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Jl. Kencana Loka Raya No. 8, Sektor XII BSD City

Primary Division Class: 4
2nd Semester Academic Year 2018 - 2019 Day and Date:


: English
: Sounds All Around, What Would You Do, Food For Thought, Poems to ponder
Objectives : Identify rhyming words
Write a poem
Classify adjectives based on its intensity
Comprehend features of a poem

I. Listening Test
Listen to the song. Match the people and the job descriptions.

Nigel Naylor, a tailor, ● ● comes to see you when it hurts.

Penny Proctor, a doctor, ● ● has got cows and pigs and sheep.

Peter Palmer, a farmer, ● ● makes trousers, suits and shirts.

Wendy Witter, a babysitter, ● ● call him when you've got a leak.

Mabel Meacher, a teacher, ● ● keeps your teeth both clean and white.

Gary Gummer, a plumber, ● ● comes when there's a fire to fight.

Patty Prentice, a dentist, ● ● minds the kids when they're asleep.

Ronnie Ryman, a fireman, ● ● teaches English, French and Greek.

II. Spelling and vocabulary Test

For each of the following words, choose the word that has the same or nearly the
same meaning.
1. navigate
a. search b. decide c. steer d. assist

2. tailor
a. measure b. construct c. launder d. alter

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3. yield
a. merge b.relinquish c. destroy d.hinder
4. eternal
a. timeless b. heavenly c. loving d.wealthy

5. stow
a. pack b. curtsy c. fool d.trample

III. Grammar Test

IV. Reading Comprehension Test
V. Writing Test

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