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Blue Coat Malware Analysis Appliance S400/S500
Business The Blue Coat Malware Analysis Appliance is a key component of Blue Coat’s Advanced Threat Protection
solution. Integrated with the Blue Coat Content Analysis System or the Blue Coat Security Analytics Platform with
ThreatBLADES, it provides a highly scalable solution for detecting and analyzing unknown, advanced, and targeted
malware. This adaptive and customizable sandbox solution delivers enterprise-class, comprehensive malware
detonation and analysis using a unique, dual-detection approach to quickly analyze suspicious files and URLs,
interact with running malware to reveal its complete behavior, and expose zero-day threats and unknown malware.
Expose More Malicious Behavior
The Malware Analysis Appliance utilizes
cleverly disguised malware. It detects packed
malware and VM-aware samples that alter AT A GLANCE
their behavior in an artificial environment, plus Description
a powerful dual-detection approach that
malware that attempts to wait out any sandbox Detects and analyzes unknown, advanced,
combines virtualization and emulation to
analysis using short or long sleeps. and targeted malware using a unique, dual-
capture more malicious behavior across a
detection approach that safely detonates
wider range of custom environments than Defeat Anti-Analysis at Many Levels suspicious files and URLs, reveals malicious
typical consolidated single-sandbox solutions. Anti-analysis defeating tools – such as hook- behavior, and exposes zero-day threats.
• Emulation Sandbox: An instrumented, based introspection, high-level and low-level
event capture, and detection in both kernel Capabilities
fully controlled, replicated PC computing
environment emulates Windows systems and user modes – intercept and convert • Comprehensive, enterprise-class malware
behavior into detailed forensic intelligence. detonation in highly realistic sandbox
to detect malware that otherwise will not
detonate within a virtualized environment Interact with Running Malware • Combines dynamic, static, and reputational
• Virtualization Sandbox: Custom analysis A flexible plug-in architecture extends analysis techniques for more thorough exposure
profiles replicate actual Windows production detection and processing by interacting with of malware
environments, down to the applications and running malware, clicking through dialog • Scalable and customizable solution
boxes and installers, and generating unique • Detailed forensics and shared threat intelligence
versions in use, to quickly spot anomalies
post-processing analysis artifacts. • Seamless integration with Blue Coat Content
and behavioral differences that unveil
Analysis System and Security Analytics Platform
anti-analysis, sleep, and other advanced Generate More Relevant Results Key Benefits
evasion techniques. A virtualized Android Virtual machine profiles replicate multiple • Transforms malware exposure into continuous
sandbox detects and analyzes mobile threats custom production environments, allowing security improvement
traversing enterprise networks. security analysts to analyze threats across a • Superior detection, more accurate and relevant
Multiple Detection Techniques range of operating systems and applications. analysis
They can closely match their organizations’ • Exceptional performance even on high-volume
The Malware Analysis Appliance uses a
desktop environments, gathering intelligence networks
combination of static and dynamic analysis
on malware targeting their organizations • Helps prioritize and accelerate incident
MALWARE ANALYSIS techniques that employ standard, custom,
directly or seeking to exploit specific response
and open source YARA patterns to unmask
APPLIANCE S400/S500 application vulnerabilities.
Customize Detection and Risk Scoring Malware Analysis Appliance Malware Analysis Appliance
Detection criteria, analysis parameters, Features Benefits

firewall settings, and risk scoring can all be • Dual-detection emulated and virtual sandbox • Superior threat detection: Unique dual-
customized to add flexibility, unique detection, analysis environments detection approach combines emulation and

Empowers and fast response capabilities when analyzing

non-traditional and targeted malware in unique • Customizable Windows 8/7/XP profiles
virtual sandboxing, plus static and dynamic
analysis techniques, to deliver unrivaled
Business production environments. closely match production systems
intelligence for unknown threats
Adaptive Intelligence for Changing • Virtualized Android sandbox detects mobile
• Accurate and relevant analysis:
Threats threats
Customized virtual machine profiles running
Since the Malware Analysis Appliance does • Pattern-based detection exposes malicious Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows
not rely on static signatures, its flexible files and URLs including polymorphic, 8 closely replicate actual corporate gold
detection patterns are designed to detect unique, and targeted threats images to detect targeted threats against
polymorphic files, single-use targeted actual production configurations
malware, and fast-changing website domains. • Supports any PC file format
• Clicks through dialogs and installers to • Customizable analysis and risk scoring:
Detailed Forensics for Remediation Automatic sample classification and risk
expose interactive malware requiring user
Blue Coat sandboxing technology provides scoring – augmented by custom detection
security defenders a comprehensive map patterns, interactive analysis plugins, and
of the damage – including both host-based • Thwarts VM-aware malware, bypasses sleep risk scores – flag suspicious system events
and network indicators of compromise – that calls, and detects generic exploits such as based on degree of potential malicious
any malicious file or URL would cause to “heap sprays” activity within your unique environment
equivalently configured production machines
without putting actual computers or sensitive • Customizable pattern matching, analysis • High throughput performance: Parallel
data at risk. settings, and risk scores sample processing on up to 55 virtual
• Automatic pattern updates for continuous machines per single Malware Analysis
Share Threat Intelligence
protection against fast-evolving threats Appliance generates continuous enterprise-
As unknown, advanced, or targeted malware
class performance on high volume, high
and zero-day threats are exposed, the new • Generates relevant, granular verdicts plus a
threat networks
threat intelligence is continuously shared complete range of analysis artifacts
across the security infrastructure and with • Improved incident response: Helps
• Seamlessly integrates with Blue Coat’s
the Blue Coat Global Intelligent Network, prioritize and focus incident response,
composed of 15,000 customers and 75 million Content Analysis System or Security
streamlining damage assessments and
users worldwide. Analytics Platform with ThreatBLADES
speeding remediation efforts
Inoculation for Forward Defenses • Integrates with Blue Coat’s Global
• Inoculates forward defenses: Shares
Intelligence Network for continuous threat
The Malware Analysis Appliance turns threat intelligence with the Blue Coat Global
sharing among 15,000 customers and 75
unknown threats into known threats and Intelligence Network, providing rapid updates
shares threat data with others across the million endpoints
to inline forward defenses that quickly block
global network, improving the effectiveness of • Supports centralized appliance management newly exposed malware
front-line defenses such as Blue Coat ProxySG for enterprise provisioning and deployment
secure web gateways by moving protection
forward to the perimeter where blocking will
take place for subsequent attacks.


