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Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami

11am- Sunday Services & Children’s Programs

December 5:
Around the Next Corner- Rev. Drew Johnston
This season is all about change and anticipation!  Today we lay some foundation pieces
for what follows.  This will be a day of looking forward and backward at the same time,
appreciating what has led us to this point, knowing that this is not the destination.

December 12: Waiting for the Holy- Rev. Drew Johnston &
Rev. Allison Farnum
INSIDE We are in the season of Advent, a Christian observance that speaks to
the Unitarian Universalist’s thoughtful faith.  Advent is the season of
expectation and waiting, and this Sunday we explore what waits for our
attention within us.  Join Rev. Allison Farnum, minister of the UU Church
PG. 1 of Fort Myers, in this special pulpit exchange.
Rev. Farnum began serving the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort
PG. 2 Myers in August of 2008.  In community and denominational life, she is
DREW’S NEWS currently serving on the board of Interfaith Action of Southwest Florida,
an ally organization of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. She is also a
PG. 3 member of the UU Allies for Racial Equity, and serves on the clergy
CONGREGATIONAL committee of the newly forming interfaith congregation-based community
LIFE organizing group, Lee County Interfaith Sponsoring Committee.  Rev.
Farnum also enjoys living in Southwest Florida with her partner Andy and
PG. 4 enjoying the Gulf, the Caloosahatchee River, and various creeks.
EDUCATION & A December 19: Surprise Packages- Rev. Drew Johnston
LOOK AHEAD The lead up to Christmas is supposed to be full of anticipation and
expectancy, just as this year at our congregation is focused on the
PG. 5 anticipation of something/someone new that will soon arrive.  Along the
GROUPS AND way, there will be surprises, and we have the chance to find value in what
PROGRAMS is unexpected, even as we continue looking for that which we anticipate.

PG. 6
A LOOK AHEAD December 24: Christmas Eve- Rev. Drew Johnston
At 5:30pm we will gather for a simple and brief service with music and
PG. 7 candlelight.
DENOMINATIONAL December 26: Everyday a Child is Born: Celebrating the
NEWS Wonder of Christmas- Choir & Worship Committee
Just as Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus; let us celebrate the
PG. 8 wondrous miracle that marks the birth of every child. The choir and
DECEMBER musicians will lead us in making a joyful noise singing many traditional
CALENDAR and contemporary songs of the season. This intergenerational service
will be followed by a congregational holiday cookie, candy, and baked
goods potluck. Bring your favorites to share while sipping a cup of hot
chocolate, cider, or eggnog.
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Reverend Drew Johnston- Transitional Minister

December brings with it quite a variety of holiday expectations! It seems that every tradition that has any
kind of holiday at all has a significant one this time of year. As we continue to learn about cultural
dominance and social norms, this confluence of holidays serves as an interesting example of several key
elements of building multicultural awareness and balance. When building coalitions with various cultural
groups we become acutely aware of the manner in which every issue matters; whether considering justice
issues related to class and race, or our own religious issues as members of a theologically diverse
congregation, we have a chance to move into greater balance of our wishes and our actions.

This year, we will focus on Christmas, the most prevalent of the December holidays in the United States
at this time. The specifics of the Christmas story are simple and actually demonstrate how to be prepared
to welcome the stranger, to open hearts and minds to a new version of a message, and offer a chance to
eagerly anticipate and awaited moment.

In our congregations we sometimes lose the beauty of a message if the source is unfamiliar, or if we judge
it to also be a source of unwelcome messages. If our focus this year was Kwanzaa or Solstice we would,
likely, make a better attempt at respecting the particular flavor than we sometimes do when the source is

In order to welcome diversity, in the interest of becoming culturally competent, we need to consider a
greater generosity of spirit when interacting with with behaviors, ideas, and paradigms that may not be
our own. For some here, Christmas is a foreign idea, or has been diminished to commercialism. Some
have even claimed to have never heard the story. This year, as we demonstrate our desire for enhanced
skills in cultural understanding, and greater diversity within our own walls, let's each be mindful of
helping each other ensure a true spirit of generosity and openness during this season.

I sometimes hear people talk about how hectic the season is, and I am hoping we don’t mistake
nourishing activity for hectic activity.  Let this month be a time of nourishing!  Making space for good
things to enter is one way to nourish.  Active support of good things is another way.  And making
moments of personal peace is a particularly useful way of nourishing ourselves and each other.

