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24JANUARY2020 | Vol 11 Issue 43

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"I am proud that Javed
Akhtar is my father

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2 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 24, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Three things that Kiwi-Indian community

should look forward to in 2020
This year will give the
Kiwi-Indian community
ample opportunity to not

very year begins with it fresh hopes and
aspirations, and it is no different for a
only celebrate centenary
community than for an individual. The celebrations of Auckland
Kiwi-Indian community that has been living in
the country for at least more than a hundred- Indian Association
odd years and has become an essential part of but also celebrate the
the multi-ethnic social fabric of this country, is
also likely to have some aspirations and hope struggles of our earliest
for 2020.  settlers. 
In that regard, centenary celebrations of the
venerable Auckland Indian Association, the
grand opening of the multisport complex at
Takanini Gurudwara and the new electorate of All these organisations are forbears of our
Flat Bush in South Auckland, are likely to be community and have worked incessantly during
the three big things of significant interest for the those early years to promote and preserve Indian
community, apart from the standard issues such Auckland Indian Association was formed culture and progressively develop an attitudinal
existence is no mean achievement in itself for
as immigration, safety and law & order, culture in 1920 by the founding members of the change of mutual respect and equality for the
any organisation, leave aside for a community
& festivals, and of course, general elections that community who have arrived in the country in Kiwi-Indian community in New Zealand. 
association, as it takes an exceptional clarity of
continues to attract much public attention.  the early 1900s having travelled from India by In that regard, this year will give the Kiwi-
vision and purpose to remain relevant decade
Centenary celebrations of Auckland after decade.  sea to create a new life in this beautiful country.  Indian community ample opportunity to
Indian Association: Why it matters  For community organisations, it becomes During that time, the primary goal of any not only celebrate centenary celebrations of
even more challenging to endure the vagaries of ethnic community organisation was not merely Auckland Indian Association but also celebrate
On Sunday, January 26, Auckland Indian
time and societal challenges, as their offerings to celebrate the culture, festivals, and the the struggles of our earliest settlers. 
Association was to lead a celebratory
to their core members of the community are diversity, but rather to fight racism, bigotry
community event of India’s Republic Day Takanini Gurudwara’s multi-sports
rather intangible.  and prejudice that was galore in the then kiwi-
where a senior Indian Minister was expected to
Without being critical or disrespectful public life.  centre: A gift to community
attend along with the High Commissioner and
toward anyone, appreciating the hundred Enduring those initial attitudinally-adverse On 22nd March 2020, the Supreme Sikh
the Hon Consul of India. 
years of a community organisation might be Society of New Zealand will be hosting a grand
While the Minister’s visit has been cancelled years is something that should be celebrated and
more challenging for the current wave of new
due to “unforeseen circumstances,” the focus appreciated by one and all in the community.  community event for the inauguration of the
immigrants who have arrived in the country
continues to remain on the Auckland Indian To give a better perspective and sharing much awaited and hugely appreciated multi-
riding on much favourable immigration policies
Association as it enters into 100th year of its the accolades with many other community million dollar multi-sports complex in South
and also fortunately aided with the modern
existence. This year many such events are organisations with a similar level of antiquity, Auckland’s Takanini Gurudwara.
advancements of communication technologies.  
being planned by the Association with support Wellington Indian Association (1925), a For uninitiated, the Supreme Sikh Society
This year will give ample opportunities to
of the offices of the Indian High Commission country section, which eventually came has been working arduously for many years to
the Kiwi-Indian community to reflect upon the
and the Consulate of India.  together in 1926 to form New Zealand Indian build a multi-sports complex ($6.5million) with
history, struggles, trials and tribulations of our
Completion of hundred years of continued Central Association. a grand vision of creating a healthy, vibrant and
earliest settlers in this beautiful country. 

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The Indian Weekender Friday, January 24, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 3
and the prospects of creation of a new electorate general, have relied on getting selected from
in South Auckland with the name of Flat Bush. Party Lists to enter into the parliament rather
Late last year in November 2019, the being able to win elections. This is despite on
Representation Commission had released many occasions, several ethnic MPs being able
a report on the proposed boundaries and to win a respectable number of votes.
names of electorates for the next two general However, this can potentially change in
elections, whereby suggesting creation of a 2020, with the Flat Bush electorate, which has
new electorate with the name of Flat Bush and a significant population of ethnic Indian and
that will be comprising of parts of the existing Chinese population, if the major parties choose
Hunua, Manurewa and Papakura electorates to tap those underlying aspirations within those
and includes Wattle Downs and Takanini. communities to have an electorate MP.
The final decision about the boundaries and While, there is no denial of the fact that the
the new electorate will be made in April 2020 MMP system is complex, and the best possible
following a consultation and public feedback chance for securing representation for ethnic
process from December to February this year. communities in the parliament, there are some
Notably, the total number of electorates in underlying aspirations within the Kiwi-Indian
Auckland will increase from 24 to 25, and the community to have an electorate Kiwi-Indian
mutually inclusive society in the neighbourhood In an earlier coverage of the upcoming sports total number of electorates in the country will MP in the parliament.
of the multi-ethnic South Auckland suburbs. complex by the Indian Weekender, Supreme increase from the current 71 to 72. The total If that has to happen anytime soon, then
A total of seven different sports turfs Sikh Society’s spokesperson Daljit Singh said, number of seats for the parliament is going to possibly, Flat Bush electorate would present a
including for soccer, hockey, athletics track, “This [multi-sports centre] has been a long- remain the same at 120, thereby reducing the good chance, as the Kiwi-Indian community
volleyball, basketball, cricket and kabaddi – held dream since last 10-15 years when the represents 21 per cent of total voters in the
number of List MPs that can go to parliament
the famous contact-team-game from India – Supreme Sikh Society first got the land in South electorate.
from current 49 to 48.
have almost been completed and waiting for Auckland.” According to Statistics NZ, there are 15,720
Political parties and political observers
inauguration after being vetted by the highest “We have been clear from the very beginning usual residents in the 2018 Census, who identify
have already an exalted level of interest in the
professional regulatory bodies of each sport in of this Gurudwara that we need to come up
prospects of this new electorate of Flat Bush, themselves as of Indian ethnicity in Flat Bush
the country.  with a major sports facility to not only promote
as it can rightly prove decisive in the formation ‘proposed’ electorate. Notably, this count is
The soccer pitch is fully approved by FIFA sports and good health among our youths from
[the highest international governing body for of the next government after elections due later for those who identified themselves as ‘Indian
the wider Kiwi-Indian community.” ethnicity’. This means that a person might have
football]. Similarly, the turfs and pitches for in 2020.
“But also because sports is a great unifier identified themselves as ‘Indian ethnicity’ only
other games have also been constructed under Many political observers have opined that
of people helping in cutting our cultural OR as ‘Indian ethnicity and other ethnicities’.
the strict guidelines of respective sporting potentially National could take that new
authorities to ensure that facilities comply with differences,” Mr Singh then said. The total population of Flat Bush electorate is
electorate of Flat Bush after next elections;
the highest levels of professional standards.  Completion of such a mega sporting facility 74,550.
and dedicating to the wider communities is however, both National and Labour Party are
The Supreme Sikh Society has been working Against such a backdrop, it would be
indeed a moment of pride, not only for the tight-lipped and refusing to jump the gun yet.
in close coordination with all key stakeholders interesting to note if there has been some
entire Kiwi-Indian community, but the wider Meanwhile, from the Kiwi-Indian
including Manurewa, Takanini & Papakura interest within our co-ethnic aspirants and an
Community Boards and local Councillors for South Auckland communities. community’s perspective, there is some
equal interest within major political parties to
this mega project. underlying interest in the fact, if there could cultivate those interests and tap on underlying
New proposed electorate of Flat be a possibility of getting the first-ever Kiwi-
The Governance Body of the Sports aspirations of the community.
Complex, which is to be announced soon, Bush: Does it hold any promise for Indian electorate MP elected from the Flat Bush For now, both National and Labour Party
is likely to consist of members from Local community? electorate. have sidestepped these questions, however, this
Community Board and the representatives of There has been much public interest over the Under New Zealand’s Mixed Member would be an interesting space to watch in the
the CLM Sports Auckland. proposed changes in the electorate boundaries Proportional System, so far all ethnic MPs, in coming months.

Happy Indian
Republic Day!
Best of luck to Team India
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4 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 24, 2020 The Indian Weekender

A cricketing record that’ll never be broken

¡ DEV NADKARNI Bapu was as humble and self-effacing as he

was well-respected. The Indian team played
he cricketing world’s most economic
their series-deciding third match with Australia
bowler ever and one of India’s most
wearing black armbands following his passing
useful all-rounders, Bapu Nadkarni,
on 17 January.
passed away last week at the age of 86.
New Zealand had a special significance to
Born Rameshchandra Gangaram Nadkarni
Bapu in the sense that he debuted his test career
(R.G. Nadkarni in the record books) in Nasik
playing against New Zealand in the 1955-56
in 1933, Bapu came to be known as the most
test series in New Delhi. He played his last test
miserly bowler world test and first-class cricket
too against New Zealand in Auckland in 1968.
has ever known.
And he holds at least one great record that
one can safely say will never ever be broken. In Just a namesake–
the Madras (Chennai) 1963-64 India-England
test series, he returned the scarcely believable no maidens
bowling figures of 32-27-5-0 for Team India –
comprising 21 consecutive maiden overs. The
first five balls of the twenty-second were also New Zealand had a special significance to Bapu in the
I often get asked by old time cricket
aficionados all over the world if I being
a namesake had any connection with Bapu.
dot balls, and that too because of a misfielding, I wish I could say yes. I did meet him but
which yielded the run!
sense that he debuted his test career playing against New never really knew him or have spoken to him.
Inexplicably, the captain took him off the Zealand in the 1955-56 test series in New Delhi. He played Yet our paths did cross once when my father
attack right after that, a thing which is said to and he were bidding for the same home in
his last test too against New Zealand in Auckland in 1968. suburban Mumbai. It wasn’t an auction but
have rankled Bapu lifelong. Be that as it may,
but 131 continuous dot balls is most certainly an rather the developer was asking for offers of
which he had two.
all-time record hard, nay, impossible to surpass,
played 191 first-class matches for the Bombay family and dear ones.” He told us – “We have two bids; both from
especially in this age of quick scoring cricket
and Maharashtra teams scoring 8880 runs and Nadkarnis.” Somehow, my father got the
where even six dot balls is a real big deal. Legendary accuracy home and that for us was like a run stolen
scalping 500 wickets. His economy rate at
And that display of extreme parsimony in How Bapu developed such an accurate line from the parsimonious bowler.
retirement was an unbelievable 1.67 (second
Madras was far from an accidental one-off. And then years later in bar in Port Vila,
best in world test history for bowlers taking and length is the stuff of Mumbai’s cricketing
Consider some of his other figures earlier: 32- Vanuatu, an elderly visiting Australian
over 50 wickets) and an even better 1.64 in lore. Before a practice session, Bapu would
24-23-0 in Kanpur, with Pakistan in 1960/61 professor asked me that question again –
first-class cricket. drop a ‘chauanni’ – a 25 paise coin – on the good
and 34-24-24-1 in Delhi in the same series. “Any connection with that miserly bowler
Post-retirement from active cricket, he length spot, draw a circle around it, return to his Nadkarni?” I replied in the negative.
True allrounder served as the Indian team’s assistant manager, run up at the bowler’s end and bowl left arm to “Do you play cricket?” was the next
An allrounder in the true sense, in the 1950s and was a mentor to Sunil Gavaskar. Speaking question.
hit the spot ten out of ten times. Something that
and ’60s, Bapu played 41 tests for India scoring to media after Bapu’s passing, Gavaskar said, “I used to. But I’ve never managed to bowl
has been essayed slightly differently by Muttiah
1441 runs and taking 88 wickets with 6/43 as “His favourite term was ‘chhodo mat’. It means maidens of any description,” I said.
hang in there. Chhodo mat. You are playing for Muralitharan in a famous YouTube video.
his career best in tests. He scored a match- – DN
India. That thing we learned from him.” Gavaskar said Bapu was valued by the team
winning 122 not out (and 52 not out in the
Sachin Tendulkar tweeted, “I grew up hearing for his strategic advice while on tour, especially
earlier innings) against England. Dev Nadkarni is the founding editor and
His richest haul was eleven wickets in about the record of him bowling 21 consecutive in the dressing rooms between sessions as the
Editor At Large of The Indian Weekender
a single match (against Australia). He also maiden overs in a Test. My condolences to his match progressed.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 24, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 5

Pongal celebrations in
Auckland brings joy of
harvest in South India Responsible business with lasting
relationship in the community

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he Auckland Tamil Association on from back in India by cooking jaggery rice in
Saturday, January 18 hosted a small but new pots and thanking sun gods.
significant Pongal celebratory event at The three-day-long festival is started with
praying to sun gods on the first day, followed
Insurances Era Bansal
Mt Eden War Memorial on Dominion Road. • Sole bread winner?
by Mathu Pongal on the second, thanking bulls
Ph: 021 066 7598
President of the Association Vai Ravindran Ex Banker for years
and cows for their hard work on the fields.
• Young children?
told The Indian Weekender that over 100

people turned up to the informal celebratory On this day, the traditional sport of Jallikattu • Huge Mortgage?
event with their children and friends and (hugging bulls by their hump) is played, which • Want to have adequate insurance
participated in several activities during the day. is a world-famous sport and is being celebrated cover within budget?
Some of the activities during the day for more than 100 years. The third day of
included Kolam (Tamil Rangoli), and Samayal the festival is called Kaanum Pongal, where
(cooking competition) among other traditional people visit public and tourist places with their
puja and performances. families. Contact us for FREE consultation for all your loan and insurance
The cooking competition had 15 teams Another big celebratory and formal event is requirement today. We help you structure your loan as per your Jatinder Singh
scheduled on Saturday, February 8 where the
Ph: 021 154 4327
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that matches both in taste and sticks to the hosts plan to bring an exuberant display of
theme ‘Food is medicine’. The rule of the traditional dances, Tamil Pattimandram (debate
competition was to cook without using white session), and games like tug of war, Uriya (Pot FREE PHONE: 0508 33 22 11
sugar, milk and white rice. breaking) competitions etc. The prize winners (P) 09 9033 602
Pongal, also known as Thai Pongal is a will be awarded gold earrings, silver lamp and (F) 09 9033 601
multiday Hindu harvest festival celebrated silk sarees. Mob 021 030 8135
with huge pomp and glamour in South India. “We hosted an informal, traditional event info@kiwimortgages.net.nz
The festival is marked to thank the Sun God which was well attended by the community www.kiwimortgages.net.nz Manisha Kumar
for agricultural abundance. Auckland Tamil and next month; we will have a bigger formal Office

Association hosted the event on the last day of celebration with different activities to engage with
116B, Cavendish Drive, Manukau City, Auckland
Pongal this year (15 to January 18) and during our community members,” Vai Ravindra said. *Subject to lending criteria
6 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 24, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Men in Blue vs Blackcaps T20 squad:

SWOT Analysis
¡ AAKAR VYAS The opening pair for New Zealand is as lethal

as one can think of. Munro and Guptil play for
n January 24th when India and New
Auckland Aces in the domestic T20 tournament
Zealand will take on each other for
and they understand each other’s game very
the first T20 game at Eden Park, New
well. Once they get their momentum it is very
Zealand will be eyeing on stretching where they
difficult to stop them from scoring quick runs.
left India’s tour of New Zealand last year at
Captain cool Williamson and Ross Taylor
Hamilton. For India, this tour of New Zealand
have emerged as Mr dependable for Blackcaps
will be all about playing for pride for various
in all formats in the last few years. They are
known to rescue their team from any difficult
At Eden Park when Kane’s men vs Kohli’s
men will lock horns for the first of five T20
New Zealand’s bowling department is going
games, both teams will be eyeing to prove
to be led by experienced Tim Southee whose
themselves better than each other.
record and experience speaks for himself.
Just before the T20 series between men in YEAR PLAYED IN MATCHES RESULT
India vs NZ (Top-order T20 runs comparison)
blue vs men in black began, let’s take a look
at SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weakness, WEAKNESS 2008-2009 NEW ZEALAND 2 NEW ZEALAND 2-0
Opportunities and Threats) of T20 squad for INDIA 2012-2013 INDIA 2 NEW ZEALAND 1-0
both teams. Team India’s inexperience can be their
Team India’s T20 squad for New Zealand: 2017-2018 INDIA 3 INDIA 2-1
biggest weakness because more than half a
Virat Kohli (c), Rohit Sharma (VC), KL dozen India’s T20 squad is travelling to NZ for 2018-2019 NEW ZEALAND 3 NEW ZEALAND 2-1
Rahul, Sanju Samson, Shreyas Iyer, Manish the first time along with the men in blue seniors.
Pandey, Rishabh Pant (wk), Shivam Dube, India’s middle-order batting woes continued T20 series against New Zealand will be a New Zealand tour, Sanju Samson is included in
Kuldeep Yadav, Yuvendra Chahal, Washington over the last few months as team management good opportunity for Shivam Dube, Navdeep the team as Dhawan’s replacement. With Sanju
Sundar, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami, kept experimenting with different players like Saini, Manish Pandey, Pant and Sanju Samson in the squad, India has three Wicketkeepers
Navdeep Saini, Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Iyer, Pandey, Rahul, Pant and Dube at the to grow into potential contenders for the Rahul, Sanju and Pant.
Thakur. middle order. upcoming T20 World cup.
Blackcaps T20 squad for India In the past, team India always struggled
After the CWC 2019, Dhoni’s replacement Also, this T20 series against New Zealand
Kane Williamson (c), Hamish Bennett, Tom to play with precise spin combinations. The
has not been finalised yet. Rishabh Pant was will be a good opportunity for Kohli Sena to
Bruce (matches 4-5) Colin de Grandhomme given opportunities but he has not performed improve their T20 record against Blackcaps. relevant example is Yuzvendra Chahal and
(matches 1-3), Martin Guptill, Scott Kuggeleijn, at his best yet. Pant’s inconsistency as a keeper New Zealand Jadeja are being underutilised.
Daryl Mitchell, Colin Munro, Mitchell Santner, batsman can cost team India significantly. New Zealand has an opportunity to boost their New Zealand
Tim Seifert, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Ross New Zealand morale after a disappointing tour of Australia. Inconsistency and over attacking approaching
Taylor, Blair Tickner In the past, we saw that when the team is in Also, Blackcaps has a good opportunity to in the powerplay can be the biggest threats for
trouble Williamson and or Ross Taylor rescued continue their rich T20 form against India. Blackcaps for the upcoming T20 series against
and win games for New Zealand. Despite having Blackcaps have a bunch of new players who India. 
India many potential players, being over depending are selected based on their Super Smash T20 At home taking any opposition casually can
ROHIT SHARMA (2633) VS MARTIN GUPTILL (2436) on two of the middle- performance as well as unavailability of some cost Blackcaps a game or even a series.
order batsman can
KL RAHUL (1237) VS COLLIN MUNRO (1546) key players. This series can be a good chance
be the weakness for Some little-known facts about
to perform well and being the contender for the
VIRAT KOHLI (2689) VS KANE WILLIAMSON (1505) Blackcaps. both teams and players
upcoming T20 World Cup.
Guptill and Munro ¡ Collin De Grandhomme represented
India’s biggest strength for the upcoming Also, having the number of all-rounders
are destructive opening pair but their opening Zimbabwe U-19 cricket team that played
T20 matches will be India’s top three batsmen. pair has not been consistent over some time gives Blackcaps a depth in their batting as
U-19 CWC in 2004.
Indian openers R2 (Rohit and Rahul) and the now as well as De Grandhomme at the middle- well as more options in the bowling. De
Grandhomme, Kuggeleijn, D Mitchell, Santner
¡ Yuzvendra Chahal also represented
skipper Kohli are competent enough to win lower order. Opening pair is a back born and if India in chess at the World Youth Chess
matches for India.  it does not do well then there is a probability and even Southee can give a bit of hand in both
India’s bowling duo Shami and Bumrah are that the other batsmen may collapse like the batting and bowling departments.
considered as the top T20 bowlers. Bumrah’s
¡ Even though India won the U-19 CWC in
castle of cards. India vs New Zealand (Bilateral T20 series
2008, Tim Southee was awarded player of
unique action and ability to use variations results)
OPPORTUNITIES the series for his excellent performance.
especially during the death overs and Shami’s
ability to pick up wickets in the powerplay is THREATS ¡ Kane Williamson has a twin brother named
the biggest plus point for India. Logan, who is a few minutes younger
Having the bunch of inexperienced but India
Current team India is considered as the fittest talented boys in the Indian T20 squad will be than him.
Being too experimental can be one of
team India we have ever seen. Being fit and the learning curve for the players as well as the the biggest threats for team India against ¡ KL Rahul is the first and only Indian male
active on the field helps team India to save a team management. New Zealand in the T20 series. Having too cricketer to score a century on ODI debut.
few runs where every single run is vital. Current Indian team knows how to beat the many talented options has always been a big
New Zealand: opposition in their own backyard. Playing headache for Indian team management in the Aakar Vyas is an Auckland based sports
Playing on the familiar home soil itself is the IPL and so much domestic cricket helped past few series. Sometimes experimenting too analyst and guest writer for The Indian
biggest strength for Blackcaps in the upcoming youngsters to strive for success and perform much with the team combination cost team Weekender. The views are his own and do
T20 series. well for the country. India. E.g. with Dhawan being ruled out of the necessarily reflect that of the publisher.

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The Indian Weekender Friday, January 24, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 7

Eden Park to host the opening

match of ICC women’s cricket
world cup 2021
Chartered Accountants

ew Zealand’s
national stadium
Eden Park will We provide the right solutions at very reasonable price!
be hosting the opening
match of the ICC women’s
cricket world cup 2021. Accounting and Taxes
The 2021 tournament • End of year Accounts
will be hosted across the
country with a memorable • Income Tax & GST Returns
opening weekend due to • Book–keeping & Financial Accounts
be held at Eden Park.
Six New Zealand cities will be hosting New Zealand Cricket Chief Executive • Small Business / Rental Property Accounts
the tournament’s 31 One Day International
Officer David White says the World Cup • LTC & Trust Accounts
would be a significant milestone in the ongoing
matches, likely to be held in February-March
transformation of women’s cricket in the host
• Tax Advisory
The other cities to get the chance of hosting
nation and beyond. • Business Valuations Due Diligence
Meanwhile, Eden Park is focussed on • MYOB & Xero Software Accounting
cricket fixtures are Wellington, Hamilton,
working with partners to explore options to
Tauranga, Dunedin and Christchurch, with upgrade its facilities, including the changing
Christchurch’s Hagley Oval hosting the finals. rooms, to be fit for purpose and gender
Eden Park Chief Executive Officer Nick appropriate at women’s fixtures.
Sautner said, “After delivering several “We want to ensure that all athletes are Call me
successful World Cup events, Eden Park is provided with world-class facilities and feel for a
proud to be hosting the ICC Women’s Cricket comfortable in all aspects of the stadium’s
FonRsuE E
World Cup next year as part of its commitment design, achieving equality. It’s our desire to
C ltation
to women in sport.
“A focus on further promoting women’s
host more and more women’s games and come
together to support all sport,” Nick Sautner
Mukesh Arora FCCA (UK) CA (NZ)
sport demonstrates a step change in trends and said.
Macro Accounting & Tax Advisors Limited
consumption,” Nick Sautner said. 2021 is set to be a blockbuster year for
New Zealand Cricket Chief Executive Auckland with the 36th America’s Cup, while 116B, Cavendish Drive,
Mobile: 021 129 0810
Officer David White says the World Cup Eden Park hosts events such as Te Matatini; Office Ph: 09 263 00 00 Manukau, Auckland 2104,
would be a significant milestone in the ongoing the festival of Kapa Haka, the ICC Women’s Free Ph: 0800 82 55 99 New Zealand
transformation of women’s cricket in the host Cricket World Cup 2021, Rugby World Cup
Email: mukesh@macroaccounting.co.nz Website: www.macroaccounting.co.nz
nation and beyond. 2021 and further events yet to be announced.
8 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 24, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Kiwi Indian music prodigy pioneering

in the entertainment industry

iwi Indian musician and sound engineer
Chaitanya Rajapurkar is one of the most
promising faces of the community to
watch out for in the coming years. The 21-year-
old musician turned audio engineer has gained
his experience under the biggest names in the
Bollywood music industry and aims to establish
his own music studio someday.
The Indian Weekender has followed the
musical prodigy’s journey from his early days
almost five years ago when the self-learnt
musician was seen composing music for the
Indian Theatre Festivals, Bollywood music
shows and few others witnessing his brilliance
in such shows.  In a brief interview with  The Indian Once this is done, then
Chaitanya, realsing he has much more to Weekender, Chaitanya speaks about his passion the elements are mixed
learn and to offer, took up Bachelor of Audio for music, the transition from composing music together by adjusting
Production Degree from Southern Institute to audio engineer, his experience in working their volume levels,
of Technology, Invercargill, from where he with legendary music editors and his ambitions.  changing the panning
graduated just late last year.  IWK: What is the job of a sound and adding effects such
Within this small span of three years, engineer? as reverbs and delays
Chaitanya was able to bag a lifetime of an Chaitanya: If I can explain it in the simplest to add more depth and
opportunity to work as an apprentice to father- terms, an artist such as a producer or composer character to the mix. 
son duo Aslam and Aftab Khan at their studio reaches out to us (sound engineers) for When the mix is
in Mumbai, India.  recording, mixing and mastering engineering. complete, the client
Aftab Khan’s discography includes songs We proceed with recording different elements signs off on it, which
from the films Dishoom, Newton, Sultan, of the songs such as vocals, guitars, drums, etc. goes to the next stage
Housefull 3, Jolly LLB 2, Bang Bang, Kaabil,
Once the song has finished its production stage, called mastering, and
Dhadak, Baaghi, Kites, Anajaana Anjaani,
it moves to the mixing stage where each of the in this step, the song
Phantom to name a few. 
different instrument is presented as a separate is mastered to make
Chaitanya is currently working as an
element of a project file. We then clean the it ready for online
Entertainment Technician for SkyCity,
Auckland and also as a mix engineer for tracks by removing any unnecessary sounds distribution to sites such
Invercargill based band ‘Chartreuse and Black’ and frequencies from each component to make as Spotify, iTunes etc. In
for their upcoming album.  sure everything is sounding ‘in tempo’.  this stage, very minute
changes are made, and
the volume level of the
track is set according to
the guidelines. 
As a modern-day audio
engineer, this is a long
process, but back in the
day of tape recordings
and vinyl, this entire
process would be done
during the recording,
and then the final
product would be one
IWK: Your education in New Zealand
seamless take.
and real-time work experience in
Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust IWK: Why did you move from Mumbai, how diverse were they?
Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust Inc, a non-profit organisation, has a long composing music to audio engineer? Chaitanya: I have learnt advanced studio
history of working with senior citizens of Indian and South Asian origin Chaitanya: I took this transition to grow production at Southern Institute of Technology,
living in the Auckland region for the past 22 years to ensure they are in this industry and diversify my skills and Invercargill, and post-production skills at SAE
valued and treasured by society. learning. To become an engineer, I had to in Byron Bay, Australia, through an exchange
Our mission is to provide culturally appropriate aged care services along with social, emotional, educational, change my perspective about music- basically, programme via SIT. These skills have taught me
physical and spiritual support for the wellbeing of older people. the ability to work will all types of musicians
see it from a technical standpoint, so I taught
OUR SERVICES in the world which ultimately enables me to
myself the basics and did my Bachelors of
Positive Ageing Day Programmes - trust delivers Positive Ageing Day programmes for the senior citizens relate to the style and vision of the musician.
Audio Production at SIT. Also, working under
and people with special needs in the Auckland region helps to maintaining a happy lifestyle, staying healthy, In Mumbai, the skills learnt under the music
Aslam and Aftab Khan have been an integral maestros in the studio and doing real-time work
positive attitude and feel good about themselves throughout their lives as they age.
KHUSHI - Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention Service - Free and confidential service for seniors and part of my learning as they mentored me on the for big projects- it is simply invaluable. Both
their families. Our goal is to recognize, prevent and respond to abuse and neglect of older people of South recording, tracking, mixing and mastering- the modes of learning have given me the confidence
Asian Communities and ensure their wellbeing knowledge and hands-on experience I gained is that will take me miles in my music career. 
SNEH – Emergency Housing for the Elderly - Emergency shelter for the senior citizens, from the Indian not easily accessible.  IWK: How has been the support of the
and South Asian community who are in an abusive environment or in dire need of emergency housing. family and the community?
IWK: How was the experience working
DOSTI – Visiting services for house bound - A culturally appropriate and confidential volunteer visiting
with Aslam and Aftab Khan in Mumbai? Chaitanya: As a Kiwi Indian, I am one of the
service. It is our outreach service to support the lonely and house bound clients in the community and
Chaitanya: I was fortunate enough to work only ones at my age to be pioneering as a sound
care sector. engineer in the entertainment industry, and it
• Advocacy, Interpreting and Translation services under them at such a young age. I would travel
feels great. The support from my family and
• To assist clients access health related practical assistance, to Mumbai, India, during my holidays and
the community has been incredible. Whatever
eg, home help, personnel care, carer support, TM card, semester breaks to work at Aftab Khan’s studio,
Medic Alarm etc I have become today, I owe it to my parents
headroom Studio. Under their supervision and
• Providing information on age related issues. for their constant push for me to learn and
• Intergenerational Activities mentorship, I learnt the tricks of the trade, and implement my skills into the industry. 
• Volunteer Projects, and many more I was able to work with composers and singers
IWK: What are your career goals, and
such as Vishal Khurana (Jolly LLB 2), Praful where do you see yourself ?
Contact Nilima Venkat MNZM, JP, Karlekar, Armaan Malik Amit Trivedi, Neeti Chaitanya: My career goal is to have my own
General Manager, Shanti Niwas Mohan, Rakesh Chaurasiya and many more. recording, mixing and mastering studio as
Ph: 09-06221010 I also assisted Aftab Khan on live shows of well as be able to tour the world as the FOH
www.shantiniwas.org.nz Salim-Sulaiman and connected with some of Engineer for bands.
the best musicians in the Bollywood industry.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 24, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 9

Lohri celebrations in
Christchurch draw
massive crowd

he Indian NZ Association
of Christchurch organised
massive Lohri celebrations
in Christchurch on Saturday,
January 11 at the Lincoln Event
Centre that brought the Indian-
Punjabi community in their thousands to the
forms of decorations,” he added.
first community celebration of the year.
To add more to the Lohri flavour, sponsored
Compensating for a small celebration in
restaurants and food providers brought in
2019 comparatively, the event was organised at
authentic ‘Makke di Roti’ and ‘Sarson Da
a significantly bigger space to accommodate at
Saag’, lassi etc. adding to the traditional dishes
least 1000 people for the Lohri festival in the
for the visitors.
“The event was terrific, a good crowd and
The venue which was at least 20 km away
enthusiastic participation from all age groups of
from Christchurch city did not deter the
people of our community made ‘Christchurch
community from staying away from a day
Lohri Mela 2020’ a successful celebration of
of celebrations and music and traditionally
Lohri festival,” Surinder Tandon, President of
observe Lohri.
Multicultural Council of Christchurch said.
Several groups came to the event to present
Yitesh Sharma from Radio Balle Balle hosted
different forms of performances- such as
several parts of the event and commended
Bhangra, women groups’ Gidda, solo singing
the efforts of the community, volunteers and
and dance performances.
the performers for making the event truly
“Even though the venue was far from the city,
memorable and traditional.
we were confident that we would get between
“We also celebrated a baby girl and baby
800-1000 people during the whole evening
boy’s first Lohri, and presented them with gift
Lohri celebrations and we did,” President
hampers on their first Lohri celebrations,” Mr
of Indian NZ Association of Christchurch,
Aulakh said.
Gurvinder Singh Aulakh told The Indian
“Indian NZ Association of Christchurch is
also organising Multicultural Ladies Night 2ndAUCKLAND:
“Like a traditional Lohri festival back in & 3rd August 2018
2020 sometime soon this year, and people who
Punjab, India, we served nuts to our visitors, 8th February and 9th February 2020
wish to participate can connect with Parminder 4th & 5th August 2018
decorated the venue with a model of a bonfire
Kaur JP for more information,” Mr Aulakh
around which people gather, talk and enjoy the
festivities, beautiful drapes, flowers, and other

Indian man deceased

in workplace accident Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi
National List MP based
in Manukau East
and they are devastated with the untimely

n Indian man who died in a workplace passing away of their dear son.
accident on Wednesday, January 15, in Stuff reported that although details of the
Christchurch has been repatriated to accident remain hazy, it is understood Mr 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland
his hometown Ferozepur in northern India. Sandhu was crushed while operating machinery 09 278 9302
The man was identified as 24-year-old making glass panels. bakshi.mp@parliament.govt.nz
Mandeep Sandhu who was working at a glass WorkSafe’s Manufacturing Lead Julie-
manufacturing company, Stake Glass on Ann Mail said safety manufacturing remains
Distribution Lane in Sockburn, Christchurch. a key priority sector for WorkSafe, with eight bakshi.co.nz
A source in Christchurch confirmed that fatalities recorded between October 2018 and
the company bore the expenses of the body October 2019.
repatriation to India. “All too often we are seeing workers fatally For JP services please contact
“It is tragic to see a young life lost, and this injured, particularly by mechanisms such as Rahul Chopra on 09 278 9302
is the second death reported in two weeks,” a vehicles or being hit by an object. We are also
community leader in Christchurch, Narinder seeing a number of illnesses and injuries caused
Singh Warraich told The Indian Weekender. by body stresses and slips, trips and falls.
Earlier this year, a 24-year-old man died at “WorkSafe is reminding employers that the
his workplace due to a medical incident. He was best way to ensure worker safety is to manage
repatriated to India with community support risk in the work place. It is vital that employers
where his family conducted his last rites. understand risks involved in their line of work
and look at controls and the best ways to
“Mr Sandhu’s body was repatriated on
mitigate this risk.
Tuesday, January 21 and reached his home
“One of the best ways to manage health and
in Ferozpur on Wednesday, January 22. The safety in the workplace is to involve workers
family will conduct his funeral sometime this in the risk assessment process. They are on
week,” Mr Warraich added. the front line and that is where employers will
Friends of Mr Sandhu told media that he was get their best details around how to efficiently
a dynamic and friendly man and loved his work. manage risk,” Ms Julie-Ann Mail said in a
Mr Sandhu moved to Christchurch in 2015 and media release to The Indian Weekender. Funded by the Parliamentary
Service. Authorised by
was working at Stake Glass for two years. The cause of the incident is being investigated Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP,
1/131 Kolmar Road,
Mr Sandhu’s friend told Stuff that he loved by NZ Police, and WorkSafe and his death has Papatoetoe.
keeping himself fit, was a member of a local been referred to the coroner.
gym, and played for the Albans Cricket Club. WorkSafe has been approached for a
comment. More to come.
Mr Sandhu was the only son of his family,
10 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 24, 2020 The Indian Weekender

India’s 71 Republic Day: Saluting st

diaspora-connection with the ‘idea of India’
¡ SANDEEP SINGH diaspora and India was forged permanently.

