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Thursday | January 16, 2020

Dorothy comes to Columbus appointed to
EMCC board
Sanders hopes LINK
CEO can break gridlock,
help increase fiscal
health at college
By Yue Stella Yu

Joe Max Higgins,

chief executive offi-
cer for the Golden
Triangle Develop-
ment LINK, will soon
serve the area in an
additional role.
On Wednesday,
Lowndes County Higgins
supervisors unan-
imously appointed
Higgins to the Board
of Trustees for East
Mississippi Commu-
nity College. The ap-
pointment came sev-
Isabelle Altman/Dispatch Staff
Columbus Municipal School District math coach and former librarian LaToria Johnson, right, dressed as Glinda eral months after the
from the 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz,” stands with Columbus Middle School eighth grader Jamar Taylor and sev- opening of Commu- Sanders
enth grader Alexandria Magee, dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West. Both students recorded lines for scenes niversity, a $42 million workforce
in the student-made movie “The Wonder Grove Wizard of Oz,” which made its Columbus premiere at Malco Cine- training facility for EMCC that the
ma Wednesday night. Taylor played a gatekeeper and a munchkin, while Magee helped design scene background. Higgins-led LINK helped develop
Taylor is the son of Trena Taylor and Magee is the daughter of Jennifer and Antonio Magee. on Highway 82 in Lowndes County.
The seat on the board was va-

CMSD holds red carpet for the

cated by former county appointee
Movie review Lance Walters, who resigned from
the position in December to move
‘Wonder Grove’: A
premiere of student-made ‘The
to Brazil for a new job. Higgins was
the only applicant for the board
story told well through seat, said Lowndes County Admin-

Wonder Grove Wizard of Oz’

istrator Ralph Billingsley. He will
the kids’ perspective finish Walters’ tenure, which lasts
through March 2023.
By Slim Smith EMCC has two campuses, a
BY ISABELLE ALTMAN around the country, including ssmith@cdispatch.com main campus in Scooba and a sat-
ialtman@cdispatch.com Stokes-Beard Elementary and ellite in Mayhew, along with the
Columbus Middle School. A few minutes into the premiere Communiversity. Each county in
It’s not often that Malco CMSD is one of several of “The Wonder Grove Wizard of EMCC’s service area — Lowndes,
Cinema in Columbus hosts the school districts that partnered Oz” at the Malco Cinema in Colum- Oktibbeha, Clay, Noxubee, Kemper
stars and designers of the mov- with California-based Wonder
bus one thing was clear: Only kids and Lauderdale — has two mem-
ies it shows. Media, a Hollywood produc-
could have made this film. bers on the college board, all of
But when a limousine pulled tion company that wrote and whom are appointed by the respec-
up in front of the theater and More than eight decades have
produced “The Wonder Grove tive county’s board of supervisors.
expelled a crowd of students, Wizard of Oz.” Using Story passed since the debut of the orig-
inal “Oz,” the 1939 film that estab- Higgins said in a Wednesday
their family members and fac- Maker, a literacy and technol- press release that many Lowndes
ulty from Columbus Municipal ogy platform that helps teach lished Judy Garland as a star. The
re-telling of the much-loved story County citizens encouraged him to
School District just after 4:30 the basics of building a 3-D apply for the position.
p.m. Wednesday, that’s exactly animated story, the students — essentially two women fighting
“As a general rule, I don’t serve
what happened. created two scenes for the over a pair of shoes — does some-
on boards but the success of EMCC
The students came straight roughly one-hour movie. Stu- thing that even the original, despite
is vital to our success as a region,”
from a “red carpet” event at dents drew the backgrounds its brilliance, could not. he said. “Lance will be really diffi-
CMSD’s Brandon Central Of- and brought to life characters The 1939 film told a child’s story cult to replace and I look forward to
fice to the showing of “The pulled straight from Frank L. from an adult perspective. In that working with the other board mem-
Wonder Grove Wizard of Oz,” a Baum’s “Wonderful Wizard of respect, this animated “Wonder bers to get the finances on more
movie animated and voice-act- Oz.” Grove” version tells the story from stable ground.”
ed by students from schools See CMSD, 6A See Review, 6A EMCC has been laden with
financial woes over the past de-
cade as its operating fund balance
See Higgins, 3A

Oktibbeha Lake dam remains intact; overnight shelter opens in Starkville

Howard: ‘A lot of concern about where we go from here and supplies,
case, to give people some-
where safe to go,” Webb
of Starkville all the way
to parts of southwest Clay
if we’re going to continue to just keep our fingers crossed’ cots and
bla nkets.
Recent storms have put
County. Two inspections
Tuesday morning showed
BY TESS VRBIN were driving from Green- house 400 displaced citi- The ware- the levee at the Oktibbeha that water was seeping
tvrbin@cdispatch.com ville to Starkville in order zens overnight and about house al- County Lake Dam in “im- between the dam and the
to open the First Baptist 200 on a long-term basis, ready has minent” danger of breach- bedrock underneath it,
As county officials Church Outreach Center volunteer Wanda Webb bathrooms Howard ing and flooding 17,500 pushing sand boils to the
were briefing law enforce- as an overnight shelter for said. She and fellow vol- and show- acres of nearby land, surface and forming a
ment and reporters on potential evacuees. unteer Johnnie Donald, a ers, and the Red Cross which would force about crack on the slope.
the status of the Oktibbe- The warehouse on registered nurse, arrived staff will set up the cots 250 people to evacuate The county Emergen-
ha County Lake dam on South Jackson Street is in Starkville between 8 on the basketball court if at least 130 households, cy Management Agency
Tuesday evening, Ameri- a Red Cross-designated and 9 p.m. Tuesday with needed. from area immediately and board of supervisors
can Red Cross employees lodging shelter that can a U-Haul trailer full of “We’re here just in around the lake northwest See Dam, 3A

Weather Five Questions Calendar Local Folks Public

1 A pair of which animals was featured in a pop- Today meetings
n WE NEED YOUR ular 2007 video that showed the duo floating and Jan. 21: Colum-
HELP: We are running ■ Exhibit reception: Starkville
holding hands in a Vancouver aquarium? bus City Council
Area Arts Council hosts a free
low on weather 2 Which Wildcats coach was inducted into the regular meeting,
Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015, the same Art in Public Places exhibit
drawings from area 5 p.m., Munici-
year he won his third College Coach of the Year reception for work by Gerard
children. Parents and/ pal Complex
award? Woods at The Partnership lob-
or school teachers with 3 What is the world’s largest island in land-mass Jan. 27:
by, 200 E. Main St., Starkville.
children interested in (not counting Australia, which is a continent)? Columbus-
coloring the weather 4 What Netflix drama features characters with
may download a color the nicknames Crazy Eyes, Pennsatcky, Big Boo Friday Lowndes
Convention and
form at http://tiny. and Taystee? ■ UNCF Banquet: The Golden
5 What state had to recount presidential election Visitors Bureau
cc/8xa9hz or stop by Triangle UNCF (United Negro
votes because of hanging and dimpled chads in Board regular
our office. 2000?
College Fund) Banquet begins
meeting, 4 p.m.,
Answers, 6B at 6:30 p.m. in the Hogarth Din-
ing Center on The W campus. CVB office
Speaker is Judge Constance Feb. 3: Lown-
Inside Slaughter-Harvey. Donation Jerquin Hunter enjoys his job des County
is $30. For more information, at Rock Bottom furniture store. Board of Super-
Business 5B Dear Abby 4B
Classifieds 6B Obituaries 5A contact Tavetia Hughes, 662- “I love delivering and putting visors regular
Comics 4B Opinions 4A 327-4538, or email tavnote@ together furniture. I’m proud of meeting, 9 a.m.,
140th Year, No. 263 Crossword 3B yahoo.com. the work I do,” Hunter said. Courthouse


2A THURSDAY, January 16, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Senate takes over Trump’s

impeachment after House handoff
‘Today we will “Today we will make history,’’
Pelosi said as she signed the docu-
ply notifying the Senate of its deliv-
ery of the articles, with a more for-
make history. This ments, using multiple pens to hand
out and mark the moment. “This
mal presentation Thursday. Opening
arguments are to begin next Tues-
president will be held president will be held accountable.”
Moments later the prosecutors
day after the Martin Luther King Jr.
accountable.’ walked solemnly through the stately Earlier Wednesday, the House
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hall, filing into the Senate back row voted 228-193, almost entirely along
as the clerk of the House announced party lines, ending a weeks-long de-
By LISA MASCARO the arrival: “The House has passed lay to deliver the charges with a tally
The Associated Press House Resolution 798, a resolution reflecting the nation’s split.
appointing and authorizing manag- The House impeached Trump
WA S H I N G T O N ers of the impeachment trial of Don- last month alleging he abused his
— In a dramatic pro- ald John Trump, president of United presidential power by pressuring
cession across the States.” Ukraine to investigate Democratic
U.S. Capitol, House The Senate will transform itself rival Joe Biden, using military aid to
Democrats carried into an impeachment court at noon
the country as leverage. Trump was
the formal articles of Thursday. The Constitution calls for
impeachment against also charged with obstructing Con-
Chief Justice John Roberts to pre-
President Donald gress’ ensuing probe.
side at the trial, administering the
Trump to the Senate, Trump “This is what an impeachment is
oath to senators who will serve as ju-
setting the stage for only the third rors and swear to deliver “impartial about,” Pelosi said before the vote.
trial to remove a president in Amer- justice.” “The president violated his oath of
ican history. The trial will play out before a office, undermined our national se-
Trump complained anew deeply divided nation at the start of curity, jeopardized the integrity of
Wednesday that it was all a “hoax,” this election year as Trump seeks a our elections.”
even as fresh details emerged about second term and voters review his Trump’s political campaign dis-
his efforts in Ukraine. presidency. Three senators are run- missed the House effort as “just a
The ceremonial pomp and proto- ning for the Democratic nomination. failed attempt to politically damage
col by the lawmakers prosecuting Senate Majority Leader Mitch President Trump leading up to his
the case against Trump moved the McConnell pledged to have the Sen- reelection.”
impeachment out of Speaker Nan- ate “rise above the petty factional- The top Republican in the House,
cy Pelosi’s Democratic-run House ism” and “factional fervor and serve Kevin McCarthy of California, said
to the Republican-majority Sen- the long-term, best interests of our Americans will look back on this
ate, where the president’s team is nation.’’ He called it “a difficult time “sad saga” that tried to remove
mounting a defense aiming for swift for our country.” the president from office with the
acquittal. Technically, the House was sim- “weakest case.”

Fever chart: Earth had its hottest decade on record in 2010s

‘If you think you’ve heard this story tale signs, are not precise
enough to say that with
in the top 10 were 2005 and
before, you haven’t seen anything yet’ certainty.
The 2010s averaged
NASA and NOAA also
calculated that 2019 was
Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA’s
58.4 degrees Fahrenheit the second-hottest year
Goddard Institute for Space Studies
worldwide, or 1.4 degrees in the 140 years of re-
By SETH BORENSTEIN Schmidt said Earth as higher than the 20th cen- cord-keeping. Five other
AP Science Writer a whole is probably the tury average and more global teams of monitoring
hottest it has been during than one-third of a degree scientists agreed, based
WASHINGTON — The the Holocene — the past warmer than the previous on temperature readings
decade that just ended was 11,500 years or so — decade, which had been taken on Earth’s sur-
by far the hottest ever mea- meaning this could be the hottest on record, ac- face, while various satel-
sured on Earth, capped the warmest period since cording to the National lite-based measurements
off by the second-warm- the dawn of civilization. Oceanic and Atmospheric said it was anywhere from
est year on record, two But scientists’ estimates Administration. the hottest year on record
U.S. agencies reported of ancient global tempera- The decade had eight of to the third-hottest.
Wednesday. And scientists tures, based on tree rings, the 10 hottest years on re-
said they see no end to the ice cores and other tell- cord. The only other years
way man-made climate
change keeps shattering
“If you think you’ve
heard this story before,
you haven’t seen anything
yet,” Gavin Schmidt, di-
rector of NASA’s Goddard
Institute for Space Stud-
ies, said at the close of a
decade plagued by raging
wildfires, melting ice and
extreme weather that re-
searchers have repeatedly
tied to human activity.

3 who brought
mortar round
to gate at Pearl
Harbor released
The Associated Press

tar round was found in a ve-
hicle at a gate to the sprawl-
ing Pearl Harbor military
base, shutting down the
base for hours and leading
three people to be taken
into custody, military offi-
cials said Wednesday.
It’s not clear what the
trio planned to do or where
they wanted to go when
they were stopped late
Tuesday, base spokesman
Charles Anthony said, but
added, “I don’t think their
intention was to get on
A mortar is a portable
weapon that is loaded and
fired by dropping an ex-
ploding shell into a tube.
Anthony said there was no
explosive material inside
the round and no firing de-
vice in the car.
It was an “inert training
round,” Naval Criminal In-
vestigative Service spokes-
man Jeff Houston said in
an email.
“NCIS does not believe
that terrorism played any
role in the gate incident
yesterday and we don’t be-
lieve there is any threat to
the community,” he wrote
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com THURSDAY, January 16, 2020 3A

Continued from Page 1A
issued a an hour Tuesday night to
warning, make sure the situation
encourag- had not worsened. He has
ing area received several phone
residents calls from constituents,
to evacuate ranging from prayers and
to higher offers of help to worries
ground. The about the future.
warning will Campanella “Some calls have been,
upgrade to an emergency ‘How did we let it get to
and the recommendation this state?’” Howard said.
to evacuate will become “(There is) a lot of con-
a mandate if water starts cern about where we go
streaming out of the le- from here and if we’re
vee, EMA Director Kris- going to continue to just
ten Campanella said. sort of keep our fingers
A second situation that crossed or if we’re going
will prompt an evacuation to make a concerted effort
order is if the mudslide in to do what it takes to rem-
the seeping area of the le- edy this situation.”
vee reaches the pavement The county storm shel-
on County Lake Road, ter at the intersection of
Campanella told county Lynn Lane and Industrial
officials, law enforce- Park Road in Starkville
ment and reporters at a was open for evacuees
Wednesday briefing. on Tuesday, but no one
District 3 Supervisor showed up and the county
Marvell Howard told The did not reopen it Wednes-
Dispatch the levee status day, Campanella said.
was “about the same” this The shelter at FBC has
morning. been in place for years
Tess Vrbin/Dispatch Staff
The National Weather and was built in response
American Red Cross staff members Johnnie Donald, Jewrell Crisler and Bonnie Edwards stand by at the First
Service predicts three to to Hurricane Katrina, but Baptist Church Outreach Center in Starkville on Wednesday evening. The Red Cross called Donald and Crisler
five inches of rain in the “we’re just thankful we’ve in from Greenville with supplies Tuesday night to turn the outreach center into an overnight shelter in case the
area this weekend, and never really had to use it,” Oktibbeha County Lake Dam breaches and floods the surrounding area, displacing hundreds of local residents.
Campanella said she is in Associate Pastor Clifton
regular contact with the Curtis said. on Wednesday, but Curtis Webb said the staff is
NWS office in Jackson to Pets are not allowed at said they were prepared prepared to provide three
monitor the forecast. Half either shelter, but the Ok- to clear out the warehouse full meals for evacuees as
an inch of rain can raise tibbeha County Humane if evacuees arrived, and well. She and Donald both
the water level in the lake Society will temporarily they will adjust Sunday’s said they find their work
by about four feet in 24 to house pets if owners drop activities if necessary. with the Red Cross fulfill-
36 hours. them off. “Everything’s kind of ing.
Howard, who lives just The church’s sched- hypothetical right now, “I like helping people,”
behind the levee, said he uled youth ministry but we’re flexible,” Curtis Webb said. “I could stay
checked the levee once events went on as planned said. out here for two months.”