Let this be an active season, and let the activity be a source of joy and strength.  The world needs us to be
joyous and strong.

See you in church.

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Janice Hynes Homestead from December 26 through

Annual Christmas Dinner January 1, each year. Brochures available
in church office & swimuu.org
On Saturday, December 25th the
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of
You give but little
Miami (UUCM) and SWIM will be Susie Green when you give of
hosting a Traditional Dinner with UU Holiday Gifts
Holiday Fare. Open house reception Looking for the perfect holiday gift? your
begins at 4pm and dinner will be served Check out the beautiful UU Sterling possessions. It is
at 6pm in the Sanctuary. Adults $20, Silver, Hand Finished designs at
Children (13-17) $10, Kids 12 and under www.rvreyes.com . when you give of
are free. Please RSVP by filling out a These wonderful pieces were created by
registration form that can be found at the our very own Raquel Reyes. yourself that you
UUCM every Sunday. If you want to Happy Holidays to you and yours! truly give.
add your favorite holiday dish to this
dinner, or make a reception tidbit or
offer an “Elfen hand” in setting up or
clean up Please call Janice McArthur or
-Khalil Gibran
Bob Jacober at (305) 234-0610 or
janicemca@bellsouth.net . SWIM is the
Southeast Unitarian Universalist Winter
Institute – a one week intergenerational
retreat for UUs from around the country.
We meet at Camp Owaissa Bauer, in

Alice Lingswiler Irv Loibman

Butterfly Garden Fair Trade Coffee
A special “Thank You” to our new For several years we’ve arranged the sale of Fair
Butterfly Gardener Gisela Haynes- Trade products dedicated to Fair Labor Conditions
Welcome! Globally here at the UUCM. Check them out at
www.transfairusa.org Are there any volunteers
willing and able to take this over?  If you would like
to help, please contact Irv at 305-652-9311.

Joan Lund Unitarian Universalism. In other learning communities to share

UUA Trustee Tidbits words, this will be a learning knowledge that resides in UUA
community of mentoring relationships congregations (mutual mentoring and
Happy holidays to each one of you. between congregations with experiential learning); aspiring
This month I offer a huge thanks to the demonstrated growth success and those congregations determining the areas of
majority of our Florida District who are “poised” to grow. These learning and experience that will help
congregations for scheduling and congregations are being paired with them forward in sustained numerical
holding the annual Association Sunday. “mentoring congregations” who have growth; a gathering of “first wave”
I had the privilege of visiting and had experience with particular issues congregation teams for a launching
speaking to two of our congregations and challenges that the “aspiring conference that will allow aspiring
celebrating this event. Proceeds from congregations” face. The aspiring congregations to develop their
the special collections at Association congregations are ones that are already particular narratives and begin to build
Sunday services will be used to ensure doing well, but need a “boost” and learning communities with their
that Unitarian Universalism thrives for might experience new perspectives mentor congregations; and a
generations to come through initiatives from being in relationship with other commitment from aspiring
like Leap of Faith, a pilot project congregations. A professional congregations to share what they learn
establishing mentoring relationships consultant/monitor will help Leap of with other congregations through
between selected congregations. Faith in achieving effectiveness during websites, social media, blogging,
Leap of Faith which is in the pilot the early stages, in hopes of expanding webinars, and workshops. Our UUA
program stage, grew from the program in the future. Evaluators looks forward to sharing more
conversations between UUA President will monitor the program and assist information and ideas following the
Rev. Peter Morales and ministers of UUA staff determine its effectiveness. launch conference.
congregations experiencing admirable A final report will be presented to the
May I take this opportunity to wish
growth in numbers. These 2011 General Assembly, followed by a
your congregation a joyous holiday
conversations spawned the creation of decision about continuance of the
season full of shared love. I look
the project and selection of twelve program with other congregations.
forward to hearing from you at
“aspiring congregations” who desire Core aspects of Leap of Faith include: jlund@uua.org.
support in taking big steps in growing www.uumia.org 3
creating congregation-to-congregation

