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For my final project I will be producing a radio Drama based on a strong narrative and strong audible
atmosphere. To achieve this, I must research the following:

 Superheroes; such as Batman because of his dark character style and the dark grimy
atmosphere of Gotham
 Daredevil, because he is what I am basing my character off him.
 Foley Sound Design
 Dialogue
 Genre Research
 The Effects of being Blind
 Music Design

Books / Magazines

Book name Reference

Daredevil Frank Miller, Klaus Johnson
(2008). DAREDEVIL. New York: Marvel
Comics. p1 - 10.
Batman Detective Comics Daniel, Tony S (2013). Batman Detective
Comics. 2nd ed. New York: Marvel
Comics. p1 - 10.

YouTube Clips

Clip Reference
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Were Made | Movies Insider Place' Were Made | Movies Insider. Available at:
Last Accessed: 16/1/20
The Magic of Making Sound Great Big Story (2017). The Magic of Making
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Last Accessed: 16/1/20


Website Reference
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ap Your Film. Available: https://blog.soundsnap.com/2017/10/23/27-tips-
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Slate Quora Contributor. (2013). What does it feel like to be blind?. Available:
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Museums / exhibitions

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