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Book Dealers

National Association of Book Entrepreneurs
Vol. 42 No. 1 Winter 2020

How Self Publishers Can
Market and Sell
More Books
by Helen Hecker

How to Write and

Publish Great Articles
That Get Attention
by Freda Graves

Book Signing for Experts

By Jo Condrill

The Case for Creating

An Author Website
by James Shirley

Social Media Marketing

by Olaniyan Taibat

Write and Publish

Like a Boss
by Jeffrey Bennett

Publishers Profile

Book Dealers Diary

B.A.Vonsik, creator of the Primeval Origins Epic Saga of award winning Science Fiction
Books about mankind’s undiscovered history, what we as humans are, and what we will be-
come. Read his fascinating story in the Publishers Profile on page 3.
ISSN 1098-8521

Editor’s Our 40th Year

P.O. Box 606
Cottage Grove, OR 97424
Dear Friends,
I just can’t believe it. NABE is now 40 years old. Over the past 40 bookmarketingprofits.com
years, it has been my pleasure to help thousands of publishers mar-
ket and promote their books. I met many of you at our Book Show- Web Site
case Exhibits which took place all over the United States and
Canada. I have been fortunate to read so many wonderful books and
Executive Director
learned so many new things I would not have known about before.
Al Galasso
This issue of BDW spotlights our Fall 2019 Pinnacle Book Achieve- Associate Director
ment Award Winners, honoring many of our great members and Ingrid Crawford
their fine books. See pages 22 to 25 for a list of the award winning
books. Check out some of our wonderful entries and new authors

In this issue of BDW, Helen Hecker shows us How Self Publishers

Can Market and Sell More Books, Jo Condrill tells us about Book
Signing For Experts, James Story writes about The Case For
Creating an Author Website, Olaniyan Talbut reveals the Secrets
of Social Media Marketing, and Freda Graves unveils How to Write
and Publish Great Articles That Get Attention. Plus, there’s much
National Association Of
Book Entrepreneurs
If you have not joined NABE yet, you can sign up on page 17 and
check out the many money saving benefits, including Pinnacle Book BOOK DEALERS WORLD
Award eligibility. Don’t forget to display your book in our 2020 Copyright 2020. Al Galasso.
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lars on some of our best marketing vehicles. year subscription for non-NABE members:
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Hope the New Year brings you happiness, prosperity and peace and BDW will not knowingly accept fraudulent or
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you sell many, many books. may not be reproduced in whole or in part
Al Galasso, NABE without the express written permission of the

In spite of winning awards for each
of his books, B.A. suffered what all
Indie authors struggle to overcome,
PUBLISHER’S being unknown with non-existent
to lack luster sales. B.A. reworked
PROFILE his book covers with new art and
new interior formatting while
keeping the epic story in his books
B.A. Vonsik, author of
the Primeval Origins After building a new Primeval
Origins® website, B.A. published
Book Series Author B.A. Vonsik his third book in the series,
Primeval Origins: Rise of Serpents,
Author and managing owner- While an aviator in the United in May 2019, an immediate
partner of Celestial Fury Publishing, States Air Force Special multiple award-winning story.
B.A. Vonsik is the creator of the Operations as an Electronic Things are on the upswing for B.A.
Primeval Origins® Epic Saga, a Warfare Officer, B.A. continued his Vonsik and the Primeval Origins®
multiple award-winning science passion researching our myths Epic Saga, the series now having
fantasy series about mankind’s and legends piecing together what won 27 awards and honors in
undiscovered history, what we as he discovered as common threads categories including: Young Adult,
humans are, and what we will of our undiscovered history woven Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Science
become in our approaching end through what many in academic Fantasy, Science Fiction,
times. and mainstream circles considered Visionary, E-Book, Parallel
fables and fictions. Universes/Alternative History,
The Primeval Origins® story grew Cyberpunk, and most recently as a
out of B.A.’s curiosity almost four After a transition from military Silver Award Winner for Christian
decades ago when he found service, becoming an engineer in Fantasy/Scifi from Readers’
strong parallels in the themes in industry building training systems Favorites.
our major mythological stories and used by U.S. and international
in the many gods of those legends. aviators, soldiers, and sailors, B.A. B.A. Vonsik and his partners have
Curiosity turned into a life-long lived a double life beginning the great things lining up for the
pursuit of research of our myths creation of the Primeval Origins® Primeval Origins® Epic Saga,
and legends as he pursued story weaving in new scientific continuing with the book
careers in the United States discoveries, confirmation aspects epics…book #4 with its title yet to
military and in the high-tech of our mythologies, legends, and be announce and adaptations of
training and simulation industry. our ancient religious stories with the story to graphic novels and
new hypothesizes posed by movies and the soon to be
Vonsik graduated from the United supporters of Ancient Alien Theory. announced skirmishing and role
States Air Force Academy in the playing game based on the
mid 1980s. It is at the Air Force B.A. worked developing his writing Primeval Origins® Epic Saga
Academy where his curiosity in our skills, a ten year endeavor before ancient story line.
myths and legends was kickstarted he felt ready attempting writing and
playing Dungeons and Dragons® publishing the Primeval Origins® B.A. Vonsik welcomes fans the
with his fellow cadets when Epic Saga. After forming Celestial world over in joining him enjoying
seeking relief from the demanding Fury Publishing with his business this epic journey of adventure and
rigors of this prestigious institution. partners, B.A. Vonsik published discovery. Check out the action at
Primeval Origins: Paths of Anguish http://www.primevalorigins.com
Check Out in the spring of 2014, followed by
Great New Books in the his second book in the saga,
PUBLISHERS PREVIEW Primeval Origins: Light of Honor, in
Oct 2015.
Section of BDW
Pages 7-13

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at the show. Cheryl Long, Culinary Arts, Ltd.

