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Accountnumber edfenergy .

673 134 572 146
0800 096 9000
8am-8pm Mon-Fri, 8am-2pm Sat
Bill date: 21 Oct 2019
24 hour emergencies:
Electricity: 0800 783 8866
Gas: 0800 111 999

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Мг Daniel Anthony Pinder
16 Lea Farm Drive
Leeds Could you рау less?
[]у Over the next 12 months
Electricity personal projection: f1,238.59
Gas personal projection: f624.68

@] This is based on an estimate of your usage last

year. lt includes our current prices, as well as
discounts or charges, like VAT. Your Standard

Hello Mr Daniel Anthony Pinder, (VariaЫe) prices may go up or down.

Your electricity and gas Ьill Our cheapest variaЫe tariff

Over the next year you could save !115.77 Ьу
15 August 2019- 16 October 2019 (62 days) choosing Direct Deblt with Standard (VariaЬ/e),

our cheapest variaЫe electricity and gas tariff
The balance on you last bill f69.19 availaЫe for your meters.
(15 August 2019
You paid us f69.00 Our cheapest overall tariff
(1 payment of f78.31) credit Over the next year you could save !358.20 Ьу
choosing Direct Deblt with 8/ue+Price Promise
Мау 2016, our cheapest fixed electricity and gas
tariff availaЫe for your meters.
Your charges for this period (including VAT) f149.36
Please note, 8/ue+Price Promise Мау 2016
Your new account balance !146.55 has limited avai/abllity and тау Ье
in deblt
withdrawn from sa/e at апу time.

Remember - lt might Ье worth thinking about

switching your tariff or supplier.
This is based on an estimate
Please рау !146.55 Ьу 14 Nov 2019 Please note that switching tariffs may involve
changing to materially different terms and
This Ьill is based оп estimated readings. Our estimates are shown conditions.
оп the next page. We recommend that you check them against
your meter to make sure you're paying the right amount for your For more about your current tariff, see page 2.

This is not а VAT invoice 673 134 572 146 SCCQEP