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by necromaancyy


One day a boy from Busan named Park Jimin transfers in Seoul Heroes Academy and joins
the team with Kim Seokjin the 3rd year who can create fake illusions with his mouth, Kim
Namjoon, a telepath, Jung Hoseok who had the power to dopple gang himself and Min
Yoongi a fire manipulator.

Drama ensues.

(Taehyung and Jungkook are introduced later on).

Updates every Wedensday and Saturday.


Please dont repost this story on anywhere without my permission!! Thank uu ( ¯◡¯ )

Hello!! This is my first ao3 story and I'm kinda new to all this stuff so sorry if this is really
bad. This story will get better overtime I promise the more I get the hang of ao3? Please
comment some tips below!!
This is inspired by my hero academia and one punch man and miss peregrine's home for
peculiar children (there will be some references of course)
Chapter Notes

yoongi : fire manipulation, can control fire. hates being labelled a pyromaniac, and
usually comes off as a stoic dark top student that wants to be alone. an per-student
council member because he got in a huge fight.

namjoon: a telepath that can go through peoples darkest secrets, read thoughts, can see
what an opponents next move is. is the student council president.

???: very powerful telekenis, can control anything in his will.

See the end of the chapter for more notes

Not all days were bad days. However, this say was somehow a mix of melancholy and irritation
that thrived through Yoongi's brain everytime he hears his two best friends chatter endlessly.

On the other hand, Yoongi thought "days like this could've been worse, brain, what's the bitchy
attitude for?"

"Have you heard? There's a new student."


" Apparently he has multiple powers."

" That's not true! Imagine Min Yoongi the best student losing against him!"

"You never know how strong he is he maybe can't control his power."

Yoongi could all hear the fuss about the new transfer student right from Busan.

Gritting his teeth angrily, scribbling on his homework page, knowing he's a hot head, feeling
uneasy about this transfer student.

Being the top student, he knew that people that had powers from Busan were incredibly talented
due to their small culture - at the age of 5 they are destined to train hard enough to be a prodigy
with their parents training them until their muscles ache and their kids scream and whimper, with
bones reckless.
Luckily, Min Yoongi was born in Daegu, a place where all his favourite traumatic events
happened. First of all, burning his mothers hand on accident at the age of 4 when Yoongi got
attached to his fathers lighter.

Fire, burning flames was beautiful, not threatening to little Yoongi, he thought they looked so

So beautiful.

Yoongi groans at the flashback.

His pencil breaks.

"For fucks sake," He mutters, staring at his pen that was broken in half, black plastic cracked with
tiny shards poking his porcelain skin. "I'm stupid."

"You stressed?" The orange head asks, looking through his hyung's eyes. Hoseok, Jung Hoseok
was an annoyingly good best friend in fact, but him having a doppleganging power pissed Min
Yoongi the most because he will be there in one minute, then another Hoseok will be behind him
poking his back.

The fire manipulator finally looks up to Hoseok with a shit-eating mischievous grin, sitting in the
desk right next to him.

"Are you fucking me?" Yoongi rolls his eyes, cussing, "Hoseok I'm trying to do my homew-"

Hoseok scoffs only in response, stealing his sheet, throwing it to the other side of the class room
then crossing his arms.

Class room lights reflected onto his face, "Look I need to talk to you." He spoke, sitting on the
desk, kicking his legs in thin air in literal boredom, "Have you heard the rumors?"

Yoongi looks away, mouth slowly forming a tight line, "Of course I have Hoseok. Of course."

"Now listen dude," Hoseok says seriously, now pointing at Yoongi, ready to spill the news to him,
"People are planning to see who's the most powerful between you and the new transfer student
coming on Monday. Nerve wracking for you right? Even for me."

All Yoongi does is nod, looking down.

He really felt uneasy.

"But bro, don't get it fucking towards you! Just because he's from Busan, doesn't mean his powers
are strong." Hoseok explains, gesturing his feelings like he usually does.

"You heard the rumors about him coming from Busan?"

Hoseok nods, "There's only 1 person from Busan in Seoul Academy...it's that nerd that has the
power metamorphosis. Or shapeshifter, whatever the fuck it is." Hoseok quietly whispers, looking
behind him. "His name is Jeon Jungkook a second year. I heard he can't really control his power,
that's why he barely does the Seoul tournaments against other academies y'know? Although he's
second strongest out of the academy, no one knows his potential."

Yoongi remembers that name eerily.

Last year, the little kid was in a huge fight against a boy named Kim Taehyung, a ice manipulator
in the cafeteria.

Ice manipulators weren't rare, but they were different types of ice manipulators that were
considered as rare who can actually make ice out of thin air.

The complete opposite of Yoongi having to always bring a lighter with him in his uniform pockets.

The fight was completely brutal, people cheering them on, chanting 'fight fight fight', whilst the
Jeon kid never does anything - crying so much tears on the floor as his whole body was starting to
freeze up in a ice statue.

Yoongi could remember the Jeon kid yelling with his brown hazel eyes turning into a different
colour, a bright vibrant green, screaming "I don't want to hurt you," over and over again like a
broken music box until Kim Taehyung stops freezing his body, and starts hugging him out of the

"The fight that Jeon had was fucked up honestly." Yoongi mutters, "Busan people are weird."

"Right..right." Hoseok agrees. "Anyway-"


Hoseok flinches.

It was Kim Namjoon one of his best friends and also part of the student council.

Min Yoongi hated telepaths as if they were disgusting little pests except Kim Namjoon.

He is only an exception.

Telepaths were complete privacy breakers, always reading your minds and always able to cheat on
tests, and in dome fights they would be able to calculate your moves so easily it's a pain in the ass.


Hoseok pats Yoongi on the shoulder with a crooked smile, and walks off out of the dimly lit

Yoongi sighs.

Chapter End Notes

Non of the chapters are edited so if some part doesn't make sense or theres a missing
word or typo

(Because I literally do these at 1am :^))

please let me know!!

Chapter One : Transfer Student
Chapter Summary

Theres going to be more longer chapters soon!!!

Love necromaancyy

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Chapter Notes

See the end of the chapter for notes


Everybody hated a typical Monday, waking up early around six am in the morning with a groan
ready to face hell, (literally) named Seoul Heroes Academy full of fights and battles, studies and
many subjects to learn that doesn't even mean anything to grab the hero license that you need.

Min Yoongi fucking hated Mondays.

It irked him, waking up this early to eat some food to gain some energy, however, he was busy up
at night reading a library book that the librarian offered him at that Friday after his school to waste
some nice time of life and actually have some sort of peace instead of the usual: random powers out
of no where, villains running violently on the streets.

Just a quiet library that he can keep quiet without the gushing of fan girls near the fire manipulator.

Right now, taking off every single piece of clothing in his empty dorms of Seoul Academy, (that
usually has another person living in) he walked into the shower, turning the switch to put the hot
water on.

Water began pelting on Yoongi's face, then the temperature slowly rised.

Out of all honestly, all Yoongi did was just look through the glass that separated him from the fresh
painted walls of navy blue, and blooming plant pots that sat on the shelf of the bathroom, humming
a catchy tune as the see through glass started to steam up little bubbles.

Everything was a blur.

He sighed in content as his hands brushed away his own soaking hair away from his eyes, noticing
his raven black hair was growing alot faster than he expected, breathing out watching the cloud of
breath form into a cloud.

His head pounded.

After a several minutes, Yoongi turned the whole shower off, pulled the handle to the side, sliding
the glass to the other side so he can exit the shower safely, grabbing the white towel on the boiling
hot radiator right next to him.

Pampering himself, and wrapping the towel against his waist, he walked out of the steamy room
walking next to his bed.

"No never mind, do it a thousand times.." Yoongi's breathy voice spoke. He had the song in his
head for ages now.

The room's walls were black, simplistic even. There was a black leather couch replacing the bed
that was supposed to be there, brown oak wood shelves full of books neatly arranged in
alphabetical order. Then, on the right side of the dorm room was a working table where Yoongi
can do his homework easily which also had a macbook (gifted from his mother), on the desk.

Plant baskets where attached to the ceiling, small fairy lights around his bed that had also a black
white bedding was Yoongi's personal style.

Out of all honesty, Yoongi wished he had someone to talk to, someone other than the cat that
always sleeps on the perch of his window that he secretly let's inside. "I guess they're not here

He changed into his Seoul Hero Academics uniform, hearing the white clock that contrasted with
his black wallpaper tick each second.


oi yoongi in the student council we were discussing something about the new student

Yoongi immediately took interest, texting Hoseok back.


What's his power??

Asshole is typing...


They never really said anything about his power. All we know his name is Park jimin and he's
going to move in ur dorm this morning. Lolololol

He's going to stay in my dorm?

Yoongi bit his lip.


Yh he's going to move in the after noon.

He's going to start his lessons first tho
Namjoon thought that u two would get along


No I dont know?
Is he actually from busan?


he also used to live with his grandma in busan
Usually we discuss about his powers but
Namjoon said he didn't want to talk about it
Imagine he was powerless
But he shouldn't bc he wouldn't be invited to the elite school lmao


So he's here rn?


Nah he's gonna come around 8:50 or 9

Get ready yoongles



"All of us have a power right?" Yoongi's Religious Studies teacher asked rhetorically.

In Yoongi's hands was the book that the librarian gave him to borrow, all about that. Religious
Studies were actually pretty interesting to him, but other than that, his best friend Hoseok hated it
and always wanted to fall asleep and groaned everytime the teacher would speak something
unbelievable in some sort.

He didn't really believe all this, it's just a legend from millions of years ago, it could be altered time
to time pass generations.

"Well back then, humans like us didn't have powers. All of us depended on the Gods and Godesses
like Zeus, Aphrodite - you know, the Greeks." She said, grabbing her chalk piece, writing on the
dark green chalk board infront of her, the words : Greek Gods. "Legends say that Satans pawns, the
Ten Commandments were also friends with the Greek Gods even though people saw them as
sinners that defiled the Gods themselves."

Yoongi hears Hoseok snoring right next to him, dribble slowly coming out of his mouth.

Yoongi cringed.

Mrs Lee wrote the Ten Commandments on the board this time, "Please write notes down, class."

Everyone began to write down quickly.

Period one was the longest boring period since they had to write down every single note they can
jot down to remember in the exams.

"These ten demons were Satans most powerful team. The strongest out of the ten was his own son
after all. Each of them had a colour, and first commandment represented pride, owning the colour

One day, Satan does something unforgivable breaking one of the Greeks rules, marry a Goddess.
The couple was actually together for ages, and no one noticed until Satan wanted to let the world to

Zeus was in infuriating anger, and banished the two. The down side was that Satan also helped the
Earth with the Greek Gods.

The two did a deal, deciding that each one thousand years they would do the Deadly Games, and
whoever's side wins the battle, they get get to rule Earth for another 1000 years and do whatever
they wanted to it.

A thousand years ago, powers started coming up, and all of us were granted with special attributes
just like from an action movie. Although we don't know which side did this permanent effect on us.
It's unknown."
Namjoon, the student council president raised his hand up, which wasn't unusual at all.

"Yes Namjoon?"

"Is this all a true? A legend? A myth? Just a rumour?" The telepath asks, confused. "That's the
reason why we all these powers?"

Mrs Lee chuckles, chalk on her hands after writing the shortened notes on her board. "I can't
answer that, but people still believe it. Some people just think that Greek Godesses and these Ten
demons don't even exist anymore or it's just some hoax."

Yoongi thinks a little, hands clutching on the old battered book he has with old tea stains on, hard
book cover rounded with pages creased or slightly torn.

Greek Godesses and Gods?

Yoongi thought that was some bullshit.

Chapter End Notes

wattpad and twitter : necromaancyy

Chapter Two : Introductions and Tears
Chapter Summary

Goodie bag -still woozy

Chapter Notes

Sorry if this is bad! Not edited!!

Warning : suicide mentions

See the end of the chapter for more notes

"Today we have a new student, please introduce yourselves."

Period 2.

Oh gosh, how Yoongi hated period two with the rambling teacher excitedly talking about how
different types of powers work.

He didn't hate the subject.

He hated the teacher.

She was just like Hoseok, but way more annoying-er than him. The way she talks, the way she
ever exaggerates everything - she acts like a student, not a proper teacher.

Yoongi looked up.

It's the transfer student.

His voice was smooth just like honey, with huge plump lips, pretty red luscious locks and eyelashes
that were longer than a girls, eyes innocently looking at him.

The boy that was only two centimetres shorter than him, blinking slowly, eyes meeting Yoongi's as
he parted mouth, pursing his pouty lips, "My names Park Jimin! Nice to meet you. I-I hope we get
along." He mumbles, fidgeting with his small fingers.

Of course, the teacher squealed (which pissed the hell off Yoongi), "Well Jimin, Where are you
from? What's your power?"

Everyone stared at the transfer student, then looked at Yoongi suspiciously.

Yoongi felt the transfer students dark brown eyes stare burning through his soul.

Yoongi felt uneasy with the powerful aura Jimim had.

Jimin felt strong.

It scared him.

Yoongi didn't expect Park Jimin to look surprisingly pretty and petite - he thought he would look
like a person that's taller than Yoongi, eyebrows curving in anger, but Park Jimin was this guy that
was standing infront of him, batting his eyelashes, "W-Well..I'm from Busan, and my power..." He
trailed off, silent. "It's uh, t-telekinesis."

Some people gasped in the class, and some remained silent, but everyone was shocked or wanted to
even stay away from the student immediately.

Yoongi bit his lip.

Everyone knew what telekenis are like back then. They were seen as criminals, or even freaks
because of how much power the held, they completely destroyed tournaments, and people who
held the power got banned. They stopped the rule a few couple years ago now, since there were
only a few telekenis' left in the world.

Hoseok nudged him out of his thinking trance.


Hoseok whispered with a horse face, "You seemed like you were stating out of space. I just gotta
tell you, the nerd looks like some bad news.."

Yoongi shrugs, "You don't see much telekenis these days do you?"

"But you know that telekenis are fucked up in the head and also overpowered. Their hard to find."
Hoseok insults, and Yoongi really thinks he's too judgemental - although it's his annoying
personality he has been stuck with it for a couple of years. "Are you listening?"

Yoongi nods, "I am."

In reality, Park Jimin was the one that's nervous here. All eyes were on him, and he could feel like
everyone was judging him the moment he stepped in.

Why were they staring at him so aggressively?

Jimin knew that the history of telekenis were incredibly dark. His nerves were about to go haywire
at any time, not wanting to stand up infront of pairs of eyes glaring at him.

He knew people thought telekenis' are a harm to human society.

But what's not a harm to society now a days?

"Wow! Do you now how to fully control it Jimin? Can you give us an example? You know the
history of people who had telekinesis!"

Jimin nods hesitantly. He was uncomfortable, "Yeah? I guess..." The transfer students' eyes
scanned the room.

"Can you test it on someone?" Curiosity got the better of the teacher, and Jimin slightly shivered at
her suggestion. "Like make someone float? Hoseok, can you come up?" The teacher said, and
Hoseok groaned in response, burying himself in his school blazer. "Hoseok."

The doppelganger user whined, clutching onto his black and red blazer with the Seoul Hero
Academics badge sown on, "Me?"

How unexpected.

The teacher huffed. "Yes. Yes you."

The orange haired boy spoke out, "Why me? Pick someone else please?" He said with his trained
puppy eyes. "Jimin could hurt me!" He jokes. "He's a telekenis."

The class giggles.

The teacher did a false laugh, "You're always sleeping in class. Take it as a thing that you'll do
everytime you sleep." She sighs putting.g her hands on her hips, "I wont let Jimin harm you." She
reassures, and Hoseok finally gives up a few seconds after, walking next to Jimin, giving a glare.

Jimin innocently smiles, trying to act friendly, but Hoseok gives him a stern face.

The telekenis' smile falters a little with the response he was given.

Does his new classmate not like him?

"O-Oh," Jimin whispers to himself.

Hoseok huffs, crossing his arms looking down towards the transfer student, "Your are shorter than
I expected, telekenis." He snorts, mocking the guy.
Jimin didn't like that.

Jimin knew he was short.

Jimin knew he had telekinesis.

Why did Hoseok label him like that?

"W-What?" Jimin murmurs, clenching his fists. Jimin didn't want to get mad, he promised himself
he wouldn't so nothing would get out of hand. He wanted just to make friends, not end up like this.

Hoseok raises his eyebrows.

With a smirk, he mouthed the words. "I said, you're short. Are you deaf?"

Yoongi didn't want to interfere, but Hoseok did do a bitch move right there.

"I-I'm not deaf." Jimin says suppressing his stress, pointing a finger at Hoseok.

The orange head gives his signature shit-eating grin, "Look, you're just a Busan kid. You look like
some little school kid. I bet you'll end up like all those other telekenis-"

The red head stepped closer towards Hoseok, "Don't."

"-going crazy and committing suicide."

Yoongi sighed.

The teacher sighed aswell, "Hoseok, watch your attitude."

The class starts 'oooo' ing and snickering at the transfer student, and Yoongi sits there at his desk,
focusing on the two. He thinks how annoying this could be for Jimin.

He actually pitied the student, being picked on just because if his over-powered power.

Yoongi knew how Hoseok can wind up students easily when he felt insecure and frightened, it was
some defense mechanism he always had when they were kids.

The transfer student leans towards Hoseok forgetting the teacher was there, and Hoseok steps back.

"So.." Jimin looked up to Hoseok, "Why does that matter to you?" Jimin's eyes go darker, head

Hoseok mutters shit under his breath, immediately regretting his decision. It was if the transfer
student switched to another person when he gets irritated, and Hoseok didn't expect that.

"Well.." Hoseok murmurs, "I'm just saying."

The transfer student raises an eyebrow in anger. He had another, "I'm not dumb to not remember
the words you said, Hoseok." Jimin thunders. "Just because some people are better than you, no
need to be insecure about it." His voice was laced in venom, stating each fact that was completely

Hoseok laughs nervously, watching the transfer students eyes turn into a blood red colour.

Oh no.

"Boys! I want you to stop arguing immediately." The teacher yells, but Jimin ignored her.

His eyes began to glow even brighter, anger pulsing through his being, the ground began to shake
matching with the whirlwind if feelings he had, right hand raising slowly.
Hoseok does aswell. His whole being was being raised, eyes widening at what's happening,
watching all the students' desks slowly levitate up. "J-Jimin, I was only joking...I was just.."

Jimin tilts his head like a cat, mouth opening with a small little gasp, red eyes with pupils growing
bigger, "You were just joking?" He purrs, faking a shocked expression. "Joking about normal
people like me going crazy and committing suicide? That's pure bullshit." He whispers under his

A gush of wind goes through Yoongis whole body. He could feel the vibrations coming from the
floor and the ice cold breeze on tickling his fingertips with a following desk (that was his) violently
smash into the shelves from the other side of the room where glass tubes and beakers of
experiments were, and tiny pieces of shards were flying around the classroom.

Everything that was glass shatters in a split second, freaking out the students who just wanted to

Including Hoseok was levitating higher, legs dangling, with his face contorted in fear.

He felt guilt.

The telekenis smirks, hands doing a small gesture, batting his eyelashes in excitement, as Hoseoks
red tie tightened around his neck causing him to choke and cough in pain.

"M'sorry! J-Jimi..puh, puh-please! Leh-let go!" Hoseok shouts, begs, shaking hands clutching onto
his own tie that tightened more everytime he attempted to undo it. "Ji-Jimin!"

"Mr Park, you must stop now." The teacher says, slowly. "Please turn off your power now, or I'll
do it myself." She told Jimin, who was enjoying Hoseoks pain.

All the students were chanting 'fight! fight!', not helping the situation anywhere.

It really didn't.
"Mr Park!" The teacher yells.

Hoseok's eyes were watering, begging so much, his eyes closed mouth opening and closing trying
to suck in air.

Hoseok couldn't breathe.

He couldn't.

He was focused on breathing more, instead of thinking to dopple gang himself because there was
no point.

Jimin could strangle his other doppelganger anyways.

Meanwhile, the students weren't allowed to use their powers inside the class anyways. They knew
what consequences they faced.

They stood up, not wanting to go near the transfer student who was suffocating Jung Hoseok in
thin air.

Yoongi was slowly grabbing his lighter out of his blazer pocket, frozen in his seat with a look that
read : pissed. He also was terrified, not knowing the small transfer student (although he was two
centimetres below his own height), could cause such a ruckus in a few seconds.

Yoongi, do something.

Your best friend is hurting!

Jimin stops all of a sudden, backing away from what he has done, blinking in terror at himself, eyes
watery and face twisted in pain as his eyes switched back to the normal deep brown. His hands
cover his mouth, staring at Hoseok and staring at Yoongi.
It happened again.

And someone got hurt.

Desks that were floating immediately dropped.

Hoseok fell violently down onto the floor coughing and choking, with a thud.

"T-Teacher..I-I-I'm sor-sorry!" Jimin cries, in fear.

Yoongi saw how scared he looked.

Jimin was scared of himself.

"I-I - thuh-that wasn't me! I-I l-luh-lost control all of a sudden." Jimin panicked, and the teacher
immediately reassured him that he isn't in trouble.

"Jimin, don't worry..I know - it's okay. I should've stopped Mr Jung." The teacher sips her coffee,
looking tired.

Jimin started crying more, tears cascading down his chubby cheeks, "Buh-But I hurt someone and
b-buh-broke your experiment equipment!"

The teacher sighs, "It can be easily fixed okay?"

"O-Oh, o-okay.." Jimin whispers.

Yoongi ran towards his best friend, patting his back, reassuring him he's alright, and nothing else is
going to happen to him. "You shouldn't have wound him up. Hoseok...God.."
Yoongi nervously met eyes with the transfer students', whose eyes were now in his original colour.

"I apologise for my best friends actions, it was obviously my fault that I haven't stopped him."
Yoongi bowed in a ninety degree angle, and the students settled down, in shock. "Please forgive
him, and please try out for the Seoul tournaments. It isn't your fault about what happened. I
promise he will forgive you too."

Min Yoongi apologised to someone.

He rarely does that.

Hoseok hisses at Yoongi, "Really?! Are you going to invite him to the try outs that are on
tomorrow? He's a psycho!" (He was still on the floor, about to stand up).

Yoongi whispers and Hoseok worried, "Look Seok, we only have three members off to compete.
This kids strong - if we can invite him to the tryouts, we're able to add him to the team!"

Jimin stared the black haired fire manipulator, down.

Hoseok scoffs - the usual. He pouts, "Whatever."

The awkward silence was even uncomfortable for Yoongi.

"Y-Yoongi..." Jimin looks at the male. "I-I'd love to.."


"I can't believe it Namjoon! He just strangles n'suffocates me when I was only joking, then he
starts crying yelling it wasn't him? What type of guy is he?!" Hoseok yells, slamming the table
with his fist, alarming the whole table with his rant, eating his baguette angrily.
Namjoon shakes his head, "The kid could have some mental health issues? Telekenis' are
incredibly gifted and totally overpowered but the downside is the mentality.." He looks worried all
of a sudden, eyes flickering towards Yoongi's. "And you," He points at the fire manipulator, "You
asked him to do the try outs tomorrow?"

Yoongi nods, chewing on his cake, "Joon, we're off three members. Seokjin hyung doesn't even
attend our practices we have every Friday!" Yoongi insists, persuading his friend, "The transfer
kid is a good one. He's rare to find telekenis. A one in a probably, a million chance. He's a good kid
I swear. I could tell his crying and how he felt was genuine when he felt sorry for accidentally
suffocating Hoseok.

Yoongi had a point.

"You call that accidentally?!" Hoseok whines. Dramatically. "I was in the brink of death!"

Yoongi grimaces, "Says the person who joked about suicide."

Hoseok sneered. "Whatever."

Namjoon coughs, "Stop being so sour guys."

The three sat on the table in break to just have snacks, scoffing down the treats they bought.

Namjoon wolfed down his chocolate bar, "But don't talk about Jin hyung like that!"

"I feel like you are starting to have feelings for the illusionist now." Hoseok mumbles.

"Jin hyung comes when ever he wants to...he just does it when he feels like it." Namjoon pauses.
"And you know how telekenis' are like. They end up angry and using all their power will kill them
even more."

Yoongi click his tongue, "That's just a myth, idiot."

"Yeah..a myth."

"Not gonna lie, Yoongi did make a good choice to invite him to the try outs last minute," Hoseok
said, being honest changing the subject a little, "I have to admit it is my fault for doing that. I gotta
apologise to the kid."

Namjoon realises Hoseok was in a mood, and Yoongi was quiet.

Namjoon gives a piece of his chocolate to Hoseok.

"Thanks!" Hoseok cheerfully takes the chocolate and nibbles it. Hoseok mood shifts quickly,
"Have you checked out the list where the people wanted to join in the tryouts?"

"I haven't yet. It's probably full anyways on the dash board we pinned it on for the public." Yoongi
replies, munching on his cake, near to finish it, "I'm going against the people in our year? That
means I'm going against that Park Jimin dude.." Yoongi shudders remembering the immediate
switch of personality the transfer student does when he feels angered.

Namjoon laughs, "I believe you can do it hyung."

"Oh you're using honorifics now?" Yoongi chuckles.

"He's doing it to make you feel better, idiot." Hoseok laughs aswell, "I'm going against the second
years. I'm guessing Kim Taehyung's going to be on the list."

Namjoon looks up in surprise, "How so?"

Hoseok thinks a little, still eating the chocolate, then let out a little 'ah!' as if he had a light bulb
moment, "In the morning he was talking to a student, blabbering his mouth off that he wants to join
the team to defeat another ice user in another school for some sweet revenge." Hoseok says,
confused, "I over heard him. He said it with the most deepest voice it gave me the chills."
Yoongi takes interest, "All because of some ice user?"

Namjoon rolls his eyes, "That's pretty childish, don't you think?"

Hoseok just shows a simple shrug, finishing his chocolate piece with a lick on his lips, "Do you
even know any strong ice users that we went against last year?"

"Maybe they're Taehyung's age. First years couldnt compete last year in the Seoul Tournaments."
Namjoon suggested.

"Maybe you guys need to take a break from all this mess." A familiar voice speaks.

The three knew that voice.

It was the illusionist, Kim Seokjin, that had a smirk on his face holding a tray with a friend. "I
bringed a third year that recently joined - his names Park Jimin. I thought you'll like him."

The strawberry haired boy blushes, "O-Oh it's you." He sees Yoongi and Hoseok (who looked
guilty), sat on their seats.

Seokjin smiled at the second year, "You know these weirdos?"

Jimin looks away shyly.

"Why are you acting all shy now? You suffocated me with my own fucking tie the first time we
met!" Hoseok barks, and Jimin flinches at his rough tone, "You think that we're going to let you on
the team.?"
Jimin fidgets with his fingers, lips wobbling, "I-I wanted to apologise to both of you...my power
gets o-out of hand and I act like a different person the more I use it." He looks up ashamed, with a
pout. "The feeling of guilt I have is genuine, so please accept my apology gift!" Jimin shouts
loudly, bowing with a basket full of sweets and expensive gifts.

"Cute." Yoongi mutters.

Hoseok looked at the basket filled with treats and goodies, and Yoongi accepted it aswell

"Thank you Jimin-ah."

Jin looked at Hoseok, "The child doesn't mean any harm." The illusionist finally sits down with his
other three buddies that he had neglected so long.

Jimin finally sits down aswell, just like a puppy, waiting for Hoseok and Yoongi to open the basket

Breaking the silence, Jin hyung claps his hands with a grin, "We're going to introduce ourselves to
lil'Jiminie, aren't we?"

Jimin looks down with a blush on his face, "U-Uh I'm sorry if I can't speak up very well, I'm-"

"There's no need to introduce yourself Jimin, we all know who you are, probably the cafeteria
knows who you are now!" Namjoon continues, actually thinking the shy boy is pretty cute, sitting
there, "My name is Kim Namjoon. I'm a telepath. I'm in the third year, same as you, but I'm in a
different set, a grade higher, so you won't really see me often in your classes. I'm the leader of
Tricpyth, Seoul Heros Academics team."

Hoseok smiles, "I'm sorry about earlier Jimin.."

Jimin giggles, covering his small hands over his mouth, "It's fine Hoseokie hyung. All of us make
mistakes, we are all human."

"Well - uh, I'm Jung hoseok, I can dopple gang myself how much I want but the problem is
sometimes I multiply out of the blue!" Hoseok cheerfully introduces himself, and then he points at
Seokjin, "And that's Jin hyung, he's an illusionist and he can make fake illusions that can last long
and mess with someone's head. He always is skipping our practices unless the practices are near
the Seoul tournament."

Jin scoffs, pushing Hoseok I'm embarrassment, "Stop making me feel like a bad example to

Hoseok finally points towards the last guy, "And that's Yoongi, Yoongi hyung. He the strongest
fire manipulator in the school! Isn't that cool?!"

Yoongi grumpily pushes Hoseoks finger anger from his face, "Stop acting like I'm good at
everything to Jimin."But he faces him, with a small smile. "I'm Min Yoongi, and I'm second in
command in the Tricpyth."

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Chapter Three: Kim Seokjin, The Illusionist
Chapter Summary

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Chapter Notes

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"I didn't expect you to be here," Yoongi raised his eyebrows seeing the strawberry boy carrying his
boxes in his arms. Jimin looked blushed, staring at his new dorm mate who was sitting in his bed
eating something from the basket that he gave him at break.

"S-suh-surprise?" Jimin slipped into the room, with a crooked smile. He tapped the boxes, and
used his power to move the non-living objects onto the other side of the room. "Sorry to buh-

Yoongi realised how Jimin would stutter, and he thought it was actually cute. "You're not
bothering me at all. I've always wanted a roommate - it's always lonely in here."

"Lonely?" Jimin puckers his thick lips, "How so? Uh, can-can I sit next to you?" He asks, fidgeting
with his hands. "I'm sorry about at-attacking your best friend a few hours ago.. I-I just can't control
my own self in fu-fights."

Yoongi nods, "It's fine Jimin. You've already apologised twice now, Hoseok's completely fine with
it. Trust me." He gave a warm smile, but Jimin didn't manage to see it. His eyes were looking
somewhere else.

Jimin's eyes were strained to the floor, pouting in guilt, "I feel guilty...s-sorry Yoongi-ssi, I shuh-
should unpack most of my stuff.." He stands up hesitantly, walking away from Yoongi's bed, and
immediately starts unpacking his stuff, avoiding Yoongi's gaze.
Yoongi let out a fake exhausted sigh, stretching his arms as he laid on his bed, staring at Jimin in
curiosity who was taking out old books that were ripped or scuffed around the edges, colours
fading away. Jimin was much more of an introvert than himself, always feeling uneasy near him
and stuttering to much each time Yoongi's eyes met with his, he would blush and look away.

"Do you need help?" The fire manipulator offers, approaching towards the transfer student. He
faces Jimin, "I could lend a helping hand-"

Jimin shakes head profusely, holding a book that was in the clutches of his small hands, clearly
hiding a blush. "N-nuh-no, seriously it's fine!" The telekenis says.

Yoongi stays silent, watching Jimin slowly move the book away his round baby face.

"Yo-Yoongi ssi!" Jimin panicks quickly , seeing Yoongi doing a small little smile.

"You can call me hyung - I'm older than you."

Jimin plays with the cuticles on his finger nails. He was obviously struggling holding the boxes
and it was clear that he didn't want to use his power for some other reason. Although, powers are
prohibited inside the school unless you are in the practice room or in the Battle Dome where the
fights take place.

"Let me help then - you look like you're struggling," Yoongi insisted, hand holding Jimin's wrist so
that he didn't have to cover his face easily. "You're really shy.."

Jimin feels a rush of heat rise to his face, "I-I get that alot." Jimin finally gives in, letting his new
roommate help him unpack his own belongings. He turns away, pointing at the box with his messy
handwriting 'Books'. "M-Maybe you can un pack those? Y-You don't have to.."

"Jimin, out of all honestly, I'd love to help you."

Yoongi helps him out, opening the box and grabbing out the contents. It was a variation of old
books, spell books and new books that looked pristine. They were probably recently bought.
With a slight sense of peculiarity, his huge hands traced against the leather. Brown authentic
leather with engravings of demons and Gods fighting each other in rage twisted on their faces, one
holding a spear and one with a trident, poking the other.

Flipping the book over, the title was in printed ink, 'The Forbidden Love Between Hephaestus, and
The Demon.'

Yoongi learned about Hephaestus in Greek Mythology, apparently being married to Aphrodite to
stop the previous arguments between families. Hephaestus was also considered ugly, but no one
really had pictures.

They were rumors passed down generations, altered, changed - someone may have took a grudge
towards The God of Fire.

Without Jimin's permission, (while he was opening his box of clothes completely occupied), he
started reading the ancient words that looked like they were handwritten in the most fancy
handwriting he has ever seen.

As Yoongi flipped the page with the spirit of inquiry, breath hitched as he gulped when an old
unopened stained letter falls out in the silence, with letters written in pure ink : To Jiminie.

The same handwriting the old leather book contained, but it was obvious Jimin's name was written,
it was right there distinctive and clean.


Heart pounding against his chest, Yoongi's hand was about to grab the letter and place it back in so
his room mate didn't know he was interfering his privacy-

"Yoongi hyung.."

Yoongi could feel a shiver slithering down his spine.

"What are you doing..?" The younger boys voice alarmed Yoongi - it was the same dark shrill
voice he experienced when Jimin suffocated Hoseok a few hours ago.

"Jimin," Yoongi says, hands dropping the book, "An envelope dropped from your book that I took
out of the box - do you want me to put it back?"

Jimin's whole face expression softens into a smile, whole body loosening up, "O-Oh, it's not your
fault hyung, don't worry. I'll put it back later! C-Can you add them to your shelf of books? U-Uh,
um it will be g-great if you did -" Jimin stutters and stumbles on his words, "I m-mean, there will
be more room if you did.?"

The fire manipulator breathes in relief, noticing Jimin's personality change, "Of course, that will be

Jimin giggles, "T-Thank you hyung."

After unpacking all Jimin's stuff Yoongi falls down onto his bed, eyes flickering to the other side
of his dorm room now, the complete opposite of his. "It looks great Jimin,"

Jimin looks away from Yoongi's gaze, "You also helped aswell," He speaks softly, shyness
showing. His finger tips touch, pushing them together, body shrunk as he sat on his newly made
bed. "I need t-thank you."

Yoongi's black interior contrasted with Jimin's red wallpaper - both agreed into changing the other
side's wallpaper so it can fit comfortably with Jimins liking. It was hard, but the two managed it,
moving some objects towards Yoongi's side, Yoongi helping Jimin sort his clothing in his own
clothes in Yoongi's drawer.

Jimin's side consisted of a fluffy white rug, a small red shelf for his for each and every little ancient
trinket he had, small little plushies sitting on his plain red coloured bedding with black polka dots.
A desk was right next to his bed with a cup on ink pens and a ink box.

All the boxes were set aside.

"What made you join SHA in the first place?" Yoongi asks, trying to start a conversation.
Jimin approaches the elders bed, finally sitting down, beginning to speak, "W-Well, I was
supposed to go to this school way earlier, but I used to go to Busan League of Heroes. My mom
suddenly wanted to move to Seoul for an unknown reason. I-I also got banned from going to the
Seoul tournaments back then because I hurt someone o-out of anger."

"Jimin, if it's a touchy subject, you don't have to talk about it.." Yoongi smiles a little.

Jimin shakes his head, "It's c-completely fine." His posture loosens a little, "What else do you want
to know about me hyung? A-Ask away!"

The awkwardness starts getting worse each second.

Yoongi thinks, maybe the internet was right about four seconds of silence cause awkwardness.
"Uhm..What are your hobbies? Yoongi starts off with a comfortable question for Jimin to answer.

"Oh!" Jimin starts, feeling a bit more comfortable with his roommate, "U-Uh, I like dancing and
singing! My dad learnt me how to do ballet. He was supportive about it, and he l-learnt me how to
be graceful. He was the best dad ever!"

It was actually pretty adorable to watch Jimin ramble in his own world.

"Al-Although, my mom scolded me, she told me ballet was for girls, not boys. I-I didn't really stop
until she started yelling at me.." Jimin starts fidgeting with his small fingers once again, looking

Yoongi's eyebrows raise, "Your mom sounds like a bitch," He jokes, and Jimin blushes
excessively, pushing him away with a giggle, "H-Hyung! T-That's rude!"

Enchanted by Jimin's beauty Yoongi freezes in his spot, trying to act cool, "Well, shes sounds like
a bitch," Yoongi snickers, and Jimin slightly shuffles closer on the bed, going over Yoongi's lap-

Their thighs were touching.

Jimin was grabbing the book that was right next to Yoongi's satchel, he sat back down in his
normal spot, hand tracing the book cover, "You are interested in these types of books h-hyung?"

"The librarian at the school said it would be interesting to read," Yoongi reasons, watching Jimin
look at it with the words surprise plastered on his face. "What's the matter?"

Jimin flinches when Yoongi broke the awkward silence, flipping over the front cover, "I've seen
this book before, but they're extremely hard to get. These are banned after all." Jimin looks up to
Yoongi, who had a confused expression, "What part are you on?"

What surprised Yoongi was that he stopped stuttering.

Maybe Jimin's already warming up and comfortable with him?

"I'm on the part where Hephaestus runs away with his secret lover, one of the Ten
Commandments, Satans son known as 'Grim Reaper'. It's actually addicting to read." Yoongi said.

Jimin sadly smiles.

"Then the two apparently get banished from Hell and Heaven, because-"

"Do you believe that Yoongi hyung?" Jimin whispers, pushing himself closer to his roommate,
tension in the room starting to thicken. "Some people don't."

Yoongi breathes in deeply. "Not really."

Jimin's small hands slowly trace against Yoongi's thigh, pretty pink soft lips opening, eyes meeting
his, "Oh, I thought you would." Jimin's voice slowly becomes a bit sad, "You seemed so interested

"Ji-Jimin," Yoongi said, pushing him gently away.

"Yoonie hyung-"
Yoongi sighs standing up and "Let's go to lunch, shall we?" Yoongi nervously laughs, "Let's break
off some sweat? You can meet the whole group then, you can get to know us more better."


Everything's all awkward once again.

"-I wanted to g-go to the practice rooms for a b-bit." Jimin's voice was now small, nervous, a tone
of a pain painted through his voice, as his hand slowly wiggles away from Yoongi's hand, stepping
back a little. "You know, t-to control my powers more and get ready for tomorrow."

"I'm sorry Jimin, did I make you uncomfortable?"

"No!" Jimin shouts, and covers his mouth in realisation. He was loud.

Yoongi noticed this aswell.

"I-It's m-my fuh-fault, for being tuh-touchy with you.." Jimin owns up, knowing his actions. "S-
Sorry hyung.."

"Jimin, our conversation was just awkward..-"

The strawberry boy just walks past Yoongi.

Yoongi didn't understand.

Jin finally comes to the roof top for once with a cheesy grin, seeing his team mates who were
eating their food, or even scrolling through Instagram on their phones, doing something to relieve
their bordem. "Hey guys, long time no see."

Hoseok sees his hyung, dropping his Nintendo Switch onto his lap, "So you finally come for some

The illusionist laughs half-heartedly, "Of course, I wanted to hang out with my team mates!"

Namjoon blushes at the sight of Seokjin wearing the usual Seoul Hero Academics uniform. He
wasn't wearing his black and white striped tie, and instead, his collar was unbuttoned showing his
collar bones. "You do? I'm glad Jin hyung. Did you bring Jimin with you?"

Yoongi looks away.

"No, he's in the practice room. I was busy helping him on how to improve, and I wanted to ask if
you would like to see him in some action." Seokjin says, asking them with the most polite tone.

Everyone knows Kim Seokjin, being the trouble maker he always was, even being worse that

The illusionist would skip classes, scare students, do delinquent like acts, but he never ended up
suspended/expelled because his father is the one that owns the school.

