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Volume 53 - Issue 14

January 22, 2020

Since 1967


Desperate times call for desperate

Photo: Khaled Badawi
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The Student Campus Centre

Tell us how you have contributed to building
community in the Student Campus Centre (SCC)!
This award is designed to recognize students within the Ryerson community
who have contributed to campus life and building community at the SCC as
demonstrated through exceptional volunteerism.

Applications Open SUBMIT YOUR

Monday, Jan. 13, 2020 at 9am APPLICATION ONLINE:
Applications Close
Friday, Feb. 21, 2020 at 9pm
Annual awards:
$500 x4
Eligible: All full-time, part-time, and continuing
education students enrolled and in good standing
during the Winter 2020 term. for Continuing Education
Not Eligible: RSU Board Members, CESAR Board

$2,000 x3
Members, Palin Foundation Board Members,
seniors enrolled through the Chang School.

for Undergraduate students

$2,000 x3
for Graduate students

Online petition calls for RSU president to resign Pipes on

By Mariam Nouser and Emma Sandri
Gould St.
don’t belong
Over 1,000 people have signed a
petition demanding that Ryerson to Rye
Students’ Union (RSU) president
Vanessa Henry resign from her
position following allegations of By Alexandra Holyk and Emma
misuse of funds and discrimina- Sandri
tory behaviour.
Titled “New 2020 Ryerson Clouds of steam billow out of two
Student[s’] Union President!” the tall towers on Ryerson’s Gould
petition asks that Henry be replaced Street into the ice-cold air. Students
because she “failed at fulfilling the side-step the strange new additions
duties of a President.” to campus, as vehicles try their best
According to its description, the to squeeze by.
petition was created by “R. Chan,” Everyone is wondering: why are
whose Change.org description claims they there? What do they want?
they are an engineering student who The metal chimneys recently in-
is “passionate about equality, diver- stalled in the middle of one of the
sity and inclusion.” only streets not under construc-
“[The RSU] is currently led by a tion at Ryerson are not related to
president...who is not qualified to the campus construction project,
lead the organization or manage a according to Ryerson’s public rela-
team,” according to the petition’s tions and communications specialist
description. “Students of Ryerson Brian Tran.
University have not received full ILLUSTRATION: MIN ANGADJI According to Tran, the pipes were
financial transparency as promised.” installed to control steam emissions
Henry denied the allegations and “I do my job, I follow the book. dents at the event. of the execs, I’ve never held them from a sewer grate.
said the arguments behind the peti- I’m not here to be liked, I’m here to “It just makes me think of all of back,” she said. This came after Ryerson reported
tion are “very flawed” and that they do my job,” she said. the harmful things done toward the Impeaching an executive the issue to Enwave Energy Corpo-
did not affect her. Indigenous community,” they said. Without Henry’s resignation, ration—a district energy system co-
She added that she cannot be im- Petition: ‘Calling on Mr. Mo- Anderson-Gardner said they took the only way to remove an RSU owned by the city of Toronto.
peached solely from a petition. hamed Lachemi’ down a statement about the perfor- executive is to bring a motion “Enwave and City of Toronto
“I encourage people, if they don’t The petition is asking that Ryerson mance posted to the RSU Facebook before the union’s BoD. Accord- crews are exploring the source of
like me or what I’m doing to voice president Mohamed Lachemi “step- shortly after it was published. They ing to section 2.3. (f) of the RSU’s the steam,” Tran said in an email
those opinions. I have monthly in and not allow the under-qualified said it was anti-Indigenous and did Bylaws, the motion must be given to The Eyeopener, adding that the
member meetings where I talk to leadership of [Henry] to mismanage not reflect the views of the execu- one board meeting prior to the po- emissions do not contain any
students,” she said. funds” and to “help protect the Uni- tives aside from Henry. tential impeachment. harmful chemicals.
She also said the petition’s com- versity’s esteemed reputation.” In an email to The Eye, Henry The BoD must then vote on the “Over the weekend, repairs were
plaint of “mismanaged funds” is In an emailed statement, Lachemi said the union had “already begun motion for impeachment. If a two- made to city water pipes, we antici-
in regards to spending on the RSU said that his office has been made taking steps to reconcile.” thirds majority of the board votes in pate over the next few days this will
podcast “Verified,” hosted by Henry. aware of the petition but that Ry- In December, Anderson-Gardner favour of the impeachment, the ex- abate the steam,” said Tran.
The podcast is an initiative that erson could not “compel the RSU to resigned from their position, citing ecutive member is impeached. Due to ongoing construction de-
seeks to bring the Ryerson commu- take any action.” “high stresses,” a “toxic work envi- lays, many students said they thought
nity together through conversations “The RSU is a separate corporate ronment,” the performance of “Col- “Students...have not received the pipes on Gould Street were re-
centred around equity, mental health entity from Ryerson University with ors of the Wind” and the subsequent lated to the construction.
full financial transparency as
and inclusiveness, said Henry. its own governance structure and it statement released to Facebook. The construction continues to
At a Nov. 13 Board of Directors is accountable to its members,” said “If you think people are just promised ” pose navigational challenges for
(BoD) meeting, Henry said that Lachemi. “We understand the con- ‘throwing out’ anti-Indigenous students. The addition of the tubes
there had been a miscommunica- cerns brought forward by students, racism, you’ve fundamentally mis- The next BoD meeting is Jan. 27. has made it more difficult for ve-
tion between her and an individ- especially in light of events over the understood and missed the per- First-year professional commu- hicles to access Church Street from
ual in the finance department. She past year.” vasive nature of this violence in nications student, Geeta Harjani, Gould Street.
believed she didn’t need board or this union and in our society as a said she heard about the petition Tran added that the pipes were in-
executive approval on an invoice whole,” they said. and assumed it was because of fi- stalled as an “interim” measure to ad-
of equipment. “I encourage people, if The union’s vice-president nancial mismanagement similar to dress the steam that was “impedding
Henry said that she was told to they don’t like me to equity, Naja Pereira, and vice- that of Henry’s predecessor Ram visibility” on the street.
give the board 24 hours notice to voice those opinions” president education, Kwaku Agy- Ganesh—who was impeached over Drivers must either turn into on-
vote on whether or not they should emang, have also resigned. allegations of alleged misspending coming traffic to avoid the tubes or
buy the equipment. The vote passed Agyemang alleged a “series of by the union. squeeze through the pipes and the
in her favour. Allegations of discrimination employment violations and in- Harjani said she might sign the parked cars.
Henry said she spent almost The petition also alleged “dis- ternal corruption,” along with petition against Henry. “I see a lot of angry drivers and
$9,000 on the audio equipment. criminating actions” from Henry. “threats” from Henry as reasons for “Rather than removing someone a lot of people trying to navigate
“Without any bias, if the board In December, The Eyeopener re- his resignation. [from office], I want there to be [Gould Street],” said Ines Alibou,
said, ‘No, this isn’t a good initiative,’ ported that RSU executives had Henry responded to Agyemang’s some sort of rule established where an exchange student from Toulon,
I would have just stopped and [not] raised concerns after a non-Indig- resignation, stating that his accusa- the budget and spending is revealed a city south of Marseilles, France.
sent the money,” she said. enous performer sang “Colors of tion of “internal corruption” is false. to the public,” said Harjani. “I thought this was normal for To-
According to the RSU’s website, the Wind,” from the movie Poca- “During the course of my employ- Harjani also said that people in ronto. I thought sticking metal pipes
the podcast equipment can be rent- hontas, at an event organized by ment, I have been silenced by the elected positions should be inclusive in the road was something common
ed out to students, alumni and com- members of the union. Henry was president of the organization with of everyone. here,” Alibou added.
munity members. one of the organizers and speakers verbal threats,” he stated in his res- “As seen with [many] authorita- Ryerson president Mohamed
“I want the internal audit to at the event. ignation letter. tive figures... we can see how one’s Lachemi previously said that “por-
come out so you can say ‘Vanessa is Former vice-president market- Henry denied ever threaten- own prejudices can affect their deci- tions” of fencing will be removed
very by the book,’” Henry told The ing of the RSU, Victoria Ander- ing Agyemang and said that she sion making. That does not mean it soon as part of the renovations.
Eyeopener. “Rumours can sometimes son-Gardner, said that they were is looking into the possibility of cannot happen at a university level,” There has been no confirmation
be more detrimental to their orga- “personally triggered” by the perfor- pursuing legal action on the com- said Harjani. from the university as to when the
nizations than the actual person mance of the song, which could be ment. “To say I’ve silenced you is With files from Alexandra Holyk, pipes will be removed.
[they’re about].” traumatic for other Indigenous stu- a big statement. And if you ask any Madi Wong and Valerie Dittrich With files from Jessica Mazze
4 ED