n January 26, India will be celebrating That embryonic connection between the
71st Republic Day – a day to remember diasporic communities and India forged in the
when India’s constitution came into earliest and probably darkest days in the history
force on January 26, 1950, completing the of modern India was gradually developed and
country’s transition toward becoming an inculcated permanently within the idea of India.
independent republic. The present generations of the Indian
The occasion will mark worldwide diaspora living all around the world continue
celebrations from the members of the Global to lap-up the moment of national celebrations
Indian diaspora precipitating almost a weeklong such as Independence Day and Republic Day
celebration from different places around the with a great sense of pride and patriotic fervour.
In recent decades, the mutual connections
world located in different time-zones.
between India and its diaspora have been
Needless to re-emphasise that New Zealand
radically reinvigorated, largely in mutual
will have the opportunity to lead the celebrations
appreciation of each other – the global Indian
of the global Indian diaspora purely because of
diaspora’s success and growing prowess
its unique geographical situation.
traced back to the British suppression of the returned back to join hands with local (and all around the world – and India’s dramatic
Many community events and official events First War of Independence of 1857 that only indigenous) Indians who were already engaged economic and technological advancement.
led by the Indian High Commission and the led to the scattering of Indian rebels around the in anti-colonial activities to liberate India from The relationship between India and its
Consulate of India in Auckland are already world, but also in cultivating a deep sense of the oppressive British rule. diaspora has been bolstered by the progress
lined up over the long weekend that would connection with India. From leaders like Ghadar Party’s Lala of technology and the advent of modern
bring together different segments of the Kiwi- In the ensuing years, patriotic Indians living Hardayal and Lala Lajpat Rai to Mahatma communication tools, especially social media
Indian community and stir-up their patriotic overseas, either in exile or for study and work Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru and Sardar Vallabh that has facilitated a robust engagement and
fervour. commitments were exposed to radical ideas Bhai Patel and many more to Azad Hind Fauj’s debate about the future evolution of the idea of
For the uninitiated, the Indian diaspora has a and influences beyond the Indian subcontinent Subhas Chandra Bose to seemingly ordinary India.
long and intrinsic connection with India dating that further fuelled the different streams of the members of diaspora community who raised While Indian diasporic communities
back hundreds of years, which has evolved Indian National Movement. the baton of rebellion and resistance like – the continue to engage and debate about the idea of
with time and the pace of India’s progress and Those diasporic leaders after having exposed teenaged Tamil girls, born in rubber plantations India, let’s take an opportunity this republic day
development. to overseas influences, and on many instances of Malaya, who decided to shoulder guns for to come together and celebrate our intrinsic and
In modern times, the earliest starting point after having experienced the rebuke and the the independence of India, a country they had eternal connection with each other.
of the diaspora connection with India can be contempt for belonging to a subjugated nation, never actually seen – the connection between Wish you all a happy Indian Republic Day.

Wishes from community organisations

Surinder Tandon, President, conduct, participate in patriotic entertainment
Multicultural Council of Christchurch performances. 
One important aspect of Shanti Niwas is
that we respect and celebrate cultural diversity,
offer the best services to our senior members
of the community. Our motto is to serve and to
serve our seniors is to serve our country. 
On behalf of Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust,
I congratulate my Indian diaspora in New
Zealand a very happy 71st Indian Republic

Vai Ravindran, President,

republic. Though India’s declaration of Christchurch, I Gurvinder Singh Aulakh, Auckland Tamil Association
Independence was signed on 15th August President of IndianNZ Association of
1947, the constitution which was written for Christchurch Inc. would like to thank everyone
independent India came into effect on January who attended Christchurch Lohri Mela 2020
26, 1950. festival held on Saturday 11th January 2020 at
I feel honoured to be able to serve the Lincoln Event Centre, Lincoln. And I would

C hristchurch Multicultural
(CMC) extends its heartiest greetings

to the Indian diaspora on the occasion of the

community and bring forward new initiatives
for children, youth, migrants, senior citizens
and families in distress. Bhartiya Samaj has
like to congratulate everyone for 26 Jan 2020,
71st Republic Day of India.

70th anniversary of India’s Republic Day., progressed and achieved several milestones Nilima Venkat, General Manager,
Surinder CMC President, feels proud to in the past years with an aim to bring positive Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust
appreciate and acknowledge the significant change in the lives of Aotearoa’s diverse
contributions being made by the members of communities. I am pleased and deeply humbled
the Indian community socially, culturally, and by the sincere cooperation extended by all those
economically throughout New Zealand. They connected with us in making us what we are
work with passion to foster equality, social today. We continue to grow strong due to the
inclusion and unity in diversity as they do back love, dedication and support of our members,
On behalf of the proud Tamil community
in India, which is both culturally and religiously supporters, co-workers, volunteers and all
present in Auckland and the Auckland Tamil
very diverse. associates.
Association, I wish my community members
I want to thank all those who helped the
a Happy 71st Indian Republic Day. This day
organisation to grow continuously to the extent
Jeet Suchdev, Chairperson, that it delivers a range of services and help
marks the historic day of the birth of India as
Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust a Republic in 1950, just two months after our
us become a strong community with shared
On the occasion of 71st Republic Day of Constitution came into existence. 
India, I on behalf of “Bhartiya Samaj” and We Tamilians take pride in our heritage,
“Roopa Aur Aap Charitable Trust”, would like Seniors and management at Shanti Niwas culture, language and our roots as Indian
to extend hearty congratulations to Indians and Gurvinder Singh Aulakh, Charitable Trust take immense pride being and pledge to soar the name of our great
President IndianNZ Association of an Indian and coming from a country whose country, India to greater heights of progress,
friends of India, living in India and around the Christchurch
different parts of the world. It is the anniversary culture and diversity is lauded by the world. We developments and prosperity. Happy Republic
of the day India became an independent On behalf of the Indian community in at Shanti Niwas at several occasions and events Day!
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 24, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 11

Summer camp brings out the hidden

genius in children: Bhartiya Samaj

hartiya Samaj earlier last week
The 18th summer camp that
hosted a five-day summer focusses providing a range
camp for children between
the age of six and 14, which had
of programmes and activities
participation from 105 pupils from was a huge success with rave
the community.
reviews from the volunteers
The 18th summer camp that
focusses on providing a range of conducting activities and the
programmes and activities was a never-ending enthusiasm of the
huge success with rave reviews from
the volunteers conducting activities
and the never-ending enthusiasm of
the children.
“Summer Camps are all about
being away from home and parents, sincere efforts ever so memorable for the children,”
making new friends, being part of in all activities and workshops they children and beaming smiles of their put in by Bhartiya Samaj to make Mr Suchdev added.
a team, and trying new things, but, were offered and this feedback not parents bore true testimony to the these five days incredibly joyful and ••
only came from the
Bhartiya Samaj’s summer camp is
children but also
an assortment of fun activities with
by their parents.
a view to building and nurturing
Some parents
skills, values and attributes of self-
even requested
awareness, self-management, social EVENT CO-ORDINATED BY
for camping to
awareness, relationship skills, and
be organised for SPECIAL PARTNER
responsible decision making,” Jeet a longer duration
Suchdev, Chairperson of Bhartiya with many
Samaj said. more activities
“These skills are increasingly designed for more RADIO PARTNER
understood to be central to success significant learning
in school and life beyond school. of the children.
The outcomes achieved from the “My daughter
camp are numerous like children loved the
build relationships with other fellow activities that were
campers from different backgrounds conducted, the
and schools thus learning diversity home-cooked food
within the community, the fun that was served and
activities enhance their socio- the most valued
emotional skills and make them more activity for her was
independent and socially aware in the outdoor sports
fun filled way,” he added. session. I can’t
Twenty volunteers/teachers thank Bhartiya
helped organise and host different Samaj enough,” a
workshops, programmes, activities parent said.
over five days that included literary “We had
classes, art and craft, outdoor sports a wonderful
events by professional Sports club, response this year
dance, yoga and aerobics, acrobatics, with many new
extempore, singing, meditation, children joining
spiritual workshop by Chinmaya in resulting from
Mission, first aid training, how word-of-mouth DR. MASHOOR GULATI
to deal with emergencies such as recommendations. A.K.A
performing CPR etc. We are thrilled
Besides the contributions of the with the feedback
volunteers, several government received from
bodies participated in the camp the children and
organising learning workshops such parents,” Mr
as the dealing with emergency by Suchdev said.
St John’s New Zealand, Orchard to Mr Suchdev
Lunch Box workshop by Auckland also thanked all LIVE IN AUCKLAND
Council that educated the children the volunteers,
about waste management, Dare t e a c h e r s ,
to Explore Reading Program by supporting
Auckland Council Libraries, Be organisations,
a Junior Detective by NZ Police, sponsors and TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW
workshops to promote intercultural parents who were
exchange by Mt Roskill Chinese so passionately VICTORY
Group and many more.
The workshops in the camp
involved for
their immense
*Booking Fees Apply

were designed balancing academic contributions that EVENT MANAGED BY


enrichments, real-life learning, and made the event the

outdoor activities. Each participant great success that it TIME
was served with timely healthy and was.
nutritious meals even during the full “ V i s i b l y
8 P.M.
day outdoor trip. happy faces of
Children enthusiastically engaged the participating FOR SPONSORSHIPS & ENQUIRIES CONTACT RAM IYER | 021 529 982 | EMAIL: INFO@CFIEVENTS.CO.NZ
12 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 24, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Trust Saffron Finance for

Ahmadiyya Convention talks
justice and belief in God
expert Mortgage/ Insurance
advice backed by years
of experience ¡ IWK BUREAU delivered by the President

Mortgages: Risk Insurances: n Saturday, January of the Ahmadiyya Muslim
18, prominent Youth Association United
• Home loans • Life & Trauma
• Commercial Property loans • Key Person Cover civic, political Kingdom, Imam Abdul
• Business Loans • Medical / Health and religious leaders from Quddus Arif, who spoke
• Top up & Debt consolidation • TPD and Income Protection across the country joined of the importance of
• Re-Finance and Refixing • Mortgage Repayment cover the Ahmadiyya Muslim ‘Compassion in the time of
• Investment Property loans • New to Business & Community NZ during its emerging divisions’.
• Restructuring of loan • Business Continuity Cover
31st Annual Convention “The key is absolute
• Construction & Renovation • Redundancy Cover The Chief guest, the theme of the annual justice and fairness in all
held at New Zealand’s
largest purpose-built mosque Walley Mitchell, District convention, ‘United in matters… Justice on all
(Masjid Baitul Muqeet in Operations Manager of St Compassion’, and spoke of levels of society can ensure
South Auckland), to discuss John Canterbury, shared his the support being provided by that we remain united in the
ways to resolve conflict with experiences following the the government, in particular face of troubling times,” he
compassion. devastating Christchurch to ethnic minorities in New said.
The annual event brought terror attacks last year. He Zealand. He continued to highlight
Contact for about 500 people from across mentioned the challenges Imam Mustenser Qamar essential aspects of the
free assessment the religious and political faced by St Johns and how highlighted the importance Islamic teachings, which
spectrum to share dialogue the tough times brought of recognising the ‘One, are necessary to establish
Nimish Parikh 18B Kirby Street, Glendene, and a meal together. The people together in unity from living and loving Creator’ unity. Lauding the attitude
Registered Financial Adviser Auckland 0602
gathering known as Jalsa all backgrounds regardless of in ridding our society of of the New Zealand public
M. 021 236 7070 P O Box - 69263 , Glendene, race and religion. Minister all forms of prejudice and and leadership following the
nimish@saffronfinance.co.nz Auckland 0645 Salana featured various
speeches on social and for Ethnic Communities, racism. He emphasised that horrific Christchurch attacks,
www.saffronfinance.co.nz religious topics. Jenny Salesa, commended all humanity is equally the
creation of God, regardless
he said: “If we continue
to exhibit such sympathy,
of belief. Citing examples compassion and high morals,
from the life of the Prophet irrespective of the other’s
Muhammad (peace be upon religion, race and creed,
him), he highlighted how then most surely we will be
Islam uproots all forms of ensuring unity in these times
prejudice and racialism. He of emerging differences.”


mentioned that all humanity The formal proceedings
is “from a single soul with a concluded with a silent
common goal” and until we prayer for peace in the world,

MAHATMA GANDHI CENTRE realise this, true unity and

peace cannot be established.
and the programme finished
with lunch and a tour of
The keynote speech was Masjid Baitul Muqeet.


over a string of

anawatu police has arrested four teenagers charged
with a number of aggravated robberies including at
dairy stores, service stations across the district. 
Police revealed that the offenders arrested have been tracked
down by officers who worked hard to locate them in the region
as five incidents of aggravated robberies were reporter since
early this month. 
The five robberies are:
¡ Winchester Street Dairy, Levin, on 30 December
¡ Queenwood Dairy, Levin, on 4 January
¡ Winchester Street Dairy, Palmerston North, 6 January
¡ Gull service station, Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North, 16
¡ Z service station, Rangitikei Street, Palmerston North, 18
“Our officers work hard on tracking down who is responsible
for crimes like these, as we are aware of the impact robberies
have on victims,” says Detective Senior Sergeant Craig
An all-purpose indoor facility close to the heart of the city makes Mahatma Gandhi Sheridan.
Centre a versatile and attractive Venue for Indian Weddings, business functions, “We are very pleased to have brought these four people
before the courts, and are continually making further enquiries
social gatherings and religious functions. Our knowledgeable priest provides into the robberies.”
religious services and ceremonies including weddings. A large commercial Kitchen Additionally, the group also face a number of other charges
not directly related to the robberies.
facilities and a wide range of catering options available for all occasions.
An 18-year-old, a 16-year-old, and two 15-year-olds will be
reappearing in Palmerston North Youth Court on 31 January
FOR FURTHER ENQUIRIES Tel: (09) 357 0665 or (09) 377 2424 on a number of charges between them, including aggravated
CONTACT US ON Email: office@aiai.org.nz Website: www.aiai.org.nz robbery, unlawfully taking a motor vehicle, unlawfully getting
into a motor vehicle, shoplifting, and driving charges.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 24, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 13

Labour commits to New Zealand least

Facebook transparency corrupt country
rules for election in the world
¡ IWK BUREAU “By being transparent about who is behind

ads there is likely to be a flow-on effect of

abour Party leader Jacinda Ardern
announced she is re-committing to a parties ensuring they are accurate too. ew Zealand
“These rules are compulsory in the US, has regained
relentlessly positive election campaign
UK, Canada and the EU amongst others, but its position
in 2020 that will see the Party voluntarily sign
not here. We think it’s the right thing to do to as the least corrupt
up to Facebook’s new advertising transparency
voluntarily adopt them anyway and set a clean country in the world
rules and have its major election policy costings
tone for the election. for the second time
independently verified.
“Labour is proud of our track record of under this Coalition
“New Zealanders deserve a positive election.
delivering $13 billion worth of surpluses, Government, says
I don’t want New Zealand to fall into the trap
prudently balancing the books and keeping Justice Minister
of the negative fake news style campaigns that
debt low. Voters deserve to know that our
have taken place overseas in recent years,” Andrew Little.
new policies will continue to deliver a strong
Jacinda Ardern said. “New Zealanders
economy in a second term.
“I will deliver a positive, factual and robust can be proud that our
“We will guarantee that the costings of
campaign. all our major new policy announcements reputation as one of
“That isn’t to say we won’t contest others’ “This Coalition Government has a proven
released during the election campaign will be the least corrupt countries in the world has been
views or challenge false claims when they are track record on protecting the integrity of our
independently verified so voters can be sure of restored,” says Andrew Little.
made. Elections are a contest of ideas for the electoral system, and I’m pleased this has
what they are voting for. “Since coming to office, this government
future. But we’ll do that in a way that fits with “The Government will continue work on been reflected in Transparency International’s
has launched a public information campaign Corruption Perceptions Index,” Andrew Little
the New Zealand style of campaigning and establishing an independent policy costing unit
values. to raise awareness about the problem of money says.
for the 2023 election.
“Facebook has introduced authorisation “Having policy costings independently laundering by domestic and foreign criminals The Corruption Perceptions Index is the most
and transparency measures to make elections verified improves the quality of information here in New Zealand called Keep Our Money widely used indicator of corruption worldwide.
overseas fairer and the Labour Party will voters have about policies and ensures better Clean. The Corruption Perceptions Index scores and
voluntarily adopt these measures here. policy. It’s a good thing and we are happy to “We’ve strengthened New Zealand’s ranks countries/territories based on how corrupt
“It means voters can see who is behind paid show leadership on this. democracy by making several important a country’s public sector is perceived to be by
advertising online, how much they are spending “The Government has made good progress amendments to our electoral law, including experts and business executives.
and who they are targeting. The measures help in our first term. There is a strong economy  New Zealand was ranked first equal out of
making it easier for New Zealanders to enrol
avoid anonymous fake news style ads. and we’re starting to turn around the long-term 180 countries on perceived levels of corruption.
and vote.
“If an ad appears in your Facebook feed you issues ignored for too long. I’m proud that our New Zealand sits first equal with Denmark with
“Most recently we have banned foreign
should know who it’s from and why you were positive message for the election will be to keep a score of 87 out of 100.
donations, sending a clear signal that foreign ••
targeted. doing it,” Jacinda Ardern said. 
interference in our democracy is not welcome.