g Once you sign up, you'll receive the "We consider your showing of our books at the
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How Self Publishers Can Invest in press release submitting book information with the click of a
Market and Sell More Books software and set aside time every mouse. You can give away your
by Helen Hecker week to send out a press release book in a raffle at a local function
online to the press directories. to get more book recognition. If
As a self publisher you can market Don't underestimate the value of a your book fits a specialty market,
and promote your book on a shoe- good press release for making find a store that fits the genre and
string budget, thousands of inde- book sales. offer to leave books on consign-
pendent publishers have done it; ment; many publishers have sold
be careful about your promotion Create an online contest and list it thousands of books this way.
and marketing dollars and don't in online contest directories to
plunge into unknown waters -- test, drive traffic to your website. Make Contact any companies, corpora-
test, and test some more. Self pub- sure your sales letter or flier is first tions or organizations that might
lishers need to have a good mar- class; this is your formal presenta- use your book for promotions; offer
keting plan to sell books and it tion of your title to the prospective significant discounts for volume
should be written prior to writing buyer. Make sure not to overlook orders or for thousands of copies
your book and in place a year prior the Internet; get yourself inter- offer a specified amount above
to publishing your book. Your book viewed or profiled for sites both book production costs. Women
selling, book marketing, and book about writing, publishing and about buy more books then men; see
promotion planning should begin the topics covered in your book. how you can fit your book into the
before the manuscript is completed. women's market.
Your sales letter or flier should in-
Mail a press release to at least clude an eye-grabbing headline, Be your own publicist and send a
1000 print and broadcast contacts the benefits to the buyer, the book press release along with a review
just prior to publishing your title features, book sales information copy of your book to publications in
and again and again after you pub- and testimonials. Remember to your book's genre and to book re-
lish; you can never send too many. make sure your book is listed in view magazines. Market your book
Make sure your press release Books-in-Print; don't assume it's to your number one market first,
spells out the who, what, where, already listed. Submit articles to and then go after the secondary
when, and why. Press releases online article directories that focus markets.
can generate thousands of dollars on your book's topic to drive cus-
in sales when picked up by nation- tomers to your website. Now promote, promote, and pro-
al trade or print media. mote your book some more! Use
Build a web site that provides an- your book promotion and book mar-
Make sure you have at least one other avenue for ordering, a virtual keting dollars wisely; go after the
good press release, written in AP online press kit and link exchanges free and cheap resources daily. If
style, which you can send out for with sites that relate to your topic. you apply yourself every day and
the lifetime of your book. Learning I've seen publishers lose a lot of you promote your book like crazy,
to write and use powerful opti- money paying for expensive dis- you can achieve that ultimate goal
mized press releases can often play ads, so beware if you do this; of selling thousands of copies of
drive tons of traffic to your website I don't advise it in the beginning -- your book, many self publishers
while providing multiple back links get your feet wet first so you know have done it.
that can lead to increased page what you're doing. Arrange to
rank and numerous top ten search speak at local, regional and nation- --------------------------------------------------------
For more information on book market-
engine rankings for your targeted al events that relate to your book ing tips and selling more books go to
keywords. Using press releases topic; bring books along and have http://www.TwinPeaksPress.com
for marketing or promoting your an associate sell them at the back founded in 1982, specializing in help
book or book's website has be- of the room. for authors, self publishers, ebook and
come increasingly popular as pub- book publishers with tips, advice and
lishers discover the powerful It's important to publish a website resources, including information on
benefits of using press releases. that focuses on your title; you'll be media, library and other mailing lists,
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Address__________________________________________ sales info.
Telephone__________________Fax___________________ Final Deadline: April. 20th, 2020
E-Mail____________________________________________ See Next Page For Publishers Preview

L.A. Matthies 1079 Westminster Ave. Dix Hills, NY 11746
Phone: 631-526-2427 E-Mail: craftyme0909@aol.com
Web: www.SurvivingCurtisHall.com

Tristen and his two best friends, Billy and Sasha, transferred to Curtis Hall so their
parents could enjoy peace of mind that their kids would receive the best education
while escaping the messy, complicated teen world of their hometown of Hibernia,
New Jersey, a half hour away. Little did their parents realize that although their boys
had received lacrosse scholarships to an incredibly prestigious school rivaling even
the most extravagant college campuses, they now had stumbled onto its secrets as
well. Starting to fit in at the elite boarding school, the teens find themselves faced
with an even more imposing threat than the immortal vampires who have
befriended them.

Retail: $18.95, Sample: $18.95 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Robert Wahler Authorhouse 1738 Braddock Ct San Jose, CA 95125

Phone: 808-896-6203 E-Mail: judaswasjames@aol.com
Web Site: http://Judaswasjames.com/

New evidence from recent gnostic discoveries in Egypt reveal

the true origins of the heart of New Testament Gospel narra-
tives. The Holy Bible borrowed and inverted from a gnostic
mastership succession story to create from whole cloth the
fictional Betrayal of Christ Gospel narrative.
Retail: $14.99, Sample: $14.99 ppd
Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Rev. Dr. Mushtaq H. Jaafri, Mushtaq Publishing Company

919 Sonora Ct. San Dimas, CA 91773-1488
Phone 909-344-0167 E-Mail: mushtaqjaafri@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.godconnectionstory.com

“God is Un-knowable, but I know God.” Dr. Mushtaq Jaafari spent over 40
years,always aware of God by talking to Him throughout each day. In order to
constantly guard his Soul, Jaafri became quiet. He learned to cultivate the deep
presence of God so thoroughly in his own heart that he was able to joyfully
claim, “God I’m doing now what I’ll do for eternity.” Log on to
www.godconnectionstory.com. Results guarateed. Try it:

Retail: $13.99, Sample Book free ($4.99 postage requested) Refundable.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Sean Garrett 1602 W. Larch St. #A Alhambra, CA 91801
Phone (626) 417-6370
E-Mail sgarrett@gmail.com
Web Site www.resurrectionnarrative.com

A compelling fictional novel which retraces the events of the trial of Jesus
Christ, through the eyes of Pontius Pilate, and sheds new light on the
aftermath surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection. The Jews have deliv-
ered Jesus to Pilate, and with him, a host of allegations in which they fail to
establish proof that Jesus should be put to death. Thus, Pilate makes a
political and fateful decision to condemn Jesus, despite the lack of evi-
dence to convict him of the crimes against him.

Retail: $12.95 Sample: $12.95 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Diamante Lavendar D&L Productions PO Box 8213 Green Bay, WI 54308

Phone: 920-288-9929 E-Mail: diamantelavendar@yahoo.com
Web: http://www.diamantelavendar.com

This book is a gleaning of insights from artist Diamante Lavendar. For her, life has been a
long, difficult road, but it has taught many poignant lessons. Her poetry collection is an
exploration of the human soul, a traversing of situations that life throws at us. Diamante has
always been intrigued by the ability to overcome and move on to bigger and better things.
She believes that everyone should try to leave a positive mark on the world, to make it a
better place for all. Writing is the way that she is attempting to leave her mark one story at
a time.

Retail: $16.99, Sample: $16.99 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Diamante Lavendar D&L Productions

PO Box 8213 Green Bay, WI 54308
Phone: 920-288-9929
E-Mail: diamantelavendar@yahoo.com
Web: http://www.diamantelavendar.com

A winner of six awards for Inspirational Fiction! Based on a true story. A book to
inspire, to bring hope and healing. Written from a Christian perspective, Break-
ing The Silence addresses issues such as abuse, loss, grief, depression, anxiety
and healing. Reviewed as "an amazing story of hope" and "moving, brilliant
and inspiring". Breaking The Silence speaks of jumping the hurdles in life no
matter how big they may be and of seeking and finding your destiny.

Retail: $12.99, Sample: $12.99 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Patrick King Page Publishing 1806 East 24th Street Muncie IN 47302
Phone ~ 321-663-7227 E-Mail qqdpkk9@att.net
Web Site: sites.google.com

A gripping and potent detective novel depicting the tortured early childhood
and psychotic break of Kenny Hanson, a motherless boy raised by a
pedophiliac father. After his escape from a mental institution, a dedicated
team of investigators races to find the monster and motive behind a
shocking series of grisly murders across the state of Indiana. Explore the
psyche of a rampaging serial killer, the ultimate crime drama outlining the
parental abuse that creates this monster: an innocent child abused to the
point of insanity.

Price: $23.95 Sample: $23.95 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Carla C. Ohse
Girl Friday Productions 218 N. Schoenherr Rd. Custer MI 49405
Phone ~ 231-613-2449
E-Mail ~ cohse@me.com
Web Site ~ www.carlaohseauthor.com

Based on real events and places, Noonday Flower is a sweeping story of love,
loss and friendship set against the dazzling backdrop of the neighboring
all-black resort village of Idlewild. Carla Ohse’s extensive research on the
history of Walhalla and Idlewild inform the narrative to perfection and brings
her settings to life. Noonday Flower is a testament to how education can
extend a lifeline, and how once opportunity is offered, it can be difficult to
choose between conflicting dreams.

Retail: $15.95, Sample: $15.95 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Carlos B. Gil XLibris The GilDeane Group Inc.

