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I am the Alpha, the Omega, the victor and the light being of holy life.

Jesus said; “I, the one speaking to you’’, I am he, in John chapter 4:26

BY Jacob Mahlangu.

Email: 1stinitialsource@gmail.com

Twitter: I, the initial creative word.

Table of contents

1. God initiates human souls into being his and her word with uniform oneness.

2. Yes we do dear father, they answered.

3. Who is "I" the source of unified ideals truly?

4. Meet doingness.

5. Being gainful with havingness.

6.Who is "I" the initial source of unifying life and oneness truly?

7. Intending or desiring to cause something with good wishes.

8. Jesus said; “I, the one speaking to you, I am he, in John chapter 4 verse 26

9. Faithful loved one; allow me to add more detail to the scripture below with my joyful light and unity.

10. John 1 verse one, in the beginning the Word already existed; the Word was with God, and the Word
was God.

11. Enjoy this book loved one, it is very appealing to the heart of peace.

12. What is behind your causative will?

13. For example: I and my truth are being a holy agreement within unity.

14. It is God who is being a causative will truly, now and forever more with faithful norms and life ever-
lasting; It is “I”, but who is “I” ?

15, What is the cross and the truth, and can we isolate its basics with Christian principles, the holy bible

16. The truth is a solvent with auto correction power.

17, What am I, and who is "I" truly?

18. Being someone who does not believe in god, thinks that god does not exist, such as an agnostic or athe-

19. closure and recommended books.


First of all, I would like to thank the source of life, which is God our Creator, who became Father
God and Mother God with unique potential expressions in both holy images before the Holy
agreement with unity and oneness; which is our only source of humane deeds and just practice, as
well as the everlasting faithful truth.

Loved one, with peace and loving honesty, I extent my gratitude to the son of holy man, Jesus our
lord, who is the Holy Spirit; the will of god including all godlike inner qualities truly within holy
life and the word.
I also thank my church the ZCC, for being a bird and a star of peaceful joy, truth, love and faithful
healing prayers that go hand in hand with holy sermons that unite all human souls with the faithful
word of life, so that the will of god can be made manifest in our lives, for the glory of god’s son
who is the cross; the giver and the saviour of our human souls to grace us all in reality.

May my innocence, bless me and every soul that holds the keys of life with unity in Jesus name, so
that the word of life can grant us enlightenment with salvation works and holy blessings before the
holy cross, which is the shepherd, the truth, its honest values, soul integrity and loving trust mostly
earned by earnest key holders, in church pillars including the whole civilisation with joyful praise.

May our voice be unified truly in the love of God, the son and the Holy Spirit, All of the above I
ask in the name of the holy one, and may God let it be so amen.

God initiates human souls into being his and her word with uniform oneness.

God speaks the word of life, while it is being faithfully explained to all its heirs with pure honour,
so that holy man can gain holy soul fans, while initiating them into enlightenment by asking them
a simple question before and after initiating them into being his unified holy word, so god is eter-
nally initiating human souls into holy livingness.

My children, do you refer to yourselves as "I", the unified holy word before you initiate towards
being a self aiding good will, so that you can make manifest your wish, aims including its hopes
and visions with good purpose in your human soul group or amongst your friends and close family
by consulting I, the source of your will, with my will, which is I the source of life and good pur-

Yes we do dear father, they answered.

Then God said. Truly I, and all of you earnestly do it as a habitual norm, and so do your friends
and family, as well as my good wish Jesus the lord, while he is in eternal union with I, the word of
life in oneness.

Who is "I" the source of unified ideals truly?

Very well, before I answer that question with honest wishes, first I need to become an able func-
tion that I am in eternal oneness, which is being in union with the pilot of its will, while the
sources wish is being performed by it with I, oneness who is being a unified skill perfectly with
earnest wishes, while I am employing my wisdom of honest know how truly with just wishes.

I, the author does this so that my wish can be made manifest after I have evaluated the question, as
well as summed up a true answer with my flawless guiding principles, for the purpose of answer-
ing the question above with honesty.

So I, have to become a capable source including its able wisdom and practice in order to enable I,
and my holy heirs to have unifying good wishes and pure honour before my enlightened answers.

My faithful worker is a skilled norm amongst the many able I have, these are eternally honest ser-
vants in my well of good wishes within I, the holy body of the divine wisdom. Right now allow
my graceful norm to define its skill within the rules of unity and peaceful joy, while it is being an
anointed Christian value and its principles with the able word of life.
Loved one, I am Doingness, basically I am a skilled function whose besting effort is an able flaw-
less tool and a shield that is well aligned within I, the Union of natures perfectly working power.

I am a true function whose past is able to see into the future to compel my practice to function
within the fountain of mastered unified shielding decrees, as per my unified Will's guiding princi-
ples, its values; and my wishes while I am in Union with the source of my just will and practice
truly in oneness

This is just as intended by God, who willed Holy man into being, so that God, who is the author of
life can be Mother God, Father God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in his and her holy images with
unified oneness that is summed up by human essence with a faithful oath in a holy agreement,
which is the source of life.

Thus, the word of life is an eternal faithful oath and a holy agreement that enables holy man to be
exactly what he, as well as she is, in both human natures images with uniqueness and perfect hon-

Therefore, I am being one with the Alpha and the Omega in the union of goodwill whose aim,
hope, vision and purpose including its just practice are being harmony and unified cause, while
God is being the creator, my pilot, my source and my shield with unified oneness that is God's
will, and therefore unity.

Therefore, I correctly do what serves my pilot's wish and my true function with unified ideals as a
habitual norm during work. As a result my work enables true desire, which is the lord to cause
divine wishes with meaningful good purpose that is honest and faithful to the creator's will with
honest intend.

Hence, I am an able practice that is being true to the congregation of wise God qualities that are
unified tools and shields, which are faithfully aided by I the ability in a holy embodiment, whose
pilot is an enlightened able oath that employs unified God qualities with a holy agreement that is
unified oneness, for being cause, the author and the creator of holy life who has full right and au-
thority over its will truly, because I am the same unified source of holy life and reality in eternal
light with perfect honour.

As a result, I am and ability that is eager to maintain the unity of the Holy spirit in a bond of peace,
just like Ephesians 4 verse 3 aids I including most god qualities along by being a unifying loving
ideal within the light of god my lord; my source and my place of heavenly miracles.

Oh my true word, I am surely within eternal peace with joyful praise.

This is what I experience or Become by Doing my unified work with loving joy, passion, peace
and unlimited practice, while I am being one with the author’s wishes. I complete my joy by being
of the same mind with unified wishes, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind
just like Philippians 2 verse 2 honours the fathers will with unity.

