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Job descriptions

Officer-in-charge - is the overall decision maker and organizer of the company and its day to day


-direct and oversee all the staff activities and progress

-setting policies and rules to regulate the company's environment

-assisting customers and clients

-analyzing and regulating financial capabilities of the company from time to time

-creating and reviewing proposed company innovations, projects, new promos, marketing
strategies and investments

-overseeing effective allocation and actual use of company finances

-ensuring that the staffs' benefits and remuneration are conveniently and fairly received

-making sure that there is enough provision of supplies for everyday use

-setting goals and objectives for the company to achieve and making sure they are met

-facilitating administrative activities

-having good external relationships

-being receptive to both staff and client needs and requests

-being aware of possible problems and at the same time being solution-driven to existing
company dilemmas

Accountant - records and summarizes the financial transactions of the company.

Finance manager - analyzes business's earnings, credits, investments, funding and spending and

-managing the timely filing of financial statements and other financial reports required by law

-monitoring and regulating cash flow positions of the company

-ensuring effective allocation of company funds for operations and investments

-overseeing credit transaction to customers

-maintaining good credit standing

-analyzing the business's financial position -advicing owners for good fund investments

-maintaining good relationships with banks

-researching and advicing good financing opportunities to the company

Secretary general - is responsible for organizing the official records of the business, setting
appointments and responding to or writing business emails

Front desk representative - receives incoming clients and customers and resolves their inquiries

Marketing staff - takes charge of the company's advertising techniques and strategies and
manages its websites and social media accounts


-setting up and organizing the schedule of events most especially for the production team

-preparing proposals and official documentations

-fulfilling correspondence for the business

-developing effective marketing strategies to attract more clients

-staying updated and making use of the ever-changing trends in the industry and internet to
maximize opportunity to advertise the business's offers
-using skills to full extent in designing user-friendly and attractive website, pages and accounts

-being responsible in painting the business's image

-having full knowledge of business offerings, pricing and promos to easily accommodate clients
and customers

-having good communication and socializing skills for inquiring potential clients and customers



-using skills and capacities to full extent in capturing high quality photographs and video footage

-maintaining a portfolio of works to showcase artistry

-having good communication and socializing capabilities to assist clients

-taking care of and maintaining equipments such as cameras and lenses

-making use of photos and footages taken only within the clients' consent

Editor (photos and videos)


-properly maintaining editing equipments such as laptops/computers

-making use of photos and footages taken only within the clients' consent

-making use of legal music and other multimedia elements only

Utility - maintains the neatness and tidiness of the area at all times.
Organizational chart