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San Roque National High School

Laray, San Roque, Talisay City Cebu

Summative Test in English 8

S.Y. 2019-2020

Name:______________________________________ Yr./Sec. _____________ Score:______

General Directions: Read each test item carefully and write on your answer sheet the letter which
bears the correct answer.
Use appropriate idioms, collocations and fixed expressions.
a. Bring home the bacon c. stood out e. tongue-tied

b. Flying colors d. crying over spilled milk

1. During the presentation, she _____ among the rest.

2. This coming graduation, Marie will graduate with ________.
3. Nestor is always _________ every time he has an interview.
4. Hector will ________ when he comes back from Manila for he is declared as the grand
champion in a singing competition.
5. Ana is _______ for she broke up with her English boyfriend.
Arrive at the meaning of structurally complex and ambiguous sentences by separating
kernel sentences from modification structures and expansions.
6. The smuggled goods inside the van were confiscated.
a. The smuggled goods b. inside the van c. were confiscated d. The goods were
7. The natives in the river bank are from Benguet.
a. The natives from Benguet. c. The river bank from Benguet.
b. The natives are from Benguet. d. The natives in the river bank.
8. The books on top of the table are donated by the PTA.
a. The books on top of the table. c. Of the table are donated.
b. Are donated by PTA. d. The books are donated.
9. Margaret was amazed of the flowering plants along the highway.
a. Margaret was amazed. c. Margaret was amazed
along the highway.
b. Margaret was amazed of the flowering plant. d. Plants along the
Use cohesive and literary devices to construct integrative literary and expository reviews
and etc.
a. Finally b. Next c. First d.

Planting corn is exciting. It involves a very simple process. 10. ________, the farmer
plows the field to form furrows. Then, he plows it again to loosen the soil. 11._______, the
planter drops three to four seeds every after two steps.12. _______, he covers the seeds with soil
using his feet.

Use collocations of different words as aids in unlocking vocabulary.

13. My son’s teacher says he doesn’t _______ attention in his lessons.
a. Give b. pay c. have d. allow
14. I’m afraid John’s not here. Can I _____ a message?
a. Take b. make c. do d. receive
15. I ______ a bad cold and had to stay in bed.
a. Felt b. met c. suffered d. caught
16. How much time do you ________ doing revisions/changes.
a. pay b. spend c. give d. do
17. Could you _______ me a favor and open the window a little?
a. Give b. show c. do d. make
18. Can you ______ the difference between these two pictures?
a. Talk b. tell c. say d. pick
Express emotional reactions to what was asserted or expressed in a text.
a. Cheerful b. concerned c. cooperative d. generous e.

19. “Let us all come to the party in Glam Rock attire.”

20. “I wouldn’t care if you will not attend.”
21. “Are you feeling well? I’ll take you home.”
22. “Son, I was so proud of you.”
23. “What have I done! I didn’t mean what I said.”
a. Regretful b. doubtful c. astonished d. amazed
24. “What children? Are you all making fun of me?”
a. Astonished b. angry c. amazed d. surprised
25. “ Oh children, please do something!”
a. Suggesting b. pleading c. surprised d. worried
26. “I shall die like an ant fighting.”
a. Honest b. sincere c. humble d. brave
Use subordinating and correlative conjunctions.
27. Roel wanted to talk to his adviser, ______ he was busy.
a. And b. but c. so d. or
28. Rhea’s test scores are high; ________ she tops the class.
a. However b. nevertheless c.
consequently d. although
29. Hector left in haste, _______ he received an emergency call.
a. And b. but c. whenever d. since
30. He worked ______ others slept.
a. Because b. while c. whenever d.

Use varied adjective complementation.

31. The contestants should occupy the chairs, ________ of the room.
a. painted new b. at the front row c. having missing parts d. cleaned well
32. We need suggestions _________.
a. for the class improvements c. to bring good luck
b. lacking approval d. doing good things
33. ___________, the coach gave directions to the losing team.
a. Shouting at the members c. Reprimanding harshly
b. Speaking in a low voice d. Blinking his eyes
34. She was hesitant to tell her parents.
a b c d
35. The boss was anxious to promote sales.
a b c d
36. Are you afraid of spiders?
A b c d
37. We were shocked by the news.
a b c d
38. I was delighted that she was chosen.
a b c d

Define words from context and through word analysis(prefix, roots suffixes)

a. To express oneself c. To deny

b. To show unwillingness to do or comply with d. Trash, garbage

39. John Allain refuses to go to the party.

40. The suspect refuses to tell the truth.
41. The factory’s refuse was dumped by the roadside.

Identify propaganda strategies used in advertisements and consider these in formulating hypothesis.
a. bandwagon b. Testimonial c. Plain folks d. Glittering generalities

42. When I took this pill, I lost 10 lbs.in 1 month.

43. Bill Clinton eats at McDonalds.
44. Mc donald’s is America’s favourite.
Formulate correct complex and compound-complex sentence. Identify whether complex ( C ), or
compound- complex (CC )
45. Tupac Shakur and Selena are examples of artists who continue to inspire others long after they had
46. Although man cannot fully perceive new species coming into existence, he has been able to
understand that they have arisen from and undergone changes in the past.
47. Do you instantly feel dislike and distrust because you don’t know anything about your new family.
Use grammatical structure and vocabulary needed to effectively emphasize particular points.
48. ( They. Theirs) is the kingdom of heaven.
49. Everything in that exhibit is (my,mine)
50. (Who’s, Whose) painting is this?