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The Creators School &College of Science & Commerce

Winter Camp: Objectives
Lecturer Name: Sundus Subject: Physics
Class: FSc I Total Marks: 180

Q. No 1 Encircle the correct option:

1. 1km / 1gm = _______________
a) 10-6m b) 𝜇 c) 106 d) 10𝜇
2. Which of following quantities have been expressed in proper with?
a) Energy = Kg ms-1 b) Pressure = Newton. Meter -2 c) Surface tension =
d) Stress/ Strain = Newton.meter-1
3. Which one is pair of SI base unit.
a) Ampere Joule b) Coulomb Second c) Kilogram Kelvin d) Meter Newton
4. Dimension of frequency are
a) [T2] b) [LT-1] c) [T-1] d) [MT-1]
5. Which is least sub multiple?
a) Pico b) Femto c) Atto d) Nano
6. Which of following may be used as valid formula to calculate speed of ocean waves?
a) V = √𝜏g b) v= 𝜌gh c) v= gh/𝜏 d) None
7. Scientific notation of number 0.0023 is expressed as
a) 2.3 x 10-3 b) 0.023 x 10-2 c) 0.23 x 103 d) 2.3 x 10-4
8. SI unit of solid angle is
a) Radian b) Steradian c) Candela d) Degree
9. What is the number significant in 0.3 x 10 ?
a) 6 b) 4 c) 3 d) 2
10. What are dimension of gravitation constant G
a) [M-1L-2] b) [ML2T-2] c) [ML2T3] d) [M-1L2T-3]
11. Which are of following is not allowed as standard prefix?
a) 1pF b) 1𝜇F c) 1𝜇𝜇F d) 1F
12. Significant figure in 0.0010 are
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
13. Uncertainty may occur in measurement.
a) Due to limitation of Instrument b) Imperfection of Person senses
c)Natural variation of object being measured d) All of these
14. Diameter of an atom is
a) 10-11m b) 10-10m c) 10-9m d) 10-8m
15. Zero to right of significant figure is
a) Significant b) Not significant c) May or may not be significant
d) None
16. Error which refers to as effect that influences all measurement of particular quantity is called.
a) Systematic error b) Random error c) Error due to uncertainty d) None
17. One Femto is equal to ________________________
a)1015 b) 10-15 c) 10-16 d) 10-9
18. Which one of following is smallest value.
a)1mm x 1pm b) 1cm x 1km c) 1gm x 1Em d) 1mm x 1m