Editor-in-Chief Chris “I’ve Got It” Roberts

Cheating isn’t as simple as Sarah “Went To The Store And

Never Came Back” Krichel Design Director
J.D. “F o n t” Mowat

Ryerson’s policies makes it seem News

Alexandra “Dorinda” Holyk
Emma “Aqua” Sandri
Kaizer “Goodbye” Tolentino
Madi “Chanel” Wong Leul “We” Mengestu
By Kosalan Kathiramalanathan my ability to bullshit, and I had the dents who may be going through a Kaye “Will” Joy Reyes
added bonus of getting a few days to lot already. Photo Rahma “All” Borges
Last semester, I was presented with study thanks to being stuck at home The reality is that most students Khaled “Taboo If I Leave” Badawi Jaedyn “Miss” Muir
a choice. During a make-up test that sick. But I considered it. don’t want to cheat. Education is Pernia “GOAT” Jamshed Caleb “You” Rogers
I missed after falling ill, my profes- In the five years I’ve been here, something that we pay for, and Jimmy “Lighting Expert” Kwan
sor told me to use my phone as a I’ve learned a thing or two, both in we pay a lot for it. We want the Contributors
timer before stepping into his office and out of the classroom. But one of most out of it so that we can suc- Online Charlize “DON’T” Alcaraz
to mind his own business. I had the the most important lessons I have ceed in the future. But with a lack Kosalan “EIC” Kathiramalanathan Mariam “SLEEP” Nouser
chance to take a sneaky peek into taken away from here is that our of understanding coming from Zachary “Pass The Vype” Roman Jessica ”ON” Mazze
Google Docs if I wanted to, and university has yet to grasp the stu- the school and limited flexibility Sarah “OUR” Tomlinson
honestly, it was tempting. dent perspective. to accomodate students, Ryerson Features Kayla ”NEWS” Zhu
Even before the exam, I was Ryerson’s system shows that makes it easy to think that cheat- Catherine “I Have A Cat” Abes Samreen “DAUGHTERS” Maqsood
already in a difficult position. disconnect time and time again. ing is the best option. Minh “Beer Connoisseur ” Truong
Throughout the semester, I had Whether it comes in the form of If you’re in a financially precari- Arts & Culture Annemarie “GOD” Cutruzzola
gone through personal issues at a flood of make-or-break assign- ous situation, juggling multiple Rhea “Birthday Stripper” Singh Uhanthaen “Read Book” Ravilojan
home. This, combined with the fact ments leaving barely any time for heavy courses or are trying to get Jack “Claire Saffitz Doritos” Wise
that I have to work to support my- yourself or taking a mandatory into graduate studies, the stakes are Sports Aaliyah “Lab Infiltration” Dasoo
self, kept me from showing up to all course that you’re not passionate high and it’s natural to want to do Libaan “Cheetah Bro” Osman Josh “Just Without The Milk” Scott
my classes. The last thing I wanted about which has nothing to do with anything to make sure things go Jonathan “The Pilot” Bradley
was to add a failed course on to that your career path. your way. Biz & Tech Sam “Square” Harley
shitstorm of a semester. Cheating is a reaction students It’s time for Ryerson to move be- Nathaniel “EIC Understudy” Crouch Kelsea “Thunder Fist” MacKay
I tried my best to deal with my have taken to this system. I didn’t yond institutional rigidity, and start Kayla “Sportsfan” Rozmus
situation before it got to that point. consider doing it because I wanted treating its students with compas- Communities Janick “Cam Man” Lambert
Initially, I hoped to get a retroac- to. It crossed my mind because sion and understanding. Dhriti “The Eyebrow” Gupta Clifton “Cliffe” Cockburne
tive withdrawal due to my circum- I felt like I had to. I wasn’t in the When students feel that this in- Taylor “Textbook Bird” Ball
stances. But as soon as I talked to position to lose money on a failed stitution can support them on their Fun & Satire Jaime “UR CAT AT 3am” Strand
my undergraduate program di- course, or hurt my ambitions for educational journey and hear them Andrea “Raw Chicken” Josic Jes “Meet Me On Fri” Mason
rector, I realized that I had little higher education, and I felt that out when they are struggling, that’s Elisabeth “Skating Queen” Rositsan
room to make my case—anything the school was unsympathetic to what’s ultimately going to reduce Media Justin “Fun Guy” Walters
less than a death in the family or a my situation. cases of cheating. It’s fine to uphold Connor “WOCO King” Thomas Donald “First Time Sports” Higney
chronic illness seemed to have little Of course not every cheater does academic standards and to discour- Parnika “Torontopoly” Raj Reid “LA” Kelly
chance to be heard. it because it’s a last resort. There age cheating through punishments, Joseph “Share Barber” Shenouda
In the end I chose to rely on the are some people looking for the but don’t expect change to come General Manager Hayden “Da God” Godfrey
knowledge I had and didn’t cheat (or easy way out, but to treat every stu- from that alone. Liane “Hoover Was President Dur- Curtis “Loves Hockey” Martin
did I?)* But I was lucky enough that dent as if they were acting with ma- *I swear I didn’t cheat, Mr. Lachemi. ing The Great Depression” McLarty Abbey “Up To Do This” Kelly
the test was 30 per cent relied on licious intent makes it hard for stu- Please dont send people after me. Tyler “Won Award, Failed Class”
Advertising Manager Griffin