23-year-old Kiwi-Indian
appointed as Justice of
the Peace in Christchurch

A Wishing all a
23-year-old Kiwi Indian man has been appointed
Justice of the Peace (JP) by New Zealand Ministry

Happy Republic day

of Justice at a ceremony held in Christchurch.
Jagmeet Singh Warraich humbly accepted the certificate
of JP at Christchurch Law Court after the swearing-in
ceremony along with eight other appointees. He was 24
approved to become a JP in October 2019.
Jagmeet is 23 years and four months old, making him
one of the youngest individuals to have been appointed as
JPs in New Zealand.
Jagmeet came to New Zealand at the age of 18 five years Helping people in distressed situation
ago as an international student from a small village Kumar
Majra located on the border of Haryana and Punjab.
Jagmeet comes from a family who has played an active
part in local politics and community work in India for
“My grandparents and uncles have been served as a
Sarpanch (village head) of our village for a long time and
another uncle who just retired as an Inspector for Haryana Police. My father Hoshiar Singh, who is
serving as a Numbardar of our village, which is like JP position in New Zealand, Jagmeet told The
Indian Weekender.
Jagmeet can speak three different languages, namely Hindi, English and Punjabi, through which
he can help the local community.
Jagmeet is currently living with his brother Narinder Singh Warraich who is also an active
community leader and involves Jagmeet in community work.
“I am humbled to have been appointed as a JP, and I swore in today to perform my duties as a JP
with utmost honesty. I am based in Wigram Skies, Christchurch, and I am ready to give free services
for free to the local community here,” he said.
According to Ministry of Justice, there are nine individuals between the age of 22 and 30 who are
JPs in the country- that makes Jagmeet addition as the tenth member in that small group of youngest
JPs in the country.
14 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 24, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Most wanted: 2020’s

Air New Zealand using skill shortfalls revealed
computer vision AI D evOps Engineers, Analytics Managers and Revit Technicians make the list of
the top skill shortfalls for the first half of 2020, according to recruiting experts
Hays. But the recruiter warns jobseekers that technical skills aren’t all that

ir New Zealand is employers expect in job applicants this year.
trialling the latest in In its latest Hays Jobs Report, covering the January to June 2020 half, Hays reveals
computer vision artificial the skills that are in greatest demand in 14 sectors and industries across New Zealand.
intelligence (AI) in its search for “We’re seeing vacancy activity across many sectors for skilled professionals,
innovative ways to continually including finance, IT, marketing, HR, construction, office support and insurance,”
improve aircraft turn times and says Adam Shapley, Managing Director of Hays in New Zealand.
better on-time performance. “But there are wider macro issues at play that will dictate the success of a jobseeker
The new technology, made this year. The key trends are for skilled professionals who, regardless of their role or
available through a partnership industry, possess strong interpersonal and creative skills. Employers also want people
with leading technology start-up Performance, Marianita Willis says measured across all Air New who can make data-based decisions, adapt well to change and are continuous learners.
Assaia and alongside Auckland the Assaia Apron AI technology Zealand’s networks in every on- According to the Hays Jobs Report, skills in demand for the six months ahead
Airport, uses computer vision helps operations staff to better time-performance key metric. include:
AI-equipped cameras to capture monitor and understand what “We’re entering an exciting new • Accountancy & Finance: Commercial business partners, risk and compliance
key aircraft turn activities and to is happening during an aircraft era of operations, where data is professionals, data analytics and interpretation experts and group consolidation and
predict future operational needs. turn and to offer real-time alerts increasingly leading our decision reporting skills;
Air New Zealand is one of the and predictive analysis to better making and, with this, we are • Architecture: Revit Technicians, Registered Architects, ArchiCAD Technicians,
first airlines in the world to use manage operations. seeing the culmination of efforts Project Team Leaders and Senior Architectural Graduates;
the Assaia Apron AI technology, “For each flight there is a precise right across the business to deliver • Construction: Project Managers, Site Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Estimators,
the initiative being at the centre of timeline associated with each a new level of excellence for our Project Engineers and Site Engineers;
the airline’s efforts to maintain its activity to get the plane turned – customers.” • Contact Centres: Customer Service Representatives, Outbound Telesales
strong global position in on-time- understanding what is happening Air New Zealand’s Chief Digital Representatives, Inbound Salespeople, Telephone Collections and Insurance Sales
performance measures. at each of these points enables us Officer, Jennifer Sepull says the Consultants;
An aircraft turn involves more to proactively manage them. The use of artificial intelligence is an • Engineering: Civil Engineers, Stormwater and Three Waters Engineers, Land
than 50 coordinated activities. technology enables additional example of how the business is Surveyors, Structural Engineers and Geotechnical Engineers;
These include disembarking data points to be collected in a real exploring new technology and • Human Resources: HR Business Partners, Internal Recruiters, ER/IR Specialists,
of passengers and crew, cabin time situation, offering a bird’s innovations to help solve real HR Advisors and HR Managers;
cleaning, catering and restocking, eye view which helps us get the business challenges and improve • Information Technology: DevOps Engineers, Software Developers, UX and CX
offloading of arriving baggage necessary equipment and people performance for its customers. Designers, Senior Business Analysts and Change Managers;
and cargo, refuelling, safety and in place.” “In leveraging machine learning • Insurance: Relationship Managers and Brokers, Motor Claims professionals, Risk
airworthiness inspections, loading Ms Willis says the Assaia Apron and computer vision in this way, and Compliance experts, Property Loss Adjustors and Underwriters and Recoveries
of departing baggage and cargo AI system generates timestamps, we have been able to get actionable and Settlements Consultants;
and passenger embarkation. predictions and alerts that allow data insights. Technology is • Legal: Commercial Property Lawyers, Corporate and Commercial Lawyers,
Turn time of an aircraft is the operational teams to proactively becoming increasingly accessible Employment Solicitors, Environmental Law specialists and Family Law and
time from when an aircraft stops make improvements. through both local and global Relationship Property Solicitors;
on the gate to the time the aircraft “Trends can be identified innovation ecosystems and this is • Marketing & Digital: Analytics Managers, Marketing Automation Specialists,
leaves the gate. The process which allow us to predict the a powerful example of what you Content Managers, Brand and Communications Specialists and Digital Marketing
involves the planning and handling future challenges we might face, can achieve when you build strong Specialists;
of the tasks that ensure the therefore allowing us to make technology partnerships.” • Office Support: Project Coordinators, PAs and EAs, Office Managers,
cleanliness, safety and efficiency significant improvements to our Air New Zealand will continue Administrators and Receptionists;
of the next flight. The turn time is operations. It is often the potential the Assaia Apron AI system trial • Policy & Strategy: Senior Policy Analysts, Policy Analysts, Compliance Analysts,
a significant contributor to positive issues that we resolve ahead of into 2020 and next steps will be Senior Policy Advisors and Policy Managers;
passenger experience and airline time that are key.” to better understand the data and
• Procurement: Senior Procurement Specialists, Procurement Advisors, Commercial
performance. She says Air New Zealand’s analytics and to more fully assess
Specialists, Procurement Managers and Contracts Administrators;
Air New Zealand Programme recent airline-wide efforts have the technology’s value to the
contributed to improvements business. • Trades & Labour: Plumbers, Drain Layers, Gas Fitters, Specialised Electrical
Manager for Operational
Technicians, Registered Electricians, Qualified Carpenters and Machine Operators.

Holding the Labour led MoneyHub

publishes guide
coalition to account in 2020 medium enterprises who are the backbone of Everyone from workers, to small to Free Samples
in NZ
our economy. businesses, to end consumers, to tax payers
The recent announcement to raise who will pay the extra costs of $62 million
minimum wage is once again a policy like the in 2019 and $125 million in 2020 stand

• Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi Kiwibuild or the Capital’s Gains Tax (CGT) to lose from increase in minimum wage oneyHub has published a list of
National Party List MP thought on the fly rather than after thorough thereby it’s unclear why is this policy being 20+ genuine free samples available

analysis. implemented? right now. The guide, prepared by
ased on the Mixed-Member
The Ministry of Business, Innovation and This Labour led coalition’s political legacy MoneyHub’s research team, covers four categories
Proportional Representation (MMP)
Employment (MBIE) in its research found is one of broken promises, so why should we
the Labour party cobbled together a - Babies & Children, Health & Beauty, Pets and
that raising the minimum wage to $18.90 an expect this one to be any different.
coalition Government in 2017. General. Together, the resource has potential high
hour from 01 April 2020 will cost the New Auckland’s light rail has been a fail from
This coalition made big promises to New value for young families all over New Zealand.
Zealand economy 6,500 jobs and increase the beginning. Labour promised during the
Zealanders, many of these were either ill MoneyHub Senior Researcher Christopher
Government expenses by $62 million in 2020. election campaign to have it finished between
thought or were made to seek attention.
Further that moving to a $20 an hour the CBD and Mt Roskill by 2021, only to Walsh said:
Instead of delivering on 100,000 homes
minimum wage by 2021, is likely to cost quickly abandon that target when it became “In an effort to understand the variety and
under Kiwibuild or Capital Gains Tax
the New Zealand economy 17,000 jobs and clear they could not deliver on it. availability of free samples in New Zealand, our
(CGT) as panaceas to address issue of home
increase Government expenses by $125 The reality is, we have an incompetent guide rounds 20+ opportunities which don't waste
ownership the Labour led coalition announced
million a year. This decision will also drive Labour party led Government supported by
a number of working groups funded by taxes people’s time. The categories make it easy to
up inflation. equally incompetent Greens and self-serving
of hard working New Zealanders. navigate and isolate the best options”.
The minimum wage changes will see small New Zealand first meaning that projects such
Ironically none of these working groups “None of the free samples are of significant
businesses struggle more at a time when the as light rail will now take at least a decade to
have made any new recommendations or material value. Nonetheless, most offer New
Government should be supporting them, not complete.
policy suggestions that New Zealanders were
working against them. In comparison we in the New Zealand Zealanders something worthwhile for no cost”.
not aware of.
Further, this increase will also hurt workers National Party are well prepared for the 2020 “We want to make everyday New Zealanders to
What this Government has done
whom this Labour Government is keen to general election be aware of the free samples available. We have
consistently is to reduce confidence in the
appease. The New Zealand National Party has under
business community. made it clear exactly how the promotions work
Migrant workers keen to gain New Zealand the leadership of Simon Bridges released 10
The quarterly business surveys  of 2018 discussion documents which are available on and any must-know terms and conditions”.
experience will struggle to find work whether
and 2019 pointed out that business confidence our website www.national.org.nz “We expect our guide to free samples to be
it’s to support themselves as international
is falling.  towards seeking feedback from the popular, and our research team will be updating
students or to gain their first full time role to
The Prime Minister and her Minister’s community to implement our policies when the page on an ongoing basis”.
start life in New Zealand.
acknowledge the problem however, have did we form a Simon Bridges led Government
Lastly, when inflation rates rise this will ••
little to address concerns raised by small and after the 2020 general election.
lead to an increase in the costs of living.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 24, 2020 FIJI 15

Indian Union Minister of State for External

Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs to be a part of
the Regional Hindi Conference in Fiji
he Indian Union Minister The Indian High Commissioner to will also be interacting with other be in the country for the regional
of State for External Affairs Fiji, Padmaja says the Minister will Pacific Island country leaders. conference.
and Parliamentary Affairs, be in the country for only one day. She adds that the third Forum for Padmaja says topics such as
Vellamvelly Muraleedharan will She says that apart from the India-Pacific Islands Cooperation Hindi Education in Fiji, Youth and
be in the country this Friday to be Regional Hindi Conference, he will will be held in Papua New Guinea Hindi and Hindi and Information
a part of the 12th Regional Hindi also be a part of the inauguration before June of this year. Communications Technology where
Conference and for bilateral talks of the Swami Vivekananda Cultural The High Commissioner says that a speaker from the Microsoft will be
with the Attorney General, Aiyaz Centre in Suva and will have bilateral about 90 scholars and writers out sharing knowledge on the topic.
Sayed-Khaiyum. talks with the Attorney General and of which, 70 are from Fiji will also

Fiji High Commision India celebrates Shandil’s hard work sends

him to Australia
thanksgiving with Fijian patients visiting India
hivek Shandil’s hard work has definitely paid

off in a big way for Jai Narayan College Year
total of 35 Fijians who He added that the program
13 high scorer. Mr Shandil has been selected
are currently in India has been organised in the spirit
for medical treatments as one of the top 20 students to study abroad under
of compassion and care for the
from six different hospitals were the National Toppers Scheme (NTS) scholarship.
Fijians in India who are away
accompanied by their families from their families in Fiji and “I have worked really hard and only focused on
and caregivers as part of the also took the opportunity to my studies. This scholarship is the cherry on top of
Christmas celebrations. convey his “best wishes for a the icing and my hard work has paid off,” he said.
A thanksgiving program prosperous New Year”. The scholarship is funded by the Fijian
me organised by Fiji The hospital international Government, Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board
High Commission in New liaison officers and their (TSLB). He will do a three-year course in the
Delhi, India in recognition patients thanked the Fiji High Bachelor of Actuarial Science programme at the
of the New Year’s and Fiji’s High Commission in India, celebrations. Commission in India and the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia,
Christmas celebrations. was organised in recognition of The patients were from Batra ‘Team Fiji’ for organising this from next month.
As part of the recent festive the New Year’s and Christmas Hospital, Max Hospitals, Apollo opportunity to get together and “Taking commerce in college was my personal
season, the Fiji High Commission messages of unity, togetherness Hospital, PSRI, Forties, BLK celebrate Christmas with the choice because I want to own a business in the
in New Delhi, India organised and prosperity. and Artemis Hospital. Fijian families in New Delhi, future,” he said.
a thanksgiving dinner for the A total of 35 Fijians who are Speaking at the event, Fiji’s India. “Actuarial Science is concerned with the
mission staff and their families, currently in India for medical High Commissioner to India, His The event actually brought construction of models and solutions for financial,
together with the Fijians who are treatments from six different Excellency Mr Yogesh Punja said back fond memories of Fiji for business and societal problems involving uncertain
in India as visiting patients and hospitals were accompanied by that Christmas was an opportune the Fijian families in India and future events.”
their caregivers. their families and caregivers time for the Fijians in India to get the celebrations concluded with a But the journey was not smooth sailing saying he
The programme held at the as part of the Christmas together as one family. ‘Taralala’ (Fijian Dance”) faced many challenges and distractions.

JSR Motors wishing all

2010 Mazda Axela Sport
20s (Grey)

Key Features: Push Start button,
I-stop, Fog Lamp, Alloy Wheels,
Indicator Mirror, Tiptronic &
Multi-function steering wheel.

‘SPECIAL OFFER: All these Fresh

imports come with Free Bluetooth/
DVD/AUX/USB Audio system, Reverse 2012 Mazda Demio (Red)
Camera and On Road Cost Paid by Us.’ $7999.00
Key Features: Central Locking,
2009 Toyota Wish Fog Lamp, Tonneau Cover,
1.8s (Silver) Retractable Window Mirrors
& Non-smokers car.
Under Covered Showroom $9999.00
In-house Finance Facility Key Features: Alloy wheels,
Personal & Business Vehicle Finance Electronic stability control,
Fog Lamp, Tiptronic, Paddle shift
High Grade Imports & Non- smokers car
Odometer Certified
Serviced & Groomed
Trade-Ins Welcome
Pre-order and Save $$$
Purchase with complete confidence
Drive for Life Mobility with Comfort

Authorised Provider Ravi Kumar

of MTF Finance Director
M: 021 0298 3339
4B Freeman Way, Off Cavendish Drive, Manukau City. P: 09 263 9255 E:info@jsrlife.co.nz
Thought of the week
"Success often comes to those who dare to act.
It seldom goes to the timid who are ever afraid
of the consequences." – Jawaharlal Nehru

