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Muhammad Asif

Email Address: mohammed.asif.mengal@gmail.com

Personal Information
Father’s Name: Muhammad Akram

Religion: Islam

Nationality: Pakistani

Local: District Quetta, Province Balochistan

Marital Status: Single

Date of Birth: 24th May, 1996

Place of Birth: District Quetta

C.N.I.C No. 54401-4996686-7

Cell No. 0332-3409030
Postal Address: Muhammad Akram Stenographer, Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), Block
No.7 Room No.9 Balochistan Civil Secretariat, Quetta.

Skills & Relevant Work Experience

 Worked as volunteer in NGO Sector to Motivate people and Conducting Awareness Programs for the
masses in the field of Health, Education and Safe environment.

Academic Qualification
2012 Metric from Balochistan Board Quetta (Science)
2014 F.S.C from Balochistan Board Quetta (Science)
2018 Bachelors from Lasbela University of Agriculture Water Marine Sciences Uthal
Balochistan (Water Resources Management)
Other Courses
2012 Diploma in English Language
2009 Computer Courses Installation of (XP, 98) Trouble Shooting, M.S Office, Graphics
(Flash, Coral Draw, Adobe Photo Shop, Swish, Inpage Urdu) HTML, Visual Basic,
Inter Net (Browsing, Surfing).

2010 Orientation Workshop for ASK Core Group December, 13th & 14th, 2010
2012 “Theater 4 Peace” Workshop Organized by Sindh Community Foundation
(Supported by UNAOC)

Social Interests
 Touring different Places in Pakistan and Foreign Countries
 Arranging different programs for people to make them creative.
 Arranging different programs to make the positive behavior of young generations.
 Attending all Social Programs such as workshops, seminars, festivals, tours and outdoor picnics

Dr. Nadeem Nawaz
Dean Faculty of Engineering Science & Technology (LUAWMS)
Cell No.+92-342-3042377
E-mail Address: nn.engr96@yahoo.com

Mr. Sanaullah Baloch

Member Balochistan Provincial Assembly
Cell No. +92-333-7774516
E-mail Address: senator.baloch@gmail.com