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 The following is NOT a TRUE statement in regards to Time

Management: 4
 Time data can be recorded by time administrator in various ways,
except: 3. Personnel action (hal 136)
 Cost centers are maintained in the following module: 2. Controlling
(hal 39)
 The Organizational, Enterprise and Personnel Structure is maintained in
the following infotype: 1. IT0001 (hal 27)
 In Training and Event Management, the followings are attendee types
you may book for an event, except: 5. None of the above (hal 297)
 The followings is NOT a TRUE statement in regards to Requirement and
Qualifications: 3. Requirements are list of skills that an
employee has while qualifications list of skills required for a
job or position (hal 257)
 You may select to store data in either Pay Grade Salary, Pay Scale, or
Direct compensation types through the following infotype: 1. Planned
Compensation (hal 393) bab 9
 The followings are some of object types in Organization Management
sub module, except: 5. Qualification (Q)
 SAP01 has room capacity and business event capacity for minimum 5,
optimum 7, and maximum 10 attendees. When the bookings reach 11,
than the 10th person shall be automatically be assigned into the
following priorities: 1. Waiting list bookings (Hal 300)
 Recruitment Process in SAP System are triggered from 4. Vacancy
(hal 210)
 We want to maintain infotype and change data field. If we want to keep
the history of changes, we choose the following option for processing
infotype records: 3. Delimt (hal 82)
 Ms. Catherine Camino, HR administrator wants to administer bonus
performance for Mr. George Vega in Finance department for his
outstanding performance. He is entitled for 500USD. In this case, if Ms.
Camino also wants to maintain the history of the action, she has to use
the following maintenance: 2. Personnel Action (hal 101)
 There are the elements for Calculation of Remuneration, except: 1.
Loans (hal 190)
 The following is NOT a TRUE statement in regards to Time Evaluation:
1. It generally runs automatically and not based on batch job.
This time evaluation can only be run for the current periods.
(hal 160)
 Infotype is logical groupings of data fields. True
 The followings are TRUE statements in regards with Action Infotypes:
1. This infotype logs the action where we can specify the
reason of action
 In dynamic business event menu, you can execute the following
functions, except: 3. Lock and unlock attendance
 The followings are TRUE statements in regards with Time Manager
Workplace 1. Time Manager Workplace consists of Calendar,
Employee List, Information, Time Data and Details (hal 146)
 In order to see the comparison between qualification that a person has
and requirement that set up for a position, we need to execute: 4.
Profile Matchup (hal 268)
 The following is NOT a TRUE statement in regards with Succession and
Carrer Planning: 2. Succession planning can help reducing high
employee turnover rate as it shows employees with their own
career opportunities in the enterprise.
 The followings are infotypes required for Negative Time Management,
except: 3. Payroll status (0003) (hal 159)
 The most important features in employees subgroup include the
followings, except: 1. Personnel Structure (hal 31)
 For Positive Time Management you need to maintain the following
infotypes, except 3. Absence (hal 159)
 George Meyer attended Business English on the 6th - 8th June this
year. The followings are considered as follow up on business events,
except: 1. Booking data on that day for the Business English
business event will not be deleted and stored for historical
 The following is a TRUE statement in regards with Qualification: 2.
Qualification are rated by means of proficiency scale
 During the payroll run, Ms. Julia Schulz, the HR Administrator
encounters an error that requires some changes in master data. In this
case, prior to executing the changes in the current period payroll run,
the functions in menu that she needs to select is: 4. Corrections (hal
 Infotype is defined as logical groups of data fields. There are some
infotypes have subtypes as listed below, except: 3. IT0008 (Basic
Salary) (hal 457)
 The followings can be used as base of personnel cost plan, except: 4.
Training results
 There are three categories of Compensation Mangement. Fixed,
Variable and Long Term Incentives. In Fixed compensation adjustments
we need to set up both Basic Pay Infotype (0008) and Additional
Payment Infotype (0015). False
 It is not possible to use Manager's Desktop if you do not have
Organizational Management module implemented. True
 The followings is NOT a TRUE statement in regards to Applicant status:
1. If applicant's overall status is “Rejected” does not mean
that all applicant vacancy assignment statuses will be
 In the Enterprise structure, configuration of Company Code is executed
by the following module: 3. Financial Accounting
 SAP shall store history of records even if we delete it. False
 Valuation and remuneration of employee working time is based on time
data recording. When we use negative time management, it will record
deviations from an employee's work schedule. Such examples are as
follows, except: 3. Absence Quota
 The followings are Development Plan items, except: 2. Business
event group
 The following is NOT a TRUE statement in regards to Recruitment: 2.
Vacancies shown in recruitment represent only the simulation
of workfoce requirement
 When we run process profile matchup in personnel development, we
match the employee qualifications with the following: 2.
Requirements of Position
 ABC Bicycle Company classifies its applicants into three types:
permanent, freelancer, contract -- depending on which type of
employment they are applying. This classification is known as: 2.
Applicant group
 Mr. George Vega has to record the time when he enters first clock in to
the office, work off-site, back on-site and clock-out. This type of time
data is maintained in: 2. Positive time management (hal 139)
 Mr. Heuzz, as a training administrator has just received an approval
from his manager that SAP Training should be held on the 20th March
this year. In the Training and Event Management module, Mr. Heuzz
shall administer this information as the following: 2. Business event
type (hal 293)