Mississippi: Wide search for new leader of troubled prisons

The Associated Press and longstanding problems with va- Eze, said the group will be led by
cant jobs and damaged facilities. Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs,
JACKSON — Mississippi will Republican Gov. Tate Reeves will who is a former state lawmaker.
conduct a nationwide search for a hold a news conference Thursday Reeves served the past eight
new commissioner to lead a state afternoon to announce the group years as lieutenant governor and
prison system that’s reckoning with that will conduct the search. was inaugurated as governor on
a recent outburst of deadly violence Reeves’ spokeswoman, Renea Tuesday.

Continued from Page 1A
dropped by more than nowned football program Walters’ shoes and advo- and better
$10 million primarily due has won five national cate for economic devel- themselves,
to high athletic spending championships and is, in opment. Faced with the and there’s
and declining enrollment. many ways, the face of the fund balance drop, Sand- no gridlock
EMCC’s board “dead- school. ers said he hopes that in that re-
locks” on issues between “(The trustees) have Higgins will help hold the serve.”
its northern and southern not been able to appoint trustees accountable and On the
county members, both a sitting president to that bring more financial over- appoint-
of which hold different board,” Sanders said. sight to the EMCC. ment of Alsobrooks
priorities, said Harry “The three southern “Not just the Commu- Higgins, Alsobrooks said
Sanders, president of the counties are all for fund- niversity,” Sanders said. the LINK CEO is a “su-
Lowndes County Board of ing their athletic program “For the whole school.” perstar” with expertise
Supervisors. …; the three northern EMCC President Scott in economic development
While the northern counties want to fund eco- Alsobrooks said the board to guide the college for-
county trustees look to nomic development and members get along well ward.
bolster workforce train- education. with each other. “Some- “(He’s) a really good
ing and make the Com- “As of right now, (the times we just got different fit to have … to govern
muniversity a success, he board) is dysfunctional,” viewpoints on things,” he the college and make us
said, the southern county he added. “Nothing gets said. “I do think they care better at what we do, par-
trustees more highly pri- done.” most about our students ticularly when it comes to
oritize athletics. Specif- Sanders said it’s cru- and helping our students workforce development,”
ically, the nationally re- cial to have Higgins fill move along their life Alsobrooks said.

Building permits
Park); 909 20th St. N.; Plumb- ■ Lisa Weaver; 3550 Hwy. 373,
City of Columbus ing permit; Jeff Swedenburg Lot 27; Set up mobile home;
Jan. 6-9, 2020 ■ Joshua Connors; 1208 12th Holland Holdings
■ John Henderson; 602 Plain St. N.; Plumbing permit; Trues- ■ Lisa Weaver; 3550 Hwy. 373,
St.; Remodel utility room; Same dale Plumbing Lot 27; Move mobile home;
■ P & D Builders Inc.; 54-524 ■ Terrell Jones; 714 North St.; Pontotoc Mobile Home
11th St. N.; Reroof six apart- Plumbing permit; Jeff Sweden- ■ Jay Talley; 137 Prairie School
ments; Same burg Road; Set up mobile home;
■ Barbara Nance; 2110 Shan- ■ Sammie Williams; 910 9th Owner
non Ave.; Remodel enclosed St. n.; Plumbing permit; Tabor ■ Jay Talley; 137 Prairie School
patio; Stan Rector Construction Plumbing Road; Move mobile home;
■ Thomas Aaron; 713 A & B ■ Cassidy Snapka; 1017 3rd Regional Enterprise
16th St. N.; Repair storm dam- Ave. S.; Plumbing permit; ■ Sandra Pilkinton; 1055
age; Same Browning Plumbing Greenbriar Dr.; Remodel s/f
■ Marcel A. Pilate; 1115 3rd ■ City of Columbus; 1617 Main residence; Owner
Ave. N., Apts. 1 & 2; New du- St.; Plumbing permit; Klutts ■ Mary Tuggle; 353 Mac Davis
plex residences; Will Greenlaw Plumbing. Road; Construct greenhouse;
■ Brickyard Properties Ltd.;
2212 Military Road; Demolish
wood structure; Jonathan S.
Lowndes County ■ Lawrence McIntyre, 223
Jan. 15, 2020 Rogers Way; Remodel s/f resi-
Burns Enterprises
■ Ben & Emily Click; 54 dence; Owner
■ Mike Bennett; 315 7th St.
Shadow Ridge; Remodel s/f ■ John David Hurt; 273 N.
S.; Electrical permit; Beavers
residence; West Remodeling Swoope Road; Remodel s/f
■ GTR Airport; 2080 Airport residence; Owner
■ Jim Borland; 2005 Choctaw
Road; Electrical permit; Weldon Road; Remodel commercial ■ Spec; Frye Circle; Construct
building; Husman Environmen- s/f residence; Frye Tile &
■ Virginia Bonner; 902 Water- tal & Construction The solunar period indicates
peak-feeding times for fish and game.

works Road; Electric permit; ■ Steven & Angela Collins; ■ Spec; Old Wolfe Road; Con- Thurs. Fri.
Major 6:07a 6:58a
Same Spruill Road; Construct s/f struct s/f residence; Frye Tile Minor 12:16a 1:23a
■ Caleb Aldridge; 1209 7th ST. residence; Owner & Exterior Major 6:32p —
Minor 12:47p 1:24p
N.; Electrical permit; Collins ■ Samuel Wilson; 474 Winston ■ Mid-States Petroleum; 4136 Courtesy of Mississippi Department
of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
Electrical Contractors Road; Set up mobile home; Hwy. 50 E.; Install canopy;

The Dispatch
■ Rufus Harris Jr.; 104 Maxwell Empowered Electrical Chapman Canopy
Ln., Apt. 1; Electrical permit; ■ Samuel Wilson; 474 Winston ■ Mid-States Petroleum; 2647
Jimmie Chism Road; Move mobile home; Steens Road; Install canopy;
■ Keary Patterson Real Estate Wheel Estate Housing Chapman Canopy The Commercial Dispatch (USPS 142-320)
Holdings LLC; 505 Wynhurst ■ Jesse Harrell; George Bridg- ■ Tony Vernon; 11617 Hwy. 45 Published daily except Saturday. Answers to common questions:
Entered at the post office at Columbus, Mississippi.
Ct.; Electrical permit; Vertis Lee es Road; Set up mobile home; N.; Set up mobile home; Mark Periodicals postage paid at Columbus, MS Phone: 662-328-2424
■ John L. Poss Jr.; 1905 Old Owner Thompson Electrical POSTMASTER, Send address changes to:
■ Tony Vernon; 11617 Hwy. 45 The Commercial Dispatch, P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703 Website: cdispatch.com/help
Aberdeen Road; Mechanical ■ Jeff Hendrix; 11207 Hwy. 12
permit; Evans Plumbing & A/C E.; Addition to s/f residence; N.; Move mobile home; Alan’s
Published by Commercial Dispatch Publishing Company Inc.,
516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39703
Report a news tip: news@cdispatch.com
■ City of Columbus (Sim Soctt Owner Mobile Home
4A THURSDAY, January 16, 2020
PETER BIRNEY IMES Editor/Publisher
BIRNEY IMES III Editor/Publisher 1998—2018
BIRNEY IMES JR. Editor/Publisher 1947—2003

BIRNEY IMES SR. Editor/Publisher 1922—1947

ZACK PLAIR, Managing Editor

BETH PROFFITT Advertising Director
MICHAEL FLOYD Circulation/Production Manager


As more
cold weather
warm donations
are needed
inter in the Golden Triangle
has multiple personality
disorder — unseasonable
warm for a while, rain-soaked for a
while longer and then, desperately
It is the arrival of the cold that
represents the greatest danger for
the most vulnerable people in our
community, those who are homeless
or, perhaps, live in homes that have
inadequate heating.
With temperatures expected
to fall into the 20s this weekend,
the city of Columbus, working
with the Golden Triangle Regional
Homeless Coalition and Loaves RACE IN AMERICA
and Fishes, will open a temporary
shelter for those who need a warm
place to sleep on nights when the Past time for slavery, in all its permutations, to end
temperature drops below freezing.
ast week, the Missis- confiscated the device. trumped-up charges, then leased to
The shelter is available both for the
sippi Supreme Court It turned out that Nash, de facto “owners” who forced them
homeless or for homeowners and upheld Willie Nash’s obviously unbeknownst to work under conditions worse than
renters without adequate heating in sentence: 12 years for to him, was not allowed slavery. For black people, the justice
their homes. possession. to have it in jail. Who- system came to be — and remains
The shelter is located at the Farm- Of a cellphone. ever searched him had — less about justice than about the
ers Market Annex (previously the Read it twice, if you apparently missed it. control of a despised population.
Boy Scout Hut), next to the Hitching want. It won’t make any For this, in 2018, Nash So Willie Nash is no aberration.
Lot Farmers Market. It will open more sense the second was sentenced to 12 No, he is the latest victim of a “just
Saturday through Tuesday, 5 p.m.-8 time around. years. Now the Missis- us” system that promiscuously
a.m. Nash, it should go sippi Supremes, while discards black life, a three-card-mon-
Sandra DePriest, co-president without saying, is African conceding the sentence te-thumb-on-the-scale-ace-up-the-
of the Golden Triangle Regional American. And his vic- Leonard Pitts is “obviously harsh,” sleeve shell game of a system where
Homeless Coalition, said Loaves and timization by Mississippi claim it is “not grossly justice evades and eludes, but the
Fishes Soup Kitchen would provide “justice” lends a certain disproportionate.” For chance of going away for years for
food each of those nights. Columbus pungent perspective to an event that what it’s worth, that bizarre ruling nothing lies ever in wait like explo-
Police Department will provide secu- occurred simultaneously. came just days after federal prosecu- sives in a minefield.
rity, and there will be two volunteers Meaning the wide-screen release tors recommended former national It wears you out, living in a mine-
each night. of “Just Mercy,” the film adaptation security adviser Michael Flynn get field. Twelve years? For a cellphone?
of attorney Bryan Stevenson’s book six months (they had previously Seriously?
Community support is also need-
by the same name. In it, Stevenson asked for probation) for lying to the If that seems insane to you, there
ed, especially in the form of new
fights to free Walter McMillian, an FBI in a federal investigation. are petitions seeking a pardon or
pillows and blankets. Games, books African-American man who spent six So ... six months for lying to clemency for Nash at Change.org
and other things to help occupants years on Alabama’s Death Row for the feds. Twelve years for having a for you to sign. For those who prefer
pass the time are also being solicit- the murder of a young white wom- cellphone. Of course, Flynn, it should the more direct approach, the phone
ed. an, convicted solely on the coerced go without saying, is not black. As number for incoming Gov. Tate
Anyone wishing to make dona- testimony of a white jailhouse snitch numerous studies attest, American Reeves is: 601-359-3150.
tions should call Columbus Com- whose story was far-fetched to the “justice” treats black people more Tell them what Fannie Lou Hamer
munity Outreach Director Glenda point of being comical. Never mind harshly. Richard Pryor famously said about getting sick and tired of
Richardson at 662-364-1850. that well over a dozen black witness- said that courts give black folks time being sick and tired.
Columbus is promoted as “The es placed McMillian miles away at “like it’s lunch ... You go down there Tell them to send Willie Nash
Friendly City,” but it could also be the time of the crime. looking for justice, that’s what you home to his family.
accurately described as the “Giving If your temptation is to say that find: just us.” And tell them it’s past time for
City.” Our history has shown that that was awful, but it happened 30 In his Pulitzer Prize-winning slavery, in all its permutations, to
when a need arises, our community years ago and things have changed book, “Slavery By Another Name,” end.
responds. since then, well, tell it to Willie Nash. Douglas Blackmon recounts how, Let my people go.
We expect that to be true in this He’s a husband and father who, while after the Civil War, law enforce- Leonard Pitts Jr., winner of the
case as well as the worst of winter confined to the Newton County Jail ment was pressed into service as 2004 Pulitzer Prize for commentary,
weather approaches. on a misdemeanor, passed his smart- a surrogate for slavery, which had is a columnist for the Miami Herald.
phone to a guard asking for “some theoretically ended. Black men were Email him at lpitts@miamiherald.
juice,” i.e., a charge. The guard systematically arrested on ludicrous, com.

Mississippi Voices
Lack of funding is choking state-run parks system
ississippi pany involved in wealthy family and he didn’t new high-end upgrade of The parks with 607 structures, 85
has a lot pecan orchards, make it big on the pro tour, but Refuge. miles of road, 45 miles of pow-
of wonder- nurseries, hunting through hard work and a great MDWFP manages three er lines, 288 transformers, 300
ful people. One of leases and oil and personality, he has forged a other public golf courses for cabins and rooms and 1,856
them is Sam Polles, gas. He eventually successful golfing company in the state: Quail Hollow in campsites.
27-year executive took an ownership Jackson. He works it. I see him McComb, Mallard Pointe in Are we willing to let our
director of the Mis- position, which led all the time working weekends Sardis and The Dogwoods in parks go down the tubes?
sissippi Department to an eventual sale at his courses, monitoring his Grenada. These courses were What sort of impression does
of Wildlife, Fisher- and a return to ag operation and shaking hands built using state legislature that project throughout the
ies and Parks. consulting. with his customers. bond bills in the 1990s and state? Our Republican lead-
Like most Along the way he The Northside Sun has given to MDWFP to run. ership wants to “starve the
Mississippians, and his wife of 48 written about the future of There’s only one problem: beast,” but we’re talking basic
providence birthed Wyatt Emmerich years, Mary Marga- LeFleur’s Bluff nine-hole golf The legislature hasn’t given park maintenance here.
Dr. Polles in Clarks- ret Humber Polles, course, which the City of Jack- MDWFP any money to run the Dr. Polles is no wide-eyed
dale, where his fam- raised three sons son ceded to MDWFP in 1986. courses. Located in rural areas radical. He’s about as strait-
ily had been in the restaurant and now have six grandsons. Dr. Polles and Randy wanted during an era of declining golf- laced and conservative as a
business for 60 years. In 1992, Gov. Kirk Ford- to explain the situation. ers and diminishing number of Mississippian can be.
He grew up working in ice hired him to his current Randy, with absolute com- courses nationwide, MDWFP I am sympathetic to the
the family business and was position as executive director mand of every single cost and has struggled to find a profit- difficulties of generating funds
graduated from Clarksdale of Wildlife, Fisheries and requirement of a golf course, able sweet spot. in a state like Mississippi with
High School, then attended Parks (MDWFP), which is explained to me why it would Meanwhile, neighboring a small population. But pris-
Delta State and Mississippi how I came to be sitting in his be impossible to make the state of Alabama has the ons, law enforcement, roads,
State. His father encouraged conference room last week. golf course self-sufficient by Robert Trent Jones Trail — 468 mental health, education and
him to pursue his education Joining us was Randy Wat- upgrading. It’s caught between holes at 11 sites, all top-quality parks are basic functions of
and young Sam ended up with kins, owner of Randy Watkins the high end and the low end. courses. These courses are government that must be
a doctorate from Mississippi Golf Group, which manages There’s simply not enough funded through the Alabama properly maintained or they
State. Whisper Lake, Lake Caro- high-end demand to make it a public employees retirement will deteriorate into nothing.
He moved to Georgia where line and Patrick Farms — all quality course. fund. They lose about $20 mil- MDWFP’s total budget is one-
he worked with the Universi- 18-hole golf courses in the So the only Lefleur Bluff lion a year, but the fund’s CEO, fourth the average of our four
ty of Georgia in agricultural Jackson metro area. self-sustaining model to appeal David Bronner, says they are neighboring states. Something
research for seven years then Randy is another great Mis- to the casual, occasional good for tourism. has got to give.
returned to Stoneville, Missis- sissippi success story. In his golfer, often retired, who just Dr. Polles has bigger prob- Wyatt Emmerich is the editor
sippi, to continue his research youth, he was a pro golfer and want to get outside every once lems than just golf courses. and publisher of The Northside
at the federal research facility once teed off at the U. S. Open in a while and whack a golf His 2020 general fund appro- Sun, a weekly newspaper in
there. alongside Jack Nicklaus, Lee ball without spending much priation is less than half what it Jackson. He can be reached by
An opportunity opened Trevino and other legends. money. This is especially true was 20 years ago. That makes e-mail at wyatt@northsidesun.
up to manage a private com- Randy didn’t come from a with Flowood about to open its it difficult to maintain 65 state com.
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com THURSDAY, January 16, 2020 5A