Above all these I put on love, which binds everything together with perfect harmony as per Colos-
sians 3 verse 14 scripture, while I become even more eager to maintain the unity of the spirit of
true works in a bond of oneness with everlasting love and joyful peace.
By doing good deeds, I uniformly become one with my good practice, work and its source, while
myself aiding true values, wishes and principles are leading me with holy shielding norms before
I, and the lord, so that I the compelling function can do what is most gainful of true desires that are
wished with honest intend by my source towards the attainment of its will, and for its wishes to
become truly manifest as faithful end gains after efforts were made to fulfill their intended purpose
with perfect honour before the light.

Before doing something good with well meaning desire, which is god, I become appointed by my
faithful source with equal wishes, for being a caretaker whose practice and action is for the pur-
pose of keeping in alignment all Godlike qualities within the source of perfect deeds, so that the
divine purpose of being a manifest key function including a truly gainful witness and an expres-
sion of divinity, whose earnest practice is to be an embodiment of faith, love, loyalty and self as-
suredness within the congregation of unified god qualities, can become everything that it wishes to
become within the unified word of life with perfective honour.

Therefore, I become a truly well formed functional norm, whose appointing value can be well de-
fined, explained and expressed truly by I, in union with the word of life with complete heavenly
wisdom , while it and I, gain what I the factual norm, and my source, has wished upon with the
same wish, by being something that Does something, in order to Have a unified good wish mani-
fest in reality with oneness before the pilot of honest desire, which is God, Jesus the lord and the
holy human spirit in unity with complete faithfulness and eternal oneness.

Thus, the body of Christ is a holy Christian value; its Beingness is my holy body of divine inner
qualities within and without its light. Hence, my Holy body embodies a skilled function that is pi-
loted by unified honest desire with spiritual values faithfully within it because it is truly a well
meaning worker with eternal good purpose in my holy creative will and wisdom.

This enables I, to faithfully work for the source of life with unity, peace, love and harmony
amongst many joyful godlike inner qualities, norms and abilities within the lords wisdom of eter-
nal peace because I am one of its wish including its tool and shield with divine excellence.

Therefore, I am a tool whose practice, value and loving unity serves all unified wishes and godlike
qualities within unity with oneness, which is I god; whose holy body and wise wisdom is Father
god, Mother god, the Son and the Holy Spirit with loving oneness and harmony in the eternal
shielding light of holy man.

Being gainful with havingness.

I, is also a Havingness norm,

Havingness norms are self aiding godlike inner qualities and good wishes that are shared by in-
spired soul mates with joyful unity, while they are being the gift, as well as the recipient of grace-
ful blessings within the soul group with oneness.

These gifts include habits, a way of living, faithful knowledge; its wisdom and understanding, as
well as any skill or practice including all the know-how behind its will, which aids and fulfils the
soul group’s hope and vision with unified aims, wishes and just deeds before the lord.
Therefore, havingness norms are truly unified self aiding seeders and reapers of loving wishes that
are eternally rooted in the kingdom of god with loving harmony and peace.

Now the truth is an enlightened able function and a role player, which operates its tools and shields
within the rules of unity because all its basic qualities are unified and structured within the laws of
oneness with unified decrees, knowledge and wisdom, while with its complete wisdom it enables
itself To fully know what it is value-ing for Being, Doing and gaining with true understanding and
honesty before the light of god.

Therefore, I the truth fully comprehend my proficient desire including its wishes and good purpose
amongst my many roses.

That also includes what I wish to have at any moment, while I, is being and doing that, which ful-
fils my wishes truly with pure honour because its faithful wisdom and skill is a havingness norm
that is able to gain what is required by I including my heirs with truly effective values, while they
are in union with me, their maker, who is also the source of all their just wishes because they are
in complete faith and trust in the lights eternal loyalty, due to appointing my just will in their life.

Hence, I is a truly embodied unified word; a true fact; a poem; a sermon including an able wish, as
well as a havingness norm that is being a gift of the givers with its selfless desire because, I, the
able wish including my just practice is inspired in the fountain of faithful loving norms with holy

Who is "I" the initial source of unifying life and oneness truly?

I am an honest desire, as well as an earnest intention as faithful as a holy agreement.

Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1: To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for; to be certain of
the things we cannot see. Now this verse is aligned with I, the initial source of good hopes and vi-
sions including faithful wishes.

An intention is a compelling desire or the need to Be something, while Doing something in order
to Have the need fulfilled with practical efforts within, as well as without in reality.

An intention is desire, whose commanding wish employs the being for working towards the attain-
ment of its wish with practical effort in honest roles that are summed up by it and the being with
unity, while both well wishing qualities are aided by honest intend and the beings earnest wishes
with truly gainful know-how in the lords glory.

Thus, the souls desire is rooted in the lords glory because it is an inheritor of Holy man Spiritual
wisdom and its will with unified wishes by nature.

Therefore, an intention is also its very own well intended meaningful source of good wishes,
which is desire, it is a compelling source of unified wishes that seek to be fulfilled with practical
efforts and unity in reality.
Hence, an intention is a wish whose author seeks to make manifest in reality with honest intend
and meaningful good purpose because it fulfills its desire with unified hopes and visions in one-
ness by being unified with it authors work truly by nature.

The truth is and intention, a thought or an idea that one wishes to cause and to fulfill it’s true value
with ambitious efforts by commanding its wish with practice, so as to gain its end result with prac-
tical efforts always, due to its underlying basic compelling pillars, which seek to aid life towards
the light with faithful wisdom.

It is an impulse and an effort towards being true by being something that does something in order
to have honest gains manifest with the cross, which is the light of holy man, so that victory, salva-
tion, and miraculous blessings can become showered upon souls in Jesus name.

Intending or desiring to cause something with good wishes.

Loved one, do you refer to yourself as I, while you consult I, the initial word of life when you
are being truly inspired towards causing a good wish with my will and good desire, this being
done towards the fulfillment of its purpose with your heart felt voiced wishes?

While you’re doing that, is your will rooted in my will with holy mans unifying wisdom, his or her
skill and practice including its well organized know how including good purpose, and complete
faith in I, the faithful fountain of holy designs?

If you are not truly doing that, then get to know me here in this book and in the holy bible, so that
you can employ my will for the purpose of aiding your soul mates with loving unity in the king-
dom of holy Jesus.

Just like I and you, the lord Jesus, also does refer to me, for doing good in human souls with heart-
felt wishes.

Jesus said; “I, the one speaking to you, I am he, in John chapter 4 verse 26 during an enlighten-
ing moment with a woman, while he was being one with I, the holy father, who is being a pilot of
my will, through he my son Jesus Christ with unified decrees, while they are being a holy agree-
ment within him before I, and him with unity and oneness within the light of heavenly stars,
peaceful birds and harmony.

