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Liboon, Kyle Angelo F.

PO2A Reflection Paper

Magician’s Twin:CS Lewis and the Case Against Scientism

In the short film, Lewis compared science to magic. He argued that science is
like the same as a religion. Like religion, science provides us the different meaning of
what is happening in this world. With science, we are able to find out what is the
unknown by unconventional means. Lewis further explained that science is credulity; it
minimizes skepticism as a source of explanation for everything. Finally Lewis considered
science as a power since it is the most dangerous similarity with magic. This knowledge
can change many lives for the better or even for the worse depending on the individual
who is controlling it. Comparing the two ideas, it is obvious that compared to magic,
science is able to show what is real.

Reflecting on the what I watched, Lewis was never anti-science but he was
against Scientism, or the belief that modern science dictates the knowledge of the world
and that scientists are the ones who should make the call regarding public policy or even
in the extent of our moral values and religious beliefs. As mentioned at other topics,
science is something that exists outside a person’s values and morals to acquire
knowledge. With this in mind, Lewis was right to be against Scientism. Science exists for
everyone and it is not a tool to control society’s values and morals. It is up to the people
of science on how they would handle using science as a medium to advance. Although
science is outside the scope of morals, values, or religion, Lewis wanted the pursuit of
knowledge by using science to be based in principles with the possible effects it can
bring at the near future.

Liboon, Kyle Angelo F. STS
PO2A Reflection Paper
Village of the Water Mills

The short film portrays a contrast between the technologically driven life that is
seen on most people today and what the village lifestyle used to be, which is considered
primitive now.

Reflecting from the film, while technology has provided us with convenience, it
has disconnected us from Earth. As if we are something separate from it. Earth has
been on a relentless cycle of creation and destruction ever since man was formed out of
it. While the modernization of human life has seemingly made things easier it has also
caused distractions and taken away one necessity that many people overlook, peace of
mind. While technology has made things easier, it has also caused distractions and has
taken away one necessity that many people needs to survive which is peace of mind.
We shouldn’t allow technology to blind us from the important things in life. Before it’s too
late, we should enjoy the everyday lives we have and not be caged on depending on
things that would eventually be destroyed or become useless.