Jin had to stay in this hell hole, and he didn't even want to join the team Tricpyth, his father forced
him to have some challenges and obstacles in his life for once.

Namjoon immediately agrees, "Sure hyung, we were about to finish all our food anyways, and
Hobi was just playing on his boring switch."

Hoseok chirps up, "It's not boring! It has Mario Kart! I seem to disagree on that statement!" The
cheerful third year shakes his hear at Namjoon, stretching, and standing up finally.

The orange haired boy turned to Yoongi who was silent, reading his book, "Yoongles?"

"Are you coming to see Jimin?" Hoseok questions, hands holding his Nintendo Switch as if it was
the most precious thing in the world. "I thought you would."

Jin's elbow unconsciously rests against Namjoon's shoulder, looking at Yoongi with a pout, "Did
you and Jimin have something go on between you two? You know that's going to be bad if he
manages to pass the tryouts for the team."

Yoongi clicks his tongue, pulling his black satchel that rested on the floor of the roof top, and
opening it, putting the book inside. "No, I just made him slightly sad. No worries."

Hoseok raises an eyebrow, "Whatever you say! Let's walk."

Jin smacks his lips, "Let's get going team!" He casually leans on Yoongi aswell, and Yoongi clicks
his tongue.

"The last time I heard you say that was in the Seoul Tournaments last year." Yoongi says, sarcasm
dripping in his voice, putting the satchel around his broad shoulders.

Jin smacks his dongsaeng on the head with his usual pout, "Respect your hyung!"

Yoongi mutters as the group open the white door that was the exit from the roof top, just walking
behind them, "There's only a few months difference."

Namjoon sniggers.

"Aish, you!" The fourth year scowls, smacking Namjoon this time.

The four missed this feeling with Seokjin around.

Chapter End Notes

Chapter End Notes

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Chapter Four: Movie Nights and Kim Taehyung
Chapter Summary

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Hoseok stares.

Yoongi looks confused.

Jin's arm was still wrapped around Namjoon.

Namjoon was trying not to scream.

"What on Earth is going on here?!" Jin yells, pushing the doors and walking in the huge practice

Most of the equipment was thrown over the floor, and everyone that was 'practicing their skills'
were crowding around something that's happening in the middle, chanting the name 'Kim
Taehyung' again and again.

Jin mutters a god damn it under his breath.

Obviously it was him - hard ice shards and ice weapons were on random objects, some on the
walls, and melting ice underneath the practice room lights.

'It's the student council!'

'It's mother fucking Tricpyth...were going to get in trouble.'

'No, that transfer student is going to get in trouble not that Taehyung guy!'

'Its that top student..what's his name again? Yunki somethin'?'

'Should we leave?'

Jin hisses, with the members of Tricpyth walking and pushing through the crowd of students that
were slowly backing away like tiny mice, intimidated by group approaching the scene that's

The eldest of the team causally pushes away the students, hands on hips, eyes widening on the
situation right infront of him.

"Kim Taehyung...again?" Jin speaks, eyeing his cousin who was bruised up, pulling on someone.

And that someone had red hair.

Yoongi stops a moment, figuring it all out.

"And Jimin..?"

Jimin's mouth opens a little about to say something until Taehyung's grip on his school collar was
used to push him onto the floor.

The white haired male known as Kim Taehyung threw hands, pointing at the innocent looking Park
Jimin who actually looked like he was going to fall asleep. "It was him! The freak Jin hyung!" He
yells, pulling the 3rd year closer to him. "The freak it's him!"

"Taehyung!" Jin yells.

Taehyung flinches.

Jin sighs, "Why is it always you Tae? You always get into fights!" Jin didn't hesitate to pull his
cousins ear, and looked at Jimin who wasn't thrown on the floor, but rather floating in the air, not
even a single bruise on him.

Taehyung was a whole different story.

His white hair was messy, blue eyes bloodshot..

Jimin's eyes meet Yoongi's, and he immediately looks down.

"I can't believe it..I'm disappointed in you Tae." Jin mutters, and pulls Taehyung up from falling on
the floor. All the ice manipulator does was pout to the side, not even owning up anything.

Hoseok starts clapping, fancy room lights on him getting the crowds attention, "Everyone leave!"
He yells, "This practice room will be occupied for a bit due to what happened!"

Various moans and groans were heard in disappointment, and some where even cussing out the
Student Council for ruining their so called 'fun.'

The doors open, and the flood of students leave.

The last one slams the door.

"How rude.." Yoongi mutters.

Namjoon turns towards Yoongi, "It's that 1st year from last year that was beating up the Jeon kid."
The telepath points at the now 2nd year, iridescent white hair probably due to his power, who
resembled an asian Jack Frost. He had a blue hoodie underneath his blazer, breaking the academys
dress code.

"I know Joon," Yoongi grimaces, only to stare at Park Jimin who was busy floating with his
powers, turning away from Kim Taehyung.

Jimin's eyes were puffy as if he were crying earlier.

Jin on the other hand, took in a deep breath, emitting white smoke out of his mouth that looked
similar to cigarette smoke that quickly formed a wipe to clean the small cuts that bled blood from
his face and knuckles, "Don't move Tae."

Taehyung just whines in his cousins grip, feeling the wet wipe around his arms and face, then
watching it fade into white smoke that faded away.

"Jin hyung, your power is so cool," He compliments. "You can do such cool stuff. Help people,
attack people, you can specialize in all of that. All my power does is hurt people. I can't control it
that much.."

"Don't sweet talk me Tae," Jin just scoffs, finally letting him stand by himself.

Tae just pouts.

Jin pulls his ear, "What were you even thinking?!"

"Ouch! That hurts!" Taehyung squeaks. The bruised boy shouts in his defense, "It was that psycho
freak!" He points mockingly, "It was that Telekenis!" The boy yells.
"Jimin isn't like that to start fights." Jin says, and his tone switches into a soft one. "He's a sweet
child. Aren't you Jimin?"

Jimin still avoids the ice manipulators pure blue eyes.

"What did you do trigger him?" Jin asks.

Taehyung rolls his eyes, "I called him a freak because everyone knows that Telekenis are in the
edge of being extinct and they are mental." Taehyung points at Jimin once again, "And he is

Yoongi scrunched his face up, immediately getting the lighter out, opening the cap up.

"Yoongi hyung-" Namjoon quickly pushes the lighter out of his hand, holding his best friend
before he can do anything.

"Namjoon, I could tell that kid is already a cunt," Yoongi cusses at the Kim, "You know Jimin gets
triggered over that. He's a sweet kid, he's never done anything!"

"I know Yoongi. Everything has happened and done, there's no need." His voice steadies.

He picks back up Yoongi's lighter, passing it to him.

Hoseok claps his hands once again, "Guys calm your tiddies down. Everyone's fine now, and
everything's over!"

Yoongi grits his teeth, and Jimin finally stops floating, red converse shoes gently touching the
floor, walking to him with a blush, pulling the ends of Yoongi's blazer, "S-Sorry to make a ruckus
Yoongi hyung and about earlier," He let go of Yoongi's blazer with a small smile, "Thank you for
even worrying about me."

Surprisingly, Jimin engulfs Yoongi in a hug, and everyone in the room stares at them in the room
perplexed, gobberflasted or even muddled.
Yoongi didn't like hugs but..

Widening his eyes, Yoongi felt an unfamiliar feeling of electricity in his body, limb by limb, being
around Jimin's touch, Jimin's warmth.

Yoongi's nerves were pressing signals to his brain as air gushed in a rapid speed, making the two
look weirded out.

Jimins face was blank. He had an indescribable expression plastered on his face.

His eyes look down to Jimin's who felt it too, guessing from his reaction, hands gripping on
Yoongi's shoulders looking up to him.

His eyes were filled with hope.

The moment was extraordinary, Yoongi pulling him closer, "D-Did you feel that?-"

Jimin nods.

"Guys, we gotta clean this up...you and Jimin are acting like you've known each other for ages."
Namjoon points out, and Yoongi's hands moved away from Jimin, breaking out of of it, hitting
harsh reality.

Jimin turns around, approaching Taehyung who was being lectured by Jin once again, "I-I'm sorry
about w-what happened. I apologise for my actions Jin hyung and Taehyung." He stammers,
looking at Taehyung who was attempting to death glare him, but ended up screwing up doing a
little hmph.

"You lil' brat!"

Jin pulls his ear.

Hoseok yawns, grabbing the dumbbells and putting back other equipment, ignoring everything.
"Y'all gotta help me, Jin hyungs cousin-"

"It's Kim Taehyung!" Taehyung yells. "I will defeat all of you!"

Hoseok rolls his eyes at the immaturity, "Whatever his name is, his ice is melting right now and
everything is becoming wet and slippery. Ew."

Taehyung looks at him, "How rude talking to my babies like that."

"I'll help. Taehyung, you'll help aswell. Your just injured a bit, and a few harmless bruises.." Jin
looks at the purple bruises on his arms.

Taehyung scoffs, "W-Whatever!"

Namjoon looks at Jimin suspiciously. He couldn't read the youngers mind whatsoever, as if he had
a force field surrounding him. His head was blank, and Jimin wouldn't be able to do that since his
only power is telekenis. Namjoon thinks, who really is Park jimin?

He shrugs it off.

"Jack frost guy! You help too!" Hoseok barks.

"No I wont!"


"TO make a skills perfect, the physical dynamics need to be excellent, consisting of your
movements in each second. When a villain finds you, you never know whether they can predict
your moves. Think of something that villains think it is impossible to do, something unpredictable-

Period three.

Yoongi disliked this period.This teacher would ramble so much it hit a nerve.

Yoongi groaned loudly, slapping himself with a book that had all the fucking facts to defend
yourself, how to attack smartly, how to make a move that inquires the villain to be confused - shit
ton like that. Min Yoongi wanted to smash his fake rimmed round black glasses infront of his 'How
to be a strong hero' essay that he has been working on for ages.

Jimin was confused the whole time, staring out of space and while doing so, widening his eyes as
if he's seen a dead body.

It was the second lesson of the day for him, and he felt like it was a huge effort holding a pencil in
his small hands.

The telekenis gets bored, beady eyes curiously watching his Yoongi hyung busy writing notes
down, also hearing the squeaky chalk press onto the chalkboard.

"Park Jimin, if a villain attacks you and you didn't have your hero license, what do you do?"

Jimin jumps up in his seat, and everyones eyes are staring at the transfer student awaiting for his

Yoongi mouths something, and Jimin tilts his head bewildered.

'Call the police!'

Jimin looks innocently at his hyung, mouthing 'Why call the police? You can fight them?'

Yoongi never wanted to face palm harder in his life whatsoever.

Yoongi shakes his head with gestures, 'No! Not that!'

Mr Hyuk shakes his head in disapproval, "Park Jimin, what is the answer? We are all waiting. And
don't talk to Min Yoongi to find to the answer. I doubt it he knows."

Yoongi nods eyes hopeful.

"Y-You call t-the police."

Mr Hyuk raises an eyebrow, and does a little smile, writing Jimin's name on the chalk board, under
praise points. "I guess you were listening after all...praise point for you.. and Min Yoongi."

Jimin has pink blotches of blush on his cheeks, muttering a small thank you to Yoongi.

Yoongi smiles in return.

"Okay class, please turn to page five hundred sixty nine about following the law." Mr Hyuk
commands, tapping his chalk impatiently on the green chalk board that he stood infront of, "We
will have a practical next lesson, but for now, let's discuss about how the law works for heroes and
normal citizens."

Yoongi and Jimin felt as if this lesson was going to be a huge bore.

And it was.

I wonder is Mr hyuk always like this? -chimchim

His are lessons are boring unless its practical which will be next lesson but promise has
actually pretty cool -yoongi

Oooo :> -jimin

And I wonder why r u so short :') -yoongi

Hey hyungie thats not nice! You shouldn't make fun of me like that!!! I have a reason why I'm
short!! I'm only 2 or 3 cm shorter, but I cant grow any more taller!! (≧ヘ≦) -jimin

Really theres a reason?? o.o -yoongi

(●`ー´●) dont make fun of me buttttt my growth spurt stopped bc my power?? I manifested it
pretty early and the doctors told me I couldnt really do anything about it !!!! -jimin

Ur so talkative on sticky notes it's cute. -yoongi

I am strong not cute !!!!! (ノ`Д)ノ -jimin

Are you? -yoongi

shortie. -yoongi

hyungie I'm only 3 cm shorter!!! Remember that !(`ヘ´) - jimin

focus on your worksheet jimin :) -yoongi



Power: Illusion. Can create illusions that feel real and touch by the white smoke that comes out of
his mouth, however the only downside is that it used up his lipids and fats in his body, including
his energy. If he wants to restore the fats and energy in his body, the object that is created turns
back into mist and goes back into his mouth.

His power is mistaken for creation, but creation is creating objects out of your body that last forever
permanently. Jin only lasts when his energy goes out.


Power: Dopplegang. Can dopplegang himself to do anything, and his doppelgangers are fragments
of Hoseok that make Hoseok completely. One copy of Hoseok can be extremely happy whilst the
other can be extremely negative. the downside is that it Is a gamble which type of personality
comes out on the battle field when power used.


"Finally, all my classes are done!" Hoseok enthusiastically cheers, pulling over his brown backpack
to his back. He pulls a packet of opened gummies from his blazer pocket, walking through the
hallway with his friends. "You want some Jimin?"

Jimin nods, "I-I'll take one if you don't mind." He receives a pink and white gummy ring, easily
fitting it in his index finger.

Jin laughs, "Aish, Jiminie, always acting so polite!" He carelessly ruffles Jimin's soft red locks,
making the younger giggle in his touch. "Our maknae of the group."

Yoongi laughs, eyeing Jimin who was enjoying getting all the attention, "I beg to differ in the
battle field, don't you think?" Jimin just blushes, putting the gummy ring on his finger, and showed
Yoongi, "What? Is that supposed to be a proposal?"

Namjoon stifles a laugh snatching Hoseok's gummies, "Let's be a good example to the little kid,"
he aims at Jimin who scrunches his nose in complete shock.

"Yo-Yoongi hyung, do I like a kid?" Jimin points at himself with his stubby little fingers, eyes
shining with the answer no. "I'm even in the same year as you! That's not fair!"

Hoseok burps.
Jimin cringes, Yoongi furrows his eyebrows in disgust.

Namjoon was trying to perceive why he, Hoseok himself did that.

Jin smacks him with a scoff, "Excuse you!"

"We should crash at Yoongi hyungs dorm at see what it looks like now." Namjoon suggests,
putting the gummy rings on his fingers, and breaking one of them in half as he tried to slide it
down. He looks at the gummy dumbfounded, and he eats it anyways.

Hoseok chirps with his usual energetic motions, "That would be great! Wouldn't that be cool?!
Movie night! Movie night! Raiding Yoongi's food stash!" He chants, hands clenched in fists,
waving them as if he was holding a glow stick.

His head slowly turns, looking at Yoongi's face that clearly represented a death stare.

"R-Raiding h-hyungs food stash..?"

Yoongi groans only in response, resting his arm on Jimin's small shoulders, "No you're not. If you
do, you'll be sleeping on the floor. Me and Jimin already arranged his stuff."

Jimin stutters, "I-I wouldn't mind th-them coming hyungie, I-I think it would be cool!"

Jin snickers, poking Yoongi as they walked into the hall way filled with dorm rooms with numbers
all stuck on each door, "Look even the child says so."

Yoongi was grumpy once again.

"I'm not a child!" Jimin protests. "Look, I-I'm near Yoongi hyungs height!"

"You are mine and Namjoons child. I adopted you." Jin says so seriously, Jimin looked
"Okay enough with the jokes, let's go to room 945, Yoongi and Jimin's dorm. I'm hungry."
Namjoon says, eating his gummy rings.


What a great friendly night the boys were having.

"Yoongi! Hoseok hyung took my popcorn!" Jimin whines, doing grabby hands towards Hoseok
who was throwing some popcorn into his face, some dropping onto Yoongi's leather couch, "He
took my food!"

"You're supposed to focus on the movie!!" Hoseok swats his hands, with an evil smile.

Jimin scrunches up his nose, attempting to grab a handful of popcorn only for Hoseok to move
away a bit, "Yoongi!"

Yoongi scowls hearing his name being called twice, pushing Hoseok.

He was on the right side. Jimin first who was leaning on the sofa rest, getting comfortable with the
rest of Yoongi's friends, then it was him, and then Hoseok who was hogging all the food, Namjoon
and finally Seokjin who was about to fall asleep.

"Just give him the popcorn Hoseok."

"Yoongi tell him to respect his elders!" Hoseok shouts with a smirk.

Jimin rolls his eyes.

"Hoseok, I won't hesitate to burn the popcorn." Yoongi threatens.

Hoseok shrugs, "You know that powers are prohibited in here!" He sheepishly says, watching
Yoongi attempt to grab the popcorn box out of his hands, "You can't use them!" Hoseok speaks in a
bratty way, chanting the words in a little song.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GIVE THE POPCORN!" Jin yells being interrupted from his
beauty sleep, pushing everyone on the couch.

Namjoon suddenly wakes up with gummies up his nose, Hoseok shrieks being pressed against him,
and Yoongi watches Jimin blushing as Yoongi's chest is pressed up his.

Hoseok fails to keep the pop corn box in his hands, toppling it all over Jimin and Yoongi who were
in a uncomfortable position because Jin was now making room for his legs, everyone is squished
in a small space.

Godamnit, here we go again.

Hoseok looked like he was about to cry, eyes watering passionate mumbling about - well his
(supposedly), popcorn being all over the floor and on Yoongi.

Although their was popcorn on Yoongi's hair and he didn't notice yet, his eyes stare into Jimin's
honey doe eyes, watching him whisper something with his pink pouty lips.

His small hand started pointing at Yoongi, then pointed at his red hair.


"Hyung, theres popcorn bits in your hair." He whispers, red dust on his cheeks, looking away from
Yoongi's strong gaze.

"Is there?"

Jimin nods, chest shifting against Yoongi's shirt made out of thin material, ruffling his black hair,
and manages to get popcorn on his own face.
Jimin eats the popcorn, without even a second thought.

"No homo.?"

Yoongi looks at him flustered.

"Can you ask Jin hyung to move his legs?" Jimin yells over the movie.

Namjoon's eyes fluttered open, realising something was in his nostrils."Who put gummies in my
nose?" Namjoon mutters, taking the green and yellow gummy worms out of his nose, cringing.

Jimin give Jin puppy eyes.

Jin doesn't even budge while Hoseok was pushing Namjoon, "Jimin and Hoseok."

"I would never Namjoon!" Hoseok looks down, gasping, hand draped against his forehead
dramatically, "I would never, promise me," He repeats.

Jin disapprovingly folds his arms, "Lies."

"Jin hyunggg!" Jimin whines in Yoongi's touch, almost in a lewd like way, the perspective Yoongi
saw it, "Jin hyung, please, or I'll do it myself!"

Jin raises his eyebrows, with a smug smile, "Try me, Chim," Jin speaks. All Jin wanted was his
beauty sleep. He couldn't be bothered to move. It was effort.

So why not make Jimin do it for him instead?

What a genius he is.

Hoseok shakes his head in immediate response at the situation, "If I were you, I wouldn't.." His
eyes flicker to Jimin who started pouting, "You really are going to do it Jimin-ah?"

Jimin carefully whips his free hand out, (the other one crushed by Yoongi's broad chest), hand
pointing at his hyung who was quickly levitating up.

The elder gasps a little being in air.

He can feel himself touching the ceiling.

Namjoon falls back like a domino, including Hoseok who had little popcorn crumbs all over him,
and Yoongi finally removes himself off Jimin quickly, feeling embarrassed.

Everyone felt the immense power that Jimin had radiating from his aura - Yoongi, Hoseok and
Namjoon zip their mouths up, following their hyung's body suddenly floating with an enormous

Flicking his fingers, Jimin watches Jin uses his reflexes, taking in a deep breath and opening his
mouth letting out a whirlwind of white smoke surround him before he can even fall.

Your not allowed to use your powers inside for safety reasons, but Jin's power was something to
gawk at, as the four watch the smoke fade away.

Jin lies down onto his own pink love seat, comfortably, smirking at Jimin whose eyes were
twinkling in delight as he sees his other hyungs power in action.

"Wow that's so cool hyung!" Jimin applauds.

Jin put a smug face, now sticking his tongue out at his friends on Yoongi's leather couch.
"Hey, that's not fair Jin! He has a love seat for himself!" Hoseok pouts, "My power just let's me
dopple gang myself, and I feel like it's boring."

"It's just a realistic illusion, remember they aren't real and they can disappear until his energy goes
out." Namjoon groans getting intellectual, snatching the tv remote off Hoseok. "Let's continue
watching Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children!"

Pressing the play button, everyone finally settled comfortably.

Although a few minutes after, Hoseok points out the girl on the digital screen who had fire powers
that set fire to the building in awe, "That girl reminds me of Yoongi she can manipulate fire, it's so
cool." He adored, watching the flames take over.

Jimin snuggles against Yoongi, surprisingly open with skin ship, looking up towards to Yoongi,
"What characters your favourite?" His honey soft voice was a pleasant sound to Yoongi's ears.

The older looks at the screen, feeling Jimin's head fall onto his shoulder.

It perfectly fit.

"What's her name? The one that can control nature?"

Jin yells from his love seat, "It's Fiona FrauenField!"

Jimin nods, and Yoongi could feel his movements on his shoulders, "I like the twins. I think
they're pretty cute, and also Olive, because she reminds of you. Your cool fire power."

"You think my powers cool?" Yoongi chuckles a little, shoulders moving aswell, and Jimin giggles
a bit, "You haven't seen them yet Jimin."

Jimin just smiles, "I-I feel like your power is going to be cool when I see them tomorrow at the
tryouts." Jimin opens his closed hands, "You see, hyung, you could go boom boom if you bringed
dynamite in Seoul tournaments."
Yoongi realises, "That's a fucking smart idea," he smiles back, "I'm flattered you even like my
power - Why do you like the twins in the movie?"

"They remind me of a friend that is at Busan. I was close to him," Jimin feels Yoongi's legs
shivering a little. Their dorm windows were open, so Jimin gestures for the blanket on his bed that
was on the other side of the room to cover his friend.

The blanket floats in the air while the rest were focused on the movie and drops on Yoongi's lap
gently, "His name is Lee Taemin and he turns people into stone with his eyes."

"Lee Taemin the fourth year?"

Jimin nods, soft expression on his face as he talked about him, "He's competing in the Seoul
tournaments this year for Busan. He's amazing. You know him hyung?"

"Yeah I do," Yoongi mutters. "He froze Jin into stone last year."

Jimin gasps a little, "Gosh. If you get to know him, he's a sweetheart. Other than battling, he did
dance with me. I'm not very talented compared to him."

Yoongi flicks Jimin's head with a scoff, "Let's watch the movie."

'Abraham, is that you?' Emma's voice cracks, stepping towards the sixteen year old. Her hands
shake, cupping the boys cheeks.

'N-No, I'm his grandchild.' Jacob blatantly says, and watches Emma's hands slowly break away
from him, with an unbelievable face, mouth agape.

'That's not true...he told me,' She looks away to the floor, face crumbling up.
"Yoongi do you have anymore sweets or snacks?" Hoseok asks.

"Yeah I have, in the fridge," Yoongi replies, unconsciously stroking Jimin's hair, running his hands
through his silky locks.

"Hoseok pass us some icecream aswell." Namjoon says, and Hoseok groans.

The orange haired male closes his eyes, focused clearing out everything in his head, and his
original body started jittering, twisting in the most weirdest movements as if it came out of a horror
movie, and a head pops out of Hoseoks stomach.

Jimin peers over to see his power, mouth in a 'o' shape as a leg came out.

It was as if Hoseok was a portal, ans another Hoseok comes in.

Hoseok number two waves excitedly, finally exiting out the original Hoseoks body, "Hi guys!"

Yoongi groans, pointing dramatically at Hoseoks doppleganger, "Oh God, it's him. Again, we need
a fucking priest! Excorsise the Demon!"

The original Hoseok pushes Yoongi jokingly, "Oi don't be rude to my other me!"

Hoseok two, (let's call him that), cross his arms infront of Yoongi, "Yeah don't be so rude! I'm just
a fragment of Hoseok. Be nice to him...Sheesh." Hoseok two chirps. "Let me get the snacks now,
ice cream, ice cream, food..." He stands up, walking near the small chest freezer that Yoongi had
next to the door of his dorm, "Yoongi are you serious?!"

Everyone turned towards Hoseoks doppelganger.

Yoongi hisses at his copy cat, "Don't even mention it."

Namjoon chuckles, watching Hoseok two open the chest freezer, "I bet he has only vanilla and
mint chocolate chip flavour."

Small gasps could be heard.

Yoongi simply put the middle finger up.

Jimin looks at Yoongi from his shoulder, "H-Hyung, you don't like rocky road flavour?"

Yoongi gulps.

"No rainbow sherbet?!" Hoseok two exclaims.

"No neapolitan icecream?!" Namjoon joins in.

The original Hoseok gasps, "No rainb-"

"You are giving me that!" Jin gets off his pink love seat, running to the carbon copy of Hoseok,
"Pass me that!" He screams, staring at the tub of vanilla icecream, and clearly snatching it off
Hoseok two, running to the counter where it had a cup full of spoons and forks.

Yoongi remembers.

Jin hyung goes crazy for vanilla icecream no matter how plain it is.

Namjoon stands up, walking towards Jin, "Let me eat some! I hate mint chocolate chip!"

"Stop dissing the mint chocolate chip like that! Yoongi shouts over the TV.

Jin cringed, looking up and down at Namjoon, hands securely on the ice cream tub, "You really
think I'm going to share?"
"Guys I'm just going to take the sour patches!" Hoseok two yells.

"Pass the mint chocolate ice cream for Yoongi and Jimin please," Hoseok talks to his dopple
ganger, "Pass them spoons!"

"Alrighty!" The dopple ganger obeys, skipping to Yoongi and Jimin, passing them the spoons and
the mint chocolate icecream tub to Yoongi and Jimin, then passing the sour patches to himself.

Hoseoks doppleganger fades away, dispersing in thin air and no trace of him was found.

It was an interesting sight for Jimin to watch. It wasn't like Jin hyungs blending into the oxygen, he
just turns slowly invisible.

There was more room on the couch now, since Namjoon was secretly sitting down sharing the
vanilla tub with Jin, his long term crush on the love seat.

Jin probably didn't even realise Namjoons legs were intertwined with his but they were both

The taste of ice cold vanilla on the telepaths tongue was soothing and made him continue eating
without noticing Jin who looked at him in the most confusing face because he was taking huge
scoops and casually stuffing it in his mouth for a various amount of seconds then scooped more

Meanwhile, Hoseok was taking most of the space, and Jimin was about to fall asleep, and Yoongi
wasn't cold anymore with the help of his friends warmth around him.

It gave him a weird feeling that in stomach he enjoyed, but he never experienced such an emotion
like this before.

Maybe how to describe it...butterflies flapping inside your stomach, your heart is racing against
Maybe that's how you describe it.

It was unfamiliar, but it was soothing.


Jimin was trying his best to open his eyelids just for his hyung, "Yes?" He replies, watching
Yoongi eating the mint icecream.


That's all Yoongi says, and Jimin moves a bit, closer to Yoongi, grabbing the untouched spoon.


Yoongi looks at him, "You're sleepy."

"Mm..I know." Jimin giggles.


What Jimin does instead was eating the icecream clearly half asleep in half way of the movie.


The fire manipulator eats his ice cream, staring at the younger, eyelids drooping.

"Go to sleep."

Jimin whines, "I-I wanna watch the movie with you....hyu.."

Jimin falls asleep.

Chapter End Notes

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Chapter Five: Lucky Charms
Chapter Summary

i scream - melanie Martinez

Chapter Notes

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What a lovely Tuesday.

Hoseok was on his Nintendo Switch on the leather black couch with Jin who was right next to
him, sleeping because he used all his energy for a love seat and decided to crash onto it, squishing
Jimin and Yoongi.

"Everyone fucking wake up!" Namjoon yells, clapping his hands, "Especially you two!" The
telepath points at Yoongi who was clinging onto Jimin, and Jin with a wide open mouth, saliva
coming out, snoring.

Hoseok smiles, "Good morning Namjoon!"

The telepath didn't even notice Hoseok who was busy playing games, his left eyebrows furrowed,
"When did you wake up Hoseok?"

Hoseok thinks a little bit, and then finally thinks of an answer, "Oh! I woke up around three am.
What about you?"

"Hoseok, it's seven...you've been up for four hours...you aren't going to try outs?" Namjoon sighs,
and Hoseok points at someone who was lying in Jimin's newly made bed.
It was his doppleganger, snoring happily.

On Jimin's bed.

"Look I still have all my energy." Hoseok smiles, and he rubs his chin, "I've separated a part of me
that wanted to be a asleep, and then let myself be awake. I'm a genius!"

A few minutes after, Jimin was the third one to wake up, red hair messy with a little bit of crumbs
in his hair, beginning to float in the air with his now red eyes, wrapping around a blanket over his
body, "G'morning guys.."

Jimin looks at Yoongi hyung, sleeping gracefully on his black leather couch. His hard demeanor
was removed, and he seemed happy sleeping.

Hoseok looks up, watching Jimin floating just like a little baby crawling, legs dangling down
exposing his tanned legs with his shorts, and a white t-shirt. "Wow Jimin-ah, you look pretty." He
notices, and Jimin rubs his eyes with a small yawn.

"T-Thank you," Jimin whispers, then stretching in thin air, "I think Yoongi hyung has some cereal
in the cupboards.." He levitates towards the small cupboards next to the book shelves, and seeing
the two boxes, "Lucky charms.? When I moved in here I brought extra toothbrushes hyungs. You
can use them but not the black one and the red one, their mine and Yoongi's."

Hoseok turns off his Nintendo, jumps off the couch and Namjoon joins Jimin who was getting the
bowls out from the small cupboard aswell, humming a sweet tune while shaking his hips at the

Yoongi finally wakes up, feeling no ones warmth. It felt odd.


"Yes hyung?"
"You're awake?" Yoongi sits up, watching his roommate smile at him, blanket draped around his
back, legs visible. Yoongi heard him humming a pretty tune, "You sound lovely." He simply

"T-Thank you h-hyung.." Jimin blushes, passing the milk to Namjoon and Hoseok who was
pouring their cereal in, "Do you want me to make you some hyung?"

Yoongi yawns, finally standing up in the black baggy tracksuit bottoms, white t-shirt, "Do you
mind Jimin?"

Jimin shakes his head, "Of course not, hyung! You need to preserve you energy for the try outs."
He turns to Hoseok who wiggles his eyebrows, and all he does in response is look away in

"Jimin's right Yoongi, you're going against third years and you know how stubborn we can be."
Namjoon's groggy voice is heard, finally finishing making his cereal, and sitting down on the
couch right next to Jin eating it.

Jimin's smile falters a little.

He was going to go against Yoongi.

Jimin passes the cereal to Hoseok, then floats to Yoongi who still looked tired, taking second place
on how much room he snatched on the couch.

"Here's your breakfast hyung. It's sugar."

Yoongi chuckles at his joke, receiving the bowl and started eating without any hesitation, shuffling
on the couch to give his roommate some space to sit in.

The floating boy gently fits in right in his hyungs space that he made.

"Can someone wake up Seokjin hyung?" Namjoon asks.

"Good morning everyone in Seoul Hero Academics!" Mr Kim's cheery voice boomed.

Jin quickly wakes up in his pink jumper. Hearing his dad's voice from the school intercom was an
immediate response.

Jimin jumps a little in the air at the loud voice.

"Nevermind. He's awake."

"You probably heard the news right? You probably have! Well today is a special day always in
SNU. Students are going to battle for the three spots available to join our team for the Seoul
National Tournaments, Tricpyth!"

It was an announcement.

At seven twenty in the fucking morning.

Yoongi grumbles in his seat.

"2nd years, 3rd years and a small amount of 4th years will be able participate in the try-outs for
Tricpyth. First years will be learning to perfect there powers and handle them more! You could
always come and visit us at the Battledome at break at lunch.

If you are there for try outs, please enter the Battledome at eight. People who are watching the try
outstake place, eight thirty. Thank you for listening!"

The announcement ends.

The youngest out of the five yawns, "I'm goin' to get changed hyungs."
It was just Yoongi and Jimin now.

"Hyung!" Jimin exits out of the shower, loud voice whiny, "Do you know where the towel is?" He
peers over the bathroom door, body dripping only to see Yoongi standing up getting changed, in his
black boxers.

Damn, Jimin could see his broad shoulders, muscles, ass popping out, Jimin covers his eyes,
leaving a small gap just to take one more small glance...

Yoongi turns his neck, eyes widening at Jimin's head just peering rim the bathroom door, face
slowly turning bright red.

"M-M'naked...I need the towel..?" Jimin shyly asks. "U-Uh..do you know where it is? C-Can I
borrow it?"

Yoongi turned around fully, showing his six pack with a massive burn scar on his hip, approaching
Jimin with a little mischievous smirk, "You like what you see?"

Jimin blushes even more harder.

"I'll get you the towel don't worry, just wait a sec," Yoongi walks into bathroom shamelessly,
passing the towel to Jimin's hand.

The telekenis' body was pressed against the door, booty visible with water droplets slowly
cascading down. His tanned skin glowed because of the bathroom lights, red hair pushed back.

He was a piece of artwork.

"Nice ass." All Yoongi says, and leaves to get changed properly.
Jimin squeals a little at his compliment, and dries his hair with the white towel that had fake
encrusted gems decorated on, and finally wraps it around his waist, walking out of the steamy hot

Yoongi sees him chest dripping wet as Jimin stands near his own bed. He starts buttoning up his
collar shirt, watching Jimin stand there awkwardly.

"What's up?"

Jimin looks down, "W-Well hyung, your infront of me, I need to get boxers but that means.."

Yoongi let out a sigh with a smile, "Jimin-ah, we're both male. It's fine if we see each others bits
once in a while." In response, Jimin shrieks in embarrassment, "I'll pass you your boxers."

Yoongi crouched underneath his bed, pulling put a box of underwear, and passes it to him, "Here."


The elder chuckles, "When you get nervous, you stutter. Are looking forward to the tryouts?"

Jimin takes off his towel without thinking right infront of Yoongi who turned around to face his


Yoongi looks down little tint of pink on cheeks, "O-Oh shit sorry, did I make you uncomfortable?"
He turns away immediately, putting on his tying the red material around his neck, forming a tie.

"No, I-it's completely fine!" Jimin tries to giggle, putting the white boxers on, "I mean - you said
were male, right? We have the same parts r-right?"

Yoongi nods slowly, "Yeah...just like I said." He speaks, putting his black trousers on that weren't
tight around the legs.
Jimin's were.

Somehow, the elder had the urge to have a little glance at Jimin's thick thighs while he got
changed, him struggling to put his trousers halfway up, trousers hugging his legs, Jimin buttoning
his collar shirt with his small hands.

What Yoongi felt was weird to him.

The fire manipulator grabbed his belt, wrapping it around his waist, then socks, then shoes.

"Hyung, are you allowed to bring gear that gives an advantage to your power?" Jimin asks, sitting
down on his bed, grabbing his socks with mini strawberries on and little ruffles and sliding them
on his feet.

"Yes if it helps you control your power more. I've got a special lighter with me, see?" Yoongi
shows him the object in his hand. The lighter was the colour black with engraved words 'MIN
YOONGI' it was those types of lighters that flip the cap, a pocket sized one. "The academy
workshop department made it for me. It's unlimited so I don't have a problem using my power."

Jimin's eyes twinkle in awe.

The younger slips back on his blazer and shoes, then sits down with his roommate, slipping his
hand in his pocket, grabbing out a box, opening it, revealing eight rings, two with iron black skulls,
another two with some gold pentagram, two with a black onyx, and two a plain red rings.

Yoongi leans in, looking at the rings.

"What are these for?"

"To restraint my power." Jimin simply says sliding the rings on him in a specific order. "My dad
gave them to me so I don't go..." His voice fades away. "Well, berserk. Whatever or however you
describe it. It's been passed down the family."
Yoongi touches the rings on his hands, "They're amazing."

Jimin giggles, "Thank you hyung!" He twirled his hair with his pinkie, realising his red hair was
getting somehow boring. He thought, maybe he should dye his hair?

Maybe a nice blonde to contrast with his uniform?

"It's seven fifty hyung, are you going to go hyung?" Jimin asks, slipping the box back into his
blazer, with a little pout.

Yoongi nods, grabbing his satchel that was at the end of the bed, "I'm not that touchy with people
but..." Yoongi gives him a hug, and then tries to loosen away-

Jimin tugs him closer, feeling that feeling again.

Both of them were experiencing it, the feeling of butterflies flapping in their stomach, hearts

Yoongi felt this feeling before. It was ages ago, but he cannot remember - years.

"I-I hope you do well."

Jimin laughs, squeaking a little, "T-Thank you." He says, "Can I walk with you hyung?"

Nodding, Yoongi waits for Jimin to grab his small backpack, and then the two were ready to go.
Namjoon finally meets up with Yoongi outside the BattleDome, with a huge grin, "Aren't you
excited?!" He slaps his hands on Yoongi's shoulders, looking down on his classmate because of his

Yoongi swats slendermans hands off his shoulders with a scoff, crossing his arms, "Did Hoseok's
personality rub onto you?" He seethed, and Namjoon chortles, "Oh god, it probably has." He says

Jin approaches them with Hoseok who had his gleeful heart smile painted on his face, waving
exaggeratedly, "Hi guys! Are you excited? Oh my God I'm exhilarated! I'm excited! Precious
second years!" He squeals, dancing.

Hoseok was already hyper.

"I know right! Everyones so hyped about it! Yoongi's the one thats grumpy!" Namjoon points out,
patting the shorter males back hard. "Where's Jimin? I thought you would bring him here?"

Yoongi shrugs it off, "Jimin-ah wanted to find the Kim Taehyung guy and wait with him because
he's actually trying out for the spots."

"Hyungie I'm going this way! I'm going to find Taehyung and wait there for the try outs. I'll see you

Hoseok snickers with his shit eating grin, "He's probably pissed because Jimin wanted to go to Jin's
cousin instead."

Yoongi growls at his best friend, having the urge to punch him, but instead, hitting him lightly,
"Hoseok. Don't be a dick." He grits out, and Hoseok smiles wickedly.

Namjoon sits down on the grass outside the hundred and fifty five metre building, feeling the grass
move by the wind.

The sun was the loveliest scene that could be seen, highlighting his tanned skin, cool breeze
moving his blue hair off his face.

"I guess you're having a good time Jin," Mr Kim appears out of no where behind the four boys,
three standing, a one lying down.

Jin jumps at the voice turning around to see his father with a grin, formal clothing that matched the
school uniform with a fancy looking staff or walking stick in his left hand. "F-Father, don't scare
me like that!" The fourth years voice becomes falters, hand instinctively going through his pink
hair, face going pink.

Yoongi snickers.

"Your uniform is incorrect." Mr Kim says.

Jin rolls his eyes, "Dad, I know."

All Mr Kim does while Jin goes momentarily pink was chuckle cheerfully, pulling up his sleeve of
his overcoat and forming three pieces of paper, and giving them to the group. "This is the list for
the people who wanted to do the tryouts kids, of course theres no fourth years due to their exams."
He hands out, passing the first paper to Yoongi and his son, then the second paper to Namjoon
Hoseok. "And, the schedule."

"This is the schedule?" Hoseok gasps merrily, and Namjoon stands up to take a glimpse of it.

| 8:30-8:50 Students and visitors settle down

| 9:00-13:00 Groups are mixed with 3rd and 2nd years, and they have to do a team battle. 4
| 13:10-14:30 Fights against the remaining students. Whether they lose or not, you have
the decision to let them through.