6015 NE 205th Street Kenmore, WA 98028
Phone: 206 362 0336 E-Mail: sinsalcbg@gmail.com
Web: www.DiversityCentral.com

Discover what it’s like to emigrate from Mexico to the United States on
the basis of one family’s account. This highly readable award-winning
book tells the story about arriving in southern California in the 1920s,
the cultural conflicts connected with raising children in a new society,
and how the “Mexican” Gil children became Mexican American as told
by one of them.

Retail: $18.99 Sample: $18.99 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Susan Robertson Page Publishing PO Box 470 Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
Telephone: 405-706-3704
E-Mail: larruping@aol.com

Comprehensive doesn’t begin to do BUCKING HOLLYWOOD justice. It

refers to the fact Dale Robertson never compromised himself profes-
sionally in the film industry or in his life. Truly a flag waving salute to
a wonderful man. Studded with thousands of rare film photos, many
in color. Written by his wife Susan, totally with her own words,
thoughts and ideas to magnificently preserve Dale’s legacy.

Retail: $62.95
Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Mike Murphey with Keith Comstock Acorn Publishing

W. 2003 Broadway Spokane, WA 99201
Phone ~ 509 993-7338 E-Mail mike@mikemurpheybooks.com
Web Site www.mikemurpheybooks.com

Conor Nash has lived his life with a single purpose—to pitch in the Major
Leagues. He’s overcome every obstacle to finally reach The Show when he’s
a decade too old. Facing injury-forced retirement, Conor climbs Camelback
Mountain recalls people and events, and seeks an answer. Who is Conor
Nash if he can’t pitch? The Conman is based on the life of Keith Comstock,
rehabilitation instructor for the Texas Rangers.

Retail: $15.99, Sample: $15.99 ppd

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Greg Wyss Page Publishing 17014 Laguna Springs Dr Houston,TX 77095

Phone: 281-850-9830
E-Mail: gwyss@comcast.net
Web: www.gregwyss.com

A thought-provoking novel set amid the freewheeling social and polit-

ical confusion of the early 1970's.Inspired by an angel calling herself
Isadora Duncan, a young man launches into a wild journey of self-
discovery and sexual awakening through the streets of Boston, Flori-
da's Gulf Coast, the hash clubs in Amsterdam,the Swiss Alps and an
idyllic summer on the island of Crete where he is befriended by a
Greek Renaissance man.

Retail: $27.95 Sample: $27.95 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Reverend Peter G. Vu Dog Ear Publisher 1253 52nd St Kentwood, MI 49508
Phone 616-634-1943 E-Mail pvu@stmmagdalen.org
Web Site www.FatherPeterVu.org

This book is designed to give us a quick spiritual boost & get through each
day with joy and purpose as we try to run from one task to another in our
busy schedule. Although the short-term goal of this book is to help us get
through each day with joy and purpose, its long-term focus is to fine tune
our characters and make us better people at home, at work, at our worship-
ing place, in the neighborhood, and in other places.

Retail: $13.95, Sample: $13.95 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Nathaniel F. Frazier P.O. Box 332525 Murfreesboro TN 37133

E-Mail nate@therevelationofwhy.com
Web Site therevelationofwhy.org

The Revelation of Why is a carefully thought out book that

easily allows people with different mind sets to focus on the
hidden common ground, which awakens the unlimited po-
tential for resolve as opposed to conflict. This book equips
your mind with possessing a unique concept to obtain cus-
tom knowledge that only you want to hear.
Retail: $19.95 Sample: $19.95 ppd
Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

B.A.Vonsik Celestial Fury Publishing

5617 Rocking Horse Rd Orlando FL 32817
Phone 407-252-0341
E-Mail po@primevalorigins.com
Web Site www.primevalorigins.com

Book Three in the multiple award-winning science fantasy epic saga

revealing mankind’s origins and rise of the Four Horsemen. Join Nikki, a
graduate student with her life upside-down running from forces unknown as
she learns of and experiences our undiscovered history filled with terrible
tyrannies, brutal beasts, ancient gods, and heroic hearts as our End Times
near, answering the question, “What if all of our myths and legends are true?”

Retail: $19/95. Sample: $19.95 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Reverend Peter G. Vu Book art Press 1253 52nd St Kentwood, MI 49508
Phone 616-634-1943 E-Mail pvu@stmmagdalen.org
Web Site www.FatherPeterVu.org

“Living for a Higher Purpose” is an enthralling story that will keep readers
interested at every turn of the page as it gives a unique perspective of the Viet
Nam War from an eye-witness and survivor. The book is not just a story of
struggles, difficulties, and despair but also a story of hope, redemption, and
transformation. Anyone who has been through the toughest times of their lives
can find comfort and security in reading this book. Viet’s story inspires readers
to find their own higher purpose in life.

Retail $27.00, Sample: $27.00 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Judy DuCharme Ambassador International

11723 Tipperary Lane Ellison Bay, WI 54210
Phone 920-421-0788
E-Mail judyducharme7@gmail.com
Web Site www.judithducharme.com

Blood Moon Redemption is an end-times thriller that will keep you riveted until
the very last moonrise. When the Jews were expelled from Spain and traveled
with Columbus, only a tassel from a prayer shawl remained with them to signify
their faith. That tassel, handed down, stolen, and hidden, became a marker of
God's protection and now is the focus of a terrorist scheme and a young
woman's destiny.

Retail: $15.99 Sample: $15.99 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Barbara Jean Lonsdorf, Ph.D. Createspace

1320 McIndoe St. Wausau, WI 54403
Phone: 715-842-2444 E-Mail: bjlonsdorf@aol.com

This couples workbook is a hands-on, step-by-step guide to help partners

replace habitual negativity with behavior that promotes positive communica-
tion and problem solving. One goal is to change habits of HOW things are
said that create barriers to working out problems. Couples in long term
relationships carry unhelpful thoughts and scripts about their partner that
are additional barriers to intimacy.

Retail: $20.00 Sample: $20.00 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

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How to Write and going to solve? What solution Now that you know how to put
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by Freda Graves The Body. The body of your Writing articles isn't all that hard
article is the meat of your article, now that you know the secret to
It has become evident that writ- here you will outline the prob- writing.
ing and publishing articles is a lem you're solving or the solu-
great way to become an expert tion to a problem. Break up ----------------------------------------------
in your niche and drive targeted each point into subheadings for Freda Graves is the article market-
traffic to your site and business. easy reading. ing coach. She is the creator of the
Writing articles is a great way to PBWN a high traffic article submis-
answer your clients and custom- Conclusion. Your conclusion sion website. The PBWN helps
ers questions. you become an expert in your
should be a brief summary of niche. To become an expert join us
the article. It should have a call at http://www.thepbwn.com
The challenge I get from most to action. Letting the reader
people is how I begin writing know that now that they have
and publishing great articles learned what it is that you have
that will get me attention. The just taught them, now it's time to Author’s Secrets
key is finding a style that works do it. Revealed!
best for you. You can read my Packed with amazing tips
article 5 writing styles that will Resource Box. The resource and tricks, to get you un-
stuck from writer’s block
get your article read. In this arti- box is free promotion of you and and to improve your writ-
cle you will learn how to put an your business. Your resource ing in dozens of little
ways, there are tips
article together and publish it. box will also help drive traffic to about all aspects of writing, for both fic-
your site. So it's just as impor- tion and non-fiction authors. For details,
visit www.dreamstonepublishing.com or
Choose a HOT Topic. Doing tant as the title of your article. It send Kim Lambert an e-mail at
some research will help you de- needs to eye catching to the kim.lambert@dreamstonepublishing.com