19.What is angle between 𝐴⃗ & 𝐵

⃗⃗ for which | 𝐴⃗ + 𝐵 ⃗⃗| = |𝐴⃗- 𝐵
o o o
a) 30 b) 45 c) 60 d) 90o

20.For which angle the equation |𝐴-𝐵 ⃗
⃗⃗| = |𝐴 x 𝐵
⃗⃗| is correct
a) 30o b) 45o c) 60o d) 90o
21.Which of following instrument work on principle of moments?
a) Physical Balance b) Spring Balance c)Measuring Cylinder d)Vernier Calliper
22.The sum of magnitude of two forces is 16N. If resultant force & the direction is perpendicular
to minimum force than the forces are
a) 6N & 10N b) 8N & 8N c) 4N & 12N d) 2N & 14N
23.A person walks first 10km north and 20km east, then resultant vector is.
a) 22.36km b) 22.46km c) 25.23km d) 20.36km
24.Position vector of a point in y –z place is given by.
a) R = x𝑖̂ + Z𝑘̂ b) r = x𝑖̂ + y𝑗̂ c) r = x𝑖̂+ y𝑗̂ +Z𝑘̂ d) r = y𝑗̂ + z𝑘̂
25.If Rx is +ive & Ry is –ive, then resultant vector lie in which quadrant
a) 1st quadrant b)2nd Quadrant c) 3rd Quadrant d)4th Quadrant
26. Force of 10N in making 90o with x – axis its x-component is
a) 5N b) 7N c) 10N d) Zero
27. Area of parallelogram is equal to magnitude of
a) Dot product b) Cross Product c) Both a & b d) Unit vector
28. SI unit for torque in
a) Netwon. Metre b) Joule meter c) Netwon (metre)2 d) Joule (Meter)2
29. A body in equilibrium must not be
a) Rotating b) Moving c) At rest d) Accelerating
30. Conventionally, anticlock wise torque is taken as
a) Negative b) Positive c) Parallel d) Zero
31. If Ax = Ay angles between vector A & x-axis is
a) 30 b) 45o c) 60o d) 90o
32. The projection of 𝐴⃗ on 𝐵 ⃗⃗ is
a) 𝐴⃗- 𝐵
⃗⃗ /A b) 𝐴⃗. 𝐵⃗⃗ /B c) AB cosϴ d) AB Sinϴ
33. If the resultant vector lies in 2 quadrant then it direction is
a) ϴ = ∅ b) ϴ = 360o - ∅ c) ϴ = 180o - ∅ d) ϴ = 360o - ∅
34. According to 2nd condition of equilibrium.
a) ∑ 𝐹 = 0 b) ∑ 𝑇 = 0 c) both a & b d) None
35. Work is example of
a) Cross product b) Scalar Product c) Vector Product d) None
36. Scalar product is also termed as
a) Cross Product b) Vector Product c) Dot Product d) None
37. What does not change when force is applied on body.
a) Mass b) Velocity c) Position d) Acceleration
38. A projective is thrown so that it travels a maximum range of 100m. how high will it rise?
a) 500m b) 250m c) 400m d) None

39. An object is projected upward. Its acceleration at highest point is.

a) Up wards b) Downward c) Cannot be predicated d) Zero
40. Impulse can be defined as
⃗ ⃗
a) 𝐼 = 𝐹 x 𝑎⃗ b) 𝐼⃗ = 𝐹⃗ x 𝑣⃗ c) 𝐼⃗ = 𝐹⃗ x 𝑡⃗ d) 𝐼⃗ = 𝐹⃗ /𝑡⃗
41. The horizontal range of projectile are related as.
a) Rmax Sin 𝜗 b) RmaxSin2 𝜗 c) Rmax Cos 𝜗 d) Rmax Sin 𝜗. 𝐶𝑜𝑠𝜗
42. Total time of flight of projectile is given as
a) viSin 𝜗/g b) 2visin 𝜗/g c) visin 𝜗/2g d) 2visin2 𝜗/g
43. When we kick a stone, we get hurt. Due to which one of following properties does it
a) Velocity b) Momentum c) Inertia d) Reaction
44. Slope of velocity time graph represent magnitude of
a) Velocity b) Acceleration c) force d) Torque
45. The dimensions of acceleration is
a) [LT-1] b) [LT2] c) [LT-2] d) [LT2]
46. Path of projectile usually appear as
a) Parabola b) Hyperbola c) Straight line d) None
47. When object is moving toward earth, value of ‘g’ is taken as
a) Positive b) Negative c) Zero d) None
48. Motion of projectile is
a) 1 Dimension b) 2 Dimension c) 3 Dimension d) 4 Dimensions
49. Inertia of body is measured in terms of its
a) Weight b) Mass c) Velocity d) Momentum
50. Physical quantity which is conserved for all types of collision is
a) K.E b) P.E c) P d) W
51. Slope of velocity time graph for uniform motion is
a) Zero b) Infinite c) Positive d) Negative
52. Change of momentum is called
a) Acceleration b) Impulse c) Negative d) Positive
53. Dimension of impulse is similar to dimension of
a) Torque b) Work c) Momentum d) Force
54. If stone is dropped from window of moving train, its path will be.
a) Straight line b) Parabola c) Hyperbola d) None
55. Expression for escape velocity is given by
𝑔𝑅 2⁄
a) 2gR2 b) √2𝑔𝑅 c) 2 d) 2gR
56. Atmosphere is held to earth by
a) Winds b) Gravity c) Clouds d) Rotation of earth
57. Work is said to be negative when 𝐹⃗ & 𝑑⃗ are
a) Parallel b) Anti Parallel c) Perpendicular d) None
58. One horse power is given by
a) 746 Watts b) 746 J c) 746 KW d) 746 foot pound
59. If force & displacement of particle in direction of force are double then work would be
a) Double b) 4 times c) half d) ¼ times
60. Which of following is not unit of energy?
a) Calorie b) Joule c) Electron Volt d) Watt
61. Dimension of power is