Editorial 24 January – 29 January

Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu
Age is now just a
number in Indian On-and-off Partly Parlty Clouds and A touch o Sunshine A few

rain and sunny sunny sun dafr and pactcy morning
drizzle clouds showers


21° 23° 24° 23° 24° 24°
ricket as a sport in the past was always looked at as one that had the aura of royalty.
14° 13° 16° 15° 16° 16° 17°
Whether it was played on the village green or in a stadium, it had that lethargic approach
of a sport that showcased elegance, character and endurance rather than one with a fast and
furious approach. Cricket was a sport that taught one the way of life, of its ups and downs, where
This week in New Zealand’s history
individuals shone but a teams’ performance finally was the ultimate goal.
The slow pace of the game with time between each delivery, breaks in play, change of ends, 24 January 1865
all culminated into sportsmen who had more of a mental ability to have patience rather than one British troops invade south Taranaki
boasting of a six pack. Fitness was important but not essential to achieve success. ver a thousand troops commanded by Duncan Cameron set out on what was to be the
Cricketers of legendary status went on to play the game well past their 50’s and some who general’s final campaign in New Zealand.
performed well even then were, W.G.Grace and the two great Indian cricketers, D.B. Deodhar and
India’s first Test captain C.K. Nayudu. For them and many more such cricketers, “age was just a 24 January 1980
number”. The cricket followers who admired them encouraged their presence, as they were the Soviet ambassador expelled
royals who graced the sacred turf.
Cricket in India after independence took a very different turn as regards the age of a cricketer.
Any individual after the age of 30 was branded as a veteran. To play cricket for India, if one
T he New Zealand government ordered the Soviet Union‘s ambassador, Vsevolod Sofinsky,
to leave the country within 72 hours after he allegedly delivered money to the pro-Soviet
Socialist Unity Party (SUP).
was not already well established after that age, was a remote possibility. The reason for this was
because through cricket one could not make one’s living and the 30’s was just the age when a 25 January 1974
cricketer, having played his part in partaking in his passion, was ready to settle down to make a First day of competition at Christchurch
life for himself. Commonwealth Games
Cricket was, therefore, looked upon as a young man’s game where the older players were kept
more for their experience to educate the youngster in every aspect of the game. Age has become
a very important issue in Indian cricket. The U-19 age group has become the most prominent
T he opening ceremony of the ‘Friendly Games’ had featured performances by schoolchildren
and a Māori concert party. Next day, Canterbury runner Dick Tayler ensured the success of
the Games with a surprise victory for the host nation in the 10,000 m track race.
platform for a young budding cricketer to get recognised.
Fudging of age, therefore, became one area of concern that the BCCI has finally taken a very 26 January 1844
strict approach to. India’s century scorer, Manjot Kalra ,in the last U-19 World Cup final that India Governor FitzRoy arrives in Wellington to
won, was a prime example of the crime of fudging his age. This was only unearthed recently. investigate Wairau incident
In Olympics, the team would have been disrobed of their title which fortunately didn’t take
place in this case. But, for India, it was an embarrassment and a good reason to put a system in
place to monitor each player.
F aced with demands for revenge after 22 settlers were killed in the Wairau Valley in June 1843,
Governor Robert FitzRoy decided that Ngāti Toa had been provoked by the unreasonable
actions of the Europeans.
The limited-over version of cricket has brought in a completely different perspective in the
life of a cricketer. Athleticism, agility, speed and stamina have become essential ingredients for a 26 January 1984
cricketer given the increasing work load of matches and the fast pace of the shortened version of Floods devastate Southland
the game.
The T20 version that was introduced to make cricket more exciting, made physical fitness and A record one-day total of up to 84.8 mm of rain caused extensive surface flooding in the
streets of Invercargill, Riverton, Ōtautau, Tūātapere and Bluff.
power an addition requirement for a cricketer. A burst of quick activities while bowling, fielding
and faster running between the wickets have all led to an acceleration never before encountered
27 January 1962
on the cricket field. The muscles of a cricketer today have to be able to sustain the initial thrust Peter Snell breaks world mile record
similar to that of a 100 meters runner. A far cry from the slow and smooth pace that a cricketer
faced in the days is gone by. T he 23-year-old Olympic 800-m champion  (see 2 September)  hoped to run the first four-
minute mile on New Zealand soil. In fact, he broke Australian Herb Elliott’s 3½-year-old
world record by the smallest possible margin, 0.1 seconds. This was an astonishing feat on a 353-
The modern technique, equipment, advise and well trained and certified physical fitness and
m grass track at Cooks Gardens, Whanganui, in a race that did not go to plan.
nutrition trainers have played a major part in making the modern cricketer a fit, trim and a chiseled
body individual. Indian Weekender : Volume 11 Issue 43
The “age” of a player now has, therefore, become a non-entity. However, in India one finds that Publisher: Kiwi Media Publishing Limited
the mindset has not changed. M.S. Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav are two players who come to mind, Content Editor: Sandeep Singh | sandeep@indianweekender.co.nz
one who will turn 42 and the other 38 when the next World Cup will be played in India in 2023. Chief Reporter: Rizwan Mohammad | rizwan@indianweekender.co.nz
For most, age is one criteria that they feel will automatically debar both Dhoni and Jadhav from Chief Technical Officer: Rohan deSouza | rohan@indianweekender.co.nz
contesting for a place in the side. One was, therefore, amused when in a recent press conference, Sr Graphics and Layout Designer: Mahesh Kumar | mahesh@indianweekender.co.nz
the Australian limited-overs captain, Aaron Finch, was asked as to whether he and Warner will be Graphic Designer: Yashmin Chand | design@indianweekender.co.nz
playing the next World Cup. Accounts and Admin.: 09-2173623 | accounts@indianweekender.co.nz
Media Sales Manager.: Leena Pal: 021 952 216 | leena@indianweekender.co.nz
Both would be on the wrong side of 30’s and his answer was quite interesting. He said it was Sales and Distribution: 021 952218 | sales@indianweekender.co.nz
not the age but their respective wives who will decide their fate as three years is a long time to Editor at Large: Dev Nadkarni | dev@indianweekender.co.nz
think ahead.
Views expressed in the publication are not necessarily of the publisher and the publisher
Selecting a cricket side now has made age a non-existent criterion for selection at the senior
is not responsible for advertisers’ claims as appearing in the publication
level. The passion to continue playing and the zest to do so mentally and physically is far more
important. The monitoring of one’s state of health and body and opportunities to stay fit and young Views expressed in the articles are solely of the authors and do not in any way represent
are immense in today’s world. the views of the team at the Indian Weekender
Colonel C.K. Nayudu played first-class cricket till the age of 68. Virat Kohli is just 31 years old. Kiwi Media Publishing Limited - 133A, Level 1, Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland.
One wonders if he can over time sustain the same enthusiasm and love for the game. A span of
Printed at Horton Media, Auckland
eight World Cups for him should be easily possible.
Copyright 2017. Kiwi Media Publishing Limited. All Rights Reserved.
Roger Federer is still going strong at the age of 38 in tennis and Fauja Singh, the tenacious Sikh,
ran the London marathon at the age of 101. One can confidently say that “age is just a number
now”, in cricket, it is how you play it that will make the difference.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 24, 2020 CRICKET SPECIAL 17

Aman Gill Mukund Singh Solanki

I love and support the Indian Hi my favourite team is India and Rohit
Cricket Team. Virat Kohli is my Sharma is my favourite cricketer!
favourite player. I am sending my
best wishes to Indian
Cricket team .
Best of luck Guys, we
are proud on you.

Mansi Joshi
All the best India team, go win!!!

Harsh Patel
Hi, best wishes to the Team India
and Blackcaps for the series, in last
few months Ravindra Jadeja played
a crucial role for the team as an Mittal Rajiv Kumar Solanki
all rounder with the bat, bowl and Indian team will be always my fav team.
stunning fielding. I hope he will get Wish you all the very best. The whole
a chance to bat and we will witness nation is with you. Do not crumble
trademark sword celebration in NZ. under pressure. Go team India!
Best wishes to Jaddu Bhai.🙏

Varun Prashar Kanav Kapoor

Ho vatna ve, mere vatna ve, Tera Best of luck Team India, you guys
mera pyar nirala tha, Kurbaan played very well against Oz and became
huwa teri asmat pe, Main kitna champions in Paytm 2020 series, now
naseeban wala tha salute to Flag. is the time to take revenge of
Men in blue will fire specially worldcup2019 from blackcaps.
Watchout Blackcaps with RRV
Rohit, Rahul, Virat strong guns 💪🏼 Sammy Sha
Wish you good luck team india !🇮🇳

Akhil Tiwari Amit Blaggan

Good luck India!
Hope this is the time for revenge!
New Zealand meri massi hai aur
Bharat meri maata hai.
I am a big fan of Indian team.
Main NZ main 5 years se hoon
par mera dil hamesha indian team
Jawahar Lal
ke liye dhadakta hai aur rahega I wish both the teams best of luck!
main saari raat jaag jaag kar Naturally, team performance will be
match dekhta hoon... crucial on particular day. Being an Indian
I cannot express my love for our I wish the Indian team best of luck. They
indian team in words.... have the blessing of a billion people. I am
sure they will not let us down. No matter
who wins, we will get to watch some
outstanding cricket. Jai ho!
18 INDIA Friday, January 24, 2020 The Indian Weekender

India, Tunisia, PNG to NEWS in BRIEF

sign MoU on elections Top Indian philanthropists join hands to fight climate

he Union cabinet on n a bid to solve Indias pressing climate challenges, countrys foremost
Wednesday gave its approval philanthropists on Wednesday joined hands to form the India Climate
allowing the Election Collaborative (ICC) that will worke to strengthen the climate community
Commission (EC) to sign memoranda locally, build a climate narrative and drive solutions that will ensure both
of understanding (MoUs) with its the natural world and people thrive.
counterparts in Tunisia and Papua The ICC marks the first-ever collective response by industry leaders such
New Guinea. as Ratan N. Tata, Anand Mahindra, Rohini Nilekani, Nadir Godrej, Aditi
The EC will enter into MoUs and Rishad Premji, Vidya Shah and Hemendra Kothari, among others.
with the Independent High "Our collective leadership through the ICC will indicate to the world that
Authority for Elections of Tunisia Indian philanthropy is ready to be a leader in climate action," Ratan Tata,
(ISIE) and the Papua New Guinea Chairman, Tata Trusts said in a statement.
Electoral Commission (PNGEC) for The initiative will seek to build a collaborative platform for diverse
cooperation in the field of electoral voices, innovative solutions, and collective investments.
"Scientific research tells us that the next decade will be critical in dealing
management and administration, a
with the global climate crisis," said Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra
cabinet statement said.
"The MoUs would promote This would also result in bolstering about 85 crore voters with diverse
bilateral cooperation aimed at India's international relations, it said. socio-political and economic Kejriwal leads AAP's list of 39 star campaigners
building technical assistance and
capacity support for the ISIE and the
PNGEC for elections for cooperation
India's EC has been involved in
promoting cooperation in the field
of election matters and electoral
"In its pursuit of excellence,
the Election Commission has
T he Aam Aadmi Party (AAP),
made public the list of 39 star
campaigners for the February 8
in the field of electoral management processes across the world with been receiving various proposals Delhi Assembly polls with Chief
and administration, envisaging certain foreign countries and from foreign electoral bodies for Minister Arvind Kejriwal's name on
cooperation in the field of electoral agencies by adopting the MoU mode developing bilateral relations in the top.
management and administration and signed by the concerned parties. the field of election and matters Deputy Chief Minister Manish
providing a leg-up to such bodies The EC is responsible for connected therewith," the statement Sisodia, Punjab state head Bhagwant
Mann, Delhi state convenor Gopal Rai, Rajya Sabha members Sanjay Singh,
in conducting elections in their conducting the largest electoral said.
Sushil Gupta and N.D. Gupta also figure in the list, which was submitted to
respective countries," said. exercise in the world in a country of
the Delhi Chief Election Officer.

Rani ki Vav, Meghalaya's living root Cabinet Ministers Satyendra Jain, Imran Hussain, Rajendra Pal Gautam
and Kailash Gahlot will also campaign across the city.

bridge among R-Day attractions

Sitting MLAs Saurabh Bhardwaj, Rakhi Birla, Jarnail Singh, Somnath
Bharti, Sanjeev Jha and Amantullah Khan; election candidates like Durgesh
Pathak (from Karawal Nagar), Shoaib Iqbal (Matia Mahal), Atishi (Kalkaji),

n the 70th Republic Day ceremony, Gujarat will Raghav Chadha (Rajinder Nagar) and Dilip Pandey (Timarpur) are also in
showcase the 'Rani ki Vav: Jal Mandir' (Queen's the list. Music composer Vishal Dadlani, Pankaj Gupta, Prithvi Reddy,
stepwell) in its tableau, which has been recognised and national spokespersons Preeti Menon and Ajoy Kumar, along with a
as the ancient engineering marvel and also features on the number of MLAs from Punjab, like Aman Arora, Harpal Singh Cheema
UNESCO's World Heritage Site list, while Meghalaya and Rupinder Kaur 'Ruby', and Gurmeet Singh Haher will also campaign
will showcase the double decker living root bridges. for the AAP.

The Rani ki Vav is the best example of

Priyanka's swipe: Shah challenging those
who don't venture out
Gujarat's traditional means for water
conservations that exhibits a unique
combination of civilisation, culture, and
C ongress General Secretary Priyanka
Gandhi Vadra took a swipe at Union
Home Minister Amit Shah, and former Chief
arts along with engineering marvel Ministers Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav,
tableau will showcase the grandeur of the 'Rani ki Vav'. saying the BJP leader is throwing a challenge
The work of the preparation of the Gujarat tableau "To exhibit the importance of the water resources, a on the CAA-NRC issue to "those who did not
is being looked after by Pankaj Modi, younger brother large sculpture of rural Gujarat with water-filled earthen come out of their houses".
of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Pankaj Modi, who pots has been placed in the foreground of the tableau." Priyanka Gandhi, on a two-day visit to Rae
works as Deputy Director in the Information Department "The sculpture of Lord Vishnu sitting on the left bed is Bareli along with her mother and party interim
of Gujarat government, said, "The Rani ki Vav is the a distinct feature of the Rani ki Vav' at Patan town; thus, a chief Sonia Gandhi, used the opening lines of a famous Bollywood song
best example of Gujarat's traditional means for water replica of this sculpture is also placed in the front portion to target the three leaders. In a tweet, she said: "Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Yeh,
conservations that exhibits a unique combination of of the tableau to enhance its decoration," he added. Kahan Shuru Kahan Khatam (It's a strange story, don't know where it started
civilisation, culture, and arts along with engineering 'Rani ki Vav', the original seven-storeyed mausoleum and where it ended)."
marvel." monument is located on the banks of historical Sarasvati "Shah challenged those (Mayawati and Yadav) who have not come out
He said this tableau is going to exhibit the great heritage River at Patan town in Gujarat. It was built by Queen of their homes to protest (in Uttar Pradesh). Those who are supposed to
of Gujarat to become a central attraction for the nation Udaymati in memory of her husband King Bheemdev of challenge the Home Minister are raising the issues of other states. The
at the national parade. Pankaj Modi said that Gujarat's the Solanki dynasty. aware public of Uttar Pradesh understands everything," the Congress leader

Rajasthani legacy returns after 4 years The official said that Harshiv Sharma, a well-known
added. She was apparently taking a dig at the chiefs of the Bahujan Samaj
Party and the Samajwadi Party for not participating in protests across
Uttar Pradesh over the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act and the
artist of Rajasthan, was entrusted with the responsibility National Register of Citizens.
of designing the tableau to make it appear distinct Work begins on Chandrayaan-3 mission: ISRO
and unique.
n its second attempt to soft-
The tableau will also take part in the full dress rehearsal
land on the moon, India began
to be held on Thursday, before the Republic Day parade.
The pink tableau was visible at a press preview working on its third lunar mission
on Wednesday. – Chandrayaan-3 – which is
An attempt has also been made to give a glimpse of the scheduled for launch in early
glory of the heritage buildings of Jaipur in the tableau. 2021, a top space official said.

fter a long gap of four years, the state of Rajasthan The entrance of the markets, monuments equipped with "We have started working on
would be getting an opportunity during the vents, look quite attractive. The tableau also depicts our third lunar mission to land
Republic Day celebrations on Sunday to showcase Tripolia Darwaza, Statue Circle and City Palace Gate. an unmanned spacecraft near the moon's south pole. The project work has
its tableau, an official said on Wednesday. On the tractor part of the tableau, the statue of Jaipur gained momentum to launch the lander and rover by early 2021," Indian
Interacting with the media, Vinay Sharma, Assistant founder Sawai Jai Singh is seen with an umbrella in a Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman K. Sivan said at a space
Secretary of Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy, said: "For decorative marble stone which makes the tableau even event.
four years, the tableau of Rajasthan was not getting more attractive. The beautiful dome with the colourful On January 1, Sivan told the media here that the government had approved
a chance to participate in the Republic Day Parade. design door of the Chandramahal located in the City the ambitious mission for soft-landing of a spacecraft and a rover near the
Now, the state would make all use of the opportunity to Palace of Jaipur is also shown. moon's south pole in the later part of 2020 or early 2021.
make the Rajasthani heritage visible to everyone. The In the trailer part of the tableau, the beautiful pink India's maiden attempt to soft-land at the designated spot on the moon
tableau has been given a pink colour to recognize the coloured walls of the city of Jaipur have been decorated failed on September 7, 2019, when Chandrayaan-2's Vikram spacecraft
Rajasthani tradition." with 'chhatris', mesh walls, etc. crash-landed due to a velocity glitch.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 24, 2020 WORLD 19

Deadly coronavirus hit Asia NEWS in BRIEF

Deadly coronavirus 'could already be in Britain':
Heathrow passengers from Wuhan claim they were barely House of Commons rejects changes to Brexit bill
checked on landing - as death toll soars to 17 and China demanded by upper house
prepares to QUARANTINE entire city of 11m T he House of Commons (lower house of British parliament) overturned
five amendments to the government's Brexit bill made by the House

he deadly coronavirus that is of Lords (upper house), less than 10 days before Britain is set to exit from
sweeping across Asia and has the European Union (EU).
now killed 17 people may The House of Commons rejected all five amendments, covering issues
already be in Britain, health experts such as child refugees and EU citizens living in Britain, put forward by
admitted as China was set to ban peers in the House of Lords. Before the bill returned to the Lords, main
anyone leaving the city where the opposition Labour Party and other political parties, including the Scottish
outbreak started.    National Party, had urged the government to accept the changes, the Xinhua
Wuhan, which has a population of news agency reported.
11 million, is being quarantined, with Ministers argued that the bill was not the appropriate vehicle for dealing
authorities shutting down outbound with the issues, as it would reduce Britain's leverage during upcoming
flights and trains, ordering citizens negotiations over future relations with the EU.
not to leave except in the case of The House of Lords will later consider the rejection of its amendments.
special circumstances.  Observers say the solid support in the House of Commons makes the Brexit
Chinese health authorities urged bill unstoppable. The bill, which ensures Britain leaves the EU on Jan. 31,
people in the city to avoid crowds and will pass between the Houses until both sides agree on the wording. Once
public gatherings after confirmed 571 the process is finished, it will go to the palace for Royal Assent by Queen
total cases of the new coronavirus Elizabeth II.
outbreak China to ban single-use plastics
Health chiefs have now raised hina, one of the world's biggest users of plastic, has unveiled a major
the threat level in the UK, and one plan to reduce single-use plastics across the country, a media report
professor said this morning the said.
outbreak currently has a death rate The National Development and Reform Commission on Sunday issued
similar to the global Spanish Flu the new policy, which will be implemented over the next five years, the
pandemic in 1918, which went on to BBC report said.
kill more than 50million people. Plastic bags will be banned across all cities and towns in 2022, though
Scientists warned there is no markets selling fresh produce will be exempt until 2025.
treatment for the mysterious new The production and sale of plastic bags that are less than 0.025 mm thick
virus blighting China and no-one has will also be banned.
immunity. Around one in 50 people The restaurant industry must reduce the use of single-use plastic items by
with severe cases of the ‘novel 30 per cent, the Commission said.
coronavirus’ have died.  Hotels have been told that they must not offer free single-use plastic
Heathrow passengers from Wuhan items by 2025.
were placed in isolation to contain Heathrow said that when they landed that's it.' 
a deadly outbreak on January 22, passengers were not 'segregated', Passengers were given a Public Seven still missing after Nepal avalanche
and  the UK Foreign Office advised
against 'all but essential travel' to the
adding:  'All we were given was
the mask and the check of our
temperature. We were told to ring the
Health England leaflet, advising
them to contact doctors if they felt
F our South Koreans and three
Nepali guides were still missing
following an avalanche near the
Chinese city. 
But one traveller arriving at NHS 111 if we start feeling ill and Annapurna mountain range, with
heavy snowfall in the region