termine what's hot in your niche reader to make them go to your

market. Find out what your cli- website. This is the place to
ents and customers want to include a short bio about your- Translate Your
know about and write on those self and your business. You will
Children’s Book
topics. also want to include a link to
your website, blog or newsletter
Into Spanish
Article Title. The title of your so the can learn more about
article set the stage for your your product or service. Ingrid Crawford provides quality
professional translation services
article. Having a catchy title will from English into Spanish of
prompt your readers to click the Edit and Review. Now that you children’s books between 25 to
title to continue reading. Your have written your article you 50 pages at a cost you can af-
title needs to appeal to your should put it aside and come ford. Take advantage of the
reader's interest and not yours. back to it later. This way you will large Spanish-speaking market
to increase your overall book
Use attention getting words that have a fresh look at what you sales. Most projects can be com-
will grab the reader's attention have written. This is a great trick pleted in 30 to 60 days. Send a
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Introduction. Your Introduction Submit. Now your ready to sub- Ingrid Crawford
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Book Signing for Experts discussed a book with its author.
By Jo Condrill There is reflected glory which sets that
person apart from other readers and
Think of your book on the bookstore gives them a connection to the source.
shelf trying to attract the attention of
potential new owners. Crammed to- If you're not doing book signings, you
The gether with hundreds of other books, may be leaving money on the table,
only the spine visible to the roving overlooking an avenue to increase
eyes of readers, your book needs a profits. There are many ways to pro-

Big little help from its creator. So much mote your book, but none is as "up
effort has gone into publishing it; can close and personal" as a book signing
you afford to abandon it just as it hits event.

Event the bookstore shelves? Your book

needs your help. -----------------------------------------------
Jo Condrill is a professional speaker,
Why not orchestrate a publicity-gener- author, and consultant. She has con-
ating event such as a book signing ducted successful book signings from
with a mini-seminar, discussion, or coast to coast, including one at the
reading where you can autograph Barnes and Noble Store in Rockefeller
your book? You can make a book Center, New York City. Jo is the au-
signing tour worth your effort. If you thor of: "Take Charge of Your Life:
are a new or emerging author with a Dare to Pursue Your Dreams" and
JANUARY small publisher, resources for promot- coauthor of "From Book Signing to
ing your book are likely to be very Best Seller," which was named the
Jan.24-28,2020: ALA MidWinter limited. If you are a professional Best Writers Reference Guide of 2002
Conference, Philadelphia, PA speaker and an author, you can raise by the Bay Area Independent Publish-
800.545.2433 your celebrity status by doing a book ers Association. Jo is also coauthor of
signing in cities where you speak. "101 Ways to Improve Your Communi-
cation Skills Instantly.".You can check
A book signing in a bookstore places out Jo’s informative website at
your book "center stage" for a while, http://goalminds.com
March 10-12, 2020 The London
away from the crowded shelf. The
Book Fair Kensington, London UK
event establishes a "pull" system
+44 (0)20 82712124
which means the bookstore and its
patrons ask for your books rather than
March 14-15, 2020 Tucson Festival
the author and publisher having to
of Books Tucson, Arizona
persuade the bookstore to stock them.
The author arrives as a celebrity.
March 30-April 2, 2020 Bologna
There are many other venues in addi-
Children's Book Fair Bologna, Italy
tion to bookstores. Jon Hanson, au-
thor of Good Debt Bad Debt, spent a
lot of time writing in a coffee shop
APRIL bakery. So many customers stopped
by his table to check on the book's
April 28-May 2, 2020: Oregon Li- progress that the owner of the coffee
brary Assn. Show, Bend Oregon, shop asked Jon to do a signing when
NABE Book Showcase, 541-942- the book was published. Bagels and
7455. Books? Enter Your Book in the
MAY Fall 2019 Pinnacle Book
If your book is nonfiction, conversa-
tions with your audience will indicate
Achievement Awards
May 28 & 29, 2020 Book Expo, New that you are a source of expert infor-
York, NY 800-840-5614 mation. You have done a lot of re-
search in this area. You may become
. a key resource in their future explora-
tion of the subject matter. People gen-
erally take pride in having met and

Walks of Life: Your Journey Back to Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination
Nature by Doug Wheat empowers the Has Been Transformed into Reality by

Book reader with the tools and inspiration to

take the leap back to nature. It reaches
out to everyone who might not be wholly
Peterson Francois focuses on human
interests and finding the balance that can
change your life forever. Author Peterson

Dealers civilized, to those whose dispositions in-

clude some cast of the romantic and
adventurous, who might consider trading
Francois has compiled inspiring quotes
and information that can instill confi-
dence in anyone who is working hard for
the sweet air of forest and desert for that success. Information is power, and this
Diary of the city, the melodies of birds for
sounds of traffic, the campfire for a com-
handbook is designed to provide enough
power to handle any situation you might
puter screen, the stars for a ceiling. For encounter. For more information, email
In David’s ADHD by Sherrill S. Cannon, more info: www.yourjourneybacktonature.com stanfordtutoringservices@gmail.com
David discovers ways to cope with his
hyperactive brain, while learning how to Sister Butterfly: An Illustrated Story Remembering Shanghai: A Memoir of
calm and soothe his ADHD. Solutions in- with Songs About Inclusion, Belong- Socialites, Scholars and Scoundrels
clude setting daily schedules and following ing and Compassion by Mike Mirabella by Isabel Sun Chao and Claire Chao is a
simple rules that regulate behavior. His is a loving and compassionate portrayal an engaging and extraordinary multigen-
teachers and therapists encourage using of how to find connection with those who erational saga. A high position bestowed
the computer for academic advancement, may think or communicate differently. by China's empress dowager grants pow-
and to establish a pattern for study as well The verse sings with joy as vibrant illustra- er and wealth to the Sun family. For
as for occasional recreation. David not only tions pop with color, drawing the reader Isabel, growing up in glamorous 1930s
learns self-control and communication inside this world of love. Siblings and and '40s Shanghai, it is a life of utmost
skills, but is able to fit into the classroom friends will see the true beauty of know- privilege. But while her scholar father
and make friends. For more info, send an ing a child with Down syndrome, or any and fashionable mother shelter her from
e-mail to sherrillcannon@aol.com other disability in a new way. For more civil war and Japanese occupation, they
info, www.MirabellaBooksWithSongs.com cannot shield the family forever. For
Your Lion Inside: Tapping into the Pow- more information and dealer info visit
er Within by Kimberly Faith is a unique Family Fare by Kathleen Mugnolo fea- www.rememberingshangai.com
empowerment book for women. a manual tures over three hundred authentic family
of truth that transcends age, culture, eco- recipes, including many traditional favor- I Am Power: Divine, Powerful Affirma-
nomic status or leadership position. Let it ites such as gnocchi, pierogi, pasta fagioli, tions that Can Change Your Life One
prove that, without doubt, you are already Italian beef, pepperoni bread, Caesar Moment at a Time by Daya Devi-Doolin-
enough. Even in the midst of society’s salad, and ravioli. Laid out in an easy-to- will help you to experience clarity, convic-
drumbeat of be more, do more, give more, use format for great results when you tion, courage, healing and empowerment
life does not have to be so hard. Learn new cook. Personal comments accompanying to move forward and accomplish the
ways of thinking that will elevate your life, each recipe add much interest. For more dream life you have desired. Put fear in
professionally and personally. Rewrite your info, e-mail kmugnolo@comcast.net its rightful place, learn what sickness
personal narrative, day by day, decision by offers you, how to overcome depression,
decision. For more information, visit Charley’s Horse by Judith Shaw tells the and how to get what you want. For more
www.kimberlyfaith.com/ story of Charlene Rittenberg who is crazy info visit www.padaran.com
about horses. She knows everything
Merged by Jim and Sephanie Kroepfl tells about them, except how to ride. When See the Sea by Alese & Morton Pechter
the story of seven of our country’s most her parents split up, Charley is sent to tells the story of Jamie, the angelfish,
gifted teens who become Nobels, hosts for riding camp. She’ll live with girls who love who searches the beautiful underwater
the implantation of brilliant Mentor minds, horses as much as she does, and she’ll world for a shark. While she travels, she
in an effort to accelerate human progress. finally learn to ride. It will be heaven. But encounters many of her friends. Enjoy
But as the line between what’s possible the cabin is infested with bullies, her sum- the magnificent photos and exciting fish
and what’s right, draws ever blurrier, the mer horse hates her, and riding lessons life as you imagine snorkeling with them.
teens discover everything has a cost. Sci- scare her spitless. A secret friend is all While reading playful, rhyming text, par-
entists have created an evolved form of that makes camp bearable. For more ents and children will glide peacefully
living known as Merged Consciousness, information, visit www.storiesbyjudith.com over the ocean floor experiencing an
and 16-year-old Lake finds herself unable amazing adventure and become aware
to merge with her Mentor, Lake. For more The Powerful You is the new revised of how to protect our oceans. For more
info, visit www.jimandstephbooks.com edition of the international classic A Mes- info, visit www.seetheseainfo.com
sage for My Child by acclaimed human
Be Attitudes: The Relationship Manual rights activist Patrick Atkinson, beautifully Inspiration Coffee & Wisdom Tea: Dai-
by Barbara Jean Lonsdorf, Ph.D. is a cou- illustrated by his son Ernesto Atkinson. It ly Delights at the Divine Coffeehouse
ples intimacy workbook which helps cou- shares an inspiring message of empower- by Rev. Peter G Vu offers encourage-
ples to think and talk about their daily ment that’s been enjoyed by millions of ment to stay inspired, focused, and joyful.
verbal and physical exchanges. Couples people. Bilingual, it’s the perfect birthday, For each day, there are two thought
and also individuals will learn how to suc- graduation, or holiday gift book for provoking quotes, along with a short and
cessfully communicate, problem solve and tweens teens, and young adults. For interpretation of each, to boost our mood,
manage the conflicts in their relationships. more information and dealer info, visit mirth, and sense of purpose. For more
For more information, send an e-mail to www.AtkinsonCenter.org info, visit www.FatherPeterVu.org

