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National Capital Region

Division of City Schools

Caloocan North II District
Caloocan City
SY 2019-2020

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I. Identify the Seller and Buyer. Write Seller if the sentence shows quality of a seller. Write
Buyer if the sentence shows quality of a buyer.
1. ____ Persons or group of persons who transfer goods and services to the buyers in exchange for
2. ____ Persons or organizations who agree to purchase the finished products or services presented.
3. ____ Persons or organizations that purchase materials from suppliers for the products or services.
4. ____ Vendors, creditors, dealers, merchants, and suppliers who dispose things in return for the
5. ____ Deliver on time with proper care, and place of deliver.
6. ____ Receive the right payment for the amount agreed for the item sold.
7. ____ To obtain quality goods at the lowest and reasonable costs.
8. ____ Provide warranty for the product sold .
9. ____ To pay the agreed price on what had been purchased.
10. ____ To evaluate information received.

II. Complete the sentence. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.
11. The use of information communications technology (ICT) has ______.
a. Decreased b. increased c. gone d. faded
12. Safe and ___________ use of the internet and its applications is a must.
a. Responsible b. convenient c. improper d. dangerous
13. ___________ is a collaborative web tool that allows users to create and share information
on website using any web browser.
a. Blog b. connection c. internet d. wiki
14. Wiki is designed as an ____________ forum.
a. Paper b. browser c. online d. secret
15. The wiki should be ____________ to be sure that no inappropriate language, spam, and inaccurate
content is used.
a. Post b. monitored c. enhanced d. represented
16. ____________ is a free, open, and multi lingual online encyclopedia.
a. Wikiwikiweb b. Wikipedia c. wiktionary d. wikiquote
17. ____________ is the oldest, open, easiest, and fastest web-based collaborative toll in the world.
a. Wikiwikiweb b. Wikipedia c. wiktionary d. wikiquote
18. ____________ is an online multilingual dictionary that contains the meaning origin, and
pronunciations of words.
a. Wikiwikiweb b. Wikipedia c. wiktionary d. wikiquote
19. ____________ is a collection of reference or quotations from well-known people, books, movies,
a. Wikiwikiweb b. Wikipedia c. wiktionary d. wikiquote
20. ____________ is a travel guide that uses a wikimedia’s software. It provides information about the
history, people, culture, and background of different countries.
a. Wikiversity b. wikitravel c. wikispecies d. wikinews
21. ____________ is a compilation of news story made possible through collaborative journalism.
a. Wikinews b. wikibooks c. wikiversity d. wikitravel
22. ____________ is a free library of educational books and manuals that may be edited, changed,
and improved by anyone.
a. Wikinews b. wikibooks c. wikiversity d. wikitravel
23. ____________ is a site that supports free learning communication, projects, materials, and other
learning resources that may be used in all levels, types, and styles of education.
a. Wikinews b. wikibooks c. wikiversity d. wikitravel
24. ____________ is a personal online journal.
a. Wiki b. website c. blog d. internet
25. Blogging is both privilege and ____________.
a. Task b. responsibility c. joy d. opportunity
III. Write TRUE if the statement shows correct actions in blogging. Write FALSE if not.
26. ______ always ask permission if you are going to use files owned by others.
27. ______ Write subjectively.
28. ______ you may use a conversational or friendly tone, but still be professional.
29. ______ it is good to post your personal information on blog.
30. ______ Choose exciting, timely, and informative topics.
IV. Identify whether the statement is ADVANTAGE or DISADVANTAGE of using online survey
31. ______ online survey is cheaper.
32. ______ collecting data is faster.
33. ______ technical problems may be encountered.
34. ______ some respondents may ignore some questions or the whole survey.
35. ______ there will be no one to explain the survey and ask follow-up questions.
V. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.
36. It is designed to calculate operations easier and convenient.
a. Formulas b. spreadsheet c. powerpoint d. Microsoftword
37. This is where the numbers in the spreadsheet will be encoded.
a. Cell b. tool bar c. home d. page layout
38. It is an online meeting wherein two or more people can see, hear, and talk to each other.
a. Imaging system b. video conferencing c. chatting d. Google
39. Also known as online or web communities.
a. Netizens b. neighborhood c. E-group d. chat group
40. It is an effective tool used in different fields such as business and education. It allows faster and
easier grasping of ideas and concepts. You can add videos, soundtracks, and animation to it.
a. Multimedia presentation b. video clip c. animation d. image editor
VI. Write B if the application can be use for personal journal (Blog), W if can be use for research
(Wiki) and AC if can be use ofr audio-conferencing.

_______ 41. ______ 42. ______ 43. _____44.

_______ 45. ______46. ______47. ______48.

________ 49. _______ 50.