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VAW Free Community starts with MY GEMS

" Making Youth Gender-Equity Movers in School"
November 25, 2019

In accordance to DepEd Order no. 63, s. 2012 – Guidelines on the Preparation of

Gender and Development (GAD) Utilization of GAD Budgets and Submission of
Accomplishment Reports and DepEd Order no. 27, s. 2013 – Guidelines on the
Establishment of Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Point System (GFPS) at the
Regional, Division, and School Level, the Gender and Development Focal Point System
ensure that an absolute, definite, genuine and potential gender biases are removed,
the government embarked on gender and development (GAD) as one of its priority
programs. GAD focuses on the principle that development is for all. Everyone in society,
female or male, has the right to equal opportunities to achieve a full and satisfying life.

Liberato Damian Elementary School held a consultative meeting on the

implementation, monitoring, plans and activities of the School GAD Plan. To ensure that
the teachers and students will enjoy the same conditions and full human rights and
potentials to contribute to development as well as benefit from the results.

The following programs aim to address the various gender needs and concerns:
1. Prevent violence against women and children from ever occurring (primary
2. Intervene early to identify and support women and children who are at risk of
violence (early intervention); and
3. Respond to violence by holding perpetrators accountable, ensure connected
services are available for women and their children (response).

Kick of Parade - November 25, 2019

Poster Making Contest - Grade 4 – 6 students
Students are really enjoyed joining the poster making were they capture the
issue of Violence Against Women (VAW) free community and the role MY GEMS
"Making Youth Gender-Equity Movers in School" in preventing VAW and providing
services to victims of abuse.
November 27, 2019
Acrostic Competition – Grade 1 pupils
November 28, 2019
Singing Contest – Grade 2 pupils
December 6, 2019

Culminating Activity

The program started at exactly 1:30pm with a short prayer by Ms. Emilyn F.
Famador - Grade 2 teacher and Nationalistic Song by Ms. Edna Respicio - Grade three
Opening Remarks

Kagawad Alberto Matienzo of Barangay Sta. Cruz gives his message about
eliminating violence against women must be our common effort and can be our
common achievement. This is an issue that concerns us all, involves us all and requires
concerted and urgent action. Achievements for gender equality and women's
empowerment will be negated if we allow violence against women to persist.

Special Presentation of Grade 1 pupil.

Winners for Acrostic Contest of Grade 1 pupils
First Place for Jingle Rap Song – Grade 3 pupils with the tune of Beautiful Girl. Credits to
the composer of the song Mrs. Catherine S. Tobalado who render his full support in
composing the song.
Special Song number by Alexandra Ann Icaro. She sang a song “Free Community Starts
with Me” with the tune of “Top of the World”. Credits to the composer of the song Mrs.
Maria Theresa O. Cruz who render his full support to the VAW free community.

Winners for Poster Making Contest of Grade 4 and Grade 5 students. Every students
shows their support in VAW Free Community.
Interpretative Dance “Fight Song” by Grade 5 pupils.
Interpretative Dance by Grade 6 pupils.
Prepared by:

GAD Coordinator


Principal IV