Ryerson news briefs of the week... with a twist!

ment posted to the O’Keefe House into a student Ryerson president Mohamed Lache-
Facebook. With wellness centre. mi said the university’s academic plan
the audit com- Located at the corner of Gould will be presented to the Senate for
plete, the RSU and Bond Streets, the O’Keefe House approval next week.
said they filed a
served as a student residence building The university’s last five-year
police report onat Ryerson for more than 54 years. academic plan, titled “Our Time to
Monday. However, the university an- Lead,” identified priorities needed
“We look
nounced that the residence would to improve on learning and teaching
forward to the no longer be accepting applicants within university from 2014-19.
Toronto Police and would instead be closing back The university has been revising
Service becom- in February 2018. a new academic plan for the years
ing an important In an emailed statement to The 2020-25 since last year.
partner in our Eyeopener, Lachemi said that a fea- “Members of the Office of the
organization’s sibility study was completed earlier Provost and the University Plan-
effort towardthis year. ning Office consulted with students,
delivering jus- “[The university has] the aim of faculty and staff to better under-
tice to the stu-renovating and redeveloping the stand community goals for the years
dents we repre- O’Keefe House site as a student and ahead,” Lachemi said in an emailed
sent,” wrote thewellness centre,” he stated. statement to The Eyeopener.
union. “Any renovation to this property According to Ryerson Today,
The forensic would be subject to an approvals the plan has identified multiple
By Sarah Tomlinson, Madi Wong and tained photos of financial statements audit and a report on the audit will
process, and obtaining a funding themes including: inclusive stu-
Emma Sandri showing food, clothing, alcohol and be presented at the RSU’s upcoming source, which has not yet been dent experiences, amplifying In-
club purchases—some upwards of Semi Annual General Meeting on identified,” Lachemi said. digenous initiatives and cultivating
RSU files police report... $2,000—with a credit card under the Feb. 3. He added that more details relationships with local, national
The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) former RSU president’s name. would be shaed as the project pro- and global communities.
has filed a report with the Toronto The RSU later hired Pricewater- O’Keefe House to become student gresses. Ryerson Students’ Union presi-
Police Service (TPS), following alle- houseCoopers (PWC) to conduct wellness centre More to come. dent Vanessa Henry said that the
gations of financial mismanagement a forensic audit to investigate al- Ryerson president Mohamed union is currently working on a
last year. legations of “internal financial mis- Lachemi said that the university Rye academic plan looking to be student appeal as part of the uni-
In January 2019, The Eyeopener ob- management,” according to a state- is currently planning to transform approved this month versity’s academic plan.

Honey, I’m tracking the kids

By Josh Scott Brian Lesser, Ryerson University’s
chief information officer, told The
Some Amazon shoppers recently Eyeopener that browser extensions
noticed an unusual warning at the are invasive by nature. “In general,
top of the company’s website. The extensions can dramatically increase
retail giant released a message call- your privacy and security risks,” said
ing Honey, the popular coupon- Lesser, adding that many involve in-
finding browser extension, a “se- creased convenience at the expense
curity risk” and advised them to of privacy. “To do anything useful
uninstall it immediately. extensions often need some access to
The notice stated that Honey your data. But that is only the begin-
“tracks your private shopping be- ning of the problem.”
havior, collects data like your order Malicious extensions can jeop-
history and items saved, and can ardize your personal privacy and
read or change any of your data on security in a wide variety of ways.
any website you visit.” As technol- “The list is pretty much endless,” says
ogy magazine WIRED pointed out, Lesser. “Your usernames and pass-
the message’s words may be
timing is suspi- stolen, your
cious. Honey computer used
has worked with to attack other
Amazon since computers,
2012. PayPal, your data sto-
which competes len and held
with Amazon as for ransom,
an internet pay- your com-
ment processor, puter could
recently pur- send out mas-
chased Honey in sive amounts
November for of spam mes-
$4 billion. The | ILLUSTRATION: MIN ANDADJI sages, identity
Amazon warn- theft.”
ing was first spotted a few weeks “Companies may want to
later. collect data for purposes that in-
Honey has over 17 million users. crease your privacy risks while
It’s been mainly marketed to a young- providing them with advertising
er demographic. It’s appeal to online or other revenue sources,” says
shoppers is twofold­­ —it’s free and Lesser. “They may also count on
easy to use. It automatically searches you just installing their extension
for applicable coupons whenever without worrying about privacy.”
you browse a shopping site. Because of this, Lesser recommends A Doctor of Pharmacy
However, there are cons to using approaching extensions with skep-
Honey. The extension can be par- ticism: “I wouldn’t start by assuming
ticularly invasive of your privacy. they are only doing the thing you degree with a 97% job
Honey is unique in its ability to track want them to do with your data.”
purchases. A company like Amazon Reading a company’s pri-
can see every purchase you’ve made vacy policy is only the first step. placement rate that is
on their website and suggests and Lesser suggests taking a minute
profits from further targeted adver- before downloading an exten-
tising on what you might like. Honey sion to ask important questions.
close to home.
can create a more in-depth profile of These include: Is the provid-
a consumer however, collecting data er a credible vendor? Are they
from every purchase on any website providing an ad-driven service?
that a consumer uses or is offered a What else are they doing with your
coupon. This is what makes Honey data? What do you really know
so valuable to companies—the model about the provider and how the ex- D’Youville’s School of Pharmacy in Bufaflo, NY
they create is an invaluable amount tension and online services it con- prepares students not only for their doctoral
of data on millions of consumers. nects to works?
education but also for their eventual role as
practitioners with the practical, hands-on
What extensions can I use experience that future pharmacists need.

without sacrificing my privacy? Visit us and learn more at one of our upcoming
Pharmacy Information Sessions or apply today
DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials gives websites a letter grade pri- at DYC.EDU/APPLY.
vacy rating, blocks and informs users of specific trackers and ensures
individuals are always browsing sites via an encrypted connection. It
also informs users whether a given site’s privacy practices are good, un-
known or poor. DuckDuckGo’s privacy policy claims it “does not collect
or share personal information.”
Newsguard assesses the credibility of news sources. Its transparency la-
beling feature tells users a number of things about the site they’re visit-
ing, including whether it discloses its ownership, financing, and who’s in
charge (including any conflicts of interest), as well as whether it clearly
labels its advertising and provides names of its content creators.