Seokjin raises his eyebrows, "Dad that's actually cool, we can choose whether they can be on the
team or not even if they lost?"
His dad nods, "Of course Jin. A helpful power and strong heroism is what your looking for. They
have always room to grow."

The telekenis looks at the extremely huge building. Spotlights outside the battledome, doors giving
off a welcoming welcoming vibe. The first 80 meters of the building was opaque, authentic white
marble, glistening in the sunlight with windows around it, then a red brick strip that went around
the dome, and then a gigantic enormous transparent sphere as the ceiling -

All that Jimin can say is - "Woah."

Jimin's hand touches the marble, seeing his own reflection.

How mesmerising-


The strawberry boy jumps, seeing the one and only Kim Taehyung with red cheeks, white hair and
blue hoodie, holding on to someone with brown hair and neon green at the ends, "Someone wanted
to join the tryouts too, Chim."

"Oh..h-hey Taehyung." Jimin mumbles. Taehyung was icy, eyes bright blue, pink pale lips and
right next to him was a Busan boy, same height as Taehyung but he seemed a bit nervous.

The ice manipulator's face twisted, "Why are you stuttering? Is it about yesterday?"

Wow, the boy seems icy.


His forehead creases, "Then? You could've asked for an a-apology! Like this: I am very sorry
about what I did yesterday! Maybe or not or maybe yes I did get jealous of your power and got hot
headed! I get out of hand like that, I hope you can forgive me!" Taehyung speaks harshly, but his
expression says something else. His face looked slightly embarrassed, and he looked down.

"I-I forgive you, okay?!" Jimin yells, grabbing attention of the other people who were waiting for
tryouts but he ignores that and begins to focus on the boy right next to him. "However, who's that?"

Taehyung looks at the boy he brought, "Oh, he is just a friend! aren't you?"

The boy looked like a bunny.

"I'm Jungkook?" The boy awkwardly says, scanning Jimin cautiously, "I'm best friends with this
idiot even though we fight alot.." He mutters, and Taehyung sticks his tongue out right into his
face, and Jungkook groans in disgust, "Can you not?!"

"I'm trying to act cool infront my my friend, Kookie!" Taehyung hisses and pokes his best friends
chest, "And you're ruining it!"

Jungkook pushes Taehyung off him with a pout, a d then the two squabble endlessly.

Jimin thought they were extremely clingy with each other.

Like extremely.

"So red guy-"

Jimin coughs, "It's Jimin, it's fine."

"What's your powe-"

Taehyung jumps on Jungkooks back with a grin, cutting him off, "You wanted to know
Jungkookies power Jimi?"
"It's Jimin?"

"Whatever, Chim, but his is shapeshifting, cool right?!" Taehyung snickers, poking a suffering
Jungkook, "But he rarely uses it." Taehyung hisses, getting off his allegedly best friend, "I've only
seen it in action before when we do practical lessons..." Taehyung trails off, staring at Jimin. He
was short, he had that usual baby face with pouty lips...

"Aren't you a 1st year?"

Jimin swore he felt a stab in his stomach.

Jungkook nods looking down on the shorter, "Well he does...he's not even in a our lessons."

Another stab!

Taehyung wrinkles his nose suspiciously, "You look like a kid."

"I'm a third year," Jimin says shyly, Taehyung and Jungkook widen their eyes and turned to face
each other, looking bewildered. The both turn their heads to face Jimin.

"Well, that was unexpected," Jungkook huffs, scanning Jimin eyes going up and down. He ruffles
his brown and neon green hair, "So.."

"You're our.." Taehyung looks at Jimin.

"Hyung?" The two say in sync.

Jimin awkwardly nods.

The two youngsters laugh, holding each other, red. Jungkook was the one laughing the most and
Taehyung seemed to sneak in little snickers, making Jimin blush.
"Well, Jimin hyung, I hope you pass the try outs."

Jimin smiles, "I don't even know what we're even doing."

Taehyung boops Jimin's nose randomly, "I'm sure you'll pass. I see already the team has a soft spot
for you. Lucky!" He comments, clinging on to Jungkook, "You aren't sucking their dicks, are

Jimin squeals in embarrassment, face turning red immediately, "I-I w-would never! Respect your

Jungkook tilts his head, "You look like a dick sucker, don't you?"

Taehyung nods persistently, rubbing his chin, "He takes it up the ass! Are you fucking with the
whole team?!"

This time, the telekenis covers his face. His face was the same colour as his own red hair.

"We're only joking Jimin, don't worry." Taehyung says softly with a 90 watts grin, hands on his
hips, "Your a nice person. We just have some weird ass humor."

"O-Oh," Jimin says surprised.

Jungkook pats his shoulder, "Don't let our stupid jokes get to you - oh!" Jungkook realises a girl
walking near the BattleDome, and immediately pokes Jimin and Taehyung, "It's her!"

Jimin raises an eyebrow. They was only around ten people here at the moment waiting, and
another girl comes in, somehow grabbing his new friends' attention. "Who?"

Taehyung pushes his two friends away behind him, eyes searching for-
A third year she looked like, skirt length of half of her thigh, usual SNU uniform..

"What's up with her guys?" Jimin states confused, eyeing the pretty girl with green emerald eyes,
brown hair.

"She's Im Nayeon, her powers desire. Annoying as it is." Jungkook mutters, glaring at her with a
burning stare, "I can't believe she's doing it this year."

Taehyung hisses like a cat.


Loves food and designer clothes. His power is ice manipulation or, ice mage, producing ice out of
thin air. His ice melts depending on how he feels. Has ice boots so he can walk on ice and use his
power easier and efficiently.


Power is shapeshifting. He rarely uses it for an unknown reason. Can be non living objects and
living objects.

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Chapter Six: The Box Of Mystery
Chapter Summary

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Jimin looks at Nayeon. Bright emerald eyes glistening in the beautiful daylight, matching porcelain
skin, something was awfully familiar about her.

Nayeon immediately realises his gaze, and suddenly smiles innocently, tangerine lips smacking
with lip balm. She really is a beautiful student. Jimin knew many people thought that. "You okay

Obviously, the facade she has was completely fake of hers, and and Jimin could see it, the
confidence dripping out of her actions. She was full of lies.

Jimin immediately nods, "U-Uh yeah."

The girl looked down on Jimin, specifically focusing on his small hands decorated rings led her to
easily smirk.


"Is it your first time here?" Her alluring emerald orbs look into Jimin's boring hazel brown ones,
tone slow and somehow pulling, and Jimin nods. "Hm...that's cool." She speaks, her hands lacing
together, batting her eyelashes. "You are really handsome and pretty. You know?"

Jimin shrugs off the weird feeling he was getting, he wondered if her eyes were even burning into
his own.

"I-I guess.."

Nayeon giggles, "You remind me of someone."

"Do I?" Jimin looks confused, dumbfounded.

"Yes." She paused. "A little devil. He used to have blonde hair, but you have red. You look like a
spitting image of him." She said.

Jimin feels a shudder slithering down his spine, trying to glue his own gaze to hers, trying not to
look away, "Devil?"

"Oh, he was like that. It's a metaphor. He acted like one," She chuckled, with a sweet sly smile.

The telekenis chuckles, trying not to add the hint of nervousness he felt from the girl, laughing
along with her until his new friend Taehyung alerted him.

"Oi Chim! We're entering the battlefield!" Taehyung exclaims with excitement, pulling Jimin by
the neck of his black blazer, ignoring Nayeon and his conversation.

Jungkook wasn't ready, he wasn't used to this type of thing, complaining, muttering curse words
under his breath simultaneously as if it was some special chant that can remove all his feelings
away, being pulled by the blazer also by Taehyung who was cheerfully skipping towards the huge
gates that secured the massive entrance of the BattleDome.

Dazzling huge ruby red gates with intricate gold details, swirls, Ancient Greek lettering caught the
eyes of Jungkook and Taehyung. Non of them didn't know what it said, but were also occupied on
the gates that were slowly opening resulting in Jimin's mouth opening in amazement and Jungkook
on the other hand looked nervous.

Sounds of footsteps on the red brick around the building echoed, bouncing off the walls.
Everyone who were there for the tryouts were finally standing in the middle of two gates now, first
ruby red gates closing from behind.

The other gate was opening, but instead of the distinctive red, it was the colour of deep sapphire
blue, with also Ancient Greek lettering this time painted on with gold.

All that Jimin could hear was the whispering from the students surrounding him.

"This is amazing..." Jimin whispered, only for Taehyung and Jungkook to hear, watching the
booming crowd cheer and cheer, red and white themed battle grounds giving off a delightful

When they entered, the wild crowd roared, all seats of the battle dome filled to the brim, yelling,
shouting, hands waving in the air, chanting, everyone cheering names from the team Tricpyth, and
little whispers, and mutters, murmurs.

'Kim Namjoon!
Kim Seokjin!
Min Yoongi!
Jung Hoseok!'

The chants became louder each second, louder and louder, bigger and better, colours of confetti in
the air scattered in the air.

Four members Jimin knew, Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi and Hoseok walking in, with smug looks on
their face with the amount of support their getting, and special gold and red badges pinned on their
black and red blazers with the Tricpyth logo, standing proudly.

Jimin couldn't believe it either, yelling out, "Yoongi hyung!" waving towards them, hopefully
getting their attention.

The fire manipulator who was many feet away widens his eyes,red tintimg his facial cheeks,
waving at Jimin with a gummy smile, mouthing the words, 'Good luck.'
Hoseok waves at Jimin aswell, nudging Yoongi in the stomach, including Jin and Namjoon, grins
on their faces.

"He said goodluck to you!" Taehyung whisper yells, and Jungkook is behind him, with a surprised
face, "Oh my god, that is cute!" He speaks excitedly, shaking Jimin, then waved to his older cousin
Seokjin who just replied with a disgusted face directed to him.

Jimin blushes, hand going through his hair.

For some reason he felt a pair of eyes burning into the back of his head. Jimin instinctively turned
around, seeing Nayeon the emerald eyed girl raising her eyebrows, and smiling once again, hands
intertwined from behind.

How weird.

Out of nowhere, many 'ooo's and 'ahh's were heard from the crowd who was watching the sphere
of the grand Battledome opening up, revealing the rich blue skies with pure white clouds floating,
and the fragrant smell of lush green grass with many marvelling at the function.

Sunlight hit the battle grounds.

"I'm the principal of SNU!" Mr Kim's cheery voice spoke in the wireless microphone, making
everyone settle down to listen to the principal. "Today we have our students to battle for the only
three places remaining for our team Tricpyth so they can partake in the Seoul National
Tournaments, a huge event against schools all over Asia!"

More cheering and yelling in the background could be obviously heard, some students even
waving around their banners that read 'WE LOVE YOU MIN YOONGI!' and other team

Jimin didn't expect them to be that famous.

It was the second time Jimin saw the principal, finally seeing his full facial features that matched
up with his friend Kim Seokjin the illusionist, first time was when he was dealing with Jimin
entering SNU in the first place.
"We also have visitors, Asia's greatest hero group, Big Bang!"

Many controversial yells were heard, a mix of roars of anger and a huge amount of fan girls
screaming, and most of the students in the tryouts gasped or screamed, watching gold glitter and
pink puffy smoke in the air transform into silhouettes of four heroes, right next to Mr Kim the

Oh God, the fangirls and the yells gotten worse, one of the students screaming loudly saying
forbidden lines like 'fuck me.'

Taehyung screams at this, poking Jimin and Jungkook, yelling in exhilaration, "JIMIN! You know
BigBang right!? They're amazing! I look up to them!" The ice manipulator screeched in Jungkook's
ear, jumping with a help of Jimin's shoulders.

"N-No..?" The oldest out of the three stutters, and Jungkook finally breaks out of character, gasping
in shock, pushing Taehyung.

"Oi you bitch!-"

Jungkooks hands slap onto Jimin's shoulders, making the older jump a little under his dark gaze,
"They're the best heroes ever! Literally! Everyone- well not really much now loves them because
of one member...but over that fact, they're amazing!" Jungkook shouts over the fangirling and
fanboying in the enormous overloaded crowds.

The telekenis' eyes scan the four members of Big Bang, all in black elegant suits but the only
difference could be was the clothing accessories or extra piece of clothing you could say - one
with a bright red jumper underneath his black suit with a bowtie, the shortest one with a black
feather choker, tallest one with just black glasses and the last one with a smile and nothing else.

"Fuck, they look hot." Taehyung mutters under his breath, clutching on Jungkook who seemed to
be hyperventilating aswell in Taehyungs arms at the four boys.

Mr Kim turns around without even jumping at the four boys' sudden appearance, "Big Bang will be
watching how the tryouts turn out, and also be our referees. Today we will play fair and easy.
Everyone has an equal chance.
Now this year, we have a twist! There will be one box filled with scrunched up paper, and that will
tell you which team you are in, assorted in A, B, C and D. Each team of ten goes against each other
in dodgeball!"

The huge crowd goes silent.

A person in the crowd yells, "Dodgeball?! Isn't that boring?"

Everyone turns towards the person who awkwardly sits down back in their seat.

Many confused faces were plastered on, even Big Bang looked at Mr Kim, bewildered.

"You're allowed to use your powers! There's two ways to get a fellow team out, hit the King or
Queen or hit the whole team successfully. The last remaining team will go against Tricypth. You
can only pick one Queen or King, and you have to protect her or him. If you don't, your team will
be immediately disqualified." He chortles, with a happy laugh.

"Big Bang." He alerts the team, and the four boys nod, one disappearing in a flash of gold and pink
fairy dust then poofing back, bringing a medium sized box and a hole in it that can only fit your
arm in.

Jungkook's whole mood goes down, tongue evidently brushing against the insides of his cheeks,
eyebrows curved in anger. He watched how the box was just there, and how that one and only box
filled with little pieces of paper will determine the path he would go.

What if Taehyung and Jimin pass but not him?

What if he falls behind?

"Hey, hey hey, I could feel the negativity from the distance and thought it was you," Taehyung
hugs him from behind with a giggling, "What are you worrying for?"
"I know you're right next to me, there was no distance." The brown and neon haired boy turned
round to see Taehyung who had a warm smile, then sulked, "How could you be so happy?"
Jungkook sighs, "Tae, what if we get separated?"

Taehyung hands grip around his waist with a grin, "Don't worry you'll get through Kookie." He
spoke softly, reassuring him, "It will all work out, trust me."

Jungkook sighs, and Jimin looks at him aswell, doing a nervous thumbs up.

"Look! Even Chim says so!"

Jungkook rolls his eyes, "How is a thumbs up going to help?"

Taehyung scoffs, "A boost of confidence!" The ice manipulator says to the shapeshifter, "Feel the
boost of confidence." He emphasised with the facial expressions.

Jungkook just could feel his heartbeat going faster. That wasn't good at all.

"I have faith on you Jungkook. Ok?"

Jungkook sadly smiles.

It was Jimins turn.

Stepping on the platform, he knew he was the second person to take out a piece of paper to find out
which team he was in.

Staring at the plain white box with the fancy lettering, his face crumpled in anxiety. He was scared,
trying to hide it all away by comforting Jungkook-

"Jiminie," The familiar voice was heard from Jimin's ears.

It was Yoongi with a crooked smile, walking up without hesitation to hold the box for him, looking
all fancy with his badge and curled hair. "Mind if I?"

The Big Bang member nodded, reluctantly passing it onto the SNU student.

Yoongi was holding the box now, holding Jimin's wrist squeezing it. He watched the strawberry
haired boys hand shaking a little as he slides it in the box, fumbling with the little paper pieces, and
finally grabbing one out with his heart racing. He remembered Taehyungs word.

"Let's reveal them together when we all get ours!"

Jimin looks at it, not realising the whole BattleDome became silent, until-

"Jimin-ah, well done." Yoongi's voice whispered.

Jimin nods, blushing from the compliment, patting Jungkook who was a regret written on his face
and Taehyung who was clinging on Jungkook as always.

He was eager to find out what letters were in the scrunched pieces of paper that was in his hand.
Jimin couldn't obviously wait, hands fidgeting, feet tapping impatiently in this nerve wracking

Hopefully all three of them get the same letter in their pieces of paper.

Jimin hoped so.

Each person was called up, one by one.

"Im Nayeon."

Of course, there were whispers about her calling her pretty, beautiful, and some calling her a bitch
as she walked up gracefully, taking each step towards the platform, eyeing Yoongi with a dark
gaze, a smirk that shouldn't be on her face.

The huge screens that gave closeups on the battlefield showed Im Nayeons perfect complexion and
her devilish smirk that she gave Yoongi which irked Jimin.

What was she exactly planning?

She gave the exact smirk to Jimin aswell.

She pulls the paper out of the box, walking back to the huge group of students.

Each person went up, grabbing their pieces of paper, with stern looks on their faces, lip biting and
jaw clenching in the few seconds they had. Most of them didn't know eachother, and some where
best friends that didn't want to be separated. Just like Jungkook and Taehyung.

"Jeon Jungkook."

Jungkook could feel his anxiety, the shrieking in his head as he walked up a distance with many
people staring at him since he never really showed his power at all they thought he was dumb to
even apply to try out.

He looks up, staring at the one and only Min Yoongi looking at him down his soul.

His voice sends Jungkooks nerves to freak the fuck out.

"I-I'm just nervous."

"I can tell." He says, looking up to the younger because of his height. "Jeon kid, pick one then."

Jungkook nods, hand thrusting in the box and picking one out. Taehyung snickers at that, seeing
how the Tricpyth member Yoongi looks taken back at the force he put just plopping in his hand in

He awkwardly walks away from the member, holding the little piece in his two huge hands,
approaching Jimin and Taehyung who were talking peacefully and had the white paper in their

The trio were finally together once again.

"You looked to awkward up there!" Taehyung comments, poking Jungkook, "You know Kookie,
that Yoongi guy scares me."

Jimin shakes his head, "He's a softie."

Taehyung and Jungkook just stare at Jimin with befuddled.

"Let's reveal them now then." Jimin sighs, putting his hand in the middle.

The other two decided to do the same, hands in the middle with one small mini piece of paper in
their hand. This started to make tension grow thick in the air so quickly, Jungkook became more
nervous evident with his shaking hand once again, and Taehyung was there to calm him down my
wrapping his free arm around his waist to comfort him.
"Are you ready?!" Taehyung says. "Even if we're in different teams all together, we're enemies."

Jungkook nods, trying to forget his own feelings, "Noted."

"Here's the big reveal!" Jimin joins in.

The other two nod in sync agreeing.

"Gosh, I'm excited." Taehyung says with an evil smile, and Jungkook sighs.

"I'm fucking scared." Jungkook curses.

Jimin slaps his back.


"M-My mom usually did that to calm my nerves down." Jimin sighs, feeling the distress coming
off Jungkook, it affected the atmosphere near him aswell. "You're freaking out, I-I know, but
taking part in this is usually a once a year chance, why miss it?"

Taehyung nods, "Yes! Jimin is right!" His put a fist in the air, "We all have hope in each other ok?"

A few minutes after of reassuring, the three opened the scrunched pieces of paper and Taehyung
immediately yells his answer, with happiness in his eyes, "I got Team B!" He squeals, shoving it in
Jungkooks face.

Jimin opens his up aswell, eyes twinkling in anticipation, finger fumbling, "I got Team B aswell!"
He jumps towards Taehyung, and the two both squeal, jumping in circles together, then stop to
look Jungkook who was slowly opening up his in the smallest pace.

Taehyung tries to look over, but Jungkook didn't even want to show his answer. "What did you
The youngest stays silent, finally opening it, eyes widening, a shocked face.

"What did you get?" Taehyung pestered, and Jungkook looks down.

What was happening?

Jungkook knew.

His own shivering hands show the piece of paper, face showing he was on the verge about to cry.


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Chapter Seven: Upside downs
Chapter Summary

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That's all Taehyung could say, staring at the piece of paper in his best friends hands, immediately
hugging him, guilt in his eyes. The ice manipulator thought they even had a chance staying in the
same team since only one team can go through to the finals.

"T-Tae," Jimin says, looking down at his own piece of paper, troubled. He goes to Jungkook, "L-
Look! You can take my piece if y-you want to," He suggests, scrambling with his small fingers,
placing his paper in the other boys hand, "Here!"

Jungkook shakes his head.

Jimin's face falls into sadness when Jungkook just gives the piece of paper back to him.


Jungkook shakes his head, eyes glossy. He was still in Taehyungs grip, pointing at something that
Jimin and Taehyung had now on their wrists, including himself. He breathes in, looking
embarrassed on the way he was feeling, "There's no point changing.!"

Taehyung's eyebrows furrow, "We can get away with it. It's just a quick switch."
Jimin nods, "Y-Yeah."

"Look if J-Jimin wants to swap with you, then that's fine! No need to feel guilt because that's his
choice that he agreed to!" Taehyung turns to Jimin, "R-Right Jimin?!"

The third year feels selfish, but nods. He should put himself before everything. Be a good hyung.

"You see?!" Taehyung points out.

Before Taehyung could even protest anything else, Jungkook sighs, "Just look at your own wrists."

"How is that going to work?" Taehyung murmurs, a little upset over the whole situation.

Jimin pulls his sleeve up, flicking his wrist, face showing a mild astonishment.

Taehyung takes notice at the telekenis' face, and stares at his own wrist covered with a black and
red blazer. He pulls it up, startled at the fancy pitch black lettering imprinted on his body.


"It's okay if we get separated." Jungkook says, perceiving Taehyungs uneasy face, and Jimin's
guilt. "We need to fight each other for the spot, and that's the point in here."

Taehyung tries to laugh. Key word, try. "But, haha, Kookie, you see, I hate fighting with you
seriously!" He giggles it off, and turns around to find people already moving towards their groups.

"Now students, please sort yourselves in your teams. If your not in the correct team, we can check
by your wrists."

Taehyung looks at Jungkook with only sadness and pity in his eyes until Jimin gets pushed to the
side, and then just like a domino effect, he does too, being separated by other students.
Jimin manages to grab on to Taehyung's arm just in time, "Taehyung!"

"Yeah, I'm here," The pitch of his voice goes deep accidentally bumping into a another student
clumsily, making them fall over dramatically, "Shit!..sorry?" Taehyung says worried, whipping a
hand out for them who was getting up.

When the student takes his hand, her face was shown as she looks up, "Thank you...it's okay," She
mutters, detangling her gorgeous locks away from her face.

The ice manipulator pitying face falters at the sight of her. He pulled his hand away quickly out of
hers, "Nevermind." He watches the girls emerald eyes stare into Taehyung's soul, lips forming a

It was the one and only Im Nayeon, the one that Taehyung didn't like, despised even for some
reason, elegant hands holding a piece of paper. She ignored Taehyung's rude tone.

"What team are you in?" She asks, eyeing the ice manipulator weirdly, an ominous glint in the

Taehyung grips on Jimin's arm, gritting his teeth, "Team B."

Jimim just zipped his mouth in silence. He didn't have any place to get nosey at all.

She smiles, a fake smile, gasping, "We're on the same team!" Her hand goes over her mouth,
looking at Jimin, the person she talked to a few minutes ago.

Jimin nods, trying to pull Taehyung away, "Y-Yeah..we are."

Her face shifts a little in anger, but switches it, "You too?"

Jimin tugs Taehyung, "Yeah."

Nayeon nods with pure looking excitement, hands clasping Jimin's, grinning, "We'll totally go
through with your powers! My powers are not really good.."
"Liar." Taehyung grumbles.

The telekenis was nervous, feeling Nayeons hands with his, being all touchy like this. He wasn't
touchy with girls, boy were fine, but he didn't feel at all comfortable.

A small ball of sweat goes down his forehead, being pulled along by Nayeon, and Taehyung
following them with a serious face, to group B.

"S-So we are here?" Jimin says, not taking notice of students surrounding him, but instead focusing
on Nayeons hand gripping on his tighter.

Taehyung stares at Jimin aswell, knowing he is feeling intolerable.

"Nayeon, would you let go of him?" Taehyung grimaces, big hand taking her thin wrist, trying to
pull it away from Jimin.

Her face darkened, "What?"

Taehyung scoffs, "You heard me! He looks uncomfortable?" He points out.

Nayeon furrows her eyebrows, "He looks like he's enjoying it."

Jimin's adam's apple bobs.

"I'm sure he's not, Miss Im."

The strawberry boy turns, seeing the fire manipulator now with black rimmed glasses, fluffy hair.
He resembled a handsome prince with a little smirk on his face, holding Jimin's wrist quicker than
a blink, and pulling it away from Nayeons.

Yoongi speaks out, death glaring her, holding a clip board adjusting his black rimmed glasses,
black pen in his hands tapping the paper. "You look uncomfortable, don't you Jimin-ah?"

The telekenis sighs in relief when he sees his roommate, "Y-Yoonie," He says, watching Nayeon
move away, pure anger on her face.

"Hey Jiminie." He says, then sees Taehyung, facial expression turning stale.

He was the one who had a fight with Jimin.

"Thank you for getting the bitch away!" Taehyung thanks, and Yoongi suddenly flicks him in the
forehead, clicking his tongue.

"Tch, mind your language," The older mumbles, crossing his arms, "I wont let you off even if
you're Jin hyungs cousin." Yoongi grumbles, "I'm here just to tick you all off on the clipboard and
check your wrists to make sure you're actually in team B." He looks at Jimin, giving him a soft
smile. "Jiminie, mind if you lift your sleeve up?"

Jimin nods shyly, showing his bare wrist.

Yoongi touches his wrist, fingertips tracing on each letter for a few moments and then ticking off
the name PARK JIMIN on the check list with his black biro pen.

Taehyung snickers, "I don't know what's up with you, but Yoongi you didn't have to do that

"Shush kid." Yoongi mutters. "Now show me your wrist."

Taehyung rolls his eyes, showing his wrist with the initials, and pulling it down when the Triptych
member finally ticked him off. He looks on the other side, where his cousin is with Jungkook,
telling him to lift his sleeve up. He guessed that the Tricpyth members will be managing the teams.

He felt some what jealous.

"Im Nayeon, do you mind?" Yoongi utters, watching the students line up for a check.

Nayeon smiles, "Oh I miss you, y'know. Your face is much more handsome than before, Hep-"

"You're fucked in the head. Next." Yoongi simply says, checking her off the list, and Nayeon
huffs, shoulders sagging.

She started biting her nails, eyeing Jimin in the process.

Yoongi didn't known who she properly was, or what she was talking about, but he didn't want to be
near her.

Jimin starts fidgeting with his small petite hands, a habit he had for a while. He always felt
nervous, and he needed something to relieve it. So why not mess with your fingernails?

"Jimin, you okay?" Taehyung asks trying to use his sweetest voice. Genuinely, he wondered why
Jimin was so uncomfortable around her. "Sorry about earlier-"

"M'fine," Jimin says and stopped his fidgeting. He looks down, eyes strained on the floor, "Why
do you even hate her that much.?" He looks up, and waves his hands around with a blush, "I-I
mean, like I'm not sayin' I wanna be friends with her she acts like a s-snake.."

Taehyung chuckles, "I'll go off since we have a few minutes left before the thing starts. Well...she
was actually close friends with me." He speaks, "Have you heard of the huge fight from last year?"

Jimin shakes his head.

"I got in a argument with her. She started being possessive, acting like she knew Yoongi hyung.
She even said that she got married with him." Taehyung sighs at his, crossing his arms feeling. The
idiocy. "I didn't really care, but when she started rubbing it in my face, she started saying how gays
aren't supposed to be here and supposed to die, I..." He pauses, "I kinda backlashed on her."

Jimin looks at Taehyung in awe.

He's gay?

"Hey! Don't look at me like that! I mean...I am gay....but you won't see me differently right?" The
ice manipulator panicks. "She found out I had some sort of attraction to a guy." He rambles, "Then-

"Team B, matches are starting now!"

Taehyung shrugs, "I'll save that story for later then."

Jimin nods.

Chapter End Notes

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Chapter Eight: Teamwork Makes Dreamwork
Chapter Summary

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Chapter Notes

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Im Nayeon is Queen.

Protect the queen.

Jimin's heart was racing, huddled in a circle trying to think however his emotions were saying
something else, thumping out of his chest as he waited.

Seconds felt like minutes, and probably he was the only person to feel like that.

Ten balls were placed in the middle, in a variation of different colours, everyone it their starting
places. Ten students in each team.
Before the match could even start, everyone in Team B huddled in a circle, arms resting on each
others shoulders with serious faces.

"You, Park Jimin the transfer student?"

"Let's put him in the back Yeon, we dont know what he's capable of."

"Putting the newbie front can be risky, wouldn't it?"

Taehyung stares at Jimin, nodding, speaking up grabbing everyones attention, "Don't you think
Jimin should be with me in the middle?"

The rest of the group stares at him, bewildered, a mix of various emotions that were aimed at him.

"But...this Park Jimin guy, we don't know about him." Jung Yeon sighs, absolutely saying his own
opinion, "I dont know him however I'm a third year-"

Miyo, Lee Miyo stares at Jimin, "You're that student that was in Hoseok hyungs class." Her voice
laced with fear, reminiscing the red haired boy destroying each science equipment, shattering each
glass beaker in sight. "You could kill someone!"

Miyo was a member of the Science Club, no wonder she looked at Jimin with some what anger.
"I-I didn't m-mean too, I-I didn't have my rings.." Jimin says, feeling suddenly little with the
amount of glares he's been getting. "I have them now." He shows eight rings. "They cut off the full
extent of my powers."

Miyo still glared at him.

Yeon looks down at him. He's short.

"Let him be Miyo."

Jimin gasps exhilarated, "T-Thank you!"

Taehyung squeals, high fiving Yeon only for to sigh.

"Okay, since everyones here, let's introduce ourselves. We dont really know eachother, and
plus...we need to know eachothers powers so we can use it sufficiently." Yeon speaks, sounding
like the leader. He seemed a natural leader, with piercing grey eyes and his blond hair shaved on
the sides. "Let's start."

"Kim Taehyung, 2nd year, power ice creation or manipulation." Taehyung says immediately. He
started showing and pointing at his new ice blue boots to Jimin.

Yeon nods, "Baek Yeon. 3rd year. Power is electric waves. Whatever I touch is fueled with

"My names Lee Miyo! I'm a third year, and I can refract any type of light. I can bend it to blind
other people. If I use it too much, I can fall unconscious." Miyo says a bit nervously.

"Kim Chung-ho. I am a healer. I'm a 2nd year. I need to touch the person inorder to heal them."

"Kam Hyun Ki, 2nd year, I have the power of Liquification. I can turn to any type of liquid!"

"Kim Kang-Yun, 2nd year. I have the power of Concussive Blast. I can shoot a ball of energy and
blast it at people."

"Min Jee! I have the power of Persuasion. I can persuade people to do things...it only lasts for thirty
seconds.." She trails off.

"Im Nayeon, I have Desire. I can make people my love slaves if I gain contact with them." Nayeon
speaks nonchalantly, crossing her arms.

"I'm Choi Jin-Sang, and I have the power Flight."

Jimin looks up, feeling the awkward silence now, waiting for everyone to hear his own

"Park Jimin, third year, my powers Telekenisis." He finally says, sighing.

The leader, Baek Yeon's jaw drops immediately hearing that, leaning forward, "Dude, we got two
lucky people! A telekenis and an ice manipulator!" He squeals in the huddle. "We can beat
everyone.!" He encourages, putting his hand in the middle.

Everyone even Taehyung puts their hand in the middle.

Jimin looks at their hands, and Taehyung stares at Jimin with a questionable look, nodding his

All of his team members were waiting for Jimin to put his hand in the middle.

"O-Oh!" Jimin looks surprised, putting his hand into the middle.

Baek Yeon speaks this time, with a reassuring nod, "One...two, three-"

Everyone in the team shouts with gleeful giggles after.

Taehyung smiles at Jimin, then grins that looked like a 90 watts box, putting a huge hand on top of
Jimin's small petite shoulders.

Compared to his small child like frame to Taehyung's, he looked like a giant.

"We're going to blast it!"

"We are!" Jimin speaks enthusiastically, right hand doing a fist bump in the air. "Literally..?"

"That's the spirit!" Taehyung cheers, slapping his back. "We're going to win...no matter what." He
thinks about the dream he always dreamed of, fighting in the Seoul National Tournaments like his
father did.

He wasn't going to loose this chance.

At all.

He had to be selfish one day.

Everyone turns, hearing the referee speak.

"Hello?" Taeyang who had the black feather choker hugging tightly around his neck, black gel
styled hair had a microphone attached to his ear, "Hello?" He repeats, completely confused,
tapping it gently, checking if it was working.

Oh it was working.

"Hello everyone!" He says overjoyed.

Everyone started screaming in the crowd of people, many yelling I love you's, and I'm your fan's,
people standing up and jumping to get a clear view of the one and only Taeyang.

Taehyung squeals, gripping onto Jimin.

Sounds of the normal camera was heard, flickering of flashlights, people having their phones out-

"Ah, yes! My name?..Well you should know is it is Taeyang, and I'm from Big Bang." He speaks
with a smile, "How is everyone? Everyone is great?"


'Can I have an autograph?!'

Taeyang looks a bit out of the place, a bit embarrassed at the comments, "Please refrain from
taking pictures.." He pauses, "Today, we have Team A versus Team B, isn't that exciting! I also
have the one and only Min Yoongi from Tricpyth here to guide me."

Yoongi had a microphone attached to his ear aswell, standing next to Taeyang, "We are going to
start the match now."

Taeyang claps his hands, "Students, please start in your starting positions! Remember the rules!
Don't go past the white line, or your disqualified. Get hit by a dodge ball, your disqualified. Go out
of the white borders, disqualified."

Yoongi nods, "There is always a Queen or King. Manage to find the Queen or King and hit them,
the whole team is out." He has the clipboard in his arm, looking at each person in the tryouts
information, "Feel free to use your powers in any way, and go loose. You want a spot in my team

The teams shouts a loud yes.

Amusingly, Yoongi breaks out a smile.

"Then, fight for it. And don't hold back your power." Yoongi mutters.
Yoongi having the red starter pistol in his hands, his whole arm raises up, his finger touches the
trigger, then finally pressing it with his signature smirk.

Jimin was going to show how badass he was.


Seokjin who had a microphone in his hand, was doing the commentary with a grin, "And they're

Jungkook sits down in another room that was in the Battle Dome with his team that wasn't fond of
him. He looked uncomfortable, hands intertwined together.

"Hey, calm down, you look extremely agitated, don't you?"

The younger takes a glimpse up, then looks down.

"I'm talking to you dude...?"

Jungkook blushes down in embarrassment, sighing, "I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the
match!" He squeaks, finally looking up. His hand covers his mouth, finally realising he was.

It was a familiar nostalgic tuft of orange fluffy hair in his sight.

A special badge.


"Oh," Jungkook says the exact words, seeing the one and only Jung Hoseok, with a jolly grin on
his face, "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be with your team?"

Hoseok simply shrugs with a simple smile, "That's what you meant! Yoongi wanted to referee
since Jimin was there. Namjoon and Seokjin seemed to want to do commentary..." he does a little
pout, putting his hands on his hips, "I'm here because why not? Why can't I see my little friend?"

"I haven't even talked to you before properly, and you're already talking to me as if I'm your friend?
Elite students shouldn't be talking to people like me."

Hoseok snickers to the side and then puts his serious face on, "What's up your ass? Cheer up?
Maybe you need some sunshine? A walk around the field?"
"What are you exactly thinking, sunbae?" Jungkook mutters.

"Stress relief." Hoseok says, speaking as if it was a light bulb moment, the best idea. "Or talk to
your teammates? You need to know each others powers?"


Hoseok tilts his head to see Jungkook who was sitting on the bench, avoiding his gaze.

"You're such a stubborn second year!" He scoffs, crossing his arms. "I'm trying to help you!"

Jungkook rolls his eyes at this, "Leave me alone."

Hoseok looks worridely, happiness faltering, "You can tell me you know."

"Just go."

"Why can't you talk to me?" He whispers, trying to not grab the attention of other students
otherwise they'll think that Tricpypth has favourites. "I'm trying to help you. Your the only team
that aren't really getting along...I came here honestly to check you guys up."
"See you in the battlefield." Jungkook stands up, walking away to go near the the screen to see the
dodgeball match.

Hoseok sighs, about to walk off.

The Jeon kid was really stubborn.

He stops walking off unexpectedly, turning to Hoseok, "You can watch it with me...if you want."
He mutters. "I want to see my Taehyung in action."

Hoseok's spirits lift up, a tight smile on his face, "Let's go then."

Team A hastily runs as fast as they can, hands snatching the balls and running back, staring at
Team B with the deadly glares, finally switching their powers on.

Jimin stared at the ten in the other side, each one having a ball in their hands, angry facial
expressions slapped in their face.
He noted each one down in his brain.

One with hair manipulation.

Second one, tape.

Third student had horns...

Team B nod at eachother, standing still completely without any hesitation, knowing their exact
plan, totally confident.

They weren't doing anything.

They weren't even snatching the dodgeballs.

Team A started snickering - they looked like a bunch of 2nd years, grins plastered on their faces,
spitting out rude remarks and laughs.

"What are they even doing?"

"This is stupid, they know that we are going to defeat them."

"Team B will be easily disqualified."


Jin's eyebrows raise, sitting next to Namjoon who had a microphone in his hands aswell, "Seems
like Team B aren't doing anything!" He speaks astonished, "I wonder what they're doing! Don't we
want action?"

The crowd roars in response.

Namjoon fingernails dance across the table, "Maybe they're plotting something?" He smirks, "You
never know."

Team A strike, one with super human strength, putting all his power in throwing it, aiming each
ball at Team B.

They striked at the same time-

"TAEHYUNG!" Yeon yells, hands out that started sparking yellow lines, "DO IT!"


Taehyungs hair blows in the gush of wind, leg stomping on the floor as fast as he can, forming
beautiful blue icicles around him, and reaching towards the other side, eyes suddenly turning to a
vibrant pure blue.

Plain white hair sparkled with iridescent streaks, his soft skin growing mysterious ice veins on his

Taehyung looked like a completely different person once his powers were turned on.

Baek Yeon touched the ice, dangerous sparks of electricity sparking through the ice, making it
glow yellow and blue.

The ice had a mind of its own covering the feet of the other Team.

"Yes!" Yeon cheers, highfiving Taehyung.

"A twist combo from 2nd year Kim Taehyung and Baek Yeon! Incredible! An electric deadly
wave of ice!" Namjoons speaks, enthusiasm in his commentary. "What will Team A do now, since
they are stuck in the debris of ice?"

Team A didn't give up there.

"K-Kim Hwa!" The leader yells, ball in his hand, legs pulling out of the ice, and runs to his team
members to punch the ice, successfully.
He felt the stinging pain of the electric bolts, and the chilling of the ice.

His power was superhuman strength, luckily getting out.

"Right sir!" Hwa obeys, her hair growing bigger, locks of brown hair whipping maliciously,
passing the dodge ball to him.

"Everyone, stay in your places. They're going to attac-"

"Nayeon!" Yeon alerts, "How many people can you put desire on?"

"Three at least..." She replies quickly.

"Use it."

She nods, quickly turning it on. A wave of a pink wobbled the atmosphere. Eyes glowing a neon
pink, she stared at the other team members for a few seconds.

"You are my slaves. Submit to me." Her harsh dark voice was heard. She sounded evil, a different
person. The voice didn't seem like hers, sickening repulsive words alarming others.
The three students on the other side bow, all submissive, eyes filled with crazed love, a similar
colour just like Nayeons, irises resembling adorable hearts.

"I am now your leader."

Three students that she took eye contact with, stand up just like wind up toys or robots, standing
straight as a ruler.

Yeon pokes Nayeon, "Do it faster!" He points at the hair power girl on the other side, creating a
wall put of hair.

