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A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics 10

Lesson Plan No. 02

Educational Institute : Agusan National High School

Student Teacher : Mary Gracelyn C. Nagas
Cooperating Teacher : Jessica D. Cagulangan
Grade : 10
Section : Explorer (6:00-7:00 PM), Apollo (7:00 – 8:00 PM)

I. OBJECTIVES: At the end of the period the learners will be able to:
A. Differentiate combination from permutation
B. Solve problems involving combinations using the formula
C. Show teamwork and cooperation through active participation in group activities


A. Topic : Combination (Solving Problems involving combinations)
B. Reference: Mathematics Grade 10, Learner’s Module
C. Materials: Visual Aid, Activity sheets


A. Preparatory Activities ( 5 minutes)
1. Prayer
2. Greetings
3. Classroom Management
4. Checking of Attendance

B. Lesson Proper

Before the activity the teacher will communicate the learning goals students need to achieve for this lesson.
The teacher will then ask the students to tap the shoulder of their classmates and say “You can achieve it!” After
which, students are going to tap their own shoulder and say “I can achieve it!

1. Activity

The Teacher will let the students find a partner and answer the activity sheets provided.
Name/s : _________________________________________________________________________

Instruction: Identify if each scenario involves permutation or a combination. Write your answer on the blank.

1. A team of 8 basketball players needs to choose a captain and co-captain. ___________________________

2. Rob and Mary are planning trips to nine countries this year. There are 13 countries
they would like to visit. They are deciding which countries to skip. _______________________
3. The batting order for seven players on a 12 person team. _______________________
4. There are 45 applicants for three Computer Programmer positions. ________________________
5. A team of 17 softball players needs to choose three players to refill the water cooler.____________________

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2. Analysis

After the activity, the teacher will ask the students the following question.

a. How many scenarios that involve a Combination?

a. How did you know that the given scenario is a combination?


With the same partner, students are given a problem to solve using the technique they have learned from
the previous lesson. Students are given only 2 minutes to solve the problem.

Problem: If the Teacher wants to choose 5 out of her 20 students, how many possible options would the
teacher have for his/her decision? (Note: it does not matter the order or who gets picked)

After the activity, the teacher will then ask the following question
a. How many options were you able to come up?
b. What method/technique did you use in solving the problem?
b. How did you find the problem? Is it easy or not? What difficulties have you faced in answering the

The teacher will then reveal the answer for the problem, (Answer: 15,504 ). Teacher should explain to the
students that today’s lesson they will learn a quick and easy way to find that answer, using the formula of
combination .

3. Abstract

The Teacher should explain that the number of combinations of n objects taken r at a time is denoted by

C ( n,r ), nCr, C n but for this learning material they will use the first notation.

The formula for Combination is ,n ≥ r ≥ 0

Example 1

Showing the solution of the problem using the formula

C ( 20, 5) = 20!____ C ( 20, 5) =

5!( 20-5)! ( ) ( )

= after common factors are cancelled

= 1,860,480

= 15,504 options

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Example 2

A box contains 5 red balls, 7 green balls, and 6 yellow balls. In how many ways can 6 balls be chosen if
there should be 2 balls each color?

N = C (5, 2). C (7, 2). C (6, 2)

= 5! . 7! . 6!
2!3! 2!5! 2!4!

= 10. 21. 15

= 3150 ways

4. Application

In a ½ sheet of paper students are going to solve the following problem.

1. In a 10-item Mathematics problem-solving test, how many ways can you select 5 problems to solve?
2. The following solution contains an error, identify and encircle it, then rewrite the solution with the correct value.

C (12, 2) = 12!
8! 2!

( (2.1)

= 66

After the allotted time, the teacher will ask a 3 representatives to solve the problem on the board.

5. Assignment

Solve the following problem and write the answer in ½ sheet of paper. Page 311- Activity 6, item nos. 6 & 7.

Item No 6. In how many ways can a committee of 5 be formed from 5 juniors and 7 seniors if the committee must
have 3 seniors?

Item No. 7. From a population of 50 households, in how many ways can a researcher select a sample with a size
of 10?

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