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How to resolve Error: 1418 in sql server while mirroring

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I am trying to mirroring a database in sql server. I created a database and took a backup of it
and restored on the another server. But after doing all operations and click on start mirroring,
14 then it showing following error. I put "NO" to Witness server option

I followed mirroring steps in this link Here it says, create an user on both principal and mirror
server with the same credentials in STEP 3. Is it necessary to create same user on both
servers? or any alternate solution is there?

sql-server-2008 mirroring

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Mihir Searcher
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I think the above problem was caused due to port numbers.because the same port numbers given to
instance1 and instance2.The default port numbers for principle server is 5022,Mirror is 5023 and
witness is 5024.so once check the port numbers. – sandy Dec 27 '16 at 8:38

10 Answers

I also faced same problem. you need to check the following items once.

1. Goto services.msc and check the sql server is running under which account. Make sure
21 that sql server and sql server agent services should run with same credentials.
2. in the mirror database server you should do the same step as step 1. Give the same
credentials as in principal server. If that user is not present create a new one on the both
servers with same credentials.
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