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23/09/2019 EDUCATE - BESA


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EDUCATE is a unique project bringing together entrepreneurs and innovators, with academics,
researchers and educators, to deliver world-class EdTech products and services.

Based at the Knowledge Lab, at UCL’s Institute of Education, EDUCATE is match-funded by

the European Regional Development Fund
(http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/en/funding/erdf/) and UCL’s partners: UCL Engineering
(http://www.engineering.ucl.ac.uk/), the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA)
(https://www.besa.org.uk/), Nesta (https://www.nesta.org.uk/) and F6S
(https://www.f6s.com/educate). This collaboration brings together all the strands of
knowledge, experience and expertise needed to produce world-class EdTech.

The rigorous and comprehensive training programme is designed to help start-ups, SMEs,
entrepreneurs and educators to develop, evaluate and improve their products and services
with the use of research evidence.

It is this focus on pedagogical research and ‘what works’ that makes the programme stand
out. Entrepreneurs and innovators can be confident that access to reputable evidence will
assist them in developing world-class products and services that are effective and
marketable, and fit for purpose.

The ambition at EDUCATE is to be at the forefront of designing and developing pioneering

EdTech, to revolutionise how teachers teach, and students learn – and to ensure that the UK
continues to lead the way in EdTech globally.

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23/09/2019 EDUCATE - BESA

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September 23, 2019

Exhibit at
(https://twitter.com/hashtag/SSATNC19?src=hash)! We are delighted to be
managing the SSAT Exhibition again this year & would be delighted to h…
https://t.co/V1CHO5EjQG (https://t.co/V1CHO5EjQG)

September 23, 2019

Privileged to be invited to observe part of the
(https://twitter.com/@HertsLearning) assessment conference today. Very
impressive turnout… https://t.co/Gm4r7XTBAD (https://t.co/Gm4r7XTBAD)

September 23, 2019

RT Scott Brothers
(https://twitter.com/@scott1brothers): @DidacIndia
(https://twitter.com/@DidacIndia) time for the @ONVULearning

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23/09/2019 EDUCATE - BESA

(https://twitter.com/@ONVULearning) team this week, wishing you all a great

week and our partners @besatweet (https://twitter.com/@besatweet)
#didacindia2019 #edtech

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23/09/2019 EDUCATE - BESA

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