I find tinsel distracting. ~Frank Costanza

Monica Rizzo- Director of RE up will stay in the sanctuary RE Meeting
December with their responsible adults The Winter Holiday party
We have an exciting month until after the Story for All will be on Sunday, December 5
planned in our individual Ages.  Classes meet their after the service.  We will
classes which will be meeting teachers in the breezeway and decorate the holiday tree with
the first two Sundays of the then go to their individual lights and ornaments while
month. Then on December 19 classrooms for a lesson.  Please snacking on some treats. 
we will have an all ages pick your child up promptly Please join us for some holiday
class and on December 26, we after service. fun!
will have an Intergenerational
service which means children RE Meeting New to the prog ram?
will stay in the Sanctuary with The Religious Education If you are new to the
their responsible adults, but committee meeting is program and would like more
nursery care will still be cancelled for the month of information about Religious
available.  The service can also December.  The next Education, please feel free to
be heard in the Emerson room meeting will be contact Monica Rizzo, the
for those needing to take Sunday, January 2 at 12:45 in Director of Religious
a break from the Sanctuary. a place to be later determined.  Education (DRE), at
  If you would like your voice to mrizzodre@gmail.com to chat
Each Sunday the nursery is be heard, please join us, all are by email, set up a phone call or
open at 10:45 for infants-2 welcome! schedule a face-to-face
years old.  Children ages 3 and meeting.


Selva Joseph Carol Reiter

Second January: El Año Nuevo Lotz Concert Series Presents:
We will be exploring Hispanic Holiday Henry & Sullivan
Traditions. It will challenge us to understand where We are very excited to bring to your
some of the origins of food, dance, and symbols for the attention our plans for January. Knowing how busy
Holidays came from. We will learn some of the songs in everyone gets in December we opted out of
Spanish that are included in our Turquoise hymnal. presenting a jazz concert during the ever busy
Tim, our musical director has promised us some live holiday season and, instead we are hitting you with
latin music to celebrate the New Year and the chorus a double header in January. So, make your plans
might entice us with some new hymns. Our Hispanic now to attend two super charged and very different
UUs will share some of the customs from their artistic performances. The first is Sunday afternoon,
ancestry;  Argentina, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Ecuador are January 9th with the very lovely singer Nicole
on board. Call Selva with any questions, additions or Henry and her trio. The second concert will close
recommendations. (305) 281-9816.  Hasta enero out January on the 30th with the multi
amigos. instrumentalist Ira Sullivan. Circle those dates on
you new calendars. There will be more info in the
Alice Lingswiler
January Connections.
A service of Remembrance and Dedication of new
bricks will be held on Sunday, January 9th at 9am in the
Memorial Garden. If you would like to have a brick
dedicated in memory of a loved one who has passed, or
for the friendship walk, please contact Alice Lingswiler at
305-221-0843 or leave a message for her at the front
office and you will be contacted by a member of the
www.uumia.org 4
Memorial Committee.


Alice Lingswiler Janice Hynes
Grief Support Group Buddhist Group
The holidays are around the corner. A joyful season for Meeting every Tuesday at 6:30pm in the Emerson
most of us- unless there’s an empty seat at the holiday table Room. Second Tuesdays in the Sanctuary. Come join us.
or a change in family ritual. Sharing our memories can
alleviate some of the pain of loss. The Grief support group Iris Massey
is available. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each Spiritual Reality
month in the Emerson Room at 1:15pm. You are welcome
A sharing group that deeply listens to each other
to join us whether your loss is recent or long ago. See
and welcomes new people. Meets every Sunday at 9:30am
Connie Bartels or Alice Lingswiler.
in the Emerson Room. Come join us.
John Bost
Barbara Woshinsky
Humanist Group Social Justice Committee
Meeting December 14, 2010, 7:30pm in the Emerson
The UUMC, Social Justice Committee met on
Room. Featuring  "Ancient Aliens" Part 2. Is it possible that
10/22 with Reverend Drew. For the last couple of months,
intelligent life forms visited Earth thousands of years ago,
the committee has been discussing the idea of
bringing with them technology that drastically affected the
congregation-based community organizing. CBCO is a
course of history and man's own development? Join the
powerful tool for bringing church & outside groups together
to create coalitions for change around community issues
such as immigration & housing. Successful CBCO
Marilyn Rutgers initiatives are now in place in over 200 UU congregations.
Welcoming Cong regation However, congregation-based community organizing
Lavender Salon is an Intergenerational Event for requires a deep, long-term commitment, like “adopting a
Miami's LGBT Community held on the second Saturday of puppy”- for which we have not completed the necessary
the month, in the Emersom Room, at 6:30 PM. Beginning foundational work in prejudice reduction & diversity
with a delicious PotLuck. December’s meeting is TBA due preparedness. Drew therefore announced plans for
to many Holiday events. The next Welcoming attendance, along with Art Friedrich, at a training
Congregation Committee Meeting is on Sunday December workshop presented by the National Coalition Building
5th at 1PM in the Emerson Room. Everyone is welcome to Institute in Baltimore, November 2-7. By the time of this
come share their ideas. For more info, contact Dave publishing, we should have begun hearing about new
Roelant or Marilyn Rutgers. strategies for building stronger relationships inside &
outside the congregation.
Susan Hangge Reporting for the Green Sanctuary working group, Tom
suggested we get another recycling bin to be placed on the
The Alliance breezeway and visibly labeled, so that our recyclables will
Meeting December 4 at 4pm in the Emerson Room for not be mixed with our trash. Consensus was reached.
Holiday Potluck. Please bring a dish to share, new Monthly outreach offerings will be for the following causes:
undergarments to gift to The Battered Women’s Shelter of November: Pakistan relief (thru UUSC)
Homestead and a $5 fun gift for the exchange. Carl Stocker December: Puente Arizona, for human rights for
will be playing music. immigrant workers
January: Educate Tomorrow, to support mentoring of
Margaret McAlister & Tom Edwards "aging out" adolescents in foster care.
PFLAG February: Haitian earthquake refugees living in Miami.
PFLAG Kendall meets at 12pm on the 2nd Saturday of
each month at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Bill gave an informational report on the history of
Miami. PFLAG Homestead meets at 11:00 AM the fourth immigration in the U.S., which was followed by discussion.
Saturday of each month at St. John’s Episcopal Those present agreed that immigration was a social justice
Church, 145 NE 10 Street in Homestead. Thank you U.U. issue. Drew made the point that some groups attack "illegal
Miami, for your support! For more info contact immigrants" only in order to arouse fears and build support
pflagkendall@gmail.com or pflaghomestead@gmail.com for their own organizations.

