there is no reason for

this. You clearly feel aggressiveness from his side, and understand he wants you to

remove this dress immediately. Even more, you understand he wants you NEVER to

wear it again. He doesn't say so, but you KNOW. His eyes are telling you.

You go back inside the room and remove the dress that you carefully hang in your

closet. You then leave the picture, I cannot see you. Maybe you went out for a walk

to forget this incident, I cannot tell…

… You're back. You entered the very room you got undressed in, and immediately

recognize your dress, crumpled into a ball, in the corner. You run, grab it to un-wrinkle

it, and notice the slashes and tears...


What are you making of this...? …

… Personally, I believe that there is more to it. Beyond the obvious there is

1. The Dress. This dress is your personality. It's YOU. And forbidding you to wear it

was not enough here. When you turned your back he destroyed it, and threw it away

in a corner. The symbolism is very revealing. It's not that he wants you for himself

only. It's that he wants to make you HIS, depriving you from your choices and will.

Destroying whatever tries to stand up is his strategy. Even if it costs you a piece of

your personality and integrity.

2. He did it when your BACK WAS TURNED. This is also something that struck me.

He could have done it in front of you, in anger, or as it is sometimes the case, in rage.

But here it was when you left. In your back. Silently. And I find this very disturbing...

It feels like a cold, premeditated act. This person is well aware of everything he’s

doing and the pain he’s causing.

o DECEPTION Mysterious

I see you… You're in a strange place, calm. The environment you're in must be a

familiar one though, since you're feeling perfectly fine and confortable. There is a

light music playing, nothing too noisy, more like a distant background melody.

Someone appears in the picture. By the way you’re looking at him and by the smile

he has, you two are intimately engaged. This is your lover.

Short after his coming to you and after having exchanged a few words he finally shows

you what he's been holding in the hand he's been hiding behind his back: a bouquet

of YELLOW ROSES. They are wonderful. There are too many to count. You look so

surprised, so happy, you extend your arms and grab the bouquet that you

immediately press against your chest. You then realize that you're bleeding, as you

feel a drop of blood going down your hand to your forearm. You realize your poked

your thumb with a thorn, and owing to your excitement you didn't feel a thing.

By the time you wipe off the few red drops on your hand you realize you're alone.

I've lost the man. You have gathered the flowers, and have placed them in a vase

that's on a table in the middle of the picture. No one could miss this explosion of

YELLOW if they passed by. You take a couple of steps back, and stay there, still,

contemplating the bouquet, as if you were hypnotized, your gaze seemingly being

on something BEYOND the colorful vase, while gently massaging your sore thumb,

as the pain finally appeared...


1. The ROSES. This shows the erotic nature of the relationship. The person figuring

here is your lover. Their number indicates deep feelings. 'Intense' may be the word.

2. The color YELLOW. This color is associated with OPTIMISM, LIFE. But here we're

dealing with NEGATIVE feelings, therefore we must consider the DARKER side of this

color. Do you know what yellow stands for in its negative side? No...? Well, YELLOW

is the color of DECEPTION. BETRAYAL. It also symbolizes COWARDICE. Obviously

this man gave you flowers, a symbol of sharing, but corrupted by this color. Does that

make sense? Here your lover made you a gift, but one that carried the seed of

treason. A perverted present. As if to subtly warn you.... This now indicates that there

were many signs that you ignored. Or CHOSE to ignore...

3. The WOUND. As if the Yellow was not enough, the fact the rose poked your finger

is just another warning. The rose symbolizes the feeling you were sharing, but it is the

very same thing that hurt you, that caused BLOOD to "spill". And you understand

the symbolism of blood here. it is PAIN at the deepest level. Current or to come. As

you can clearly see, the VERY thing that made you happy carries the seed of pain...

