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System of Measurement
A system of measurement is a set of units which can be used to specify
anything can be measured.

What is Measurment?
Measurement is the act of determining a target's size, length, weight, capacity, or other aspect.
There are a number of terms similar to measure but which vary according to the purpose such as
weight, calculate, and quantify. In general, measurement can be understood as one action within
the term instrumentation.

A. Linear measure

Linear measure is defined as a measurement of length. An example of linear measure is using

a yard stick to find out the length of a table.
1. English measure provide the creative way on how people can measure by themselves. For
example, people measure shorter distance on ground with their feet. They measure long
distance by palms which is equal to a yard

 Inch
 Yard
 Miles
2. Metric system is a decimalized system of measurement. It exists in several variations with
different choices of base units. Metric units are widely used around the world for personal,
commercial and scientific purpose

 Millimeter
 Centimeter
 Decimeter
 Meter
B. English units and each equivalent
 12 inches = foot (ft)
 1 foot = 3yard (yd)
 1 yard = 36 inches

C. Metric units and Equavalent

 10millometer (mm) = 1centimeter (cm)
 10centimetr = 1decimetr (dm)
 10 decimeter = 1meter

D. English to metric Equivalent

 1 inch = 2.54 cm
 1 foot = 30.48 cm
 1 yard = 91.44 cm

E. The centimeter graduation

The graduation shows that every digits is .5mm

How to read the cm graduation
1. First graduation is .5 mm
2. Second graduation is 1 mm
3. Third graduation is 1.5 mm
4. Fourth graduation is 2 mm

F. The inch graduation

How to read the inch graduation
1. Graduation is 1/16
2. Graduation is 18
3. Graduation 3/16
4. Graduation is ¼
The inch graduation in a steel rule: