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Unit 3: The Debt and Investment Management process

Figure 420: Debt and Investment Maturity Profile - Dimensions

The figure, Debt and Investment Maturity Profile - Dimensions, shows that it is possible to
view the data by various dimensions. This allows user to be able to analyze the data many

Figure 421: Debt and Investment Maturity Profile - Table View

The table view can be used view to the trades and the trade detail pulled into the report. The
table view displays a list of trades in a table form, with line item details such as the transaction
number and nominal amount in display currency, and so on. The user is able to navigate to the
trades to check the details of the transactions.
From this app, it is possible to navigate to collective processing for financial transactions for
further actions like roll over, display, change,and so on.

You should now be able to:
● Execute leading edge SAP Fiori tile reports

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1/13/2020 SAP e-book

Unit 3
Lesson 14
Gaining Efficiency with the Trade Finance

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:
● Gain efficiency with the Trade Finance Process

The Trade Finance Business Background

Figure 422: Trade Finance: Definition

The trade finance definition equates to the definition of requirements for a trade finance

The Trade Finance Solution Overview

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1/13/2020 SAP e-book