a) [ML-1] b) [ML2T-3] c) [ML2T-1] d) [MLT-2]

62. Example of non- conservative force is
a) Electric force b) Gravitational force c) Frictional force d) Magnetic force
63. Tidal energy is due to gravitational pull of
a) Sun b) Moon c) Mass d) Earth
64. Under which force, work done is not independent of path followed.
a) Frictional force b) Electrostatic force c) Gravitational d) Elastic force
65. If speed of moving body is doubled, its KE is
a) Doubled b) Halved c) Unchanged d) 4 times.
66. One joule per second is called
a) Watt b) Joule c) Kilowatt d) Newton
67. A moving body may not have .
a) KE b) Momentum c) P.E d) Velocity
68. Work has dimension as that of
a) Momentum b) Power c) Torque d) Force
69. When the body is taken out of earth’s gravitational field , its PE with respect to earth is
a) Zero b) Maximum c) -GmM/R d) None
70. If momentum is increased by 20% then KE increase by
a) 44% b) 55% c) 66% d) 77%
71. Kg.m/Sec2 is same as
a) Joule b) Watt c) Kilowatt d) Newton
72. Example of conservation force is
a)Electric force b) electric force c) Gravitational force d) All of these
73. Linear acceleration a = r∝, when ϴ is
a) 0o b) 180o c) 360o d) 90o
74. Artifical satellite moves around
a) Moon b) Sun c) Stars d) Earth
75. Which one is constant for satellite in orbit?
a) Velocity b) KE c) Angular momentum d) PE
76. What of moment of inertia of sphere.
1 2 1
a) MR2 b) MR2 c) MR2 d) 2 M2R
2 5
77. Quarter of circle contains.
a) ⁄4 rad b) π̅⁄2 rad c) π̅ rad d) 2π̅ rad
78. Weight of body at center of earth will be
a) Zero b) Mg Re c) MgRe/2 d) Infinite
79. On moving from poles equator, the weight of body.
a) Constantly increase b) Constantly decrease c) Remain constant
a) Sometimes increases, sometimes decrease
80. Geostationary satellites are launched in ____________ orbit.
a) Circular b) Elliptical c) Hyperbolic d) Any one of a or b
81. Rate of change of angular velocity is called
a) Angular displacement b) Average acceleration c) angular acceleration d) Average angular
82. Angle between centripetal for & centrifugal force is equal to
a) 0 b) 45o c) 90o d) 180o
83. Object revolve around planet in fixed orbit is called.