New Iowa caucus rules could spark clashing claims of victory

Party officials in Iowa and at the national level argue the new process will enhance transparency first round of votes, the final
vote total after low polling
By ALEX ANDRA JAFFE dates an unprecedented oppor- Clinton in Iowa. “Adding additional numbers candidates are eliminated and
The Associated Press tunity to spin the results. In Party officials in Iowa and is going to make it more confus- what are called state delegate
previous years, the Iowa Dem- at the national level argue ing for news organizations and equivalents. They represent the
DES MOINES, Iowa — The ocratic Party reported just one the new process will enhance people watching the caucuses,” number of delegates each can-
Iowa caucuses are never sim- didate will have at the party’s
number: the number of state transparency. But as the cau- said Derek Eadon, who worked
ple. Voters spend hours in high state convention in June. That,
delegates won by each can- cuses approach in less than as Julián Castro’s deputy cam-
school gymnasiums or public
didate. For the first time, the three weeks, there’s a growing paign manager, was a top Iowa in turn, determines how many
libraries, starting their night
party will this year report two sense that the new information aide to Barack Obama in 2008 national convention delegates
by declaring support for their
preferred presidential candi- other numbers — who had the will breed confusion by giving and is now supporting Sand- each candidate receives.
date. That’s followed by a fever- most votes at the beginning and multiple candidates the chance ers. “People are going to want The Associated Press said
ish round of lobbying in which at the end of the night. to claim victory. to know who won, and I don’t Thursday it will base its race
supporters of eliminated can- The additional data is a nod The Iowa caucuses are sup- know if there’s consensus on call of the winner on state del-
didates are pressed to make a to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sand- posed to set the tone for the one number that people will use egate equivalents, because del-
new pick by the evening’s end. ers and his supporters, who contests that follow, ultimate- to declare that.” egates are the metric used to
This year, the caucuses argue the previous rules es- ly helping winnow the field. If What’s happening in Iowa decide the eventual winner of
could be even more chaotic. sentially robbed him of victory multiple candidates can claim will also play out in other states the nomination. Iowa and na-
New rules that will be imple- in his 2016 race against Hillary success in Iowa, it could pro- that hold caucuses, including tional Democratic Party figures
mented for the Feb. 3 contest Clinton. That contest ended in long the fight for the Democrat- in Nevada on Feb. 22. Three emphasize this is the number to
could give presidential candi- a narrow delegate victory for ic nomination. numbers will be reported: the watch.

Business brief
The Desais join Women’s Group followed by a rotating internship. internship. She completed
The Women’s Group and He completed residency train- residency training in obstetrics
North Mississippi Medical ing in general surgery there and gynecology there in 2004.
Center-West Point announce the in 2004. In 2015, he completed She completed a residency in
addition of obstetrician-gyne- residency training in obstetrics obstetrics and gynecology, with
cologists, Pranjal Desai, M.D., and gynecology at Morristown Morristown Medical Center
and Sneha Desai, M.D., to the Medical Center in Morristown, and Overlook Medical Center
medical staff. New Jersey, an affiliate of the in Summit, New Jersey, in 2013,
The Desais are joining Drs. Atlantic Health System. He also serving as chief resident from
Barbrette Baldwin, Cherita holds a master’s degree in public 2012-2013. She was honored for
Brown and John Shields, and health from the University of “Clinical Excellence in Obstet-
nurse practitioner Becky Mitch- Miami Miller School of Medi- rics” in 2012 and 2013, and Best
ener. cine. After completing medical Research Award in 2013, by
The couple is relocating school and residency, he became the obstetrics and gynecology
to West Point from Ardmore, an attending surgeon and the department at Atlantic Health
Oklahoma, where they have administrator of a 60-bed rural System.
practiced with Mercy Clinic hospital in India. Both physicians have a spe-
since 2017. Dr. Sneha Desai also trained cial interest in robotic surgery,
Courtesy photo
Dr. Pranjal Desai trained in in medicine and surgery at which will become available at
Obstetrician-gynecologists Pranjal Desai and Sneha Desai medicine and surgery at Smt. Smt. NHL Municipal Medical NMMC-West Point in January.
have joined The Women’s Group at North Mississippi Medical NHL Municipal Medical College College of Gujarat University The couple has one daughter,
Center-West Point. of Gujarat University in India, in India, followed by a rotating Anaya.

Area obituaries
COMMERCIAL DISPATCH parents, she was al Services of Macon is In addition to his par- Gardens of Columbus, in death by his brother,
OBITUARY POLICY preceded in death by in charge of arrange- ents, he was preceded with Jimmy Bryan Wayne Faggert.
Obituaries with basic informa-
her husband, Frank ments. in death by his brother, officiating. Visitation He is survived by
tion including visitation and
service times, are provided Thompson; son, Mr. Hughes was J. Chris McGuire. will be Saturday at his wife, Gwen Boone
free of charge. Extended Dwayne Fisher; and born June 20, 1940, in He is survived by Faith Outreach Church Faggert; sons, Adam
obituaries with a photograph, sister, Clara Fisher. Noxubee County, to his wife, Yunja Lee of Okolona. Holland Fu- Drummon and Donnie
detailed biographical informa- She is survived by the late Marion and McGuire of Burleson; neral Home of Tupelo Smith; daughter, Shan-
tion and other details families her siblings, Hattie Wil- Teresa Hughes. He was son, William Eric Mc- is in charge of arrange- non Herrington; and
may wish to include, are avail- son and Charlie Fisher, formerly employed as Guire; siblings, Vir- ments. sister,  Becky Smith.
able for a fee. Obituaries must
both of Columbus; and a supervisor with the ginia “Ginny” McGuire Mr. Faggert was
be submitted through funeral
two grandchildren. Brickyard in Macon Winchester and Phillip
homes unless the deceased’s
Pallbearers will be and was a member Owen “Buz” McGuire,
born March 14, 1953, David Tilley
body has been donated to in Columbus, to the COLUMBUS — Da-
science. If the deceased’s Ken Sanders, Anthony of Mt. Moriah U.M. both of Macon; and
late James Faggert vid S. Tilley, 80, died
body was donated to science, Sanders, Lucious Wil- Church. three grandchildren.
and Hazel Perrigin. Jan. 15, 2020, at his
the family must provide official son, Edward Lee, Nate In addition to his par- He was a graduate of residence.
proof of death. Please submit
all obituaries on the form pro-
Weatherspoon, Freddie ents, he is preceded in Michael Flaishans Caldwell High School Arrangements are
West and Marquisto death by his son, Randy COLUMBUS — Mi-
vided by The Commercial Dis- and a member of Faith incomplete and will be
patch. Free notices must be Miller. Moore. chael L. Flaishans, 67,
Outreach Church. announced by Lown-
submitted to the newspaper He is survived by died Jan. 15, 2020, at
In addition to his par- des Funeral Home of
no later than 3 p.m. the day Everette Hamilton his children, Maurice his residence.
ents, he was preceded Columbus.
prior for publication Tuesday
STARKVILLE — Moore and Calvin Arrangements are
through Friday; no later than 4 incomplete and will be
Everette E. Hamilton, Moore, both of Macon,
p.m. Saturday for the Sunday
edition; and no later than 7:30 77, died Jan. 11, 2020, in Phydellis Edmonds of announced by Lown-
a.m. for the Monday edition. Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Germany, and Carla des Funeral Home of
Incomplete notices must be re- Services will be at Thomas of Decatur, Columbus.
ceived no later than 7:30 a.m. noon Friday at St. Paul Georgia; siblings,
for the Monday through Friday M.B. Church, with Margaret Horne and Dennis Faggert
editions. Paid notices must be
James A. Boyd officiat- Booker T. Hughes, TUPELO — Dennis
finalized by 3 p.m. for inclusion
ing. Burial will follow both of Macon, Annie Faggert, 66, died Jan.
the next day Monday through
Thursday; and on Friday by 3 at Plair U.M. Church B. Baker and Shirley 15, 2020, at North Mis-
p.m. for Sunday and Monday Cemetery. Visitation Hughes, both of St. sissippi Medical Center.
publication. For more informa- is from 1-5 p.m. today Louis, Missouri; 12 Graveside services
tion, call 662-328-2471. at Century Hairston grandchildren; and four will be at 3 p.m. Sat-
Funeral Home. Cen- great-grandchildren. urday at Memorial
Margie Thompson tury Hairston Funeral
gie D. Fisher Thomp-
Home of Starkville is
in charge of arrange-
William McGuire
BURLESON, Tex- Lisa Moore
son, 68, as — William Michael
Mr. Hamilton was “Mike” McGuire, 68, Lisa Dale Moore, 57, of Colum-
died Jan.
born Feb. 26, 1942, in died Nov. 16, 2019, at bus, MS passed away Sunday,
7, 2020,
Starkville, to the late Community Hospice January 12, 2020, at her residence.
at Baptist
Henry Hamilton and Center. Visitation will be Thursday,
Willie Myles Shelton A memorial service January 16, 2020, from 6:00-8:00
Hamilton. was held at Truitt PM at Lowndes Funeral Home.
He is survived by Chapel, Southwestern A funeral service will be Friday,
his brothers, James Baptist Theological January 17, 2020, at 10:00 AM at
Services Thompson
Hamilton of Starkville Seminary Dec. 7, 2019. Lowndes Funeral Home Chapel,
will be at 2 with Bro. Kenny Gardner officiat-
p.m. Friday at Friend- and Harvey Hamilton of A graveside service will
ship M.B. Church, with Kalamazoo, Michigan. be at 2 p.m. Saturday, at Theo Burns ing. Interment will be in Memorial
Graveside Services: Gardens, with Lowndes Funeral Home directing.
the Rev. Stanley Mc- Cockrell Funeral Home. Friday, Jan. 17 • 2 PM Mrs. Moore was born June 13, 1962, in Columbus,
Crary officiating. Burial Robert Hughes Cockrell Funeral Home Friendship Cemetery
2nd Ave. North Location MS, to the late Shirley Burchfield and Johnny Hayes.
will follow at Spring- MACON — Robert of Macon is in charge of
She worked at United Technologies as a line work-
field M.B. Church Earl Hughes, 79, died arrangements.
Cemetery. Visitation is Jan. 8, Mr. McGuire was E.W. Price er for 20 years. Mrs. Moore loved her grandchildren
Visitation: and enjoyed watching movies.
from noon-6 p.m. today 2020, at born March 20, 1951, Saturday, Jan. 18 • 1-2 PM Mrs. Moore is survived by her sons, Chris (Kallie
at Carter’s Funeral Ser- Baptist in Macon, to the late 2nd Ave. North Location
Pollard) Moore of Columbus, MS and Terence (Lau-
vices Chapel. Carter’s Memorial William F. McGuire and Saturday, Jan. 18 • 2 PM ren) Moore of Columbus, MS; grandchildren, Made-
Funeral Services of Hospi- Virginia Morrison Mc- 2nd Ave. North Chapel
line Moore, Emma Moore, Aubree Pollard and Pratt
Columbus is in charge tal-Golden Guire. He was a gradu- Bailey; sisters, Anita Ming and Diane Jones; nieces,
of arrangements. Triangle. ate of Mississippi State Kuydgalyn “Lynn”
Jamie (Ben) Lowery, Jennifer (Bryan) Ferguson and
Mrs. Thompson was Services University and Dallas McClusky Jessica (Cody) Street; nephews, Daryl (Amy) Ming
Hughes Memorial Service:
born March 29, 1951, in will be at Theological Seminary. Sunday, Jan. 19 • 2 PM and Dusty (Leslie) Ming; and a host of great-nieces
Columbus, to the late 11 a.m. He served as an assis- Living Faith Tabernacle and nephews.
Jimmy Billups and Wil- Friday at Mt. Moriah tant pastor at Emman- 2nd Ave. North Location
Pallbearers will be Daryl Ming, Terence Moore,
lie M. Thompson. She U.M. Church, with Billy uel Baptist Church and Ben Lowery, Terry Moore, Billy Moore and Dennis
was formerly employed Goodwin officiating. Korean First Baptist Ming.
in the housekeeping Burial will follow at Church of Dallas. He Memorials may be made to the TK Martin Center,
department at Aurora church cemetery. Vis- was formerly employed 326 Hardy Road, P.O. Box 9736, Mississippi State, MS
Nursing Home and was itation is from noon-5 as a faculty member 39762.
memorialgunterpeel.com Compliments of
a member of Friendship p.m. today at Carter’s with Southwestern
M.B. Church. Funeral Services of Theological Seminary Lowndes Funeral Home
In addition to her Macon. Carter’s Funer- in Fort Worth. www.lowndesfuneralhome.net
6A THURSDAY, January 16, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Isabelle Altman/Dispatch Staff

Students from Columbus Municipal School District who worked on the student-made film “The Wonder Grove
Wizard of Oz” disembark from a limousine at Malco Cinema in Columbus Wednesday afternoon for the Columbus
premiere of their movie. CMSD teachers and administrators threw a red carpet celebration for the students at
Brandon Central Offices and hired a limo to take the students from there to the theater.