Nayeon hisses at this, "Alright, alright!" She grimaces, " Walk out of the white borders."

The three students start walking in a slow pace.

"Now!" She shouts, and they walk faster, with crazed satisfied faces on their faces, knowing they
have obeyed their master. Nayeon smirks, flicking her fingers, watching the Team A members
freak out off the battlefield borders, staring at eachother bewildered.

They looked so confused, slapping themselves, look at themselves then the battle field that's
happening, eyes back to normal.

Nayeons pink orbs are back to normal emerald ones.


Faced with frowns and groans, they get teleported off, bodies vanishing in thin air with Taeyang's
power, Angel Glitter Dust.

"And, Team A are building some sort of protection wall?" Namjoon questions, holding the
microphone, watching the wall of brown hair transforming.

Locks of hair whipping, sowing together, filling half of the battle ground, building a shield.

"We're going to take away three of your teammates, just like you did to ours!" The leader of Team
A shouts angrily.

"Yeeet!" Kim Kang-Hyun yells, hands forming a shiny crystal black ball of energy, and letting it
go with a growl. The black ball of energy zooming through the thick bushy hair, making a burnt

Unsurprisingly, the girl shrieks, "My hair! My h-hair, It has a hole!" She cries miserably, eyes
getting glossy.

"Guys attack!" The leader of Team A commands, and five other students on Team A jump over the
wall of hair, dodge balls in their hands-

Jimin runs-

"Don't worry I got it Jimin!"

Before they can throw anything, Kim Taehyung strikes again running in the middle infront of
Jimin, leg doing a side whip kick, right leg going up and going in a round semi circle aiming at
each of the five bodies throwing a dodgeball in milliseconds.

Ice daggers and particles blow across the distance in seconds, half of the battlefield covered with
thick cold ice once again, 5 members of Team A completely frozen to the spot except their hands.

"Yes!" Taehyung cheers, then his mood immediately stops as he feels a pain in his chest.

Oh no.

He cups his own cheek, feeling the icy veins growing, snowflakes getting bigger.

He was freezing himself slowly, and he couldn't control it.

"What's the matter Tae? Can I call you that?" Jimin asks, and Taehyung brushes it off. "Thank you
for protecting me even though you needed need to."

"Y-Yeah that's fine! I mean, that will hold them for a bit," Taehyung sighs, patting Jimin to do his

Taehyung, stop trying to act cool.

Team A leader, Xiao, the one who had super strength, his legs shudder in the cold, one leg
breaking out of the ice, hands still holding the dodgeball.

"You froze five sevenths of the team! They're still not out!" The leader speaks ever so highly.

Although, the problem is that the girl who had the power to control her hair was no use.

Her hair was frozen in ice.

"What could Team A do now?! They're stuck in an icy situation! Get it?" Jin snorts, laughing.

Jimin nods, hand raising quickly, boring brown honey eyes close for a second once Team A
attacks, now opening with red cold blood eyes.

"Holy fuck!" Namjoon squeaks, feeling the ground shaking ferociously, hands gripping on the
table infront of him. "Please excuse me for my language!"

Im Nayeon

Power is Desire. She can control three people at a time, and make them her love slaves that are
crazy for her, and obey every single order she speaks of. She needs to have a five second contact to
turn it on someone.

Baek Yeon

Power is Electricity bolts. He can touch things and make them have electricity in them that can
cause stinging pain or shock the body.
Jungkook was busy eating popcorn, scoffing it down eyes glued to he screen.

"Why do you keep staring at me?" Jungkook mutters, eyes watching the digital TV screen of
Taehyung attacking the other team with his life threatening icicles.

Hoseok laughs a little, "You're going to get a stitch if you eat that." He says, taking the popcorn
snack, and eating some greedily.


The Tricpyth team member now has popcorn stuffed cheeks and resembled a chipmunk.

"Pfft, What..?" Hoseok sniggers, "You're looking at your pretty little boyfriend attacking?" He

Jungkook ignores his comment, eating more of the popcorn, "Whatever." His eyes widen as he sees
Jimin running, to attack, but Taehyung stops him with his charming smile and does it himself-

What was he feeling?

What is that feeling?

A piercing in his heart he would say. It was as if his heart was pulled down somewhat, or even
dragged down to the ground, but he still found his heartbeat thumping loudly in his chest.

He sees Jimin on the digital screen, all cute, red hair swept back, with a smile, and some sort of a

What was up with them?

Did something happen between them?

"You okay?" Hoseok asks, confused at Jungkooks sudden face that was filled with a mix of
emotions. His eyes showed many emotions of confusion, jealousy. However, Hoseok didn't want to
question that whatsoever.

"Is Jimin strong?" Jungkook speaks, monotone.


Jimin was an enemy.

Also Taehyung.
"He's not really doing anything." Jungkook says.

Hoseok laughs a little, "If you saw what happened to me yesterday with him, you will see the little
guy different Jeon." He looks forward pointing on the television screen. "He has the devils eyes.
Satans eyes-"

"Don't joke about that!" Jungkook stifles a laugh nervously, "You know that's bad. Talking about
the Ten Commandments are bad. They're demons that wanna terrorized the world with this."

Hoseoks brown eyes shine a little orange in the dark in a split second,

"What do you mean by that?"

"We shouldn't have powers in the first place!" Jungkook sighs, eating more popcorn. "If we didn't,
there will be less criminal rates. Ever since we had this special gifted shit, the criminal rates have
raised around seventeen percent."

The Jeon kid had a point.

Hoseok raises an eye brow, and speaks-

The popcorn gets spilled all over their thighs, and the whole room shakes, and Hoseok and
Jungkook stand up in response, feeling the violent waves of collision-
"Oh God, he turned on his powers." Hoseok chuckles, "Had to make an extra entrance." He stares
at the live digital screen, focusing on the telekenis, "didn't you Jimin?"

The whole BattleDome shakes violently, the crowd screaming and squealing as the dome moves as
if an earthquake is happening.

Taehyungs ice shattered immediately, each fragment dropping on the floor.

So much ice was covering the battlefield, piles of ice shards were scattered all over the battlefield.

The other five team members that were frozen were now snapped put of the cold abyss, shivering.

"Kam Hyun Ki, I'm going to do someting please use your liquification!" Baek Yeon tells Hyunki,
and he replies.

Hyunki knows what exactly Yeon's doing so his body melts into clear water, an echoeing voice
alerting his other team members, "Guys, get behind me if you don't wanna get stung."
His watery based body now turned into a huge shield, covering each and every member in a small

"What about Jimin?!" Taehyung speaks, being covered in a water force field with his other team

Miyo shrugs, "I know he can withstand it. "

Taehyung mutters, "If you say so."

"If anyone gets stung, please tell me. I'll heal you if you need." Chung-ho speaks put reminding the
rest of his team.

Meanwhile, Yeon's legs bend infront of them, hands touching the battleground, aiming at the seven
members of Team A staring and distracted by Jimin. Jimin's right hand raises up, pointing at the
dodgeballs in the hands of the other team.

The crowd didn't expect a telekenis to be around these days as ten dodgeballs levitate over them,
higher and higher.

Gasps were heard.

"Oi! Give my dodgeball back!" Xiao yells desperately, legs jumping with superhuman strength, but
he didn't jump that high. "Dojan!"
Dojan nods, hands producing thick double sided tape. The tape got longer and longer, nearly
reaching the levitating balls-

"ELETRIC VOLTS!" Yeon yells, hands producing a racing wave of electric waves, attacking the
seven members with stings of shockwaves.

The girl with hair manipulation yells, "Watch out guys!" She shrieks, trying to alert them to stop
aiming for the dodgeballs-

Their bodies jitter and spasm around bending in various creepy ways reacting to the large amount
electricity coursing through their veins.


"Yes Yeon!" Jimin replies, hands fiddled with the other team just like puppets, watching Team A
struggle and jittering in stinging pain coughing for air.

Many dodgeballs in the air start dashing and rushing down so fast towards Team A who were
falling unconscious with yellow veins covering their visible skin.

Each dodgeball hits each member of Team A in rapid speed-

Yoongi blows the whistle, with the most satisfied warm smile on his face, hearing the microphones
being turned on after the ground rumbling.

"Woah! Team A are out with Baek Yeon and Park Jimin's combo!" Seokjin exclaims, and the
ground stops shaking finally.

Namjoon does a grin, "Team B are in for the second round!

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Chapter Nine: Electricity Hurts
Chapter Summary

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"Team B are in for the second round!"

Colours of confetti flutter in the air, twirling and dancing around Team B. Jimin sighs in happiness.

Yeon pat's Jimin's back, grabbing his attention, "Thank you! That was epic! We couldn't have done
it without you!" He shouts over the cheering in the back, pure sunlight reflecting on his golden
locks. "Glad to have you on the team."

Jimin shyly smiles, "T-Thank you!" Jimin grins, feeling ecstatic.

The rest of Team B were covered in a liquid force field watching the blue like aquarium
evaporating in air, liquid dropping down onto the battlefield.

The healthy blue turned into silver repersenting liquid silvery gallium, then melted gold, switching
to a mercury, finally turning back into his original form.

Kam Hyunki coughs in pain uncontrollably, curling up in a ball, face streaked with neon yellow

"Yeon!" Miyo yells, motioning Baek Yeon and Jimin to come over, looking horrified at the yellow
veins covering Hyunki's face.

They were similar to the ones that Team A had all over their bodies, falling unconscious.

Yeon crouches down, staring at his team mates face, guilt spreading on his own. "S-Sorry, God -
c-can you..-"

"Chung-ho, can you..?" Jimin whispers.

Kim Chung-ho nods, touching his team mates face subtly, cupping his cheeks, warmth radiating
out of his palms, eyes glowing a white.

Team B stare at his power, staring at the how concentrated he was, yellow veins disappearing
getting smaller all across his face.

Hyun-Ki's eyes were opening much more, face returning back to normal, full peach coloured face
back instead of the pale ness a few seconds ago.

Everyone on Team B gasps in relief, asking if Hyun-Ki was even okay.

"T-Thank you guys." He utters out, watching fountains of confetti fall in his face, and then some
falling into his mouth. He cringed whilst lying down on the ground, taking the small pieces out.
"That's alot of confetti.."

The crowd yells and cheers, chanting Team B over and over again.

"We did it!" The team scream, jumping, patting each others backs.

Hyun-Ki finally sits up, shaking his head trying to figure out what was happening and Miyo scolds
him, "Let's get you resting for ten minutes! Yeon, your coming with me." She sighs, pulling Hyun-
Ki up and pulling Yeon's wrist.

"Miyo, I want to talk to Jim-"

"We'll discuss it within the ten minutes.." Miyo says with a crooked smile, pulling them off the
battlefield, and they waved away.

All the Team B members finally wave, walking off the battlefield, leaving Taehyung and Jimin.

Jimin's eyes twinkles with a grin on his face. The camera focuses on his face on the television, eye
smile radiating happy vibes, still in disbelief.

"JIMIN!" Taehyung yells, engulfing the older in a bear hug also making him jump, "We did it! We
did it!" He shouts, jumping up and down exhilarated, "We're going through the next round!"

Taehyung's arms pull away from his slim waist then turns to the other side of the battlefield seeing
his idol Taeyang walking in and tapping the seven left members of Team A who were unconscious
making their bodies vanish into pink glittery dust.

"Woah..." Jimin says,

"What? The confetti?" Taehyung asks, not paying attention. He was staring at the sight of confetti
being sprinkled in his silvery white hair.

"No...it's not that...it's his power." Jimin says, pointing at Taeyang who vanished into glittery dust,
going away somewhere. "It's cool..."

"His power is Angel Dust. He can turn into glittery dust and vanish in thin air. He can do it to other
people aswell." Taehyung says, smiling with his nose in the air knowing most things about him.
"He's amazing!" He squeals, fanboying to Jimin excitedly, fist bumping in the air.

"Thanks." Taeyang says, puffing out of no where, a grin on his face. He watched the youngster's
reaction, and stifles a sweet laugh.

Taehyung jumps, clutching on Jimin suddenly frightened until he sees the familiar face, gasping.
"Oh my God..!" He pokes himself, then stupidly poking Taeyang, "Oh God, you are real!" He

Taeyang chuckles, "I get that alot." He speaks, "I wanted to let you know you have a ten minute
break now. Feel free to eat or do anything. Congratulations!" He smiles, hands to the side.

"Thank you!" Jimin and Taehyung immediately say, now colours of confetti in their hair, and
Taeyang smiles at their happy faces.

Taehyung was secretly fanboying in the inside still, heart dancing around.

"No problem. You two rocked it. Especially you." Taeyang points at Jimin surprisingly, "I'm glad
the team didn't make you do everything. I bet you can defeat that team just by yourself, but
everyone had a chance to shine in the spot light.." He trails off, then grins again, "I like that

Taehyung pouts, jealous of the attention Jimin was getting.

Taeyang laughs, "You too, icy guy. You did well-"

The crowd starts screaming Taeyang, and he sighs just in response.

Taeyang finally realises the attention he's grabbing. He was just like a celebrity, a movie actor.
"Well I got to disappear for now." He finally says, waving quickly, "Goodluck on the next round!"
His body disintegrates, disappearing in a cloud of gold and pink smoke, little bursts of glitter and
pink sequins falling floating in the air.

A silence was created when the guy left.

Jimin turns to Taehyung, looking up.

Taehyung looks at Jimin with a smile.

"Should we get some food?" Jimin suggests, looking at the huge enormous screens in the battle
field with a timer ticking down each second.

"Yeah." Taehyung nods. "Let's!"

Namjoon and Seokjins voices chirp in the crowd, "We will be back in ten minutes!"

Hoseok had his hands full of popcorn, chicken, cakes and delicious treats, scoffing them down in
the cafeteria, with a big smile on his face.

Jungkook was staring at his phone, rewatching the match analysing Jimin's movements, but what
was racing on his mind was that he spent all his lunch money on someone else.
He did that.

He only does that for Taehyung, but he did it for Hoseok.

"Delicious!" Hoseok joyful jeers. "Do ya' want some?" He offers the second year a nut bar, and he
just shakes his head. "I'll pay you back, don'worry." He says, eating whilst speaking, covering his
mouth. At least Hoseok tried to be respectful.

"Eating alot again?" Yoongi mutters, sitting down with him and the Jungkook boy that he didn't
really know. "Who bought it for your broke ass?" He says, eyeing the food. He was hungry as well
since it was break. He places his brown satchel he always brought along with him on the floor,
kicking it under the lunch table.

The waft of food and treats floated around the cafeteria and Yoongi takes it all in, smelling the
delicious scent.

School food in SNU was top tier delicious.

"Him." Hoseok simply replies, breaking Yoongi out of his spacing out.

"Who's him?" Yoongi says slyly, peering around Hoseoks huge head, only to see Jungkook who
was waving a little intimidated by him. "Jeon kid?"

"It's Jungkook."

Yoongi shrugs it off, "Whatever. Have you seen Jimin?" Yoongi asks, checking his black watch to
see what time it is.

Nine minutes left.

Mumbling with crumbs and food in his mouth, "You saw what he did in the battlefield?!" Hoseok
speaks. "He was amazing!

Jungkook furrows his eyebrows at this, rewinding the bit were Jimin makes the ground cause a
small temporary earthquake shattering Taehyung's ice and camera shattering aswell. He skips a
few seconds, and the camera is replaced at the scene where Jimin raises the dodgeballs up high as
the height of the Battle Dome.

He stares intensely at Jimin's rings, and widens his eyes.

They were awfully familiar, but he couldn't get where it was from.

Where was it from?

He stares at the glowing screen once again, seeing the dodgeballs out of nowhere land on Team A.


Jungkook rewinds the scene, seeing that in milliseconds that the balls dashed towards them as if
they were fast as bullets, making them fall over just like dominos.

Fuck, he's screwed.

Yoongi rolls his eyes, knowing Hoseok absentmindedly changed the topic. Way to go.

"Of course he was, he's an angel. I'm glad he got through," Yoongi says, describing him as if he
was a Goddess to him. It was weird to him. He had some sort of attachment to Jimin even though
he has just met him since yesterday, it feels like he's known him for years. "I'm sure he'll beat the
other teams..."

Hoseok stomach grumbles, interrupting his best friends heroic and poetic speech about the guy that
strangled him with his own tie the other day.

"Oops sorry?"

Jungkook sighs at this looking up, "You're still hungry?" He looks confused, staring at Hoseok
who was still stuffing his mouth with food like some wolf. "You eat alot, and you're telling me I'm
going to get a stitch if I eat popcorn?"

Hoseok pouts, "That applies to you, not me." He says, voice muffled, eating food.

"It's because of his power." Yoongi looks at Hoseok who was innocently eating alot, but to other
people it looked like he was eating a three course meal in a few minutes. "When he duplicates
himself, energy gets separated to his copy until he chooses to go back to normal."

Jungkook didn't expect Yoongi to speak up that openly, since he always glared at others and stayed
introverted, not even wanting to speak with the people next to him.

He was about to open his mouth until-

"Yoongi hyung!" A loud high pitched voice is heard in the cafeteria. The one and only Jimin with a
bright eye smile came walking and skipping along into Yoongi's arms, giving him a huge hug, and
pulling away, "Did you see me! Did you?" He asks crazily, small petite hands gripping on his
broad shoulders.

He bats his long thick eyelashes with puppy eyes infront of Yoongi, awaiting for his answer.

"W-Woah there Jimin-ah," Yoongi says, completely awake from his presence with a warm smile,
"I did, you did so well."

Jimin's eyes twinkle stars, a blush spreading on his cheeks, loving the feeling of being
complimented, "Thank you! I was so confused, you were not there half of the match...I thought
you left somewhere..." He saddens a little not really knowing that he slipped into Yoongi's lap. "Y-
Yoonie hyung, where did you go?"

"To the toilets," Yoongi huffs, feeling Jimin's plush ass settling comfortably on his lap, trying not
to say anything about it. It fit perfectly, and the feeling already felt good of the softness on his
thighs. "Shall we get something? I'm hungry." He suggests, trying to ignore Jimin's constant
moving and squirming near his crotch area.

"Yes hyung!" Jimin says enthusiastically, plopping off his hyungs lap casually, watching him stand
up and grab his satchel and a book accidentally falls out, making a small thud on the floor.

Jimin eyes dart down, ready to alert Yoongi that a book dropped but-

His adorable irresistible smile falters, seeing the book drop out, the exact same book that he saw on
his hyung's bed this morning. He ignores the horrible nerve wracking emotion seeing the book, and
cautiously crouches to grab it, small hands clutching on it.

Leather brown with engravings of the words, 'The Start Of Earth : The Forbidden Love Story Of
Hephaestus And The Demon.'
The book Yoongi had gave Jimin a terrifying feeling, a feeling that made him felt he was on edge.

Jimin felt it.

He didn't like it.

On the other side, a whine came from Taehyung, "Hey Jungkookie, why can't I get a hug like
that?" He says, jealous of the amount of skinship.

"Y-You could've asked..." Jungkook stutters at that, crossing his arms.

Taehyung hmphs, his usual tsundere personality back again until he sees Hoseok wolfing delicious
food down. Taehyung widens his eyes, pointing at him. "You're that guy that kept calling me Jack

"Hey Jack Frost! Help me with the equipment too!"

"It's Taehyung!"

Hoseok raises his eyebrow in the middle of eating a blueberry muffin, head looking up at
Taehyung white curly silvery hair with blue eyes, pink lips stuck in a tight line.

"Oh hi Jack Frost."

Taehyung crosses his arms at this, embarrassed, "Shut up!"

Jungkook was now the one that raises an eyebrow, crossing his arms, "How did you two know
eachother?" He jokingly flicks Taehyung's head, then crosses his arms, "You have more friends
other than me Taehyung?"

"He had a fight with Jimin yesterday over somethin' that I dunno." Hoseok looks at Taehyung,
pointing at him, "And, you didn't help me with the practice equipment, did you? Jin hyung
should've pulled your ear once again."

Taehyung stares at Hoseok's strawberry icing cupcake, and grabs it off him.

"Oi! I ate some of that already!"

Taehyung takes a bite of it.

Jungkook glares at Hoseok, envy written all over his face.

Hoseok looked at Jungkook, raising his eyebrows, "Why are you looking at me like that?!"

"Taehyung is mine. This is bro code! Your breaking the bro code!" Jungkook hisses, pulling the
horses arm.

Hoseok shrugs. "Why can't we have him both?" He mumbles back, eating the Eggs Benedict.

"I told you!" Jungkook grumbles, pulling away from Hoseok's arm.

Taehyung sits there all smiles, eating some of the cupcake, "So, you've been chatting...what

The third year snorts and cackles in stupidity, "H-Haha, pfft, how Jungkook wants to-"

"Hoseok hyung!" Jungkook growls, slapping his back harshly.

"Ow!" Hoseok yells, then started choking meanwhile.

"Hyung, you dropped something!" Jimin finally catches up with Yoongi, showing the book to him
with a weak grin. Yoongi replies with a warm smile, retrieving his book, saying a small thank you.
They reach the food catering, elegant white plates tiered like cakes, it made Jimin's mouth water at
the irresistible smell.

"You hungry? I can buy something for you with my school card?" Yoongi casually holds his card
with the same theme red and black colours, the other hand slowly putting the book back in his

Jimin shakes his head with a blush, "Hyung, you shouldn't. I feel like I'm burdening you!" He
responds, eyes still glued on the card. "Look, I also have a card!"

"But it doesn't have any money, doesn't it?" Yoongi smirks watching Jimin look down, slowly
pouting. "I'll pay Jiminie."

"You don't have to."

Yoongi shushes him with his finger, "Shush.." his smirk falters, flinching at a familiar feeling of
stinging electricity vibrating in his body, making his heart drop, a loud thud in his chest.

The younger immediately jumps with a small yelp.

Jimin looks at him, feeling the exact same feeling that Yoongi felt, a irritating feeling. The younger
didn't have a choice of words to say. "I-..." He looks down, eyes strained on the glossy floor, the
pain worsening each second.

Yoongi's finger was still on his lip.

"Huh-Hyung, let go..!" Jimin's eyes waters, pulling his finger off, only to receive more of the
stinging sensation. "P-Puh-please get off.."

Jimin looks astonished, bewildered.

Yoongi snaps out of it, moving a few centimetres away from Jimin, apologising quickly, "I'm sorry
Jimin- I didn't know what happened!" He says so fast, troubled. "That feeling happened yesterday,
right?! B-but that was more like pain... I don't understand... It didn't happen this morning!" He
whispers, glimsping at Jimin who looked astonished, stricken, frozen on the spot, small hand
reaching towards his lip.
"I-I know hyung.." Jimin sighs, "S-Sorry.." He says so slowly, walking more up to Yoongi who
was grabbing a cake.

Yoongi smiles , "It isn't your fault."

"Look hyung! It isn't hurting!" Jimin grins, poking Yoongi.

Yoongi looked lost, "Jimin, maybe-"

"L-Lets just grab some cake, s-shall we?" Jimin interrupted, with a forced smile.

Yoongi looked at Jimin.

Jimin was hiding something.

"Yeah.." Yoongi sighs, staring at Jimin who giggles with a smile. He felt somehow happier with
Jimin's smile. "Let's do that."

Or was Yoongi paranoid?


Five minutes left.

Jimin was sitting in his seat with Yoongi, Jungkook, Hoseok eating food and Taehyung bickering
more than usual with a smirk plastered on his lips, uttering the most weirdest conspiracy theories.

"Hyung, do you want some?" Jimin lifts up a piece of puffy sponge cake with pink and white strips
of icing, red fondant flowers decorating all over it, "Hyungie?"

Yoongi nods hesitantly this time, letting Jimin giggle happily at his response, a bright twinkle in
his eyes as he put the cake right to Yoongi's small lips.


He follows what Jimin says, opening his mouth, munching the sweet delicacy, chewing of the
burst of strawberries and raspberries all together. Yoongi let's out a satisfied groan and Jimin bats
his long eyelashes, sitting innocently watching him eat.

"Is it good?" Jimin asks, not even realising his eyes repeatedly flickering for an answer, glowing a
tint of red, now not holding the cake.

"It is Jiminie." Yoongi says, but then looks at the youngsters eyes and sighed. "Why are you using
your powers to much? Your going to loose all your energy." Yoongi huffs, cautiously booping his
Jimin pouts, "I'm used to it. Our powers are for every day use anyways." He crosses his arms,
seeing Yoongi raising an eyebrow. "I'm strong hyung!"

"Oh yeah, telekenis' are overpowered, yeah I know." Yoongi chuckles, and Jimin blushes harder.

"You know you can beat me anyways!"

Yoongi shakes his head, "I probably can't stand a chance."

Four minutes.

"So that's why I think that all of us are in a coma, that's why we hear voices in our head!"
Taehyung bangs the table, eating a stolen piece of toast. "Bitch sign me up in philosophy!"

Jungkook bangs the table back, "If we are, what are you?!"

"We are trying to find our friends in reality whilst we are stuck in a coma!" Taehyung responds,

Three minutes.

"H-Huh-Hyung..can you feed me a bit?" Jimin stutters, turning beetroot.

Yoongi'a stomach flourishes with huge amounts of butterflies flapping inside.


Two minutes.

Taehyung and Jungkook had a full debate on the afterlife, constantly banging on the table grabbing
peoples attention, and it would be bad because of Hoseok and Yoongi sitting there in the corner.

"Overwatch is overrated!" Taehyung yells, "Fortnite, Fornite, Fortnite!"

Jungkook hisses, "Fortnite is for nine year olds, the odd ones that don't support Pewdiepie!" He
claps his hands, making a point.

The two turn in sync towards Hoseok who watching the two best friends squabble.

"Which one is better?!" They both mutter in unison.

Hoseok's hand reaches inside the crisp packet of prawn crackers, plopping one in his mouth.

"Cooking mama, duh."

One minute left.

"We should get going Jiminie." Yoongi looks now at the time.

"Yeah hyu-"

The intercom turns on with little clicks, a familiar voice that was the principals, Mr Kim. "How's
break everyone? Having fun?"

All the students in the cafeteria had mixed reactions - most yelled a yes, some didn't say anything
with grins and nods.

Jimin and Yoongi smile at eachother.

"Students who are attending the matches, please come urgently, aswell as Tricpyth members. The
match is about to start! Get ready your popcorn ready, and get your snacks on the go because

All the students start running as fast as they can with loud thuds and clicks of shoes echoing in the
dinner hall floors, crowds and crowds of students over taking the principals message.

Everyone was leaving their seats, busting and pushing their way through, and Taehyung looks at
his friends worried.

"We can go through quickly!" Jimin exclaims, and Yoongi looks at him bewildered. "Guys?"

"Theres another exit but you need to go through that demons crowd right there!" Hoseok points,
still seeing the students barging eachother to the Battle Dome.

Without a warning, a crimson red lights up the whole room, all the rustling stops. Each person in
the crowd standing still, frozen in the spots.

"Jimin?" Yoongi questions, eyes looking at each student who had red eyes, lips in a tight line.

"Yoongi hyungie, you can push some away, I can help." Jimin says, standing up and pushing each
frozen student, face in fear, only eyes moving crazily in confusion. "I just restrained them a little."

Jungkook's let a smile creep on his face, "Let's go then!" He cheers, pushing the students
effortlessly put the way, and Hoseok and Taehyung following, and then Jimin.

"What are you doing hyungie?" Jimin shouts, pouting whilst speaking. "Look here," The telekenis
offered a hand through the sea of people toppling over. "Come on, we're going to be late!"

Yoongi stared into Jimin's bright red orbs, completely lost in them for a few seconds, mouth slowly

The bright fresh sunlight reflected on Yoongi's porcelain skin, and Jimin's doll sun kissed skin.

Those moments felt suddenly ethereal, each single bit feeling light.

Everything was going in slow motion, Yoongi's leg going one step forward, then another...
Jimin's hand fully out, small hands awaiting for Yoongi's-

"Let's go!"

His hand finally grips onto his roommates, with a tight squeeze, and Jimin grins, pulling him
through the corridor.

Yoongi smiles.


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Chapter Ten: Shapeshifting Mess
Chapter Summary

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Chapter Notes

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Everyone placed their hands in the middle, the bright sun gloriously looking down.


Yeon does a victory dance, and looks at all his team mates who seemed confident, smiles wiped on
their faces. "We're going to beat them. Anyways, does anyone want to say something before we

Everyone shakes their head except Taehyung who had a stern face, hands in fists. He bit his lip,
looking down. "I got something to say."

Jimin perks up at this, looking right in Taehyung's eyes.

"My best friend is on the other side, and his power is shapeshifting. He can shapeshift into
anything, literally." He says with a sigh, crossing his arms. "T-That's all I wanted to say."
"Welcome back everyone! The match will start in a few seconds!" Seokjin comments, holding the
microphone waving at everyone in the Battle Dome. He's with Kim Namjoon, also waving at the
screaming students. "This time, Daesung and Hoseok will be referees."

The crowd roars in response, waving their posters.

"Everyone, please stay seated and enjoy!" Namjoon says, hand running through his cool blue hair,
"And..please refrain from taking pictures or videos to distract the students in the match."

Hoseok walks up with a grin with a lil'twirl, orange hair glowing prettily in the sun, having a ear
piece attached to his ear. He resembled the sun. He joyfully waving, making himself move to wave
around the battlefield to give a wink to his fans.

"Hello guys! Right now, we have glorious Team B versus Team C, the fight you've all been
awaiting for!" Hoseok says. Being extra, he dances a little, rolling his shoulders next to an
uncomfortable Daesung. "Now let us revise the rules!" Hoseok announces, clapping his hands,
"Please start in your starting positions! Remember the rules. Don't go past the white line, or your
disqualified! Get hit by a dodge ball, your disqualified! Go out of the white borders, disqualified!"
Hoseok speaks, reading the written scribbly lines that Yoongi wrote so he didn't mess up.

Daesung nods slowly, watching Hoseok's arm wrap around his neck, "Remember, there is always a
Queen or King. Find the Queen or King and hit them, the whole team is out." Daesung has a
clipboard in his hand this time, "Is everyone clear on that? No breaking the rules."

Hoseok chortles, "We're watching you!" He chuckles happily, clasping his hands together. "I'm
guessing everyone knows that right?" Hoseok says.

"Yes!" Everyone yells in response.

"Great!" Hoseok giggles, jumping up in exhilaration. He totally had a sugar rush at this moment.
"Everyone ready?" Hoseoks asks.

His hand slowly slips into his formal school trousers, exposing the red and black starter pistol and
whipping it out with a creepy grin. "I guess that's a yes." He smiles, raising his hand up. His hand
fingers the trigger, but only silence is created. The gun didn't blast.

"Oh?" Hoseok's grin drops, only confusion plastered on his face, staring at the gun in complete

Fumbling with the weapon, his hand presses the trigger once again, not receiving any noise.

The gun didn't do anything, making Hoseok raise his eyebrows with a sigh. "What's up with this?"
Hoseok grimaces, staring at the thing. The gun annoyed him now, feeling embarrassed. "U-
Um...what a second." He speaks, light pink spreading on his face.
Daesung pokes him gently, motioning the safety lock on the starter pistol.

"Ah!" Hoseok yells.

Yoongi who was with Namjoon and Seokjin wanted to facepalm immediately, watching his friend
do such things like this.

"I didn't turn on the thingy switchy!" Hoseok laughs, flicking the switch. "Thanks Daesung!" He
elbows him with a laugh, acting all casual.

"N-No problem..?" Daesung says.

Team B looked ready, staring at eachother in reassurance - Taehyung's eyes flickering towards
Jimin who nodded with certainty.

Jimin was right infront of all his team members with Taehyung on the left and Yeon on the right
completely the opposite were Jungkook was, facing him with a scary aura. He was glaring at Jimin
the most.

Hoseok raises his eyebrows at the commotion, thinking own word.


Jungkook grits his teeth, completely ready.

He was ready to defeat Team B.

Hoseok raises his hand once again, pressing the trigger following the same motions he did just a
few seconds before.


"And, they're off..?" Yoongi was the one that doing the commentary.

Some student on Team C yells, "GRAB THE BALLS!"

Taehyung and Yeon strike right off the bat, with Taehyung putting his hands on the ground as fast
as he can, producing thick freezing cold ice around their feet.

Yeon follows Taehyung's old move, stomping his foot on the ice, creating electrical waves
slithering through, "Jimin!"

Taehyung was still producing massive random amounts of ice, imobilising and stopping the other
team from grabbing the balls, loud sounds of ice multiplying, covering half of the battle field and
cocooning Team C.

"Right!" Jimin responds by running to the other side, managing to snatching two balls in his small
hands, ready to aim at the nine members frozen ice.

Jimin widens his eyes.

Nine members?

A fly buzzed towards Jimin, wings flapping towards his small button nose. Jimin flicks the fly off,
not realising-
"JIMIN!" Taehyung yells, alerting the strawberry boy to move immediately as fast as he can.

Jimin looks up, in a split second, Jungkook appears in thin air with a flash blinding his eyes.

Where did he come from?! Jimin thinks, startled at the smirk right on Jungkook's face, his black
trainer was the only thing that Jimin could see.

Unexpectedly, Jungkook vanishes in thin air, and Jimin's heart thumps at the wind blowing on his
face from the impact of Jungkook's close kick.

"Jimin! Don't loose focus!" Miyo alerts, breaking Jimin out of his trance, patting him harsly in the
back. "Get it together!-"

Taehyung's massive debris of ice started cracking bit by bit making Team B's necks turn slowly at
the sound.

"W-What's going on..?" Taehyung says, hands producing more ice to stick on the ground, but each
fragment cracks and falters into thin air. "W-What..?-"

All of his ice shatters.

Taehyung's confidence rockets down, face dropping.

He realised what was happening.

"F-FUCK!" Taehyung curses, covering his ears as the sound punched his ear drums. "G-Guys, C-
Cover you ears!" He yells, telling his team.

Ice that cocooned Team C shatters, revealing a huge blast of wind pushing Team B, coming with a
high frequency attack that pierced their ears.

"Someone d-do something!" Yeon screams, covering his ears.

Taehyung's huge ice walls shatter in seconds, making him grit his teeth, one hand covering his ear
and creating more ice walls, but every single one shattered, dispersing in the sun.

"It fucking hurts!" Kang-Yun shudders at the intense vibrations, legs giving out, knees hitting the

The high frequencies didn't stop, breaking each ice creation made by Taehyung.

Team C had a boy who had elasticity, arm stretching out wide, scooping six balls.

"G-Guys the girl that's doing the high frequencies must be behind!" Yeon says, "J-Jimin?"

Taehyung wasn't the only one in pain, the rest of his team mates were.

"Hyun-Ki!" Yeon says, and Hyun-Ki struggles, attempting to run in the middle.

"G-Get behind me everyone!" Hyun-Ki yells alerting all the struggling team members behind him.

Everyone does so, Jimin skidding with his leg quickly into the bubble, dragging Taehyungs hand
being pulled in the centre, Taehyung's over hand holding Miyo's wrist, pulling her in so the
vibrations wouldn't get worse.

Team C were immediately recognised as a tough nut.

Hyun-Ki's body transformed into a liquid bubble, covering them all in a force field just like the last

His wavery voice echoed through the bubble, "Jin-Sang, please use your powers to fly us up really
high to saftey, there could be a range where that girls power can't be reached.." He mutters. The
bubble vibrates with the intense sound, "You can stick your body out of the bubble, and attack, it'll
still keep in shape."

"Okay, whatever you say." Jin-Sang blandly says, eyes turning a black, hands gently touching the
bubble making it to float.

"W-Woah!" The whole team squeaks out, feet feeling light as their team mate controlled the

The intense vibrations weren't felt anymore, being far from the girl's radius making Min Jee sigh in
grief. No more pain.

Jimin observes Jungkook's moves.

He wasn't doing anything for now, but instead he was grabbing the balls, passing it on to his team
mates, not showing his power.

The bubble floats, and Miyo looks down with Team C all wearing headphones.

"Miyo, you okay?" Yeon crosses his arms, staring at the girl who looked terrified.

"I-I'm fine.." She mumbles. The whole team in Hyun-Ki's bubble knew how petrified she was. A
frail third year with low self-esteem, eyes having dark eyebags. She practiced so much on her
moves, she can't put them into use.

What will people judge her?

She was scared.

Nayeon looks at her, the most concerning look in her life.


Miyo widens her eyes, glossy.

"-Use your powers to distract them for a while. Miyo, reflect the sunlight on them. The sun right
now is the brightest right now, so it's perfect timing. Whilst they're distracted, Nayeon, use your
powers on them..." Yeon rambles quickly in the bubble. They didn't have time after all. Anytime,
Hyun-Ki's bubble can pop. "You two girls listening?"

The two girls nod.

"If that plan fails, then you and Taehyung will attack amazingly! Including me and you all. In the
back, Kang-Yun, you will be secretly be our attacker. And-"

"Watch out!" Chung-Ho points at the guy shooting lasers out of his eyes, aiming for the huge
bubble Team B were in.

Jin-Sang sees the dangerous red lazers aiming his way, quickly moving the bubble away.

"Oh shit!" Yeon screams, "There's a boomerang aiming for us!" He yells, and Jin-Sang nods,
turning the bubble left.

Taehyung looks at Jimin, and Jimin looks at Taehyung.

They both nod at eachother.

"Well there's only one thing we can do, right?" Taehyung says, grabbing the colourful dodgeballs
that haven't been snatched from the elasticity guy.

Jimin smiles, "You know what I'm thinking."

"ATTACK!" Everyone on Team B yells, defense grabbing the dodgeballs, and Taehyung, Jimin,
Yeon, Nayeon and

Miyo were on attack, heads popping out on the blue bubble.

Nayeon blinks, neon pink heart crescent orbs scanning for the blondie who was producing the
vibrations, locking eyes with her for a five seconds.

Bingo. Nayeon switches her full power on, "You will be my slave, my love slave. Submit to
me." She says the exact words to fully possess the power. Those words can only be heard by who
she's possessing, "Stop your ridiculous power right now. Switch it fully off. You can't
do anything about it. Go out of the borders."

"The vibrations have stopped!" Min Jee yells from the other side or the bubble, seeing one Team C
member trying to pull the blonde back from the borders.

"Right!" Taehyung cheers, slapping his hand with Min Jee's in a bro like handshake. It was his
time to shine, eyes glowing a bright vibrant icy blue, royal pastel blue snowflakes spreading all
over his left cheek, producing a huge ice boulder, forming a monster like form.

He did more, producing more huge boulders creating enormous ice monsters that were fifteen foot,
towering Team C.

"MMF! MMFUGH!" The monsters scream in sync, opening their mouths spraying ice all over the
battlefield to create a massive ice rink. "GTUUAARGHH!" They howled, asserting their
dominance by stomping.


The battlefield was now an beautiful icy wonderland, snowflakes falling from air, and the crowd
'ooooh'd and 'ahhhh'd at the pretty sight. Little kids that were watching aswell, giggled happily in
the crowds, most of them clapping their hands.

Snowflakes danced around the air, twirling and swaying, iridescent blues and pastel aqua floating
in the sky.

Jimin's head pops out the bubble, lips forming a pout, "Sorry sunlight." He gestures the Battle
Dome's roof to come back and it successfully did with Jimin's power forcefully moving it, blocking
all the sunlight.

All it was a winter wonderland, temperature dropping in the most fastest rate Jimin ever
Taehyung can work with this.

"Are you ready attack team?" Taehyung says, looking at his teammates.

"Hey, that's my line!" Yeon scoffs.

"Let's go then!" Jimin giggles.

Taehyung gets out of the bubble first, gripping on Jimin's wrist, Jimin holding on Yeon's hand,
Nayeon lightly holding Yeon's arm with uncertainty, and Miyo terrified at the height, but was
dragged down by Miyo, gravity pulling them down quickly.