Also, notice that at the time this rose hurt you, you felt nothing, carried away by your

enthusiasm and happiness. You decided to ignore this warning. Think about it now…

You DO know that many times you had signs telling you to be careful, but YOU

decided to mute them…

4. The CENTRAL POSITION of the vase, to be seen. I do believe this pertains to the

LESSON learned. You placed this vase in the center of the picture because you do

NOT want to forget this episode, despite what you might think. This is here to remind

you. You're looking beyond, as lost, because you're looking way FURTHER than this

now. Was the lesson useful...? And notice you're massaging the pain away while

looking beyond... You're trying to literally tend your wounds, and move forward....


I picture you in a beautiful scenery. Colors. Everywhere. Let me explain: I see you in

a valley. You're walking into an explosion of colors. It's like you and… another

person… a man… are walking together of a vegetal rainbow. It's stunning.

I'm focusing on you now. And what's striking me is the fact that although you're in

this paradise your face betrays hard feelings. You smile, but your eyes are telling

another story. Something inside is ruining everything. And I am not the only one to

notice. The boy next to you not only sees it, but seems to KNOW the very reason of

your sorrow. He looks around, and suddenly realizes he's walking into a 1000 ways to

put a smile, a real one, back on your face.

Around you I can clearly see poppies, painting the whole picture with a deep red. I

see daisies as well, like little white dashes. I see carnations too, white and yellow and

red and pink. He bends over and starts picking flowers. He chooses them with

attention, singling out a particular variety apparently.

When he's done he stands up, and with a sense of pride he gives you a bouquet of

YELLOW CARNATIONS. They're too many to count.

You instinctively reach out to them, grab them, and press them against your chest,

smiling, content, closing your eyes to enjoy this moment.

When you open your eyes you're alone. He's vanished. I lost him. You're there,

standing, holding your flowers. And by the way you're gazing at the horizon you are

feeling more alone than you have ever felt....

INTERPRETATION: (after we asked them what they make of all this)

- Diversity in colors: You're walking on it. This represents the POTENTIAL for

happiness. You have everything you need here. There is a sense of abundance. You

have all the tools you need to be content.

- The offering: This shows there are feelings involved, and compassion. This gesture

here is a direct result of him perceiving your sorrow. Although your state of mind

seems to be coming from his behavior, he is reaching out to you. Apparently.

- The YELLOW carnations: Now THIS is -to me- the interesting and revealing bit of

this.... This person had the choice among many flowers. But instead of picking a

variety of flowers to make a colorful bouquet he singled out the carnations. And he

didn't pick different colors of carnations. No. JUST the YELLOW ones.... WHY? ...

(Have her talk). Well... Do you know the meaning of this particular flower? The RED

carnations are a symbol of admiration and friendship. The pink ones represent

undying love, pure, like a mother's to her child. The YELLOW one, however, is the

only carnation having a negative meaning. I don't know whether this is relevant here,

but this particular flower has always been sent to person we want to express our

DISAPPOINTMENT to. Yellow carnations represent INDIFFERENCE, or even

DISDAIN, sometimes REJECTION. Yes, he gave you flowers. Fooled you first at

making you feel you were special. But you soon realized that it was all superficial.

That this man was not giving you the place you feel you deserved.


Like in the De Profundis performance you’ve watched in the video, and as stated in

the explanations you can choose NOT to go prop-less with S.C.R.E.W.E.D., and use

a billet. Of course, although not prop-less you remain minimalistic, and have an extra

kick at the end that’s well worth the effort (if we can call it this “an effort”)

You can see the steps watching the De Profundis part with the billet, but below is a

quick overview:

1. Ask sitter to think of a relationship she ended. A break-up that cost her. And

to think of the reason of this…

2. List the main reasons: (U.N) S.C.R.E.W.E.D. Relevant?

3. “Do you happen to carry with you an object that belonged to this man...?”.

She will say NO and you explain you need something physical to work with.

