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Name: Charity M.

Year and Section: 11- ABM

Performance Task
Wenjo's Interprices

Wenjo Interprices
is located in the Santander,Cebu.

This is also known as day bebe. A parking area is accessible through infront of the store . A Motorcycles,
Cars etc. stand is situated at the front.The staff are very friendly and always willing to help you find what
you’re looking for and recent renovations give the place a more aesthetically pleasing outlook.
Waiting times can be quite long at the baggage check in and the basement supermarket but there is no
lack of affable staff. Wenjo Interprices offers an almost one stop shop and although some products may be
found slightly cheaper elsewhere, day to day goods are generally very well priced. Wenjo Interprices really
has cornered the market for city center shoppers.
The owner are two persons then when we talk about two or more persons bind themselves to contribute
money or a legal relation existing between two or more persons contractually associated as joint principals in a
business in our topic is we can call that a partnership because they are working in partnership with each other
or the business is not taxed separately,as corportaions are,on its profits or losses.A partnership is a form of
business where two or more people share ownership,as well as the responsibility for managing the company and
the income or losses the business generates.The owner are couples named Joy and Sansalejo. They work for
each other to have a better future for their childrens. Actually the owner of that store are the parents of
Mr.Sansalejo then they’ve been given by their son named Sansaliho.
Based on my opinion , the type of this business is merchandising because when they lose stocks in their
store they buy stocks from the other store . When they are trying to market their product they must be sure to
use good merchandising techniques to draw in as many customers as they can.Merchandising includes the
determination of quantities,setting prices for goods and services,creating display designs,developing marketing
strategies. Merchandising can take on different and more specific definitions in regard to different aspects of
retail sales. For example,in marketing,merchandising can refer to the use of one product,image or brand to seel
another product,image, or brand.

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She’s a merchandiser. Retail merchandisers work closely with company buyers to maximize
profitability by predicting and monitoring sales trends and accurately controlling stock levels. Retail
merchandisers are responsible for ensuring that the right amount of goods are available in store and are being
sold at the right price.As a merchandisers they need to managing levels and distribution of stock,working
closely with buyers and other merchandisers to plan product ranges.

Her position is a cashier. What do cashier do? Cashiers check prices and quantities for accuracy,
collect and process payments, and scan items for purchase. Cashiers responsibilities are welcoming
customers,answering their questions,helping them locate items,and providing advice or
recommendations.Operating scanners,scales,cash registers,and other electronics. Balancing the cash register and
generating reports for credit and debit sales.
Accepting payments,ensuring all prices and quantities are accurate and proving a receipt to every
customer.Processing refunds and exchanges,resolving complaints. Bagging or wrapping purchases to ensure
safe transport. Following all store procedures regarding coupons,gift cards, or the purchase of specific
items,such as alcohol or cigarettes. Maintaining a clean workspace.

They are a laborer. As a laborers they have also roles that they may include cleaning and preparing a job
site,loading and delivering materials,and using a variety of tools and machines such as
blowtones,forklifts,levels,liftspower drills, grinders,saws,pressure , washers,and water spraying equipment.The
duties and responsibilities of a laborer are all geared toward maintaining a clean,safe and efficient contruction
site while also supporting the overall project. The list of duties and responsibilities for a laborer on any given

He’s a bagger in Wejo’s Store. Baggers complete several important tasks during their shift. These vary
based on employer and store size,but in reviewing job listings for this profession, we found that the following
core duties apply across all work environmenst. Baggers play a major role in the customers service of grocery
stores. Their most basic responsibility is packing purchased items into bags and then bringing these directly to
customers vehicles,but they may also address inquiries or help customers locate items in the store.

Her responsible for the quality of medicines supplied to patients,ensuring that the supply of medicines is
within the law, ensuring that the medicines prescribed to patients are suitable and advising patients about
medicines,including how to take them , what reactions may occur and answering patient’s questions.
Supervise the medicines supply chain and ensure pharmacy premises and systems are fits for purpose,
advise other healthcare professionals about safe and effective medicines use,and safe and secure s supply of
medicines, respond to patient’s symptoms and advise on medicines for sale in pharmacies, provide services to
patients,such as smoking cessation, blood pressure measurement and cholesterol management.
Make an interview with the owner on how they come up with the idea of opening such business

When I was interviewing the owner of the store,I need to apologize because I don’t take a photo of it.My first
question is what is your purpose of starting a business? His wife answered whether you are starting a new
company or improving an existing one ,you need to define your purpose or reason for running the business.
Typically ,there are three reasons to start or operate a business. They are to make money ,to gain satisfaction
from working in a field of interest ,and to benefit others .
Then this is my last question that how did they come up with the idea of opening such business? They
said that there are no limits on who can become a great entrepreneur . You don’t necessarily need a college
degree,a bunch of money in the bank or even business experience to start something that could become the next
major success. However , you do need a strong plan and drive to see it through.
Some people are destined to be entrepreneurs. From the time they get through school,or maybe even
before that, they’re hungry to start a business and lead it to success,and they’ll stop at nothing to make that
dream a reality.That why we are here. We need also to Evaluate Ourself. Let’s start the most basin question:
why do you want to start a business? Use thus question to guide what kind of business you want to start.If you
want to start.
If you want extra money,maybe you should start a side hustle. If you want more freedom,maybe it’s
time to leave tour 9-5 job and start something new.Once you have the reason,start asking yourself even more
questions to help you figure out the type.Once you have the reason,start asking yourself even more questions to
help you figure out the type of business you should start,and if you what it takes.
Be brutally honest with your answers. This will create a foundation for everything you do moving
forward,so it’s better to know the truth now than later. You’ve probably heard many people state that the
easiest customer to sell to is the one you already have.
Start by utilizing different strategies,which include investing in your customer service and getting
personal,but realize your work will never be done. You’ll constantly be competing for these customers in the
marketplace,and you can never simply rest on your laurels.