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Liebert® EXSTM

10 to 80 kW
Optimized and integrated
three-phase UPS solution
with high eff iciency power 
Liebert® EXS™ 10 to 80 kW

Liebert® EXS from 10 to 80 kW

Compact design and improved
The new Liebert® EXS is 97,00%
a monolithic transformer-free UPS
which brings exceptional features 96,50%
for mission-critical applications. Its
extraordinary double conversion 96,00%
efficiency up to 96.2% ensures
remarkable operational cost 95,50%
savings, reducing both the Total
Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the 95,00%
environmental impact.
At the same time, with its unity 94,50%
output power factor and high
power density, Liebert EXS is able 94,00%
to provide the utmost active 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
power possible in a compact
footprint. In fact, its improved
design reduces its footprint to Liebert EXS 10-80 kVA efficiency curve
a minimum, providing continuous
power protection with optimized
internal runtime in a standalone
solution, making the Liebert EXS
perfect for both IT installations and
other mission critical applications,
such as transportation, emergency CENTRAL POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM
lighting, healthcare, retail and
government facilities. (CPSS)
Liebert EXS can be used for CPSS applications*
FEATURES AND as defined in the EN 50171 standard, and is hence
capable of supplying the necessary emergency
PERFORMANCES power to essential safety equipment. In fact, the
unit can be used to power emergency escape
lighting in case of normal supply failure and may
also be suitable for powering other safety systems
such as automatic fire extinguishing installations,
signaling safety installations and smoke extraction
* Subject to additional prescriptions
multiple internal runtime
yyAvailable in 3/3 and 3/1 RAILWAYS APPLICATIONS
versions (10-20 kVA) Liebert EXS can be used for railways applications
as defined in the EN 50121 standard, and it's hence
yyIntegrated maintenance
capable of supplying power to specific systems in
urban stations and ensure high reliability to critical
yyIntegrated input and output buildings.
breakers/switches In fact, the unit can be used to power on passenger
yyParallel capability for capacity information panels, safety signaling equipment,
and redundancy ticket machines as well as IT rooms and
administration and control offices.
yyLithium-ion battery
To ensure superior protection for  Integrated Autonomy Full Galvanic Isolation
critical loads, the Liebert® EXS  (10-60kVA) Liebert EXS off ers integrated full
range has been designed to galvanic isolation, meaning that an 
Liebert EXS provides an optimized 
optimize specifi c rating  isolation transformer may be 
integrated autonomy which 
requirements, thus enhancing  housed inside the UPS cabinet. 
results in back up times in a 
fl exibility and installation space  This greatly reduces the system 
compact footprint.
needs.  footprint, thus providing space 
Its internal architecture is able to 
Liebert EXS’s fl exibility is further  house up to four battery strings,  saving advantages.
enhanced through: further optimizing integrated  The transformer may be 
y Single and three phase output autonomy and delivering the  connected to the input or to the 
confi gurations up to 20 kVA added advantage of virtually  output of the UPS, providing:
y Integrated parallel capability up eliminating the need for an  y Full galvanic isolation for
to 4 units external battery cabinet.  medical and other critical
This furthermore reduces applications
y Common or distributed battery
installation costs and minimizes
bank y Installation with two
the demand on physical space. In 
y Internal and external battery independent input sources
addition, Liebert EXS’s powerful 
confi gurations for optimized (with diff erent neutrals)
battery charger ensures rapid
back up time management recharge, increasing its ability to  y Installation in distribution
y Casters for easy UPS manage longer back up times. without neutral.

Output Configuration EXS 10-20 kVA with integrated battery EXS 10-20 kVA with integrated battery
(up to two strings) strings (up to four strings)
Liebert EXS models up to 20 kVA 
can be confi gured on-site to 
deliver three (3/3) or single (3/1)  UPS UPS
phase output giving it the 
flexibility to adapt to changes in  1300 1300
installation environments. Battery Battery

650 650
335 242 335

Liebert EXS architecture

EXS 30-40 kVA with EXS 60 kVA with

READY FOR integrated batteries integrated batteries
EXS 80 kVA


1600 UPS
1600 1600
Battery Battery

750 850 850

440 600 600

Liebert EXS architecture

Liebert® EXS™ 10 to 80 kW

In The Field
Parallel Ready
Liebert EXS can be connected  Automatic AC Bypass
with up to four units in parallel. A  AC Normal AC Normal AC Normal AC Normal
single unit can be upgraded to 
parallel operation via easy to 
modify software settings, allowing 
the system to be customized for 
the requested confi guration. The 
loop parallel connection used in 
paralleling the system delivers
ultimate reliability and eliminates
the possibility of a single point of 
failure, ensuring perfect load  Load

sharing and fast detection of any  Liebert EXS - Parallel configuration

variation in the system status.

Intelligent Paralleling Feature

Activating the Intelligent  Automatic AC Bypass
Paralleling Mode optimizes AC Normal AC Normal AC Normal AC Normal
eff iciency at partial load, thus 
achieving greater operational cost 
savings. Enabling this feature 
allows the system to automatically 
adapt capacity to meet immediate 
load requirements by switching 
excess units to standby mode,  For units at 40% load 
while ensuring continued system  each = 95.5% eff  iciency.
availability. Furthermore, this mode 
allows each Liebert EXS unit to  Load
operate in standby mode for the  Liebert EXS - Inteligent Parelleling
same amount of time, ensuring an 
equal life span of module 
components.  Automatic AC Bypass
AC Normal AC Normal AC Normal AC Normal

Fault Tolerance Feature1

The Liebert EXS provides 
enhanced fault tolerance at partial 
load versus a traditional fi xed  66%
capacity monolithic UPS. It can 
For units at 66% load 
tolerate internal power module each= >96% eff  iciency.
failures and still support a partial 
load without going to bypass. 
Thereby, enhances the availability 
of your critical load.  Liebert EXS - Inteligent Parelleling

1.Applicable for 60 &80kVA variants.