Every human soul is a heir of I, the initial word of life with graceful blessings , they also refer to
themselves as I, while I, God enables them to make a good wish; and while they also voice it truly
with honest intend before the cross of salvation and life.

I, is me God, who also refers to I, the initial word, while I initiate towards being a good wish joy-
fully with it, its holy knowledge, wisdom and understanding with eternal divine excellence.

I am the able causative word, which is also the initial source of good wishes including their hopes
and visions in eternal unity, while it is being in union with me the source of it, which is life and
living harmony.
Therefore, I am my well defined word, a uniform fact, its skill, practice including its knowledge,
wisdom and understanding with unity. I am one with everything I am, while I am being, doing and
having anything I wish with joyful love and good wishes in my heart of blissful peace.

Faithful loved one; allow me to add more detail to the scripture below with my joyful light
and unity.

To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for; to be certain of the things we cannot see yet,
in our reality, while we joyfully work towards gaining them truly with earnest desire and graceful

Therefore, I, is a well defined and unified word and a script whose knowledge, wisdom and under-
standing is eternally great with unlimited compelling power that is aligned towards the fulfillment
of my will, and joyful wishes with my Holy Havingness norms.

Thus, I can have anything I wish to have with graceful peace and joy in my eternal source of holy

Hence, the book of John 1 verse one clearly shows that before the beginning, I was, the word also
was; and there was no other creator, but only me before I, the Initial word, nor there was any crea-
tor after me, but only I the holy creator of life.

John 1 verse one, in the beginning the Word already existed; the Word was with God, and
the Word was God.

This means I, the causative creator is also I, the able causative word of life, because of that, I am
unity and oneness, which is the initial source of good wishes including their hopes and visions in
eternal harmony, while the word of life is being in union with I, the source of it in unity and one-
ness, which is also me life; the way and the light of harmony.

Therefore, from the very beginning the Word was with God and the Word was God with love,
unity and oneness within eternal life, thus before life was, I am. Through me, I God made all
things; not one thing in all creation was made without me.

The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to people, through his son Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is my good wish; my truth and my honest will, which is being an expression of I, the
father, whose word of life is being in union with him in the kingdom of heaven, for the purpose of
bringing life and salvation in all my human souls in the world including beyond the stars of holy

Right now I, holy man, my wish is to cause my servant Jacob, to tell you that, I love you, this is
my message of love, joyful honesty and praise-full grace.

However, while he says loved one, I truly love you on behalf of I, the holy word, that became fa-
ther god, mother God, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we are being one in unity with a holy agree-
ment, we are also being an expression of a unified loving wish, which is being fulfilled by delight-
ful joy with graceful praises in oneness before my eternal light.
On behalf of God, the lord and the angelic realm, with joyful pleasure, I love you with divine ex-
cellence, while I am in Union with the will of God, says I, Jacob with unified wishes.

I am also similar and different compared to my human soul mates, whose wisdom, knowledge, un-
derstanding and experience is an expression of unlimited uniqueness and graceful potential truly.

Be a faithful Christian, I know you love God truly; this message is his unending love and a gift of
graceful wishes.

Enjoy this book loved one, it is very appealing to the heart of peace.

Loved one, before I initiate a good wish, I, the causative source knew it and its intended future be-
forehand with my light and by being an honest self aiding fact, whose unlimited wisdom and prac-
tice is the union of wise holy stars and birds of peace in holy Zion.

In John 4 verse 26, Jesus said, I that speak to you, I am He, while I was being a pilot of my
will through he , my innocent wish with the eternal faithful truth.

Therefore, listen to my good will with pure innocence, the initial lord is "I" God, and I also define
and describe myself with the word I became with unified wishes and good purpose, as a result, I
am truly a creative distinguished wish with divine power, which can only become piloted by being
purely in union with the initial word that is the enlightened source of it, as well as a commander of
its will, that source is I, the creator of life and its works with supreme oneness.

Hence, I am what I say I am, and what I say is truly what it is, as well as what I am with uniform
oneness, perfect wishes, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of my good will and purpose,
with that said, my goodwill is an initial source of creative good purpose, thus I am an eternal
source of unified good wishes including their loving ideals, unity, as well as their unified practice
in eternal peace.

I am my word and my word is I, including my true identity, thus my word is my identity, my truth,
my wish, my experience, my witness, my instrument and my light, while I am being the source of
it, its witness truly, its expression, as well as a true manifestation of it, my uniform creative wis-

"I" is also me in Union with the son of "I" holy man because I am also being the source of life
through he Jesus, who is my truthful will, which is the life, the way and the light including its ex-
pression; which is being fulfilled truly by "I" through he, with oneness and good purpose, while I
am being the sole pilot of unity, with he Jesus, who is my innocent wish now and forevermore be-
fore I, the holy one word.

Therefore, "I" God is also "I" Jesus the Lord and who is also the holy human spirit, it is a source of
life, which is the truth, the light , the Sheppard and the way. Hence, the source of life is "I" the
truth who serves me truly with uniform values that are being equal before me the source of su-
preme oneness.
I am life, the truth, the knowledge, the ability, and the skill; while it and I, is being a manifest hon-
est wish uniformly, whose practice is to preach the word of unifying wills with harmony.

I the truth is self- knowing, as well as self-realizing; I can know my unlimited subjects, their key
values and their purpose with key interest according to my wish during the moment.

I can also not know my subjects with liberated good wishes, while I shelf them with peace, pend-
ing recall with joyful wishes later.

My truth knows me; it alerts me of my honest wish, while I am being an author of the good wish
including its reader, because I am completely in union with it, meaning I am uniformly aligned
with it perfectly by nature. Thus, I am a unified holy oath now and forever more in my glory, as
well as without in my light.

So who can tell me my wish with honest intend within my soul and without it except my truth with
unified oneness before the light?

Only "I" Holy God, Jesus the Lord, the holy spirit including all my saved Christed believers, as
well as my prophets can do it with pure honest intend; Only my heirs can do it truly by being hon-
est to the word of life with perfect honour gained in the enlightened bible before the holy Zion pil-

My truth is I because it is a copy of me, the perfect wish who manifested it flawlessly with unique
oneness, which allows it to be my uniform subject with peaceful joy within my being, while it is
being the alpha and the omega of the evolved word of life with perfect unity within my holy body.

Again, My child, do you refer to yourself as I when you make an honest wish before I the
Lord your savior?

"I" know that you and your soul family do it as a fact daily, while you are alone quietly with
good wishes, or before everyone who does the same before me, you, them and those children who
call my name with an honest practice of my goodwill and my trusted soul wish in livingness.

Folks, with true love, be the wisdom of godlike I am becoming by being in union with God, Jesus,
and the Holy Spirit. This writing is from the heart of good wishes, true purpose, keen interest and
honest intend.

