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CNG Kits - Sequential Kit

Three Major Parts of Sequential CNG kit

The CNG reducer model is an electronic CNG pressur
1 Reducer Reducers are homologated in accordance with ECE 11
reliable, this reducer has a double regulation system, th
The CNG Kit injectors play a very vital role in the pe
Rail (Injector) cylinder by them as per the injection pulses sent by
performance of the c
Electronic Control Module (ECM)
3 An innovative combination of advanced technology an
microprocessor driver with 48-pin header that can be u

Other parts
CNG Cylinders are manufactured from special steel al
1 Cylinder (Tank) such a way so as to withstand high pressure of 220 bar
specifications and are duly approved by Chief Control
2 High Pressure Pipeline CNG High Pressure Pipe is used to supply CNG from
3 Low Pressure Pipeline
The purpose of CNG filling valves are to control
4 Refilling Valve station to the tank. These valves open and shut
The Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor is a ke
5 Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor is proportional to the amount of vacuum in the intake m
ignition timing and fuel enrichment.
6 Switch
7 Pressure Gauge CNG Pressure Gauge is an equipment that gives inform

CNG Kit Working

First the CNG gets fill up in CNG Cylinder(Tank) with the High pressure of 200 bar.After that CNG comes
first it goes to Reducer.Reducer's main work is to reduce the pressuire from 200 bar to 100 bar, then to 50 b
device called Injector through low pressure pipe.There are normaly four injectors installed in 4 cylinders ca
WagonR..these cars have only three cylinders other cars like santro and i10 have 4 cylinders.Now Injectors
fitted in the engine manifold by first making hole into the engine manifold ,and then nozzels gets fitted ther
controlled by the device called ECM.It is the brain (CPU) of kit.It has all the necessary software download
car is ready to go for test drive on CNG

Well-known CNG Kits

1 Tomasetto Achille CNG Conversion Kit - Argentina & Italy
2 Pelmag CNG Kit - Argentina
3 Lovato CNG Kit/BRC CNG Kit - Italy
4 Landirenzo CNG Kit - Italy
5 Lomani CNG Kit - Italy

an electronic CNG pressure reducer with 3 pressure reduction stages, for traditional systems.
n accordance with ECE 110 and in conformity of ISO 15500 Regulation. Compact and very
ouble regulation system, that allows always the best performance.
y a very vital role in the performance of the CNG Kit as the fuel (CNG) is delivered to each engine
he injection pulses sent by the ECU of the CNG Kit. Faster the Gas injector response, better the
performance of the car while running on LPG or CNG Kit.
of advanced technology and ergonomics, the ECU is a new type of
48-pin header that can be used in 4 cylinder and 3 cylinder engine

tured from special steel alloy and are seamless in construction. Cylinders are designed and built in
d high pressure of 220 bars. They are tested before use in accordance with the international
pproved by Chief Controller of Explosives in Nagpur.
used to supply CNG from CNG Cylinder to CNG Reducers.

g valves are to control and regulate the flow of high-pressure natural gas from the
e valves open and shut accordingly in response to the gas pressure under strict safety
sure (MAP) sensor is a key sensor because it senses engine load. The sensor generates a signal that
t of vacuum in the intake manifold. The engine computer then uses this information to adjust

quipment that gives information about Pressure in the cylinder and hence amount of gas available in the cylinder.

bar.After that CNG comes to Engine area through High Pressure pipe line.In Engine area
bar to 100 bar, then to 50 bar and then to 5 bar.Now with this light pressure it goes to the
s installed in 4 cylinders car and three injectors in 3 cylinders car like in Alto,
4 cylinders.Now Injectors spray the gas into the each engine piston through nozzels
hen nozzels gets fitted there and sealed properly.All these machenism and devices gets
essary software downloaded through Laptop and gets store there permanently. Now the
in the cylinder.


Electronic Control Module

CNG Cylinder
High Pressure Pipe

Filling Valve

Pressure Gauge