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Best Book in the Best Books in the
Fall 2019 Pinnacle Category of CHILDREN'S BILINGUAL Category of CHILDREN’S INTEREST
Book Achievement The Powerful You
Patrick Atkinson You Don’t Belong Here
Awards Illustrated by Ernesto Atkinson Sean O’Toole
www.AtkinsonCenter.org twizzy1234@gmail.com

Best Book in the Socks Bring Smiles

Category of ADVENTURE Best Book in the Sandra Hugo
Daedalus: SWIC Basejump From Category of CHILDREN'S CHRISTIAN ds.hugo@hotmail.com
Fred Noonan Support Emma Decides
Robert G Williscroft Gail Galbraith Everett Jamie’s Pet
https://RobertWilliscroft.com GJGE@aol.com Ramona Morrow
Best Book in the
Category of AFRICAN The Day it Snowed Popcorn
Best Book in the
Category of CHILDREN'S
The Chronicles of the African American www.terischure.com
Herbert G Strider Charley’s Horse
herb_strider@msn.com Danny and The Moon
Judith Shaw Jennifer Dawson
www.storiesbyjudith.com www.dannyandthemoon.com
Best Book in the
The Legend of Dragonfly Pond
Best Book in the
Best Books in the
Book Five Category of CHRISTIAN
Category of CHILDREN'S FICTION A Beautiful Glorious She:
Alene Adele Roy Leo Lizard’s Classroom Adventure
www.author-aleneroy.com Women’s Role in the Godhead
Lisa Lauro
Eulalie Hendricks
Best Book in the
Category of ANTHOLOGY The Red Oak Rocking Chair
Best Book in the
Our Prince of Scribes: Nelibeth Plaza
Writers Remember Pat Conroy www.theredoakrockingchair.com Category of
Nicole Seitz and Jonathan Haupt Editors CHRISTIAN POETRY
https://ugapress.org/ Selah Pause and Reflect
Best Book in the Sharon Dexter
Best Book in the Category of CHILDREN'S HEALTH
Category of AUTOBIOGRAPHY David’s ADHD
In A Square Triangle Sherrill S. Cannon Best Books in the
S. Aminah Nialiah http://sbprabooks.com/sherrillscannon Category of COOKBOOK
sandy06051@yahoo.com From Mom With Love...Complete
Best Books in the Guide to Indian Cooking & Entertaining
Best Books in the Category of CHILDREN'S Pushpa Bhargava
See The Sea She Never Asked For Wings
Family Fare
Alese & Morton Pechter Christine Cazes
Kathleen Mugnolo
www.seetheseainfo.com www.christineconradcazes.com
The Awesome Reading Adventures of
Sister Butterfly: An Illustrated Story Best Book in the
Super Sammy and Marvelous Megan
Vanessa Caraveo with Songs About Inclusion, Category of ENVIRONMENTAL
vanec2409@hotmail.com Belonging and Compassion Walks of Life: Your Journey
Mike Mirabella Back To Nature
The Adventures of Samba Rat and Friends Illustrated by Amy O’Hanlon Doug Wheat
Steven & Mary Munsie www.MirabellaBooksWithSongs.com www.yourjourneybacktonature.net

Fall 2019 Best Books in the Best Books in the
Pinnacle Book Category of LITERARY FICTION Category of NOVELLA
Achievement Awards The Temptation of Destiny When The Heart Listens
DM Earley Mara Purl
Best Book in the www.EvolvedPub.com www.marapurl.com
Cooperative Lives The Numbers Game
The Time That’s Given
Patrick Finegan Miles Watson
David Litwack
www.twoskates.com/index.php/en/cooperative-lives watsonmiles2@gmail.com

Best Book in the Best Books in the Best Books in the

Category of HEALTH Category of MEMOIR Category of POETRY
The Health Recovery Zone Remembering Shanghai: A Memoir of The Ocean Cannot Be Blue
Cary Kelly a.k.a. MzEatright Socialites, Scholars and Scoundrels Kirsten Hampton
mzcarykelly@gmail.com Isabel Sun Chao & Claire Chao www.kirstenhampton.com
Best Book in the Frozen Charlotte
Category of HORROR This Ain’t My Life Susan de Sola
The Kraken of Cape Madre Bilal Alaji www.susandesola.com
JP Barnett www.BilalAlaji.com
www.EvolvedPub.com Laughter Includes The Word:
Goodbye, Lambchops and Plumpudding, Revealed, A Life of Poetry
Best Books in the Brian Keith and Daisy Keith Doug Snelson
Category of INSPIRATIONAL Victoria Y Keith https://dougsnelson.com
Stubborn Debra Sue www.BrianKeith.com
Jeffery Tracey Sr The Art of Dying
dstjet@yahoo.com Jere Truer
Best Book in the
Inspiration Coffee & Wisdom Tea: Daily Category of MOTIVATIONAL
Delights at the Divine Coffeehouse I Am Power: Divine Powerful
Rev Peter G Vu Best Book in the
Affirmations That Can Change Your Category of REAL ESTATE
www.FatherPeterVu.org Life One Moment at a Time!
Daya Devi-Doolin Your Amazing Itty Bitty Blissful Real
Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has
www.padaran.com Estate Book: 15 Steps to Build Massive
Been Transformed Into Reality
Peterson Francois Wealth on Your Terms
stanfordtutoringservices@gmail.com Moneeka Sawyer
Best Book in the www.coreblisslife.com
Best Book in the Category of NON FICTION
Category of JUVENILE FANTASY Computer intelligence:
Matthew’s Redemption With Us or Against Us? Best Book in the
Madelyn E Palmer William Meisel Category of REFERENCE
madelyn.palmer@comcast.net www.williammeisel.com
PMO Governance: Practical Strategies
Best Books in the To Govern Portfolio, Program
Category of JUVENILE FICTION Best Books in the & Project Delivery
Gratia Park Zoo Category of NOVEL Eugen Spivak
Harley Matthews Legacy of War https://eugenspivak.com
hayleypmatthews@hotmail.com Ed Marohn
www.writingsfromed.com Best Book in the
Life in the Grand Pause Category of RELATIONSHIPS
Frank Saraco My Friend Henry Family Portraits
www.franksaraco.com Percy Chattey Joann Aitken
www.percychatteybooks.com jgaitkens6@gmail.com

Self Publishing Book
Fall 2019 Best Book in the Tricks You Can Use
Category of SUSPENSE THRILLER By Christopher Kyalo
Pinnacle Book Boy Interrupted
Achievement Patrick King There are a number of self publish-
qqdpkk9@att.net ing book tricks that you can learn
Awards which can make a huge difference
Best Book in the to the level of success that you
Best Book in the will ultimately attain. A lot of the
Category of THRILLER
Category of RELIGION most effective tricks and tips call
Another Day in Paradise
Heaven’s Angels for a very deep understanding of
Dr. Kathy Basnar
Carl Harden human nature and lots of creativity.
Best Book in the For instance the book you end up
Best Book in the Category of TRAVEL self publishing will sell a lot better
Category of My Galapagos Adventure if you use the age old trick that
SELF DEVELOPMENT Barbara D Hall has served publishers well for cen-
The Revelation of Why: How to www.ournaturematters.net turies, of focusing on a nagging
Overcome Your Negative problem. The more serious and
Character Weakneses Best Book in the pressing the problem is the better
Nathaniel F Frazier Category of your book you will sell.
www.therevelationofwhy.com WOMEN’S FICTION
Flirtation on the Hudson Yet another of the really effective
Best Books in the JF Collen techniques from the publisher's
Category of SELF HELP www.EvolvedPub.com bag of tricks is to create a publicity
Addicted to Unhappiness: How Hidden or media event around the book
Motives For Unhappiness Keep You Best Book in the you are self publishing long be-
From Creating The Life you Truly Want Category of fore its' release. The idea is to
Martha Heineman Pieper, Ph.D. WOMEN’S INTEREST create a buzz in the media that
www.smartlovepress.com The Fog Ladies will cause people to sit up in antic-
Susan McCormick ipation of the release of your book.
Your Lion Inside: Discover The Power https://susanmccormickbooks.com This is one of the favorite tricks
Within and Live Your Fullest Life employed by Hollywood to market
Kimberly Faith Best Books in the films, and they should be no rea-
https://www.kimberlyfaith.com/ Category of son why it will not work just as well
YOUNG ADULT for the book you are self publishing.
Best Book in the The Awakening of David Rose
Category of SHORT STORIES Daryl Rothman Another trick of the trade is to
The Bob Sterry School of Burglary www.EvolvedPub.com create the sort of book title for
Bob Sterry your self publishing venture that
www.bobsterry.com Abby & Holly Book Three: cannot be ignored. If your title
Secrets of The Trunk does not work there is nothing
Best Book in the Janice Spina
wrong with changing it. One of the
Category of SPIRITUAL https://jemsbooks.com
common tricks employed by pub-
The Stuff of Life lishers on books that do not sell is
Peg Hanafin to repackage them by mainly giv-
Jim and Stephanie Kroepfl
peghanafin1@gmail.com ing them a new title. This trick has
worked marvelously in many in-
Best Book in the Category of
This Moment: Bold Voices stances and is well worth consid-
The Haunted Hanging Tree
From WriteGirl ering if the book you are self
David & Michael Krumboltz
Keren Taylor publishing does not sell well initial-
https://www.writegirl.org/this-moment ly.

How to Profitably Market They have branded vehicles, t- Under this option, the publishers
Your Published Work shirts and fliers that they use in should be able to make available
Both Online and Offline increasing their marketing penetra- the hard back and e-book format
by Clement Sadjere tion. These firms often help self of the published work, so that visi-
publishers and business owners to tors to your site can choose the
If you are self publishing your work, accomplish their marketing task format of their choice. The internet
it will be wise if you can get a with ease. The only draw back, is has made the readership of e-
marketing plan before publishing. that some of these marketing firms books to expand beyond measure,
Statistics have shown that the normally require a down payment and the popularity of online books
most difficult aspect of publishing from their clients in addition to out- has even superseded that of con-
is getting the published work to the rageous commission. The secret temporary books.
end users. is to identify the one that suit your
financial goal and aspiration. Getting your website running will
Below are some marketing options not take more than 48 hours, but
available to the self publisher. Arrange for a Formal Launching the ability to deliver what your visi-
tors are requesting is a crucial key
Recruit Marketing Agents When I published my first book, to your marketing plan.
this was the option I implemented
The process of recruiting market- in my marketing process. It in- Market the published work
ing agent is very simple. All you volves inviting key personals, on your own
simply do is to place a simple ad- close friends, family members,
vert in the classified column of Journalists, colleagues and the I will not advice anyone to go for
newspaper or magazine that your general public to the official unveil- this option, as it can be so demand-
target audiences frequently patron- ing of your published work. ing and stressful. It requires that
ize. The advert should be catchy the individual carry the published
and specific on the number of mar- A detailed list of invited guest will work from one city to the other and
keters needed and the nature of have to be drawn, and a suitable distribute it to bookshops and ven-
the product to be marketed. The venue must be used to host such dors. He will be expected to moni-
locations where the marketers will a program. If there is enough fund, tor the sales progress and this can
be needed should also be speci- you can include a musical band eat deep into the profit margin.
fied. Lastly, the issue of commis- and some light refreshment. The Moreover, the human hour wasted
sion to be must be emphasized, essence of the launching is to in traveling and distributing these
but the amount should not be dis- raise fund and also to help market published works can be utilized
closed. Remember to insert your your work to the general public. If into other profitable ventures.
phone number or email address at the right guests are available, this
the end of the advert. The good is a very good marketing strategy. -------------------------------------------
thing about these adverts is that It will however cost you a little for- Clement Sadjere is an Author, a
they are very cheap, and the re- tune. motivational speaker and an infor-
turn on investment is so high de- mation product sales/ marketing
pending on the newspaper or Integrate an Affiliate marketing expert. He can be reached via
magazine you eventually chose to Plan to your Publication telephone on +2348052790262
use. Clement is the owner of
This option is good for self publish- http://www.grelohi.com a free arti-
Outsource the Job to a ers wishing to publish online. All cle directory website
Marketing Firm you need to do is to get a good
website and install an affiliate mar- Display Your Book in the
There are specialized marketing keting plan into your sales page. 2020 NABE Book Showcase
firm, whose sole duty is to market The software should be able to Exhibits
products of companies at an track registered members who re-
fer clients to the site, and if these See Pages 4-5 For Complete
agreed amount or commission. Details
These marketing firms have their clients eventually buy your pub-
own marketing teams that are re- lished works, they will be paid com-
cruited and trained on the act of mission.