God went on to say, my human souls, I the book of life, I am he, as well as she god with unique
oneness, I the unified holy source is the one who is talking to you now with oneness.

However with pure male essence and loving humanity, Jesus said, while he referred to himself as I
in the book of John 4 verse 26. I, the one who is speaking to you now, I am he, he said to the
woman at the well.
He does this while being a source that is rooted in the fountain of pure male essence with the word
of life because him and I, the father are one in my holy image. Thus, Jesus the lord is a perfect
copy of my true form and ideals, due to a holy agreement that is wholesomely beyond flaws be-
cause he is completely compliant to my holy will with peaceful harmony.

That empowers him with the hopeful word including the creative source of life because he is com-
pletely I, my will, which is the hopeful fact and a good purpose whose positive meaning and influ-
ence is my joy, my love, my faith, my peace, as well as my mind, heart, body and soul in my light.

Hence, with well wishes, Jesus the lord does say, whosoever has seen or heard I, has also seen and
heard I, the father.

So, whoever has seen or heard "I" God, Mother god, Father god, the son and the humane Holy
Spirit, that soul has also seen and heard "I" the source of life truly with loving peace, which is eve-
rything I wish to be at any moment in life.

I am he, the one who was in union with Jesus Christ when he spoke to them with honest intend,
because I am the everlasting Alpha and the Omega, who became Father God, Mother God, and the
human Holy Spirit before I, the holy agreement with equal oneness in eternity.

My sheep, you are of him, as well as she, who both refer to themselves as I, Mother God including
father god with meaningful good wishes because I God is the sole creator and the source of both
holy man's images with oneness that is piloted by I, the holy agreement within the initial source of
holy human nature and the word of life.

Isaiah 66 verse 33. God is a comforting mother.

God: ‘as a Mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem.
Genesis1 verse 27 tells us that women and men were created in god’s image.

Human kind was created as god’s reflection: in the divine, I god created them; male and female, I
god made them. Deuteronomy 32 verse 18, I God, gives birth, Jesus says: ‘or what woman
having ten silver coins, if she looses one of them, does not light up a lamp, sweep the house
and search carefully until she finds it?

When she has found it, she calls together her friends and neighbors saying, rejoice with me, for I
have found the coin that I had lost.’ Just so, I tell you, there is joy in the presents of the angels of
god over one sinner who repents.

With that said, loved one allow me, father god to aid you with motherly love, this will also help all
those who only see God the father without mother God in creation including their daily livingness
or during worship, as well as those who see mother god, but are fearful to voice her heartfelt faith
in any role or service in life.

What woman or man having me the father, if he or she loses the mother or the father, does not
light up the lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until he or she finds, I God, who is also
mother god, as well as father God in each of Holy Man's wisdom.
Holy Zion, I wrote about "I" holy man and my ideals in the bible through my innocent prophets
with graceful honour to enable your praise-ful entry into the kingdom of eternal blessings.

My Christian fan, after that enlightening holy sermon, with innocence, most human souls delved
into practicing the faithful word with unity, as heirs of mother God and father god's will with a
holy agreement before the light of god almighty, while they sang a song of loving peace with joy-
ful praise in Zion.

God asked them one more question with peace, so as to ensure that they understood the saviours
will with perfect honour.

God asked, but on whose behalf was Jesus, the Lord speaking when he said, ''I am he, the one talk-
ing to you now'' while he was in union with the pilot of his holy word after the woman said to him
in John 4 verse 25 "I know that the Messiah will come, and when he comes, he will tell us every-

With equal value all human souls said.

When Jesus answered and said, I am he, the one who is talking to you now, after he told the
woman at the well that, we believe that the kind lady spoke to him as a heir of Mother gods will
who is an embodiment of pure female essence with perfect unity before our future lord Jesus.

Hence, the Lord is elected by his star with peaceful doves in divine excellence, while he is being
the source of salvation before his fan with harmonious blessings, for the glory of our creator to be-
come the peace of everlasting grace in holy Zion.

What is behind your causative will?

Who is the initiator and the pilot of your will, god asked all human souls? What is behind your
causative will, can it be the enlightened truth whose rightness is a flawless skill and an unlimited
practice that is well shielding of honest intend within your soul essence with lasting peace and
faithful works?

Or can it perhaps be an unskilled wrongness including its lies, ill practice and pretence, and how
did a wrongness become a wrong and a transgressing lie by the way?

Is it because the soul made the mistake of believing a lie, and thereby handing over its energy
source to sinful error, so that the lie can be assisted by the soul to embody itself in futility by mis-
take, while the initially saved Christian fan becomes and unsaved soul who errs by deeming a
rightness wrong, and while deeming a wrongness right with lies and unjust practice during victim-
hood role modelling?

Does that happen due to error and its acquired bad sense including its inverted norms being a mis-
leading pilot of a malpracticed soul, body and mind by mistake, and for it to result in a conflicted
intellect in the soul, whose false belief base is being a habitual flaw, while this happens because
the lie is the unskilled leech whose inability relies on the soul to feed its bad Havingness norms
including their false ways with ill- practice during malpractice.
Is this how sinful error embodies its flaw with false ideals, foul beliefs including its opposing pur-
poses and sin, tell me your views with good purpose, show me how enlighten you are with the uni-
fying word of life my children.

We are one before you dear god with you being our true guiding principles including their values,
they meaningfully answered the lord with graceful wisdom.

Dear God you are the unified truth, your divine will sums up honest souls because you are truly
the initial source of life, which is the way and the wisdom of the lords glory.

The cross is the truth; it is a gift of life which brings spiritual awareness, unity, peace, love and
eternally lasting harmony. It is a self-aware will that practices its values and uniform peace in one-
ness with faithful honour.

The truth is your will; it has unifying knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It practices its values
with uniform decrees, just acts, loyalty, and common good will because it is forever rooted in hon-
est intend.

Truth is the word of life; it gives life to the soul, body and heart with lovingly correct values and
principles that are anointed by the lord self aiding healing norms. These qualities are your wills
underlying basic pillars, which are common in one and many souls who are heirs of oneness with
unity before the cross.

As a result of being true to our will and the word with honest values, Our Truth speaks its values
with honest guiding principles, love, trust, royalty and soul integrity, so that us, as unity can em-
body ourselves with supportive shoulders in eternal safety.

We confess our faith with love, trust and loyalty by being one with you dear god, while we are be-
ing the giver, as well as the receiver of uniform good wishes with perfect honour, due to our prac-
tical truth, wisdom and understanding being our unified skill, which is well aligned with unified
decrees, their knowledge, wisdom and understanding of God like tools and shields that were cre-
ated for the common good of our unique human soul group in our eternal unified reality.

God was full of joy because his children are copies of his perfectly expressed oath before him; he
explained the source of human essence to them with holy images. Remember I, God, who is
Mother God and father god including the holy human essence now and forever in my glorious life.