No mention of Kashmir in US hampering search operations, it was

reported .

readout of Trump-Khan meet

Incessant snowfall caused the avalanche on January 17 near a popular
trekking route close to the base camp for Annapurna, one of the highest
peaks in the Himalayas.

lthough US President Donald Four Chinese nationals, who went missing while trekking along the
Trump had said that he is Annapurna Trekking Route, were found safe, The Himalayan Times quoted
talking with Pakistan Prime officials from the Annapurna Conservation Area Project said.
Minister Imran Khan about Kashmir, Meanwhile, a senior police official said a search operation was underway
there was no specific mention of it to locate the missing seven persons suspected to be stranded in the Hing Ku
in the official US readout of their cave between the Himalaya and Deurali.
meeting. A joint team of members from Century Youth Club, local traders,
The readout of the meeting in
Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal, Western Regional Association
Davos on Tuesday makes only a
Pokhara and Union of Trekking Travels Rafting Workers Nepal have also
mention of "regional issues" among
reached the incident site for the search operation.
the many topics discussed, chief
among them Afghanistan, where Chinese ambassador highlights ties
the US is negotiating a settlement with NZ as 'front-runner'
with the Taliban. According to a hinese Ambassador to New Zealand
White House transcript, before their Wu Xi has highlighted the bilateral
meeting Trump said: "We're talking relationship between the two countries
about Kashmir and the relation in July when he claimed before a "And if at any time they say, you
as a "front runner" during her remarks
to what's going on with Pakistan meeting with Khan in Washington know, 'We have some points we think
delivered at the Chinese Lunar New Year
and India. And if we can help, we that Prime Minister Narendra Modi you can maybe iron out,' I think I'd
had asked him to mediate or arbitrate reception held in Wellington.
certainly will be helping." be an extremely good arbitrator," he
the Kashmir issue. Xi said the relationship between China
He added: "And we've been added. According to the transcript of
watching that and following it very, He said that when he met Modi remarks before the Davos meeting, and New Zealand was successful in the
very closely." in Osaka in June during the G-20 Khan suggested that Washington play past year. Leaders of the two countries reaffirmed their commitments to
Trump was careful in his wording Summit, "We talked about the a role in resolving the issues with the comprehensive strategic partnership. The two countries concluded
about possible involvement in the subject, (and) he actually said, India. He said, "For us, in Pakistan, negotiations to upgrade the free trade agreement, explored opportunities for
Kashmir issue compared to the past, 'Would you like to mediate, mediate it's a big issue. And, of course, we cooperation in the Belt and Road Initiative. The two-way trade exceeded
qualifying is statement with the or arbitrate?' I said, 'Where,?' (and he always hope that the US will play 30 billion New Zealand dollars (19.78 billion US dollars), Xinhua news
preface, "if we can help." said) 'Kashmir'." its part in resolving it because no agency reported.
It apparently takes into account India strongly denied Trump's other country can." The focus of New Zealand companies secured big contracts at the 2nd China
India's opposition to any third party claim about the request for his the talks between Trump and Khan International Import Expo and the success of the "2019 China-New
involvement in the Kashmir or other involvement in the Kashmir issue. on Tuesday was on Afghanistan, Zealand Year of Tourism" expanded bilateral tourism cooperations as well
disputes between the two countries Before his meeting with Khan in where the US is negotiating with the as people-to-people exchanges.
because of the 1972 Simla Agreement New York in September, Trump had Taliban for peace deal that would Xi noted that the year of Golden rat, according to Chinese lunar calendar,
in which the two countries agreed to said that he would "be an extremely allow the US to withdraw its troops represents the pioneering spirit, intelligence and vigour as the rat is the
deal with their disputes bilaterally. good arbitrator" in the two countries from there or considerably scale back first of 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. The two countries jointly created
Trump created a diplomatic furore asked him to "iron out differences". their presence. many historic "Firsts" in the bilateral relationship.
20 SPORTS Friday, January 24, 2020 The Indian Weekender

India tour of New Zealand 2020:

Complete schedule, match timings and TV telecast details
day after beating Australia series 2-1, Team India head to New The series win against a strong India a lot of confidence ahead of a However, the Black Caps fought
in Bengaluru on Sunday to Zealand for a full tour, comprising Australia, and the performance in new tour. In 2019, Kohli & Co. had back in the T20I series and beat the
clinch the three-match ODI five T20Is, three ODIs and two Tests. New Zealand last year will give defeated the hosts 4-1 in the ODI’s. Men in Blue 2-1.

Complete Schedule with date, time and venue:

Jan 24, Fri 1st T20I Eden Park, Auckland 08:00 pm LOCAL
Jan 26, Sun 2nd T20I Eden Park, Auckland 08:00 pm LOCAL
Jan 29, Wed 3rd T20I Seddon Park, Hamilton 08:00 pm LOCAL
Jan 31, Fri 4th T20I Westpac Stadium, Wellington 08:00 pm LOCAL
Feb 02, Sun 5th T20I Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui 08:00 pm LOCAL
Feb 05, Wed 1st ODI Seddon Park, Hamilton 03:00 pm LOCAL
Feb 08, Sat 2nd ODI Eden Park, Auckland 03:00 pm LOCAL
Feb 11, Tue 3rd ODI Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui 03:00 pm LOCAL
Feb 14, Fri – Feb 16, Sun 3-day Practice Match Seddon Park, Hamilton 11:00 am LOCAL
Feb 21, Fri – Feb 25, Tue 1st Test Basin Reserve, Wellington 11:30 am LOCAL
Feb 29, Sat – Mar 04, Wed 2nd Test Hagley Oval, Christchurch 11:30 am LOCAL

‘He did not have to do that...’: Steve Smith ends silence

on Virat Kohli’s ‘lovely’ gesture during 2019 World Cup
ustralia top-order batsman Steve is terrific. His batting numbers just speak for
Smith has broken silence on India themselves. I think he’s an incredible player in
captain Virat Kohli’s gesture during all three formats and I think we will see him
the 2019 World Cup in England and Wales last break many records. He’s already broken plenty
year. During the India-Australia World Cup of them and I see him breaking many more over
clash, the ‘Men in Blue’ supporters tried to rile the years. He has got the hunger for runs and
up Smith by mentioning the sandpaper scandal. doesn’t stop getting them. Hopefully he can
However, the India captain egged the crowd stop getting them against Australia, that’ll be
on to support and not boo Smith soon after his nice.”
return to international cricket from a one-year After winning the award, Kohli told ICC:
suspension for ball-tampering. “I’m surprised that I have got it, after many
Smith finally spoke on the incident and said years of being under the scanner for the wrong
it was a nice gesture from the Indian skipper, things.”
which recently won Kohli International Cricket On the Smith incident, he said: “That moment
Council’s (ICC) ‘Spirit of Cricket Award’. was purely understanding an individual’s
“In the World Cup it was really nice of Virat situation. I don’t think a guy who is coming
(Kohli) to do what he did. He did not have to do out of a situation like that needs to be taken
that and yeah it was a lovely gesture and really advantage of.”
appreciated that,” Smith said. “That should not be a representation of
Smith also praised Kohli’s batting abilities our fans and what we stand as a cricketing responsibility towards that. Intimidate the hand but in a matter that is not targeting
and leadership qualities as he stated: “Yeah, he nation, a sporting nation. We need to all take opposition, definitely try and have an upper someone emotionally.

India vs New Zealand: Virat Kohli eyes ‘special ‘What’s gone is gone,’ Tim Southee ‘looking forward’
to India series after Sydney Test snub
50’ in five-match T20I series against Kiwis
arely a day goes by these However, he will be challenged
days when India skipper by New Zealand skipper Kane
Virat Kohli isn’t on the Williamson who needs just 30 runs
verge of setting a milestone or to overtake Dhoni.
breaking a record. He will have a Most runs as captain in T20Is:
chance to enter an exclusive list of • 1273: Faf du Plessis (SA)
players in the upcoming five-match • 1112: MS Dhoni (IND)
T20 against New Zealand starting • 1083: Kane Williamson (NZ)
Friday. India are New Zealand are • 1032: Virat Kohli (IND)
scheduled to play five T20Is, three However, things aren’t going to New Zealand's Tim Southee in action.
ODIs and two Tests in a month and be easy for Kohli as he has never

a half long tour for Virat Kohli’s featured in a T20I in New Zealand ew Zealand’s veteran Then, coach Gary Stead had said
troops. previously. This will be the first seamer Tim Southee is it was felt Henry would offer more
In 78 T20Is, Kohli has hit 74 time he will take to the field in “looking forward” to the pace than Southee.
sixes and is placed at the 12h spot the shortest format in the country. India challenge, leaving behind the But the 31-year-old is expected to
in the most sixes list. Moreover, no Indian batsman has disappointment of being dropped lead the New Zealand attack when
However, he is on the verge even crossed the 100-run barrier for the final Test of Australia series the five-match Twenty20 series
of becoming just the second with Rohit Sharma topping the earlier this month. against India starts at Eden Park.
international captain to hit 50 chart with 96 runs in four T20Is. After playing in the first four He admitted he was disappointed
sixes in the shortest format. Kohli Meanwhile, Kohli and Rohit are Tests of the summer -- two against not to have played in Sydney but said
needs just eight maximums in the in a race of their own in the list of
England at home and two in Australia he has moved on.
upcoming series to enter this club. most runs scored in T20Is. Kohli
-- he was dropped for the New Year’s “It’s disappointing. You’re gutted
England’s Eoin Morgan (62) is the currently leads the way with 2689
only other cricketer to cross the 50 runs in T20 cricket with Rohit match in Sydney, replaced by Matt every time you’re left out. It’s an
sixes barrier as captain in T20Is. breathing down his neck with 2633 Henry in the playing XI. absolute dream to play for NZ
Kohli is on the cusp of another runs. “It’s about making that adjustment. and every time you do miss out it
milestone in Kiwi land as he needs The difference between the two What’s gone is gone and it was very hurts, but you’ve got to respect the
just 81 runs to become the second is of just 56 runs and it will be disappointing, the guys would have decisions and try to help out and give
highest run-getter as captain in interesting to see who comes out learnt from it, and now we’ve got to back to the team, even when you’re
T20Is. Kohli will surpass Mahendra on top after the conclusion of the look forward to the Indian series,” not playing.”
Singh Dhoni in this illustrious list. blockbuster series. Southee was quoted the media.
Indian Weekender Friday, January 24, 2020 Friday, 27 September, 2019 FEATURES
The Indian Weekender 21

Snack box ideas for kids for 5 days

eeding healthy, nutritious and
wholesome meals is on the mind of
every parent and the question that a
parent always thinks about everyday is what to
pack for school. Planning kids lunch boxes can
be daunting and to help you make wholesome
healthy breakfast we have planned a whole
weeks menu plan.
Some of the recipes included are High
Protein Soya Idli Recipe, Sweet Corn, Methi
& Tomato Rice Recipe, Penne Pasta Recipe In
Spinach Pesto Sauce, Khara Bhath Recipe and
Chole Pindi Recipe

High Protein Soya Idli & Tomato
Onion Chutney

H igh Protein Soya Idli Recipe are soft

and delicious idlis. Making idlis is super
simple if you have the batter ready. These idlis
can be served with any chutney, sambar or podi.
Pack it with tomato onion chutney in your kids
lunch boxes.

Kids Lunch
Box Menu Plan:
High Protein Soya Idli, Sweet
Corn Methi & Tomato Rice Thursday
Sweet Corn, Methi & Tomato Rice & Homemade Yogurt Khara Bhath Recipe & Coconut Chutney

A delicious mixed rice that is tossed with fresh methi leaves, tomatoes, sweet corn and flavoured
with Indian Masala is a sure hit with kids. You can use left over rice to make this tasty rice K hara Bhath Recipe or Rava Bhath is a South Indian specialty that is quick to prepare. Some prep
work that you can do is chop and keep the vegetables refrigerated in an airtight container the
previous night. Grate the coconut for the chutney the previous night as well and keep it refrigerated.
dish. Pick and keep the methi leaves over the weekend and keep it in an airtight container. Pack
Sweet Corn, Methi & Tomato Rice with homemade curd or any raita of your choice.

Penne Pasta Recipe In Spinach Pesto Sauce & Fresh Fruit Bowl Friday
T he Penne Pasta Recipe in Spinach Pesto is a healthy and creamy pasta recipe made from
spinach and basil and tossed in a durum wheat penne pasta. You can boil the pasta the night
before and keep it refrigerated in an airtight container. Pick and keep the spinach leaves the previous
Chole Pindi & Zucchini Paratha

C hole Pindi is a spicy tangy curry that can be packed along with any Indian bread or rice.
You can pressure and keep the black chole the previous night itself. Make the dough for the
night and keep them refrigerated in an airtight container. Pack along with seasonal fresh fruits to Zucchini pratha the night before as well to help make cooking easier and less time consuming in
add more nutrition in your kids diet. the mornings.
22 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 24, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Lohri celebration by Radio Sadeaala

The Indian Weekender Friday, January 24, 2020 FEATURES 23

Fashion and Beauty

Summer Fashion Survival Guide
Y ou can’t go wrong with the white sneakers the most
happening thing this summer – you purchase a pair from
allairbirds women’s Tree Skippers. Perfectly matched with
Dare to Bare

every outfit. And who can forget summer sandal? Summer

is always the perfect time to slip into sandals great for the
comfort and ease throughout summer.
Perfect Shorts


eeing how it has been a really hot summer in New
Zealand, you could thank our good old Friend Global
warming. We as a country are working on fixing some
of these climate issues, like planting more trees recycling
better, protecting our native animals, but these issues won’t be
an easy fix overnight it will require continued efforts from our
fellow humans to live in harmony with our mother nature. But
here is what we can fix while you are doing your bit to preserve
our beautiful nature to make you comfortable during summer.
Ready for summer take a plunge into the deepest end of this
heat we will look at some comfort styles, while you are on the
Fabric Choice

P ick one pair of perfect shorts that

fits and flatters you and stick with T his doesn’t mean you have to
expose your body, strapless flowy
dresses and tops are the way to go
them, make sure you check the length
out and the comfort. Tips Junkfood this summer, Pair it up with block
– Aria high waisted shorts are heels or even the sneakers and be
amazing. ready to step out. Don’t forget to
apply sunscreen, however.
D enim is a go-to piece of
clothing in every girl’s
wardrobe, pair your denim with a cute D abble in a hue don’t forget to
play around with colours after
flirty top and bight sandals and a clutch all its summer, it adds a fresh look to
to create a high-low look. Remember mix your style. Pair the summer colours with
with Bright colours is the Key. neutrals and slight light makeup and it’s a
match made in heaven.
Patterns & Prints
T ry something new rather than block colours this season
add patterns and designs perfect combination for that
summer weddings and parties you will defiantly draw attention
with this style.

W hen buying clothes this summer opt to purchase natural

fibres to beat the heat, lighter options are Cotton, rayon,
and linen, these fabrics allow circulation in the hot summer
Flowy Styles
E mbrace loose, flowy styles, I know it can be pretty hot in
the office why not try the ruffled top with blazer or cardi
to give it a formal look can go with skirts and cotton pants.

