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Direction: Read the statements below. Write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided. NO

________1. What refers to social, cultural, and psychological characteristics or traits related to males
and females based on certain social contexts?
a. gender b. gender roles c. sex d. sex roles
________2. What is the set of behaviors that the society expects from a person based on his or her sex?
a. gender roles b. sex roles c. biological norms d. behaviorism
________3. Who performed spiritual and social rituals during the pre-colonial period?
a. bagani b. babaylan c. maharlika d. timawa
________4. The babaylan lost her position in society upon the arrival of the Spaniards. Which among
the following functions of the babaylan was taken over by Catholic priests?
a. healer b. seer and adviser c. religious leader d. mediator for the gods
________5. What concept expects women to be sensitive and emotional?
a. gender b. sexism c. sexual preference d. gender roles
________6. What concept says that women are capable of bearing children?
a. sex b. gender c. masculinity d. feminity
________7. Which statement is true?
a. Women were relegated to doing household chores in the pre-colonial period.
b. Women were not allowed to study and hold important positions in society during the pre-
colonial period.
c. Women enjoyed equal rights and status as men in the pre-colonial period.
d. Women enjoyed equal rights and status as men in the colonial period.
________8. Andrea wants to be an engineer when she grows up. When she was younger, she used to
play with her brother’s toy robots and cars. Her mother, however, told her that she can only play
with dolls because she is a girl.
Which among the following concepts apply in this situation?
a. gender role b. sex role c. sex discrimination d. social roles
________9. Patrick is being bullied in school for being more feminine than other boys his age. His
classmates tell him that boys should not act like girls because it is what is expected by society.
What is shown in this situation?
a. Society dictates how one should act based on their sexual preference.
b. Gender roles are followed by everyone in society.
c. Gender roles do not dictate who a person is.
d. Society dictates how a person should act based on being male or female.