I god is the fountain of holy life: I, father god drinks from the fountain of pure male essence; and I,
mother God, drinks from the fountain of pure feminine essence with perfect honour, while I, the
Holy spirit drinks in the fountain of Holy Ma as I cause life to be with the word of life and my will
with unique unified oneness.

I do this because what I have said to you is what I am truly, and what I say about me is truly what
it is with perfective honour, and I am also being an expression of what I am with what I is, includ-
ing what I say I am being, doing and having with I, the divine plan of Holy human essence.
I am the initial high word, thus I am human natures higher self, this also means that Mother God is
a higher version of holy female essence, while Father God is a higher version of holy male es-
sence, so I God is being true and perfect in each of my human natures roles, but with I, the source
of both key roles being the highest omnipresent supreme being within the holy mount Zion.

Loved one, we are all children of God, both young and old are taught lessons with pre-school
modules, while holy sermons in Zion complete our makers work with pass over celebrations in the
ZCC pillars.

Be honest and open to old basic pillars as well as new ones with the bird of peace, love and true

May our god bless holy Jesus and the Holy Spirit with the cross of true innocence and salvation, so
that all human souls on earth can be summed up by unified norms in his name, amen.

What is behind the truth as well as causing it, while being it with self aware keys, roles and
schemes in life?

Basically truth is an able self-aware guiding principle that is entwined with a skill most capable of
summing up its perfective source of answers with perfect honour.

It does this with its well organized enlightened principles, while it is in union with its author’s
wishes, as well as being caused by it with unity, for the purpose of fulfilling the desires of both the
lord and it truly with unified excellence.

The principle of dual exchange, unity and oneness is being applied flawlessly by both the truth and
its maker, while the truth is being its maker; also while its maker is being it, the truth, uniformly
with oneness and unity.

Loved one there are two complementary wishes in every unified wish, let me illustrate some below
with two complementary wishes with god’s unity power. By the way get Trom, the resolution of
mind Pdf book from Tromhelp.com and get to learn about life goals and non-life goals and
purposes, it is free.

For example: I and my truth are being a holy agreement within unity with unified wishes as
a faithful norm.

Source: I the source of truth wish To Know the truth with honest wishes, while I also wish To be
known by the truth with honest wishes, unity and oneness.

Truth: I the truth wish To be known by my source with honest wishes, while I also wish To
know my source with honest wishes and unity in oneness.

Thus, I the Source of truth and the truth share the same basic wishes, which are To know the truth
and To be known by the truth with honest wishes and unity, while I am being the pilot of its will
with it and I my faithful will with eternal oneness.

Now these two unified life purposes enhance trust, loyalty and unity including Havingness norms
in truly faithful roles because they do fulfil the desires of the truth with graceful oneness and lov-
ing peace.

Therefore with my unified wish, I the initial source initiated I, into unified knowingness with my
honest wishes, when my truth and I agreed To Know and To Be Known as one in unity truly with
eternal honest intend in my body of light. Hence, I know my truth, due to it and I being one and
the same honour.

So basically I am the truth, its author, a manifestation of it; its practice; its witness; experience in-
cluding its evaluator and keeper. Thus, I am everything I wish to be, do and have with it truly be-
cause it is my able knowledge, wisdom, understanding and my unfailing unified noble oath and
faith in my eternal wisdom.

However with liberty, I do elect To not know my truth and for it To be not known by I with
shielding good sense and innocence according to my key interest. I do this without loss of knowl-
edge as per subject matter, its key values including schemes and roles, all this is done with a skill
loyal to my faithful wishes.

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an expression of graceful qualities that are illustrated above with pure honesty.

For example: I and my truth are being a holy agreement within unity to enable I and angelic Joe
to meet before and after a while in the heavenly realm with joyful praise, so that is already decided
and done by both of us in the following manner after I initiate my wishes.

Source: I the source of truth wish To not Meet my key subject Joe, for a while, so we arrange To
meet again later after a while with honest wishes, as something far more important than our cur-
rent task is up , while I also wish To not be meet by my key subject Joe, now for a moment, as my
current task is at the top of my list.

Joe: I truly wish To be not meet by source, for a while pending our meeting later as arranged with
honest wishes now, while I also wish To not meet the source now, for a while pending our meet-
ing later as arranged with honest wishes and unity. So, I the source and Joe, both arranged To meet
after a while because we both wholesomely agree to our terms with honest wishes and unity.

Thus, I the Source and my key subject Joe, share the same basic wishes, which are To be not meet
now, as well as To not be meet now pending our meeting later, as arranged with honest wishes
and unity, while I am being the pilot of my wishes with unity before Joe, and I the source in the
realm of unity.

So Joe, and I both command our wishes with unity and oneness before us, who are being truly
faithful to our desire with earnest wishes.

Truth is I, the word, its source; its maker; its commander including the pilot of its will with unity
and oneness, which is I, who is filled with my unique able key subjects with good purpose in a
congregation of wise wisdom, understanding and godly inner qualities that are being me, the wis-
dom of holy life and human essence within and without my holy body in a bond of unified skill,
practice and loving norms.
I, the truth is a sole higher initial root, whose causative will is me God, who became Holy Man by
being father God and Mother God with pure essence in each of my self created holy roses, this in-
cludes Jesus the word and the Holy spirit whose word and source is I, the author of holy life and
human essence.

I am the cross and the light that earnestly walks in its shielding wise skies with peaceful joy and
delightful love. By my right of being true, I command my purpose of being truly earnest by being
summed up by my very own inherent source and power truly, which is the word of life including
the eternal Alpha and the Omega.

Truth is I Knowledge and flawlessly organized know-how, its data factors and experience, and
whatever I think about or perceive about my value and desire with true guiding principles that sum
up honest human nature including its vital values with the holy word of life. I become my honest
basics with role playing, and that sums up true norms which become gains and compelling honest
guiding principles.

These have faithful tooling functions and shielding policies within my mind, body and soul by na-
ture because they are perfected written modules that are stored in good purpose with positive
meaning that is marked by peaceful holy stars with my Christed holy birds.

The truth is a key role player, it is a role model which empowers its key subjects with innocent ba-
sic pillars, its heirs are equal partners including meaningful and honest key role players that are
blessed with unifying tooling and shielding functions that enables the soul essence to work with
trust, peace, unity and loyalty that honours the authors will with unifying values.

It becomes a sower and a reaper of what it is, for self and others who practice unity for growing
uniform role models.

I, the truth is also a sower; a grower and a reaper of what I am; what I say including what I be-
come, do and have with I, the good wish; I do that with meaningful joy and good purpose because
my eternal active practice is for the growing and evolving of unified role models and key subjects
with Godliness in my unified honest purpose.