Connie Bartels Ann suggested that we again support the Immolakee farm
workers' struggle for a penny a pound pay increase, through
Lunch Bunch boycott or consumer pressure on Publix. Other issues we
Bring a bag lunch and join us as we enjoy a are pursuing are health care and continued support of
friendly lunch and discuss a reading from an inspirational relief for Haiti. As you can see, we are an ambitious and
book each Wednesdays from 12pm-2pm in the Emerson creative group. Please join us and bring your energy and
Room. Every 3rd Wednesday is Poetry Day so bring your ideas. We meet the third Friday of the month in the
favorite poems to share. Hope to see you there. Emerson Room; potluck 7 PM, meeting 7:30. Peace!
www.uumia.org 5

David Traupman- Board Chair

‘Tis the Season
This time of year is often described as the season of giving. While many of us are planning our year-
end charitable donations or are joining the shopping fray to find the perfect holiday gifts for family and
friends, we are also seeking ways to give meaningful gifts of our time, talents, energy, and resources. As
the spirit of Christmas inspires us to be more deliberately generous, now is the perfect time to reflect on
the bountiful opportunities you have to share your abundance with the congregational community
throughout the entire year.

From lavishly bestowing smiles, greetings, and heart-felt conversations at Sunday services, committee
meetings, and activities.

To unselfishly volunteering your skills and talents as we reinvigorate our newly streamlined committees.

To recommitting to your congregational 2010-2011 financial pledge now that we are halfway through
the fiscal year (which runs from July 2010 to June 2011).

There are myriad ways to cut through Christmas' more superficial aspects and thoughtfully integrate its
message of "good cheer and goodwill to men" within our lives, our congregation, and in our world.

Wishing you a most hospitable holiday!

Jesse Walters
New Member Corner SWIM 2010 Hope & Action-
Sandy Howard and Jesse Walters, Co- Southeast Winter Institute
Chairs of the Stewardship Committee, SWIM is an all-age Unitarian Universalist camp held
and Margaret McAlister, Chair of the near Miami,  Florida between Christmas and New
Membership Committee, thank the Years Day.
following individuals who recently Where: Camp Owaissa Bauer, 17001 SW 264 Street,
completed a Pledge Card for Fiscal Year Homestead, Florida 33031.
2010-2011: Nelson Martinez, Andrea When: December 26, 2010 through January 1, 2011.
Mustelier, and Bob Olian Cost: Adults - $445, Teens - $298, Children - $196.
Pledget Members to date: 124 Prices include camp fees, meals and program fees.
New in 2010: Adults will get last year’s price of
$425.00 if you prepay at $100.00 before registration
opens in the fall.

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Staff Schedule & Contact Info

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December 2010
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