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Installation Guidelines –Geocell

1. Introduction:
Proper installation and covering procedures are essential to meet the design intent and long term
performance of Geocell. This manual provides the guidelines for proper installation of Geocell for
pavement stabilization in the field.

2. Product – TechCell Geocell

Techcell Geocell is the cellular confinement system created, indigenously manufactured and
distributed by TECHFAB INDIA made from High Density Polyethylene stabilized with carbon black
which has higher tensile strength and stiffness.
Geocell is expanded on-site to form a honeycomb like structure, which is in filled with granular
infill which creates unique cellular confinement system.

3. Geocell Storing and Handling:

• Geocell panels are packed in a collapsed form

• Never drag the Geocell panels, it may lead to damages.
• The recommended method of unloading is, to use the Stout Bar. A Bar can be passed
through the forklift pallet & attached via chain, which in turn can be lifted by Hydra Crane
or Forklift.
• Store the Geocell Panels on wooden pallets as shown figure below.
• The Geocell Panels shall be kept dry and wrapped such that it is protected from any
damage during shipping and storage. If stored outdoors, it shall be elevated and protected
with a cover.
• To the extent possible, geocells shall be stored with the packaging intact. This is essential
for the following reasons:
a) Easy identification of the material type, batch no. and other details;
b) Protection against any damage during storage;
c) Protection against damage during onward handling

• Geocell panels should also be carefully handled when being deployed from storage to
their position just prior to installation.

4. Installation of TechCell Geocell over HDPE sheet:

The following sequence shall be adopted for the laying of Geocell on Slope over HDPE liner:

• The work site shall be well prepared before the installation. The ground shall be compacted
in accordance with the project specification. All surfaces to be deployed shall be free of all
foreign and organic material or sharp objects.
• HDPE liner shall be placed as per approved drawing.
• Geocell needs to be installed over HDPE liner therefore, J-pins or any such sharp object shall
not be used as it may puncture the liner.
• Use anchor trench at top and bottom to hold the Geocell in position along with HDPE liner.
Align and fasten Geocell by means of heavy but not sharp objects like round smooth edged
• Additionally tendons - polypropylene wires about 8mm thick - shall be used for proper
positioning of the geocell. Tendons shall be passed through the openings in the Geocell
panels as shown in the picture below.

• Fill the system with the infill material suggested and level to approximately 30mm above
the cells. Compact the infill material as suggested by Engineer in charge or as per the
project specification.
• Proper side-to-side cell alignment is to be maintained to prevent loss of cell infill material.
Compact every surface of the panels well as per the specification.