Continued from Page 1A
Computer lab teach- in Columbus, Mississippi,
er Kimberly Hyde, who then to have a red carpet
worked with the students premiere” Hyde said. “...
with Story Maker, said Treat them right. They
the students have been earned it.”
using Story Maker tech- Labat said all 300 seats
nology for the past couple for the movie’s two show-
of years to produce their ings Wednesday night
Hyde Baldwin Smith Labat
own news program, but were sold out, and tickets
it wasn’t until last year what you’ll see tonight.” then we saw a robot-like are still selling for next
that Wonder Media ap- Stokes-Beard student character that was far Wednesday’s two show-
proached district admin- Malik Baldwin explained away, but it wasn’t mov- ings as well. If they keep
istrators and teachers he and the other students ing,” said Stokes-Beard selling, Malco may show
about letting the kids help working on the animation fourth grader, Richard it for a third day, and after
make the movie. came up with the charac- Smith, describing the that, CMSD will show it at
“Of course we said ters’ movements based first scene. “So we went each school.
yes,” Hyde said. on what was happening in up ... to get a closer view She added she hopes
Though the script was the scenes and what emo- and we found out that it residents get to see the
written and each charac- tions the characters were was rusting, so we put oil movie and support the
ter designed by producers feeling. on it to make it feel better kids.
at Wonder Media, the stu- “So if I was sad, it and to fix the robot. That In the very last scene
dents recorded lines and wouldn’t be a happy move- was the scene where I was CMSD students worked
handled the characters’ ment, it would be a sad Dorothy.” on, when Dorothy is about
movements in each indi- movement,” said Baldwin, Hyde and CMSD Su- to leave Oz and go home,
vidual scene. who in addition to han- perintendent Cherie La- she says, “I want to get
“Our students did the dling some animation got bat held the red carpet back to Columbus.”
voices, did the animation, to voice his favorite char- premiere before the movie “Her home was in Co-
and they had to splice acter, the Scarecrow. to give the kids a taste of lumbus,” Labat said.
everything and put ev- “A sad movement the full Hollywood experi-
erything together,” Hyde would either have a frown ence. Students in formal
said at the red carpet pre- on his or her face, wiping clothes — or sometimes
miere, before the students her tears or just some- dressed as characters —
all headed to the theater. thing like that,” he added. posed for their pictures,
“... When they were sat- On Wednesday when chatted with media and
isfied with their voice the two scenes CMSD ate their fill of popcorn
acting and the motions, students created came on before piling into a lim-
the animations, that they the movie screen, the 150 ousine to see the movie,
did with these characters, people in the theater all which had them laughing
then we emailed all of that began cheering and clap- and clapping the whole
to Wonder Grove and the ping. time.
Wonder Media team put “We were in a forest “What more excite-
it all together, and that’s and there was a road, and ment for these children

Continued from Page 1A
the view of what histori- In another scene, Al-
ans refer to as primary ice and the Cheshire Cat
sources: The kids. appear, only to be told
Hundreds of elemen- they’ve stumbled into the
tary and middle-school wrong movie.
students from California, The film featured about
Idaho, Washington, New two dozen scenes, with
York and Mississippi col- each school responsible
laborated on the project, for developing the back-
aided by the animation drops and animation and
and production talents of voice characters of the
Wonder Media, the Holly- scene.
wood animation company The work of students
founded by Terry Thoren, from the Columbus Mu-
the producer of the pop- nicipal School District
ular TV animated series (about 30 from Columbus
“Rugrats” and “The Wild Middle School and five
Thornberrys.” Courtesy image
from Stokes-Beard) were
While remaining faith- featured in two import-
ful to the original sto- reappears in Dorothy’s ant scenes — when Dor-
ryline, “Wonder Grove” dream sequence as the othy and Scarecrow first
introduces another im- wicked witch. encounter the Tin Man
portant theme — redemp- The familiar charac- and, near the film’s end,
tion. In the re-telling, the ters remain: Scarecrow, when Dorothy bids a tear-
wicked witch’s heart is all Tin Man and The Coward- ful goodbye to her three
that melts. In the end, the ly Lion, although in “Won- friends.
story is one of affirmation, der Grove,” the beast is a Ultimately, “Won-
highlighting the impor- lioness. der Grove” achieves its
tance of facing the fear of There are other de- purpose: It is faithful,
the unknown, kindness, partures form the origi- charming retelling of the
the value of friendships, nal script — the ruby red old cherished film while
self-confidence and of be- slippers become lavender adding new elements and
ing one’s genuine self. shoes designed by “the themes to give it new vi-
The story begins with top fashion designer in tality.
Dorothy and her three Oz.” The protagonists are It’s a kids’ movie, in ev-
best friends on the last day not induced into a sleep- ery sense.
of elementary school as ing spell in a field of pop- There will be two more
they consider the move to pies, but are lured into a viewing of the film at the
middle school with equal state of forgetfulness at a Malco — at 5 p.m. and 7
parts excitement — “We pizza party and the disen- p.m. on Jan. 22, though
get to dissect frogs!” and chanting music of the yet- CMSD Superintendent
have lockers — and trep- to-be-redeemed wicked Cherie Labat said Mal-
idation — “We might get witch. co may hold additional
hairy” and less play time. There’s plenty of hu- shows if ticket sales are
Those latter fears are mor to accompany the high enough. Tickets ($5)
compounded through story, as when Scarecrow may be purchased by vis-
an encounter with high tries to console the heart- iting eventhbrite.com and
school kids and the mid- less Tin Man that “at least searching for Wonder
dle-school horror stories you don’t have to worry Grove.” All students must
they share, especially about having a heart at- be accompanied by an
those of Amanda, who tack.” adult.

Kylin Hill, Erroll Thompson will return to MSU for senior seasons
By BEN PORTNOY Erroll Thomp- new identity. After leading the touches. They’re the closest to loss. He also served as a team
bportnoy@cdispatch.com son will return Southeastern Conference in the quarterback — it’s easier to captain last year.
for their senior rushing in 2019, the Columbus get them the ball than anybody.” “I’m thankful and blessed for
STARKVILLE — The good seasons. native figures to be a receiving As for Thompson, a source these last three years at Mis-
times continue to roll in the ear- Both players threat out of the backfield in with immediate knowledge of sissippi State University,” he
ly days of the Mike Leach era. released state- Leach’s new-look air raid attack. the situation told The Dispatch wrote. “But my story isn’t done
Just days after Leach was ments over Twit- “I hope he leads the SEC in on Jan. 3 he was leaning toward being written, our story isn’t
formally introduced as the 34th ter to declare all-purpose yards,” Leach said entering the draft in the wake of finished. There’s so much more
head coach in Mississippi State Hill their intentions. of Hill at his introductory press- Joe Moorhead’s firing. Instead, to accomplish both as a player,
history, the former Washing- Hill had pre- er. “In the Air Raid, one thing Thompson will anchor the mid- student and teammate.”
ton State coach received news viously declared for the NFL everybody forgets is the run- dle of the MSU defense after The deadline for underclass-
Wednesday that junior running draft but will now help anchor ning back position gets most of finishing the 2019 season with men to enter their names into
back Kylin Hill and linebacker an MSU offense adopting a the yards and gets most of the 84 tackles, including 3.5 for a the NFL draft is Jan. 20.


Wiggins and Bibby finding stride for Bulldogs

BY BEN PORTNOY this team. I feel like when
bportnoy@cdispatch.com she says something, ev-
eryone is engaged, every-
STARKVILLE — Mis- one is listening. If Jordan
sissippi State sophomore says something, you need
guard Xaria Wiggins is to listen, (because) she’s
finding her place. exactly right.”
Having lost three start-
ers from last season’s
Elite Eight team, coach No rest for the weary
Vic Schaefer has strug- While the Bulldogs
gled to find a coherent are riding a seven-game
rotation in the early going win streak heading
this year. But now riding into Thursday’s contest
a 3-0 start to SEC play, against LSU, Schaefer
Wiggins’ ability to pro- is cognizant of the task
vide instant offense off ahead.
the bench coupled with The Tigers come
a lanky 6-foot-1 frame into the contest having
that can match anywhere downed then-No. 10 Tex-
from a point guard to a as A&M and Ole Miss
power forward defensive- last week and sit at 13-3
ly has given the eighth- on the year.
year head coach an added Further complicat-
weapon in his arsenal. ing, the Bulldogs are in
Working mostly as a the midst of a two-game
three-and-D option, Wig- stretch that stands to de-
gins has come on strong fine their final seeding
of late. She notched sea- come SEC tournament
son-high 13 points on time. After welcoming
4-of-6 shooting in last LSU to Humphrey Coli-
week’s win at Georgia, seum, MSU hits the road
marking her first dou- for a Monday night con-
ble-digit scoring output test against No. 1 South
of the year, and she’s now Carolina.
knocking down 3-point- Through 17 games,
ers at a 39.1 percent clip. the Gamecocks sit at 16-1
“This year I knew I — including five wins
had to step up seeing as over ranked opponents
we don’t have the seniors — with their lone loss
that we had last year this coming against No. 15
year,” Wiggins said. “I Jim Lytle/Dispatch file photo Indiana in the U.S. Vir-
definitely had to work Xaria Wiggins shoots a 3-pointer over Florida’s Lavender Briggs during the second quarter Jan. 2 in Starkville. gin Islands on Nov. 28.
harder in the summer- the Bulldogs a noticeable With Holmes now bility shortly before the With a week-long
time, I got prepared in It- edge on the boards, as
Danberry aiding in graduated, point guard season, has often been break since MSU’s win
aly and this year working she’s bumped her per Taylor’s development responsibilities have fall- referred to as an extra over Missouri, Schaefer
in individuals with coach game average from 4.1 to While finding a cohe- en upon redshirt soph- point guard at times this was less than thrilled to
Schaefer.” 6.8. sive rotation has been omore Myah Taylor. A year. And as Taylor con- give his players an off
Beyond Wiggins, the “There’s nobody on my a process, the Bulldogs minute 5-foot-7-inches, tinues to find her groove day Sunday. But with a
Bulldogs have also re- team that spends more have been further chal- Taylor is small but scrap- running the show, Dan- dangerous LSU team
ceived an added offensive time in the gym than lenged in replacing Jazz- py — averaging 4.1 as- berry and her 14.1 points coming to town Thurs-
boost from junior forward Chloe Bibby,” Schaefer mun Holmes at point sists to just 1.7 turnovers and 3.2 assists per game day night, he said the
Chloe Bibby. said. “I’m really proud of guard. per contest through 17 have and will continue to team’s focus ought to be
Bibby, who played just her for her being able to Holmes — who was games. expedite the process. on the immediate future
18 games last year before overcome her injury fairly named an honorable men- And while Taylor’s “She’s going to give rather than Monday’s po-
suffering a season-ending quick and do it at the level tion Associated Press numbers have been solid me my props when I’m do- tential top-10 matchup.
knee injury, has shown that she’s done it at.” All-American and an SEC through the season’s first ing well, but she’s going “I would be really dis-
a comparable propensi- With Bibby and Wig- All-Defensive team se- half, graduate Jordan to know when messing appointed if we’re not fo-
ty from behind the arc, gins now giving the Bull- lection as a senior — av- Danberry has aided in up and doing wrong, and cused tomorrow night,”
draining her 3-point shots dogs added offensive eraged 30.4 minutes per her continuing develop- for that I’m forever grate- Schaefer said. “We’ve
at a slightly less prolific spark, Schaefer is hopeful game last season, leaving ment. ful,” Taylor said. “She’s a had an extra day of prep,
rate of 38.5 percent. The his team has begun to hit plenty to be proven at the Danberry, a fifth-year second voice on the floor and I would be really
Warracknabeal, Austra- its stride heading into the No. 1 guard spot this win- senior who was granted with her being a senior disappointed if we’re not
lia native has also given heart of SEC play. ter. an extra year of eligi- and her being a leader on locked in on LSU.”


After ‘wonderful’ 13-0 start, West Lowndes feels confident — but still cautious
By Theo DeRosa But ask head coach yet to encounter such a is finally making a differ- up, but it’s great having team and will be sorely
tderosa@cdispatch.com Takeea Bozeman about team, winning all of their ence,” she said. her on my side on and needed next season.
West Lowndes’ “wonder- first 13 games. After fin- Seals has been consis- off the court,” Seals said “With improvement
Ask players on the ful” start, and there’s a ishing under .500 a sea- tent in her leadership role of Hood. “She’s there over the summer, we
undefeated West Lown- note of caution, too. son ago and bowing out to with the Panthers, and talking to me, and we mo- should still be playing at
des girls basketball team “It’s kinda scary, be- Ethel in a one-point game junior Tydajasha Hood tivate each other.” the same level,” Bozeman
about the Panthers’ road cause you don’t want to in the first round of the — one of Seals’ closest Hood leads a six-play- said.
ahead, and you’ll receive get down far in the play- playoffs, Bozeman said friends on the team — has er junior class that might Defense is critical
nothing but unbridled op- offs and meet somebody she’s just grateful to see emerged as a similarly po- be West Lowndes’ deep- to West Lowndes’ fast-
timism. you can’t play against,” the substantial improve- tent scoring threat. est group. Juniors Nenah paced offensive scheme,
“We’re gonna win Bozeman said. ment her team has made. “It doesn’t mean as Young, Averi Sanders and so having two standout
state,” senior Marvaysha So far in the regular “The hard work we much of the load on me Quankeria Halbert play defenders in Sanders and
Seals proclaimed. season, the Panthers have put in for all these years now since she’s stepping significant roles for the See PANTHERS, 3B
2B THURSDAY, January 16, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com