I nstant summer go-to colour when the temperatures rise
it is great to wear whites as it reflects off heat rather than
drawing it in. Try pairing whites with a conversational print
top or Bright Colours.
Author Fozia Yusuf
Photo Credits- Instagram & Kaleidoscope Fashion Events
24 TIME OUT Friday, January 24, 2020 The Indian Weekender



HITORI NO: 44 1. In the song “Frosty the Snowman,” what made Frosty department store? Macy’s
Hitori – a logic puzzle with very simple rules and challenging solutions. Can you eliminate come to life? An old silk hat 15. In the song “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,”
numbers until there are no duplicates in any row or column? Objective / Rules. Eliminate 2. What Christmas decoration was originally made from what “incriminating” evidence was found on
numbers until there are no duplicates in any row or column. Eliminate numbers strands of silver? Tinsel Grandma’s back? Claus marks
by marking them in Black. You are not allowed to have two Black squares touching
horizontally or vertically (diagonally is ok). Any White square can be reached from any 3. Who played George Bailey in the Christmas classic 16. How many reindeer are featured in the poem “Twas the
other (i.e. they are connected). “It’s a Wonderful Life?” Jimmy Stewart Night Before Christmas?” Eight (no Rudolph!)
4. Per a recent holiday fad, what “spy” hides around 17. What traditional Christmas decoration is actually a
the house, reporting back to Santa on who has been parasitic plant? Mistletoe
naughty and nice? The Elf on the Shelf 18. In “The Muppet Christmas Carol,” who played
5. What Christmas beverage is also known as “milk Scrooge? Hint: It wasn’t a muppet. Michael Caine
punch?” Eggnog 19. What beverage company has been using Santa Claus in
6. One of Santa’s reindeer shares a name with a famous its advertising since 1931? Coca-Cola
symbol of Valentine’s Day. Which reindeer is that? 20. According to legend, what holiday goodies were
Cupid shaped to resemble a shepherd’s staff, as a way to
7. What Christmas-themed ballet premiered in Saint remind children of the shepherds who visited baby
Petersburg, Russia in 1892? The Nutcracker Jesus? Candy canes
8. In 1981, Bob and Doug McKenzie released their own 21. In the movie “A Christmas Story,” what was the
version of a classic Christmas song. Which song is name of the next door neighbors whose dogs ate the
that? The Twelve Days of Christmas Christmas turkey? The Bumpuses
SPOT THE DIFFERENCE NO: 44 9. What animated 2004 film is about a train that carries 22. What figure from English folklore came to be
See how many differences you can find in the right or left photo. kids to the North Pole on Christmas Eve? The Polar associated with Santa Claus? Father Christmas
Express 23. In the 1964 classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed
10. What much-reviled Christmas edible is known for its Reindeer,” what was the name of Rudolph’s faithful
long shelf life? Fruitcake elf companion? Hermey
11. In Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” what was 24. According to the folklore of Austria and other
Mr. Scrooge’s first name? Ebenezer countries, what horned figure punishes naughty
12. What Bing Crosby song is the best-selling single ever? children at Christmastime? Krampus
White Christmas 25. In the TV special “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,”
13. In the early 1800s, the first gingerbread houses were what three words best describe the Grinch? Stink,
reportedly inspired by what famous fairy tale? Hansel stank, stunk
and Gretel 26. What well-known Christmas carol became the first
14. “Miracle on 34th Street” centers on what real-life song ever broadcast from space in 1965? Jingle Bells

Send us stories, drawings, poems and other contributions by your little ones along with their
photographs for this page. E-mail us at reporter@indianweekender.co.nz
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 24, 2020 FEATURES 25

LIT is live: Tarana launches new Hindi

channel – download and listen
he country’s leading Indian ra- “Now they have something to play
dio station has added a new while cooking, partying, driving - all the
station to its stable - bringing latest Bollywood numbers non-stop. 
you non-stop, clutter-free music direct Rekha said LIT was an exciting new
from India. product hugely popular with the younger
The new internet-based station - generation. 
known as LIT - is being delivered via the “At LIT we are committed to catering
free Tarana app, through which you can to younger audiences who are interested
listen to live radio from its base at 155 in listening to clutter-free music.
New North Rd, Auckland, and also the “One of the uniqueness of LIT is
new tunes of LIT. that we have sourced all our on-air talent
LIT is being hosted by morning RJ Ra- from India,” Rekha said. 
ghav (7am-11am), while Vibha hosts the Raghav is the morning host (7-11am) of LIT, Vibha is the evening host (4-8pm) of LIT, Radio “They are closer to Bollywood and desi food. 
evening segment from 4pm to 8pm. Radio Tarana's new internet based entertainment
channel available via the Tarana app.
Tarana's new internet-based entertainment
channel available via the Tarana app.
Rekha said LIT operated on a simple mantra:
Delhi lad Raghav  is an entertainer sic, entertainment and lifestyle develop- “LIT plays only latest music released after 2005
through and through - he has no issues other product to our dear listeners. - if the song isn’t a hit, it doesn’t play on LIT.”
ments in India and around the world.
being an Insta star, and he is diehard Ran- While keen to be the fun sound coming
veer Singh fan, and also Alia Bhatt. out of India, LIT is set to bring you your
Like most Indians, he loves his cricket daily dose of  Bollywood, sports,  trend-
and Virat Kohli, so there’s sure to be lots ing topics, music, social media and more.
of good-natured banter featuring sports Be it travel goals, make-up trends, re-
and all the gossip from Bollywood. lationship advice, and fitness tips - LIT
Vibhav  is a  Bangalore  lass who is designed to give you all in one simple
loves to  travel, eat good food, read app.
books, watch movies, and of course give And Tarana station manager Pawan
voice to LIT. Rekha is already a LIT fan.
She’s a self-proclaimed  Bolly- “I have been listening to LIT ever since
wood  encyclopaedia  - and now knows its launch on 13th January and I love it,”
everything about Netflix and Prime con- Rekha said of the station’s venture into
tent as well. online radio.
LIT is aimed at the younger generation “With the current trend into radio lis-
keen to stay updated with the latest mu- tening habits, we felt a need to offer an-

Manisha Koushik is a practicing astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu and
fengshui consultant based in India with a global presence through the online channels. She is
available for consultations online as well. E-mail her at support@askmanisha.com or contact at
24 January – 30 January 2020 | By Manisha Koushik +91-11-26449898 Mobile/Whatsapp: +91-9716145644 • www.askmanisha.com
You will manage to find extra time for things Those in the creative field are likely to win Some of you may want to break free, but may
you are passionate about at work. Newlyweds recognition and praise. Excellence will be not have the courage to do so. You only have to
will be much more at peace with each other now, blended into a project that you submit at work. wait and things will fall in place by themselves.
than before. Stars for overseas travel look bright A windfall is likely to keep you in a buoyant Good showing in the recently concluded
for some. Shifting to a bigger accommodation mood. Plans to go out shopping and splurging exam or a competition is likely to make your
is indicated. You may not be forthcoming with cannot be ruled out. A favour is likely to be reputation touch the sky. Professionals may
your support for someone who is not of use to you. Giving returned by someone on the social front. find the a great learning experience. You will be happy with
finishing touches to a new construction may keep you busy, as Getting work out of subordinates may seem an onerous task. your healthy bank balance, but yet exercise caution in spending.
well as, excited. Lucky Number :4 / Lucky Colour : Hot Pink Lucky Number: 7 / Lucky Colour :Magenta Health remains satisfactory.Lucky Number :6 / Lucky Colour
This is the best time to invest in property Financially, you don’t have anything to worry CAPRICORN (DEC 22-JAN 21)
and you are likely to go in for it. Regulating about. Those wanting a loan will be successful. Professionally you can enjoy a spot of fame by
your diet and shaking a leg will have positive You will manage to balance both work and going after something others consider impossible.
fallout on health. Good earning opportunities family admirably. Setting up your own place Family will be loving and caring, and extend all
come your way on the financial front. is on the cards for some. There is much scope the help required. Those in love can expect to
Someone you don’t see eye to eye with at in what you have undertaken, so don’t get enjoy the week to the hilt. Your efforts in your
work can cause problems for you, if you are discouraged midway. You will get the opportunity to implement current project will not go in vain, as you get
not careful. You may have to tolerate someone’s mood swings all your ideas at work. Your admirers are likely to extend all the noticed by superiors. Everything turns out the way you want it.
and can feel pressured by an overbearing family member. Your help and support to you on the professional front. You will be able to keep your coffers brimming and enjoy your
efforts may go in vain on the academic front. Lucky Number : Lucky Number : 8 / Lucky Colour : Red wealth too. Lucky Number : 7 / Lucky Colour : Coral
5 / Lucky Colour : Golden
GEMINI (MAY 21-JUN 21) This is the time when you may make efforts You may remain a bit irritated for no apparent reason! Someone
On the work front, your competitive spirit to increase your contacts. You are likely to may be after you to improve your figure and
may get dampened by the prevailing do some fun things with family. Meeting health. You may have second thoughts about a
competitive circumstances. Those looking for friends and relations cannot be ruled out. romantic relationship. Something that you are
accommodation may not be entirely satisfied Your romantic endeavour is likely to bear entrusted with at work may require outside help.
with the available choices. You will need to fruit as you find your ideal match. Driving You will need to manage your time well on the
come back into the groove on the social front. to someplace exotic will be a lot of fun. A academic or professional front, as chances of
Getting careless with money is possible for house or an apartment will soon become a reality for some. You lagging behind cannot be ruled out. Problems faced at work will
some. Health needs care, so be careful. Lucky Number : 1 / will be able to steady things on the professional front.Lucky get resolved if you give them time. Lucky Number : 9 / Lucky
Lucky Colour :Olive Green Number : 7 / Lucky Colour : Lime Colour : Orange
CANCER (JUN 22-JUL 20) SCORPIO (OCT 24-NOV 22) Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20)
An out of town trip with friends seems possible, Good control over your dietary intake will Some of you may enjoy driving out with friends. You may
but do consider your commitments before you be the key to your total fitness. You may start thinking in terms of property. Fun time is
give the nod. Promoting your product or service be compelled to double your efforts on the about to begin, so hold your horses! You will
may assume importance at this juncture on the academic front to keep pace with others. You succeed in consolidating your position at work.
professional or business front. You are likely to will need to be in someone’s good books, if An assignment given to you on the academic
recover lost ground on the academic front real you expect a favour from him or her. Love front will be completed satisfactorily. You
fast. Someone who is attracted to you will not make any efforts can come knocking at your door and promise are likely to make your family proud by your
to hide his feelings! Spending time with your near and dear ones much happiness. A near and dear one is likely to foot your bill. achievements. The one you are going steady
promises to keep you bubbling with joy. Lucky Number : 2 / You are likely to receive outstanding arrears. Lucky Number : with may decide to take romance to the next level. Lucky
Lucky Colour : Cyan 3 / Lucky Colour : Yellow Number : 8 / Lucky Colour : Fuchsia
26 ENTERTAINMENT Friday, January 24 2020 The Indian Weekender

FARHAN AKHTAR: Feel proud and Vikram Bhatt:

Our privacy is
fortunate that Javed Akhtar is my father in danger
ilmmaker-actor Farhan been inaugurated on his life and
Akhtar says he feels fortunate "When times.”
and proud that he is celebrated you really Asked if he felt nostalgic
writer-lyricist Javed Akhtars son. He love and respect after seeing his pictures with
adds that he learned many things a human being then his father from his childhood
about life and work from his father. it is very difficult to days, he said: “When I saw
point out one best
Asked what his best memory with these pictures with him (Javed
his father was, Farhan said: “When Akhtar), then it took me back to
you really love and respect a human that time and it reminded me of my
being then it is very difficult to point childhood.
out one best memory. "There are few pictures where
"I feel fortunate that he is my Zoya and I are sitting on his lap, so it
father. I have learnt a lot from him brought back memories of that photo
about life, work, relationships, shoot in our house. It was a different
culture, etiquettes and languages. time. It makes you feel good.”
I will keep learning from him, so On film front, Farhan Akhtar will
I couldn’t have asked for a better showcased the life of Javed Akhtar visiting the photo exhibition, Farhan next be seen in Rakeysh Omprakash
person to be my father.” on the occasion of the latter’s 75th said: “He is very respected and also Mehra’s “Toofan” along with Mrunal
Farhan was interacting with the birthday in Mumbai. loved as a human being, I am really Thakur. The film scheduled to release
media at a photo exhibition that Talking about his feeling after happy that a photo exhibition has

on October 2.

Raveena Tandon to ilmmaker Vikram Bhatt,

Fortunate to get films

produce web series on who is coming up with a
personality disorder horror drama “Hacked”, feels

c t r e s s people’s privacy is in danger in the

that celebrate the actor I am

Raveena age of social media.
Tandon “I have been making films based

will be writing and ctress Bhumi Pednekar, who has had a successful run in 2019 with films on horror and paranormal, but this
producing a web like Saand Ki Aankh, Bala and Pati Patni Aur Woh, feels fortunate to get time I chose to use a subject very
series on multiple films that celebrate the actor she is. close to reality by showcasing to
personality disorder. Even though Bhumi has back-to-back hits like Dum Laga Ke Haisha, Toilet: Ek them the real horror of matters in
She is backing the project under Prem Katha, Shubh Mangal Savdhaan, Bala and Pati Patni Aur Woh, she doesn’t like their daily lives. In this age of social
her home banner AA Films. The web- to tag herself as a star. media, everybody is vulnerable to
show will be in the psychological “I don’t think I can ever call myself a star because I am too shy to do that. being hacked and nobody knows
space and is based on the concept of But I can definitely say that I am fortunate to get films that celebrate the actor that I about it and it would take one clever
split-personality. am. I am fortunate to have a choice as to what film I want to do and I am getting a lot hacker to ruin our lives within few
“I am really excited for the world of love. So, I think I am successful to an extent,” Bhumi siad. minutes.
to see a story that I have worked very Now, Bhumi will be seen as a leading lady in the Akshay Kumar presentation “We are all being hacked across
hard for. This web-series is a gripping Durgavati and Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitaare. mediums. It is imperative that we
story that I have written and it will She will also have cameos in the Ayushmann Khurrana starrer Shubh Mangal are aware especially in today’s times.
surely keep the viewers on the edge Zyada Saavdhaan and Vicky Kaushal’s Bhoot: The Haunted Ship. Indeed,
Our privacy is fragile and in danger,”
of their seat. Concept-wise this web- Pednekar is a chatty, quintessentially Juhu girl, raised in a “comfortable"
he said.
series is something very different I apartment by parents steeped in politics. Her father, Satish Pednekar, "Her
candour “Hacked”, which features actress
have tried, so I hope people love it,” is a former home and labour minister of Maharashtra.
is refreshing, Hina Khan, explores the dark side
Raveena said. Other details of the Her mother, Sumitra Hooda Pednekar, comes from a politically
influential family from Haryana. considering actors of the digital and the social media
show have been kept under wrap.
It is because of them, says Pednekar, that she grew up to be often build a fortress world.
An official announcement will be
around themselves Talking further about the project,
made soon. ambitious, empathic and conscientious. In the time I spent with
in these times of Bhatt said: “Hacked is based on the
her, Pednekar came across as warm, sensitive and polite, almost PR-regulated
Jennifer Winget: to a fault. The two times we met—once to shadow her on the sets horrors of technology, how no one
Web is a challenging of TV show Indian Idol and then for this interview—she apologized is safe. It just takes one man with
medium for actors at least six times. Once for the chaos that surrounded us, once for enough knowledge of technology

c t r e s s talking “a lot" and a heart filled with hate to destroy
Jennifer Her candour is refreshing, considering actors often build a fortress you.”
Winget, around themselves in these times of PR-regulated interactions. Five years and The film is being presented by Zee
who has a pivotal eight films later, Pednekar has successfully straddled the middle-of-road cinema Studios, and it also stars Rohan Shah,
role in her debut that’s entertaining but not empty. Mohit Malhotra and Sid Makkar.
web series "Code
M", says she would like to explore the
digital platform more often because Ayushmann Khurrana: I choose films
whole family can go watch
she finds the medium challenging
and exciting.
"The web is a challenging medium

and at the same time it offers an ollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana, who he added.
actor ample room to experiment is gearing up for his next Shubh Mangal Ayushmann said that the people will instantly
with versatile roles. There are fewer Zyada Saavdhan, say he always chooses connect to the film.
restrictions here, so actors can films which the entire family can watch together “It’s a film that will touch the hearts of audiences
express themselves to the fullest,"
in a theatre. and also entertain them to the fullest. I can’t
Jennifer said. The show produced
“As an entertainer, I would love to reach out wait for people to watch Shubh Mangal Zyada
by Ekta Kapoor also features Tanuj
and entertain as many people as possible. I choose Saavdhan because it is a story that everyone
Virwani and Rajat Kapoor.
films where the entire family can go and watch will connect to,” he added.
In the show, Jennifer played a
lawyer. "My character of Monica them together in a theatre. There is no greater joy He says Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan
brought me closer to understanding as an artist than seeing them enjoying your cinema is a film that had to be made because of the
what our soldiers go through on a and also coming out with a message to take home, impact that it can have on society.
daily basis. I experienced extreme to discuss and ponder,” Ayushmann said. “It is an important film that had to be made
conditions, levels of physical In Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, Ayushmann and when I heard the narration, I was bowled
endurance, and realised how tough it will be seen playing the role of a gay man and he over immediately with the impact it had on
is to spend so much time away from says the film will entertain audiences. me. It’s funny, quirky, important from a
one's family, as well as the ambiguity “Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhanï is "As social messaging point of view and
of not knowing if you will live to see again one such script that will thoroughly an entertain- it keeps one invested and engaged
another day. These thoughts have entertain audiences and also deliver er, I would love to completely. It’s not everyday that
occurred to me before I was distant an important social message about reach out and entertain you find a film like Shubh Mangal
from these feelings until I put myself inclusivity and individuality. Like all my as many people as Zyada Saavdhan and I’m proud to
in their shoes. films, it is again a full family entertainer,” possible" be a part of this project,” he said.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 24, 2020 ENTERTAINMENT 27