Hesitate, have your Eureka moment, and fetch that business card…

4. Have her write, then execute the Blank Piece Disconnect process. Now you

know the name. Say it’s DAVID

5. Have her squeeze the Blank Piece in her hand so she can “charge” it with this

man’s energy. Make her do the whole process with this paper (either hand

behind the back or Under-the-Radar) to determine the category.

6. When done have her give you the blank piece, and do your journey holding

the piece in the clenched fist of one hand and holding her hand with your other

hand, eyes closed.

7. Your journey here starts like this: “I see you. You’re in a familiar environment.

You’re calm and relaxed. And… You’re not alone. A man is facing you… For a

reason I cannot fathom this man I’m seeing with you is a friend I used to have,

over 20 years ago, back in university. It’s clearly him, and here, in my vision,

he’s clearly your lover. It makes no doubt by the way you both are looking at

each other. But why him? With you…? …. (Pause) I hope I can make sense of

it later, as this completely eludes me right now. Let’s move on… I can


8. Now you continue your journey as normal.

9. To reveal you wait the VERY END, when everything is said and analyzed. You

are waiting for HER to make the move and ask you. If she doesn’t, provoke it.

“What I don’t get though is the reason why I saw THIS particular guy with

you…!” As long as SHE hasn’t asked for the name, try to find a reason. Like

“Was your boyfriend from France? No? Because my friend was French… There

MUST be a connection…!” Doing this you are making her look for clues, and

she will at some point ask you the name of this person. Then, casually reveal

it, like “David Fournier… Why??” giving the last name as well as a subtlety to

show you have no idea and you’re lost.

10. Let her scream. And act a little. Have fun. That’s a miracle.


I want you to know that S.C.R.E.W.E.D. is –by far- the most emotional, hard-hitting

routine in my repertoire, should I of course perform for the right sitter. And I would

like you to keep in mind that 99% of the time I perform it on a one-on-one situation.

Sometimes I happened to do it in front of an audience, hence the “I will not even

look as your face might give you away” subtlety with the Gypsy Peek discussed in the

video. But these are exceptional, as even when choosing a sitter among a group I

isolate her to perform this.

So, when designing this method I did so for such performing environments: one-on-

one. And that made me miss a point that holds enormous potential. A point I came

to discover one day when performing S.C.R.E.W.E.D. in front of a group, and that

Christophe Ambre experienced as well.

As a side note, Christophe is a very busy performer living in Switzerland, and never

have I crossed someone THIS demanding regarding the quality of what he chooses

to perform. But considering the brands he works for, it makes total sense. Moreover,

he’s well-known for being very severe and honest when asked about a routine or a

technique. His PC-filter is turned off, and he expresses himself the way he feels. And

that is the reason he’s been banned from many forums. But that’s another story. Thing

is: from the very start Christophe has been fascinated by this routine, and he has

performed it on many occasions. The only drawback of S.C.R.E.W.E.D., in his opinion,

is that many times the sitter cries. And it’s not much to his liking. But to me it is proof

of its potency, and gives room for the cathartic and final phase that gives this routine

its true purpose.

So: Christophe was asked to perform on a TV Channel of the Swiss cable. And he

performed S.C.R.E.W.E.D. I suggested he used Pre-Show to determine the Category

and the Name of the man his –female- sitter had dumped (and that’s what he did),

and on camera he had nothing to do, just concentrate on presentation and deliver

the Journey.
The Category was VALUES (Religion), and the Journey Christophe delivered was the

very one you have above. After the Pre-Show phase he had plenty of time reading it

a couple of times and be prepared. He used my “This man I see with you is, for a

reason unknown to me, a cousin of mine” gambit, and at the end he very easily had

her ASK for the name of his cousin, as they were both “trying” to figure out the reason

the poor devil (his cousin) was part of this vision. Needless to say that this whole thing

killed, and left both the sitter and the host in deep shock.