Prep Soccer
New Hope sweeps Columbus High
Injured NBA prospects deal with
shut-it-down conversations
The New Hope boys and girls soccer teams both
posted district wins over Columbus High School on
Wednesday at New Hope in matches rescheduled from
Tuesday at Columbus.
The Trojans girls beat the Falcons 4-0, scoring
twice in each half. New Hope made a penalty kick in
each half.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS as much intel, and in- him to slide near the tola, a former Army I shouldn’t return,” Wil-
For Columbus, goalkeeper C’Asia Grayer made 14 game situations, there’s bottom of the Atlan- player and Duke di- liamson said during the
saves, and Alexus Gillian and Destiny Troop each had CHAPEL HILL, so much more that you tic Coast Conference rector of basketball ACC trophy presenta-
a shot on goal. N.C. — When college can get from that, too.” standings. That in- operations who now tion, “I couldn’t aban-
New Hope improved to 10-4, while Columbus fell stars like Cole Antho- Williamson, fellow cludes last weekend’s is an ESPN analyst. don my brothers and
to 6-10-1.
ny are injured, they are No. 1 overall draft pick first-ever home loss to “So when you look at it coaches like that.”
On the boys side, New Hope pulled off a 7-0 win
over Columbus, scoring six times in the first half alone. faced with the question Kyrie Irving and first- Clemson in 60 meet- strictly through a static Porter understands
The Trojans improved to 11-1-1, and the Falcons of whether they should round pick Michael Por- ings. economic prism, it ba- that feeling, too.
fell to 7-10. they return or just sit ter Jr. are some of the Coach Roy Williams sically comes down to: It was in 2017 when
Columbus will face West Point today on the road, out the season to pro-
and New Hope will travel to face Grenada on Friday.
highest-profile players said last week Anthony ‘OK, what is he risking the 6-foot-10 current
tect their looming draft who have faced that de- has done some shoot- in terms of his finan- Denver Nuggets for-
prospects. cision. Each returned to ing but hasn’t practiced. cial future moving for- ward arrived at Mis-
Women’s College Basketball Like Anthony, who finish his lone college The coach has out- ward?’ souri as a possible No.
EMCC’s Hollings named player of the week has said he plans to season. lined a simple plan for “But what you ignore 1 overall pick, only to
East Mississippi Community College freshman return to action with
Ja’Mia Hollings, a graduate of West Point High School,
Williamson has yet Anthony: “I’m going to is the human element play 2 minutes before
was named the MACJC women’s basketball player of North Carolina, most to play for the NBA’s treat him like he was to this. And I think, to needing back surgery.
the week for her role in victories over Meridian Commu- want to return to the New Orleans Pelicans my son, like I would his me, … those guys want He was expected to
nity College and Holmes Community College. basketball court, which following surgery on want his parents to treat to play. They want to be miss the rest of the sea-
Hollings scored 24 points, grabbed 21 rebounds has proven to be a good his right knee in Octo- my son.” a part of their teams, son, though he recov-
and had seven steals and four assists for the EMCC
option — provided ber. He recently start- Williams said no one at least for the limited ered enough to play one
women (12-2) over the two-game span. She owns
seven double-doubles on the season. they’re healthy. Look no ed full practices and at North Carolina would time that they’re going game for the Tigers in
Against Meridian on Jan. 6, Hollings scored 14 further than last year, Pelicans executive vice push Anthony to return, to be in college.” the Southeastern Con-
points and pulled down 11 rebounds as well as record- when Zion Williamson president of basketball adding “He’s got to feel It wasn’t nearly as ference Tournament,
ing three assists and three steals. On Thursday against returned to Duke’s line-
Holmes, she had 10 points and 10 rebounds as well as
operations David Grif- completely safe about it much of a discussion then one in the NCAA
four steals and an assist. up after a freak injury fin said Wednesday he himself.” nine years ago when Tournament.
Hollings made 12 of her 14 shots Monday in a and went on to become anticipates Williamson But that doesn’t stop Irving went down with Porter fell to No. 14 in
79-48 home win over Coahoma Community College, the No. 1 pick in the making his NBA debut the question. a toe injury after just the 2018 draft, though
finishing with 27 points, eight rebounds and four steals. NBA draft. Jan. 22 against San An- The topic of whether eight games as Duke’s he could prove to be an
She leads EMCC in scoring with 13.9 points per game,
The more prospects tonio barring any set- a top prospect should freshman point guard. injury-discounted steal
rebounding with 9.1 boards per game, steals with 3.1
swipes per game, blocked shots with 11 and field goal can showcase how they backs. return from injury has He returned for three for the Nuggets. In an
percentage at 60.3 percent. handle game situations As for Anthony, he become more common NCAA Tournament interview with The
EMCC will face Northwest Mississippi Community certainly helps in their has been actively cheer- in recent years amid games before going No. Associated Press, the
College at 5:30 p.m. today in Senatobia. NBA draft evaluations. ing on Tar Heels team- the NBA draft’s mini- 1 to the Cleveland Cav- rookie who sat out last
SOURCE: From Special Reports “Seeing them play mates from the bench mum age requirement aliers. year to rehab his back
in a game is always go- and offered some hope that typically steers a By comparison, that was asked what advice
ing to be better than
CALENDAR an individual workout
for UNC fans Tuesday
night, replying to an In-
handful of players to
college basketball for
conversation was roll-
ing about Williamson
he’d give another top
pro prospect recovering
Today or 3-on-3,” said Ryan stagram post: “I will be one season. even before he suffered from injury.
Prep Girls Soccer Blake, an NBA consul- back soon.” It follows a recent a freak-injury knee “I would tell him
Columbus at West Point, 5 p.m. tant with a long scout- North Carolina has trend in college foot- sprain that would side- if he feels fully, fully
Mississippi School for Math and Sci- ing background said struggled without its ball that has had some line him for nearly six recovered — back to
ence at Yazoo County, 5:30 p.m. of players in general. point guard, who had NFL prospects skip full games, with NBA 100 percent — college
Prep Boys Soccer “That doesn’t mean arthroscopic surgery bowl games rather than Hall of Famer Scottie is an amazing time of
Columbus at West Point, 7 p.m. those aren’t important. Dec. 16 to repair a par- risk a career-jeopardiz- Pippen among the shut- your life,” Porter said.
Mississippi School for Math and Sci- One of the most import- tially torn meniscus in ing injury ahead of the it-down supporters in “That’s going to be
ence at Yazoo County, 7 p.m. ant things is getting to his right knee. His pro- draft. an ESPN interview. some of the most fun
Prep Girls Basketball know a player, during jected recovery time “I think it’s an exten- But Williamson re- you’ll ever have. If you
Hebron Christian at Columbus Christian the drive from the air- was 4-6 weeks. sion of the way we’re turned to lead Duke to can get back out there
Academy, 6:30 p.m. port to having dinner. The Tar Heels beat looking at things so the Atlantic Coast Con- and be 100 percent, do
Prep Boys Basketball … The combine, indi- current No. 8 Oregon much more in college ference Tournament that. If you’re feeling a
Hebron Christian at Columbus Christian vidual workouts, those in the Battle 4 Atlantis these days, and it’s championship and the little limited, you’ve got
Academy, 8 p.m. are important as well. with him, but have lost through an economic NCAA Elite Eight. to make sure you’re ful-
Women’s College Basketball “But it’s always to get five of seven without prism,” said Chris Spa- “For people who said ly recovered.”
LSU at Mississippi State, 7 p.m.
East Mississippi Community College
at Northwest Mississippi Community COLLEGE BASKETBALL ROUNDUP
College, 5:30 p.m.

Alabama hands No. 4 Auburn first loss of season

Men’s College Basketball
East Mississippi Community College
at Northwest Mississippi Community
College, 7:30 p.m.
The Associated PRESS Alex Reese scored 13 road wins last week at cluding a 3-pointer and ference). When it went
on the air TUSCALOOSA, Ala.
points and James Bold-
en had 11 for the Tide.
No. 23 Texas Tech and
No. 6 Kansas, the latter
a pair of free throws in
the final seconds, and
through the net, Couis-
nard and his teammates
COLLEGE BASKETBALL (MEN’S) — Kira Lewis Jr. scored It was a season low its first ever at Allen Florida State beat Vir- ran around the court in
6 p.m. — Cincinnati at Memphis, ESPN 25 points, and Alabama in points for Auburn, Fieldhouse. ginia. celebration as the fans
6 p.m.— Charleston Southern at Camp- handed No. 4 Auburn which had won 27 of 28 Anthony Polite came erupted in cheers.
bell, ESPNU its first loss of the sea-
7 p.m. — Old Dominion at Western son with an 83-64 rout
games dating back to
last season’s Final Four
No. 18 Seton Hall 78, off the bench to drill
four 3-pointers for the
Kentucky, CBSSN on Wednesday night. run. No. 5 Butler 70 Seminoles (15-2, 5-1 banked home a shot
7:30 p.m. — Utah at Arizona, PAC-12N The Crimson Tide INDIANAPOLIS — Atlantic Coast Confer- with 4.1 seconds to go
8 p.m. — Colorado at Arizona State, (9-7, 2-2 Southeastern Myles Powell scored
ESPN2 Conference) led wire-
No. 2 Baylor 68, 19 of his 29 points in
ence), who have won that tied things at 78.
eight straight and 15 of
8 p.m. — Eastern Kentucky at Belmont, to-wire over their in- Iowa State 55 the second half and
ESPNU state rival. The Tigers WACO, Texas — Da- Romaro Gill matched
their last 16. Georgetown 83,
Mamadi Diakite
8 p.m. — Oregon at Washington State, (15-1, 3-1) had a mis- vion Mitchell had 17 his career high with 17 scored 16 points on
No. 25 Creighton 80
FS1 erable shooting night points, scoring just be- points to lead No. 18 WASHINGTON —
6-of-8 shooting for Vir-
9:30 p.m. — California at Southern and left No. 7 San Di- fore and after halftime Seton Hall back from a Omer Yurtseven had 20
ginia (11-5, 3-3).
California, PAC-12N ego State (18-0) as the as No. 2 Baylor started 10-point halftime deficit points and 13 rebounds,
10 p.m. — Santa Clara at Gonzaga, nation’s last unbeaten stretching its lead, and for a 78-70 victory at No. Mac McClung scored
ESPN2 team. the Bears beat Iowa 5 Butler on Wednesday
South Carolina 81, 19 points and George-
10 p.m. — Oregon State at Washing- It was the Tide’s first State 68-55 on Wednes- night. No. 10 Kentucky 78 town beat Creighton.
ton, FS1 win over a Top 5 team day night for their 13th COLUMBIA, S.C. The Hoyas (12-6,
The Pirates (13-4,
COLLEGE BASKETBALL (WOMEN’S) since a 79-57 home de- win in a row. — Freshman Jermaine 2-3 Big East) went on
5-0 Big East) closed the
5 p.m. — Florida State at North Caroli- feat of then-No. 5 Texas Baylor (14-1) is the Couisnard hit a 3-point- a 13-2 run early in the
na State, ACCN
game on a 13-4 run to
A&M on Dec. 30, 2017. only Big 12 team to win their seventh in a er as the buzzer sound- second half and never
5 p.m. — Ohio State at Michigan State, This one was largely make it through the ed and South Carolina looked back as coach
BTN row. They are the only
one-sided, too. first four conference team still unbeaten in rallied from 14 points Patrick Ewing picked
5:30 p.m. — Texas A&M at Kentucky, Lewis scored 17 games without a loss. down in the second half up his first win over the
SECN league play.
points in the second Jared Butler had to stun Kentucky. Bluejays in five tries.
7 p.m. — Notre Dame at Duke, ACCN 19 points and five as- Couisnard had a ca- The Hoyas snapped a
half for Alabama. He
7 p.m. — Nebraska at Maryland, BTN
was 8 of 14 from the sists to lead the Bears, No. 9 Florida State reer-high 26 points, in- five-game losing streak
7:30 p.m. — South Carolina at Missou-
ri, SECN
field and made 8 of 9 whose only loss came 54, Virginia 50 cluding his game-win- to Creighton and beat
free throws. against Washington in TA LL A H A S SEE, ner that banked in for a ranked opponent for
8 p.m. — Stanford at Oregon, ESPN
Herbert Jones had 14 Alaska the first week Fla. — Devin Vassell the Gamecocks (9-7, the second time this
points and 12 rebounds. of the season. They had scored 18 points, in- 1-2 Southeastern Con- season.
6 p.m. — Penn State at Nebraska,
Pro Basketball
Philadelphia 117, Brooklyn 106 Navy 88, Lehigh 83 Marlins for LHP Stephen Tarpley. put from Tucson (AHL).
11 a.m. — LPGA Tour: The Diamond Detroit 116, Boston 103
Miami 106, San Antonio 100
Providence 63, St. John’s 58
Rhode Island 71, Saint Joseph’s 61
TEXAS RANGERS — Agreed to terms with C
Robinson Chirinos and 3B Todd Frazier on one-
DETROIT RED WINGS — Assigned D Brian
Lashoff to Grand Rapids (AHL).
Resorts Tournament of Champions, NBA Glance Indiana 104, Minnesota 99 Rutgers 59, Indiana 50 year contracts. Designated LHP Kyle Bird and LHP VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS — Fired coach Ge-
EASTERN CONFERENCE Toronto 130, Oklahoma City 121 Sacred Heart 66, CCSU 55 Jeffrey Springs for assignment. rard Gallant. Named Peter DeBoer coach.
First Round, Orlando, Fla. Atlantic Division Chicago 115, Washington 106 St. Bonaventure 74, UMass 61 National League ECHL
W L Pct GB Denver 100, Charlotte 86
2 p.m. — PGA Tour: The American Boston 27 12 .692 — Portland 117, Houston 107
St. Francis (Pa.) 100, Fairleigh Dickinson 85
Syracuse 76, Boston College 50
LOS ANGELES DODGERS — Agreed to terms
with LHP Alex Wood on a one-year contract. Des-
READING ROYALS — Announced G Felix Sand-
ström was reassigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL).
Toronto 26 14 .650 1½
Express, First Round, Palm Springs, Philadelphia 26 16 .619 2½
Dallas at Sacramento, late Vermont 72, Binghamton 53 ignated RHP Casey Sadler for assignment. OLYMPIC SPORTS
Orlando at L.A. Lakers, late. SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS — Placed INF Zack Athletics Integrity Unit
Calif., GOLF Brooklyn
New York
18 22 .450 9½
11 30 .268 17
Today’s Games Alabama 83, Auburn 64 Cozart on unconditional release waivers. AIU — Suspended runner Alfred Kipketer for fail-
Phoenix at New York, 6:30 p.m. Chattanooga 72, Wofford 59 Frontier League ing to make himself available for doping tests.
NBA BASKETBALL Southeast Division
Boston at Milwaukee, 7 p.m. ETSU 88, Samford 63 NEW YORK BOULDERS — Traded RHP Carter SOCCER
W L Pct GB
7 p.m. — Boston at Milwaukee, TNT Miami 28 12 .700 — Utah at New Orleans, 7 p.m. Florida St. 54, Virginia 50 Hope to the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks of the Major League Soccer
Orlando 19 21 .475 9 Denver at Golden State, 9:30 p.m. Furman 83, W. Carolina 79 American Association for OF Chase Harris and CHICAGO FIRE — Named Adin Brown goalkeeper
9:30 p.m. — Denver at Golden State, Charlotte 15 29 .341 15 Orlando at L.A. Clippers, 9:30 p.m. Georgia 80, Tennessee 63 future considerations. coach.
Washington 13 27 .325 15 Friday’s Games Mercer 73, VMI 62 SUSSEX COUNTY MINERS — Traded 2B Trey LA GALAXY — Signed G Eric Lopez.
TNT Atlanta 9 32 .220 19½ Chicago at Philadelphia, 6 p.m. NC State 80, Miami 63 Hair to the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks of the LOS ANGELES FC — Acquired G Kenneth Ver-
NHL HOCKEY Central Division
W L Pct GB
Minnesota at Indiana, 6 p.m.
Washington at Toronto, 6 p.m.
Northwestern St. 73, Nicholls 72 American Association for LHP Aaron Ford, RHP meer using targeted allocation money.
Notre Dame 78, Georgia Tech 74 Michael Hope, and 1B Jake Vieth. NASHVILLE SC — Signed M Tah Brian Anunga.
7 p.m. — Tampa Bay at Minnesota, Milwaukee 36 6 .857 — Cleveland at Memphis, 7 p.m. SE Louisiana 62, Texas A&M-CC 56 BASKETBALL VANCOUVER WHITECAPS — Announced the
Indiana 26 15 .634 9½ Miami at Oklahoma City, 7 p.m. South Carolina 81, Kentucky 78 National Basketball Association club and M Jon Erice have agreed to a mutual
NBCSN Chicago 15 27 .357 21 Atlanta at San Antonio, 7:30 p.m. Tulsa 65, East Carolina 49 GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS — Signed G Dami- contract termination.
Detroit 15 27 .357 21 Portland at Dallas, 8:30 p.m.
TENNIS Cleveland 12 29 .293 23½ Saturday’s Games
UNC-Greensboro 79, The Citadel 69
on Lee to a multiyear contract. Signed F Marquese
United Soccer League
USL — Announced Tampa Bay Rowdies U23 will
2 a.m. — ATP/WTA: Adelaide-ATP/WTA Southwest Division
L.A. Clippers at New Orleans, 2:30 p.m. Bradley 91, Missouri St. 78 PHOENIX SUNS — Signed F Tariq Owens to a join USL League Two for the 2020 season.
W L Pct GB Milwaukee at Brooklyn, 5 p.m. Indiana St. 65, Evansville 42 two-way contract. COLLEGE
& Hobart-WTA Quarterfinals; Australian Houston 26 14 .650 — Phoenix at Boston, 6 p.m. Marquette 85, Xavier 65 FOOTBALL NCAA — Granted Northwestern graduate QB T.J.
Detroit at Atlanta, 6:30 p.m. N. Dakota St. 72, South Dakota 70 National Football League Green a sixth year of eligibility and will be eligible
Open Qualifying, TENNIS Dallas
25 15 .625 1
19 22 .463 7½ Philadelphia at New York, 6:30 p.m. N. Iowa 88, Valparaiso 78 ARIZONA CARDINALS — Signed WR Larry Fitz- to compete in the upcoming 2020 season.
5 a.m. — ATP/WTA: Adelaide-ATP/WTA San Antonio 17 22 .436 8½ Cleveland at Chicago, 7 p.m.
Toronto at Minnesota, 7 p.m.
S. Dakota St. 87, North Dakota 66 gerald to a one-year contract. AUBURN — Named Tim Hudson volunteer assis-
New Orleans 15 26 .366 11½ Seton Hall 78, Butler 70 GREEN BAY PACKERS — Signed CB DaShaun tant and pitching coach.
& Hobart-WTA Quarterfinals; Australian Northwest Division L.A. Lakers at Houston, 7:30 p.m. SOUTHWEST Amos to a reserve/future contract. BOISE STATE — Promoted Eric Kiesau to offen-
W L Pct GB Orlando at Golden State, 7:30 p.m. Arkansas 75, Vanderbilt 55 LOS ANGELES CHARGERS — Announced the sive coordinator.
Open Qualifying, TENNIS Denver 28 12 .700 — Portland at Oklahoma City, 8 p.m. Baylor 68, Iowa St. 55 retirement of TE Antonio Gates. CLEMSON — WR Tee Higgins will enter the NFL
Utah 28 12 .700 — Sacramento at Utah, 8 p.m.
5 p.m. — ATP/WTA: Auckland-ATP, Oklahoma City 23 18 .561 5½
New Orleans 106, Houston Baptist 98 WASHINGTON REDSKINS — Named Pete Hoen- draft.
Sam Houston St. 80, Lamar 75 er tight ends coach; Jim Hostler wide receivers CUMBERLAND, TENN. — Announced the
Adelaide-ATP/WTA & Hobart-WTA Portland 18 24 .429 11
Stephen F. Austin 77, Cent. Arkansas 76 coach; Randy Jordan running backs coach; John resignation of women’s volleyball coach Kathy
Semifinals; Australian Open Qualifying,