The Case for Creating Having an author website allows Your book title can change and it
An Author Website you to simplify your marketing. won't be catastrophic to your mar-
by James Shirley keting.
Finally, something common among
Author website versus book web- authors is to be paranoid about Of course, I am assuming you
site? readers finding out that you write won't be changing your name any
on multiple subjects. Somehow it time soon.
Wondering whether it's better to seems impossible that you could
have an author website more of write fiction and at the same time Now let's talk about why an author
book website? Is one really better author of the nonfiction book about website is better beyond the time-
than the other? This is a question I gardening. What would your read- saving and headache saving I out-
get from my email subscribers of- ers think? It turns out readers are lined above. The key thing is brand-
ten. My email subscribers are very forgiving people. They have ing. With an author website, you
bright people. Most authors don't multiple interests just like you do. will be branding yourself. This is a
even think about this. shift from marketing and promoting
But if the couple of subjects you your books. But if you plan to write
You may have an author site or a write on are so different that you more than one book, if you plan to
book site or no site at all. Whatever couldn't possibly bring them togeth- make a go at making a living as an
you have now that's okay. But let er under one author website you author, then your time in your mar-
me tell you why having an author can always create another website keting efforts are far better spent
website is the best choice of all. for a different pen name. building your brand instead of your
books brand.
First let me say that in the past I Now we know some reasons why
have had book websites. They an author website makes the most And while this article is about the
work just fine. But over time I have sense. Let's talk about why book choice between an author website
realized that author sites are the websites can be a problem. and a book website, you should
better option. Here's why. also consider what this means your
First, let me say again that if you social media presence. It would
Number one, I have written several have a book website now you don't make sense to have your social
books on the same topic. Now hav- necessarily need to go out and media presence be author based
ing several websites for several take it off-line. Keep it. But if you're instead of book based.
books was difficult to keep up with. reading this right now and you've
It was overwhelming. But having got another book in the pipeline If your thinking about building an
an author web site allows me to consider an author website. author website or book website
direct all of my marketing back to Okay, back to why book websites consider simplifying your market-
one place. From my author site, I can be a problem. I mentioned ing efforts by going with an author
can launch as many books as I earlier, that if you write multiple website. An author website can be
want to. And it's easy for readers to books having book websites can used to promote several books
see all the books I have written in be a lot of work. But there's anoth- and it ultimately builds your brand
one place. Everything is connected. er important reason why book web- as an author.
I have platform. site can cause you headaches. If
you ever put a book out and decide
Number two, having multiple web- to change the name of the book -------------------------------------------
sites means dealing with multiple you're screwed. If you've built all Jim Shirley is the author of several
domain names, multiple site up- this marketing around the book published books and he is now
dates, and multiple email lists. My website you have locked yourself helping others become self pub-
workload increases by a factor of in to the title, the subtitle, and the lished authors. Jim has personally
how many websites to manage. cover of your book. put together a report that answers
But I don't like managing multiple the key questions about self-pub-
websites and I bet you don't either. Whereas, on an author website, the lishing and you can get your copy
Nowadays, I try to keep things as books display are simply images along with other useful information:
simple as I can. And I find that on the page. You can change them http://SelfPublishToday.com/blog
keeping it simple helps me be when you want. You can make
more successful. updates.

Social Media Marketing YouTube, Vimeo: these websites Social Media Optimization: it en-
by Olaniyan Taibat host video files. Videos can be tails that if a visitor inputs your
promotional, instructional or you business name on a search en-
Marketing is a way of communica- can start a video blog. You can gine, it should be easy to find with-
tion between a business and po- promote a video by sharing the in seconds.
tential customers for presentation link on other social channels.
and promoting values of a certain Follow social media guidelines:
product or services. The main goal Google+: It uses Google+ profiles guidelines on text and URL in the
of marketing is to sell. Social me- for individuals, Google+ pages are cover photo, conditions when or-
dia marketing is to take advantage for companies and institutions. ganizing online process and limita-
of the benefit of the social network tions should be adhered to strictly
to realize some of the marketing Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr: these to avoid a ban.
goals such as promotion and es- 3 websites are visual-content shar-
tablishing a relationship with cus- ing platform. It allows images and Evaluation: It requires monitoring
tomers etc. short videos for online stores, dec- and analysis to evaluate your per-
orators, clothes manufacturers etc. formance and determine if results
Social media marketing is used to are satisfactory. If results are not
present business through social Foursquare, Yelp: Most times, satisfactory, the approach and
media and use this as a way to tourists make use of these social methods should be changed.
communicate a message to poten- networks for reviews on places
tial customers. Social media refers visited. When you intend to use social me-
to different websites that allow in- dia for promotion, there are 2 ma-
teraction among users and the jor divisions of promotion for social
exchange of information through a Blogging is a form of social market- media. This is the paid and free
variety of channels. Content can ing which uses blogs to create and adverts.
come in the form of blog articles, publish content while establishing
presentation, videos, e-books etc a relationship with the readers. Paid adverts allow direct promo-
Blogging is an interactive form of tion with paid ads. It also can track
Below are some of the most impor- publishing content on the web. conversion and flow of a paid cam-
tant websites The act dates back to 1990s till paign. A free version, on the other
around 2000s. It comes from the hand, allows you to create and
Facebook- it is seen as the most word "weblog" and publishes con- manage a social account and on-
popular social network and also a tent which is useful, practical and line promotion through a social
network with the largest amount of engaging. media account.
potential customers. Facebook
pages are for celebrities, business- WordPress is the most popular Tools for managing Social Media.
es and institutions. A page can blogging platform. Others are Tum- Tools for planning include Google
have several administrators or blr, Blogger. For a successful blog- calendar, post planner.
managers. Facebook groups are ging activity, choose a suitable For managing your social channel-
for users who share the same in- design, be consistent, interact with Hootsuite, Tweetdeck
terests. It is also for college stu- the readers and analyse your per- For monitoring: Google Alerts,
dents etc. it can be closed/open or formance. Google Analytics and Social In-
secret. sights.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is regarded as Tips in using social media for mar-

the largest business professional keting include
network. It allows sharing of posts
and profiles. Customization: you need a profile
image, description of the business,
Twitter: it is differentiated by its cover image, business urls, and
microblogging from sending short lastly your business location.
messages called tweets. It uses

Write and Publish Like a Boss whatever you want to call yourself. Isn't about your subject area. Once you
by Jeffrey Bennett that what the biggest rage was in the succeed, others may join you in the
70's where people built their empires market.
Writing and publishing like a boss is an on publishing companies? With ad-
excellent experience, if you have some- vanced technology, software and distri- 4. You are the sole provider
thing to offer to your audience. When bution, you can too. All you need is
you meet the needs of a specialized creativity, innovation and an entrepre- Remember, your niche could be too
industry, there is no better reward. If neurial spirit. small for traditional publishers to ven-
your industry is especially small, you ture into. Even if all the customers
might have a built in audience that "We are Not a Cod Fish"-this is my bought books, there wouldn't be
other publishers won't be able to meet. favorite line from Mary Poppins as she enough sales to warrant the huge fi-
That leaves you possibly meeting new reminds the impressed Michael to nancial, time, and resource commit-
expectations in an industry otherwise close his mouth. That's the reaction I ment required of a traditional publisher.
unmet. The results, a reliable pay get when I tell others about my publish- This is a great opportunity because
check and some new earned respect. ing company. People are impressed! your market is protected. In business,
Here's why you should become an It's fun to show folks who have known we measure it as barriers to entry. You
expert and strive to meet small niche me for years, the other side of Jeff have a built-in audience with no compe-
needs: Bennett. Their reactions are priceless. tition; that's called demand.