"L-Lasers!" Miyo squeaks, falling with the other four, seeing the red lasers slowly moving towards
to them.




The ice manipulator creates the most thickest ice shield he could make in mere seconds, "Jimin!"
The shield gets hit by the laser, breaking the layers of ice bit by bit in mid-air, then pulling the
three that were above him to the other side.

"Ouch!" Nayeon yelps, glismping down at own her arm, seeing the wound turning an irritating
swollen red.

"We're here!" Yeon alerts Jimin, and Jimin hesitatingly let's go Taehyung who nodded right back
at him with reassurance clicking his fingers as fast as he can.

All of them could feel the adrenaline of cold air breeze brushing against their faces. An evident red
glow surrounded the five.

She was floating.

She didn't hit on the floor.

Everyone was floating.

The ice manipulator stopped floating, ice boots gently pressed on the floor, and everyone did the
same, grabbing something out of his blazer pocket.

"Is everyone okay?" Jimin asks, checking on the other four.

"M-My arm hurts!" Nayeon hisses, then looks forward at Team C fighting off Taehyung's ice
monsters growling and roaring ice and creating ice boulders. "W-Wait watch out!" Nayeon yells,
slipping on the ice, pushing the four.

A long black like substance, a black whip slithered, wrapping around Nayeon's thin frame, petrified
written all on her face.

Nayeon's hand was reaching out for Yeon's, finger tips subtly touching-

"Nayeon!" Yeon yells, hand gripping onto hers, "Jimin help!"

"Hit her, I got the bitch intact!" The boy on the other side tells him team mate.

Jimin look down on his rings uneasy - if his rings weren't on, Team C would he defeated by now -

"Jimin! Stop staring out of space!" Taehyung yells, smacking Jimin's back. "I'm going to attack,
focus, please Chim.."

Miyo grabs Yeon, pulling Nayeon, trying all her might.

"J-Jimin! I can't do anything since there's not much l-light, but...please."

Jimin turns to see the the guys team mate jumping in, hands teansforming a ginormous size,
catapulting the pink dodgeball. He laughs evilly, "We might just get you four!"

The ball ricocheted in the air, aiming at Nayeon-

"NO!" Jimin yells, stopping the ball in mid air, reversing it towards the guy who had big hands,
hitting him with such an impact it knocked him out unconscious.

The boy thuds on the floor, face plummeting on the cold freezing ice, vanishing in thin air.


It wasn't over yet, the red familiar laser aims at Im Nayeon - the exact same one that scorched her

Her heart was thumping against her chest as laser was slowly near her neck, strips of black gooey
whip tightening around her waist.

Knowing that her power tires her out, she turned it on, glaring at the guy who was keeping her
isolated in black goo. "You're my slave, now-"

A huge black ball of light blasted out of the blue bubble above the two, hitting the guy that kept
her hostage, then another blast at the laser guy.

Yeon looks up at the bubble above them, seeing Kang-Yun with a grin, hand popping out of the
bubble that waved below, then saluting away.

Defense team!

Two multicolored dodgeballs darted out of the blue bubble, aiming at the two Team C members-


Six left.

Jimim quickly thinks, where is Jungkook?

The black whip pulls back, twitching at the pain, and Nayeon dropping on the floor, nimble fingers
clutching on her stomach that the whip tightened around.

"A-Are you okay?!" Miyo immediately says, worried.

Taehyung pulls her up, getting the thing out of his blazer, "Guys, since it's slippery, I brought
something." He showed the four a really small bag that could fit anything. "I got this from the
development department - they're replicas of my ice boots." He takes out ice boots of the small
bag, "And the bag - put them on quickly. You guys know how to ice skate?"

All of the four nod.

"Theres a button on the side to unleash the blades on the thing, look." Taehyung says quickly.
Theres no time to spare. He presses the button on the side of his white and blue ice boots and a ice
skating blade comes out, "Put them on quickly!" He passes the four ice boots to his team mates.

Min Jee pops her head out of the bubble, "There's six members of Team C left." She says, hands
holding one dodgeball. The rest of Team B had the dodgeballs in their hands, ready to shoot.

Jin-Sang stands there, controlling the battle ship, "They're still distracted with Taehyung's ice
yeti's, and the attack team are down putting their ice boots on." He looks at the dodgeballs they

They had three left.

A blue one, a pink and yellow one.

Hyun-Ki's speaks up with his wavery voice, "Hey team, I've been observing. There's six team
members left, right?"

Everyone nods in the bubble, small yes' and yeah's.

"But there's only five members on the battlefield." Hyun-Ki says.

He was right.

"Your right." Kang-Yun says, rubbing his chin, "What was that guys ability?"

Chung-Ho furrows his eyebrows, "The one that attacked Jimin-ssi at the start?"

Kang-Yun nods, crossing his arms, "Yeah, that one."

"Maybe his power is teleportation?" Min Jee suggests, shrugging her shoulders.

"He wouldn't be able to disappear just like that..?" Chung-Ho mutters. "He would have to be still in
the white borders. Right?"

"Invisibility?" Jin-Sang guesses, "No.." Jin-Sang sighs, putting his free hand on his forehead.

Min let's out a little ah, "I remember something now!" She says, clasping her hands together, "I
remember when Taehyung-ssi was talking about a friend that had shapeshifting."

Everyone stayed silent that time.

They turn to Min Jee slowly.

Tension grows thick in the air as Min Jee looks confused, as the boys looked at her with blank

"W-Why are you guys looking at me like that?" Min Jee stutters, frightened. "D-Did I do
something wrong?"

No one moves at that point, and Min Jee is confused.

"Is there something behind me?"

No answer.

She turns her head slowly, only to see one of the dodgeballs forming a human body that towered
over her, with two dodgeballs in their hands.

Min Jee looks at him, lips parting in fear.

He looked down at Min Jee with an innocent smile, but the defense team knew that his actions in a
few seconds were the complete opposite.

Min Jee deeply swallows.

"Dead end." Jungkook murmurs, aiming the dodgeball at them.

"GUWARHHHF!" The four ice yeti's yell in sync, throwing ice boulders at the five members of
Team C on the battlefield. Their square jaws smack together, large beady eyes looking for targets
to aim at, stomping their feet angrily on the ice to mark their territory.

Finally getting the ice boots on, Jimin stands up, pressing the button on the side, seeing the skating
gold blade popping out, he opens his mouth in awe.

Everyone finally got their boots on, pressing the button the the side, adjusting to the feeling being
on thick ice.

"W-Woah.!" Miyo says, wobbling a bit, but regaining her balance.

"These are cool." Nayeon comments, twirling on the ice, spinning effortlessly, with a grin.



Yeon looks up, everyone in the bubble vanishing, Hyun-Ki first then another then another - each
one disappeared one by one, nothing left but dodgeballs falling down, the only remains of their
Jimin's heart fell.

Who was getting their team mates out without a trace?

Jimin knew.


"Dodge! If we get hit we're out!" Nayeon yells, clutching on her pained arm, and everyone did so,
skating away from the dodgeballs, "There's obviously someone shapeshifting a dodgeball!"

Nayeon was right.

Jimin stops the three balls from landing, stopping it temporarily, moving his legs on the ice,
skating with his team members right next to him.

He watches one dodgeball vanishing, Jimin's mind clicks, controlling the actual two dodgeballs,
pulling them towards him, passing them to Miyo and Yeon.

"Let's hit those two whilst they're distracted," Taehyung says, hand creating an ice spear with rims
and beautiful engravings, passing it to Yeon, who fueled his electricity in it, aiming at the two
members fighting off Taehyung's ice monsters.

Yeon put all his strength in it, spear turning a yellowish green, throwing it like a javelin. "Miyo!"

The five split up, breaking their formation, Taehyung, Jimin and Nayeon skating together, and
Miyo and Yeon skating on the other side.


The two boys on the other side flinched at the yellow ice spear nearly hitting them, dodging
quickly away with a huge jump, but they didn't expect that the electricity spread towards them,
vibrating their senses, making their bodies uncontrollably jitter, falling unconscious.

Miyo throws the two dodgeballs, remembering her basket ball lessons when she was younger,
hitting them perfectly.


"Yes!" Jimin and Taehyung grin, seeing Miyo and Yeon high five eachother. The three group back,

Taehyung's grin falters.

His whole arm raises up, trying to grab his friends-

"YEON! MIYO! BEHIND YOU!" Taehyung screeched, hand producing a small ice boulder in the
shortest amount of time, but it didn't stop the silhouette.

It didn't stop the shadow right behind them, a wicked smirk plastered on their faces.

"J-Jungkook?!" Jimin looked stunned, managing to control his team mates bodies, moving them to
the side with his royal red eyes-

Jungkook predicted Jimin's moves, turning to the other side were they've been moved, hand with
the ball, literally slamming the ball in Yeon's face without no shame at all.
Miyo screams, "L-Light refraction!-"

The ball that Jungkook thrown was filled with so much pressure and power, it knocked into Miyo's
stomach, winding her, making her tumble and fall over, curling up in a ball.

"Shit." Yeon curses under his breath. He was so close to dodging it, but no.

He saw the dodgeball roll down Miyo's stomach - she looked like she was about to be sick,
clutching tightly on her stomach.


Yeon laughs broken, guilt spreading on his face.

Was this really happening?

"I'm sorry for not noticing."

Both of their bodies vanish into pink and gold dust.

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Chapter 11: Let's dance
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Chapter Notes


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Jungkook smirks at the sound of Taehyung's team mates out. "So, Taehyung, are you going to give
up yet?"

"You think?" Taehyung laughs, eyes glowing a vibrant blue, madness taking over his face. "You
know I'm not a loser. I don't play to loose."

The two copy each others footsteps jokingly, both pondering who will make the first move.

Taehyung wanted to mentally snort in his head, and he did, knowing Jungkook will make the first
He knows him well.

Jungkook chortles at this, "Let's see if you can do that then." His laugh turns into a wicked smile,
watching Taehyung creating something out of thin air. "I bet your going to use one of your old ice
spears, right?"

"Maybe I am." Taehyung smirks, hand finally grasping onto the cold weapon.

Jungkook looks at the weapon. Its little icy intricate details, swirls and curves, as if a sculptor
made it. The large spear was taller than Taehyung, rings around it and the blade sparkling in the
icy wonderland of snowflakes.

"Impressive." Jungkook comments. "What about your little team mates?" He snarls, "Are they just
going to leave you here? Or your leaving them to fight with me?"

Taehyung smiles, "I can deal with it."

Jungkook laughs -


Without knowing, Jimin steps in, chubby cheeks cupcake pink from the weather inside the
One step, and the tension in the air thickens with Jimin interfering in their little moment, a gush of
wind blasting in the air, red eyes controlling Jungkook who turned his head at his presence.
"Hey! Don't interfere!" Jungkook childlishy says, "Taehyung!" but his smile falters when he feels a
wave of strong air aiming for his stomach.
As if someone was invisible, punching his stomach.

Jungkook's eyes widen in a split second.

"Ah shit-!" Jungkook shrieks, clutching his stomach as it was being plummeted. "You idiot!"
Jungkook cusses under his breath, toppling onto the icy rink. "I'm going to get you! Kyle!-"

"Jimin! I thought you were fighting off the others!" Taehyung says, with a smile.

Meanwhile, Jungkook was holding his sides, being ignored. It didn't stop him though, grabbing a
dodgeball right next to him. A smirk reaches his face, watching Taehyung and Jimin talk to

Taehyung can finally get out then..

Jimin smiles happily, "It's team work! We do this together!"

The shapeshifter slowly let's his arm extend out, closer and closer to Taehyung's leg.

Do it.

He knew Taehyung, always getting distracted by something. And that was good. That meant he
could get him out easily in a matter of seconds.



Taehyung's smile falters although making Jimin wince his eyebrows. The red head looked
confused. He was oblivious.


Jungkook flinches beneath them. Did they realise?

"Behind you!" Taehyung yells, moving out of Jungkook's range, having a dodgeball in his hand,
and passing it to Jimin and quick as he can.

Jimin retrieves Taehyung's dodgeball, slowly turns behind.

Around twenty dodgeballs being rapidly aimed at him.

"C-Crap!" Jimin shouts, having the dodgeball in his hand. It was the only defense he could use.
Grasping on the dodgeball as hard as he can, he managed to hold off five dodgeballs with his

What could he do?

If he dodges, Taehyung gets out too. That wasn't good at all.


Jimin runs of course, a little panicked, pulling Taehyung along with him. He looks up, seeing the
fountain of various colours of dodgeballs being targeted at them.
"H-Hey!" Jimin says, "Move your hip!"

Taehyung was confused, but decided to do so, moving his hips, seeing a purple dodgeball that
zoomed in the middle of them. He gasped in relief. "T-Thanks!"

"Nayeon is somewhere," Jimin mutters to himself, dodging the balls that were being shooted at
them in inhumane speed, "If I throw you to the other side to get Jungkook out-"

"I trust you Jimin - I completely trust you because your my team mate, do what you can-"

Jimin eye smiles at this, but tugs his wrist much more harder, pulling him along, "I-I need to find a
spot where they haven't c-chose yet..can you use your ice to make a safe landing?"


"O-Oh okay!" Jimin shivers. Legs pacing, Jimin finally finds the spot. The empty space with ice.
He stops. This place was clear, he reassured himself as he puts his arms around Taehyung.

"I may be heavy, is that okay Chim?"

Jimin shrugs, "Of course.." His mouth zips shut, realising theres a dodgeball coming towards him.
Jimin instinctively emits a red ring quickly forming a crimson forcefield, protecting himself.

"J-Jimin? W-What..?"

"Don't question it!" Jimin yells, quickly thrusting a extra dodgeball into Taehyungs large hands,
watching the colourful dodgeballs bounce off, "Now hit Jungkook! Me and Nayeon will take care
of the others!"

The forcefield flickers away, and Taehyung simply nods, being thrown in the air harshly towards
the other side.

But out of all honesty, what was that forcefield?

Body flung onto the other side, Taehyung could see Jungkook's body finally standing up holding
his stomach still. Taehyung pressed the sides of his snow boots in mid air, making a clicling sound
- snow was spewing out of the sides, making him sigh in relief that it worked.

The ice manipulators fingertips touched the spewing snow on the sides, making the ice move and
shape into a slide.

"Your smart." Jungkook smirks, watching Taehyung jumping down onto the icey ring, with a
dodgeball in his hand.

Taehyung presses the sides of his shoes once again making the snow stop, putting all the strength
into the ball he had in his left hand in the middle of the jump, "I know!"

Jungkook dodges the zooming dodgeball, and sees Taehyung finally on the battleground, facing
him properly. He had a dodgeball in his hand, aiming it at Taehyung. "But are you smart enough to
dodge this?"

"I-Ice shield!" Taehyung couldn't dodge that dodgeball of Jungkook's, it was fueled with so much
core strength. Luckily, the dodgeball bounces off, but his shield shatters, and Jungkook starts
throwing more dodgeballs with all his might and Taehyung knew he had a limit to his ice powers.

Jungkook was talented and fit, not even using his power.
Taehyung clenches his teeth.

He dodges quickly, seeing Jungkook morph with a neon green and white glow surrounding him

He shape shifted into carbon copy standing there perfectly fine, staring into his eyes like a doll.

Oh shit. Taehyung immediately thinks. Jungkook had to do it, didn't he?

Two Taehyungs.

Each opposing eachother.

Unbelievable to someones eyes, the same exact voice came out the copy. Silver wavy hair,
distinctive azure blue eyes, pink lips stood right infront of Taehyung. "You didn't think I would use
this to get you out Taehyung?"

There were two Taehyung's on the battlefield, moving in sync, but one with a mischievous smile,
and two dodgeballs in his hand and the other only one.

It was as if a mirror was placed infront of him.

Taehyung smiles crookedly, "You're so competitive."

Jungkook - or Taehyung two grins, "You know me well." He creates an ice spear, the same exact
one like Taehyung's, "Can you deal with this though?"

Taehyung looks at him. The copy does his signature boxy grin, pointing the spear towards him,
"Let's play fair hm?"

"You may know me well, but I know myself better." Taehyung just says, "Yeah, I'm really in deep
shit. Taehyung eyebrows furrow, muttering to himself. There was silence, and all Taehyung could
do was curse. "Fuck."

Yoongi sat there in silence. His eyes raked over the digital screen infront of him, sitting next to
Namjoon and Seokjin who were silent, not even bothering to do commentary on the battlefield.

Maybe, it was because it was one of the most mysterious battles in the Tricpyth tryouts.

"Did you see that?" Jin says slowly.

"Of course I did." Yoongi says, rewinding the part again where Jimin unleashes a blast which
causes him to produce a forcefield.

Namjoon stares intensely. "I've never seen that before. Telekenis' are supposed to control things in
their mind. Usually, some have aura when controlling things, and some don't. Although, Jimin..."
Namjoon trails off. "There's a student that has the power using forcefields, and it looks exactly like
Jin looks at Namjoon, opening his mouth to let out a wisp of white smoke that smelled like
cherries, creating a dusty book that was clutched into his hands, "Maybe your overthinking it." He
passes the book to Namjoon with a smile. "I brought this with me."

"The book of Telekenisis?" Namjoon snorts at this, but the book seemed authentic. "I wonder how
much information you had to consume before creating this book." He mutters flipping the hard
book cover that was ripping from the sides.

The pink haired pouts, "I am very smart, thank you very much."

"Says the one that skips their lessons." Yoongi comments blandly. "Did your dad call the hotdog
stand again? I wanna get a hotdog. And you shouldn't be looking into it."

Namjoon chuckles, "Well, curiosity gets the best of people."

"Obviously." Yoongi murmurs.

Jin wraps his arms around Namjoons neck boredly, "We don't even know Jimin that well. You
never know who he is! He's adorable but there's somethin' about him don't you think? The way he
uses his powers feels forced."

"What are you implying?" Namjoon says.

"Haven't you felt something odd about him? Everyone has an aura according to their powers when
they're switched on. Right?"

Namjoon and Yoongi nod.

"When he switches his, it is the most terrifying aura I've ever experienced, worse than those Big
Bang members. Maybe he's stronger than them. When he uses his powers, he only shows like five
percent of it's abilities on the battlefield!" Jin rambles.

"You're overthinking about my Jiminie." Yoongi mutters.

Jin snorts, "Look Yoongi, I'm serious. I've looked through that book. I've found an old copy in my
dad's library, and I've read it and made a temporary copy of it." He says, "Pass me the book, Joon."

Namjoon passes it to him, slightly confused, then watches Jin's eyes glow a pink that matches his
hair, finding the designated page he needed.

"Ah! Found it." Jin says happily, planting the book onto the table with a nonchalant grin.

Cʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 285, Tʜᴇ Pᴏᴡᴇʀ ᴡɪᴛʜɪɴ Tᴇʟᴇᴋᴇɴɪꜱɪꜱ

Telekenis is a gifted and cursed power to only five percent of the population. Within their growth,
they can easily pick up their power and learn their power quickly exceeding an average teenager
who has a well mastered power.

Usually growing up, many Telekenis' are too over powered since fifty percent of their power is
added each five months, according to research, in resulting many deaths who hold this power go
crazy and out of control.
Blue haired Namjoon shrugs, flipping through the pages, "That does make sense." He eyes Yoongi
who stands up from his seat groggily, "Have you realised that Jimin has rings on each finger except
his thumb?"

Yoongi scoffs, "Why would I know?" He just says, carrying his satchel, holding his beloved book
that the librarian gave him.

"Because your close with Jimin-ah, and you're also his roommate. Even though you met him a few
days ago..." Namjoon says with no warning.

Jin immediately pulls Namjoon's ear, making him yelp irritated.

The both knew Yoongi, and he was a hot head. A literal one.

"It's not my fault I feel this way, Namjoon. I can't help it! There's something that makes me
attached to him.." Yoongi stomps his foot angrily. The whole room violently shakes, his black hair
turning orange and red and blue with the same colours in his eyes resembling a fire, feet causing a
blue and orange flames to roar and crackle around him.

"Joon you idiot!" Jin squeaks, staring at the ring of flames crackling around them. He quickly
opens his mouth, making a white wisp of smoke, creating a fire extinguisher and immediately
spraying the little fire of flames before it could spread.

Yoongi's eyes water, eyes widening back to a russet brown, hair transforming back to midnight
black hair, "Fuck!- shit - sorry Jin - Namjoon, it's all my fault! I can't control it!" Namjoon pats
Yoongi's back, but Yoongi quietens down, now eyes strained onto the floor.

"Hey dude it's okay. It's my fault, okay?" Namjoon says, "I should've known better."

"I did it again." Yoongi mumbles, staring down at the floor that was slowly making burn marks.
He felt as if he was a freak.

"It's okay Yoongi - just calm down." Jin sighs, making the fire extinguisher disappear, approaching
Yoongi and Namjoon. Yoongi looked mad, stressed, somewhat upset from himself.
He looked unsure on what to say.
"I don't understand myself. I fucking don't." He hisses, pulling his hair.

Jin clicks his tongue, pulling Yoongi's fingers away from his hair, "Hey! Don't do that!"

"I-I'm s-sorry- I'm supposed to manipulate fire, not get angry and create fire out of no where."
Yoongi seethes, hands clenching into fists.

Namjoon sighs, "You should get your power checked out. That's the third time it's happened and
fire manipulators aren't supposed to do that. Your supposed to manipulate fire, not make fire.. "

"Joon," Jin says, "We'll check Yoongi out after the try outs finishes."

Yoongi's nails dig into his skin, "I'm going to leave." He says, pwalking out of the room.

The door slams, and Namjoon and Jin look at eachother.

Exiting out of the room underneath the BattleDome, Yoongi sighs, ruffling his black hair then
slipping his hands into his trouser pockets. He was always afraid of himself. About his true powers.

It scared him.

"Oh my God! Yoongiiii!"

How can his day get any better?

Hoseok was cheerfully there, running up to him with a hotdog in his hand, a lovely grin plastering
on his face. "How are you dude? My homie? My homeslice bread slice hm?"

"Not good. I'm going to buy hotdogs." Yoongi just mutters, trying to get away from the ball of
sunshine that was blinding his path.

"Can I go with you?!"


"I thought you were refereeing the battle?" Yoongi just says, raising an eyebrow, and Hoseok just
stifles his quirky laugh, clutching his sides. Damn, this dude laughs too much.

Then his team mate snorts louder getting attention from the crowd, the fan girls screaming

"HOSEOK-SSI! YOONGI! NOTICE ME!" The fangirls scream, waving the banners around with
Yoongi's and Hoseok's faces on.

Oh god.

Yoongi groans.

He does laugh way too much.

It's impeccable.

"Oh! I left Daesung to do it!" Hoseok speaks, eyes twinkling. "I'll buy you the hotdogs! My dad
topped up my account with six million won my dude, let's buy shit!"

Yoongi rolls his eyes. "Go away."

Hoseok side pouts, hands on his hips with slight disappointment "I get that your on your man
period my dude...or...someone wound you up, causing you to-"

"No I'm not."

Hoseok's smile drops.

"Don't mention that."

"But Yoongi my fam, my bro, my hotdog. It's on me." Hoseok winks, trying to lighten up the
mood, and Yoongi sighs. "Think more positively! Ooo, look, you could find so much boobies in a
porno mag and you don't need to fuck an onahole or a pussy once again!"

Yoongi just stops walking with him with the most confused expression. "Did you forget that I like
boys? I like dick?"

"I'll buy you a hotdog. If it makes ya feel better." Hoseok says.


Hoseok fist bumps the air, "Fuck yeah! That's the spirit!"

"Nayeon!" Jimin says with a smile, finally finding her on the huge battlefield of dodgeballs. "I
found you!"
Daesungs loud voice interrupted the start the conversation, making Jimin flinch, but Nayeon
frozen, not being alerted or jumpy at his loud voice over the speaker phone.


Nayeon nods, "I got a member out earlier." She says, pointing at the boy on the other side brutally
beat up exiting the white borders in Nayeon's manipulation, eyes a familiar colour of bright neon
pink. His entire body vanishes into gold dust, and Jimin jumps in happiness. "God I feel tired.."

Her eyes were about to close.

"Side effects?" Jimin tilted his head, "From your power..? B-But we need to take action and stay
put!" Jimin panicks.

Nayeon giggles, pink eyes turning back to an emerald green that was slightly dazed. "Obviously.
Hey don't panick."

"B-But - You look like your going to pass out!" Jimin protests.

"I'll deal with it, don't worry-"

Jimin pouts, patting her back gently, causing Nayeon to feel an shot of a huge electrical volt of
adrenaline. What? All of of a sudden, she was somewhat refreshed.

Goosebumps spread all over her body as she shivered making Jimin look at her.

Nayeon raises an eyebrow, staring right at Jimin who was walking off, suddenly suspicious, just
standing on the battlefield completely lost. She felt alive, and somehow Jimin turned the tables?
Her haze was removed just by a tap?

"Nayeon! What are you doing? Don't just stand there! We need to get the others out too! They're
near Taehyung's ice golems!" Jimin yells, gesturing Nayeon to follow him. "Come on! You're
going to get hit!"

She runs towards Jimin following him with uncertainty. Finally catching up with him with her
snow boots that were covered in snow and ice flecks on the icy rink, "So what's the plan?"
"The plan?" Jimin pouts to the other side with his pretty pink lips and gasped, remembering,
"Taehyung told me that there was three - well two n-now because of you getting one of them out.
Duplication..Object Morphing..." Jimin tries to use his adorable lil'fingers, while running. "I think

"Guun, we can make these ice golems to weapons , it will scare off the enemies , don't you think?"

"Of course Goh."

"F-Found them!" Jimin says, spotting the two makes with his peripheral vision, attacking the ice
golems. He turns to Nayeon who was right by his side, "Nayeon? Are you alright to do what you
can with your power...?"

Jimin turns to Nayeon who had a horrified face.

Nayeon could see one of the boys turning the destroyed ice golem into a huge scythe, and she
froze, silent in despair at the sight.

"Are you listen-"

"Jimin! M-Move!" Nayeon speaks.

A scythe was under them about to slice off their fucking feet, so close -

"Fudge, fudge fudge!-" Jimin quickly speaks, arms wrapping around Nayeons waist, tightly.
"Float!" He yells, making them float within air as quickly as they can. His eyes stare at the boy
who was holding the scythe changing his postion in a hammer like stance.

He looks at Nayeon who looks terrified, breathing heavily.

"Are they trying to fucking kill us?!" Nayeon screeches, legs shaking and dangling in the air.
"You're fine now your in the air at least!" Jimin says, breathing in and out, seeing his own hot air
become a faint white wisp in the cold breeze-

The purple scythes blade smashes into the icy rink, making the whole BattleDome rumble.

"H-Holy shit!" Nayeon schreeches, clutching onto Jimin for her own life.

Jimin furrows his eyebrows. They must want our attention in the scythe then. I'm sure the other
one will also attack from behind...


The whole audience says, holding onto whatever they can. The purple scythe was pierced into the
ground, stabbing a huge hole in the middle the the battle grounds.

The ice started to crack, shards shattering in the air, huge chunks of the icy battle field bouncing up
in mid air then being pulled down by the gravitational force.

Taehyung and Jungkook look up from fighting, and stare at the enormous scythe bigger than them
smashed into the battlegrounds, trying to aim at Jimin and Nayeon.

"You focus on me!" Taehyung yells, aiming the dodgeball at his copy, or more named Jungkook,
who morphs into a penny coin that drops onto the floor.

The ball completely misses Jungkook, bouncing onto the other side, making Taehyungs face drop
in irritation.

Meanwhile in Jimin and Nayeon's perspective, Jimin shakes Nayeon's shoulders, "H-Hey, I'm here
okay?! I have a power too I can use! Calm down!"

"I'm going to get killed! I came here to sign up for a fucking team place - but no! A fucking scythe
aimed at my beautiful complexion!" Nayeon freaks out in the middle of being in thin air controlled
my Jimin.

Jimin rolls his eyes. Narcissist.

"H-Hey don't roll your eyes! You're an overpowered freak! You should kn-"

The gush of wind alerts them, seeing two scythes, one blue and purple swinging in opposite

"Get on my back!"

Nayeon furrows her eyebrows, "What?! I don't trust you!"

"Do you wanna be sliced?!" Jimin shrieks, and controlling Nayeon to go in his back. "Thank S-
Satan!" Jimin sees the scythes dancing swirling around them.

One single move, they can become into a meaty pulp.

Okay you can do this Jimin.

In a swift move, Jimin jumps onto the purple scythe, running on the large handle, watching the
blue scythe suddenly rapidly aiming for him right infront of him.

"Oh my God you're going to die with me!" Nayeon screams, watch the blue scythes blade coming
towards them, clutching onto Jimin as hard as she can.

"S-Shush!" Jimin squeaks, "Duck!"

The blue scythe was centimetres away from their heads, as Jimin crouched, and leaped onto the
blue scythe, running on its handle now.
With Nayeon still terrified, and Jimin knew what she was thinking probably by the look on her
face. Her face was stricken with fear, scared if that huge scythe blade with tear her small petite
body in reckless seams and ribbons of blood.

Jimin disliked her, but she's a team mate, and not in Jimin's watch. He sighed. Whilst running, the
purple scythe quickly slides beneath them-

"Look down you idiot!" Nayeon yells. "If you die, I die too!"

Jimin jumps onto the purple scythe, "The school wouldn't let us die!" Instead Jimin thought that
whoever's holding the scythes and attacking them like this are close to eachother. He keeps running
with an annoying Nayeon on his back pestering him greatly.

"Oi! That way!" Nayeon orders, seeing the blue scythe going straight down towards them that
could cut them in half.

Jimin doesn't listen, but instead, hiseyes turn to the familiar colour of royal red, the colour of blood
that glowed ever so brightly-

"You're going to get us killed!"

The blue scythe was about to cut them in half until a red aura surrounded it and it started to lift up,
making Nayeon shriek.

Below them, the opposing team mate yells angrily, "Hey that's mine you Telekenisis freak!"

"So they're twins!" Jimin says, finally catching somewhat a glimpse below them, at the two black
haired twins. Jimin grasps onto the scythe so easily as if he was so used to it, as if he mastered
using the scythe. "Nayeon."


"Can you control them so they can produce a weapon within this radius.?"
Nayeon nods, "I think so-"

It was too late. The purple scythe comes their way, and then in replacement from the blue scythe
Jimin took was a huge war hammer swinging towards them.

"We'll get you!" The twins yell in unison, and Jimin and Nayeon begin to float. Jimin walks on an
invisible floor above them, left hand adjusting his posture for Nayeon and right hand holding the
blue scythe safely.

"Nayeon, do it!"

The girls peridot eyes turns rose quartz pink, managing to get five seconds of the twin that had blue
eyes holding the same hammer, "Submit to me and walk out the borders!"

A ring of pink surrounds the blue eyed twin. His eyes were now eyes of pink roses and cotton
candy, "I shall do what I can for Master.." His voice trails off, quickly walking out of the borders.

"Drop your hammer!" Nayeon yells as loud as she can from above, and a huge thud echoes the

Mission success, one twin out and-

"GUUN! NO!" The loud voice of the other screams. The other twin however, finds another snow
golem near Taehyung, then touching it for ten seconds, and morphing it into a huge cage. "I
WONT LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS!" He yells, grabbing his now pink eyed twin,
pulling his blazer shoving him into the metal silver cage.

"I don't think so!" Nayeon says, feet dropping to the icy floor including with the help of Jimin.
"Slave, break out of the cage!"

While Nayeon was doing that, Jimin expertly twirling the scythe, "You're very good at this.",and
swinging it towards the purple eyed twin who jumped over, dodging it easily with a angered face.
The twin laughs, "I'm from Busan after all!" He grips onto his purple scythe, swinging it in Jimin's
face. "But, I ain't a freak like you." His cold voice made Jimin have goosebumps.

Jimin sucked his teeth at that.

But, that didn't stop Jimin from easily dodging, running the same pace as the other twin. He had
more body strength than him, watching the enemy taking another swing with his scythe.

"I want this place just like you do!" The twin yells, watching Jimin run onto his scythe.

The twin realises his mistake, knowing he made an open space for his enemy to attack. In other
words, he was screwed.

Jimin unexpectedly jumps up and twists his body in the air, swinging the scythe into his enemy as
fast as he can into his stomach. He used the other side without the blade that plunged his stomach.

Jimin's eyes turn to a brown, feet dropping onto the floor. "So do I..that's why I'm here in the first

Jimin looks down mercilessly at the coughing winded boy.

"I-I will- get revenge!" The boy says, trying to speak, but he felt like he couldn't breathe.

Instead of guilt that he usually felt, he seemed to have a lack of remorse.

His eyes shined his scary vampire like royal red eyes for second, making the twin shiver at the

"I also came for someone else too."

Jimin turns and yells alerting Nayeon, "I got him!"

Nayeon gave him a thumbs up, "I can't get the other twin out of the cage but -" She grabs a
forgotten dodgeball near her, "I can do this!" She puts all her strength into it, dashing it at the
purple eyed twin on the icy floor.


His body vanished, dispersing into thin air in little particles one by one, pastel pinks and standing
out gold, just like Jimin's previous teammates did.

"W-Wait a sec." Jimin says, hands out controlling the heavy cage, lifting it up so the other twin can
walk out of the borders. The two watched the boy walk tremendously fast out of the borders
A few seconds after, Jimin and Nayeon smile at the sound they always wanted to hear.


Jimin and Nayeon look at eachother.

"Yes! High five!"

The two high five eachother, feeling the success and the satisfaction.

But they didn't expect the words to be announced.


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12: Kryptonite
Chapter Summary

20 min break

Chapter Notes

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"Well done Team B, always impressing us today!" Mr Kim says joyfully, patting to Jimin and
Nayeon who were grinning in slight embarrassment, "However, in Team B, someone has broke
the rules and will be disqualified from the team."

Mr Kim, the principal comes to with his huge smile that looked awfully familiar to his sons.
Although, that smile was slightly forced as he held the microphone very harshly.

He coughs, and the confetti that was sprayed all over the battle field and on Jimin's curly red hair
and Nayeon's midnight black hair stops.

Everyone in the Battle Dome settle down from cheering and become completely silent as they
watch the huge screens that pan near Mr Kim's face.

The Telekenisis immediately looks confused, instinctively turning to Nayeon who merely shrugs.

His smile fades, eyes darkening, "They used an illegal substance or drug called kryptonite dust that
boosts their power, and since the drug is illegal, we have no choice but to arrest them for using it,
and even owning the drug."
The crowd start booing at Team B, and Mr Kim coughs into the microphone purposely.

"We won't share any more information, but however, one student in the beaten teams, Team A and
Team C, will be chosen to replace the drug user." The principal regains his smile, squeezing
Jimin's shoulder reassuringly.

The tension was thick, and Jimin didn't want to say anything - he could feel the strong aura from
Mr Kim right next to him.

How did he even get there in the first place?

"To make it fun, during the twenty minutes, Team B and Team D will do whatever they want and
all of us..? Well there's going to be a raffle on who you choose to be on Team B's team whilst we

Everyone starts whispering, many with smug grins, others with surprised faces.

"We will have four people holding a raffle box. They will go around the four sides of the Battle
Dome. You can write down who you want to be on Team B's team and we will count it equally."

Jimin widens his eyes, immediately thinking of one person who he wanted in the team.

Jeon Jungkook.

His eyes twinkle.

"On the other hand, people who are participating in the teams are not allowed to vote...sorry!" Mr
Kim chuckles, staring right at Jimin as if he could read his mind. "It's up to the audience."

Jimin clenches his small hands in anger, but his face was saying a different story.

"Now, we shall start our twenty minute break! Bye folks!"


Jungkook freaks out in his team room silently hearing the news from the television infront of him
with Mr Kim announcing the event.

"To make it fun, during the twenty minutes, Team B and Team D will do whatever they want
and all of us..? Well there's going to be a raffle on who you choose to be on Team B's team
whilst we wait!"

Their team room was dimly lit with a orange and yellow tint of light. It gave off a cosy friendly
atmosphere. Jungkook could feel the warmth of the radiators.

In his head, he thought, what if he could be the one chosen?

Then him and Taehyung can do all the things they want.

Be heroes. Together.

Then confess-

"Hey Jungkook!"

Jungkook's racing thoughts were interrupted by the twins peer over him, black hair and blue and
purple eyes looking up and down.
The two mirrored eachother actions.

"What's up with you?" The two said in synchronisation. "You look puzzled."

"Leave me alone," Jungkook mumbles.

"How mean, don't you think Guun?" Goh huffs.

"We're only trying to...hm, socialise with you!" Guun exclaims.

The two were annoying, but they kept talking to him for no apparent reason.

"We will have four people holding a raffle box. They will go around the four sides of the Battle
Dome. You can write down who you want to be on Team B's team and we will count it equally."

Jungkook watched the digital screen infront of him in the cameras view that was panning on their
principals face, Mr Kim.

Ignoring the twins, the two ticketed intensely, gossiping endlessly.

The purple eyed looked at his twin, "Is it because of that Taehyung kid?"
The blue eyed pouted and nodded, "Obviously."

"Is he gay?" The purple eyed mumbles.

"H-Hey I can hear you!" Jungkook yells, crossing his arms at the twins. They were the only people
who actually interacted with him in the group without the battlefield forcing them to communicate.

"On the other hand, people who are participating in the teams are not allowed to vote...sorry!"

"We know." The twins say at the same time. "We want to talk to you, surprised you're not even that
confident in the battlefield." The twins say in unison.
The twins sit down next to Jungkook boredly, one in the left, one on the right sandwiching him.

"You know Guun, what if one of is gets picked, and we have to leave eachother?" The purple twin
yawns, and the blue twins sighs, grabbing a up of coffee on the table right infront of them.

"You never know. It's the audiences choice, Goh." The blue twin says worried slightly.

The two twins clasp eachother hands together, infront of Jungkook.

"If anyone tries to kill you Guun, I'll kill them." The purple twin says darkly.

Jungkook furrows his eyebrows. He's got some crazy ass members.
"Anyways, Kookie, who do you think will get picked in the raffle?" The twins stare at him, and
Jungkook rolls his eyes.

"Didn't I tell you guys not to call me that?"

The two boys stand right infront of him. At the same time, they crossed their arms. "Why not call
you that?"

Guun smirked, "That ice kid always calls you that." He turns to his twin, "Don't you think, Goh?"

"You think he has feelings for him?" Goh raises an eyebrow, speaking out loud.

"I CAN HEAR YOU!" Jungkook shrieks, covering the shorter blue eyed twins mouth. Jungkook
hisses, "Shut. Up..! Why are you even talking to me?"

The twins cackle.

"We're not dumb, we heard you're from Busan, so we wanted to be friendly with you, obviously.
It's rare to find people from Busan here." The one twin with purple eyes grin, stars in his eyes,
"Both of us want to be friends with you, we can talk in our dialect."

Jungkook takes interest, "Wait you're from Busan?"

Jungkook still had his hand over the blue eyed twins mouth.

The purple twin pulls off his hand easily, staring at Jungkook curiously.
"We're not good for nothing, fighting your new little friend named Jimin whatever that freak is."
The blue eyed one gestures, then sweeps his uniform. "Both of us are trained."


Jungkook was annoyed as it is. He's known Jimin for a day, but honestly he seemed a kind soul,
and his stupid teammates have a grudge on the poor boy.

Just because of his power.

Oh, Telekenisis has a very very dark history on why the power died out, and people saw it over
Everyone knew about it. History classes, text books...exams about it.

He felt bad for Jimin.

"What do you mean a freak?" Jungkook says slowly, watching the twins raise an eyebrow.

"Well, his power is unnatural. Gives a boost every month, multiples, it's unfair on people who
work hard mastering what power they have. Plus, by now, he would've committed suicide on how
much power it destroys the holder of the Telekenisis power, but surprisingly he hasn't." Goh looks
straight at Jungkook.