15 25 .375 13
Pacific Division
W L Pct GB
College Basketball Texas 76, Oklahoma St. 64
Matsko offensive line coach; Drew Terrell as-
sistant wide receivers coach; Travelle Wharton
Slaughter. Promoted Hannah Vadakin to women”s
volleyball coach.
TENNIS L.A. Lakers 33 7 .825 — Wednesday’s Scores Air Force 85, Boise St. 78 assistant offensive line coach; Ken Zampese LSU — WR Justin Jefferson, S Grant Delpit, OL
L.A. Clippers 28 13 .683 5½ EAST Colorado St. 105, New Mexico 72 quarterbacks coach; Chris Harris defensive backs Saahdiq Charles, OL Lloyd Cushnberry, LB Pat-
2 a.m. (Friday) — ATP/WTA: Ade- Phoenix 16 24 .400 17 Albany (NY) 76, New Hampshire 73 coach; Sam Mills III defensive line coach; Richard rick Queen and LB Jacob Phillips will enter the
laide-ATP/WTA Semifinals, Hobart-WTA, Sacramento 15 25 .375 18
Golden State 9 33 .214 25
Tuesday’s Games
American U. 61, Bucknell 60
Duquesne 58, Fordham 56 Transactions BASEBALL
Rodgers assistant defensive backs coach; Steve
Russ linebackers coach; Brent Vieselmeyer
assistant defensive backs coach; nickel coach;
NFL draft.
MISSOURI STATE — Named Bobby Petrino foot-
ball coach.
TENNIS Atlanta 123, Phoenix 110
Fairfield 61, St. Peter’s 51
George Washington 73, George Mason 67 American League Luke Del Rio offensive quality control coach; Ben POST (Conn.) — Named Ray Skjold baseball
5 a.m. (Friday) — ATP/WTA: Ade- Utah 118, Brooklyn 107 Georgetown 83, Creighton 80 BOSTON RED SOX — Acquired LHP Jeffrey Jacobs assistant special teams coach; Vincent coach.
Memphis 121, Houston 110 Hartford 68, Stony Brook 65 Springs from the Texas Rangers for 1B/OF Sam Rivera defensive quality control coach; and Todd RUTGERS — Named Bob Fraser linebackers
laide-ATP/WTA Semifinals, Hobart-WTA, Milwaukee 128, New York 102 LIU 69, St. Francis Brooklyn 66 Travis. Designated LHP Bobby Poyner for assign- Storm offensive quality control coach. coach.
L.A. Clippers 128, Cleveland 103 Lafayette 71, Colgate 67 ment. HOCKEY SETON HALL — Named Tatum Colitz senior
TENNIS Dallas 124, Golden State 97 Maine 104, Mass.-Lowell 98 NEW YORK YANKEES — Acquired 3B James National Hockey League associate athletics director for compliance & stu-
Wednesday’s Games Merrimack 71, Bryant 67 Nelson and cash considerations from the Miami ARIZONA COYOTES — Recalled F Michael Cha- dent-athlete development coach/SWA.
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com THURSDAY, January 16, 2020 3B

Continued from Page 1B
Halbert means a lot, Boz- after the Panthers fell to through, but that’s a spe- in ourselves,” Bozeman
eman said. Ethel 57-56 in last year’s cial group.” said. “They want to see
Sanders, though, has MHSAA Class 1A first- Those growing pains better teams and beat bet-
been out a while with an round matchup. Ethel (7- included finishing 11-20 ter teams, so that helped
ankle injury. Bozeman 8) joined West Lowndes’ freshman year and hover- a lot.”
expects her back before region this season, and ing around .500 the next The Panthers are in
the district tournament, the Panthers will go on two seasons. Now, Seals
the thick of district play
which begins Feb. 10, the road to face the Tigers and her senior teammates
and hopes she will be on Friday. have started their senior now, beating McAdams,
back even as soon as next Ethel will make the year the right way. Nanih Waiya and French
week. return trip to Columbus On the way to their Camp Academy by at least
Halbert, who has had a on Feb. 4, three days 13-0 start, the Panthers 15 points.
recent uptick in her scor- before West Lowndes swept Class 3A Noxu- Now West Lown-
ing, can play shooting sends off its four seniors bee County and Class des has a string of five
guard, small forward or
power forward — “wher-
West Lowndes’ four se-
niors — Seals, Takara
5A West Point and New
Hope, earning bragging
straight road games, be-
ginning Friday and end-

ever I put her,” Bozeman

said. “She’s one of those
Givens, Ashanti Williams
and Lauren Bell — in its
rights in their rivalry with
the Trojans.
ing in Louisville against
Nanih Waiya on Jan. 28.
Sudoku is a number-
placing puzzle based on
Yesterday’s answer
versatile players. I call on final home game, Feb. 7 “I like hard games,” Sudoku
a 9x9 gridis witha several
num- 9 1 5 2 3 8 7 6 4
So how do the Pan-
her a lot for defense, and against Noxapater. Halbert said. “I don’t like ber-placing
given numbers.puzzleThe object 4 6 2 7 9 1 5 8 3

2020 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

thers feel about the path based onthe a 9x9
every point she gets is a “I was telling someone, those soft games.” is to place numbers 8 7 3 6 5 4 9 2 1
to come? Optimistic, nat- grid
plus.” ‘I’m gonna cry,’” said Boz- West Lowndes even 1 to 9with
in theseveral
empty spaces 6 5 7 9 1 2 4 3 8
Hood and Halbert are eman, who has coached hung with Starkville High urally. given
so thatnumbers.
each row, eachThe 2 4 8 5 6 3 1 7 9
just some of the West all four players since their during a preseason jam- “It’s looking pretty object
column and each 3x3 the
is to place box
numbers 3 9 1 8 4 7 2 5 6
Lowndes players who freshman season. “We’ve boree. easy,” Halbert said. “We contains the1same to 9 number
7 8 6 4 2 9 3 1 5
dedicated their summers had some growing pains “That Starkville game can do it. We can make it the empty spaces so
only once. The difficulty 1 2 9 3 8 5 6 4 7
to personal improvement and adjustments to get gave us a lot of confidence to the championship.” that each row, each
level increases from
column and each 5 3 4 1 7 6 8 9 2
3x3 boxtocontains
Sunday. Difficulty Level 1/15

the same number only once. The difficulty level

increases from Monday to Sunday.

Mets stay silent on Beltrán’s future

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS bench coach in 2017 and mission, and we agreed, New York has strug-
the instigator of the As- played a central role in gled since reaching the
NEW YORK — While tros’ use of a camera in what went on in Hous- 2015 World Series, where
the Houston Astros and center field and monitor ton,” Werner said. “We all the Mets lost to Kansas
Boston Red Sox took de- near the dugout to steal agreed that it was wrong City. Terry Collins was
cisive action in jettisoning catchers’ signals. and that we had a respon- fired in 2017 following
their managers after Ma- “Approximately two sibility as stewards, as his seventh season and
jor League Baseball con- months into the 2017 sea- John had said, to have a Mickey Callaway was dis-
cluded they were involved son, a group of players, standard here where that missed in October after
in nefarious sign stealing, including Carlos Beltrán, sort of behavior is not ac- his second. Steve Cohen,
the New York Mets have discussed that the team ceptable.” the hedge fund billionaire,
stayed silent on Carlos could improve on decod- Kennedy said it wasn’t is in the process of buying
Beltrán’s future. ing opposing teams’ signs a close call. a controlling share of the
Houston fired AJ and communicating the “While it was difficult team from the families of
Hinch one hour after
signs to the batter,” Man- personally for a lot of peo- Fred and Jeff Wilpon, and
baseball Commissioner
fred wrote. ple, professionally it was of Saul Katz. After evalu-
Rob Manfred released
Hinch and Astros gen- ultimately an easy deci- ating operations this sea-
his findings Monday. Bos-
eral manager Jeff Luh- sion for the Red Sox and son, Cohen may decide on
ton’s management took
now received one-season for Alex. It was a mutual large-scale changes.
29 1/2 hours to announce
suspensions before own- decision,” Kennedy said. With the start of spring
Alex Cora’s departure on
er Jim Crane fired them. ”Alex came to the con- training less than a month
Beltrán remains in lim- Manfred decided not to clusion that he could not away, there is not much
bo, with the Mets refus- discipline players — 2017 effectively lead the orga- time to decide on a suc-
ing to say whether their was Beltrán’s final sea- nization going forward in cessor. Options could
new manager stays or son. light of the commission- include new bench coach
goes. In Manfred’s nine- Mets management er’s findings and the rul- Hensley Meulens and
page statement, Beltrán must ponder whether Bel- ing. And we came to that ESPN analyst Eduardo
was the only player identi- trán can be an effective conclusion as well.” Pérez, who interviewed
fied as a participant in the leader given his behavior. Beltrán’s playing time for the manager job with
cheating scheme. Would young players view with the Mets is best re- GM Brodie Van Wagenen
“They have to fire him as a cheater pushing membered for when he last fall.
Carlos Beltrán,” a former them to break the rules? walked away — from Cora, unsolicited,
New York Yankees team- Would Beltrán turn timid, home plate after taking brought up Beltrán last
mate, Mark Teixeira, said afraid of attracting scru- a called third strike from June after the Yankees
Wednesday on ESPN, tiny from MLB investiga- St. Louis Cardinals pitch- swept a two-game series
where he works as an ana- tors? er Adam Wainwright that from the Red Sox in Lon-
lyst. “There’s no way that What would be the ended a 3-1 loss in Game 7 don. Beltrán spent last ACROSS
Carlos Beltrán, especially benefit of sticking with of the 2006 NL Champion- season as an adviser to 1 Walk unevenly
in the pressure cooker of Beltrán, who has no pre- ship Series with the based Yankees general manager 5 Propeller type
New York, there’s no way vious managerial experi- loaded. Brian Cashman and was 10 Freshener
he can be the manager of ence? As Mets manager, he on hand. target
the Mets. ... You cannot Red Sox owner John might be none and done. Now they will be forev- 11 Relaxed
have that guy lead your Henry, chairman Tom “I wish Carlos Bel- er linked. 12 Too
team. The New York pa- Werner, CEO Sam Ken- tran had the signs after I “I was joking with 13 Enjoy a
pers, the Daily News and nedy and chief baseball walked in the 2006 play- somebody that their big- bookstore
the Post and all of the officer Chaim Bloom offs,” tweeted former gest free-agent acquisi- 14 Online slang
tabloids will eat up Carlos concluded Cora could not Met Paul LoDuca, whose tion is Carlos Beltran,” 16 Personal
Beltrán every single day remain in Boston under walk loaded the bases and Cora said, winking. “I annoyance
until he’s fired.” similar circumstances. brought Beltrán to the know how he works. He’s 20 Baltimore
Cora was Houston’s “Alex by his own ad- plate. helped them a lot.” team
23 Bear lair
24 Watchful
25 Like some

Cora remorseful; Red Sox begin search for new manager

canaries DOWN 20 Tolled
27 Dijon denial 1 Bank offering 21 Lotion ingre-
28 Stocks the 2 Not active dient
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS baseball Commissioner and for Alex,” Kennedy looking for a manager, party 3 Largest 22 Let off steam
Rob Manfred identified said. “Alex is an incred- and New York Mets man- 29 Series featur- amount 25 2006 Pixar
BOSTON — The Bos- him as the ringleader in ibly talented manager ager Carlos Beltrán was ing Agent 86 4 Do well film
ton Red Sox need to find a sign-stealing scheme and accomplished great also implicated in the 32 Divers wear 5 Satchel part 26 Brought into
a new manager, and it when he was the bench things with us. He ex- cheating from his time in them 6 Carburetor harmony
sounds like they haven’t coach for the 2017 Astros. pressed remorse. He apol- Houston. 36 Change back valve 28 Malicious
gotten over their old one. Major League Base- ogized yesterday to us for “There’s no question 39 Nick 7 Squabble 30 Take an oath
Heaping praise on Alex ball is also looking into the embarrassment that it’s an unusual time to Charles’s wife 8 Print measures 31 Gleeful
Cora a day after showing whether Cora installed a this caused.” be doing a managerial 40 Bird sanc- 9 Petite 33 Tiny amount
him the door, Red Sox similar system in Boston The decision leaves the search,” Bloom said, “Be- tuary 11 Assists 34 Easy gait
owner John Henry said after arriving the follow- Red Sox, who went 84-78 ing this close to spring 41 School on the illegally 35 Reasonable
on Wednesday the team ing year. No conclusions and missed the playoffs training, it’s impossible Thames 15 Cooped (up) 36 Maze runner
was going to miss “just have been reached, and last year for the first time for that not to be a factor
about everything” about
42 Mournful 17 Border 37 Planning time
there is no timetable; the since 2015, without a in how we proceed. But
the man who led Boston 43 Postmark part 18 Turn suddenly 38 Through
Astros investigation took manager and less than a it’s not going to be the
to the 2018 World Series two months. month to find one before 19 Ceases
only factor. And we want
title only to be torpedoed “We would ask that spring training. Chief to make sure we do this
in a cheating scandal. everyone to reserve judg- baseball officer Chaim
“It was a sad day be- ment until MLB com- Bloom, who was hired in
Bloom said there will
cause we all have such pletes its investigation October, said he hadn’t
respect for Alex,” said be internal candidates,
and determines whether had time yet to formulate
chairman Tom Werner, along with ones from
rules were violated,” Hen- a short list.
who was one of several ry said. “I can tell you that “The short answer outside the organization.
Red Sox officials keeping we are working with base- is we don’t know yet,” Among those who have
in touch with the deposed ball to the fullest extent Bloom said when asked been mentioned are Ja-
manager since his depar- possible.” about the current coach- son Varitek, the former
ture. “He admitted that The Red Sox insisted ing staff. “Obviously, this catcher who is now a spe-
what he did was wrong, that Cora’s departure was just happened.” cial assistant, and bench
but that doesn’t mitigate, a mutual decision because Complicating the coach Ron Roenicke, who
in our opinion, the ex- he could not continue to search for a replacement managed the Milwaukee
traordinary talent that he lead the team effectively. is that the Red Sox don’t Brewers from 2011-15.
has. And we continue to Team president Sam Ken- know if anyone else will “Jason is a beloved —
be very fond of Alex.” nedy said he anticipated face sanctions from the not only alum, but mem-
A player on Boston’s a day that Cora would re- commissioner. And with ber of our organization,”
2007 World Series-win- turn to baseball. just a month before spring Kennedy said. “Our hope
ning team who led the “While it was difficult training other teams may and desire has been for
club to another title in personally for a lot of peo- be reluctant to grant him to continue to take on
his first year as a rookie ple, (and) professionally, permission to interview more and more of a role as
manager, Cora was oust- it was ultimately an easy members of their staffs. he develops the next stage
ed on Tuesday, a day after decision for the Red Sox The Astros are also of his baseball career.”
4B THURSDAY, January 16, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com


