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1/11/2020 QAnon - Are you ready for the Great Awakening?

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Posted by u/ETDisclosure2020 just now

QAnon - Are you ready for the Great Awakening?

What is QAnon? Is it real? Is it a distraction psyop? Is it a LARP? This post will go over what QAnon is.
Before we get into it, we must first cover the back ground information.

Our world, for thousands of years, has been controlled by a small handful of people. Religion was a tool
used heavily to control the masses. The Vatican has had much control on this world. Certain bloodlines
have had much control on this world, such as the Rothschilds. They have controlled every aspect of our
life, pulling all the strings from behind the curtains using their puppets placed in all governments, all
social societies, all entertainment industries. It is a triangle power structure. Everything is a level, and as
you get closer to the top, the power reduces down into fewer and fewer people. The ones at the top
have unfathomable amounts of wealth and power. These people are pure evil. They worship satan,
literally. They rape, torture, kill, and eat children. It is something straight out of a movie.

These people have run everything. Very few things that have happened in recent human history have
happened organically. World War I. World War II. Everything happening was for a reason and controlled.
You think Hitler had all the power in Germany? He was a puppet. For at least a century, this world has
been living a heavily manufactured lie.

It goes without saying, that out of all the countries to control, America would be number 1. America is
by far, the most powerful country on the planet, therefore the most crucial to own. And it has been
owned. America has been run by this evil, satanic cabal for decades. JFK and Reagan were the last two
presidents who were outliers, and look how they turned out. Our planet was going to be heading into
WWIII. The NWO's (new world order) goal was to wipe out a large portion of the population, reform the
world into a one world government, and take full control of everything. This is what was going to
happen, until one man came down an escalator and announced his run for president.

Long before Donald Trump made his presidential run, the United States Military was working with
Trump, getting him prepared and explaining the mission impossible like operation they were going to
attempt. Trump's ties to what is occurring stem back much farther than some may think. Trump was
recruited long ago. Trump was ALWAYS going to be the one to run for president to lead this mission.
They were going to end the reign of this evil cabal, take back control of the world, and give it to those
who truly deserve it, we the people. The 2016 presidential election was quite literally a fight to save
humanity, a crossroad in human history. I know this sounds like make believe, but it is the deadly truth
of our reality. Fortunately for us, we won. They NEVER thought she was going to lose the election. The
cabal got careless, sloppy, and thus cost them the most important government position on the face of
the planet. The moment Trump was sworn into office, the plan to take back the world started in full

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1/11/2020 QAnon - Are you ready for the Great Awakening? : conspiracy

Now this is where Q, or QAnon

Search comes into play. The good guys couldn't just dump this on the public. If
Trump took to the podium at the beginning of his term and told the world that we are all being
enslaved by a secret satanic cabal and then started arresting thousands of people, the world would
have plunged into chaos. The good guys also couldn't just leave everyone in the dark as to what was
happening, that would be bad too. So instead, they started the greatest public military intelligence
operation in human history. On October 28th, 2017, the United States Military started their information
dissemination campaign, QAnon.

The purpose of Q was to inform the public about what was going on in real time. Those who would pay
attention, could use the information that Q was posting and in conjunction with what was happening
around the world in real time, could piece together the full picture. The purpose of Q was to get people
to use critical and logical thinking. Q is not a "prophet" as some deniers like to put it. Q does not "make
predictions". Q's purpose is to inform. Q's purpose is to get people to think. This is what so many people
fail to understand. Q is the voice of the good patriots that are fighting behind closed doors to save our

At some point (2020? ;]) what has been occurring on the inside is going to blow open for the entire
world to see. As we now know from the December 9th, 2019 IG report, the FBI lied to the FISA courts in
order to obtain FISA warrants so they could spy on members of the Trump campaign. Now you can look
at this two ways, the logical way, or the head in the sand way. The head in the sand way would be that it
was simply "a few mistakes that were made" in obtaining the FISA warrants. The logical way, would be
to see this for the much larger criminal conspiracy that it is.

Anyone that thinks this wasn't green lit by Obama himself is delusional. The world doesn't know at this
time, but Durham has still not released his findings yet. And his findings aren't going to be revealed in
any report, they will come in the form of indictments.