Guun did the same.

"They also murdered people with their power! They're mental! Crazy!" Guun clicks his fingers,
What did Jimin even do them?

Jungkook's expression falls.

Just because people put dirt on the power that Jimin has, it's not fair. He's strong, but he gets so
much hate for it.

"W-What did he even do to you?" Jungkook manages to get out.

The twins roll their eyes. "He's just a freak."

"Is that all you can say?!-"

"Whatever, we're bored." Guun pulling his twin closer to him by the arm. "Let's annoy someone

Goh nods in agreement, "Let's."

"Fuckin' shits.." Jungkook mumbles, slumping in his seat, continuing to watch the screen. The two
twins from Busan always annoyed him but they keep intimidating him. Short, but tough.


"K-KANG YUN'S GETTING ARRESTED?!" Miyo screams, in a verge of a mental breakdown.

"B-But that's not fair! We have nine members! Oh my God! Oh God- what did Kang-Yun do
The four Tricpyth members and Jimin was casually floating in the air boredly, witnessing Team B
fall apart, puzzled, all over the place in their Team room.

Yeon was basically sitting down on their table, face stern and hard, hands intertwined together,
looking down on the table blank.

Miyo was breaking down. She was always anxious, whole body shaking at the news about her
friend, Kang-Yun using a illegal drug Kryptonite that is not allowed at all.

The rest of Team B seemed to be panicking, puzzled looks slapped on their faces.

"Jimin stop floating!??"

Taehyung on the other hand, was clutching onto Jimin, bewildered about all his team mates
freaking out.

"M'tired." Jimin just replies with, cross legged in the air.

Taehyung is in panick mode once again, feeling his cousins eyes that stared at deep down his soul.

He could feel his hyung's eyes bore into the back of his head.

Jin hyung was scary.

"Miss- I mean, Miyo, would you calm down?" Namjoon asks, proudly standing with his Tricpyth
badge, blue hair sticking out in places. "It's alright, it's just a shock, it's not your fault, any of your
teammates fault right at this moment."

"It's understandable that all of you are freaking out!" Hoseok emphasises mouth going wide with
each word he spouted out. "Totally normal! Totally normal! Things happen - well uh not really in
try outs but in tournaments for sure but yeah uh..?-"

Jin coughs, grabbing all Team B's attention.

Team B stop freaking out, and turn their heads towards the principals son.

"May all of you sit down at the table? We will discuss further matters."

Everyone proceeded to do so, quickly sitting down not disobeying the one and only Kim Seokjin's

Jin sighs lovingly, "Especially you Jimin." He sees Jimin who just pouted, and looked at Yoongi,
levitating to the last seat that was available.

The one right next to Taehyung.

"Now you may have heard of the incident, announced by Mr Kim! Right?" Hoseok chirps, and Jin
looks at him knowing Hoseok wasn't acting professional at all.

The oldest out of everyone sighs. Hoseok was always like this, wasn't he?

"I didn't get a right? But since everyone is panicking, I'll take that as a yes!" Hoseok says. "So, so,
one of your team mates has ownership on one of the most illegal drugs that you're not supposed to
have. Obviously with the name illegal!"

The four members stand, acting as if they're security guards at the huge table with nine students.

All the students in Team B even seemed to calm down.

"Kryptonite? Has anyone heard of it before?"

Half of Team B puts their hands up except Jimin, Nayeon, Min Jee and Jin-sang.

Yoongi begins to speak up, "Well, since you four don't know, we will explain this drug to you. The
drug contains acid tabs and many different chemicals that is not supposed to be consumed. Another
reason why Kypronite is illegal. It's a mix of drugs that boosts your original power. You see,
Kang-Yun...he wasn't the brightest in his class." Yoongi adjusts his black rimmed glasses. "Kang-
Yun was honestly one of the weakest in his year. Somehow in the start of second year, there was a
report of someone taking Kryptonite in break in the boys toilets. We checked the footage, and it
was Kang-Yun, surprisingly. Which links up to this incident."

Choi Jin-sang looked disappointed, ,"Probably to use it for a match. I can't believe our teammate
has done something like this..."

"Well, let's brighten the mood, shall we? We are doing further research about it right this minute,
he's been taken in for questioning and also it's proven that he's been taking Kryptonite last match."
Seokjin smiles. "Tea or coffee anyone?"

Taehyung perks up, "Tea!"

"C-Coffee." Miyo mumbles.

"Same with Miyo." Yeon says.

Jin nods, opening his mouth. A white wisp of smoke comes out of his mouth. It gradually became
bigger, travelling infront of him and forming a adorable china tea cup set already steamy and hot.
His eyes turned a brighter pink.

There were two mini kettles that looked expensive, and he poured with one kettle two cups, and the
other one, one tea cup.

"Sugar Miyo and Yeon?"

"Two please.." Miyo says.

Jin whistles calmly, opening the little porcelain box that held sugar cubes, and plopped them in. He
turns to his cousin how impatiently crossed his arms. "I'm guessing three?"

"You know me hyung." Taehyung says softly, watching his cousin plop the three sugar cubes in.

"Pass those to Miyo and Yeon, Jimin dear," Jin alerts Jimin who says a cute little okay and passes
the two small cups to his team mates.

Chung-Ho puts his hand up, and Hoseok nods with his lovely grin, "Yes?"

"B-But... if Kryptonite affects the users power that much, wouldn't we easily beat Team C...and
isn't that not fair? We can make it fair with a rematch-"

Jin's eyes darken, sitting at the end of the table, eyes glowing a pastel pink that matched the colour
of his hair.

Namjoon was on the left with Yoongi, and Hoseok was on the right, busy eating a hotdog.

"All of us, Tricypth, and including Big Bang...we know that even with Kang-Yun, you would
win." A creepy smile reaches Jin's lips.

The atmosphere suddenly gets tense and dark, making Jimin flinch at the thickness of it.
The room darkens with Seokjin's mood, playing a perfect pathetic fallacy.

"You have a perfect mix of defense, and attack. Use it." Jin chuckles.

Yoongi flicks his fingers, and the candles that lit the room were back in flames, crackling.

"Now, all of us are finally settled, we will talk more about this, shall we?" Namjoon coughs
purposely at Jin who chuckled. Namjoon rolls his eyes. "Kryptonite is red. They smell like cherries
and chemicals, and look like dried up neon vibrant cherries. It can be smoked and injected. Kang-
Yun left his bag in his dormitory which had...a bag full of Kryptonite."

"His best friend who he was roommates with, a second year, Kang-Yun borrowed a book of his
called The Ten Sacred Artifacts of History. His bestfriend looked through his bag, but he couldn't
help to report it to the school council, since this is a very very serious matter."

Yeon murmurs under his breath, "Well, his best friend did he right thing. We could be in trouble!"

"He did the right thing!" Hoseok grins widely, "Ohhh, and you heard the other news, I'm also

Everyone in Team B nods.

"Well-" Hoseok gets interrupted with Yoongi.

"The audience is doing a huge raffle on who will join your team-" This time Yoongi gets
interrupted by a jumping Hoseok.

"WELL, isn't that exciting! Meeting new people!" Hoseok squeals.

"So... someones going to join our team from the teams that we went against...in a raffle?" Min Jee
questions. "But we don't know who's going to join us? Kang-Yun was a good teammate...ugh."

"Precisely," Jin smiles. "That's the point."

"We will count all votes after break is done. And Team B, you've done well, especially you,
Taehyung and Jimin and..." Namjoon eyes scanned Nayeon's face. She emitted a weird aura.
"Nayeon, Mr Kim." Nayeon says curtly.

"Oh, you don't need to use any honorifics or manners, bab. Call me Jin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Hoseok,
I'm sure we don't mind," Jin forces a grin. She's the one that caused my cousins fight with his
bestfriend. That manipulative bitch. "Everyone on Team B has shown their amazing skills. I'm glad
to declare that."

Jimin giggles, "H-Hyung, you sound l-like your father yuh-using fancy words~" Jimin's eyes meet
with Yoongi's russet brown ones.

"Don't compare me to that weirdo!" Jin scoffs, with does a hearty grin.

"You did so well." Yoongi's eyes glued to Jimin's.

Yoongi winked.

Jimin heated up immediately.

"Chim? What's the matter?!" Taehyung turned his seat slightly, staring at his teammate who was
red as a tomato.

"N-Nothing!" Jimin squeaks, making all the attention turn to him.

Hoseok nudges Yoongi with a triumphant face.

"Shut up dude."
"Uno reverse."


Characters Updated (changed) Heights:

Park Jimin : 4'11 due to his growth stunt with his power.

Min Yoongi: 5'7

Kim Taehyung: 5'8

Jeon Jungkook: 5'8

Kim Seokjin: 5'9

Kim Namjoon: 6'0

Chapter End Notes

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Chapter 13: Hope For The Best
Chapter Summary

More chapters coming, but shorter !!

Chapter Notes

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"Hyung, can I read with you?" Jimin's voice became smaller, and Yoongi nodded shuffling. "W-
What y-you reading?"

Yoongi let a smile crack upon his lips, "The Love of Hephaestus And The Demon, still haven't
finished it."

Jimin's smile faltered though, eyeing the book.

His plump lips were bitten in distaste at the book he despised in his room mates hands.

Although, Yoongi didn't know, kept reading the book not taking any notice of Jimin's uneasy face.

Flipping a page, he suddenly felt a soft tuft of red hair lie against his broad shoulders, making him
gasp a small amount, eyes flickering towards Jimin's face.

Jimins eyes twinkled underneath the twinkling candle lights, sneakily wrapping his arm around
Yoongi's boredly.

What was weird was Yoongi hated affection, but it somehow felt de ja vu, feeling Jimin's head rest
on his shoulder, and grasping onto him.

The tinge of nostalgia bewildered him. It was a feeling he hasn't felt, but he swore he felt it before
"What's w-wrong hyung?"

Yoongi couldn't put a finger onto it.

Nonetheless, he shook his head calmly, "Nothing."

"Am I weirding you o-out?" Jimin mumbles, "D-Do you want m-me to stop?"

Poor Jimin's voice cracked, couldn't even stay in tone correctly, wobbly.

"No, no no- it's not that Jimin-ah, I just felt...weird. It's nothing to mind about although, I can
ignore it."

Jimin nods, hugging his arm further, small hands clutching on his black and red blazer uniform

Diving himself in his hyung's warmth, he asked another question, "What is good about the book,

"The book? It's magnificent." Yoongi replies with, "How the demon falls in love with a God which
is forbidden, cliché but well written, being banished from Olympus and Hell his home...I'm near
the ending."

"Do you think it's going to end well hyung?" Jimin says, a whisper enough for his hyung to only

Yoongi was surprised at the curiosity of Jimin. It made him smile, "Of course. Clichés are
supposed to have happy endings, right?"

Jimin looks away from Yoongi's gaze, "Yeah-"

"I think that Min Jee is the murderer!" Hoseok shouts enthusiastically, slamming the table. He felt
an electric volt coursing through his body, eyes glowing a salamander orange that matched his
orange hair.

Min Jee schreeches a little eek, jumping in her seat, "No I'm not!"

Everyone grew quiet, heads turning to Hoseok.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Hoseok tilts his head, staring at Namjoon who was about
to laugh, but kept it in, puffy cheeks.

Hoseok turns, not noticing his dopple ganger grinning right at him. He immediately shrieks at
himself, "Oh no! It's happened again!" Hoseok says, running towards the mirror in the center of the
Team Room.

He saw his orange orbs glowing bright as can be, meaning his powers were turned on, then hastily
tapped his copy causing it to fade in the air.

Namjoon laughs out loud, watching Hoseok's orange eyes fade back to his brown and green ones,
anger painted on his face.

"It's not funny Namjoon!"

Jin, Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi began to settle and become comfy at Team B's room. Jin
talking to Yeon and Miyo and Taehyung who seemed persistent of re matching Team C, Namjoon
and Hoseok playing Cluedo with the second years.

"Hyung," Taehyung calls his cousin how raised an eyebrow at him.

Jin crossed his arms, "Yes?"

Taehyung felt his glare bore into his eyes, and Taehyung didn't want his cousin to scold him.

He always did.
"Are you going to say anything?" Jin says softly, pulling Taehyung's ear.

The soft tone was surprising, but the pulling ear thing? - no.

"I just wanted to say hi!-"

Jin let go, with a smile on his face. "You did well, well done lil'cous. We haven't talked properly,
having a conversation like this huh?"

Taehyung looks away with a huff, "You're just being kind to me, loser."

"And I'm trying to, instead of lecturing you and pulling your ear, hah?" The older cousin tugs his
ear ever so gently, and pulling away.

Jin was taller than his cousin, 5'9, and his cousin was 5'8.

"Youngsters grow to fast don't they..?" Jin mumbles.

Taehyung giggles, "Say that to Jimin, he is four foot nine because of his power. He's a little kid, he

"Aish!" Jin says, pulling the youngest nose.

Jimin's whine could be heard from the other side of the room, "I heard that, meanie!"

"Ouchie you butthead!" Taehyung shrieks, "Ears now noses?!"

Finally, Jin let go of his nose triumphantly, hands on his hips. Following with Jimin floating beside
Yoongi who was holding the book.

Taehyung felt the worst glare, Min Yoongi's death glare piercing his sight immediately. He was
shorter than Taehyung, but if looks could kill, Taehyung would be dead by now.

Although there was a pouty Jimin, floating around Yoongi's height toes not even touching the floor
at this point.

"Y-Yuh-You deserve that nose pulling." Jimin stutters out, vampire red eyes looking into
Taehyung's blue ones.

Taehyung chuckles, "Stop floating."

"Stop bullying the kid!" Hoseok yells, but laughs after, seeing Jimin's feet not even touching the
floor. He was that short.

Namjoon and Hoseok after continued to play cluedo and other board games with the other Team B

"M-Make me!" Jimin speaks, tiny small hands clenching into fists, "Y-Yuh-You told Jin hyung
about my secret."

"Oh God- no no no, we don't want a psychical fight just like last time." Jin quickly worries.

Taehyung pouts, "We're only joking, mom...where's Jimin?"

But the three, Taehyung Yoongi and Jin didn't even notice Jimin in his original height, standing
short and proud, looking very up to see his friends.

Jin looks down, gasping, "Holy - you look even cuter!" He grabs Jimin's cheeks and pulls them
gently, laughing at Jimin lovingly.

Yoongi snickered, "You really are short." He looks down at Jimin who did the biggest pout and
sadness taking over his face, "O-Okay, it was only a joke, no need."
"I-I'm insecure about my height sometimes...although some people are around my height, still."
Jimin mumbles, clinging onto Yoongi.

Yoongi didn't really notice how short Jimin was, his body looked like it belonged to a 5'8 person,
but closer up he was short. Litreally.

He let his hand rake through Jimin's beautiful red soft air instinctively, and Jin had no comment on
the situation, since the two were awfully close within the second day they met.

Jin or Taehyung or anyone didn't know there was a pull or a want for them to be near eachother.

Maybe Yoongi or Jimin didn't know themselves.

"I'm sorry Jimin," Taehyung mutters shyly.

"It's alright!" Jimin quickly engulfed him in a hug, making Taehyung surprised about the sudden

The television interrupts the moment, making Jimin flinch, tripping on his own shoe laces, toppling

"K-KYA!-" Jimin squealed, weirdly feeling two arms wrap around his waist securely before hitting
the floor.

Jimin thought he was about to hit the cold hard floor.

But, someone grabbed him.

The strawberry boy turns his head, mouth open agape seeing Yoongi with a stern face, "You
"Y-Yeah I'm alright..." Jimin says, slightly feeling blood rush to his face. He knew if he kept
blushing without a reason, he will look like the colour of his hair at this rate. Finally getting on his
feet, Taehyung nods with a smile.

Jin worries about him, asking if he was okay.

"Guys! The raffle results!" Namjoon says, gesturing the four that was standing from the other side
of the room.

The four approach the others, looking at the screen attached to the wall, showing Mr Kim.


"Wow everyone is so riled up today!"

Mr Kim loud voice booms around the crowd who screamed and cheered. The fanchants kept going
on and on.

"Now, we have counted all the votes in with the help of Big Bang, let's see who manages to grab
the place of Team B! Drum roll!"

The audience slapped their thighs imitating a drum roll, watching the huge gigantic screen.

"In fifth place..."

The screen showed a familiar picture of the girl with very long hair.

"Kim Hwa, Team A with two hundred votes! Power, hair manipulation! Although, she was in a
tangled situation with her hair," Mr Kim chortles, and the whole crowd laughs along with him.

The screen shows a snippet Kim Hwa in action, normal brown hair transforming into moving
locks, growing bigger and bigger, wriggling around like snakes, scooping the dodgeballs and
throwing them at Team B who easily dodged.

"Good at defense and attacking, although her hair gets damaged with it aswell!" Mr Kim exclaims,
"Now for fourth place...!"

The screen pops up with the person who nearly destroyed Team B at once with their sound waves.

"Lee Ji-ho!" Mr Kim says, "Surpisingly, she got in fourth place! She took Team B with surprise
with her stealthy attacks of high frequencies!"

The video of Lee Ji-Ho on the screen shown a shy timid girl hesitatingly putting her hands onto the
ground cautiously looking slightly frightened. She calmed down, eyes glowing a bright maroon.

It also showed Team B being influenced by her major attack, shrieking in pain and being pulled
down by gravity aswell.

"A very smart team mate, perfect for attack! She had 320 votes! Although, someone two third and
second place, the Park twins!"

The screen shows a snippet of Park Guun and Goh masterly swinging their scythes and Jimin
easily holding Nayeon on his back, dodging each attack.

"These fiesty two had gained many of the audiences hearts, with Guun with 405 and Goh 415.
Amazing scythe skills! Although someone took the first place, fair and square."

The crowd start whispering, seeing the gigantic screen turn black.

"Who did you vote for?"

"Obviously one of the Park twins."

"I chose Ji-Ho."

"Then who did you pick, Kayla?"

Mr Kim purposely stays silent with a smirk on his face.

"In first place..."


Jimin and Taehyung stared intensely at the television screen.

Jungkook knew it wasn't going to be him. He didn't do much anyways.




Jimin was clasping his hands with Taehyungs.

"The one and only...."


"Please - please - please-" Taehyung mumbled under his breath too desperately.


"The extraordinary...."


"Please be Jeon Jun-"


Jimin and Taehyung let out a large squeal, holding onto eachother (since Jimin was short there was
a little difficulty), jumping in circles.

Jin looked at them, cringing slightly and rolling his eyes with a smile.

He didn't realise that Yoongi was looking at Jimin with the warmest smile.

"Yoongi?" Namjoon wavers his hand around the daydreaming face of his best friends. "It's rare to
see you smile so lovingly, huh?"

Yoongi snaps out of immediately after hearing Namjoon's teasing words, pushing Namjoon lightly
with a click on the tongue, "Oh shush."

"I bet your happy that Jimin is happy, right?" Namjoon wriggles his eyebrows.

"Oh God. But do you really believe love in first sight?" Yoongi says admiringly, staring at Jimin
once again.

"It's a world full of power, what do you think?" Namjoon snickers. "Can't believe you're turning
sappy after new kid."
Yoongi nudges him, "Call him new kid, I dare you."

"Mmhmm. Yeah." Namjoon giggles, "I'll leave you to it. I'm talking to my dear Seokjin."

"Yeah, he only talks to us when it's near the Seoul tournaments." Yoongi sighs.

Namjoon was really hopeless.

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Chapter 14: Team B VS Team D
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The crowd roars intensely waving their banners, chanting.

"The last team match of today! Team B! Come in!"

The same glittery ruby red gates open ever so slowly, sliding to the aide with a little squeak.

Team B look at the crowd that were getting impatient, beady eyes staring at the match contestants
with anticipation.

Taehyung, the ice manipulator comes in with a huge grin, waving at his fangirls who's screamed
back at him. On the other hand, there's Jungkook, brown and neon green highlighted hair shining
in the broad daylight, Jimin floating in the air playing with the ends of his black blazer, Yeon and
Miyo and the rest running into the centre where the battleground is excitedly with determined

"We have our amazing Team B! Beating two teams in a row!"

All of Team B stand infront of the audience in a circle, and bowing and waving at the cheering.

"T-There is so much people." Jungkook mumbles. He was kind of anxious, as well as Jimin who
looked a bit drained from the previous battle of jumping scythes, meddling with those twins - plus
with Nayeon riding his back and whining and complaining.

"We will win as long you got us. Don't worry Kookie." Taehyung grins, clasping his hands with
Jungkooks, oblivious sudden blush that seemed to spread around his face.


Jimin nibbles his fingernails, knowing it was a bad habit of his. His main priority was to get the
match over and to not let his teammates get out.


"Jimin! Come here we're going to go in a huddle!" Min Jee calls after him, and Jimin breaks from
his thoughts and walking towards his team.

As Team B finally stand on the white battleground, huddling, everyone took a deep breath in and
everyone had a serious mask on their faces.
Yeon speaks up, "So, this is our new team mate, Jeon Jungkook. He's the one that got half of us
out." Yeon informs, and Miyo shudders at Jungkook who was towering over him. "You guys
should know that by now."

The defense team looked at him slightly uneasily, then flickered their eyes to eachother.

"I'm not going to hurt anyone, I'm not on another team." Jungkook says softly, and half of the team
are surprised from his soft voice. His nature looked like he would have a deep voice, but no. "I
know Chim and Tae tae, they know that I'm just competitive."

Jimin let a groan escape his lips, "I-It's hyung to you." He puckered his lips, looking to the side.
"Can't you get that right?!"

"My Kookie wouldn't hurt anyone, he is amazing at defense and attack!" Taehyung exclaims, then
puts a grin, "Right Chim?"

"It's h-hyung. Jimin. Hyung." Jimin insists, but Taehyung giggles. "I-I give up!"

Jin-Sang speaks up, "Honestly, we're just stunned to have such a powerful team." He says with a
smile. "If we didn't have Yeon or everyone then we wouldn't know what to do."

"Yes, even without using your power you're amazing at slamming dodgeballs into people." Hyun-
Ki chuckles, reminiscing the scene. "You were sick."

Jungkook's anxiety fades away, "Thank you guys."

"Although, we don't really have a plan, but...all we need is trust and team work, a clear mind.
Think. What if someone edged your team mate into a corner?"

"A-Attack them!" Miyo says.

"Exactly! That's the idea!" Yeon clicks his fingers. "Defend them, help them. Don't hesitate, follow
your instincts. If one of our team mates are suffering, help them!"

Everyone nods in synchronisation.

"Although I'll quickly explain what peoples powers are." Yeon says to Jungkook who simply said a
small sure. "Miyo, light refraction. She cant bend light and use it, although it drains all her energy.
Chung-Ho, a healer, Min Jee, Persuasion, Nayeon...desire-"

Jungkook interrupts Yeon quite rudely, eyes going dark at the forbidden name.

"Yeah, I know."

Baek Yeon laughs half nervously, "Alright cool! I'm Yeon, I can fuel electricity in my finger tips
with anything I can come in contact with, Jin-Sang he can make things fly, and Hyun-Ki who has
the power of liquification. Remember that!"

Jungkook nods like what he said was even mentioned, but a flick of a finger comes in contact with
his hair hidden forehead, making him release a pained, "Ouch!"

"Kookie, that isn't nice." Taehyung says sarcastically, putting one hand on his hip and one on his
best friends shoulder. He eyes Nayeon who just smiled stupidly as if she hasn't done anything to
them. "Team work has to be done here."

"I don't. Know. How. You. Deal with her." Jungkook whispered and hissed into Taehyung's ear,
and Taehyung rolls his eyes, wrapping his arms around his shoulders.

"You. just. Deal with her." Taehyung mutters, glossy blue eyes looking into Jungkooks deep brown

Jimin tilts his head like an innocent little kitten, poking their back, "Are you two dating or w-

Jungkook turns pink immediately turning his around, and Taehyung pouts, "No, we're not!"

Jimin pouts, "Yeah, sure about that!"

"Guys let's do are team chant!" Chung-Ho says.

"Everyone put your hand in the middle!" Yeon puts his hand in the middle, and everyone does so,
following him.

"What are we doing?" Jungkook says confused, and Taehyung giggles, pulling his hand into the

"This." Taehyung grins again. "Three!"

"Two!" Jimin says.

"One!" Miyo finishes.

"TEAM...B!" The team yelled in excitement.

"Now! The Team you've all been wondering about! Team D!" Mr Kim introduces, gesturing to
the glistening sapphire blue gates to open.

The blue gates open at the same pace, footsteps echoing from the silent audience. Ten people, one
with pink hair, a guy with a large stick in his hand and a bandana wrapped around his hair, a girl
who looked like she was about to fall asleep at second holding a huge enormous pillow, the size of
her small frame - a guy with blue hair, another with black hair, and the rest didn't stand out that
much with their normal coloured hair or their weapons.

Jimin's eyes look right at the new faces coming in, and stopped hovering, that second. These
people were intimidating, looking down to have a peer at Jimin and smiled triumphantly into their

All of Team B do the same, standing in a simple line facing forward, opposing Team D who stood
infront of them who simply looked down with shit eating grins - one was about to laugh right in
front of Jimin, probably thinking whether or not he should pester the poor Telekenisis.

Most of them had smirks on their faces.

Especially the one who look down at Jimin around 5'9, eyes darkening at the sight of Jimin, a
flame of fire sparking in his eyes as he gritted his teeth.

Jimin was already feeling intimidated as it is. That wasn't good.

"Are you sure this person ain't a ten year old?" The male snickers, "Look at him!" He points with
his wooden stick, prodding Jimin's stomach.

Jimin was bewildered, but ignored him.

The girl with bright pink neon hair in pig tails shrugged. "If I were you, I wouldn't underestimate
him. Haven't you seen him on the battlefield?" She nudged her friend with a sigh. "Stop being so
mean about it."

The male laughed, crossing his arms, "He's a kid! Do you even believe those rumors. I thought the
new kid was actually a muscular beast, but now when you look closer up-"


A loud slap on the shoulder echoes the battlefield.

Jimin looks slightly frightened, looking up to...


Yoongi had a sarcastic smile plastered on, hand in the taller males shoulders.

"Please refrain from making fun of Jimin." Yoongi spoke so sternly, it gave the male infront of
Jimin shivers down his spine.

Jimin didn't even realise Yoongi there before, he was right there when he blinked. He watches his
roommate approach him, glare now fading.

"If he does anything, tell me."

"T-Thank you." Jimin says, fumbling with his small petite fingers. He was blushing trying to cover
his face.

"Anytime," Yoongi let a little raspy chuckle, "He's an annoying one he is." He saw that Jimin was
covering his face, and peered over, removing his small fingers, "No need to be embarrassed. It's
alright, Jimin-ah." He chuckled, then walked away muttering a 'How cute,' and he continued
talking to Team D with a clip board.

Someone nudged Jimin, and it was Taehyung who wiggled his eyebrows intensely, "He totally was
protecting you, perfect boyfie material."

"S-Shut up!" Jimin says covering his face in embarrassment.

"Park Jimin?" Hoseok's familiar cheery voice makes Jimin turn around quickly to face his friend
who had a snarky little smile, "O-Oh y-yes, I'm here!"

Hoseok nods approvingly, ticking him off on the clipboard, "You nervous? The grand finale of the
team matches. You got this, dude!" Hoseok jumps up in his spot, and pats Jimin's shoulder
reassuringly, "Kim Taehyung!"

"Yes I'm here!" Taehyung say, waving towards Hoseok.

Hoseok looks at Yoongi, clicking his pen in boredem, "That's everyone! Are ya done?"

"Of course I am, Hoseok." Yoongi says blandly, ticking off that last participant, "Everyone's here."
He raised an eyebrow at Hoseok's intense pen clicking.

"Alright then!" Hoseok cheers, jumping up.

The microphone switches on again, "Team B! Team D! Get ready in your places!"
Yoongi and Hoseok stand outside the white lines. This time, Yoongi held the gun up, finger lighty
touching the trigger.

Jimin gets ready in his starting position, staring intensely back at the male who made fun of him.
He was fueled in determination.

Taehyung adjusts his blazer, a smirk painting on his blazer giving an icy glare to the pink haired
girl infront of him.

"READY!" Hoseok yells.

Jungkook stretches.


Miyo yawns a little.

"GO!" Hoseok shouts, bringing out a flag with the colour green, and Yoongi pulls the trigger.

The loud bang of the starting gun meant the battle started.

"Jimin! Jungkook! Taehyung! Miyo! We are going to attack. Defense team know what they're
doing I've already talked to them before." Yeon alerts.

"Alright!" The four says in sync.

"I wonder what they're doing, they're not doing anything." Jungkook comments, staring at Team D
who stood there with playful grins. "Smirking is not a good way to battle is it?" Jungkook rolls his
eyes, grabbing the dodgeballs in his hands.

Taehyung nods, grabbing the dodgeballs confusingly. "It's weird."

"Y-Yeah, they're not doing anything." Miyo stutters as usual.

"Seems like Team B are running around!"

Jimin squints his eyes, blinking at the dodgeballs he had in his hands.

He blinks again realising they weren't dodgeballs in Taehyung's nor Jungkooks hands. Even Yeons
or Miyo's.

"What about you Jimin? Can y-"

Jimin realises.

"Guys, move!" Jimin shrieks, batting his long eyelashes over and over, seeing the illusion flicker
away into thin air.

"Jimin what?-" Jungkook says, following him in confusion with the following of the others.

"Trust me in this! It's all an illusion! Y-You don't have dodgeballs!" Jimin says frantically. "They
are the ones that have them!"

Everyone in Team B move away.

In a few seconds, the illusions wavers off, and the rest of the team could see properly.
Jin-Sang yells, "Yeon! There's lots of dodgeballs coming towards you! - shit!" He curses, seeing
Team D aim for him now.

"Y-Yeon!" Miyo freaks out, as Yeon couldn't react - the illusion seemed to fade away different
depending on the person.

Her hands started shaking - she knew her power drained her energy so quickly, "LIGHT R-
REFRACTION!" Her face was tormented with fear, fatigue ready to swallow her whole. She
wanted to fight still, she didn't want to get out again.

The bright skies and the clouds and the glowing yellow sun above them bended towards Team D
who were about to parachute even more dodgeballs at Team B, blinding them temporarily they
couldn't even open their eyes.

"Fuck!" The pink haired girl groaned trying to cover her eyes.

"G-Guys, I-I can't take it any longer!" Miyo shreeches body going limp any second.

"I-It's too bright!"

"I got you!" Taehyung says, "Jungkook grab her while I'll attack!"

Jungkook grabs onto a falling Miyo by the arms, looking at her - how pale she was, "It's alright."
Jungkook says. "I got you."

"We got you." Taehyung smiles, "Thanks, noona."

"B-But... what about... the dodgeballs that are coming towards us..?!" Miyo panicks.

"Don't worry." Yeon grins, "Jin-Sang will heal you. It's alright. And..."

Jimin runs infront of them, on his side, doing a turning kick extending his leg, as if he was going to
kick the array of dodgeballs in the air, and Taehyung joining him, creating a ice spear, twirling it
with perfection.

"Jimin and Taehyung are fine I think they got it." Yeon smirks, watching Taehyung cart wheel,
throwing Jimin up to the height of dodgeballs that were scattered in the sky.

Jimin's body twists, infront and the gush of wind makes the dodgeballs blast back as if they were
bullets in the air.

Hyun-Ki interrupts, human body transforming into a blue liquid.

"Hyun-Ki?!" Taehyung shouts, and realises it's too late, pulling Jimin's wrist immediately as the
dodgeballs come out of the liquid, bouncing at the other side.

Jimin's eyes widen at that split second, lips parting in surprise as everything became slow motion.


"T-Taehyung! HYUN-Ki!" Jimin yelps, about to be slammed onto the battle floor from the ice
manipulators quirk reaction, "I-I'm going to-" Jimin squabbles.
As quick as can be, Chung-Ho jumps up, catching him from falling even further as well as Min Jee
who caught Taehyung.

"I can't really do anything due to my power...but I can support my team when they're in pain, as
well as Min Jee who can't control her power that much." Chung-Ho smiles warmly at Jimin who
looks up innocently. "I got you, Jimin."

"T-Thank you," Jimin says, but his eyes flicker what was infront of him instead, squinting since
dust in the battlefield was covering the other side, he coughed, looking closely. "W-Why did the
dodgeballs bounce back?"

Jimin thought in his head, until the blur in the background fades, seeing a large shield bouncing the
dodgeballs right back at Team B.

"A-A shield?!" Jimin says as Chung-Ho removes his grip to let and quickly starts healing Miyo
who passed out.

"The blue haired guy is the one that's controlling it from there." Jungkook says, pointing at the
male who was awfully obvious with his bright green eyes, touching the shield. "If we break it, then
we can get him out. Usually people who have shield powers are connected to their shield, so if we
do that, then we could get him out easily."

"Okay.," Jimin mutters to himself, flicking his fingers. "If so...we need a strong attack, right?"

Team B look up a the air began to clear, seeing the towering blue translucent shield, that was about
tall as the whole building, making the crowd gasp, and let out noises in excitement. They look right
back at Jimin who seemed to look up, intensely.


"Yes?" Yeon replies.

"T-Taehyung can give you his ice spear, then you can fuel your electricity into it." Jimin says.

Jungkook slaps his palm with his fist, "Then, the shield will shatter with also the affect of the
electricity which will hurt the shield user aswell!"

"We arent going to loose." Nayeon hisses.

"Alright then, Taehyung, you in?" Yeon says, eyes glowing a bright yellow. His swings his arm,
and Taehyung nods, knowing what to do.

"Of course I do, they can't put a shield up forever, can they?" Taehyung smirks, eyes glowing a

The ice manipulator holds his ice spear and opens his hand, which morphed a bright light of royal
blue, forming a way bigger spear, taller than two humans together, "Is this alright?"

"Perfect." Yeon says, receiving the humongous spear, gripping into it in awe. "Everyone good?"

"Yes!" Everyone on Team B spoke in unison.

"We aren't going to give up just because Hyun-Ki is gone!" Yeon exclaims. "Because we're Team
B!" Yeon nods, eyes a vibrant yellow, spear glowing with the same beautiful sunflower yellow. He
breathed in, "We want to get that spot in Tricpypth right?"

"Then let's do this!" Yeon yells, jumping up as if he was hitting a volleyball, but he was throwing
the icy electrical spear with all his might.


The icy electrical spear pierces the wall of translucent blue. The yellow streaks of electricity
spread like quick fire.

The shield shattered.

"AGHH!" A scream echoes in the Battle field.

"I-It worked!" Jimin gasps, "B-But guys, get ready!"

The enemy was in excruciating pain.

"Attack!" Taehyung roars, immediately touches the floor. His eyes glow a bright glacier blue, his
ice spreading in a shape of a claw to the other side.

Min Jee catches the blue haired boy in the corner of her eye, eyes blaring a maroon, "Persuasion!"

Stay still! Don't move no matter what!

The blue haired does not move, hearing the voice in his head shutting him up.


Min Jee thinks, slamming the dodgeball into his stomach.

"TEAM D, ••••• IS OUT!"

"Yes!" Jungkook cheers, grabbing two dodgeballs that Jimin passed to him, richochetting them to
the other side.

Team D members run, dodging in a fast speed.

"I don't think so after hurting my team mate!" The tall boy growls, jumping in with a large wooden
stick, eyes turning to a dark purple.

He threw the stick in mid air it transformed into around over twenty daggers, aiming at Taehyung
with intense strength. "Pinky!"

"Stop!" Nayeon says, eyes glowing pink, "You are my love slave! Command to me!"

"Haha, do you realise no one cares!" The bright pink haired girl or known as 'pinky' chortles after
Nayeon, eyes glowing a red, hands blasting a loud explosion in front of the her.

"I-I lost eye contact!" Nayeon gasps, then growls, running from the explosion.

"Yeah pretty girl, run," Pinky laughs, "You can't do anything unless you gain eye contact with your
enemy, can you?! Kaito! Hit her!"
"We want that spot too. We won't take shitty prodigies take what we want!" The male, Kaito
laughs, clicking his fingers.

"So arrogant!" Taehyung yells, hands creating more ice to block the explosion infront of him and
Nayeon but his plain face falters in irritation.

The ice melts from the heat.

Taehyung stares, lost in the crackling fire infront of him.

He laughs, blinking, realising he was going to burnt into a crisp aswell as the daggers blurred into
burning hot iron arrows. "O-Oh shit?"

That wasn't good.

"Taehyung!" Nayeon pulls his arm, shaking hin frantically with shock. "We can run!"

Jungkook arm shapeshifting into a long rope and whipping and pulling Taehyung to the other side
of the battlefield.

Taehyung gasps the feeling of rope wrapping around his waist and Nayeon's being pulled to the
other side without any warning of Team B's side.

Taehyung is brought back to reality feeling his body being swiftly swung to the other side.

"K-Kookie?!" Taehyung says with a blush, but his face strikes fear when he sees Jungkook with
eyes wide. "K-Kookie are you alright?! You didn't have to save me honestly please-?"

"You could've gotten hurt badly!" Jungkook yells.

Taehyung's face falters, flinching. "I-I'm sorry-"

Jungkook sighs, "It doesn't matter-" looking down at his wound. "S-Shit." Jungkook mutters. His
ropey arm was stabbed with one arrow, and began to burn. "S-Shit!"

Taehyung panicks, "C-Calm down, I'll cool it down!"

"We don't have time for that Taehyung!" Jungkook exclaims, seeing another explosion being
aimed at them once again.

"Y-Yes we do!" Taehyung shouts, touching the hot arrow making it solid frozen. He grasps his
long fingers around it, pulling it, "Chung-Ho can heal it!"

A dodgeball shoots right in between the two, making Taehyung flinch.

"What are you doing?! Just standing there?!" One from the other side, Team D yell.

Jungkook growls underneath his breath morphing the rope that wrapped around Taehyung's waist
his own arm that had a stabbing wound.

"Y-Your arm!" Taehyung says-

Blood began to trickle down, making Taehyunt gasp even more, holding Jungkook's bicep.

"Doesn't matter." Jungkook interrupts.

Taehyung grits his teeth, prodding a finger onto Jungkook's stomach, "I swear to damn, you. Are.
So. Stubborn!" Taehyung says mocking Jungkook from before the match even started. "Doesn't
even matter?! I'll protect you Kookie no matter what." A flare of a dark shade of blue slightly
frightened Jungkook.

"Just ignore it-"

"It. Is. An. Oath." Taehyung growls this time, "And You! Stay there! Nayeon, you go and support
Yeon and Miyo." He turns to the girl who nodded, kind of confused over the situation.

"What about you and Jimin?-"

Taehyung pushes her, "Just go!" He watches the girl just run to their closest team member, "When
did that girl even care about me?!"


Nayeon met up with Yeon who seemed to run on his tip toes, and let a finger press onto her soft
lips. She was bewildered of the fact that he would do that as she watched him point to somewhere.

Nayeon, the girl with pretty porcelain skin, green eyes, glanced, at the girl in confusion. She raised
an eyebrow, hesitatingly grabbing a dodgeball.

"Well." Nayeon scoffs, "I don't think sleeping right on the battlefield will do anything." She raises
an eyebrow, squeezing the dodgeball, about to throw it right at her.

"You bitch!" Yeon whispers, immediately snatching the dodgebal off her, "Why would you
fucking do that?!" He whisper hisses and Nayeon furrows her eyebrows.

"It was perfect timing?" Nayeon replies normally.

"Perfect timing?!"

"Well what do you want me to do?! Watch her sleep?! I want sleep too!" Nayeon counters.

Yeon freaks out, body clinging onto Nayeons thin frame, "Bitch - this girl is in my form, she's
sleepy, but she has bad temper, shes powerful like Taehyung or Jimin, don't underestimate her!"
Yeon says so quickly.

