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1 a) What do you mean by RDBMS? Name any two free RDMBS. 2
b) Define following with example. 4
Primary Key, Candidate Key, Alternate Key, Foreign key
c) Answer the question based on the table VOTER given below: 4

(1) Write the command to delete all the rows of particular voter from the table
voter where voter ID between 10 and 20.
(2) Delete the table physically.

2 a) What is the difference between DROP COLUMN and DROP TABLE in SQL? 2
b) Explain Database Constraints. 2
c) Which keyword is used to eliminate redundant data? 1

d) What types of commands are used in following categories? 2

(1) TCL (2) DCL

e) How can you use SELECT clause with a wildcard? Give example. 2
f) Name some table maintenance commands of SQL. 1

3 a) Explain selection and projection with example. 4

b) ‘‘XYZ’’ Company conducts workshops for employees of organizations. The company 4
requires data of workshops that are organized. Write SQL query to create a table
‘Workshop’ with the following structure:

Field Type Constraint

WorkshopId Integer Primary key
Title Varchar(50)
DateWorkshop Date
NumSpeakers Integer

Insert two rows into the above table.

c) What is the need for DATABASES? 2

4 a) What is the difference between primary key and foreign Key? 2

b) Describe how foreign key helps in joining two tables, giving proper example 2
c) What is wrong in following SQL Script to make a new table in a database : 2
(TeacherId int primary key,
TName varchar(30) NOT BLANK
WeekDay int ,
SubId int

d) Consider a Table TimeTable Schema (TeacherId , TName , WeekDay , SubId) having 4

following tuples in it :
(12 , KAMAL , 3 , 301)
(34 , RAKESH , 6 , 086)
(56 , SUNITA , 3 , 301)
(78 , KABIR , 1 , 044)
i) Write a SQL Command to remove the 2nd and 3rd tuples from the above Table
ii) print name of teachers who are taking classes of Wednesday (weekday = 3 )
iii) Suppose there is a SUBJECT Table having details of all subject taught in a school, which
Field Name from the TableTable is qualified as a foreign key to this table?
iv) Based on the choice of the foreign Key in previous question write a query to print the
name of teachers who are teaching COMPUTER SCIENCE.
The Subject table has Schema Subject(SubNum , SubName , Status)