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Talento Calima Celebra la Musica

Get a well-rounded A nity diagramming
Festival de Musica sense of how it feels helps us shift from
Campesina to be that personal in casting a wide net in
this experience,. 6 exploring many
Consider specially focusing on possibilities, to
organizational goals what they're thinking, gaining focus on the
for the product or feeling, seeing, right solutions for this
service at large, and hearing, saying and audience.
speci c goals for a doing.
customer journey 4
mapping initiative.

Encuentro 7
De Bandas

The goal of lensed

brainstorming is  to
Encuentro de generate as many
ideas as possible in a
Encuentro Departamental 
Tunas short period of time. De Coros
Review all relevant
user research, which Put together all the
includes both Concurso  pieces timeline, touch
qualitative and Canastero Calima points, channels,
quantitative ndings emotional highs and
to provide insights As a team, generate a lows, and all the
into the customer list of the customer wonderful new ideas
experience. touch points and the the team generated
channels on which for how to improve
those touch points the future customer
occur today. journey.
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