Now, HERE IS THE THING I didn’t see at first when designing this: the BUILT-IN

DUAL REALITY of this method. Both in my case when performing for the group and

Christophe’s TV performance, people had different perceptions. In Christophe’s case

for example, the sitter perfectly got the metaphorical nature of the Journey. She did

exactly what I, when designing S.C.R.E.W.E.D, expected her to do. BUT AFTER THE

SHOW the host approached Christophe as well and, totally floored still, asked him

HOW could he have seen this PAST EXPERIENCE? He said “From the description of

the scene I believe that it happened somewhere in a North-African souk… HOW did

you know that? And HOW the hell did you see what happened with this beggar??

How could you know THAT…??”

Take a moment here and think. The host truly believed that Christophe was narrating

a REAL event. NOT an allegory. And I had a similar experience with the group of

friends I’m referring to above. I noticed that SOME in the group truly believed I saw

an ACTUAL scene. And that got me thinking a lot once back at home that day. After

a long discussion over Skype with Christophe, I have to say his idea is well worth

taking into consideration: you could design your journeys to be BOTH

METAPHORICAL AND REALISTIC. I explain myself: a Journey like the VALUES one

fits the bill perfectly.

On the other hand one like the COMMUNICATION one would not. It would be hard

to live a real situation where your lover and yourself would be in a crowded place,

separated by an invisible glass wall preventing a perfect communication between you

two. And for those of you who like Christophe perform in front of audiences and
would like to take advantage of this aspect of S.C.R.E.W.E.D, you could analyze each

journey and determine the ones to be re-designed, so that they are

o Metaphorical, with relevant symbolism offering an interesting interpretation

o Realistic, being plausible in real life

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Since we’ve come that far… why not adding some further

details into the picture? We’re describing a scene, so let’s make it interesting. Let’s

be accurate. To take the Souk scenario above: if Christophe had said while

delivering the Journey “You’re walking, dressed with ample and colorful clothes…

Red and Yellow…”

o The result for the SITTER would be the same: these details make no change

in the allegory, and Christophe could have even developed the

interpretation further by giving them a MEANING, like “the AMPLE clothes

show you’re feeling comfortable, and their colorful nature indicates


o The result for the AUDIENCE, on the other hand, would be an even

stronger performance, as the performer has even been able to SEE such

details, accepted by the sitter (since there is no rejection)

Again. I am not saying that the whole audience will see that. I believe the vast majority

will understand the metaphorical nature of the journey, as per your introductory

script. And that’s just perfect, that’s exactly the goal here. BUT by ensuring the

journeys are plausible –yet strongly metaphorical- SOME of the onlookers will truly

live another reality, which is as strong and which will give your performance another

dimension. Especially when all these people then talk about what happened to



Delphi, as you came to realize, is my Name Reveal of choice. It’s extremely versatile,

and allows you to really jazz depending on the person facing you AND the information

you have on the person she is thinking of (Approximate age you know after having

casually asked at the very beginning of the routine and the Gender you know after

the peek).

The structures I used in the performances are the following. They’re just here as an

example. If you have any difficulty with the terminology please refer to both the LINES

description in this PDF and the performances.


1. Think of a person + Age Confirmation (+ Wait-a-Second Ploy)

2. ASPIS Line

3. Ask for personal object + Writing + Blank Piece Disconnect

4. DISTAZO Line + Gender Confirmation

5. MANTIS Lines + Pre-empting

6. Reveal


In this version I wanted to maximize the number of hits before anything was written

down. The idea is that by the time you ask them to write down the name you have

established yourself and lessened even more the importance of the writing/billet.

1. HUBRIS Line

2. EPAPHE Line

3. Think of a person + Age Confirmation (+ Wait-a-Second Ploy)


5. Ask for personal object + Writing + Blank Piece Disconnect

6. Gender Confirmation: “I’d usually ask the gender of the person you’re thinking of

but here it is so strong and obvious I’m not asking but…”

7. MANTIS Lines + Pre-empting

8. Reveal