Security Malware Samples

12,000 samples per day 50,000 samples per day

Empowers Disk Drives 2 x 500GB 6 x 1TB


Onboard Ports (1) 1000Base-T Copper, System Management Port (1) 1000Base-T Copper, System Management Port
(1) 1000Base-T Copper, BMC Management Port (1) 1000Base-T Copper, BMC Management Port

Power Supplies 2 2



Dimensions 572mm x 432.5mm x 42.9mm 710mm x 433.3mm x 87.2mm

(22.5in x 17.03in x 1.69in) (chassis only) (27.95in x 17.05in x 3.43in) (chassis only)
643mm x 485.4mm x 42.9mm 812.8mm x 433.4mm x 87.2mm
(25.3in x 19.11in x 1.69in) (chassis w/extensions) (32in x 17.06in x 3.43in) (chassis w/extensions)
1 RU height 2 RU height

Weight (maximum) Approx. 12.8 kg (28 lbs) +/- 5% Approx. 30kg (66.12 lbs) +/- 5%


Power Dual redundant and hot swappable power supplies, AC power 100- Dual redundant and hot swappable power supplies, AC power 100-
127V @ 8A, 200-240V @ 4A, 47-63Hz (DC power available) 240V, 50-60Hz, 12-5A (DC power available)

Maximum Power 450 Watts 1100 Watts

Thermal Rating Typical 1086 BTU/Hr, Max 1381 BTU/Hr Typical 2598.42 BTU/Hr, Max 3751 BTU/Hr

Temperature 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F) at sea level

Humidity 20 to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing

Altitude Up to 3048m (10,000ft)


International CB – IEC60950-1, Second Edition CISPR22, Class A; CISPR24
USA NRTL – UL60950-1, Second Edition FCC part 15, Class A
Canada SCC – CSA-22.2, No.60950-1, Second Edition ICES-003, Class A
European Union (CE) CE – EN60950-1, Second Edition EN55022, Class A; EN55024; EN61000-3-2; EN61000-3-3
Japan --- VCCI V-3, Class A
Mexico NOM-019-SCFI by NRTL Declaration ---
Argentina S Mark – IEC 60950-1 ---
Taiwan BSMI – CNS-14336-1 BSMI – CNS13438, Class A
China CCC – GB4943.1 CCC – GB9254; GB17625
Australia/New Zealand AS/NZS 60950-1, Second Edition AS/ZNS-CISPR22
Korea --- KC – RRA, Class A
Russia CU – IEC 60950-1 GOST-R 51318.22, Class A; 51318.24; 51317.3.2; 51317.3.3
ENVIRONMENTAL RoHS-Directive 2011/65/EU, REACH-Regulation No 1907/2006
PRODUCT WARRANTY Limited, non-transferable hardware warranty for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment. BlueTouch Support contracts available for 24/7 software support with options for
hardware support.
GOV’T CERTIFICATIONS For further government certification information please contact Federal_Certifications@bluecoat.com
MORE INFO Contact regulatoryinfo@bluecoat.com for specific regulatory compliance certification questions and support
Any Windows file type;
Android mobile files Security Analytics


Empowers (Blocking)
Business Content Analysis ProxySG
1 ProxySG
Intelligent Pre-Filtering IP/URL Categorization and Reputation Continuous Defenses
Scan/Block/Alert on known Subsequent malicious
bad files/URLs (blacklist); Known-Bad Malware Rejection Layer files/URLs blocked by
exclude known good rejection layers; blacklists
Analysis Global Intelligence
files/URLs (whitelist) System and whitelists updated

File-Based Known Good/Bad ThreatBLADES
Malware Rejection Layer

Security Analytics

Blue Coat Malware Analysis

2 Emulated Virtualized 3
Efficient Sandboxing Threat Intelligence Updates
Advanced dynamic, static, SandBox SandBox Update Global Intelligence
and reputational analysis Network to fortify
of only the remaining frontline defenses
unknown files/URLs Analysis Profiles
Analysis Resources
PCAPs Dropped Screen HTTP
Files Shots Archives Risk
Blue Coat Systems Inc. Memory Pattern Event 0 - 10 NOT MALICIOUS
www.bluecoat.com Dumps Hits Lists

Corporate Headquarters
Sunnyvale, CA Malware Analysis Ecosystem

EMEA Headquarters
Hampshire, UK
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