The truth of the matter is, the former president of the United States, Barrack Obama, the former
director of the CIA, John Brennan, the former director of the FBI, James Comey, the former director of
National Intelligence, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton and many others, illegally spied on US citizens,
Trump and his campaign, tried to set up and frame Trump with Russian collusion, tried to overthrow
Trump, and even tried to assassinate him.

THAT is the TRUTH. Q has been preparing those who are listening for the revealing of this for over 2
years now. Because when this truth does come out, and it is coming, America is going to explode. This
will be the beginning of the 2nd American Revolution.

But it's not going to stop with just America, the Great Awakening will include the entire planet.

Once you realize that Q is a back door channel to inform the public as to what's been going on,
everything makes sense. Q is not fake. Q is not a LARP. Q is none of that. Q is a military intelligence
operation. The biggest insider drop in human history. For two years, Q told us what was going to
happen. The highest levels of the Obama administration tried to take out a sitting president, and this is
EXACTLY what is now panning out in real time, January 2020.

We are at the very end of this. Public understanding of events is right around the corner. We are about
to witness the start of the largest corruption purge in history. NOTHING is going to stop what is coming.
The truth about EVERYTHING, about corruption, about child trafficking, about secret societies, about

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1/11/2020 QAnon - Are you ready for the Great Awakening? : conspiracy

human history, about the existence of extraterrestrial life, ALL TRUTHS will soon start to be revealed to
the masses. This is theSearch
Great r/conspiracy


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 ETDisclosure2020  Score hidden · just now

 All Q posts can be found here: https://www.qmap.pub/

NEW Q subreddit: r/QTheory

Message to all lurkers:

Q (a US MIL intelligence operation) has SPECIFICALLY stated that disinfo/misinfo is necessary,

which makes complete sense when you understand the scope of what is occurring here.

Anti-Q haters and shills LOVE to latch onto any and everything Q has posted that doesn't turn
out to be 110% percent correct, such as "Hillary wasn't arrested when Q said she was going to
https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/enfv4b/qanon_are_you_ready_for_the_great_awakening/ 3/5
1/11/2020 QAnon - Are you ready for the Great Awakening? : conspiracy

be bro!", and then use this as "proof" that Q is "fake", while at the same time completely
dismissing and tossing out r/conspiracy
the window the more than ample evidence that proves Q is indeed
coming directly from the Trump administration.

Have you noticed that the only thing the haters/shills can say are the following? "Q is fake". "Q
is a LARP". "Q is a cult". Yet they still cannot prove who is running this LARP. They still dismiss all
the real and solid Q proofs.

These talking points are repeated over and over by anyone that dismisses Q. Take notice at the
type of comments that will be left on this thread. Every comment that is positive of Q will be
down voted and sent right to the bottom so no one can see them. Every comment that calls Q
fake will be upvoted straight to the top. And again, that is all they will say. They will say Q is
fake and a LARP, with no evidence at all that this is a LARP, they will ignore all the real evidence
that this is indeed coming from the Trump administration, and will insult you and call you a
Qtard or tell you to get mental help.

Think logically. You can see past the BS.

Ask yourself why the fake and corrupt MSM won't report on the actual contents of the 3700+ Q
drops? 2 years of this intelligence operation and that many drops and they STILL WON'T report
on the specifics of the drops.

Ask yourself why does the fake and corrupt MSM continuously write articles attacking the Q
movement and giving it a blanket statement of being "a right-wing conspiracy theory"? They
DON'T report on what is being said in Q drops.

Ask yourself why does Q get SO MUCH HATE? From both the fake and corrupt MSM and by
shills online? If this was truly some guy sitting in his mom's basement pulling off the greatest
LARP in history, and was not in any shape or form associated with the Trump administration,
why the need for the relentless attacks?

Ask yourself why has Trump gotten this much hate? The man is literally the target of everyone,
and has been since before he even got elected. 3 years of Russian collusion lies, fake
impeachment hoax, everyone is out trying to stop him. Why? Could it be that he and his team
are about to expose a global satanic cabal that has ruled this world for all of history?

Why doesn't the MSM end this and simply ask Trump the big Q. "Mr. President, who is QAnon?"

The veil is coming off. This is the Great Awakening.

Here are dozens of Q proofs: https://twitter.com/elenochle/status/1164333534670028801

Here are even more Q proofs: https://www.qproofs.com/home.html

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1/11/2020 QAnon - Are you ready for the Great Awakening? : conspiracy

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