When academic misconduct feels like the most logical solution...that is the question. Jonathan Bradley reports.

M ark Rocca*, a creative industries graduate, only had to

take one philosophy course to know that the subject was
not for him. In his existentialism class in third year, he found it
touch my stuff without my permission,’” he says. “She got
scared and then politely told me to put it in my bag.”
He says that he took off his calculator cover discreetly, flip-
that one or both students cheated.
“This system allows me to show evidence [of cheating], hope-
fully on top of actually seeing something suspicious in class and
tough to know if he was on the right track, given there is “no ping his calculator over and sliding it off. His fingers slipped other evidence from writing on the exam paper,” he says.
real right or wrong [in philosophy], just opinions.” He says he when he was about to put the cover in his bag and an edge of Huggon warns his classes that he uses this cheating detec-
doesn’t deal well with ambiguity. the cheat sheet showed. The proctor stared at him intimidat- tion system for multiple choice questions. He says that since
For the final assigment, Rocca had to write a 2,000 word ingly and asked him what the paper was. he started announcing it, the number of students caught has
essay where he had to come up with his own philosophy and Several thoughts raced through his head about what would dropped from twenty students to a small handful. Huggon is
argue it using theories discussed in class. He was lost and he happen if the proctor reported him. He contemplated eating adamant that academic misconduct is unethical. “Practically, a
had other courses to worry about too, with assignments that the paper to kill the evidence. university degree can get you a job,” he says. “It’s not fair to
would actually relate to his career path. Usually when he faced Nervously, he told her that it was the formula sticker pasted give an unqualified cheater a job over a qualified person.​”
this dilemma, he was only gambling with 10 per cent of his on the back of his calculator. She quietly told him not to take it The AIO is required to notify students if there is a
grade. But this assignment was worth 60 per cent. out again and walked away. Malik was sure that she would go suspicion that they have committed academic misconduct, ac-
“I couldn’t afford to hand in something half-assed but I also to the front of the class and write him up, but to his surprise, cording to the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) website. Stu-
couldn’t justify spending what I imagine would have been she never did. “I knew she knew it was a cheat sheet, but she dents are then invited to a meeting with their instructor where
hours and hours on an essay that was ultimately irrelevant to acted oblivious,” he says. they have the chance to tell their side of the story. The student
my professional interests,” he says. He was overwhelmed and can request that the meeting be facilitated by a member of the
needed to prioritize. AIO. The AIO describes these discussions as “non-adversarial,
Rocca reached out to a friend who had excelled in the same respectful conversations about the suspicion of misconduct
class the year before. She agreed to write him a new essay for you have been notified of.”
$100. They came up with the thesis and outline together, then Georgia James*, a third-year photography studies student,
she went ahead and wrote the assignment, which he then had this dreaded conversation in her photography class. Her
paraphrased and edited. professor emailed her personally, saying that she “just wanted
Cheating wasn’t Rocca’s only solution, but it made the most to talk to her about her essay.” James says that she thought it
sense. He had a little bit of doubt about submitting this es- was because she’d handed the essay in late since she was deal-
say because he was afraid of being caught. Nonetheless, he ing with personal issues.
clicked submit. Rocca had officially committed academic mis- But when they met, James’ professor asked her if she pla-
conduct. giarized the information in her essay. James burst into tears,
Ryerson’s policy for academic misconduct defines it as “any soon realizing she had made a mistake: all of the information
behaviour that undermines the university’s ability to evalu- she borrowed was cited, but she hadn’t put quotation marks
ate fairly students’ academic achievements, or any behaviour around the direct quotes. She didn’t mean to cheat, but it still
that a student knew, or reasonably ought to have known, counted as academic misconduct.
could gain them or others unearned academic advantage or Luckily for James, her professor was empathetic and let
benefits.” Examples of academic misconduct include cheating, her explain her situation. Ultimately, James didn’t face any
plagiarism and misrepresentation of personal identity or per- consequences because she was able to prove that she didn’t
formance—passing off someone else’s work as your own. mean to cheat.
According to the Academic Integrity Office (AIO), in the Students who have been accused of academic misconduct
2017-18 school year there were 635 suspicions of academic have the option of speaking to the RSU Student Issues &
misconduct. About 76 per cent of suspicions were for plagia- Advocacy Coordinator or Continuing Education Society at
rism and almost 70 per cent of these cases ended with a guilty Ryerson (CESAR) Student Rights Coordinator, who can ad-
verdict. vise them on how to advocate for themselves as well as at-
While the AIO reports that the most common penalty in tend meetings with the student. Students can also appeal an
the 2017-18 school year was a mark of zero on the work, the academic misconduct charge and/or the penalty if they feel it
penalties can escalate from failing the course, to academic sus- is unfair. This leads to a hearing in front of the Academic In-
pension—even to having one’s degree revoked. Last year, a tegrity Council, where the student presents their case. If that
Simon Fraser University student was arrested, along with the fails, there’s an option to appeal at the Senate level, though this
woman they had paid to impersonate them in order to write Malik says this isn’t the only time he’s cheated. In fact, he says hearing isn’t guaranteed.
a final exam. it’s become a habit. “My last exam, I took out my phone and put José González, RSU Student Issues and Advocacy Coor-
While cheating can be punished as a crime, it is not always an it on my lap,” he says. “It’s a tendency when my smarts fail.” dinator, says that cases of academic misconduct shouldn’t be
act of malevolence. It can also be one of desperation. Despite the To Malik, the things he cheats on are minute details that treated as black and white situations. He notes that while stu-
risks, students who are stressed or overwhelmed may feel like aren’t worth losing marks over: “Dates, formulas, laws of dents who had intent to cheat may not be able to appeal the
cheating is their best chance at passing. economics or physics. Something which you would inevita- charge of academic misconduct, they could appeal the sever-
bly forget after two days of the exam, even if you memorized ity of the penalty. González feels that for students who were
them by heart.” going through a difficult time, or have committed academic
misconduct for the first time, the penalties should be scaled

I n his first year of business management, Syed Malik* walked to

the back of the exam room before picking a desk in the middle.
accordingly. “It’s important to be fair to students,” he says.