South Carolina continues to put in work as top-ranked team

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS top spot this season after Staley said things have College basketball ana- Southeastern Conference tributes the coach add-
1-2-3 (UConn, Oregon been largely the same lyst Debbie Antonelli said teams, including Ken- ed isn’t always common
COLUMBIA, S.C. State and Oregon) from with the team since Mon- the the carousel at the top tucky, Texas A&M, Ar- among older players.
— South Carolina point the previous week all lost. day’s news with crisp, of the polls is a reflection kansas and Tennessee. “I will say this, some
guard Tyasha Harris South Carolina has beat- solid workouts to prepare of the growth of women’s Freshman Zia Cooke things we’ve had to deal
didn’t do a much celebrat- en five ranked opponents for the trip to Missouri basketball as result of was excited about the with with some teams we
ing when the Gamecocks this season, most notably — where the Gamecocks the gradual increase and jump to No. 1 and got don’t have to deal with
ascended to the top of the No. 2 Baylor back in No- have lost two straight. spread of talent from two congratulation texts from with this particular team,”
rankings this week. She vember. Staley did allow her or three dominant pro- friends and family mem- she said. “That gives us
understands how tenuous But Harris believes players use of social me- grams to teams all around bers. She, though, looked as a coaching staff great
it can be trying to hold its foolish to think that dia (she bans it during the country. to leaders like Harris and
comfort in knowing that
onto the top. her team will just run the season) on Monday to Antonelli, a Associ- senior Mikiah Herbert
“It feels good, but we’re they can handle some-
through the rest of a dif- share their feelings about ated Press Top 25 voter, Harrigan to set the steady
going to stay level headed thing.”
ficult schedule that starts their status as the coun- said the shuffling could tone for what’s ahead.
and humble about it and Thursday night at Mis- try’s top team. continue given South South Carolina’s new- Staley believes her
just continue what we’ve souri and continues Mon- “Then we shut it off Carolina’s youth — two of comers, led by top scor- team is moving in the
been doing,” said Harris, day against No. 10 Missis- and we worked,” she said. the Gamecocks top three er and rebounder Aliyah right direction, no matter
one of only two Game- sippi State. Looming in The shuffling at the scorers and their top two Boston, have so far lived their ranking entering
cocks on the roster from February are those UCo- top in the women’s game rebounders are freshmen. up to their billing as the the postseason.
the 2017 NCAA Tourna- nn Huskies, currently mirrors things in men’s The Gamecocks, 5-1 country’s No. 1 recruiting The coach said, “It just
ment champions. No. 4 who are 8-0 all-time college basketball where against teams ranked class. so happens that we’ve got
The Gamecocks (16-1) against South Carolina six programs have held in the Top 25 when they Staley said the group a group of youngsters and
became the fourth wom- including the last six with the top spot in the first 11 played, still have con- came in ready to dig in, a group of experienced
en’s program to earn the Dawn Staley as coach. weeks of rankings. tests with current ranked work and improve, at- players on one accord.”

Comics & Puzzles

Dear Abby
EAR ABBY: a week, and I’m him saying he should use my
When I was wondering if I mental illness as grounds to
a junior in should bring this divorce me. I texted her, asking
high school, I up to them now. her to stop attacking me that
sustained a neck They’re in their way. She responded, calling
injury (at school) mid-80s but me a devil, saying she’s always
that damaged are quite lively hated me. Now she’s turning
my spinal cord. I and take care his entire family against me,
recovered mostly of themselves. spreading vicious lies. She even
from that, but It consumes my accused me of trying to sleep
I have residual thoughts each with my father-in-law, which
weakness in my time I visit them, Derek knows is ridiculous.
right side and but I’ve said noth- I have asked Derek to
ZITS severe neck pain. ing. Do you think address the situation, but what
I was able to work I should bring else can I do? I’m no longer
until, at 57, I had this up to them? comfortable around his parents
to go on disability. — INJURED IN or sending my children to be
Because of that, TENNESSEE around them. I don’t want
my financial situ- Dear Abby DEAR Derek to be in an awkward
ation is difficult, INJURED: Yes, I position, but it’s not fair for me
increasingly so now that my do. You deserve to know why to be attacked with malicious
wife will be retiring. they were so apathetic in taking lies because of her jealousy —
At the time of my injury, my care of your welfare — and they especially 12 years in. Please
parents didn’t sue the school, should be made aware of the help. — DISRESPECTED IN
although clearly the school was impact it has had on your life. ILLINOIS
responsible. I was too young It may be too late to sue the DEAR DISRESPECTED: You
and certainly in no shape to school for what happened to may be suffering from post-
address the situation. you, but at least you will have partum, but your mother-in-law
A lawyer approached my some answers. appears to have more problems
GARFIELD parents at the time, and my DEAR ABBY: I am suffering than you do. I don’t envy you for
physician stated my injuries from postpartum depression being her target, or your hus-
would limit my long-term work while trying to reconcile with band for having to buffer you.
abilities and drastically affect my husband, “Derek.” He had It might be helpful if the two
my life. My parents were aware several emotional affairs during of you consult a licensed men-
that I would have limited my recent pregnancy, as well as tal health provider to figure out
work years, thus affecting my after I gave birth. how to deal with her, if that’s
financial situation. I feel anger His parents attacked me possible. And Derek should
toward them because of their about the postpartum. I was waste no time letting the rest
inaction regarding my injury and hospitalized for a week because of the family know that none
not suing the school. of it, but they said it was an of what his mother is saying
I see them once or twice act. Recently, his mom texted is true.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Jan. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). are and how you might help.
16). Harmony is your forte and The creative process brings you LEO (July 23-Aug. 22).
superpower this solar journey. joy, and that’s not all! There’s Relationships come and go
You will be a peacemaker, also impatience, wonder, envy, as needs change. People are
liaison, diplomat or contract excitement, frustration, flow, transactional like that. There
negotiator. You’ll lose yourself embarrassment, laughter, sat- are very few ties that extend
in work for weeks at a time, a isfaction and innumerable other beyond immediate circumstanc-
blessing because being in the emotions -- all for the low, low es not reliant on a confluence of
flow of your passion fills your price of diving in. interests. Cherish those; hold
spirit. New mentors help you GEMINI (May 21-June 21). them sacred.
see the way to earn from what The twins can see things from VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
thrills you. Leo and Sagittarius different angles more easily Most bad habits can be more
adore you. Your lucky numbers than the rest, and yet it’s im- easily bent than broken. Poke,
are: 8, 4, 44, 21 and 40. portant to keep to one story for prod and lean on your patterns
BABY BLUES ARIES (March 21-April 19). everyone today when consisten- to see how flexible they are.
Many beliefs come through cy matters. Which story? Check Perhaps what’s needed isn’t
osmosis, and we are not even your heart. blunt force but a twist.
aware of adopting them from CANCER (June 22-July LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).
the people around us. That’s 22). You’ll mix into the world It is natural to imagine oneself
why questioning your beliefs with gusto, seeking a greater as very different from other peo-
regularly is so important. You’ll breadth of experience. It’s the ple when, in fact, it is likely that
ask “is this true?” at least 10 way to figure out how people are the very particular and unique
times today. thinking, what their pain points feelings you are having have
been processed by humans for
thousands of years. Do share.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
21). While you’re trying to
improve, don’t turn your internal
world into a battlefield where
BEETLE BAILEY the you of your dreams fights
the you of your nightmares.
Tenderness and inclusion are
the way. Accept yourself.
Dec. 21). When you act out of
curiosity, a need for a challenge
or a desire to grow yourself, all
works well. Don’t take action
because you think it will bring
you love. Love is a connection
of being, not doing.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
19). Children in the playground
scream freely and for a wide
MALLARD FILLMORE range of non-anger related
reasons including joy, fun, alarm
and release. Your screams are
now on the inside. You’ll benefit
from listening and interpreting
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). The work you do to build
relationships may not feel
like work to you, but it is. By
connecting as you do, you get
the benefit of a strong support
system, a network to call on,
friendships that buoy you and
love, sweet love.
20). Other people don’t see the
totality of who you are, a fact
you’re sometimes glad about
and sometimes lonely over. Con-
tinue to work on accepting this
truth of the human condition,
which affects each and every

Chew it over
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com THURSDAY, January 16, 2020 5B

Business moves with Mary

Goody’s to Gordman’s in Starkville

PLUS: New nail Gordman’s,
which first
have consis-
tatives from Godfather’s
Pizza confirmed that
replacement shake or a
high energy tea. Keep up
can pick up your teas and
shakes Monday through
salon opens in opened in
tently deliv-
ered higher
opening day should be by
the end of January. A pizza
with Downtown Nutri-
tion with its social media
Friday from 7 a.m.-4 p.m.
and Saturdays from 9 a.m.
Columbus in 1915, has
slowly gained
sales with
less inventory,
you can’t refuse is coming
soon. Be on the lookout
page. Once opened, you -1 p.m.

oody’s in Starkville steam in similar retail for the new business near
is now advertising recent years. margins and downtown Starkville.
its “store-closing” Stage Stores lower selling, Moving over to Co-
sale with up to 60 percent Inc., which in- general and lumbus, we’ve got new
of its inventory. cludes Bealls, administrative businesses opening up
Signage in the win- Goody’s Palais expenses.” near downtown.
Royal, Pee-
Mary Pollitz The off- Late last month, VA
dows and social media
posts from Goody’s bles, Stage price market Nail Salon opened shop at
announced a new depart- and Gordman’s stores, is a store that offers high- 703 Hwy. 45 N. Sit back,
ment store will replace the announced late last year er-end name brand prod- relax and get pampered
outgoing Goody’s at 844 the company would be ucts for slashed prices. In Monday through Saturday
transitioning “substan- 2019, there were nearly from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. and
Hwy. 12 W. Gordman’s,
tially all” of its stores to 160 Gordman’s stores Sunday noon-6 p.m.
which along with Goody’s
Gordman’s. nationwide. That number Also, another herbal
is under the Stage Stores “We are excited about is expected to increase to tea and meal replacement
Inc., is slated to open this our future as we fully 700 stores by end of Fiscal nutrition shop is gearing
spring. transition to an off-price Year 2020. up for its opening day.
“Gordman’s is an en- business model,” Stage More than a year ago, Downtown Nutrition,
tirely new, super fun store Stores CEO Michael Glaz- we broke the news that owned by Kimberly
where big brands meet er said in a press release Godfather’s Pizza would Peterson, is slated to open
everyday low prices,” last year. “Compared to be coming to the Midtown by the end of next week at
Goody’s social media page their performance as a de- Development at 401 Uni- 404 Second Ave. N. Drop
announced. partment store, off-price versity Drive. Represen- on by for healthy meal

Emphasis on US exports, trade secrets in China trade deal

By KEVIN FREKING President Donald delivering economic jus- ble visit to Mount Rush-
and PAUL WISEMAN Trump is wanting to show tice for American work- more on July Fourth for a
The Associated Press progress on an issue that ers he claims have been fireworks display.
he has made a hallmark betrayed by past admin-
WASHINGTON — of his presidency and istrations and their trade
The United States and hopes to use in his reelec- policies.
China reached a trade tion campaign this year. “We mark more than
deal Wednesday that eas- Wednesday’s signing cer- just an agreement. We
es tensions between the emony at the White House mark a sea change in in-
world’s two biggest econ- gave him the chance to do ternational trade,” Trump
omies, offers massive that just hours before the declared during a ram-
export opportunities for House voted to send ar- bling ceremony in which
U.S. farms and factories, ticles of impeachment to he made references to for-
and promises to do more the Senate for a trial. mer FBI Director James
to protect American trade Trump promoted the Comey, the impeachment
secrets. trade signing as a way of proceedings and a possi-
Still, the Phase 1 agree-
ment leaves unresolved
Washington’s funda-
mental differences with
Beijing, which is relying
on massive government
intervention in the econ-
omy to turn China into a
technological power.

Get promoted?
Win an award?
Send us your
business brief.
Business brief
of 3,700.”

Specifications may be ob-
tained by dialing (662) 328-
7192 ext. 121. Any questions
regarding the bid may be direc-
Ads appear in The Commercial Dispatch,
ted to Steve Barksdale at (662)
251-4512. The Starkville Dispatch and Online
Bids should be signed by an
authorized agent of the com-
pany and delivered to 420 4th
To place ads starting at only $12,
Avenue South, Columbus, MS
or mailed to General Manager’s
call 662-328-2424 or visit ads.cdispatch.com
office, P.O. Box 949, Colum-
bus, MS 39703 and should be
clearly marked on the outside THE DISPATCH n CDISPATCH.COM n THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, 2020 n 6B
of the envelope “Bid For 2004
Caterpillar Dozer.”

