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Tanez – August 3200


“The interests of the Sector Trade Organization have always been misaligned from those of a true
revolutionary movement, and it necessitates leaving the organization not only due to the actions of
the former House Vela, now ascendant, and the ACRE corporation but primarily due to ideological
differences. As imperialism wanes in Acheron Rho, the bourgeoisie gain their own foothold and
rising power as the capitalist mode of production replaces that of the feudalist. A just society is still
within arms reach as we find ourselves in a vulnerable transitory period and we reaffirm our interests
in creating sector spanning justice for all, for the means of production belong in the hands of the
workers, and not within the hands of the capitalists. All power to the workers councils! All power to
the communes! Hasten the revolution!”

- Rosa Jacoby
- Trade Unionist (IUWC)

“Greetings fellow Yakiyans and liberated peoples of the sector. Yakiyah was not my birthplace but it
is my home and my nation just as some of you did I have come to our new Mandate with hope and
belief in my heart. A hope for equality and a belief that we, the people of Yakiyah, will bring this
freedom to the sector as a whole someday. Sadly this belief is one I no longer seen shared by those
in the Sector Treaty Organization. I was proud of those in the former Noble House of Vela to move
to democracy and equality. That. That was a mistake and one I must now own up to.

The recent savagery committed by our so called allies towards a freer future has shown me the error
of this. Just as I had felt in fear I see our old allies are not advocates of all peoples but merely a group
of privileged nobles and oligarchs who traded nobility and friendship of an Emperor for the ability
to delude those under them that they have equal status. Their governments are not for the common
ones, like our righteous Mandate, but shadowy illusions to allow them to continue the common folks’
bondage into a new era. An era Yakiyah must lead. For that purpose we must condemn this genocide
and Remember Gats. Remember the deaths. Remember yourselves.”

- Commissar Joslyn IJsberen (IUWC)

- Administrator within the Yakiyan Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Tanez – August 3200

“ThePeople of Yakiyah have chosen and they have chosen a path that lacks ambition and focus. In
these times of war the revolution of this sector, the destruction of the old system and the birth of
something new, raw and powerful are imminent.

People see the war as suffering and while the Brigade agrees, they see it as a new form of energy.
Energy that is needed for the Rebirth of this sector.

The Yakiyan People have decided to stop supporting people of war. They want to run to their
small hidey holes and hope that the system forgets about them.

People of Yakiyah, you can't hide, you can't stop the war, you will be devoured by it. Mark my
words, you will fall prey to the strong, because the people on this planet have become weak.

The STO itself is a monstrum, a machine of destruction, a machine of change. You, who has
chosen to be weak, tried to stop this monstrum by running away from it.

You are fleeing from change. You will soon be the next victim of the machine. You will be
devoured by it, torn apart like the old system.

And when that happens, the Brigade will cheer them on, the Brigade will revel in the machines
actions, because cowards have no place in the new world.”

- Slaqtine (Slaqtine Brigade)

Tanez – August 3200
"When Yakiyah joined the Sector Trade Organization, it was thought that a great future would be in
store for our world. Freed from Corporate rule by a decree from House Crux, we would finally be
our own world, our own people forging our destiny in this sector. We joined the Sector Trade
Organization in order to keep our planet prospering. We fought valiantly to keep open the vital trade
routes feeding every soul, despite Imperial Attempts to shut down these shipping lanes. We struck
trade and asset deals that strengthened our economy and we guaranteed safe movement between our
worlds so Serfs could flee from their masters and live wherever they pleased. But not everyone was
happy. What began as a loose trade organization and alliances between worlds, was beginning to
become a Political Union. We were rapidly losing our autonomy in this alliance, Yakiyah and other
worlds being asked to keep on giving to this war effort. Keep on giving resources and supplies that
should be used on our own people. The alliance has become controlled by a cabal of elites who only
see the numbers on a blackboard and do care about the common people who live on these worlds.

For the past few months, the people of Yakiyah have yearned. They have yearned for their identity
and culture back, to be a beacon of hope in this dark sector. For the past few months, they have a
demanded a referendum. A referendum to leave the Sector Trade Organization. I am ashamed to
say, that we as leaders had attempted to belay such fears, to keep our strengthened economy that this
organization brings us. But the ACRE Corporation and Velan Ascendency have committed a great
act of human suffering on Orpheus. An act that is nothing short of genocide. An act we have not
witnessed since the Cygnus War. So we relented and this past month, we gave into their calls. In a
vote of 70-30 %, the people of Yakiyah have voted to leave the Sector Trade Organization and enter
a new season of Harvest, free from both Imperial and STO influences. They have voted to make
their own decisions, they have voted for their own culture and lives and they point to a new future,
where Yakiyahns will die for Yakiyahns and not for PRISM Executives. The formal leaving article of
the STO cooperation treaty will be triggered in the coming months and representatives will be sent
to Mordred Station to negotiate a deal that preserves our economy while giving back our autonomy.
I would like to thank every Yakiyahn citizen who voted in this referendum. This was Democracy's
first challenge on our world. And we have surmounted it.
Remember Gats.
Remember Orpheus."

- Edmund Banarjee (Conservative League)

- - Chief Administrator for Finance, Trade and Economic Cooperation
Tanez – August 3200
“Citizens of Acheron Rho, it has been time of tumult and change within these stars we call home.
The people of Yakiyah have taken this opportunity to take what is rightfully theirs, to build a home
free from the oppressive jack boot of the empire. We have driven from our world those who would
see you toil, unpaid and unrecognised, so they may continue with their decadent, elitist and above all
immoral existence. All the while we have struck trade deals with most major worlds, we have
continued to feed the people of the sector no matter which side their oppressors stand.

There are those in this city, this bastion of freedom, who claim to speak for the revolutionary spirit
of Acheron Rho, they claim their morals place them above those we fight, above those who will stop
at nothing to maintain their place on the top of the pile. To those people we ask: what will you do to
see the current order brought low, we have seen what our fellow free peoples in the ACRE
corporation and the Velan Ascendance are willing to do, you may find their actions reprehensible, as
we do, but we recognise the necessity those actions. We cannot hope to defeat this enemy with
nothing but ideals and moral superiority.

These “nobles” have demonstrated time and time again what they will do to cling to power. The
slaughter of billions on Gats was the clarion call across the sector that things had to change, the
loudest of uncountable inhuman acts committed. We say now is the time to revisit these crimes upon
them and those who would defend the system of their own enslavement.

The High Church’s chain of being must be smashed, it must be melted and recast into the
foundations on which all peoples of this sector may stand, rise and be free. We do now what must
be done to see this come to pass, we do not recognise your moral authority. Our children may call
us monsters, as you do, they may say we betray the revolution, they may even wish we never acted.
But they will be free to do so and that will be worth every drop of blood we now must shed.

Long Live The Revolution”

- Colonel Rucknar YakDef-OD (MAPL)

- Military Attaché, Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Secondment from YakDef - Operations Division.