a) Moon b) Satellite c) Star d) Space vehicles

84. Expression for rotational KE is
a) Iω2 b) I2ω c) ½ Iω2 d) ½ I2ω
85. Moment of inertia of solid disc or cylinder is
a) mr b) ½ mr2 c) ¼ mr2 d) ½ m2r2
86. Relation between torque & moment of inertia is
a) T = Im b) T = Iω c) T = I∝ d) T = Ir
87. SI unit of moment of inertia is
a) Kg.m b) kg2.m c) kg.m2 d) kg2.m2
88. Rate of change of angular momentum is equal to
a) Force b) Linear momentum c) Torque d) None
89. Moment of linear momentum of particle of mass “m” & momentum “p” is define as
̅ ̅
a) 𝐿 = 𝑃 x 𝑟̅ b) 𝐿̅ = 𝑃̅. 𝑟̅ c) 𝐿̅ = 𝑟̅ x 𝑝̅ d) 𝐿̅ = 𝑟̅ . 𝑝̅
90. In absence of external torque, angular momentum of system is
a) Maximum b) Minimum c) Remains constant d) None
91. With increase of temperature viscosity.
a) Increase b) Decrease c) Remain Same d) Double
92. Bernoulli equation is based on law of conservation of
a) Mass b) Momentum c) Energy d) None
93. Pressure will be low where speed of fluid is
a) Zero b) High c) Low d) Constant
94. At high speed, streamline flow become.
a) Turbulent b) Laminar c) Remain Same d) None
95. Equation of continuity is based on law of conservation of
a) Mass b) Momentum c) Energy d) None
96. According to Stoke’s law drag force depends on
a) Initial velocity b) Final Velocity c) Instantaneous velocity d) Terminal Velocity
97. When droplet has terminal velocity acceleration is
a) Zero b) Variable c) Constant d) None
98. The irregular or unsteady flow of fluid is called.
a) Stream line b) Laminar c) Turbulent d) None
99. Fluid is said to be ideal, :f:
a) It is non viscous b) Incompressible c) Fluid motion is steady d) All of these
100. Expression of Torricell’s theorem is
a) v2 = √2𝑔(ℎ2 − ℎ1 ) b) v2 = √2𝑔(ℎ2 + ℎ1 ) c) v2 = √2𝑔(ℎ1 − ℎ2 ) d) v2=
√2𝑔(ℎ2 / ℎ1 )
101. SI unit of viscosity is
-1 -2
a) Kg.m .s b) mg.m-1.s-1 c) kg.m.s-1 d) kg.m-2.s-2
102. Human blood pressured is measured in
a) Nm b) mm c) Pascal d) Cm
103. On what principle out of following is the paint gun based?
a) Boyle’s Law b) Newton’s Law c) Archimedes Principle d) Bernoulli
104. Rain drops are in spherical shape due to
a) Viscosity b) Surface Tension c) Thrust on drop d) Residual Pressure
105. Dimension of co efficient of viscosity are
a) [MLT-1] b) [ML-1T-1] c) [MLT-2] d) [ML2T-1]
106. A two meter high tank is full of water, hole appear at its middle speed of efflux will be

