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Art in WoW – VAWOW 101

Visual Arts (Preliminary stage 6)

Class: A11 Lesson/Period: 3 Time: Various Room: VA9 Lesson Length: 70min

Topic/Main Concept/Theme: Identity and Self Image

Practice: Artmaking
Forms Frames The Conceptual Framework
2D Subjective Artist
3D Cultural Artwork
4D Structural World
Postmodern Audience

Syllabus Outcomes Artmaking Critical and Historical Studies

P4: investigates subject matter
and forms as representations
in artmaking
P5: investigates ways of
developing coherence and
layers of meaning in the
making of art
P6: explores a range of material
techniques in ways that
support artistic intentions

Lesson Sequence: Orienting Enhancement Synthesis

Students will learn about: Students will learn to:

The concept of an avatar as a persona or subjective Create a movie project (Machinima)

extension of one’s self image. understanding the implications that role-
playing has in exploring different points of
Making Machinima using World of Warcraft view about the self

Concept of Identity as a socially constructed dynamic Experiment with other notions of self and
issues of identity

Cross Curriculum Content ICT Aboriginal and Work, Civics and

Indigenous Employment Citizenship
and Enterprise
Difference and Environment Gender
Key Competencies Collecting Communicating Planning and Working with
Analysing and ideas and organising others in
organising Information activities teams
Using Solving Using
mathematical problems Technology
ideas and
Quality Teaching Framework

Intellectual Quality Quality learning Significance

Deep knowledge Explicit quality criteria Background knowledge
Deep understanding Engagement Cultural knowledge
Problematic knowledge High expectations Knowledge integration
Higher-order thinking Social support Inclusivity
Metalanguage Students’ self-regulation Connectedness
Substantive communication Student direction Narrative

Linton Chapman – Visual Art Curriculum Specialisation II

Art in WoW – VAWOW 101


Students will be using their understanding and knowledge of timing, addition/subtraction, division,
sequences and multiplication to first capture footage of their character script then to edit it using
audio/video software. Filters and effects all use numerical settings to adjust features as does the editing
timeline in audio/video programs. Keeping a track of shots and screens for their Machinima mean students
are working concretely in math concepts to achieve their aims

Considerations/Preparation: Prior Knowledge/Experience Safety Risk

Students must already have
completed their storyboard Previous use of software using video/audio *reference LP_1
and script. editing

Familiarity with students own WoW

character and

M and J receive support from Resources/Materials Key Vocab

teachers aid • Equipment as previously Machinima, Real-time 3D,
Classroom operates under mentioned Virtual Environment,
inclusive principle • Students storyboard and script Interactivity,
One on one teacher • Projector Story, Narrative,
interaction is set as priority for • Computer lab access Dramaturgy, Narratology,
M and J at beginning of class • Unit Shell Ludology, Game Studies,
work time. Computer Game,
• Guides – Appendix_5
Interactive Storytelling,
Immersion, Flow,
Suspense, Interactive
Installation, Digital Theatre,
Live Cinema
Tasks are only modified or Whiteboard Notes/Photocopies Key Questions
given extra scaffold if situation
demands. • PDF guides to using Fraps and What makes elements
T and P have previously Movie Maker make up a good
discussed their plans for peer Machinima?
mentoring and suggestion for
this lesson. What is the difference
games and stories?

What are my legal

obligations using WoW to
make Machinima?

1. ANTICIPATORY Greet students, mark Greet teachers/aid, 5 min roll
SET roll, make any Students wait
messages or outside classroom
updates, give until role is finished
permission for then proceed to
students to enter their places.

Linton Chapman – Visual Art Curriculum Specialisation II

Art in WoW – VAWOW 101
2. REVIEW Last lesson we filmed Students can ask 5 min
- of last lesson students role-playing questions
- link to this lesson their script and we
gave constructive
critique, now students
will begin making
their films in WoW.
3. Students can Provide 10 min Unit shell
INTRODUCTION discuss any issues discussion
Log onto Unit shell Topic:
they have before ideas and ask Machinima
We will go through
starting their filming students for 101
Blizzards letter to
their input
Machinima makers projector
using WoW to make

Students are
expected to follow the
guidelines set out by
4. THE BODY Students are now Work independently Offer technical 45 min Unit shell
given time to capture or in predefined assistance Topic:
their characters script groups to Machinima
10 min before end of accomplish task 101
class students are projector
given 5min warning Acknowledge end
to finish up. time
5. CONCLUSION Students log off Discuss any issues, 5 min
 Summa computers
ry Wrap up days lesson
 Future
Homework: Students Write to teacher or Moderate
are to continue other students via discussion
refining their script shell about their
and engage in any thoughts,
research that will frustrations,
assist their project success’s
recorded in
the types of
inspiration they are
drawing on to make
their Machinima).
Make an entry into
their online blog that
is accompanying their
process with any
relevant screenshots.
6. EVALUATION Reflect on success
management of class

Linton Chapman – Visual Art Curriculum Specialisation II