My knowledge is a truly correct good purpose that supports my godly inner qualities with a lov-
ingly unified hope and vision, while its practice and know how is being aid-full to its will with
wisdom and understanding that is honestly being a self-assured key belief, which is eternally being
faithful to its honest systems, partners, copies and its inheritors with unity and oneness, thus its
trusted values and peaceful joys are harmonious blessings to all its holy members before the light
of I, Jericho wall.

Truth is that which is within I the unified fact that is piloted and Commanded by me God with my
will, while I am being mother God, father God, Jesus the lord, as well as the sons and daughters of
Holy man in my created roles while being an expression of godliness including its wishes with
unique divine will.
Therefore, within I the truth is a unified congregation of divine norms, tools and shields that are
uniformly being me with perfective honour, while being wholesomely honest to my pure essence;
while also I, is being a truly self-aiding selfless service most ideal to the congregation of my godly
inner qualities within me, these enable me to be an embodied expression of the divine will within
and without I, the embodied holy wish, this being done with my well inspired faithful works in my
faithful reality.

Love is the word of holy life; it is an inspired heart, its knowledge including all its guiding princi-
ples that lead my children out of misleading falsehoods; and sinful error with perfective norms in
religious schemes and their faithful roles.

It is that which is known, information and its enlightened practical skills with honest feelings, true
faith and unity, which enables the cross to favour its key fellows with true everlasting blessings in
the congregation of holy stars; it is that which inspires my souls to be all the things they can be,
while doing and wishing the same for others with loving feelings that are sowers and reapers of
everlasting graceful gifts.

It is God who is being a causative will truly, now and forever more with faithful norms and
life everlasting; It is “I”, but who is “I” ?

“I” is my learned creative will, it is “I” being my truth as well as causing life with my honest de-
sire, which is the cross and a fountain of faithful oaths in the light of life. Truth by nature is com-
manding of its being, doing and end gains with practice of its will; it seeks to sum its value by be-
ing honest to its author flawlessly.

It aids, guides and saves its created values with Christian norms for the love of the son, the Holy
Spirit and God who has authorship rights and authority over its will.

The truth serves its own master decrees and selfless will with perfectly practiced norms and guide-
lines, for its end gains to fulfill its cause with perfect honour and soul integrity now and forever
more truly in Jesus name, which is a perfectly unified oath and a fulfilled will truly.

For example. 1+1=2, which is true value, this answer is summed up by guiding principles that are
rooted in the truth as well as piloted by it with distinction. All of us who have learned maths and
its guiding principles have gained a solvent that excels its will with distinction answers.

This solvent is opposed to sin by nature, and it wipes it away with self correcting norms by em-
ploying an erasure skill most faithful to its master decrees. Its basic underlying pillars are rooted in
true self guiding principles, values, knowledge, wisdom and understanding that is the cross; and
the source of life; and skill that is divine excellence.

All of us who have witness its true value agree with equal oneness before our saviors cross without
denial of future. With unity and oneness, we that have learned math's skills, know that, 1+2 equals
3 with unity power, for the same peace to shower us with perfect oneness and agreement for the
power and the glory of God in Jesus name.
Why? Because our teacher’s guiding principles are rooted in the father store house, whose honour
contributes to innate copies of his true guiding angels who are being true to his children, by illus-
trating his skills and guardian angels within them who enable them to practice godlike qualities in
eternal peace with joyful praise.

Therefore, our answer becomes sameness and the sum total of unified fans that are like the father,
the son and the Holy Spirit in mind, body; and soul with lasting values.

What is the cross and the truth, and can we isolate its basics with Christian principles, the
holy bible has?

But allow me to isolate some of its fundamental basics with the grace of the lord, and may the love
of God bless every soul that gets honoured by well expressed defining terms in holy Jesus name.

God is the truth; his guiding principles sums up its honest souls and wisdom always because he is
the eternal source of it,, the way and the life. The cross is the truth; it is a gift of life which brings
unity, peace, love and everlasting harmony.

It is a self-aware will that is being its wisdom, understanding and practice that is uniformly aided
by its very source with the grace of the light, peace and perfective honour.

The truth is the will of God; it has unifying knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It employs its
values with oneness, just acts, loyalty, faithfulness and common good will to bless the soul group
with one hope and vision, so that the lords will can be made manifest on earth, as it is in heaven
with unified oneness.

Truth is the word of life; it gives life to the soul, body and heart with loving arms. These qualities
are its underlying basic pillars which are common in one and many souls who are one before the

As a result of being true to its will with divine values, Truth speaks its wisdom with honest guid-
ing principles, love, trust, loyalty and soul integrity, for unity to shield its self with faithful suppor-
tive shoulders in eternal safety.

It confesses its love, trust, loyalty and honour with practical wishes, honesty, wisdom, understand-
ing; and skill well aligned with unified decrees, knowledge; and God shields for the common good
of all its selfless equal values.

Positive plus positive equals The cross of life, the truth, trust, loyalty and praise with unity power
on the Holy mount Zion, as well as in all key congregations and Christian households on the entire

The truth is a sole initial root, whose causative will is God, the son and the holy spirit, it is life
with self-aware guiding principles, whose source is the lord.

It is the cross and the light of truth which walks in the light with peaceful and delightful love.
By its right of being true, it commands its purpose of being true by being summed up by its very
own inherent source and power truly, which is the word of life.

It is able to evolve and gain enlightenment by evaluating its will with full knowledge of its design,
for the love of Christ to channel and command ethical norms that are used for salvation leaders to
lead it the realm of the Christed.

This empowers it with the foundations of life with honour. It becomes supportive shoulders with
loving arms that enables it to gain answers which lead to decisions most arming of God’s will and
value within unity pillars in our fathers glory.

The truth is a solvent with auto correction power.

It corrects its self with self guiding principles, and its selfless values: it elects its desire according
to its will, as per key interest in true subjects, all of this is done with a skill loyal to its basic desire.

The truth is full knowing and it does elect to know, and to not know its innocent value with key
interest; and without loss of its Knowledge as per subject matter, key wishes, schemes and roles,
and all this is done with a skill loyal to its ends.

Truth is Knowledge and flawlessly organized know how, it is data factors with experience, and
whatever it thinks about or perceive about its value and desire with honest guiding principles.

It becomes its basics with role playing, and this sums up correct values which become gains and
guiding principles with tooling functions and shielding policies in mind, body and soul or in writ-
ten modules.

The truth is a key role player, it is a role model which empowers its basic pillars and its inherently
equal copies and partners with key roles and enlightened principles to enable its tooling functions
to work with trust, peace, unity and loyalty that honours the Fathers will with unified human be-
ings in Jesus name.

It becomes a sower and a reaper of what it is, for self and others who practice unity to grow as uni-
form role models who are being and expression of godlike inner qualities with oneness in life.