a) 3.75m.s-1 b) 4.9ms-1 c) 4.42ms-1 d) 5.11ms-1

107. SI unit of flow rate is
a) 𝑚3⁄ b) 𝑚⁄ c) 𝑚2⁄ d) 𝑚2⁄
𝑠 𝑠 𝑠 𝑠2
108. Rain drop falling from sky reach ground with
a) Constant terminal velocity b) Constant gravitational acceleration
c) Variable acceleration d) Acceleration.
109. In as isolated system, total energy of vibrating mass & spring is
a) Variable b) Low c) High d) Constant
110. Tuning of radio set is example of
a) Mechanical resonance b) Musical resonance c) Electrical resonance d) Free vibration
111. Time period of pendulum is 2s. if its length is increased by 4 times, its period will.
a) 16s b) 12s c) 8s d) 4s
112. Heating & looking of food in microwave oven is example of
a) SHM b) Resonance c) Damped Oscillation d) Free Oscillation
113. Time period of same pendulum at Karachi & Murree are related as
a) Tk =Tm b) Tk >Tm c) Tk <Tm d) 2Tk =3Tm
114. Time period is inverse of
a) Velocity b) Frequency c) Wavelength d) Time
115. One round trip of vibrating body is called.
a) Wavelength b) Vibration c) Frequency d) Time Period
116. Frequency of Seconds Pendulum is
a) 1 Hz b) 2Hz c) 0.5Hz d) 0.25Hz
117. Give unit of spring constant.
a) Nm-2 b) Nm-1 c) N2m-1 d) N2m-2
118. Displacement of particle is SHM in one time period is
a) Zero b) A c) ZA d) 4A
119. Restoring force in SHM is
a) Conservative b) Non Conservative c) Frictional d) Centripetal
120. Angular velocity is related to angular frequency by equation.
a) W= 2𝜋T b) w = 2𝜋⁄𝑓 c) f = 2𝜋w d) w = 2𝜋f
121. Total energy of particle executing SHM at any displacement “x” is
a) Kx b) Kx/2 c) kx2/2 d) Kxo
122. Component of weight which balances then tension is
a) mg Cos 𝜃 b) mg sin 𝜃 c) mg tan 𝜃 d) - mg cos 𝜃
123. The frequency of SHM is 100Hz its time period is
a) 0.01s b) 0.1s c) 1s d) 100s
124. Simple pendulum is carried at depth of 1km below sea level. It becomes
a) Slow b) Fast c) unchanged d) None
125. What is length of seconds pendulum where g is 980 cms-2.
a) 102.4cm b) 99.2cm c) 88cm d) 78cm
126. If mass of bob of simple pendulum is doubled its time period is
a) Doubled b) Four times c) Remain the same d) None
127. Which one property is not exhibited by longitudinal waves?
a) Reflection b) Interference c) Diffraction d) Polarization
128. When sound waves travel from air to water which of these remain constant.
a) Velocity b) Frequency c) Wavelength d) All of these

129. Which one of the following could be frequency of ultraviolet radiation.

a) 1x 106Hz b) 1 x 109 Hz c) 1 x 1012Hz d)1x 1015Hz
130. There is no net transfer of energy by particles of medium in
a) Longitudinal waves b) Transverse waves c) Progressive waves d) Stationery waves
131. Which one factor has no effect on speed of sound in gas?
a) Humidity b) Pressure c) Temperature d) Density
132. How many types of Mechanical waves are
a) Two b) Three c) Four d) five
133. Light waves are example of ___________ waves
a) Transverse b) Longitudinal c) Compression d) Sound
134. Number of nodes in one loop is
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) Infinite
135. Which types of electromagnetic radiation has longest waves length?
a) Infrared Rays b) Radio waves c) x – rays d)Ultraviolet rays.
136. Longitudinal waves cannot travel through.
a) Liquid b) Gas c) Vaccum d) Solids.
137. Distance between node & antinode is
a) 𝜆 b) 𝜆⁄2 c) 𝜆⁄4 d) 2 𝜆
138. If temperature is raise by 1 C, velocity of sound will increase by
a) 0.51ms b) 0.61ms-1 c) 0.71ms-1 d) 0.01ms-1
139. Condition for constructive interference is
a) n 𝜆 b) 𝑛𝜆⁄2 c) (n+1/2 ) 𝜆 d) (n+1) 𝜆
140. Change in pitch of sound caused by relative motion of source & listener is
a) Acoustics b) Laplace Correction c) Dopplers d) None
141. Value of 𝛾 for air is
a) 1.67 b) 1.29 c) 1.25 d) 1.40
142. Bending of waves around obstacles is called
a) Diffraction b) Interference c) Reflection d) Refraction
143. Which types of Oscillations gives rise to resonance.
a) Damped b) Free c) Forced d) All of these.
144. Error in Newton’s Calculated values of speed of sound in air at STP
a) 15% b) 16% c) 17% d) 18%
145. Coloured fringes observed in soap bubbles are example of
a) Diffraction b) Interference c) Polarization d)Reflection
146. Principle of Michelson interferometer is based on division of
a) Wave front b) Amplitude c) Frequency d) Speed of light.
147. Principle of youngs double slit experiment is based on division of
a) Amplitude b) Frequency c) Velocity d) Wavelenght
148. Signal from remote control to device operated by it travel with speed of
a) Sound b) Light c) Ultrasonic d) Supersonic
149. Tip of needle do not give sharp image due to
a) Polarization b) Interference c) Diffraction d) Refraction
150. Bright fringes are termed as
a) Maxima b) Minima c) Fringe Spacing d) Fringe width
151. Braggs equation can be written as
a) d sin 𝜃 = n λ b) 2d sin 𝜃 = n λ c) d sin 𝜃 = λ d) d sin 𝜃 = λ⁄2