Control Creativity-The publishing Here are five proven ways to help you 5. Shovel ready audience
house owns the rules. You might have write and publish in a specialized mar-
a story to tell, but it must fit within the ket and establish yourself as a niche All you have to do is commit to the
editorial guidelines of the publisher. expert. project, organize your thoughts, com-
When you self-publish, you control the plete a manuscript, edit the manuscript,
cover design, book content, price and 1. Writing takes time and publish it. There are two methods
distribution. You also own all the rights of publishing your efforts and making
to reprints, print media and spin off Writing a book-length manuscript is big sales. Neither of these suggestions
items. difficult, but we make it look easy. De- involves getting your book in book-
spite advice given in self-publishing stores, signing with major publishing
Market Your Way-More and more pub- books, writing is a commitment. It companies or a model involving a lot of
lishing companies rely on the author to takes time, devotion, and some soli- wasted effort trying to replicate tradi-
market books. Just look at the latest tude, much of which a full time profes- tional publishing or traditional market-
book covers and see which is larger sional does not have in abundance. ing strategies. The premise: you are
the author's name or the book title? It's This endeavor is not a sprint, but an writing for a niche, because you've
the author who sells books. As a niche endurance race. The difficulty of for- already found your audience.
professional, you have a built in market matting a book may not be as tough as
and your efforts can easily reach them. setting aside time and committing to Writing a book isn't easy and shouldn't
You know what works, so go to it. writing words on paper. be something an author rushes
through, no matter what pop publishing
Money, Money, Money-Self publishers 2. You are an Expert culture tells us. What goes on paper is
earn all the profit. Set your price, pay a result of tireless effort. Depending on
the distributor and keep the rest. I have As an author/publisher, you have al- your motivation and personality, it may
written for publishing companies that ready identified niches that aren't sup- seem easier to put together a course
have paid 8% royalty. Work hard, write plied by publications. The market is or write an article or two for a newslet-
a book, earn $4.95 on the $60.00 sales hungry for knowledge, but to date, no ter, blog, or other publication.
price. With the self-publishing model, book has been supplied. On the other
you work hard, write a book and keep hand, there might be a book or two -------------------------------------------------------
$60.00 minus expenses. published, but they are incomplete. Jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP is the owner of Red
Bike Publishing Red Bike Publishing.
Publish On Your Schedule-Can't get 3. Start with quality over quantity Jeff is an accomplished writer of non-fiction
that book done in time? Who cares, books, novels and periodicals. He also
As an author, you are not necessarily owns Red bike Publishing. Published
nobody's keeping count. Ahead of books include: "Get Rich in a Niche-Insid-
schedule, go ahead and print, nobody writing to beat others to market, but to er's Guide to Self Publishing in a Special-
is stopping you. This is your time andget a champion product that meets a ized Industry" and "Commitment-A Novel".
place, you decide when is good. need. It also may be a good assump- Jeff is an expert in security and has written
tion that as you write, you will remain many security books including: "Insider's
Publish Like a Boss-You're in charge, as the sole source expert on the topic. Guide to Security Clearances" and "DoD
you own a company. You are CEO, Until you succeed, others may not Security Clearances and Contracts Guide-
COO, Owner, Proprieter, Publisher or even have the energy or desire to write book".

Retire, Think, Write and how to move into the exciting, new more to be a successful author. This is
and Publish! world of authoring. particularly true in the world of nonfiction.
Book writing is actually a small business
Susan Klopfer The traditional book publishing system is and there are many important steps to
rapidly changing. For new book authors take. But once the new writer follows a
"Sheila," an office supervisor for 32 years, who are not famous, the old days of big solid book plan (for writing, production,
spent most of her time overseeing the advances and hefty royalty payments are distribution and marketing), they have the
work and training of hundreds of employ- simply gone. Those days rarely existed, opportunity for success by following these
ees. anyway! suggestions:
Her superior management skills, com- Anyone who enjoys roaming a book store Write on topics for which you have pas-
bined with the frequent education she re- will still see traditionally published books sion and knowledge; books that will sell to
ceived through her company's personnel (Random House, Prentice Hall, etc.) in your friends and colleagues.
training program, gained her high marks stores, particularly if they are authored by Keep a small inventory of books on hand
and a career for which to be proud. famous people, stars. But the Internet and forget printing and warehousing large
Print On Demand or POD, e-book and numbers of book. The new writer can
She resigned from her job one year ago, audio books have brought tremendous even consider writing e-books in multiple
taking early retirement to see the world changes to this industry, completely over- formats or recording their own audio books.
and enjoy life. hauling book writing, publishing and pro-
motion. Promote your books (preferably eBooks)
But quickly, Sheila realized she was going on the Internet with Social Networking.
to need more money for the next thirty or Books have always had four stages: writ-
more years of her life of retirement and ing, manufacturing, distribution and mar- Promote offline through speaking and sell-
besides, she was becoming bored. keting. But today's independent publisher, ing books (or CDs) at the back of the room.
must do their own marketing and must be New authors will find plenty help online. At
She began searching for something to do directly involved with manufacturing and the Saturday seminar, Sheila learned
that would be interesting. Something that distribution, too. about some of today's legitimate self-pub-
would make use of her existing skills while lishing gurus, including John Kremer and
working on her own for the first time in her Publishing is rapidly evolving - with the the late Dan Poynter, both pioneers in the
life. addition of the Kindle, iPhones, iPods and field of self publishing.
other means to distribute and read books.
"II wanted to add to my retirement income Successful independent authors can now Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market
while making my new life the priority. I make sure their books are accessible by Your Books, tells his students that he has
realized the importance and the differ- formatting their books to these and other his own philosophy about publishing, a
ence between earning for a living and book reading systems. Some books are guidance system that has served him well:
earning to make a life." even published as WIKIs, web pages or
collections of web pages that allow read- "I am dedicated to selling my books not
A flyer posted on the bulletin board of her ers to make changes and add information, just for the money, or the prestige, or
favorite coffee shop resolved the question themselves, keeping the information con- whatever but because I don't believe in
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the answer. writes on civil rights in Mississippi. Her
newest books, "Where Rebels Roost: Mis-
The person who still wants to see a tradi- sissippi Civil Rights Revisited" and "The
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the idea sounds good. Write a book and Emmett Till Book" are now in print and are
who may still want to be a part of the carried in most online bookstores includ-
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back grounds, from teachers, lawyers, ing Amazon and Barnes & Noble. "Where
neously publish on their own while finding Rebels Roost" focuses on the Delta, Em-
waitresses, store clerks to stay-at-home an agent and/or publisher to take their
moms have discovered the joy of taking mett Till, Fannie Lou Hamer, Aaron Henry,
work, as well. Amzie Moore and many other civil rights
others into their personal worlds of fiction
and nonfiction. Today's success stories foot soldiers. Both books emphasize un-
So what does this boil down to? solved murders of Delta blacks from mid
typically hinge on understanding not only
At the Saturday seminar, Sheila learned
how to write, but how to get their books 1950s on. Orr-Klopfer is an award-winning
that she can write and distribute a book far journalist and former acquisitions and de-
into the hands of the reader. more quickly than in the old days of pub- velopment editor for Prentice-Hall. Her
lishing. And that she can sell her book like computer book, "Abort, Retry, Fail!" was
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