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I. On Contemporary Arts. Write TRUE if the statement is correct; FALSE if incorrect.

_______1. Art comes from the word “ars” which means create.
_______2. Contemporary arts are those produced by artists of ancient times.
_______3. Contemporary art is confined to the museum.
_______4. Hybridity refers to the mixing of unlikely materials (sand, mud, coffee and the likes) to
produce an artwork.
_______5. Vegetable or fruit sculptures used as table decorations exemplify integrative art.

II. On Classification of Art Forms. Match the following genres of art with their descriptions.
Choose the letter of the correct answer.

_____1. Visual Arts A. They are those presented in the written mode and intended to
_____2. Graphic Arts be read.
_____3. Plastic Arts B. They are those forms perceived by the eyes.
_____4. Audio-Visual Arts C. They are those forms perceived by both ears and eyes.
_____5. Literary Arts D. They are those visual arts that have length and width; thus,
they are also called two-dimensional arts.
E. They are those visual arts that have length, width, and
volume; thus, they are also called three-dimensional arts.

III. On Functions of Art. Identify whether the following functions of art are personal, social,
economic, political, historical, cultural, physical, or aesthetic.

_______________1. The composer of the song “Vincent” was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s
painting, “The Starry Night”.
_______________2. Paintings serve to decorate houses and other buildings.
_______________3. Many people claim that dance is one of the best forms of exercise.
_______________4. The first Greek paintings and sculptures were those of gods and goddesses.
_______________5. The cenaculo (passion play) not only commemorates but celebrates historical
_______________6. Paintings of great painters such as Da Vinci and Buonarroti are worth
millions of dollars now.
_______________7. Jose Rizal’s novels were written to arouse social consciousness.
_______________8. When Imelda-Romualdez-Marcos became the Governor of Metro Manila, she
promoted her political programs by means of the arts.
_______________9. Many claim that music is a form of theraphy.
_______________10. Literary pieces are embodiments of a nation’s culture.

IV. On Principles of Art. Identify the conventions of artistic compositions described in each
statement. Choose from the words below.

harmony balance rhythm proportion emphasis

________________1. Known as physical equilibrium or the stability produced by even

distribution of weight of each side of the thing.
________________2. This is achieved when all elements of a thing are put together to come up
with a coherent whole.
________________3. This refers to the comparative relationship of the different parts in
relation to the whole.
________________4. This is exemplified by concentric circles, by an alternation of black and
white stripes, by checkered blue and orange squares.
________________5. It is giving proper importance on one or more parts of a thing or the
whole thing itself.