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Blockchain Installation

on UbuntuServer 18.04 LTS

update system

Install docker

Check Version

Start and enable docker

Install ubuntu desktop and install perquisite.

install composer-cli

Install rest server

Install Hyperledger-composer

Yeoman tool installation

Install composer-playground

Create fabric-dev-servers

Download it from git

tar the downloaded file

Use the scripts just downloaded and extracted to download a local

Hyperledger Fabric v1.2 runtime

Now installed everything required for the typical Developer Environment.

Starting and stopping Hyperledger Fabric

The first time you start up a new runtime, you'll need to run the start
script, then generate a PeerAdmin card

cd ~/fabric-dev-servers
export FABRIC_VERSION=hlfv12

To start the web app, run:composer-playground

In the web browser, hyperledger-composer is running
Now, deploy a new business network

Choose a name and add description,

Whenever I have chosen vehicle life cycle from default model network
template, it automatically downloaded in background.

Click ‘Deploy’ in the right hand side button

New business network has been created at home page