"Give me that!" Nayeon says, trying to pull the dodgeball of Yeon who shrieked.

"I won't let you! She'll throw pillows at all of us! Deadly ones! We'll save her for last for Jimin!"
Yeon squeaks, gripping onto the dodgeball.

"My ass! She's sleeping! A vulnerable place to get attacked by! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!"
Nayeon pulls the dodgeball to her side.

"You don't know her! Don't you?!" Yeon yells back this time, only for Nayeon to quickly snatch
the dodgeball, and aiming the dodgeball at the girl and turning to Yeon, "It wasn't that hard, wasn't

The brown haired girl finally seemed to wake up, dodgeball near 5 inches towards her face-
As quick as lightning, she blocks the dodgeball with her large pillow, small body jumping with all
her might, catapulting it back to Nayeon's face.

"You idiot! I told you!" Yeon looks rolls his eyes, holding an extra dodgeball that he used as a
shield to make the dodgeball that was about to hit Nayeon bounce back.

Nayeon looks in awe, but her face goes back embarrassed, "At least I tried."

"Tried? Train more maybe." Yeon says with a pout, "You're just standing there confused. Now,
why are you just standing there defenseless?!"

The girl rolls her eyes, "Whatever. Why are you bugging in now?"

"I'm class mates with that girl over there, that's why I'm bugging in." Yeon emphasises. He could
not with this girl. "I will help you, since we're team mates."

"I can do it by my own."

"By my own, my ass, her powers are pillows. I just wanted to remind you again." Yeon crosses his
arms, "Plus, I want to use this thing that the development team gave me." He says, showing
something wrapped around his arm underneath his blazer.

"Where did you get that?!"

Yeon clicks his tongue, "Yeah, yeah, be in awe, it's from the development department, calm down.
Also, it is so I can aim my electricity instead of just blatantly using it with objects-"

"You interrupted my sleep!" The girl on Team D screams, holding her precious large pillow bigger
than herself.

"Get ready." Yeon says.

"Get ready for what?" Nayeon raises an eyebrow.

"You interrupted her sleep obviously. Knowing her she would want to kill you, but since I know
her, I think she'll be less angry." Yeon says, pressing a button on the gadget around his arm
underneath his blazer sleeves.

"What does that mean?!-"

Suddenly, massive pillows come aiming at Yeon and Nayeon.

Obviously, Nayeon shrieks.

These massive pillows could squash someone in seconds.

"Just dodge." Yeon mumbles, hearing Nayeon squeak. One hand he held a dodgeball and the other
with Nayeon clinging onto it for her dear life. "Can you control her from here?"

Nayeon nods, "Yeah but her eyes need to be open, and I need to have eye contact with her around
ten or five seconds!"

"Okay! Do it!" Yeon encourages. "I'll be kind of tricky but," Yeon smacks his lips, "It's worth it-

"Shut up Yeon! Always ruining my sleep!" The girl schreeches, hands gripping tight on her own
pillow, and watching the many pillows fall down onto the battlefield ready to squash humans.

"Someones on her period." Yeon comments, managing to find a space, jumping on one of pillows,
surprised at the bouncyness.


The ground rumbles once again, and Yeon and Nayeon run, dodging over and over again, the
pillows that were trying to stomp all over them.

Then, Yeon had a lightbulb moment, "Hey Nayeon, let's do this quick, if we find another opening,
I'll shoot electricity at her, then you-"

"Got it." Nayeon nods.

Yeon seemed surprised.

A grin spreads on his face, "Alright then."

Yeon's grip loosens with Nayeon's hand.

Yeon runs right, Nayeon runs left, and both mirror eachother actions, confusing the half asleep girl.

"Keep going!" Yeon says, and Nayeon nods, jumping on each pillow, following Yeon's moves, "I'll
tell you when I have an opening!"

A few seconds after, Yeon flips the switch on his gadget, finding a perfect place to aim at.

His eyes widen a bright yellow as his power turns on once again, pointing a finger gun at the
female who was stricken in anger.

"AGH!" The girl screams, dropping her pillow and clothing onto her chest where Yeon shot at. Her
body twitches and spasms uncontrollably.

"Nayeon! She's stunned!!"

"I got it!" Nayeon answers back, now rose pink eyes staring right at their enemy.






"You will be now my love slave! Serve me as-"

"NAYEON MOVE!" Yeon schreeches, trying to push her from her stop. Two dodgeballs were
zooming right into his team mate, "Now!"

Nayeon was too slow.


Yeon stops. He looks up, seeing the two dodgeballs stop in mid air, and drop, and sees his enemy
curled up, yellow veins spreading all over her face, dodgeball rolling off her stomach.


Jimin approaches them with defense team, Min Jee, Hyun-Ki, Jin-Sang, a smiling Miyo and
Chung-Ho, holding dodgeballs.

"Y-You forgotten about us, huh?" Jimin pouts, "We're here too!"

Miyo crosses her arms, "And I am fully healed now!"

"We aren't just defense team. We are Team B. Together."

"Together." Hyun-Ki speaks.

"Together." Yeon repeats, standing up with Nayeon. "T-Thank you guys-"

Jin-Sang shakes his head, "No need for thanking! Now we need to get nine more members out."


A huge explosion bangs loud, and the rest of Team B turn the heads around, to see Taehyung

Jimin eyes turn a deep dark red, a darker red before. "I'll take care of this, myself. Let's get this
over with." His voice become darker, surprising is team mates. "Get Taehyung and Jungkook out
of there, it's obvious that they're getting hurt."

Nayeon shouts right back at him, "You're just being reckless again Jimin!"

"I'll deal with this. My. Self." Jimin mumbles.

His hands shake.

What was Jimin planning?

The shocked bewildered faces of Team b pop up on the screen.

"You heard what Jimin said! Let's go!" Yeon says, "As the leader, trust me in this."

That's when half of team B dashed, leaving Jimin on the other side.

Jungkook groans in immense pain, clutching onto his arm at the wound that kept bleeding. He took
his tie off, watching Taehyung wrapping it around his arm tightly.

"Add pressure!" Taehyung says. Mentally, Taehyung was panicking, sweat beads cascading down
his forehead, and a pain in his chest.

"TEAM D, •••• IS OUT!"

He couldn't take many at once. Where was all his team mates?!

"Taehyung, I could fight!" Jungkook says, running towards him, but Taehyung pushed Jungkook.

"You're in pain!" Taehyung yells.

Jungkook shakes his head, "I'm doing this with you, remember?" He grabs the dodge ball right next
to his legs.

"Y-Your arm-"

Jungkook rolls his eyes. "Doesn't matter about my arm! What matters is that we win!" Jungkook
shouts. "Until they are here, then we will get my arm healed."


"I've experienced worse."

Taehyung couldn't believe what his bestfriend was saying. Biting his lip, he looks up.

"You're right."

Jungkook gives his bunny teeth smile, Taehyung seemed to adore. He couldn't resist it.

"Good, you're fighting with me." Jungkook grins, giving a thumbs up. "I've got an idea."


"This is your idea?!" Taehyung looks at Jungkook, well himself.

"We'll trick them obviously!" Jungkook says as if it was easy peasy.

No it wasn't.

"We will mirror eachother actions. One of us is the real Taehyung. I can't use your powers but I can
still take form as you." Jungkook points at his Taehyung form. One eye was green, and one eye
was blue. "They'll catch on some point, but not when we're running."

Taehyung nods. Jungkook does have a point. "Okay then. Let's do this."

Jungkook runs, as if he was bait holding the ice spear that Taehyung created to make the
doppelganger affect more encouraging. He hisses at the feeling of blazer rubbing against his

Immediately, Team D see him.

I can't blow my cover yet. Jungkook thinks, running as fast as he can, seeing an explosion aimed at

Another array of flaming hit arrows and dodgeballs was darting towards him, and all Jungkook
could do was dodge until he is restless. Taehyung should run in surprising most of Team D, and
whilst they're stunned I'll quickly get some team members out.

Jungkook felt pressure, running. He remembered doing track before, but the intense pain that
struck his left arm wasn't doing any good as it is.


Jungkook immediately curses.

He could see himself on the other side of the battlefield.

"It's just a illusion." Jungkook grits out, swinging the sharp ice spear, and the illusion was
shattering bit by bit infront of his eyes.

Shards of mirror disintegrated in the air.

"Woah." Jungkook says, staring at it in amazement. "But, there's no time to be amazed!" Jungkook
runs even further more, catching a Team D member eyeing him.

It was pinky, the girl who had bright neon hair, eyes flaring as if she wanted to explode Jungkook's
face off.

"Get him!" She shouts, and Team D respond with a yes, throwing dodgeballs with all his might.

Jungkook couldn't stop all those dodgeballs being plummeted near him.

Pulling out a pen, he morphs it into a hard large shield, making the dodgeballs bounce back.

"We will get those spots!" Pinky shouts, hands ready to create a large explosion.

"Shit!" Jungkook says. He was in a dead end-

"No you won't!" Taehyung yells, running with a trail of ice.

"Taehyung!" Jungkook cheers, and Taehyung smiles, hands producing small snowflakes that
turned bigger and bigger, until it became his huge ice golems that towered over Team D roaring
with rage, blocking the girls explosion before it could anything else.

"I've got you. Kookie." Taehyung gives him his 90 watts box grin, and pulls him back onto his feet
"I know you do!" Jungkook grins back, grabbing dodgeballs and slamming them into the Team D
leader who was nicknamed Pinky, then it bounced into Pinky's bestfriend who stabbed Jungkook
with his burning hot arrows.

Team D seemed stunned, bouncing back as they watched their team mates fade into sparkly dust.



Jungkook forms back into his normal form, green eyes now a beautiful brown, staring right into
Taehyung's blue ones.

"High five!" Taehyung cheers.

Jungkook immediately thought how beautiful his bestfriend was.

He shakes his head.

Taehyung wouldn't think that way.


All of a sudden, The rest of team run towards the two.

"C-Chung-Ho! Please heal him!" Taehyung quickly says, looking down at looking at every single
of of them.

Chung-Ho nods, immediately doing so.

"Jimin?" Taehyung asks, peering over his teammates, and Yeon shakes his head.

"He's there." Yeon points in the middle of there side, but suddenly Taehyung grasps onto Yeon's
collar, shocking him.

"Why are you leaving him to do it all?!" Taehyung shouts, "We are a team! We do everything
together!...Isn't that what team work is?!"

Yeon takes a deep breath in, heavily gulping.

"Y-Your right."


All of Team B run like they are in a pack, running towards Jimin who was facing off two

"There he is!" Min Jee points with a grin until it's wiped by a dodgeball zooming centimetres from
their faces. An annoying loud voice interrupted the whole battlefield.

"You little fucking shit!" The guy hisses, grabbing a dodgeball, and aiming it at Jimin.

Jimin's cute face suddenly turns emotionless, eyes slowing down the dodgeball and grasps it right
into his small hand. Jimin let a smile psychotic spread on his face, and the guy's cocky personality
faded away.

"TEAM D, ●●●● IS OUT!"

"You are a fucking freak." The male cusses.

Jimin raises an eyebrow, watching the male fade into thin air, "I get that alot." Jimin grasps on the
dodgeball in his hand, swinging his arm, and dashing it into two other Team D members who

However they started had the words surprised all over their faces, as the dodgeballs curved,
smashing into them.

"TEAM D ●●●●, ●●●●● IS OUT!"

The crowd roars in excitement.

"JIMIN!" Taehyung yells, as Jimin starts levitating, who battlefield shaking scarily. Some of the
audience starts freaking out, but majority of the people are cheering him on.

Red locks of his strawberry hair start whipping maliciously, pink plump lips bitten. A large ring of
power bursts in the battlefield, causing everyone to take cover.

"I-I can't see anything!" Taehyung puts his arm over his head at the immense feeling of wind
slapping everyone on the battlefield and the audience who gripped onto their seats actually
panicking. "W-What is Jimin doing?!"


Out of the random a loud voice shrieks alarming everyone, who whipped their heads up to see three
silhouettes with legs dangling in the air.


A boy with black hair schreeches, looking like he was getting suffocated by his own tie, legs
flailing everywhere until he got slapped out of the borders.
All of Team D were simultaneously getting slammed out of the white borders, one by one.

Team B on the other hand were silent, watching Jimin handle one by one with simplicity, a facial
expression that signified how strong he was.


All of Team B finally run towards him with a big hug, making Jimin gasp a little from the taller
people engulfing him in their warmth. "H-Hey guys?"

Confetti sprayed everyone in the battlefield, and Team B squeal with hearty laughs and cheers.

"Don't hey guys us Jimin!" Taehyung shouts right into Jimin's face. "Y-You think you're so cool
that you had to handle half of the group Team D? I was actually worried and bewildered about the
fact that Yeon let you do it by yourself!"

Jimin let a giggle escape his lips, " Yeon knows me. I can do it."

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Chapter 15: Conference
Chapter Summary

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"You're still obsessed with that book, hyung?" Namjoon lightly chuckles, crossing his arms and
holding his own book. His eyes suddenly flickered to the source of loud snoring, and it turned out
to be Hoseok half asleep on the conference room chairs, slight drool coming out of his mouth.

Yoongi however, just scoffed with a smirk, "Yes."

"Strange," Namjoon snickered, brown eyes scanning the book the fire manipulator was reading. It
was thick, which took Namjoon surprise. His hyun wasn't very into books. "You need to lend that
book to be when you finished, it seems to take your interest very much. I would like to see why."
Namjoon says softly, obviously having a bad habit of observing his friends way too much.

Yoongi was used to it, merely shrugging, "Mmhm, alright." He flipped a page.

"Hi guys!" Jin yells, opening the conference room with a loud bang, jumping at the loud noise he

Namjoon squeaked in his spot, and Yoongi didn't even flinch looking up to see Jimin...Taehyung
and the Jeon kid holding into Jin's cousins arm with eyes that could pierce someone. Hoseok didn't
move, only to snore a little tad louder than usual making Yoongi groan.

"Did I break something..?" Jin mumbles, peering over side of the door, "Come in, come in! You
must be tired dearies." Jin scurries, watching Jimin, Taehyung have a sight of the conference room
where the school council hang out. "You ain't going to get in trouble because of here, we only use
this for meetings - sit down!"

The three youngsters nod, quickly choosing their seats in the massive long table with Namjoon at
the end, busy on his laptop, bright screen reflecting onto his face.

Jimin's eyes twinkled at the sight of his roommate pulling out a seat for him with a crooked smile.
The strawberry boy approached the seat, and quickly sat down, grinning right back at Yoongi who
let out a small chuckle from the bottom of his throat.

"All I wanted to say is I won't give deets on what's happening next, but we have an idea of who is
going to be the lucky students chosen who are suitable for our teams." Jin says huff, "Jimin, I'm
surprised your team even let you handle most of it all." The elders eyes flicker to a Jimin who let a
shiver vibrate through his body under Jin's glare. "Kind of...disappointed." Jin mumbles.

Taehyung grits his teeth at that slamming the table, "What do you mean disappointed hyung?!
Jimin did his best! Why are you criticising-"

"Cupcakes anyone?" Jin asks, completely interrupting his cousin who sulked in his seat crossing
his arms. If he was a puppy, his ear must've flattened immediately at his hyungs ignorance. "Jimin?

Taehyung hisses.

That was his nickname for Jungkook.

Only him.

"Taehyung-ah, I don't think Jin hyung is...disappointed at Jimin." Namjoon says, sipping a cup of
coffee that Jin simply passed to him before. "I think he's disappointed since he didn't feel as if the
team brought out their own potential and just used Jimin as a trump card." He stares at Jin eerily
with light grey eyes that flickered brown.

Jin scoffs, nearly dropping the cupcake that he was passing the cupcake to Jimin who stared out of
space innocently, "Aish! Stop reading my mind Kim Namjoon!" He blushes, and Namjoon laughs,
continuing to type something on his computer with a sip.

"I'm not. I'm just guessing." Namjoon lies.

"You're meddling with my mind now." Jin mutters, passing a cupcake to Taehyung, eyes darting
deep down the ice manipulators body.

Jungkook seemed to squeeze Taehyung's shoulder, staring at his royal blue eyes that squinted in

"I'm going to leave to grab a jug of water for all of you. I'll be back." Jin says hastily, leaving the

Taehyung immediately clutches his clothes, sighing. His cousin was gone, the one he wondered
why he always stared down his soul. The one who was the special one, the prodigy that seemed to
have his downfall.

Jimin nibbles his cupcake in the awkward silence.

"I see you're in discomfort." Namjoon says, grabbing the attention to everyone who whipped their
heads towards them, distracted from what they were even doing.

The telepath had thin square glasses on now, sipping his coffee with eyebrows that creased as the
heat fogged up his spectacles temporarily.

"Stop it, Joon - you're doing it again-" Yoongi says, not even caring if he just took a bite out of
Jimin's red velvet cupcake, and began to chew while flipping the soft pages of his book.

"Ah, my bad, I mean to Taehyung." Namjoon laughs, not even blinking and keeping eye contact
towards Taehyung.

Taehyung could see his brown eyes turn into light grey that glowed ominously.

"Jin doesn't hate you at all. I don't think why would he. If that's what you are thinking." Namjoon
speaks, pressing the keyboard keys letting the satisfying sounds of intense clicking.

The ice manipulator shook his head, "What do you mean by that?"

"He means, he has eyes everywhere, silly!"

Taehyung turns his eyes to Hoseok who seemed wide awake, maroon eyes twinkling in the
artificial light. "What do you mean by that? Should I be scared?"

"Maybe you should." Yoongi says blandly, looking right into Taehyung's eyes.

Jungkook was silently intimidated by the big four, Tricpyth, just trying to avert his eyes to Jimin
who seemed comfortable resting his head on Yoongi.

A laugh interrupted the tension, and it was Namjoon, closing his laptop with a cheery grin, "My
bad, you guys seem scared, I mean- like Jin hyung really cares for you. He stares at you because he
is worried about...your health and your power. He may look the complete opposite, but his mind
doesn't lie."

Jungkook just opens his mouth, forgetting his manners, "I completely forget you're a telepath time
to time."

"He just thinks that. He loves you Taehyung, cares for you, he surely does." Hoseok chirps, "He
talks to us sometimes about how proud he is, but also jokingly critic's all and everyone. That's how
our hyung is!"

Taehyung had no words.

"Telepaths n-never lie." Jimin says, absent-mindedly clinging onto Yoongi hyung like a koala.
Yoongi seemed to not mind either.

"But I never noticed you putting your power on half of the time. How do I know you're telling me
the truth?" Taehyung grits his teeth.

Hoseok raises his eyebrows, and just pulls his Nintendo Switch out with a happy grin, and began to
play out of boredom.

Namjoon glow even a brighter grey, eyes making a blue hologram, a remote with a button on.
"This is from my mind memory, all recorded. January 20XX, before you even came." He says,
pressing the button and the the voice recording played.

"What should I do?!"

Jin's voice was higher up, from two years ago before Taehyung even came.

"Your cousin is coming? That's so cool!"

First year Yoongi had a way way high pitched voice, enthusiasm matching Hoseok's back then.
What exactly happened?

Yoongi blushed in his seat, looking straight at Namjoon and gave a sly smile, and Jimin who
giggled cutely at his voice.
"I wanna meet him! He must be cool because it's hyungs sibling! Sibling! He's going to he amazing
since his part of your family, your fathers the principal!!"

Hoseoks voice squealed, and rustling of the wind and the leaves made an entrance but the shaky
sound of the recorder doing it's weird noises.

"Why do you not want your cousin to go? He is a good kid?"

This time it was Namjoons, concern laced in his voice.

"Is he annoying? Mean? Obnoxious?"

"No - No no! It's...not like that! I'm just worried for him. Why is he going to our school in a state
where he can be vulnerable and taken advantage because what he has! I love him, I've been close
to him ever since but he's- no he shouldn't be here, it wouldn't be healthy, he deserves better ."

Taehyung's harsh expression softens, and Jin enters the room again, with a smile on his face, left
hand wrapped around a jug of water.

"Why is everyone quiet?" Jin snorts.


"And..And that's when I said that was an eggcellent experience! I remembering egging Mr Lee's
office with first year Yoongi - Mr Lee was red and angry he sent us to detention!" Jin snorts really
loudly, making Yoongi stare at him with no words, completely embarrassed.

"But you forced me to egg his office." Yoongi mumbled sulkily. "That was when you had your
hair brown aswell."

Hoseok laughs, "Ah the good times, Jin hyung wasn't a good example back then, wasn't he?"

"I was!" Jin says.

"I do not agree with that statement." Yoongi groans. "I remember Namjoon literally following you

Namjoon shrieks, somehow as fast as lightning covering Yoongi's mouth, not even realising he
accidentally bumped his elbow into Jimin's face (who squealed like a little kitten) toppling over his
chair in bare fright.

"Jimin!" Yoongi yells, trying to grip on his roommate but his fingers slip, falling onto Jimin who
managed to levitate but-

"H-Hyung- Hyung!" Jimin squeals, feeling Yoongi's face planted onto his privates. The
Telekenisis' face was about the colour of his hair by now, slowly watching Yoongi's mouth turn
into a smile. "Get off!"

Yoongi just chuckled.

"Hyung, I forgot we should get to the battlefield." Hoseok chirps, helping Yoongi to get off a
flustered Jimin.

"O-Oh yeah..." Yoongi laughs getting up and letting Jimin do so aswell, eyes averting to him who
fumbled with his fingers, a sign on anxiety, looking down.

"Where are you going hyungie?"

Yoongi turns to Jimin who had a small voice.

"Oh our team are planning the next match. You got Taehyung and Jungkook, don't worry." Yoongi

Jimin nods, feeling a flutter in his heart. An familiar feeling that he hasn't felt for a very long time.


That was when Jimin realised he had feelings.

For a human.
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Chapter 16: The Reveal
Chapter Summary

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"You totally like him." Taehyung nudges Jimin with a large boxy grin, teasing Jimin, walking right
with Jungkook who seemed to trail Taehyung like a lost puppy.

The three left the conference room after the four of Tricpyth left for secret reasons, probably for
the last round that they were planning to do.

They stood there in their regular places, right before the sapphire blue games like the rest of Team
B did, whispering and muttering to eachother.

"No he doesn't. I-I don't think so!" Jimin sighs, "I-I dunno-"

Taehyung laughs at his stuttering, and Jungkook giggles along with him, "Chim, you definitely
have feelings." He reassuring pats Jimin's shoulder. "We arent going to judge you, you're a nice
person, we're going to accept you, obviously."

Jimin looked at the boys bunny smile which he found innocently adorable, as his grip fades away.
The telekenisis looks down.

No one noticed the pained face Jimin had on, eyes strained right down onto the ground, blinking

He couldn't have feelings for him.

He shouldn't.

That isn't good.

"Yo, why are we here?" Yeon says, waving at Jimin who smiled generously back and Taehyung
waved, as well as Jungkook.

"A-Aparently it's the final round, but we d-don't exactly know what's going on..." Miyo trails off,
turning to the shiny sapphire gates that glistening in the sunlight. Her nimble hands wrapped
around the gates, finger tips grazing the Ancient Greek lettering engraved on the beautiful blue.

"Tricpyth and the student council told us after the Team D match to stay near the sapphire gates,
the ones we entered in..." Nayeon speaks up, and Jungkook just merely shrugs in confusion. "Oh, I
see people coming in!"

Four silhouettes from the darkness come out, microphones in their hands. The more they came
closer, the sapphire gates opened even further, letting Team B walk up to the battlefield once again.

The black blurred silhouettes now transformed into four familiar faces.

The sound of the microphone is heard, grabbing the attention of everyone in the audience who
switched their heads towards the centre of the battlefield in interest.

Jimin looks at Yoongi who looked down with a calm smile.

"Hi everyone, and Team B, come in," Jin's voice echoes.

"This is the eliminating round, the final round," Yoongi says, to the screaming audience who
cheered, "These will be quick ten minute matches, same rules apply. A person can be disqualified
if the other person manages to get them out of the white borders you see right infront of you." He
grasps onto his black microphone.

"If you win, you have an immediate chance of getting in!" Hoseok chirps into his orange

"And if you lose or it is a draw, then we will decide. As a whole." Namjoon says a little
intimidatingly, holding his grey microphone with the blue stripes.

Min Jee was about to panick in the battlefield, "W-What's going on? Did I not listen?"

"Well we just have to see don't we?" Hyun-Ki mumbles to Min Jee, who was still clueless.

A laugh erupted between the two, "I see you're confused." Namjoon chuckles charmingly, ruffling
his bright blue hair. There was something about him that have him such a loving nature. "With us
standing here, you're even more confused I'm guessing? The elimination round will be explained
further. If you listen."

"The elimination round is the final round as you know, the round to prove whether or not your are
worthy for the three places that are currently clean." Jin nods. "Understand?"

Everyone in Team B replies with yes' or yeah's or yups.

"Good! Noww, we will explain. Basically, we have got this random picker on this big screen? You
see right there?" Hoseok points at the huge massive screen behind him, the one that showcased the
votes before. "Well, this round we planned to see how you will deal with us if we fought against

Team B suddenly became frozen.

"Basically a 1v1 match between us." Yoongi comments.

Jungkook jaw drops.

Miyo was about to faint at this moment.

"A-A m-match between a Tricpyth mem-member?" Miyo freaks, about to hyperventilate.

Yoongi smirks, watching each Team B members frightful faces, hand bursting a bright fiery ember
of fire, eyes blaring in a mix of of red blue and orange.
Jin looks down with a smile, eyes glowing a pink.

Namjoon adjusts his glasses that were sloped down his nose, and pushes them up, revealing
intimidating grey glowing eyes.

Hoseok let a grin spread onto his face chocolate brown eyes transitioning into bright orange.

Yoongi laughs lightly.

"Yeah. You could say that."

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Chapter 17: Surprises And Endings
Chapter Summary

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"Well let's get started shall we?" Hoseok's eyes turn back to normal, pointing at the large screen.

The screen flickered a blue, with the left side with Team B and Tricpyth, images moving like an
lottery machine.

Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook looked intensely at the screen aswell as Tricpyth, but they seemed
calm as heck, with smug faces on.

The sound of the screen finally did an annoying ding ding ding, with the first match.

Jimin's eyes widened, seeing his picture and Yoongi's on the screen.

The images were moving like a lottery machine again, now Yeon versus Namjoon, Hoseok versus
Jungkook, and finally Jin up against his own cousin, Taehyung.





"These are the first four!" Hoseok smiles, looking right at Jungkook. The younger boy seemed
slightly intimidated, seeing the devilish glint in the elders eyes. There was no mistake that Hoseok
had something up his sleeve.

Jimin looks into Yoongi's eyes who was evidently sympathetic, however smiled sweetly at Jimin
who was a little surprised.
"Even though you're my room mate or friend, I won't go easy on you." His deep voice made Jimin
have shivers slither down his spine, shoulders twitching at it.

Simply, Jimin nods, understanding, "I-I see."

Yoongi nods, approving.

"I-I won't hold back then aswell!"

"Good." Yoongi says with a chuckle, "That's all I wanted to hear."

Taehyung on the other hand, was drenched in anxiety for sure, he was scared to even look at his
cousin for a few seconds. Jin hyung to him seemed cold, but he wasn't, he knows, but he knew he
needed to get rid of the habit of fear especially involving with him.

"I hope you do well, Taehyung-ah." Jin mumbles, with sincerity in his tone, squeezing his cousins
shoulder as he walks along, with a soft smile.

Taehyung was surprised, but confused - feeling his racing heart calm down. Maybe he's no so bad
after all.

Maybe Namjoon hyung was right-

A poof of pink and gold glittery dust explodes right infront of Taehyung unexpectedly, making the
ice manipulator instinctively jump bewildered. "Oh.."

"I'm sorry we scared you, Taehyung-ssi," Taeyang laughs, and bows, with Mr Kim right next to
him with his microphone.

"It's alright-"
"Hello everyone!" Mr Kim's jolly voice echoes the whole battlefield.

Immediately, the crowd screams at the sight of Taeyang, waving their fan banners around yelling
loudly fan chants.

Taehyung and Jungkook fanboy secretly, in the presence of one of their idols.

"Today we have a twist right? These fights will be absolutely mayhem!"

The audience response with a loud cheer, a mix of yes's, fuck yeahs. Mr Kim snorts at this into his
microphone, and blushes slightly, "My bad- The first match will be Telekenisis, Team B Park
Jimin versus Min Yoongi from the one and only team that represents our school, Tricpyth!"

Jimin freaks out, flustered at the fact that Yoongi winks at him smoothly.

"He likes youu~" Taehyung chants, and Jimin pouts, hitting him gently. "And you like him!"

Jimin punched him hard this time.

"Ouch! For a dwarf like you, you really pack a punch! Meanie!" Taehyung snickers, pushing
Jimin's small frame onto the proper battlefield where Yoongi decided to walk to, already ready,
waiting to fight.

With a one last push and a giggle from Taehyung, Jimin becomes even more redder at the sight of
Yoongi towering over him.

Jimin really felt short.

"Isn't Min Yoongi one of the most powerful students in the whole school?"

"How is that Jimin guy going to defeat him?"

"Pfft, have you noticed the red haired person is really short?"

"Who are you rooting for my dude?"

"Totally rooting for Jimin."


"£30 bet? I'm on Yoongi."

"Go on then!"

"You nervous?" Yoongi asked, and Jimin shakes his head quickly, still flustered. "They're talking
about you, y'know."

Jimin let out a stutter, "I-I know that." Out of honesty, Jimin was only nervous because his about to
be crush was looking straight into his eyes, with his signature hot smirk that Jimin seemed to really
like. Alot. "They're calling me short, aren't they?" Jimin mumbles, fumbling with his small fingers,
a habit he had and always stuck with.

"I think you're picking out the negative comments, don't listen to them, Jiminie." Yoongi advises,
his gentle voice soothing the younger. "Don't worry, it's nothing new, I had the same expectations
from the audience, all you need to know is I have faith in you, alright?"

"CHIM YOU CAN DO IT!" Taehyung and Jungkook yell, jumping up and down.

Jimin turns to see his friends that now became a blur, since they were far away from the battlefield.

"GO ON MY DUDE, HOMIE GAY BITCH!" Hoseok screams his lungs out.

Yoongi rolls his eyes, irritated at his best friend.


Jimin giggled, "Does he always do that?"

"He always does and will never stop." Yoongi sighed happily.


Jimin and Yoongi do a final nod at each other, taking a few steps back, facing eachother like a
mirror determination on their faces.


Jimin adjusts his posture.


He couldn't let his nerves get the best of him.


Yoongi pulls out his lighter.


Jimin instinctively runs, lunging forward ready to pounce at Yoongi who was just standing there.
"I-If you're not going to attack, then I-I will!"

Jimin swung his arm but the whole arena bursts into red and orange flames, taking the Telekenisis
back, widening his eyes.

Yoongi was centimetres away from Jimin's face, russet brown eyes flickering a mix of red, blue
and orange going closer to the Telekenisis.

"Go ahead then. Try. Me."

Yoongi's body bursts into crackles and flames, disappearing infront of Jimin's eyes.

Where did he go? Jimin chews on his lip, eyes going left and right.

"Right behind you, Jiminie."

Jimin turns his head immediately at his hyung's voice to see a leg swinging right into his face.

Without hesitation, Jimin's small hands clutch right onto Yoongi's leg.

"I got you!"

Yoongi disappears into the fire.

Jimin is in shock. He never saw Yoonti actually using his power to fight properly, so this was
completely different to get used to.

"I-If you keep hiding, then I don't think you're facing me like a proper person!" Jimin shouts,
seeing the burst of flames scatter around the air right infront of him.

Yoongi steps out of the fire, eyes glowing unnaturally an array of different colours not just one,
"You can't keep up with me Jimin-ah? Maybe I was too harsh on you-"

Jimin stomps the floor, releasing a harsh gush of wind, pushing Yoongi back. "N-No, I caught onto
you now!"

Yoongi raises an eyebrow. "Is that so?"

Jimin's eyes glowed a ruby royal red, hands controlling Yoongi who began to dangle in the air.

"Yes. I will win." Jimin says confidently, until he felt something warm and hot around his feet. His
eyes look down, eye colouring switching to brown at the sight of a large ring of fire that was on the
floor going closer and closer to his feet.


Yoongi drops, in a flash, swinging his fist and punching Jimin in the stomach with no mercy.

"H-HYU-HYUNG!" Jimin chokes, eyes growing wide as sauce pans at the feeling in his stomach,
being winded. He had a choice, eyes switching to a red again, hand clutching tight onto Yoongi's
red and black tie.

The two fall on eachother, Yoongi on top.

"Fiesty." Yoongi hisses, hands grabbing onto Jimin's arms, realising his tie was tightening around
his neck thanks to the boy beneath him.

Jimin grits his teeth, scratches already on his face due to being punched to the floor, eyes glowing
brighter each second he choked Yoongi with his eyes.

All Yoongi could do was use his lighter and his power, biting his lip flicking the cap off his black
lighter, about to turn it on.

"No!" Jimin shouts, about to slap Yoongi's lighter out of his hand, trying to choke Yoongi more
who struggled to breathe but still plastered a smirk on his face, slamming Jimin's arms down the

"Fuck," Yoongi grunts, letting a hand off Jimin's left hand, struggling to get his tie off, but there
was no use.

Jimin had the chance, quickly snatching the lighter out if Yoongi's hand, kicking the elder off his

Yoongi's only source of power is the lighter.

"He's a fire manipulator, after all." Jimin mutters, clutching his pained stomach, watching Yoongi.

Yoongi coughs, back hitting hitting the battle ground, and sneakily wrapping his long milky fingers
around Jimin's small ankles. "Smart move, Jimin-ah." He gruffs out.

Jimin realises this, being thrown to the other side by Yoongi's overwhelming strength, body weak.
He had to save himself as he drops the lighter that dropped onto the battle ground with a clink, and
levitates before his frail body gets hurt again.

Yoongi let a satisfied grin spread onto his face, swiftly grabbing the lighter, and flicked the switch,
and bursted back into flames.

Jimin growls at his move again, turning behind just in case.

"Use your power smartly if you want to win." Yoongi's voice was there right behind him.

Jimin turns, ready to face him again, not even predicting that Yoongi was about to restrain is arms.
The Telekenisis sees everything in slow motion, swinging his leg right into Yoongi's face.
As Jimin thought Yoongi would do.

He dodged to the right. Like before.

The younger watches Yoongi swing his leg aswell.

Jimin immediately crouches, hands pressing down onto the floor. Hopefully the plan in his head

"Oh shit." Yoongi curses, feeling the vibrations of the battleground. The whole battle area shook

Yoongi looking right behind him, seeing the ground form a massive cement block that is about to
smash into him.

Yoongi didn't let that happen, punching each cement block that came his way with major force,
shattering them easily one by one.

"Yes!" Jimin whispers to himself, now knowing Yoongi was distracted. His red eyes control
Yoongi, who immediately reacted with a little yelp being slammed down onto the floor face first.

The gravitational force kept the fire manipulator down.

Yoongi watches terrifying spikes spiking up and down that can pierce the human body easily come
towards him second by second.

"Wow." Yoongi smiles, still having his precious lighter in his hand. He flicks the cap, emitting a
flame that gradually became bigger and bigger, forming a shape of a nasty claw hovering over

The fiery image crackled and hisses right at the younger who seemed still determined in his eyes.

"I wonder how many things you can control at a time Jiminie?" Yoongi says to himself, smirking.

Jimin furrows his eyebrows, "I-I guess he found out my weakness, h-huh?" He stares at the giant
fire claw.

Take off the ring.

Take off the ring.

Take of the ring.

Take off your rings.

"H-However, I'm going to play fair," Jimin hisses, "I'm not going to take off my rings. Not this
time." Jimin mumbles, looking down at his special rings that clutched onto his thick adorable

The claw of fire enlarges - Jimin knew that the amount of fire could burn his body in a crisp,
watching the claw take the first swing, by sweeping it's hand violently across the whole battlefield.

Jimin raises his hand, controlling the battlefield by creating a shield of cement that took half of the
battlefield. The claw seemed to not burn it.

That proves my theory that the battleground floor is fire proof.

Jimin looks up, unexpectedly seeing the amount of fire swirling over him. The boy didn't know
that Yoongi could manipulate it like that, feeling his heart quickening at the sight of it.


Jimin feels stunned, seeing Yoongi's fist first smashing his shield, "You thought it was going to be
the end?" Yoongi questions, and swinging his fist into Jimin.

The strawberry boy thought quickly.

Yoongi hyung is attacking me from both sides .

If I move around two steps behind, I'll be out of the white borders...

Jimin swings his fist into Yoongi's stomach.

Theres only one way. Attack.

Jimin sees Yoongi disappearing into flames again, as his fist smashes into his own wall he made,
shattering it.

"Right behind you, Park Jimin."

Jimin felt Yoongi's large arms slither and wrap around his thin small waist.

Before Jimin could react, Yoongi bends his legs, bending his back.

At this moment, Jimin could feel the adrenaline- catching Yoongi's eye catching orbs glow, his
bright beautiful eyes that Jimin could loose himself in.
Everything was in slow motion, and Jimin's red hair was falling onto his face.

Yoongi caught Jimin's eyes switching to red, a smirk on his face becoming bigger.

Yoongi's eyes widen.

Jimin was still in mid air.

His small hands push Yoongi's chest out of the white borders, using the push to push himself back
into the battlefield.

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Chapter 18: Blood, Sweat and Tears
Chapter Summary

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"Park Jimin is victor! What a turn events!"

Yoongi was still in shock, eyes strained on Jimin who approached him with red eyes that switched
to his normal honey doe brown.

He realised the cute adorable colour of red dusting Jimin's cheeks as he let his hand out. "Yoonie
hyung, h-hand."

Yoongi's face of shock soothes and softens, letting his big hand intertwine with Jimin's, letting a
smile take over and surprising Jimin, engulfing him in a hug.

Jimin was surprised at the sudden hug, gasping a little and smiling, letting Yoongi wrap his arms
around his waist, and he himself wrap his arms around his neck.

Moments like this just made Jimin giggle in satisfaction, chest touching Yoongi's feeling the exact
same beating of the human heart pounding in their rib cages.

This feeling was nostalgic, the same electrifying feeling that the two felt when they first hugged,
but this electrical wave that wavering through them was not painful, but more peaceful.

As Yoongi pulled away, leaving Jimin's warmth, Jimin still had his hands on Yoongi's wrists, eyes
staring right at Yoongi's lips.

His lips were small, pretty obviously, yet so mesmerising, Jimin had the urge to kiss those lips. He
had the urge to press his own plump lips against his.

What exactly was this feeling? Jimin couldn't figure it out.


Jimin turns, seeing Taehyung and Jungkook running towards him, not realising that he let go of

"Before y-you go Jiminie," Yoongi speaks out, grabbing the youngest attention. "Well done, Jimin-

The sound of Jimin's name made him blush excessively, flustered as can be. At this point, Jimin
covers his face with his small hands.



Namjoon looks down, right at Yeon who is litreally battered with so much scratches and cuts,
blood trickling down his forehead.

"Intelligence is the key to everything...I suppose," Namjoon mumbles, speaking smartly. He

adjusted his glasses, cautiously holding his hand out, "You did well."

Yeon is immediately intimidated at the way Namjoon looks at him right in the eye, and sighs in
litreal defeat, holding his hand, jumping up easily with Namjoon's scary strength. "You..literally
predicted every single move I did."

"I make gadgets when I'm bored, it's always useful for opponents." Namjoon says, leaving Yeon,
but then stops. "By the way I designed the gadget right on your arm - the gadget your wearing. I'm
head of the Development Department."


"Oh my God! We're doing a match." Hoseok shrieks right in Jungkook's face who seemed confused
of the amount of excitement the elder had. Hoseok raised an eyebrow at Jungkook's mixed facial
expression. "Aren't you excited?"