The truth is uniform and one before the lord, Its knowledge is rooted in God who is life, the power
and glory with divine excellence, therefore, truth is a faithful oaths which is rooted in God, it is
the will is a source of life by nature.

Its knowledge is its practiced know how, wisdom, understanding including its self-assured key be-
liefs and faithful systems that are one and uniform within the realm of peaceful joy and harmoni-
ous blessings.

Truth is that which is God, the son of man, the Holy Spirit and life. It is the word of holy life; it is
knowledge including all its guiding principles which lead us out of misleading falsehoods; and sin-
ful error. It is that which is known, information, skill and practice of enlightened practical wisdom
with love, true honesty and unity for the cross to favour its fellows with true everlasting blessings.
The truth is correct including self correcting, healing, and guiding with a selfless source of being,
doing and having. It is the Be, Do and Have paradigm, this is a triad and a formal formula it em-
ploys while it is being a practice of its will with honest guiding principles including its error free
values with flawless victory channelers.

Firstly, It becomes something, does something and have something as the main sower of honest
wishes to enable itself to fulfill its will, as well as to receive what it wishes for with earnest func-
tion tools, while it enjoys engaging in thinking and speaking faithful wisdom that is aligned with
its will.

Truth has intelligence, wisdom and basic functions that enables itself to practice its skill toward
the attainment of what it desires, its employs practical efforts with fine tuned ability, liberty and
freedom of thought to make manifest its ends.

Its know how, wisdom, skill and practice becomes a unified ability that enables it to act and work
within the soul and in reality as a habitual norm, so that it can fulfill the desires of its heart felt
wishes with earnest desire and unity amongst a congregation of able soul qualities, this being done
for the fathers glory to be made manifest on earth, as it is in heaven in Jesus name.

It is an ability which can be well defined and explained in terms of tools and shields that are em-
ployed by the soul, while being an expression of an enlightened skill in a role that allows it to gain
the desired effect with effort and ability.

It is able to learn and recognize its values which are unified, but unique, similar and different
truths, interests, key purposes, goals, key subjects including common good will hopes and dreams
with pure honour.

The truth is self-aware, it recognizes itself, its copies including its inheritors and it knows itself
including its identity, as well as its key purpose with wisdom and understanding. It is a predictive
tool, model and soul which can determine its future with true honesty, liberty and the cross.

What am I, and who is "I" truly?

I am the truth and the source of life, I am information, knowledge including the skill and the pilot
behind it in habitual roles. The truth is “I” who is cause, effect, responsibility, wisdom, under-
standing, a key role player and everyone who is it.

It is anyone who is similar and different to “I” with unique potential experience and inner quali-
ties; and everything and everyone who is being “I” me, you, we, us, those, them and it with unified
wishes and works.

Meaning, “I” am a causative will, and a soul identity shared that is equally with unity and joy by
one; and many human souls with unity, truth and key interest that is not denied by our tooling
functions and shielding norms truly.
“I” is my will, the determining force of the organism, the awareness of awareness basic pillar. I am
the centre of awareness, that part of the complete soul and organism that is the inherent basic cause
by nature. “I” is God’s will.

Hence, I am “I”, the initial word including the only source of it, while inheritors of my will, who
also consult my faithful nature for being a just cause in life, are honest human beings who refer to
oneself as “I” because they are heirs of my just will, due to being one with faithful key wishes that
are also being an expression of honest human nature that empowers them with faithful wisdom in
the fountain of holy man.

I am the truth, the life, and the way says Jesus Christ, without denial of future, but with full excep-
tance and command of my wisdom, my will and the word of life with loving honour truly before
"I" the father who is the cross.

Therefore, with unity power, he is "I" , my will, and my blessing to all human souls who honour
his will, by being true to my will, which is the word of life and a unified Christian value.

For “I” there is one God, there is only one me whose cause is empowered by my will, which is "I"
God truly, now and forever more, there is no other God before “I” and after “I” Father God,
Mother god, the son and the holy spirit, which is created with my image, and by right of being my
valued truths.

Only ‘I’ and my progeny can stand or kneel before ‘I’ father God, mother god, the holy son, the
holy spirit with Jesus the lord being the key to the heavenly kingdom with salvation tools and
shields etc.

God is “I” Father God, and Mother God who are the creator of everlasting life.

Therefore, “I” is God, father God, mother God, the holy son and the Holy Spirit, but with every
physical human being created by my will being the embodiment of human souls in physical real-

With equal value and uniqueness, I God became Father God, Mother God, Jesus the lord
and the Holy Spirit before I God, who is one in the fountain of holy man.

Thus, I God is oneness, unity, truth, trust, loyalty and loving values which are practiced by my will
including all its fundamental heirs with a truly unified holy agreement that is being lead by the
cross, and which is the source of the sole higher-self that has blessed all heirs of life with a causa-
tive will that is truly a gift of life.

This is a gift that is showered on human souls or spirits and physical man in all aspects of duali-
ties, in heaven and earth. My children are innocence, they are hopes and dreams well aligned with
the will of Christ, by faith and with their inherent right of being true to his values, and which are
the source of life.

This enables the source which is the heavenly kingdom to always be the key to selfless wills and
guiding principles that are rooted in the fathers will truly with just practice.
My will is a gift adopted by my heirs to enable sheep Stewarts to lead my sheep home with the
light of salvation truly and the word of life on the cross.

I am the truth, and a spiritual value mostly anointed with life, love and peace giving guiding prin-
ciples before the cross of merciful praise.

I am the fountain of life, mercies and joys uplifting of souls; I am love, unity, loyalty, trust and the
dove of peace which sings innocence with joyful praise and healing songs.

I am a star that shines unity and the truth within souls with integrity, and the star of heavenly
hopes and visions empowered by Gods will.

I am the source of healing prayers which excel my will with perfect health; I am innocence and the
separation of truth and lies with the light of holy wisdom. I am the dissolver of sinful will includ-
ing its source of error.

I am the evolver of souls with the word of life for soul growth victories which are inner qualities
and guiding books and pages anointed by Christian shields.

I am inspiration with complete fearless courage and confidence inspired by the cross, before the
cross, and for the cross to abide to its will with love, trust, and loyalty everlasting to soul growth
and salvation works in Jesus name.

I am the truth and the light, and I become the truth by being a key role player by faith, love, trust,
loyalty and a truthful soul nature whose practice of my unified faith.

My faith is the selfless truth, and a Christian key oath which expresses and foretells the truth with
God’s promised basic gifts that are tools and shields amended for his power and glory to shine the
cross in the kingdom of life before the son of Holy man who is being Mother god, father God, the
holy spirit including the sons and daughters of man in heaven and earth.

Being someone who does not believe in god, or thinks and believes that god does not exist,
such as an agnostic or atheist.

