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Kyndall Francis to Speak at the Upcoming "I Want My Life Back Summit"

On February 29, Kyndall Francis, Chris Scott, Ted McDonald, along with state and local officials
will all be on hand to speak out about the challenges of wrongful incarceration that are impacting
men and woman across our country.

Columbia, MD, January 23, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Exonerated Media's mission is based on the belief that
one person, is too many people wrongly convicted.

Over the past 30 years, there have been thousands of prisoners exonerated, many of whom were on death
row. Based on these numbers, it is estimated that at least a 5% of the U.S. prison population is wrongly
convicted; though many experts believe the number could be much higher, according to DPIC.

Exonerated Media Company wants to give a voice to that 5% here and across the United States.

On Saturday, February 29, Exonerated Media will host the “I Want My Life Back Summit 2020” from
12pm to 4pm at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, 201 Waterfront St., National Harbor,
Md. 20745

The “I Want My Life Back Summit” will host a series of speakers, including a local recent exoneree,
community advocate, and business man Kyndall Francis. A panel facilitated by Exonerated Media Editor
and Chief Ted McDonald, who has worked as an investigative consultant and former investigative
reporter, will follow the speaker. The panel will feature many local community leaders, including Legal
Aid Attorney's from Maryland and the District of Columbia, local government officials, and Chris Scott,
another exoneree.

McDonald says the Summit will open people's eyes to the difficulties of exoneration and will provide a
platform to hear the stories from individuals who were wrongfully convicted. It's important for the local
and national community to realize the impact a wrongful conviction can have and to prevent it from
happening to others. The summit was created with the intent of giving those victims a platform for their

Special Guest Kyndall Francis who is extremely excited to speak his truth, says leading up to this
important event, "Everyone assumes there is no way something like this can happen to me, that being
wrongful convicted is not their issue, until they find themselves in a court room or behind bars." He
continued, “Then we want justice and everyone to stop and pay attention. That's backwards! It's on us to
stop it from happening in the first place and to put the proper people, checks and balances in place to
ensure justice for all really means justice for all. Having lived though it I feel it's my responsibility to
educate and provide knowledge and resources to those who are on the inside and outside that need it."

For event information and registration email Exonerated Media or visit them on the web.

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