He was pretty sure he would remember most of the material

learned in his Introductory Management Accounting class. He W ill Huggon, a psychology professor at Ryerson, is the
last professor that a student who cheats would want.
had studied, but he was concerned about the exam being worth
45 per cent of his mark, especially given he only had a 50 per cent
average going into the exam. On top of that, Malik needed to
Huggon has been able to catch several cheaters through the
cheating detection system he uses for multiple choice ques-
tions on exams: The Harpp-Hogan Index.
R occa was stressed as he waited for his mark to come back,
but he convinced himself he would not be in trouble. He
knew that worrying wouldn’t keep him from getting caught.
maintain a 2.75 GPA to remain enrolled in his program. “You literally compare every student’s multiple choice pa- In the end, he got away it.
Failure wasn’t an option. He was prepared to cheat if he per with every other student,” says Huggon. “In a class of 200, “I honestly felt proud. I had gotten the grade required to
had to. Before the exam, Malik carefully hid a formula sheet there would be 19,900 comparisons.” pass with minimal effort,” he says. “I saw it as outsourcing.”
under the cover of his calculator, as a security blanket. The Harpp-Hogan Index looks at the wrong answers stu- However, the experience left him frustrated with the educa-
Surprisingly, the exam wasn’t as tough as he had anticipated. dents have in common versus all the answers students do not tion system.
The questions were similar to the ones in the textbook, and he have in common, whether they are right or wrong. Huggon “The fact that I could just pay someone $100 to essentially
answered them without hesitation. The cheat sheet didn’t cross says there is an assumption backed up by research that two get me a credit made me question the validity of the entire sys-
his mind until an exam proctor approached his desk. No one students who didn’t cheat off of each other would have many tem,” he says. “How much attention are the professors actually
had said anything about calculator covers not being allowed in differences on their tests, even if they got the same score. It paying to my personal progression? If it’s little to none, then
previous exams, so he didn’t bother to hide it when the proctor looks suspicious when a pattern emerges among the answers what am I paying for and what does the institution’s stamp of
came. The proctor told Malik that calculator covers were not on exams. The Harpp-Hogan Index divides the amount of approval really mean?”
allowed and then proceeded to grab his calculator. wrong answers in common by the total differences, and it cre-
“I slammed my hand on top of her hand, as if implying ‘don’t ates a number—the higher the number, the more likely it is *Names have been changed.

Taking up space Members of Rye’s queer community weigh in on the bachelorette

ban at Crews and Tangos and what it means to share queer spaces

By Jack Wise a queer space, but year RTA me- ner, are often wrongly called straight.
it’s important in dia production This occurs even though bisexuals are
In September 2019, the popular drag maintaining a safe student. “I think the largest group within the queer
bar Crews and Tangos stopped book- environment. there’s a certain
ing bachelorette parties. “I think for a amount of fe-
Crews and Tangos is one of the long time we’ve tishism there, of “You’re a guest, and
few queer safe spaces in Toronto been used to it, our identities.” not just the first time,
that have made the decision to ban and I think we Lennox said it but each time that you
bachelorette parties. can often still be may be difficult go into these spaces”
Bachelorette parties set in queer apprehensive to to ban bach-
spaces have become popular with in- unapologetically elorette parties
creased interest in drag performances. take up space,” he in queer spaces community.
However, some Ryerson students said. “We really without draw- Rather than an outright ban, Len-
feel people need to have more aware- shouldn’t have to backs towards nox says clear rules against homopho-
ness when entering these spaces. walk away from those who are bia and rude behaviour should be in
our own spaces.” questioning, place to mandate appropriate behav-
“We really shouldn’t Bland previ- have straight iour within these spaces.
have to walk away from ously had a nega- PHOTO: JES MASON friends or are “[A queer bar] is an LGBT space
tive experience at part of bisexual, and even if straight people are wel-
our own spaces” a mainstream club, when he and his ing when he brings straight friends asexual and transgender communi- comed into it, they need to be re-
partner at the time were made to feel into queer spaces who take them for ties. spectful.”
Jeremy Bland, a third-year phi- unsafe by a group of men watching granted, because he feels viewed as a “There’s no way to prove a person Bland also feels it comes down to
losophy student, feels that for those them dance. He says incidents like pass. is straight or cis,” they said. acknowledging the purpose of the
outside of the queer community, these are a common occurence for Rene Lennox* agrees that there is Lennox said that such a ban could space and holding each other ac-
there are an abundance of welcom- queer indivduals in a mainstream a problem with LGBTQ2IA+ spaces cause issues like bisexual erasure for countable.
ing nightlife locations—a privilege nightlife setting. being perceived as “eccentric” by those non-visibly queer people. “It’s a privilege to be in that space,”
that LGBTQ2IA+ individuals don’t Queer people have a lack of safe outside queer communities. Bisexual erasure is an issue where Bland said. “You’re a guest, and not
always enjoy. spaces to frequent, especially those “There is a normalization of the idea the existence of bisexuality is ignored, just the first time, but each time that
He said that because of the marginal- geared towards queer women, accord- of LGBT spaces as kind of a quirky, according to queer media organiza- you go into these spaces.”
ization the community has faced, it can ing to the Washington Post. weird place for cis, straight people to tion GLAAD. For example, bisexual *Name changed for safety and
feel daunting to designate something as For this reason, he said it’s frustrat- go to have a party,” said the second individuals with an opposite sex part- anonymity.

Beyond the hospital: nursing in the community

The FOCUS placement program is teaching nursing students how they can go beyond traditional nursing interventions, Uhanthaen Ravilojan reports