1 Timothy 1 verse 13; though formerly I was a blasphemer, persecutor, and insolent oppo-
nent. But I received mercy because I had acted ignorantly with unbelief.

What the soul means in this scripture is that even thou he employed insolent means and ignorance,
for opposing the source of life with unbelief, still he gained mercy in the fountain of life because
the lord is forever true to those who change their ways towards being aided by his faithful word of
life, meaning his word become theirs because they are being in union before the source of holy
life, whilst before the victim was broken of, due to unbelief.

Acts chapter 20 verse 28 to 31; Therefore pay careful attention to yourselves and to the flock, in
which the holy spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God, which he obtained
with his blood. I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing
the flock; and from among your own selves will rise up men speaking twisted things, to draw away
the disciples after them.
Therefore be alert, remembering that for three years I did not cease night or day to admonish eve-
ryone with tears.

Now let us explain an atheist: An atheist is a person who does not hold the fact that God or the
creator exists. It is someone who is not aligned with the fact that God the creator exists.
Atheists are people who have convinced themselves by mistake that God or the holy source of life
does not exist.
It is a person who thinks that God holds no authority over life and humanity, which is working to-
wards being a faithful believer of its holy source, as well as being it's appointed role model that is
being an expression of its will with honest deeds and values that are shouldered by the wisdom of
holy man with the word in eternal life.
It is someone who thinks that science; the cell and the human form are the result of evolution
which lacks the wisdom of the creator and source because maybe science and happenstance cre-
ated life on the physical plane before it was evolved without any able cause whatsoever, because
god our creator, who is also an able cause of anything true in reality is deemed not existing with
An atheist is someone who does not believe or have faith towards God and the Holy Scriptures,
due to ignorance misleading him or her with unbelief.
God created human beings man and woman, now both key role players need one another in order
to survive over long periods in physical density.
They do this by having children who continue to have them when old enough as a habitual norm,
so that humanity can have enough soul mates to work and shield themselves as one against non
survival issues.
Physical man has the ability to have new young because of a source that caused procreation to be
the means that allows human beings, which are him and her to have children who will also have
children in survival. It is truly fair to say that mom and dad are the ones whom the child belongs to
with honest intend because it was both their wish to make manifest the babe in life with unity, due
to their hopes and wishes being unified by honesty and loving good purpose.
Now anyone can tell himself or herself that this baby is mine or ours, while us also belong to our
old parents and so on in a continues fashion up until we find Adam and Eve in Eden, as a result
one can see that what enabled Adam and Eve to have young, as well as us now was procreation.
But what made them human, as well as gave them the gift of having young?
We can explain all we like about how young are gained with biology and what is causing man to
have children; and about what is enabling humans to also have young. The fact is we are a self-
aware creation that is able to have young because God enabled us to have them for survival means
in the world. This means that any able physical human being that admits to being the father or
mother of a young was also created by holy man, who empowered the first two initial human be-
ings including their progeny to have their wishes in nature with joyful praise and songs.
Biological means alone cannot cause human beings to engage in sexual roles, romance and candle
light joys including honey moons without a source that is being a pilot of earnest desire, good pur-
pose and faithful wishes, but we care to employ biology to explain the inner workings of human
anatomy and the bio cell, or to be misled by foul sex educators and pimp means that are out of line
with human nature and what God intended, while we overlook the spiritual influence that ani-
mates the bio-cell including the whole humanoid by not employing the light of earnest wishes.
But now if some human folk hope to believe or does not think that the wisdom of our holy creator
made humans to be on earth, by not having faith in the source of life and its honest keys, what are
they hoping to earn by denying the source of creation.
If and when they rely heavily on science, evolution myths and unbelief, what are they hoping to
earn by denying the source of creation, including all that we are, as well as what we have by show-
ing no graceful feelings, faith, love including praise towards our source, that enabled us to gain
honest value in life amongst honest souls that are mostly favoured by all loyal ones that deem
faithful men true including fair to them in honest exchange, schemes and habitual roles.
Our creator truly exists, be advised; The first two initial human souls were created by God
whose wish was to become Father god, Mother god including unified holy man with a holy agree-
ment before god whose eternal union is empowered by divine wisdom in each of human natures
images with the holy cross.
So God is not only the father, but is also the mother because each of his holy expressions both
serve holy man with a nature that faithfully agreed to be unified towards its intended will, this be-
ing done with eternal good purpose within God and what enables source, which is god to be faith-
ful holy man in eternal wisdom.
God is an immortal spiritual being, thus God created man to be immortal and made him and her to
be both images of divine holy man. After that as per our creator's divine purpose; God created
physical man when physical reality was completed,
Genesis chapter 1 verse 27, So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of god they
were created; thus male and female they were created after both father god and mother god said
with a holy wish, 'let us make man in our image according to Our likeness; and let them rule over
the fish of the sea; and over the birds of the sky; and over the cattle; and over all the earth; and
over everything that creeps on earth,'
So then, what is a physical human being; what is his purpose; also what is enabling him to exist, as
well as that which causes his desire with meaningful good purpose; which is also thoughtful and
mostly positive with good sense and just practice.
What is enabling him to function and to create whatever he desires with honest wishes in his
world, while he is being and inheritor of a creative source, which enables him to be, do and have
whatever he wishes with good deeds behind and before him amongst soul mates.
Human beings can cause their fingers to move, eyes to wink, they can also move from walking
slow to running, one can also know and declare that such is being done by him or her with faithful
However, when one holds the belief that there is nothing cause, commanding including being a
creator before and behind reality including what she or him is being, doing and having in reality,
while he or her denies that, which enables all able means to be an expression of earnest desire,
then what are they saying with ignorance or whatever their skill may be, while they are also being
a tool used to function less before the light of man by uneducated beliefs.
Now if one believes the scientific impossibility that nothing created us and our reality absolutely,
they are wrong because the source of life is truly a nothing-ness with a potential to be, do, and
have what it desires with earnest wishes that are commanded by its will and just practice.
Meaning, before the creative source elects to cause something in order to be something that en-
ables it to gain its wish in reality, It has a quality of nothingness in its being, reality and store
house, while it holds the potential to have what it desires truly with honest and faithful beliefs be-
cause it lacks nothing in its store of eternal wisdom.
Hence, the creator can have any new gain with perfect desire always, while before there was noth-
ing like what has been originated now with earnest wishes and faithfulness.
Dear loved one, allow the lord to gain you back into his glory with the faithful word in Jesus
Loved one, if you have any ungodly faith, I pray the you may loose it completely right now in
Jesus name, so that you can have complete faith, loyalty and trust in our holy creator with-
out any fears or ignorance, may god let it be so now and forever more, amen.
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From me , Jacob, cheers for now.