Jungkook shrugs, index fingers pressing together, "I - Uhm don't know whether to be or not."
Jungkook rubs the back of his head with the palm of his hand, a little shy, "I mean - I'm kinda
scared after watching Yeon's and Jimin's battle with you guys - Yoongi and Jimin are really strong!

"Well, seeing what you can do, you are pretty strong, I have to say for myself!" Hoseok chortles,
sweeping the dust off his top as if he was some old man, "I'll be even cool to see if you even get a
draw out of this."

Jungkook laughs awkwardly, feeling like that last sentence was totally out of his hyung's character.
"Well, no need to be so scared, this is the third match! Be excited!" Hoseok encourages.

"You look on the positive side way too much!" Jungkook says.


Hoseok shrugs, "Well you guys only live once, right?"

Jungkook squints his eyes, a bit confused at his statement, raising an eyebrow, "Well... you could
say that...?"


"Well look at the positive side!" Hoseok lectures, putting his hands on his hips.

Out of honesty, Jungkook thought that this team member of Tricypth was way too positive,
including his body itself with the bright aura that he spread and the shiny yellow sun right behind
him that reflected and shined onto his exquisite orange hair.


Hoseok jumps, stretches to the side. Jungkook could hear his bones cracking each time he
stretches, then grabbing an energy bar out of his pocket.

"Why do you have...that?" Jungkook asks.


"I dunno." Hoseok just says.


Hoseok takes an aggressive bite of his energy bar, innocent sparkling eyes darkening.

"I hope you can keep up with me, Jeon Jungkook." Hoseok says, punching Jungkook

His attack was way much more faster than Jungkook expected. Jungkook grits his teeth, feeling a
grip on his blazer.

The younger was about to scramble, hands shaking trying to pull Hoseok's iron grip on his blazer-

"I don't think so," Hoseok pulling his hair.

"A-Ah!" Jungkook schreeches as he gets kneed right in the stomach, but not enough pressure to
actually wind him.

"It's just already the start...just because you're younger than me, doesn't mean I'll go easy on you-"

Jungkook immediately kicked Hoseok in the balls on instincts, giving eye contact to him - he
wasn't using his powers yet.

"Shit!" Hoseok scowls, trying to clench in the pain with his teeth, not realising the swinging fist
coming in contact first face.

"So I guess we're not using your powers now?!" Jungkook shouts, and with all his might he
punched Hoseok in the face who simply faded into air.

Jungkook stands there, frozen. Behind you. Jungkook thought, swinging his leg right into Hoseok
who was behind him, blocking his attack very easily.

"Did I say that?" Hoseok laughs.

Jungkook's tongue rolls around the insides of his gum, "I assumed so." His eyes switch green, arm
morphing into a metal bat.

With every single ounce of strength Jungkook had, he swung his metal arm into Hoseok.

Hoseok jumps at the swinging-in-motion metal bat that was about to bruise his hip very badly,
hand gently using it to keep himself up. He was crouching position in mid air, pushing his body to
one side, side kicking Jungkook right into the head.

"O-Ouch!" Jungkook hisses, feeling dizzy at the impact of his kick - and his shoes.

His heavy shoes hit him on the side on the head.

Everything was becoming a blur, Jungkook's eyes watering. Metamorphosis with his whole body
took much of his energy, making him feel the familiar feeling of nausea and a pounding in his

"Let's play fair then Kookie." Hoseok's eyes darken in a more vibrant orange. "Let's test your

Jungkook was strong, shaking his head trying to squeeze the pain away by closing his eyes shut
forcefully and blinking only to see a sea of Hoseok's surrounding him in a ring.

"Figure out who's the real one then!" All the Hoseok's exclaim in synchronicity.

Jungkook clenched his fist ; the beady orange eyes that stared right down his soul gave him the
creeps. "Think... Think.. Think!" Jungkook chanted to himself, already seeing the Hoseok's getting
a little impatient.

"If you can't figure it out in three seconds...all of us will attack at once."

A bead of sweat trickles down from Jungkook's forehead to his neck.

"Attack then!" Jungkook yells, morphing both of his arms into a familiar long thick rope he used to
save Taehyunt before, swinging it into all the Hoseok's that lunged forward with fight-hungry




To Jungkook's surprise, all of the Hoseok's vanish in the air right in front or Jungkook's neon green

"Where was the real Hoseok then?" Jungkook mumbles, trying not to freak out as much as he can.

"Behind you." Hoseok whispered right into Jungkook's ear eerily, giving him the chills.

Jungkook felt the adrenaline going through his veins, immediately blocking Hoseok's fist.

"Woah." Hoseok chuckles.

Jungkook digs his finger nails onto Hoseok's arm, ensuring that he wasn't going to let Hoseok go,
slamming him onto the floor.

The elders body slams onto the Battle Ground, letting a little maniac laugh. His laughs died down
as Hoseok's body vanishes into thin air.

Jungkook was irritated as it is, jaw moving with his teeth, "Again?!"

"Yeah, again!" Hoseok sniggers, ramming his fist into Jungkook.

Jungkook manages to metamorph his whole body with the left energy he had in his body before he
drops onto the floor. Jungkook's body minimized to the size of an eagle, struggling to swoop in the
air, escaping Hoseok's antics.

"You think you could escape?"

Hoseok was like a dirty stain that you could never get off a white piece of fabric.

Hoseok jumps really high, fingers grabbing onto Jungkook's eagle body, slamming the shape
shifter onto the battle ground.

"C-CRAP!" Jungkook squeaks out of his beak feeling gravity pull him down painfully, unable to
shape shift.

Hoseok's attacks like as if he had a few seconds to live. His attacks are way too quick for Jungkook
to calculate.

Jungkook's green eyes stare right at the ground he was going to be slapped by in a few miliseconds,
but everything seemed in slow motion-

Hoseok's fist meets Jungkook's stomach right in mid air.

"A-AH!" Jungkook screams in indescribable pain, causing Jungkook to morph back, eyes switching
back to brown.

An unexpected turn events, Jungkook was saved.

"Keep up with me," Hoseok says softly, catching the younger in his arms.

Jungkook was bewildered at Hoseok saving him.

Why would he do that?

"I don't like playing nice." Hoseok slaps Jungkook's face which started to bleed.

Red blood casaded down Jungkook's face as Hoseok still had him in his arms.

Hoseok looks hardly at Jungkook, darkness that was in his eyes fading away, and sighs, gently
dropping him down onto the battle ground.

Jungkook raised his eye brows.

What was going on?

A silence was created.

Hoseok put his hand up, shocking the audience.

"I forfeit."


Hoseok even flinches at this, in disbelief.

Jungkook struggles to even stand up straight, getting up from the ground and clutching his stomach
that was bruised.

He had a split lip, a head injury.

"I forfeit, you win." Hoseok mumbles.

"I d-don't want to win this way!" Jungkook yells.

"Jungkook, promise me you're not in the right state-" Hoseok freaks out.
"No! Fight me!" Jungkook yells, legs wobbly like jelly, running to Hoseok. He had no energy,
lightly punching Hoseok's chest over and over again.

Jungkook's legs give up.

"F...Fight.. "

"Jungkook.." Hoseok mutters.

"F-Fuh-Fight me...!" Jungkook cries out. "N-Now! Now! Fight me like a real m-man-"


Jungkook's tense shoulders relax.

Hoseok look right down at Jungkook.

His eyes close.

Hoseok looked unimpressed, but he still felt guilt, stroking the boys neon and brown hair.

"How heroic."

Hoseok didn't know that the younger best friend was fuming.

In anger.

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Chapter 19: Well Achieved Medals
Chapter Summary


Chapter Notes

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Jungkook flutters his eyes mumbling a small T-Tae?, only to reveal Jimin's chubby cheeked face
looking over him in curiosity, red strawberry hair flopping over his face.

"Everyone! Yoongi hyungie! He's awake!" Jimin exclaims, jumping up and dissapearing from
Jungkook's sight.

"Ah, is he? Check if everything's alright." A muffled voice was heard in the other left side of
Jungkook's perspective.

The younger could make out that was Yoongi's voice in the left.

Jungkook was confused where he was, blinking alot, batting his eye lashes at his surroundings.
"W-Where am I?" The younger says, finally sitting up and raising his arms to rub his eyes only to
receive a sting of excruciating pain. "O-Ouch!"

At this point, Jungkook didn't feel the need to rub his eyes anymore, eyes fixtating at the blur of
people surrounding his bed.

Blinking even more, he was surprised that six other people were surrounding him - was he that
injured from the match?

"T-Tae?" Jungkook murmurs out, scanning around the room with his dazed eyes. It was the only
word he could say.
"I'm here Kookie," Taehyung says hugging Jungkook ever so gently, trying not to hurt him, "Don't
rush yourself, you're pretty bruised from..the match." He side glances at Hoseok who nervously

Jungkook attempts to stand up, but Taehyung's hand immediately clenched around his wrist.

"Don't rush yourself you're hurt!" Taehyung says a little to loud before Jungkook could do anything

Jungkook flinches, and sits back in his bed, pouting, "Alright..uhm...how long have I been out?"
Jungkook yawns, not even attempting to stretch. His body hurt and ached.

Taehyung sighs.

Namjoon checks his watch with a flick of a wrist, and smiles, "Precisely two hours and thirty five
minutes, four seconds and counting."

"I-I've been out that long?!" Jungkook freaks out in the middle of the conversation, pulling his hair
in distress out of habit, "Oh my god - why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be in the
battlefield..?" Jungkook points at Taehyung who just chuckles.

"You're asking a lot of questions," Yoongi mumbles, "I'm going to have a brain meltdown, slow

Jungkook nods, "Okay uhm, let's start with the last question?"

Jin sighs softly rolling his eyes, "Jungkook-ah, everything is over. That was two hours ago. We
have a lot of time so let's not rush." Jin shushes him.

It didn't stop Jungkook.

Jungkook processes this all, saying nothing for about thirty seconds. "So that means...I missed
Tae's match between Jin hyung...I don't even know who got in!"
Taehyung pats his shoulder slowly, "All of us did. That's why half of Tricypth is around us. Well
basically you!"

The boys jaw drops, "Wait is this a dream..?! You can't fool me!" Jungkook points at Taehyung
and Taehyung scoffs in disbelief feeling betrayed.

"I'm sure it's hundred percent real kid." Yoongi rolls his eyes in disbelief. "We waited for you to
wake up since Jimin and Taehyung wanted to be introduced to the team together."

"Y-Yeah! We literally waited f-for..uhm," Jimin blushes in embrassment, looking right at

Namjoon. The telepath knew what he needed to do, looking at his watch.

"Two hours, thirty four minutes and fifty eight seconds." Namjoon replies. "Any more questions
you would like us to answer Jungkook?"

Jungkook clenches the bed sheets, a bit shy and a little confused, still taking in all the information
that was given to him at this point. "How did I even qualify?" His voice became small. "I would've
lost any way, and-"

Hoseok speaks up from the rest who wanted to listen to Jungkook, silent. "So?"

Jungkook raises an eyebrow. His ex-opponent had a reason?

"What do you mean so?"

"Jungkook, you shown hope, you didn't give up what's so ever." Hoseok reasons. "You have
potential, we could see it. Everyone can. We heard that you rarely use your power unless it's for
lessons. If you can tame your power, then you can be awesome, we can guarantee that."

Yoongi nods in agreement, "I saw heroism in every single one of you. When I went against Jimin
in a match his eyes were filled with determination. Especially when Taehyung and Jin-hyung
settled after a draw."
Taehyung puts his hands on his hips nochantly. "Don't worry they recorded everything what
happened in the matches so you can watch it whenever."

"I see..b-but what about the others? Yeon? Miyo? Everyone?" Jungkook mumbles.

What really happened to the others?

Jungkook rubs his chin, "Does that mean.."

"They didn't get in." Hoseok gestures, "They didn't strike what we wanted in the team." Hoseok
laughs a little nervously, "You three stood out the most!"

"And, since you are all here - and awake," Jin announces, side winking towards Jungkook, "You
are officially part of Tricypth, then you have the possession of these specially made badges. Keep
them safe and connected please!" Jin grabs three badges enveloped in plastic to keep it clean out of
his blazer pocket, passing it to his new three team members.

Jimin looks right in awe. It was shaped as a police badge, but the whole badge had it's own
meaning, gold and black shiny lining the beautiful ruby red glittery rose with gold outlines. The
rose was wilting it's petals. At the bottom, the special familiar words Tricypth engraved.

"I-It's beautiful, " Jimin looks up to Yoongi who's face softened at the sight of Jimin admiring his
new badge.

Each badge had their names also engraved on.

It really is beautiful.

"I'll help you put it on," Yoongi offers, and helps him by attaching the large badge on Jimin's

Jungkook and Taehyung did the same, helping each other out with their badges and even admiring
each other shamelessly.

"Our new members look stunning," Namjoon compliments from a distance, watching the three
youngsters laugh and joke about their badges.

Yoongi sighs happily, "Especially Jimin."

Namjoon judges Yoongi, "You're daydreaming to much dude.

Yoongi scoffs, "Shut up, giraffe."

Of course, the group (now with Taehyung and Jungkook included), crashed at Yoongi's and Jimin's
dorm nine hundred and fifty four.

"Whilst we wait, how about movie night?" Jin suggests, being squished by an energetic Taehyung
who was starting a cuddle train with Jungkook who cuddled Taehyung, and Taehyung cuddled his
cousin without a thought.

Jimin and Yoongi just sat together in the darkness staring at the boring television screen reflecting
it's light onto their faces.

"We already did that yesterday night." Yoongi grumbles. He remembers Jimin's pretty doe eyes,
his body pressed up against his innocently in that moment.

Yesterday, Hoseok toppled all the popcorn over Yoongi and Jimin, and also being pushed by Jin
hyung, the two seemed to entangle their legs together in the awkardest position the males didn't
even expect themselves to get into.

"You never invited me?!" Taehyung glances right at his hyung, Jin in fake betrayal.

Out of know where, there was a series of knocks coming from the door.

"I'll get it!" Taehyung springs up, excitedly tugging Jungkook's wrist with him.

"A-Ah T-Tae!" Jungkook yelps - his bruises didn't hurt anymore unless they were touched - the
worse was on his back.

"Be careful with Jungkook Taehyung!" Jin yells, and Taehyung rolls his eyes with a little sheepish
grin, twisting the door knob.
"We brought alcohol!" Hoseok yells, then Namjoon freaks out, covering his mouth, "Anfd sofu!
Fiwine! Mhm!"

Jin stands up, pushing past Jungkook and Taehyung who were completely oblivious on what was
about to happen, looking right at Kim Namjoon and Jung Hoseok.

The orange haired just grinned, and Namjoon can feel the sweat, being stared down by their hyung
who looked rather infuriated.

"I have no words...I'm highly dissapointed! There are sixteen year olds here friends! Sixteen year
olds!" Jin scolds furiously, even pointing at the two youngsters who stood there just watching the

Hoseok just laughs joyfully, "We always do this! Don't we Namjoon? Remember when we did this
the first time we got in Tricypth?-"

Namjoon coughs, "It was his idea, even though you see it in your perspective that I'm responsible

"You scoundrel! - No- you traitor!" Hoseok barks, prodding a finger on Namjoon's chest but
immediately stops cursing the telepath feeling Jin's scary aura add more tension, looking right into
the olders eyes in fear.

Jin sighs at this, face palming at the two. "You know what, this time I'm not going to be the one
damaging my liver tonight. All of you sit down." Jin looks at Taehyung and Jungkook who
proceeded to do so. "And you two." Jin points and Hoseok and Namjoon.

"You love me still though..." Hoseok pouts, placing the alcohol on the counter top.

All of them settle down, and Yoongi smirks while not even noticing himself running his hands
through Jimin's soft strawberry hair lovingly, "Sooo. We are having alcohol, right Jin hyung?"

"Fuck yeah, it's celebrating time!" Hoseok jumps up, doing a little mini dance.
Jin scoffs.

"Yeah, pass the good shit." Yoongi says, bro fisting Hoseok, "What you got?"

Namjoon sits down a little guilty in the corner of the couch, mumbling, "Obviously soju, the good
stuff." He watches Hoseok put some bottles in the small table in front of the couch.

Taehyung and Jungkook look curiously at the box of alcohol.

Hoseok catches their curious faces and let a grin spread on his face, "Feel free, you've worked
hard." He opens the box of bottles of soju, passing a cold bottle to Yoongi.

"Cheers," Yoongi says as Jin passes him a shot glass from the counter, and Yoongi uncaps the
bottle pouring the alcohol in the shot glass.

The oldest out of the seven smirks, "This just gives me dejavu when you three got through the try
outs when you were such adorable second years." Jin says, pouring some alcohol in a glass.
"Yoongi developed his little anger attitude."

"Oh the memories." Namjoon comments, shaking his glass shot gently, staring at the liquid in it
and downing the contents as if it was water.

Taehyung and Jungkook looked in awe, "Woah," They say in synchronicity.

"Haha! He's only tryin' to act cool!" Hoseok snorts already flushed faced. "He's a light weight, I tell
ya!" He points at the blue haired telepath who shakes his head with a sheepish smile.

On the other hand, Jimin couldn't help to stare right at Yoongi's face.

Was he getting prettier day by day?

He was attractive.
The way his lips press against the cold clear opaque glass from the cupboards, the way the soju
slowly slips down the glass into his mouth.

Jimin couldn't help to look.

"Jimin, don't you want to drink? I won't force you." Yoongi quirks an eyebrow up. The younger
didn't have anything to drink except of the group.

Jimin opens his mouth to talk, but he couldn't.

No. Being drunk can reveal many secrets.

"Jimin-ah? You're staring out of space again."

You know why you're here. You're here to find him .

Jimin doesn't say anything, eyes watering at the thought, feeling s knot in his stomach as he
snuggles closer to Yoongi who looked surprised.
The fire manipulator begins to become flustered, a rare experience he hasn't felt very often.

"Hyung, it's alright - j-just wan'stay like this." Jimin murmurs, voice broken.

"Alright then. You sound sad, what's the matter?" Yoongi asks, looking right into Jimin's eyes that
were glossy.

Jimin wants to say something.

He opens his mouth.


Maybe it was the wrong time.

"It's nothing." Jimin lies smoothly.

I just remembered something, that's all.

"Well, if you wanna talk to me then feel free. I'm all ears." Yoongi laughs gently. "Maybe you
need to loosen up." Yoongi takes another shot, giving his warmth to Jimin.

Jimin nods barely, but Yoongi knew he did so. "I guess so." He replied with a small voice.
"Be happy alright? It's your celebration night, go on, raid the ice cream and we can eat some.
Probably having a hang over tomorrow but y'know it's worth it." Yoongi says, giggling. "We
always do this to introduce new comers to the group.

"GO ON JEON JUNGKOOK!" Taehyung yells, cheering his best friend on. He was being his
personal cheerleader, cheering his name in this silly drinking game.

It was ten at night, and the group still kept up.

Jimin we about to doze off, clinging into Yoongi like a koala, resting his head on his shoulder.

Yoongi was busy procrastinating and complaining to the strawberry boy that was half asleep
listening to him about losing to Namjoon in the game of shots, settling defeat in the corner feeding
himself ice cream.

"BITCH! FUCK HIM UP SIS! FUCK HIM UP SIS!" Jin shouts, literally drunk. The elder raised
his right hand in the air holding a bottle of vodka carelessly, doing some shitty dance moves.

Jungkook's stomach churns.

Taehyung sounded concerned, "Kookie?"

"IM GOING TO THROW UP!" Jungkook screams running to the bathroom. Taehyung follows
him like a puppy.
"HAHA! YOU ADMIT DEFEAT!" Hoseok cheers, jumping up and down like there was no

Jin high fives him with a large grin, "THAT'S MY BITCH!"

Namjoon just dozed off on the couch.

Chapter End Notes

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Chapter 20: Let's Focus On The Present Not The Past
Chapter Summary



Chapter Notes

See the end of the chapter for notes

"Park Jimin, so this is your first Physical Education lesson, right?" The PE teacher asks, and the
strawberry haired boy meekly nods. The teacher smiles softly, "Well done for getting in the team
Tricypth, no one gets in on their second day."

Jimin blushes, "T-Thank you!"

The P.E teacher raises an eyebrow, seeing the visible muscles all over his body and a scar that
looked like the wound was deep. "Alright then, go to team Yoongi."

Second period.

After the celebration party with lots of groans and whines about the painful excruciating pain in
their heads, the seven parted their own ways to their own lessons.

Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook were the talk of the academy, and lots of people
were beginning to question the new transfer student from Busan and the two mysterious second
years how did they do it, how did they draw with the intimidating Tricypth.

Yoongi even walked with Hoseok, Jimin and Namjoon to first period and a random group of girls
began to hit on oblivious Jimin near the lockers just trying to get his history revision book.

"Jiminie! You're in our team!" Hoseok shrieks with a huge hug, feeling Yoongi's intense glare, "Oh
thank gosh, if you were with Namjoon over there, I think we would actually have a hard time." The
orange haired pointed towards Namjoon who was busy talking to his team mates, "Y'know, I really
hate basketball, including the headache I have right now, but you see, Yoongi loves it!"

Jimin turns to Yoongi with sparkles in his eyes, "H-Hyung!"

Yoongi opens his arms widely.

Hoseok pouts, knowing his grumpy hyung never let anyone do that to him before.

Jimin runs, jumping and Yoongi swings him in circles gently, and dropping the small boy onto the
ground, "Hey, nice to see you in your P.E uniforn." He comments, gazing Jimin up and down.

The crinkled plain white shirt with the Seoul Hero Academics badge sown on, red and black
striped shorts that was a bit tight, with white scuffed trainers.

"Yeah, I-I had to borrow some because I didn't have any." Jimin says a little shyly.
Yoongi chuckles, adoring the boy in secret, "You could've asked for mine. And sorry about last
night and this morning."

Jimin's memories flickers to a scene where Yoongi and Jimin same bed, innocently hugging

The boys face turn bright red.

"N-No it's a-alright! - I don't mind!"

"PARK JIMIN! You may be new and part of Tricypth, BUT I WON'T ALLOW YOU TO SPEAK
WHILST I SPEAK!" The instructor yells, threatening him with his beige glowing eyes.

Jimin stands up straight as fast as he can, making Hoseok laugh out loud.

"OKAY, y'all should know how to play basketball, all the positions, that jazz. If you don't, feel
free to ask your team captains that lead an actual team Tricypth, got it?" The teacher says straight
and very clear. "No cheating! Alright?! I got my eyes on all of ya'pesky brats."

Jimin shuffles closer to Yoongi and Hoseok's back, very frightened.

"Now in Seoul Hero Academics, we have a rule in basketball." The instructor says, walking back
and forth staring each and every student with a glare, "Would anyone like the answer?"

Namjoon raises his hand.

"Yes Namjoon?"

"When holding the ball we are allowed to use our power as much as we want." Namjoon says,
eyeing Hoseok who stuck his tongue out in irritation.

"Exactly what he said, kiddos." The instructor click his fingers, pointing at Jimin, "What did
Namjoon say?"

"W-When holding the ball w-we are a-allowed to use our power as much as we want!" Jimin

"Exactly." The teacher laughs. "Any other questions before we start?"

Namjoon raises his hand up once again.


"Is there any other rules?" He looks at Jimin with a sweet smile, "Jimin may not understand most

The elder crosses his arms, coughing, "Alright then, Mr Park! Listen out. Don't go out in the white
lines, your team will be on the right side of the court." The P.E teacher claps his hands, "Okay!
Let's do this; let's get this over with!"

The teams immediately turn to their own captains.

"HUDDLE!" Yoongi exclaims, and everybody does so, following his orders like a true leader. He
points each person in a quick motion, "So we have...six. Five will be in the court."

Their team was a mix of people they didn't really know about, a random boy with green hair, the
other the brunette hair and the last one the blue haired.

The green haired speaks up, hand raised, "I don't mind if I sit on the bench, Yoongi-ssi, I don't
think I'm any use."

Yoongi raises an eyebrow, glaring at the green boy then looked at the other two who shivered in
the spot. "What powers do you two have then?"

The brown haired looked nervous, worse than his blue haired friend.

Yoongi was pretty intimidating after all.

"My h-hair can create thorns." The brown haired speaks out.


The blue haired jumps in his spot, "I-I can make anything paralysed for f-fifteen seconds..."

"Alright, are you two good at basketball?"

The brown one starts sweating at the question, "I-I used to p-play Yoongi-ssi!"

"What position?" Yoongi inches up closer to the trembling boys face, "Small forward? Power
forward? Shooting guard?"

"P-POWER FORWARD!" The boy shouts.

Hoseok smacks Yoongi lightly, "Dude, I think your scaring our poor teammate too much! Calm

Yoongi rolls his eyes, pursing his lold for a second and looks up to his uneasy team. "I've made up
my mind."


The brown hair dude ended up being power forward, Jimin was some how shooting guard, Hoseok
was standing as centre, blue haired guy became small forward and Yoongi being point guard.

That's now it ended, with Namjoon in the same position as Yoongi who opposed him with
infuriating anger.

The PE teacher steps in the middle chewing bubble gum, holding a basket ball in his hands,
jingling golden keys and whistles attached to a strap around his neck, blowing his whistle and
throwing the ball in a quick motion.


Yoongi and Namjoon jump immediately to grab the ball, hands squeezing the ball with so much
pressure and super human strength.

"You're always so stubborn, aren't you?" Namjoon grins revealing his dimples. His eyes switched
grey watching Yoongi's doing the same since they were holding the ball as well.

"I know." Yoongi smirks, eyes glowing red blue and orange, creating painful heat around the ball
that the fire manipulator can only withstand.
Namjoon scowls, fingers detaching the ball.

Yoongi bounces the ball down satisfied, knowing even though he can't produce flames he can
make heat a little from the fingertips.

Jimin couldn't believe it as Yoongi has his eyes glowing in determination, bouncing the ball in an
extremely fast pace that after images were made.

"Come on!" Yoongi says, making the rest of team mates run to Namjoon's side, ready to get the

Hoseok puts his hand up as a signal, realising the other team started barricading him.

Jimin raises his hand, "Here Yoongi!"

Namjoon's team immediately switch their heads towards Jimin, leaving their focus on Hoseok.

Yoongi nods, looking like he was about to throw the basketball to Jimin raising his arms, but his
fingers tips pushed the ball behind him.

"Yay!" Hoseok cheers, catching the ball easy like doing three times tables, dribbling and dodging
the many team members that tried to poke the ball out of his hands. "Jimin come forward!"

Hoseok turns, about to throw the ball in, but Namjoon blocks his throw, jumping high as he can
and now having it as a his own.

"Hey!" Hoseok yells in anger as Namjoon laughs maliciously dribbling right past him.

Yoongi face palmed.

Yoongi's team protect their side of the court now, moving down watching Namjoon's movements.

Namjoon passes the ball right under Yoongi's legs with his mysterious grey eyes to his team mate
who ran with a trail of ice making the floor incredibly slippy.

"Dunk it!" A voice yells.

Blue haired boy snatches the basketball from Namjoon's team mates hands in a quick motion,
passing it to the brown haired boy who was staring out of space and got hit in the head.

Namjoon manages to grab it, bouncing it on the floor about to throw it in the basketball hoop.

A gush of wind goes through Namjoon's arms, making the telepath slowly widen his eyes, looking
at the corner of his eyes seeing Jimin looking right into his face with a snarky smirk.

The telekinesis was short and small, Namjoon didn't even notice him zooming past him with the

It was as if his body was a ghost. Namjoon was still in disbelief frozen from shock as he turns,
seeing Jimin controlling the ball that violently smashed into the basket ball hoop making everyone
stand there, jaw dropping.

The instructor let a smirk spread on his face, saying, "Yoongi's team has scored a point!" Before he
could blow into his whistle.

"Maybe I shouldn't have underestimated Jimin." Namjoon sighs as the suns gorgeous ray reflect
onto his glorious sun kissed skin. He wasn't sweating yet, running ten laps out of thirty five around
the track.

The telepath was already feeling like his legs were about to give out, but the other three members
pitied him as Namjoon was already exhausted from the game.

"Yeah! Who knew Jimin was good at basket ball!" Hoseok chirps happily, fist bumping the air as a
sign of victory, jogging.

"Yeah..maybe really good...like he scored thirty points," Namjoon whined, "We literally had thirty
six and your team had fifty two."

Jimin giggles, "I-I'm sorry hyung!"

Yoongi laughs.

"Don't laugh at this embarrassing moment of my life." Namjoon fake cries, "I already feel like a
dissapointment as it is to this team."

"Well it's not your fault. I think that you had a chance of also winning if we were allowed to use
our powers full time during the match not only with holding the ball." Yoongi shrugs, "Not all is
about power I suppose, walnut." Yoongi gestures to his eyes.

Namjoon groaned, shoulders sagging even though his legs kept going. "Yeah, I think I got that
figured out."

Hoseok sniggers.

Namjoon rolls his eyes, sweat starting to form as he felt a roll of it coming from his temple about to
shout at Hoseok for laughing but looks at Jimin who was floating, wielding a bag of wizard
raiders. The younger stared out of space into the sunny side blue skies with white clouds, realising
how sunny it was no matter the season or month.
"God, that's cheatinggg!" Namjoon points out enviously.

"Oh s-sorry Namjoon hyung, do you want some?" Jimin offers with a determined face, making
Hoseok laugh his ass off.

"This. Is. Not. Fair," Namjoon murmurs. His legs were feeling like jelly at the moment, finishing
his tenth lap with his friends and now on his eleventh.

Physical Education lessons were split up with A side and B side - luckily the four were in A side
together doing PE doing the same exact things. B side had PE the same time but doing different
things and eventually the two sides switch the type of sport their playing.

Seemed like their penalty was to run forty laps on the track for football instead of basketball.

"Aren't those three part of Tricypth?"

"Shut up dude, they could hear us."

Around there, the four boys didn't do anything but decided to continue. Maybe the two pupils
didn't know how loud they were.

"So? They can't do anything, they can't use their powers against us. Campus rules."

Ouch. That hurt a nerve.

"Isn't that Min Yoongi there? The strongest power user in this school?"

"I don't think that he deserves that title now, he literally got beat by that little fucking midget."

This time, Jimin wanted to gasp.

"Really? - he looks so small, if he's that small I could beat the Yoongi guy. That telekensis dude
doesn't even deserve to be in that fancy ass team anyways."

he four could hear this. Namjoon and Hoseok especially, having their eyes strained right into
Yoongi with slightly concerned and nervous faces as he stopped right into his tracks.

If you didn't know, fire manipulators are known for a bad attribute of theirs.

Yoongi had a reputation - one for his very bad temper.

Hoseok immediately grabs Yoongi's wrist instinctively, remembering last time when Yoongi god
angry, almost setting the room on fire.

Jimin was stunned at the long silence, hearing Namjoon's deep gulp at the feeling of tension
thickening as the group of boys that talked shit turned in sudden fake surprise.


Namjoon pulls him back, making Yoongi growl in infuriating anger. His hands were shaking,
irritation belong inside of him. "Hey, what year are you guys in?" Namjoon asks, voice little more
sterner than he thought.

The tallest one spoke up, "Third year. Are you dumb?"

"I don't think that's very nice to say that," Hoseok complains.

"Just because you're some cool ass Tricypth and shit, doesn't mean anything. You're not special,
Hoseok." The guy spits.

Namjoon bites his lips, feeling the high temperature radiating off Yoongi increasing. His arms
were getting hotter and hotter.
"You only got in Tricypth because I helped you during try-outs that last minute." The guy says.

Hoseok's eyebrows furrow, mouth kept shut. He didn't want to say anything else anymore, feeling a
knot in his stomach. "I...I didn't know you felt that was Jaesun."

"We promised to get in together." Jaesun supposedly hisses.

Hoseok flinches at the distaste in his tone. "It's not like that-"

"I don't think it's very nice of you to talk trash about my h-hyungs." Jimin yells loudly, grabbing all
the attention to him.

Namjoon's mouth slowly shaped into a small o.

"You c-can't choose the future, Jaesun, wh-whoever you are. Y-You may haven't gotten into
Tricypth, but doesn't mean you're going to be a life changing hero in the future or it's the end of the
world! I-It's not an e-excuse for you to be an ass too." Jimin said each word and eah syllable with
enthusiasm, Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok were touched by it.

The telepath could feel Yoongi's tense back relax and see his face softening, anger fading away.

"I-I only won b-because of l-luck! M-Maybe you n-need to u-understand that Yoongi-hyung is way
more stronger than me and unpredictable!" Jimin yells even louder.

Jaesun stopped.

Then laughed.

His whole group laughed.

"Look at him! He really is a short midget like people fucking say! I don't know why people fear
you or anything, all mighty Tricypth, the team that represents the school - so what? We all know
that you failed last year. A dissapointment to our school." Jaesun cackled.
The stars in Jimin's eyes began to falter.

"W-What do y-you mean failed...?" Jimin says.

"You're new right? Well last year the shitty team of theirs couldn't even get through Stage two in
The Seoul National Tournaments." Jaesun explained.

"That doesn't matter." Yoongi grits out. "We will try and try again. And well done, you got
yourself stuck two weeks of cleaning the males toilets and detention."

Jaesun laughs a bit nervously this time, "W-What? What for? For fucking stating facts? Is that all
you're gonna say?"

"No, for breaking rule number fifty six. A rule specially for students not to belittle others over their
powers and how they look." Namjoon takes a deep breath. "I hope you understand."

Jaesun shakes his head in disbelief, "No. You think I'm going to do that? You're kidding me."

"I think he isn't, Kang Jaesun." The PE teacher says coming from out of no where, "Mr Kim, Park,
Min and Jung, you're dismissed."


"So...basically what you're telling me is that you lost in a basket ball match which caused you to do
a penalty of 35 laps that you DIDN'T do, and also ended up in a argument?" Jin recalls all the
information that was thrown to him for the past ten minutes.

Namjoon sighs. "Yeah...exactly was you said...but like I did ten laps."

Jin's signature laugh echoes through out the halls of the red painted cafeteria, slapping Jungkook
harshly in the back who recently recovered from the bruises he received from the match yesterday
with him and Hoseok.
The tables in the cafetieras only consisted of six people, causing Hoseok and Taehyung fighting
and arguing Taehyung for the final seat right next to Jungkook who sat next to Jin innocently.

Finally the group settled with Yoongi offering Jimin his own lap for him to sit in - and which Jimin
agreed a bit flustered but Yoongi seemed oblivious - and Taehyung huffed in dissapointment
sitting next to Yoongi separated from Jungkook by a pressuring game of rock paper scissors.

Now present.

Namjoon rubs the back of his head a little embarrassed witnessing his elders reactions - especially
Hoseok who laughed at him aswell a little mockingly.

"It's not funny!" Namjoon complains.

"I see you're not training enough, is that correct Namjoon?" Jin quirks an eyebrow. His face
changes in a split second, clapping his hands, "Oh! Yeah we're here to discuss with the newbies of
our timetable!"

"N-Newbies?" Jungkook splutters in confusion whether it was a insult or just a label they used for
new comers.

"Yeah!" Hoseok cheers, waving his hands in the air.

"Since you're officially part of us, and Tricypth as a whole and you've heard about the whole fuss
of Seouls Nationals tournament?" Jin says.

"Of course we have," Taehyung mutters these words, "Everyone's been talking about it even
though it's in two months. I've always wanted to partake but they look extremely scary and

Jungkook nods in agreement.

Jimin looked confused, "What do you mean about extremely dangerous?"

"You haven't watched it online or on your phone?" Jungkook questions, surprised to see Jimin
shaking his head.

"I was supposed to take part in it in Busan..." Jimin trails off, "B-But they didn't let me and I failed
the tryouts. I-I probably could've d-done better. I thought it was because I was a telekinesis. I
eventually tried my best to forget about it and got transferred to another academy."

Yoongi felt bad for the boy, wrapping his arms around Jimin's waist to make him comfortable.

"Sorry I'm rambling!" Jimin says quickly, a bit ashamed.

Jin giggles, "It's alright dearie because I need to ramble about plans and what's going to happen, so
all of you listen to Namjoon, alright?"

Everyone nods.

"Everyday we train after school around 4:00PM at the training grounds specifically were we can
practice whenever we want because we have permission to do so. The National Seoul Tournaments
have five stages." Namjoon says, hands gesturing the number five with his fingers, "The stages get
harder the more you go through, and most of them can be extremely dangerous as you guys know."

Yoongi nods, resting his chin on Jimin's small shoulders, "I remember the first two. It's because
we didn't even get past the second one. Recalling them, the first one was the field of spikes, second
the puzzle of saccharine.." Yoongi sounded sad about it. "We were the team that didn't suvive
including three others or more. I'm willing to train every inch of my body to win."

"They change every year though but much more harder, don't they?" Namjoon asks a rhetorical

"Well - this year we're going to have fun, and make sure to be determined to win of course!"
Hoseok tries to lighten up the mood with his grin. "But I don't think we're going to loose this time, I
have a gut feeling. We got lucky this year, especially with our little telekensis Jimin - I don't think
they never had a telekensis sign up for SNT."
Jimin looks bewildered, "I thought there would be a telekensis."

"Telekensis' are extremely rare you know, Chim, I've read a book about the history of mankind for
homework but it's interesting. The Ten Commandments of Hell sounds like it's from an anime but
apparently they were the ones that caused a tragedy making us have all these special powers in the
start." Jungkook recalls. "Many don't believe that shit though."

Taehyung grins, "Oh yes! Lucifer's son who fell in love with the God of Fire who was number one
in the Ten Commandments, number two who was the offspring of a fallen angel and a demon-"

Jungkook shakes his head, "My favorite is number three the one where he-"

"And here we are, supposed to discuss about the tournament." Yoongi yawns.

Taehyung and Jungkook zip their lips not wanting to be scolded by the fiery Yoongi himself.

"My bad," Namjoon laughs, adjusting his square glasses. "The teams are around SNT are about
eighteen or fifteen or something. I don't really remember the exact number. We could've got in the
third bout if that never happened."

"What exactly happened Jin-hyung?" Jimin asks.

Jin takes in a huge breath, "...Poor Namjoon was bleeding all over. Someone struck him good and
had the audacity to use their power which is against the rules in the second bout." Jin mutters, "He
and one of SHINEE'S members was also a victim of the attack but he was that injured that we
couldn't leave him for the third bout. We had only five members, including him - if we left him we
wouldn't be able to enter the third which is needed five members at least."

"I-I didn't really know what exactly happened. The second bout was about a puzzles and all that
stuff and teamwork. Someone in another team violated the rules of attacking people. The timer
started and I immediately felt a pain and realised I was bleeding." Namjoon grimaced,
remembering everything.

"We can do this! Team work. All we need to do is collect all the orbs and fit them into the chamber
without getting killed by the wendigo or the timer running out and drowning. Right?" Yoongi grins,
and Hoseok nods.

The team were in complete darkness, feeling bugs and worms scatter around all over the floor.

"Yeah basically." Hoseok says a bit negatively. "I've got the flashlights so we know where we are
going. Don't say the name of the monster or we're their target." Hoseok hisses.

"Are you guys all ready now?! Ready? Set? Go!"

"Didn't the authorities or judges find out about who done it to you and why they did it?" Taehyung
says a little disgusted that someone would do such a thing.

"Pro's and judges didn't see anyone use their powers at that time even captured in the security
cameras." Namjoon says sourly. "That meant we needed to take care of it ourselves. It didn't
violate any rules apparently. If that didn't happen.."

Jin reassures him squeezing Namjoon's wrist, "Namjoon it's not at all your fault. Promise me." Jin
watches Namjoon smile softly. "Let's exchange each other's phone numbers so we can text and
keep in contact with each other."

"Um, I don't have a phone?" Jungkook says nervously.

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