When fourth-year nursing student nization founded by St. Marguerite sity grads were 70 per cent higher A study in London, Ont. estimat- doctor’s appointments.
Crystal first entered her program, d’Youville in the 1700s that provided than those coming out of high school ed that one third of homeless people Once, when a patient had to make
she never thought she’d have to ne- the sick and poor in Montreal with or trades training. A higher income in Canada have a serious mental ill- an emergency visit, Kurinzger and
gotiate with landlords on behalf of healthcare, shelter and education. typically provides better access to ness. Nurses can give them a voice Lam were tasked with taking care
her patients. There was no clear division between safe housing and healthy food. by advocating on their behalf to of their dogs.
She thought she would be ad- “That was part of our nursing
ministering injections or inserting care,” said Kurzinger. “Not just giv-
urinary catheters. However, while ing an injection, but just [doing]
completing her work placement something to support them.’’
as part of the FOCUS Community Students are also taught to em-
Mental Health Team at St. Michael’s power patients to make individual
Mental Health Service, she realized decisions regarding obstacles they
there was much more to nursing. face as a part of their conditions.
The FOCUS team uses Assertive If a patient has to visit the doc-
Community Treatment (ACT) to tor’s office, but lacks clean clothes,
help people with serious mental ill- they may not leave their house,
nesses. ACT is a form of community Lam says. A nurse can guide a
nursing that usually takes place out- patient to finding the solution to
side of a hospital setting. this problem, asking if they know
It is a comprehensive form of care, anyone who can support them by
focusing not only on physical health, lending clean clothes.
but also finances, hygiene and hous- The Ryerson nursing curriculum
ing. It’s prescribed to individuals who gives students the theoretical foun-
are frequently hospitalized. dation for this approach to care,
“I think learning community teaching students to take an empa-
theory before entering the place- ILLUSTRATION: JAIME STRAND thetic look at health.
ment teaches you to withhold any “Just showing your interest and
kind of judgment that you would these different forms of care, rather, But for people suffering from people like employers and landlords. motivation towards [them], that you
have, and a lot of people go into they were all seen as important forms mental health issues this isn’t al- “If they’re at risk of being evicted are interested in [them] it can add so
the profession because they want of community treatment. ways an easy feat. According to for any reason, you could help them much,” said Kurzinger.
to practice compassion and help Similarly, ACT addresses societal the World Health Organization talk to their landlord and work out a She said learning from experience
people,” said fourth-year nursing factors like income, education and (WHO), discrimination towards deal,” Kurzinger said. allows for a more accurate reflection
student Victoria Kurzinger. working conditions that determine people with schizophrenia and Some patients also need sup- of her field.
This holistic approach to nursing someone’s long term well-being. psychosis can “limit access to gen- port from nurses to complete daily “I think it’s mostly through experi-
is far from new. Its roots can be seen According to Statistics Canada eral health care, education, hous- tasks like paying their bills, clean- ence that you learn how to navigate
in the Grey Nuns, a charitable orga- data from 2008, earnings of univer- ing and employment.” ing their apartment or getting to in the real world.”

Rams get revenge

Ryerson figure skaters not just skating by on Varsity Blues
These student-athletes don’t get the same recognition as others, despite putting in the same work
By Donald Higney

The Ryerson Rams men’s basketball

team extended their winning streak
to five games as they defeated the
Toronto Varsity Blues 94-73 at the
Goldring Centre on Jan. 18.
Ryerson was seeking revenge af-
ter suffering a loss to Toronto back
in late-November for the first time
since 2013.
Since then, Ryerson has looked
like a completely different team,
racking up wins against Laurier,
McMaster, Western and Waterloo.
Rams guard Tevaun Kokko con-
tinued his stellar play this season,
finishing with 31 points, six re-
bounds, two assists and a steal. He
was responsible for nine of Ryer-
son’s 20 points to start the game.
Kokko didn’t stop there though.
To close the first half, Kokko re-
ceived an inbound pass and heaved
it from almost three-quarters of the
court to beat the buzzer and put the
Rams up 48-38.
PHOTO: KAITLYN WILSON “We shoot half-court shots every
game day so it’s like getting my reps
By Elisabeth Rositsan Figure skaters have a short win- equipment and protection,” said skated on this foot for three and a up,” Kokko said, laughing. “I saw the
dow to complete their routines. Bourgeois. “There are many injuries half months after I had injured it, clock with two seconds on it, I decid-
Feminine and aesthetically beau- Typically, programs are between that are almost inevitable.” Chris and then needed to take six months ed to throw it up and give it a chance.”
tiful—these are likely the words two and a half to four minutes long. Berneck is a testament to that. He off the ice to heal after all of the pro- Earlier this week, Rams centre
that come to mind when you think Throughout this period skaters sustained an ankle injury in training, cedures,” said Berneck. Tanor Ngom was named Ontario
about figure skating. have to execute perfect performanc- while in what skaters call a harness— Bella Larkin, co-captain of the University Athletics (OUA) male
But behind the beauty and grace es because there is no second chance someone who helps lift them while team, suffered two injuries during athlete of the week for his stellar
are the hours of training, stress, and and with that, the pressure kicks in. practicing jumps. practice, with both requiring sur- performances against the McMaster
injuries that come with the sport gery, setting her back six months Marauders and Western Mustangs.

“Some of the biggest misconceptions

that we rarely ever hear about. to a year each. The first injury was While being double-teamed al-
Right here at Ryerson, we’re a turning point for the young skater most all night, Ngom continued his

for women in figure skating [are] that

home to one of the top figure skat- as it prevented her from jumping. great play, putting up 17 points, 12
ing programs in Ontario. Yet not “The surgery was around six rebounds and five blocks.

we’re weak and prissy”

many people know it even exists. years ago and there are still ele- “I’m not weak anymore,” Tanor
Last year at the Ontario Univer- ments I struggle with,” said Larkin. said, laughing. “I can finally make
sity Athletics (OUA) champion- Both times, the recovery process moves and get to the basket. Every
ships the team placed fifth overall took a toll on her mentally, more matchup that I have, people are go-
in the province. They picked up “When I’m doing run-throughs He tore six ligaments and had a than any training or practice sched- ing to try and send doubles and if
four medals, with gold in the Star the week of competition and I mess partial tear in his tendon as well as ule she’s endured. they don’t, it’s going to be a good
10 Freeskate, silver in the men’s up a lot, it makes me feel unpre- a fracture. The fracture left Berneck While having to deal with the night for me.”
Freeskate and Dance Fours event pared and that causes me to stress sidelined for about seven months due stress and risk of injuries that come
and a bronze medal for synchro per- out,” said team member Jessy Trinh. to a surgical procedure. with the sport, Ryerson’s figure “On defence and offence it
formance. Next month the team will She feels the need to do well for her- “When I came down, my upper skating team has also been adjusting doesn’t feel like he’s a first-year”
be hosting the OUA championships self, her partner and the entire team. body kept rotating while my foot to not having a head coach for the
at the Mattamy Athletic Centre for Having to cope with stress and stopped and that’s how I fractured second straight year.
the first time since 2014. extensive hours of training also and tore everything,” said Berneck. The transition into an “organiza- Ngom was also huge defensively
They’ve been training four times comes with the risk of getting in- The injury occurred right before tion run by students” was not easy for Ryerson, as he helped hold the
a week for two-hour periods and jured. Similar to any high intensity the Olympic trials and nationals, the by any means. Varsity Blues to 31 per cent from
when invitationals approached, they sport, the dangers of figure skating worst possible timing for Berneck. For Bourgeois and Larkin, they’ve the field along with only 20 points
added an extra three hours outside of are immense. “My physiotherapist worked on taken time out of their own sched- in the paint on the night.
their regular practice times. “Some of the biggest misconcep- my ankle for three weeks, trying to ule to meet with Ryerson, set up a Coming off the bench for the
tions for women in figure skating reduce the swelling and the overall weekly ice schedule and make sure Rams was rookie guard Mouhamed
“Our bodies are really our only [are] that we’re weak and prissy,” injury,” said Berneck. all members on the team are regis- Ndiaye. Ndiaye played a team-high
equipment and protection” said Bourgeois. “While we have an Desperately wanting to compete, tered to compete. 33 minutes while scoring 17 points
aesthetic component to our sport, he received three cortisone injec- To be able to afford skating with and four rebounds.
we still have to train just as hard tions and had his foot taped before the team, it’s required some skaters “He’s a first-year and just playing
as any hockey player or football skating because when he was off the to work multiple jobs. with him on the floor, on defence
In addition, each skater trains out- player in order to make it through ice his foot was in a cast. This February, Ryerson’s figure and offence it doesn’t feel like he’s a
side of coordinated hours to further our program.” Despite the setback, Berneck fin- skating team will go to work at the first-year,” said Ngom. “He’s playing
improve their skills and strength. Figure skating is one of the few ished his season strong. He managed OUA championships. While doing amazing for us and he’s knocking
“I find that certain sports tend sports that doesn’t have any protec- to be an alternate for the Olympic so, they’ll endure the misconcep- down shots.
to downplay the amount of train- tive equipment. It involves sharp games and finished in third place at tions the sport carries. They don’t The Rams now sit second in the
ing and preparation that goes into skates, hard ice and incredibly the Grand Prix in Vienna, Austria. get credit for the dangerous jumps OUA Central division with a 9-5 re-
a single performance because our difficult elements like throwing “The overall recovery time was attempted and successfully com- cord after McMaster suffered a loss
sport is a performance sport rather themselves into the air and rotat- six months after the season. Ob- pleted. But despite all of that, they’ll at home against Western. Ryerson
than a game,” said team captain and ing three times. viously, skating on a broken foot be putting on a show whether you will begin a four-game homestand
supervisor Rebecca Bourgeois. “Our bodies are really our only slowed down the healing process. I appreciate them or not. starting next week.

Thinking of changing your major?

Pressure from parents, looking for a stable future career and the fear of not graduating on time are factors that have affected these students

By Minh Troung fully comprehend why she wanted she faced a few bumps along the way, ing,” said Soe. He believed that the she didn’t feel like she was getting
to change her major or what she is happy with her new place as a stu- change would make things better, anywhere.
Picking your future major in high was getting herself into. dent in the media production pro- but it felt no different than before. “When you actually find the [pro-
school can be a tough decision to For Maniquis, the fear of being gram at Ryerson. Soon enough, Soe made the jump to gram] that fulfills your purpose
make, especially when you feel cut off was non-existent since she “Originally I wanted to be in cre- business management. and is what you really want to do,
like there are a lack of options. For pays her own tuition with the help ative industries because I felt like His parents wanted him to finish it helps you do more and do better,”
some students at Ryerson, those of Ontario Student Assistance it was an amalgamation of busi- the program and gave him an ulti- said Soe.
past choices don’t end up being the Program (OSAP) to begin with. ness and media,” said Maniquis. matum. “There was back and forth Biomedical engineering wasn’t
perfect fit. She gets questioned on her gradu- “The more I did research the more fighting and...me trying to justify what Shokry saw herself doing in
But it’s not as easy and smooth as ation date “here and there,” a date I found that media production was my [decisions to switch] the pro- the future and the prospects of se-
students may think. she would have originally shared the best way to go for me because I gram, but they wanted me to finish curing a job in the industry seemed
Switching programs may be the with her friends. want to stretch that creative mus- [engineering].” said Soe. scarce to her.
best option for those students’ men- “It’s weird because all my friends cle of mine.” “They tried to make me stay, and “A bigger issue to me was the
tal health and academic success. But have graduated already, at first it even guilt tripped me about how fact that my friends who graduat-
fights with parents, late graduation felt really lonesome,” said Maniquis. they paid [tuition] while I was try- ed at times were struggling to find
and potential lack of job security are “It felt like I wasn’t succeeding and “They tried to make me stay, ing to justify my decision.” jobs in their field,” said Shokry.
among the challenges of pursuing made me wonder why I didn’t just and even guilt tripped me Soe couldn’t manage to work “[If] I don’t have an ambition for
that ideal career. finish that business program.” about how they paid [the alongside his studies while he was in it, and people aren’t finding jobs
Former business management Similarly to Maniquis, Raymond tuition]” engineering. According to the pro- for it, then what am I getting out
student Jillian Maniquis under- Soe, a former engineering student, gram calendar, first-year students of [the program]?”
stands what parental pressure feels has faced some of these struggles spends almost 26 hours in class.
like. Sometimes, the third-year after he switch programs. Now in Soe had previously made a switch He would have rather seen him-
media production student feels his first year of business manage- within his program, spending half self in creative industries or media “You’re going into a world
that her parents don’t understand ment, Soe faced a lot of arguments of the semester in mechanical engi- production. But in his eyes, there with people who are younger
her decision. with his parents when he made his neering and the other half in indus- are more financially stable career than you, there are some
decision. He pays for his tuition all trial engineering. He didn’t enjoy paths within business management. things that don’t translate
“It was not necessarily what by himself, and now has the help the classes in either. “I enjoy what I’m learning, I well”
I wanted to do but it made of OSAP. “I was feeling listless so I decided don’t feel like I’m wasting my
sense because it was what I “Before, [my parents] were will- to switch to industrial engineer- time,” said Soe.
ing to pay for engineering. But since Former engineering stu- Unlike Soe and Maniquis,
was learning” I’m not in the program anymore, dent, Sally Shokry, ven- Shokry’s transition was easy and
they are not helping me pay for [my tured towards graphic supported by everyone around
Maniquis decided to study busi- tuition],” said Soe. communication her, despite initial surprise and the
ness management when she was Another problem Maniquis management fact that most of her family works
in high school. “My high school faced when changing programs to seek a ca- in engineering.
was very business-oriented and was the age gap between her reer that she Research was the key in discov-
science-oriented so it was really and her classmates. “You’re go- would actu- ering that graphics communication
only one of the two paths, so I ing into a world with people ally enjoy. management was the perfect pro-
went towards the business path,” who are younger than you, F o r gram for her.
said Maniquis. “It was not neces- there are some things that don’t Shokry, “I wasn’t just overnight thinking
sarily what I wanted to do but it translate well, like pop culture there was that I’m done with engineering,”
made sense because it was what I and references,” said Ma- no psycho- said Shokry. “I actually sat down
was learning.” niquis. “I had my friends in logical or fi- and thought to myself if this is
Once she finally got to Ryerson, business so it was harder nancial fulfillment some kind of stress or if it is a well
Maniquis didn’t find the program for me to try making when studying en- thought out decision.”
appealing or enjoyable. After two new friends.” gineering, and Shokry has become a different
years of business management, she Maniquis, person since the switch and said
decided a change was necessary. even though most people who know her from
“I didn’t tell my parents until I before have seen that change.
got [into media production],” “I’ve always been so shy and now
said Maniquis. When she I’m out there doing work that I
finally told them, think is touching people’s
they couldn’t lives.”