________10. Why is gender discrimination a problem in society?

a. because members of other genders believe they are superior to others
b. because members of other genders are given the same opportunities as others
c. because men should always be the leaders of society
d. because women should always be the leaders of society
________11. What do you call Spaniards who were born in Spain and went to the Philippines?
A. insulares b. peninsulares C. mestizos D. indios
________12. What is the movement of people or families within or between different levels in the
A. social mobility B. social stratification C. social class D. social status
________13. 3. What do you call the pre-colonial social class composed of leaders and their families?
a. alipin b. timawa C. maharlika D. indio
________14. What is the difference between a peninsulares and an insulares?
a. nationality b. place of birth c.parents d. birthdate
________15. Which of the following can make social mobility in the Philippines possible?
a. education b. marriage c. both a & b d. neither a & b
________16. Bulan belongs to a family of warriors. When his barangay was attacked by a rival clan, his
family was captured and was brought to the rival's community.
In what pre-colonial class will Bulan and his family belong in after their capture?
a. alipin b. timawa c. maharlika d. dayuhan
________17. Jona's father is a teacher who earns PhP 25,000 per month, while her mother is an office
clerk who earns PhP 22,000 per month.
In which modern socioeconomic class does Jona's family belong?
a. high-income class b. middle-income class c. low-income class d. under-income class
________18. Pedro was born into a low-income family. Despite their family situation, his parents still
sent him to school to have a better chance in life.
Which among the following applies to Pedro’s social mobility?
a. social mobility through education b. social mobility through birth
c. social mobility through marriage d. social mobility through affinity
________19. Juan’s father is a Spaniard, while his mother is of Chinese ancestry. He married the
daughter of a Spanish general to gain political and economic power.
In which class will his children belong?
a. insulares b. indio c. mestizo d. peninsulares
________20. Which among the following statements applies to social mobility at present?
a. A person born in a low-income family may die as a member of a different income class.
b. A person cannot move from one social class to another through education.
c. A person’s place in society is fixed.
d. A person can move within different social classes only through marriage.
________21. What is the category of people with shared cultural attributes?
a. ethnicity b. culture c. gender d. race
________22. What is the category of people who share the same physical characteristics?
a. ethnicity b. culture c. gender d. race
________23. What is the discrimination or prejudice against another’s race?
a. racism b. ethnocentrism c. bullying d. genocide
________24. Adolf Hitler persecuted the Jews based on their religion. They were considered a minority
in Germany at the time.
Which among the following concepts was described in the example above?
a. racism b. ethnocentrism c. bullying d. genocide
________25. Pol Pot, who led Cambodia in the 1970s, created a peasant society by forcing all whom he
considered as “enemies"−the intellectuals and people living in the cities−to go back to the
provinces and work on farms. Around 2 million people died of starvation, fatigue, and execution.
Which among the following concepts apply in this example?
a. genocide b. ethnic cleansing c. massacre d. homicide
________26. Some indigenous people in the Philippines, like the Lumads of Mindanao, are forced to
leave their homes due to militarization and, in some cases, commercialization of their lands. Which
among the following concepts apply in this example?
a. genocide b. ethnic cleansing c. massacre d. homicide
________27. Joaquin is Spanish. He was born in Spain and was brought by his parents to the
Philippines. His parents forbade him to play with Ramon, an Filipino, and Mei, a Chinese, because
they are not Spanish.What concept is shown in this example?
a. racism b. ethnocentrism c. bullying d. genocide
________28. 8. Lolita is Tagalog. Her favorite food is fried pork chop. She hates her cousin, Ainah, who
is Muslim, because she does not eat pork.What concept is shown in this example?
a. racism b. ethnocentrism c. bullying d. genocide
________29. Colonial mentality is the belief that one’s country is inferior compared to powerful
countries, thus developing the mindset that one’s culture and products are of lesser quality. This
mentality developed in colonized countries like the Philippines.
With which concept can this belief be compared to?
a. racism b. ethnocentrism c. bullying d. genocide
________30. Which among the following statements are true for both ethnocentrism and racism?
a. Both doesn't have the idea that one’s race or culture is superior.
b. Both have the idea that another’s race or culture is inferior.
c. Both have the idea that another’s race or culture is unique.
d. Both have the idea that one’s race or culture is inferior.
________31. What do you call the set of practices and behavior that relate to a group of people's belief
in a god or group of gods?
a. religion b. secular c. spirituality d. culture
________32. Filipinos have the freedom to choose their own religion. What does this make the
a. a secular country b. a spiritual country
c. a religious country d. a Christian country
________33. Before the 16th century, our ancestors believed in animism. According to this belief, what
do plants, animals, and inanimate objects have?
a. spirit b. race c. culture d. religion
________34. What do you call the product of incorporating pre-Hispanic beliefs and practices into
Roman Catholicism?
a. Filipino Catholicism b. Filipino Animism
c. Roman Catholicism d. Spanish Animism
________35. How do sociologists study religion as a form of cultural variation?
a. Sociologists want to know how religion shapes people's way of life and affect behaviors in
b. Sociologists try to find out which among the religions is the best.
c. Sociologists are in constant pursuit to understand which among the religions are valid and
which are not.
d. Sociologists aim to ascertain which religion to side with in the event of religious conflict.
________36. Anne is a Protestant while her friend, Marie, is a Catholic. Sometimes, while doing their
homework in Marie's house, Anne makes fun of the fact that Catholics have images of saints in
their houses. What should Marie do about this problem?
a. Marie should talk to Anne and explain their religious differences.
b. Marie should stop being friends with Anne.
c. Do nothing. Anne will eventually stop laughing about it.
d. Marie should retaliate by making fun of Anne's religion.
________37. Amarah is a Muslim who studies in a public school. Her parents forbade her to make
friends with Christians because they are afraid that she will be bullied. She, however, has Christian
friends, and they understand her religion because of what they learned in class.
What should Amarah do about this problem?
a. Amarah should tell the truth and explain to her parents that her Christian friends are nice.
b. Amarah should just avoid talking about her friends to her parents.
c. Amarah should just follow her parents since they know what's best for her.
d. Amarah should keep the fact that she has Christian friends a secret from her parents.
________38. Bob went to Saudi Arabia for a vacation. He saw a lot of women wearing hijabs and made
fun of them. He also kept looking for pork when eating in restaurants. If you are Bob's companion,
what should you do?
a. Tell Bob to stop laughing and explain to him the importance of respecting others' religions.
b. Join Bob in laughing at the locals and ask the women to remove their hijabs.
c. Reprimand Bob for making fun of others then leave him at the hotel.
d. Do nothing. You are also a tourist, and they would not recognize you.
________39. You studied about terrorism in one of your classes in school. It was mentioned that some
terrorist groups are doing terrible acts to protect Islam from Christians. Some of your classmates
started calling your Muslim classmate a "terrorist" behind his back.
What should you do to stop your classmates from bullying your Muslim classmate?
a. Explain to them that not all Muslims are terrorists.
b. Join them in bullying your Muslim classmate.
c. Do nothing. You are not being bullied anyway.
d. Tell them that if they do not stop bullying your Muslim classmate, he will do terrible acts to
________40. If you are living in an area of conflict where members of two different religions are
fighting each other, what can you do to resolve the issues that led to their conflict?
a. Have a dialogue with the two groups and help them assess their concerns and propose
b. Leave the area of conflict and find another place to live.
c. Tell the police or the town chief to resolve the issue so you can live peacefully.
d. Let the two groups find each other, but let them know that your family is neutral.

II. Identification: Choose your answer from the box below and write the letter of
your answer on the space provided. NO ERASURE!

A. Racism F. Islam
B. Principalia G. Aliping Saguiguilid
C. Indios H. Mestizo
D. Freemen I. Genocide
E. Christianity J. Social Mobility

________41. The religion which was brought by the Spaniards.

________42. The elimination of a group of people from the same race, ethnic group, religion or nation.
________43. The discrimination or prejudice based on one’s race.
________44. Those of mixed ancestry, usually children of Spanish and Chinese couples or of Spanish
and Indio couples.
________45. The first social class and are composed of the leaders and their families.
________46. The religion that was brought by Arab missionaries, and they believe in Allah.
________47. The transfer from a lower socioeconomic class to a higher one.
________48. The lowest class in the society who are consists of the natives during the Spanish era.
________49. A slave which can be sold or exchanged for goods or other alipin.
________50. They are composed of all freemen living in the barangay.