Columbus Light & Water re-

Legal Notices
serves the right to reject any Apts For Rent: Other Mobile Homes for Rent Lots & Acreage Instruction & School

LEGALS Employment
and/or all bids and to hold bids
for a period of 30 days or until 1ST MONTH − RENT FREE! 3BR/2BA Trailer, New LAND FOR SALE.
after the monthly Board of 1−2 BR Apt: $350−395 Hope school dist. $500/ Caledonia School District.
Commissioner’s meeting be-
1−2BR TwnHome: mo & $500 dep. No pets, Cleared Acreage ready to
Call us: 662-328-2424 fore award or rejection.
Call us: 662-328-2424 $625−650 no drugs, no partying. Call build. Approx 6.5 acres @
No bidder may withdraw a bid Lease, Dep, Credit Check. b/w 10a−7p. 662−386− corner of Dale & Cal−
Legal Notices for a period of thirty (30) days Customer Service Coleman Realty 4292. NO TEXT MGS. Kolola roads. For more
after the date set for opening 662−329−2323 info, call 662−549−8507.
SUBSTITUTED TRUSTEE'S NO- of bids. Seeking energetic Custom-
TICE OF SALE er Service Representative New Hope Mobile Home
City of Columbus, Mississippi
Light and Water Department with the ability to learn new Park 2 prime lots open
WHEREAS, on September 1, computer skills quickly, be Christian Women’s Job
2005, Mona H. Ahmed ex- − BRING YOUR HOME! WINTER SPECIAL. 1.75
Todd Gale dependable and work well acre lots. Good/bad credit. Corps Class Spring
ecuted a certain deed of trust Andrews Mobile Home 2020−FREE TRAINING
to Jim B. Tohill, Trustee for the General Manager with the public. The ideal Park has 2 prime 10% down, as low as
benefit of Ameriquest Mort- candidate has excellent $299/mo. Eaton Land. Evening classes in
mobile home/RV lots Computer Training,
gage Company which deed of Publish: January 16, 2020 phone skills, pays atten- for rent in quiet heart of 662−361−7711.
trust is of record in the office January 23, 2020 tion to detail and must be Resume Writing &
New Hope. Roll your Interview Skills for Job
of the Chancery Clerk of able to pass drug test. new home right in.
Lowndes County, State of Mis- NOTICE TO BIDDERS Email resume to: Seeking Women.
sissippi in Book 2005 at Page Availability limited, so Enrolling now for Tues &
29869; and
mfloyd@cdispatch.com act fast and be a part of
Sealed bids will be received at Thurs starting February
Columbus Light & Water De-
Mail resume to: our friendly established
The Commercial Dispatch, 4th at Christian
WHEREAS, Deutsche Bank Na- partment located at 420 4th community! Application Women’s Job Corps.
tional Trust Company, as Trust- Avenue South, Columbus, Mis- PO Box 511, & references required.
ee for Ameriquest Mortgage Se- sissippi, 39701 until 2:00 p.m. Columbus, MS 39703. Lot 1 − small lot Ads starting at $12 Min H.S. Diploma or
curities Inc., Asset-Backed on Thursday, February 13, No phone calls accepted. Equivalent required. Call
between great 662−722−3016 or visit
Pass-Through Certificates, 2020 for: neighbors, ideal for long Firewood / Fuel
Series 2005-R10 has hereto- cwjcgtms.org
fore substituted Shapiro & FRONT DESK RETAIL −term RV. We will
Columbus Light & Water Con-
Brown, LLC as Trustee by in- trol Room RECEPTIONIST NEEDED. prepare electric pole. FIREWOOD FOR SALE.
strument dated August 20, M-F 7:45-5:00
Columbus Light & Water De- $175/month includes Various lengths.
2019 and recorded in the partment Every other Sat 7:30-12:00 water and sewer. First 662−295−2274. Pets
aforesaid Chancery Clerk's Of- (Columbus, Mississippi)Must have valid drivers month free with 6
fice in Book 2019 at Page month lease and
17494; and
license. Good customer AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD
PryorMorrow Project Number: deposit. General Merchandise
service skills a must. PUPPIES. Exc. ped. Blk/
2019105 Lot 6 − oversized lot red. Vet checked, w/s,
WHEREAS, default having been Email resume to
ideal for 16 x 80 or wormed. Ready to go! 662
made in the terms and condi- Bid documents are being made lcrt@cableone.net RENTALS double wide, $185/
tions of said deed of trust and available via original paper We pay CA$H. −213−4609.
TOWNHOUSES & APARTMENTS month includes water
the entire debt secured thereby copy or electronically. Planhold- R12 R500 R11.
having been declared to be due LOCAL COMPANY looking and sewer. We will
and payable in accordance with
ers are required to log-in or re-
gister for an account at for receptionist/secretary. 1 BEDROOM prepare site. First
Pet Supplies / Accessories
Certified professionals.
the terms of said deed of trust, www.pryor-morrowplans.com to Previous experience 2 BEDROOMS month free with refrigerantfinders.com/ad
Deutsche Bank National Trust view and order Bid Documents. helpful but not necessary. minimum 12 month
Company, as Trustee for All planholders are required to Computer skills a must. 3 BEDROOMS lease. Please call Pam,
312−291−9169 Happy Jack® LiquiVict 2x:
recognized safe & effective
Ameriquest Mortgage Securit- have a valid email address for Email resume to: 601−310−3528. by U.S. CVM against hook
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ies Inc., Asset-Backed Pass- registration. Bid documents are job106@cdispatch.com OR

Through Certificates, Series non-refundable and must be Sporting Goods & round worms in dogs.
2005-R10, the legal holder of purchased through the website. mail to: Blind Box 673, c/o DEPOSIT At Tractor Supply.
The Commercial Dispatch, Office Spaces For Rent
said indebtedness, having re-
quested the undersigned Sub-
Electronic bids are not re-
quired; however, a submission PO Box 511, AND ED SANDERS GUNSMITH (www.kennelvax.com)
Columbus, MS 39703. CREDIT CHECK

stituted Trustee to execute the of an electronic bid in lieu of a OFFICE SPACE FOR 9−5: Tues−Fri &
trust and sell said land and sealed bid shall be submitted LEASE. 1112 Main St., 9−12: Sat.
property in accordance with the
terms of said deed of trust and
for the purpose of raising the
at www.pryor-morrowplans.com.
Questions regarding website re-
gistration, online orders elec-
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Repairs, cleaning,

GARDEN CENTER 662−327−9559.
sums due thereunder, togeth-
er with attorney's fees,
tronic bidding please contact
Plan House Printing at (662) EMPLOYMENT: 2411 HWY 45 N refinishing, scopes
mounted & zeroed,
trustee's fees and expense of 407-0193. Sales experience, basic COLUMBUS, MS handmade knives.

Real Estate
sale. knowledge of plants & Located: Hwy 45 Alt, North
Bid preparation will be in ac- landscape maintenance. of West Point, turn right on
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Shapiro & cordance with Section 00200 – Submit work experience/ SEVERAL 2 & 3 BR UNITS Yokahama Blvd, 8mi & turn

Brown, LLC, Substituted Trust- Instructions to Bidders, bound AVAILABLE. Various
ee in said deed of trust, will on in the Project Manual. history & 3 references to: left on Darracott Rd, see
February 6, 2020 offer for sale Blind Box 672 c/o locations−$435.00 & up. Ads starting at $25 sign, 2.5mi ahead, shop on
The Commercial Dispatch NO HUD. Call Long & Long left. 662−494−6218.
at public outcry and sell within BID GUARANTEE: Proposals
legal hours (being between the shall be submitted with Propos- PO Box 511 @ 662−328−0770.
Commercial Property For Sale
hours of 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 al Security in the form of Certi- Columbus, MS 39703 Commercial Property For Rent In The Dispatch
p.m.), at the Southeast Door of fied Check or acceptable Bid
the County Courthouse of Bond in an amount equal to at TOUGH GUYS HAIRCUTS
SENSATION ADULT Classifieds section.
Lowndes County, located at least five percent (5%) of the RESTAURANT SPACE STORE/SMOKE SHOP
505 2nd Avenue North, Colum-
is opening a new location AVAILABLE. 1200 sq. ft. For Sale. 662−549−4760.
base bid; such security is to be
bus, MS 39701, to the highest forfeited as liquidated dam- in Columbus. $1100/mo. Serious
and best bidder for cash or cer- ages, not penalty, by any bid- Licensed Cosmetologists inquiries only. 662−328− Houses For Sale: North
are needed.
tified funds the following de-
scribed property situated in
Lowndes County, State of Mis-
der who fails to carry out the
terms of the proposal. The Bid No booth rent.
8655 or 662−574−7879.
FSBO: 3BR/2BA, 3304 5th
Five Questions:
Bond, if used, shall be payable No clientele needed. Houses For Rent: North St N. Fenced back yard w/
sissippi, to-wit: to the Owner. Bonds on the For more info, call or text

1 Sea otters
project must be received on or sm shop. Great neighbor−
662-312-8727 or email COLONIAL TOWNHOUSES. hood. $110,000. 662−356
before the period scheduled for
OF LOTS FIVE (5) AND SIX (6) the project and no bid may be toughguys@yahoo.com 2 & 3 bedroom w/ 2−3 −4764 or 901−848−0051.
You’ll find the best deals
OF BLOCK OR SQUARE withdrawn after the scheduled bath townhouses. $625 to
TWENTY NINE (29) OF SAID closing time for the project. $675. 662−549−9555.
Houses For Sale: New Hope when you advertise
Bids must be firm for a period Ask for Glenn or text.
of forty-five (45) days after the
scheduled time of opening. Houses For Rent: East 16 WIDNER IN NEW HOPE and shop here! 2 John
LAND TO THE CITY OF COLUM- Newly remodeled. 3BR/
BOND: A 100% Performance- Ads starting at $25 2BR/1BA. Gas heat & 2BA home. Approx. 1,500 ads.cdispatch.com
stove. Convenient to sq. ft. Has 25’x30’ wired
SUBDIVISION ON FILE IN THE Payment Bond issued by a shopping. 133 King St. metal shop w/ roll−up front
OFFICE OF SAID CHANCERY surety company authorized to Apts For Rent: North & side door. $164,900.
CLERK. do business in the State of $525/mo. Call 662−352−

3 Greenland
SOURCE OF TITLE: BOOK Mississippi will be required 4776. 662−549−9298.

2003, PAGE 5935, (RECOR- within ten (10) days after the
Large 1 Bedroom, upstairs
DED 07/22/2003) successful bidder has been no- apartment for rent. $450/ 3 OR 4BR/1.5BA. Newly Houses For Sale: Caledonia
tified of the award of the con- month and $450 deposit. renovated, w/d hookup, all
I WILL CONVEY only such title tract to him. Water, Sewer, and Trash stainless steel appliances FSBO: 3BR/2BA ON 2.5
Ads starting at $12
4 Orange
as vested in me as Substi- included. No Pets. No ACRES. 1600 sqft.
included, fenced backyard.
Smoking. Located between Call 662−425−6954. Completely remodeled.
ITY: All bids submitted by a

is the New
Columbus and CAFB. $178,000. 662−386− Good Things To Eat
WITNESS MY SIGNATURE on prime or subcontractor for pub- $450.00. 205−243−3653.
this 2nd day of January, 2020. lic works or public projects 4BR/2.5BA BRICK HOME 7113.
where said bid is in excess of
located on large lot w/ 2 THE TOMATO HOUSE
Shapiro & Brown, LLC fifty thousand dollars 1BR/1BA DUPLEX APT. car garage. Fresh paint & Lots & Acreage Vine−ripened hydroponic
SUBSTITUTED TRUSTEE ($50,000) to perform con- 1015 11th Ave. N. $300/ tomatoes & more! Available
tile floors in kitchen &
tracts enumerated in Section mo. Water furnished. Call now! 16132 Hwy 45 N,
Shapiro & Brown, LLC 31-3-21, Mississippi Code of bathrooms. Located at 1 ACRE OF LAND on Sand
1080 River Oaks Drive, Suite 1972, shall contain on the out-
Doris, 662−630−0208, 495 Emerald Dr. $1,200/ Rd. Has a mobile home w/ Macon, next to Noxubee Co

5 Florida
B-202 side or exterior of the envel- mo + dep. Available 2/1. water, lights, septic tank & High School. 662−352−
Flowood, MS 39232 ope or container of such bid FOX RUN APARTMENTS 770−658−7726. elevated. 662−241−7384. 1270 or 662−425−9116.
(601) 981-9299 the contractor’s current certific- 1 & 2 BR near hospital.
ate number. No bid shall be $595−$645 monthly.

Service Directory
522 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr opened or considered unless
Columbus, MS 39701 such contractor’s current certi- Military discount, pet area,
19-024577 ficate number appears on the pet friendly, and furnished
outside or exterior of said en- corporate apts.
Publication Dates: velope or container or unless 24−HOUR PROFESSIONAL
January 16, 23 and 30, 2020 there appears a statement on GYM. ON SITE SECURITY.
the outside or exterior of such ON SITE MAINTENANCE.
Notice to Bidders envelope or container to the ef- ON SITE MANAGEMENT.
Sealed bids will be received in
fect that the bid enclosed
therewith does not exceed fifty
24−HOUR CAMERA Promote your small business starting at only $25
thousand dollars ($50,000). SURVEILLANCE. Benji &
the office of the General Man- Ashleigh, 662−386−4446.
ager, City of Columbus, Missis- When bids are submitted elec- Automotive Services Building & Remodeling General Services Painting & Papering
sippi, Light and Water Depart- tronically, the requirement for
ment until 10:00 a.m. on Janu- including a certificate of re- Apts For Rent: West
ary 31, 2020 for a “2004 or sponsibility, or a statement CARL HOGAN TOYOTA HOME REPAIRS &
Licensed & Bonded.
SERVICE. Special Prices.

Newer Caterpillar Dozer, Model that the bid enclosed does not
D5G XL with a minimum hours exceed Fifty Thousand Dollars
($50,000.00), on the exterior
Robert W. Work wanted. Carpentry,
concrete, electrical &
Carpentry, minor electrical,
minor plumbing, insulation,
Interior and Exterior
Painting. 662−435−6528
of 3,700.”
of the bid envelope shall be plumbing, shingle & metal painting, demolition,

Are you a
Specifications may be ob- deemed in compliance by in- Sales/Leasing roofing, fascia & soffit gutters cleaned, pressure
tained by dialing (662) 328- cluding the same information repairs, pressure washing washing, landscaping,

7192 ext. 121. Any questions as an attachment with the elec- Apartments & Houses & mobile home repairs. cleanup work, moving help.
tronic bid submittal.
regarding the bid may be direc-
$200 for Every No Job Too Small. 662−242−3608.
ted to Steve Barksdale at (662)
251-4512. The Owner reserves the right to 1 Bedrooms Buying Referral!

2 Bedroooms
reject any or all bids and to GRAVEL
Bids should be signed by an waive irregularities. 3907 Hwy. 45 N. • Columbus, MS M&M Garage Door Service $360 per load.
authorized agent of the com- 3 Bedrooms Servicing and repairing Local delivery, 14 yd truck.
© The Dispatch

pany and delivered to 420 4th Publish: Office: 662-241-6000 residential and commercial Backhoe & Dozer work.
Avenue South, Columbus, MS Thursday, January 9, 2020
Furnished & Unfurnished
Cell: 708-955-3085 garage doors. We also offer 662−497−1388
or mailed to General Manager’s Thursday, January 16, 2020 jamersonrobert@gmail.com competitive pricing on new
office, P.O. Box 949, Colum-
bus, MS 39703 and should be 1, 2, & 3 Baths www.carlhogantoyota.com residential door Lawn Care / Landscaping
clearly marked on the outside All notices must be Lease, Deposit
installation. Serving the
golden triangle for 20 plus JESSE & BEVERLY’S Advertise
of the envelope “Bid For 2004
Caterpillar Dozer.” emailed to & Credit Check years, with honesty and LAWN SERVICE here to
classifieds@ viceinvestments.com
Read local. integrity. Call today for Mowing, cleanup,
grow your
Columbus Light & Water re- prices on new installs and landscaping, sodding,
serves the right to reject any
and/or all bids and to hold bids
cdispatch.com. garage door services.
& tree cutting.
for a period of 30 days or until
after the monthly Board of

Just a click away!

Commissioner’s meeting be-
fore award or rejection.

No bidder may withdraw a bid

for a period of thirty (30) days
after the date set for opening
of bids.

City of Columbus, Mississippi

Light and Water Department

Todd Gale
General Manager

Publish: January 16, 2020

January 23, 2020