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Art in WoW – VAWOW 101

Visual Arts
(Preliminary stage 6)

Class: A11 Lesson/Period: 2 Time: _ Room: VA9 Lesson Length: 70min

Topic/Main Concept/Theme: Identity and Self Image

Practice: Artmaking
Forms Frames The Conceptual Framework
2D Subjective Artist
3D Cultural Artwork
4D Structural World
Postmodern Audience

Syllabus Outcomes Artmaking Critical and Historical Studies

P2: explores the roles
and relationships between the
concepts of artist, artwork,
world and audience

Lesson Sequence: Orienting Enhancement Synthesis

Students will learn about: Students will learn to:

Digital citizenship and expectations and issues Appreciate the concerns and responsibilities
relating to online safety involved in using online media

Develop a critical understanding of their rights and

role as a digital citizen

Cross Curriculum ICT Aboriginal and Work, Civics and

Content Indigenous Employment and Citizenship
Difference and Environment Gender
Key Competencies Collecting Communicating Planning and Working with
Analysing and ideas and organising others in teams
organising Information activities
Using Solving problems Using Technology
ideas and
Quality Teaching Framework

Intellectual Quality Quality learning Significance

Deep knowledge Explicit quality criteria Background knowledge
Deep understanding Engagement Cultural knowledge
Problematic knowledge High expectations Knowledge integration
Higher-order thinking Social support Inclusivity
Metalanguage Students’ self-regulation Connectedness
Substantive communication Student direction Narrative
Literacy Multicultural Numeracy

Students will be engaging in Students have a choice of

chunks of reading to be able to choosing from five different races
utilise all aspects of the game of the ‘Horde’. Each race has
interface and design. As well unique abilities and raises issues

Linton Chapman – Visual Art Curriculum Specialisation II

Art in WoW – VAWOW 101
students need to reflect on of unity (belonging to the same
critical aspects of digital faction) and diversity (not all
citizenship through formative being the same people in one
writing tasks designed to group).
evaluate their own understanding
of proper use of online social

Considerations/ Prior Knowledge/Experience Safety Risk

Students completed a survey detailing prior and Low Risk. As per school Art
SLWDA- present game experience across various media. Department risk assessment for
Students, M and As well time spent playing games, watching TV, digital media classes. All risk
J sit in same using social media networking sites. This formed a assessments follow NSW DET
place and receive basis for deciding that students would benefit from policy and guidelines for
support from a rich task like a unit using MUVE for artmaking. acceptable use of online services
teachers’ aid. and observe general OH&S
issues set out by the school and
Inclusive NSW DET for computer use.
principles are Students also sign off an
practiced for all induction process for the use of
students, M and J WoW (rated Teen) and an
are given the first agreed undertaking of
one on one expectations for its use before
instruction at the participating in the unit. All
beginning of students must have a signed
class work time permission form from their
with additional parents/guardians. See
modification Appendix 2.
/scaffold as
Resources/Materials Key Vocab
Students P and • Projector
S, due to prior • Computer lab and Internet access Avatar, MUVE, MMPORG,
experience have WoW, EULA, noob,
volunteered to • World of Warcraft x 15 (teaching and Transpersonal, Ephemeral,
assist teacher in learning resource 1) –Appendix 1 Emancipation, Ventrilo,
lesson planning • Unit Shell (Teaching and Learning Character, Azeroth, Tauren,
of WoW activities resource 2) –Appendix 1 Horde, Netiquette.
and other • Headsets x 15
students through • Game Cards (3 mths Subscription) x 15
peer mentoring. • Software: Ventrilo
Movie Maker

Whiteboard Notes/Photocopies Key Questions

Introduce : Class
seating plan • Expectations form What is your role and
Class rules • Parents permission form (handed in) responsibility in online
Word definitions environments?
Phrases, quotes
What are good and bad
examples of using online media?

What kind of person would you

most like to be remembered as
online/ in real life?

What’s in a name?

Linton Chapman – Visual Art Curriculum Specialisation II

Art in WoW – VAWOW 101

1. ANTICIPATORY Take role and Listen and follow Complete as 10 min Roll
SET check students teachers instruction instructed Permission
have signed forms
permission form
Ask for clarification Seating plan
Describe seating
2. REVIEW Project the class Recap ideas from Ask specific 5 min Projector
- of last lesson data on the previous discussion questions of
- link to this lesson students survey of and any new students
games they play thoughts or issues related to topic
and reiterate the
focus of the unit of
work about making
art with games
through exploring
self image and
identity in MUVE
3. INTRODUCTION Give students the P and S can help Answer any 20 min Hand out
hand out ‘Art explain terms to student
of WoW – students. queries
Appendix 3
Students must
agree and sign to
Discuss the hand
the terms to
out, describe
(Students will now
*Get students to check their email
stretch and do for logon details)
chair or
- Appendix 4
4. THE BODY Direct students to Logon and follow Respond 30 min Projector
 Modelling log on their school teachers prompts online to Unit shell
 Guided account and access Select Unit – Self students
practice the Course Shell Image and Identity. answers
 Independent Art in WoW Access file Online Try to only
work Assist M and J one Safety attend to any
on one. student
queries online
5. CONCLUSION Direct students to Research the five Shell Topic: 5 min Shell Access
 Summary Log out. Horde races and Race/Class
 Future Give homework think of types of and naming
direction names you would conventions
Assure the fun is
like to use. for Role-
about to start!
characters in

Linton Chapman – Visual Art Curriculum Specialisation II

Art in WoW – VAWOW 101
6. EVALUATION Reflect on success
management of
class activity

Linton Chapman – Visual Art Curriculum Specialisation II