Communication Serviceability
Liebert® EXS features a multi- The architecture of the Liebert 
lingual LCD user interface allowing  Vertiv Trellis platform is a  EXS is designed to optimize
close control and monitoring of  real-time infrastructure  installation and simplify service 
system status and performance.  optimization platform that  with its easily removable power 
The UPS off  ers the following  enables the unifi ed  assembly. This architecture 
communication features:  management of data center IT  considerably minimizes the time
Liebert EXS’s fl exibility is further  and facilities infrastructure.  needed for repairs and optimizes 
enhanced through: The Vertiv Trellis platform  serviceability. Liebert EXS also 
y Voltage-free contacts software can manage  comes equipped with casters to 
y Intellislot for SNMP, Modbus or capacity, track inventory, plan  facilitate ease of movement and 
Relay communication changes, visualize  relocation.
confi gurations, analyze and 
y USB interface
calculate energy usage, and 
These communication capabilities  optimize cooling and power 
make Liebert EXS compatible equipment as well as enable
with any building management for virtualization. 
system. The Vertiv Trellis platform 
monitors the data center, 
providing a thorough 
Software Connectivity understanding of system 
Vertiv™ shutdown software off   dependencies to help IT and 
ering prevents unexpected server  facilities organizations keep 
shutdowns and minimizes the data center running at 
downtime warning of pending  peak performance. This 
power losses and initiating safe  unifi ed and complete solution, 
shutdown of operating systems if  delivers the power to see the 
required. Vertiv Nform™ network  real situation in your data 
communications system enables  center, make the right 
customers to leverage the  decision and take action with 
distributed monitoring capabilities  confi dence.
of network connected equipment, 
providing centralized management 
of distributed systems.

Relay Card

10 - 20 kVA 30 - 40 kVA 60 kVA 80 kVA

Liebert® EXS™ 10 to 80 kW

VERTIV™ LIFE™ Services Remote Diagnostic and Preventive Monitoring

Vertiv's service program is First Time Fix Rate Fast Incident Response
designed to ensure that your Pro-active monitoring and data Vertiv LIFE Services allow for
critical power protection system is measuring ensure that when our immediate definition of the best
maintained in an optimum state of customer engineers are course of action, as a result of the
readiness at all times. dispatched on-site, they arrive regular communication between
prepared for first time resolution. your Liebert EXS system and our
The Vertiv LIFE™ Services remote Vertiv LIFE Service centers.
diagnostic and preventive Proactive Analysis
monitoring service provides early Reporting
From Vertiv LIFE Service centers,
warning of UPS conditions and out
our experts proactively analyze the You will receive a comprehensive
of tolerances. This allows effective
data and trends of your equipment, report detailing the working order
proactive maintenance, fast
to recommend actions to ensure of your equipment and its
incident response and remote
their best performance. operational performance.
troubleshooting, giving customers
complete security and peace of
mind. With Vertiv LIFE Services Minimized Total Cost of
you will benefit from: Ownership of Your Equipment
The continuous monitoring of all
relevant parameters in turn
Uptime Assurance maximizes unit performance,
Constant monitoring of UPS reduces on-site maintenance and
parameters, thus maximizing the extends the life of your equipment.
system’s availability.
Technical Specifications

Ratings (kVA / kW ) 10 15 20 30 40 60 80

Nominal input voltage 380 / 400 / 415 V (three-phase + N + PE)

Input voltage range without battery discharge 173 to 498 V* 228 to 475 V*

Nominal frequency 50/60 Hz

Input frequency range 40 to 70 Hz

Input power factor at full load 0.99 kW / kVA

Current THD at full linear load ≤ 3 %*

Bypass voltage tolerance selectable from + 20 % to - 40 %

Bypass frequency tolerance ± 20 % (± 10 % selectable)


Battery blocks per string 24 to 40* 26 to 40*

Voltage temperature compensation -3.0 mV / °C / Cell

13 A 12.5 A 25 A


380 / 400 / 415 V (three-phase + N + PE) or

Nominal output voltage 380 / 400 / 415 V (three-phase + N + PE)
220 / 230 / 240 V (single-phase + N + PE)

Nominal output frequency 50/60 Hz

Maximum active power 10 kW 15 kW 20 kW 30 kW 40 kW 60 kW 80 kW

THDv at full linear load 2%

105 % for 60 min; 125 % for 5 min; 150 % for 1 min;  105 % for 60 min; 125 % for 10 min; 150 % for 1 min; 
Inverter overload capacity
> 150 %  for 200 ms > 150 %  for  200 ms

Double conversion efficiency Up to 96.2 %

ECO mode efficiency Up to 99 %

Dimensions and weight

335 x 650 x 1300 mm (standard version)

Dimensions (W x D x H) 440 x 750 x 1600 mm 600 x 850 x 1600 mm
577 x 650 x 1300 mm (extended version)
Net / Shipping weight (excluding battery) 85 / 115 kg (standard version) 170 / 200 kg 215 / 245 kg 230 / 260 kg


Noise at 1 m ≤58 dBA <60 dBA

Maximum altitude 1500 m without derating (max. 3000 m)

Operating Temperature up to 50 °C* up to 40 °C

Protection level IEC (60529) IP20

General and safety requirements for UPS EN/IEC/AS 62040-1

EMC requirements for UPS EN/IEC/AS 62040-2

UPS classification according to IEC EN 62040-3 VFI-SS-111

* Conditions apply.

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