152. Equation for Michelson interferometer in

a) L = 2m λ b) L = λ/2m c) L = m λ/2 d) L = 2m/ λ
153. When Newtons ring interference pattern is viewed from above by means of reflected light
the central spot is
a) Multi coloured b) Bright c) Dark d) Alternately white & dark
154. In Youngs double experiment, position of bright fringe is given by
a) Ym = m λL/d b) Ym = m λ d/L c) Ym = m λ d) Ym = m λ/Ld
155. Young double slit experimental was designed for studying ___________ of light.
a) Interference b) Diffraction c) Reflection d) Refraction
156. X-rays have wavelength of order of
a) 10-9m b) 10-7m c) 10-10m d) 10-15m
157. Monochromatic light is specified by
a) Double wavelength b) Single Wavelenght c) Both a & b d) None
158. Nature of light is
a) Wave b) Particle c) Both a & b d) None
159. In Michelson interferometer by moving mirror through distance of λ/4, path difference
changes by
a) λ/2 b) λ c) λ/4 d) 2λ
160. Brewster’s law is
a) n2/n1 = tan ip b) n1/n2 = tan ip c) n2 = tan ip d) n1 = tanip
161. Grating spectrometer is used to calculate.
a) Wavelength b) Frequency c) Speed d) Angle.
162. Which one of following cannot be polarized.
a)Sound waves b) Radio waves c) white light d) x – rays
163. Maximum work can be obtained in a process called.
a) Cyclic b) Isothermal c) Adiabatic d) Isochoric
164. In an isothermal change, internal energy.
a) Decrease b) Increase c) Become zero d) Remain Constant
165. Triple point of water is
a) 273. 16oC b) 372. 16 K c) 273.16oF d) 273.16K
166. Two bodies are in thermal equilibrium, if they have same
a) Temperature b) Amount of heat c)Specific heat d)Thermal Capacity
167. Unit of entropy is
a) JK b) JK-1 c) Nm/S d) Kg m2/S2k
168. Efficiency of engine cannot be zero because ___________ cannot be zero
a) T1 b) T2 c) Q1 d) Q2
169. Isobaric process is one in which _________ remain constant.
a) Volume b) Pressure c) Temperature d) Energy
170. Which equation represents first law of thermodynamics?
a) Q = ∆u +W b) W = Q - ∆U c) ∆U = Q –W d) All of these
171. Boyles. Law holds for ideal gases in _____________ process.
a) Isobaric b) Isothermal c) Isometric d) Adiabatic
172. Absolute zero is temperature at which
a) Water freezers b) All substances exist in solid state c) Molecular motion cases d)None
173. What is exact relation between molar specific heat at constant pressure volume?
a) Cp > Cv b) ⁄𝐶 > 1 c) Cp – Cv = R d) All of these

174. A real gas can be approximated to an ideal gas at

a) Low density b) High Pressure c) High density d) Low temperature
175. If temperature of head source is increased, efficiency of carnot’s engine.
a) Increase b) Decrease c) Remain constant d) None
176. A body of infinite head capacity is called
a) Head source b) sink c) Engine d) None
177. Temperature of normal healthy person is
a) 37oC b) 37oF c) 273K d) None
178. Equation of state for ideal gas is
a) PV = nRT b) PR = nVT c) PT = nRV d) None
179. Work done on the system is
a) Positive b) Negative c) May be +ive or –ive d) None
180. System in which no heat enter or leave the system is
a) Isobaric b) Isochoric c) Adiabatic d) None