Gould Street construction causes nuclear explosion

Random pipes were placed on the street, causing all hell to break loose. The five essential rules for survival sure came in handy

By Alexandra Holyk of them being a vital part of the

fourth essential rule for survival.
Ryerson security issued their first “All the TV in the RCC plays is re-
series of RyersonSafe alerts on Jan. runs of the same three interviews that
16 after a nuclear explosion broke happened months ago,” said fourth-
out from the metal tubes protruding year journalism student Karina Paris.
from the middle of Gould Street. “The journalism students in the inter-
The opaque white smoke emit- views don’t even go here anymore—
ting from the tubes became grey they miraculously got jobs.”
in colour. Almost immediately, Other students found themselves
green goo covered the surround- on the sixth floor of the SLC ex-
ing buildings, which turned into ercising the fifth essential rule for
black silhouettes marked with survival—removing outerwear that
white letter R’s. was exposed to radiation. However,
In the week prior to the incident, some students took this rule more
students reported changes in the ap- seriously than others.
pearance of the pipes. Han Diedge, a fifth-year student
“I noticed that they were getting from the University of Toronto,
bigger and more inconvenient, kind thinks removing all your clothes is
of like all of the problems in my life one of the most important things to
right now,” said first-year student do following a nuclear explosion.
and full-time Gould Street traffic “I don’t even go here, but I heard
navigator Jon Couch. people were taking off all their
As the buzz of the RyersonSafe clothes and I feel like that’s just so
email alert was collectively heard Damn, I can’t believe these students got caught in the middle of the explosion :/ | PHOTO: KHALED BADAWI natural for me,” Diedge added, while
by everyone on campus with an proceeding to remove his last article
iPhone—those with Androids were five essential rules in order to sur- drated from running. “Well then how the fuck am I sup- of clothing—his socks.
notified about an hour later—every- vive a nuclear disaster, according to Ikatak ordered a venti strawberry posed to take my potassium iodine Ryerson was in a state of emer-
one dispersed in different directions. local news outlet No Ill Will Here. açai refresher with coconut milk pills to reduce the absorption of gency for the remainder of Jan. 16
Ryerson President Mohamed However, it is believed that most and light ice, barely able to open radioactive iodine into my thyroid while campus remained covered in
Lachemi blasted “Run” by of them got lost between northeast the Starbucks app and scan her re- gland?” Ikatak replied, citing the green goo and chaos.
AWOLNATION through Gould and southwest Kerr Hall and have wards card because she “just can’t third essential rule of survival. By the time the smoke cleared,
Street’s new light fixtures, because yet to be found. even with this nuclear disaster.” To Numerous journalism and RTA all that was heard was the buzz
according to him, they have In the Sheldon & Tracy Levy Stu- her demise, the barista informed her students in the Rogers Communi- of the RyersonSafe alert signify-
“expanded functionalities.” dent Learning Centre (SLC), third- that the tap water used to make ice cations Centre (RCC) were paying ing the end of the emergency and
Unable to see through the radio- year retail management student was contaminated after the explo- close attention to their phones for “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons
active cloud, several students took Pan Ikatak went to Starbucks after sion. And avoiding tap water is the updates on the nuclear blast, ignor- playing through the multi-func-
shelter in Kerr Hall—the first of she became instantaneously dehy- second essential rule. ing the radio and TVs, despite both tional light fixtures.


Bird enthusiasts pissed bird courses aren’t actually about birds

By Abbey Kelly easy a turkey could do it.” and the professors,” Bowtit said. Toronto heard word of Pheedem’s “It’s like they took offense or some-
This is a recurring issue every se- “The students bump their GPA and comments, which thing,” she said as she looked around
When fourth-year architecture mester. According to a report from have time for co-curriculars and the front of the RCC shiftily. When
student Cameron Sparrows put a the Capitalist Manifesto, it appears their life. The professors look Pheedem turned around and made
callout for bird courses on a Ryer- that there has been a 6.9 per cent de- like they have done brief eye contact with a few pigeons,
son Accepted Facebook group over crease in students using the saying “Cs a good job and have they quickly flew away. A laugh rang
the winter break, he was surprised get degrees” online, meaning people more time for their out in the distance, but the only oth-
with the results. Over 130 com- actually want to get high GPAs. research.” er person around the icy cold quad
ments on the post were just detailed He teaches the was Sparrows.
conversations on which courses are course history and Comments that dismiss the
the easiest to pass. Pheedum believes culture in social study of birds in Toronto are ruf-
But that’s not what Sparrows was the local pigeons media, a well-known fling Sparrows’ feathers.
looking for. have been following bird course at Ryerson. Sparrows now avoids social
“All I wanted to know is what He lets students miss media, especially Facebook,
courses Ryerson has on birds,” Spar- her five quizzes a semester to continue working on his
rows sighed. Birdwatching and orni- and never requires them magnum opus for his archi-
thology are things Sparrows has been It appears more students are hop- to attend a single lecture. tecture class. It’s like the
interested in since he was a child. ing for better grades that require less One student, who asked other wooden structures
He hoped that reaching out on time and energy. They use the term to remain anonymous, said scattered around the Pit-
the Facebook group would be a “bird course” to indicate they want a they saw him all alone in the man Quad, except it’s a
good way to find the best courses course so easy a bird could do it. classroom once. He was still massive birdhouse.
on feathered creatures. But af- This confuses Sparrows and stu- giving the lecture to the empty Often, the local city birds
ter the thread of easy courses, he dents like him who would like to room. flock around him as he
turned to Google. study birds. Other students are dis- “Why come to Toronto to works since he keeps dried
“I even changed my wording to missive of his issue. study birds?” Donna Pheedem, a fruit in the front of his overalls and
‘ryerson course on birds’ and still it Professor Takko Bowtit says first-year marketing student said. S parrows birdseed in his pockets. At least Spar-
only shows easy courses,” Sparrows easy classes are a staple at all “We are in the middle of a concrete said were “insensitive.” rows has all these feathered friends to
said. “I want a class about corvidae universities. “It’s something that metropolis!” Phedeem believes the local Ryerson ease the tragedy that is Ryerson’s lack
and psittaciformes—not a class so works out well for the students It seems the pigeons around pigeons have been following her. of bird courses.

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