IMTIAZ ALI: Everything health is number one on her priority list Soha Ali Khan says taking care of

in the universe moves " There is a saying that health is

wealth, so health comes number

because of love
one my priority list. If you don't
feel good and if you don't take your
health seriously then it's very difficult

mtiaz Ali’s films always revolves to be happy, to be productive and to
around love, the strongest human enjoy your life.
emotion. The director feels "I feel staying healthy is important
everything in the universe moves for your career, family or anything
because of love. -- especially to women. We (women)
“I don’t know what the relevance know how important it is," said Soha,
of love is, but I feel everything in the at a product launch of the haircare
universe somehow moves because of brand System Professional.
it. I feel that if a man and a woman Soha married actor Kunal Kemmu
are in love, it is through their love in July 2015 and the couple was
that the universe is moving not easy blessed with a daughter named
around. I want to explore to explain the Inaaya in 2017. She noted that a
these things more,” said Ali, knowledge of woman sacrifices everything for
at the trailer launch of his love that you had her family though her own health is
next film, Love Aaj Kal”. when you are equally important.
young" "When your skin and hair looks
The film’s lead stars Sara Ali Films, Ali added, are his do, but I can show them what I am.
Khan and Kartik Aaryan were also way of sharing knowledge This is all what I understand about good then you don't need to worry project, Soha said: "In a week, I will
present at the event. about love with the younger love,” he added. about make-up and styling. I feel it be able to tell you about my next
Ali said he has also passed generation. The story of Ali’s 2009 release, is important to be healthy, to monitor project. I will start work on it around
through the phase that today’s youth “It’s not easy to explain the Love Aaj Kal, starring Saif Ali Khan your diet and to have sound sleep and the middle of February. It is a web
is passing. “I am at a certain age knowledge of love that you had and Deepika Padukone, shuffled to look after yourself. I feel women series but right now I can't talk about
now, but when I was young I went sacrifice a lot and think a lot about it in detail."
when you are young. We can’t force between two time zones. The newer
through the same phase that today’s their families, kids and parents but it Soha and Kunal are reportedly also
anyone to follow such knowledge version is similar, with Kartik and
young generation is going through. is important also to take out time to set to co-produce a few projects, one
and correct his or her life. But in Sara essaying presentday lovers. The
I feel that everybody goes through think about yourself," she said. of them being the biopic of renowned
some way, this is my way of talking film also stars Randeep Hooda and
Talking about her upcoming lawyer Ram Jethmalani.
the same cycle. They have the same to the younger generation about Arushi Sharma in pivotal roles.
questions in their minds as we had at
our time,” the filmmaker said.
love,” he said, about his films.
“I don’t want to tell them what to
Love Aaj Kal opens on Valentine’s
Day. KJo: We've all been through
Shilpa Shetty difficult phases of self-doubt low confidence, which often affects
awarded our ability to put ourselves out there.
Through this show, I want people
Champion of to look inward and truly love and
accept themselves, so that they can
Change Award find their path to their happily ever

after," Karan said.
ctress and entrepreneur
Shilpa Shetty Kundra and
her husband businessman We've all been through
Raj Kundra have been awarded difficult phases of
the Champion of Change self-doubt and low
2019 Award for their efforts
starts from the confidence, which often
towards encouraging people mind. When we
to take up the Swacch affects our ability to
keep our homes
just for the present but flick the switch off as soon as I leave

Bharat Abhiyan. clean, then put ourselves out there.
also our future," she the room. ilmmaker Karan Johar says
Former President of India why not our Through this show, I want
country? said. "I'm extremely mindful of that. every one goes through
Pranab Mukherjee handed the people to look inward
Nandan Jha, chairman The general tendency is to wait for difficult phases of self-doubt
award to Shilpa on Monday in
of Interactive Forum on someone else to switch it off. Also, and low confidence, and that affects and truly love and accept
the Capital.
Indian economy (IFIE), said: "We don't leave the water running when ones ability to put oneself out there. themselves, so that they
"I am really honoured to
are happy to announce that Shilpa you're brushing your teeth. The filmmaker has turned into a can find their path to
receive this award and I feel it is
Shetty Kundra has been selected for "A lot of people do this host of Netflix dating makeover show
every citizen's duty to keep their
"What The Love! With Karan Johar".
their happily ever after
country clean. the Champions Change of Award unknowingly.
2019 for her contribution in the "They don't realise that turning It will go live on the streaming site
"Cleanliness starts from the mind.
Swacch Bharat Abhiyan." the tap off between brushing and on January 30. Produced by BBC Studios India,
When we keep our homes clean,
Known as a yoga practitioner and gargling can save so much water. "Love, matchmaking, and hosting the show brings together people who
then why not our country?
health enthusiast, Shilpa said small These little habits can bring about a -- ‘What The Love! With Karan are in search of true love. Karan
This year I have planted 480 trees
changes in our daily life can bring huge change," she said. Johar' has given me three things along with fashion and style expert
to offset my entire carbon footprint.
about big changes in the cleanliness In Bollywood, she has started that come naturally to me, all in Maneka Harinsinghani and make-up
It's every citizen's responsibility to
of the environment. shooting for "Hungama 2" and will one go! We've all been through and hair artist Shaan Muttathil will
take care of our precious planet not
"The first lifestyle change that I also be seen in "Nikamma". difficult phases of self-doubt and help in participants' transformation.

Sunil Grover loves playing women on screen

ctor-comedian Sunil Grover is popular a question by media after an event by FICCI a male or female. For me, it's a character and it
as Gutthi, his comic female avatar Ladies Organisation here. happens to be a female. I think I love playing
with two ribboned braids, and he says He isn't the only male actor slipping into that character.
that he loves playing women characters. The a salwar suit or dresses for shows. Actors So I think I should do more of it," said the
trend of male actors dressing up as women like Krushna Abhishek, Gaurav Gera and Ali comedian, who is also known for his characters
for tickling the funny bone should continue as Asgar have tried it too, to make the audience Rinku Devi and Dr Mashoor Gulati.
long as people find it humorous and is done in a laugh. Now that Hindi TV shows have a good Sunil also features in movies and keeps
graceful way, he adds. number of female comedians, isn't it time for himself busy with live shows. He also makes
"It is way easier (connecting with women) the funnymen to stop playing women? appearances on TV shows -- the latest being
for me than connecting with men. "It "I think female actors should "Bigg Boss".
That's why I become a lady on TV. is way easier also play male characters. As Asked when he is returning to television,
I have played so many characters (connecting with long as people are laughing, he said: "I wish to come on TV soon but right
of women. I just love becoming a women) for me than doing it gracefully and now, I am shooting for a web series. After that I
woman," Sunil said in response to connecting with men." nicely.... For me, it's not about will plan."
online show offers self-help advice from
successful immigrants living in New Zealand Viewers of ‘Behind the Dreams’ show give it five-star rating
for its quality content, Rachit’s great interviewing style and
advice given by the people who have already tested the waters.
People are raving about the show and have recommended
migrants to take advantage show’s original and new content to
help them achieve success in their careers.
Rachit has also been dedicatedly involved in the community
work for Indians in New Zealand. He created the biggest
Indian Meetup event in NZ, the ‘Indian Auckland Meetup’
event where Kiwi-Indians can engage with each other in a
positive and supportive way.
“The meet-ups are specifically for people who are willing
to meet like-minded people, have fun, celebrate festivals,
share problems and celebrate who we are on foreign land,”
Rachit says.
The most recent meet-up event was held on Sunday, January
19, which was attended by 95 people at Cornwall Park in the
morning. This meet-up event had people from different age
groups and walks of life who came to the event with homemade
food, mixed and mingled with each other and had a great time

he entrepreneur aims to build the ultimate free self- together.
help educational resource for immigrants “The concept behind such meet up was to break the ice, get
An entrepreneur, storyteller, video creator and a to know one another, and yes Facebook is a great medium to
visionary Rachit Kushwaha’s online show ‘Behind the Dreams’ make friends, but nothing makes more impact when you meet
is an excellent free resource for any immigrant looking for someone new in person and get to know them,” Rachit added.
guidance and support to become successful in New Zealand.
The 27-year-old came to New Zealand three years ago to
start a new and better life. When Rachit started his journey,
those feelings of helplessness, anxious, powerless were the
biggest catalysts for him to create ‘Behind the Dreams’ show.
It will provide an excellent resource for the newcomers and
for those who are struggling with their career and settlement
prospects in New Zealand. Behind the Dreams is a platform
that is made for the migrants, by the migrants and it’s all about
the migrants. Rachit’s vision is to share the story, knowledge,
strategies, skills and ideas of successful people living in New
Zealand, so the immigrants who are still struggling in their
career or life could take inspiration and guidance to move
The show currently has three episodes out, which range
roughly from 20-30 minutes each. All the guests in the show
are the people who have made a big name for themselves in
their respective industries and have moved to the country in
the past ten years. Rachit aims to interview 50 more leaders in
different industries this year, making sure when an immigrant
visits their website, he/she gains ample knowledge about:
• Various career options available in the country
• How to build a mindset for success
• Have a good idea about how to successfully apply for a
• New ideas/strategies to acquire a dream job
• How to fast-track your career
• Everyday struggles faced by immigrants
Most of the interviews consist of detailed discussion about
various issues faced by immigrants in a new country or
New Zealand and how they can overcome them. The topics
discussed in the first three episodes were:
• How to get a promotion at your current job & how to
negotiate your salary
• Common mistakes immigrants make when applying for
jobs in NZ
• Mindset preparations & initial struggles
• Suggestions for the students who have just graduated
• Qualities a person needs to run a restaurant business in NZ
• Advice for people who want to pursue a hospitality career
• Struggles faced by the restaurant owners while building a
restaurant business in New Zealand
Within just launching the platform four months ago, the show
has gained a lot of attention from the immigrant community in
New Zealand and Australia.
Here are a few comments of the viewers who are following
the platform on Facebook.




4 2.5 2 2

Located in handy Takanini location where you can jump on the motorway, the train or the
bus to get to where you need to go!

On the ground floor you will find a great open plan kitchen/living and dining space. The large
designer kitchen is equipped with stainless steel appliances and a breakfast bar. The functional
space opens onto your own private landscaped courtyard for summer entertaining.

The first floor boasts 4 bedrooms including a grand master suite with private ensuite and walk in robe.
All bedrooms are spacious doubles and equipped with modern wardrobes. The family bathroom is
spacious and equipped with a full size bath and separate shower to suit the whole family.

Visit our Showhome - 4 Aeronautic Road, Addison, Takanini. Saturday & Sunday 12-3pm




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Join the Community at McLennan Park, Takanini

The friendly community at Mclennan Park is growing by the day. An architecturally designed
neighbourhood full of new homes and green spaces. Situated on the border of the famous Pulman
Park Sports Centre and only a 2 minute drive to the bustling Takanini Village these homes are not to
be missed.

These well designed modern homes built by Finesse will blow you away! From the moment you step
inside the well designed kitchen with stainless steel appliances flows into the open plan dining and
living area. These homes have their own fully fenced and landscaped courtyards that capture the
all day sun.

Visit our Showhome - 1 Beardmore Lane, Mclennan Park, Papakura. Saturday & Sunday 1-2pm

Kauri Landing is a brand new neighbourhood currently under construction in Takanini,
South Auckland.

Stage 1 will see the release of 30 homes built by Finesse Residential. The homes are single level and a
mixture of 2 and 3 bedroom, duplex and stand-alone homes.

Kauri Landing’s central location allows for easy commuting, only a 20min drive to Auckland CBD or
relax and take the train direct from Takanini to Britomart. The unique location bordering Bruce
Pulman Park offers the lifestyle of green spaces and endless sports for all ages. A quick stroll to
Takanini Village for a coffee with friends or local amenities makes this development a desired

These homes are in the Kauri Flats School zone - offering growing families great schooling options.
The homes are scheduled for sale in mid-February 2020. To find out more contact Phill Sharp or
register your details online at www.kaurilanding.co.nz

Contact us today

027 293 4925

phills@fr.co.nz PHILL SHARP
0800 18 18 10 Sales Consultant

www.FinesseResidential.co.nz Neighbourhoods
30 FEATURES Friday, January 24, 2020 The Indian Weekender

arts, tai chi and other Chinese activities

• Other entertainment and games & rides for

Lunar New Year Gala

Saturday 25 January 2020, 2.00pm - Saturday
25 January 2020, 3.30pm
Celebrate the first day of Lunar New Year 2020,
the year of the Rat, with us! Experience the
colour, energy and sounds of a traditional lion
dance performance, authentic Chinese musical
70th Anniversary of Kumeu, Auckland
The Hare Krishna community has long been
Anniversary Weekend with energetic displays
of breakdancing, music, hula-hoops, fire stunts,
instruments and folk songs.
Have fun with your whole families with live
Republic Day of India coined as ‘the kitchen religion’. If you have ever acrobatics and more! calligraphy demonstrations and Chinese
experienced Hare Krishna cuisine, then you will The Festival returns to Auckland’s CBD and traditional papercutting workshop.
certainly know why! The aim of this Festival is to Waterfront for another year, with four full days This event is jointly organised by Central City
provide that special food experience to the wider of crowd-pleasing delights from January 24 Library, New Zealand Multicultural Exchange
public in a food festival format on our beautiful – 27, 2020. Day shows start every day at 12 and Experience Centre and Bridge of Love
property in Kumeu, Auckland. For those of you noon. Night shows run on Friday, Saturday and Association Incorporated.
who attend our Holi Festival of Colours - this Sunday at 7.30pm. The map and full schedule
festival is at the same location. will be released in December 2019. For more
* Entry/parking is free - all welcome! information visit www.aucklandbuskersfestival. Love Takapuna Summer
* All food will be Vegetarian / Vegan
* Family Friendly with activities for kids
co.nz. Art and Child-friendly event. Days Festival
Saturday 18 January 2020, 10.00am - Saturday
Auckland Anniversary 18 January 2020, 7.00pm
SeePort Festival 2020 Weekend Market 2020 Takapuna is your ultimate summer destination
Date: Saturday, 25 to Monday, 27 January with the Takapuna Beach Summer Days Festival
Date: Sunday, January 26
Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue: Captain Cook Wharf, Auckland
Queens Wharf on the 18th of January at Takapuna Beach
Time: 9:30 a.m. onwards Hosted by Ports of Auckland. Ports of Auckland’s This event is FREE and open to the whole
Venue: India House, 128 Knights Roads, Lower SeePort Festival is a three-day celebration of community, so bring your friends, family, and
Hutt Auckland City’s beautiful waterfront and rich loved ones along and celebrate summer with us.
The High Commission of India in Wellington maritime heritage. Carnival rides, boat sailings, Starting at 10am, bring the kids over and enjoy a
invites all Indian Nationals, persons of Indian helicopter rides, delicious food, virtual-reality wide variety of family entertainment, including:
origin and friends of India to celebrate the 70th experiences, simulators, port tours, music and • Cherry the Clown
Anniversary of India’s Repuiblic Day. entertainment on and off the water – little and big • Jimmy Marvel - Magician
kids will be spoilt for choice! Sun and sea are the • Circus In A Flash performance
19th Japan Day perfect mix for a long weekend, and best of all • Bouncy castles
Date: Sunday, February 9 it’s mostly free! Check out seeport.co.nz to see • Roving characters from @superfunparties
Time: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. what’s on. #SeePortAKL • POPs Games
Venue: 217 Green Ln West, Epsom, Auckland • Face painting by Imaginaire Entertainment
JAPAN Day is New Zealand’s biggest annual Brazilian Day Festival • Sandy Art NZ
• Three6tee Spin Art
Japanese festival that aims for further mutual Date: Saturday, January 25
understandings between Japan and New • Plus some beach activities including:
Time: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. • Football games with Takapuna AFC Page
Zealand by sharing traditional and contemporary Venue: Rocket Park, 773 New North Rd. Mt
Japanese cultures. With its history of 19 years, • Games and activities with Harbour Sport
Albert, Auckland • SUP sessions with GirlsGetOutThereNZ
there are a lot of Japanese food stalls as well as Co-hosted day by Albert-Eden Local Board &
some other interesting things. Let’s have fun!!! ... and more to be announced!
Brazilian Festivals & Events in NZ. The Festival is Date: Saturday, 25 January to Monday, 27 From 3pm until 7pm, jam with amazing artists as
an opportunity to share the Brazilian culture, our January they perform your favourite hits on stage:
Hare Krishna Food passion, joy and warmth with New Zealanders. Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue: Queens Wharf, 89 Quay Street,
Encore will kick start the afternoon with all your
The Festival runs for eight hours in a fun summer favourite tunes, from The Eagles to Dr Hook to
Festival & Holi day in a family friendly and vibrant atmosphere Auckland CBD UB40.
surrounded by the Brazilian culture, food, music Come join us in celebrating Tamaki Makaurau
and dance! Come and join us! with a 3 day Market providing everything from
Art, Jewellery, clothing, skincare and a HUGE Auckland International
Auckland International selection of indoor/outdoor plants and garden
art! Fun for the whole Whanau with coffee, food Buskers Festival 2020
Buskers Festival 2020 trucks, workshops, kid zone, and live music!
Email: cloudmarketjan@gmail.com & @
Auckland Central and Waterfront
January 24-27, 2020
Date: Friday, 24 January to Monday, 27 aucklandmarket2020 Witness the incredible at the 20th Annual
January Auckland International Buskers Festival. An
Time: 12 p.m. onwards
Venue: Auckland CBD and Waterfront Mission Bay Art & Craft unmissable line-up of international and local
performers will hit the streets over Auckland
Witness the incredible at the 20th Annual
Date: Food Fest- Sunday, January 26 Auckland International Buskers Festival. An Market - Auckland Anniversary Weekend with energetic displays
of breakdancing, music, hula-hoops, fire stunts,
Time: 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. & Holi: 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue: 1229 Coatesville-Riverhead Hwy,
unmissable line-up of international and local
performers will hit the streets over Auckland
Anniversary Day 2020 acrobatics and more!
Date: Monday, January 27 The Festival returns to Auckland’s CBD and
Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Waterfront for another year, with four full days of
Venue: Mission Bat Reserve, Tamaki Drive, crowd-pleasing delights from January 24 – 27,
Mission Bay, 2020. Day shows start every day at 12 noon.
Come along to Mission Bay this Auckland Night shows run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Anniversary Day Monday for one of Auckland’s at 7.30pm. The map and full schedule will be
largest Art & Craft markets. Around 200 stalls will released in December 2019.
fill Selwyn Reserve with a variety of arts, crafts Remember, street performers make their living
and designer fashion, as well as some tasty food on your generosity. If you enjoy a show and can
options. afford it, please put a donation in the hat. Loose
There is something for everyone at the Mission change is nice but to really make a difference,
Bay Art & Craft Market, including: paper money would be much appreciated
• Designer fashion for all ages
Summer at Silo Park
The most visited Indian
• Baby, toddler, and children’s clothes
• Huge selection of jewellery Beaumont Street and Jellicoe Street,
• Dog snacks and doggie clothes • 2040 - Friday 24 January
• Paintings and photography from local artists • The Farewell - Friday 31 January

news website in New

• Kiwiana, candles, and gifts • Rocketman - Friday 07 February
• Honey, jams, pickles and more delicious • The Princess Bride - Friday 21 February
edibles • Apollo 11 - Friday 14 February
Furniture, wood-work and much more!

• Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone -
Friday 28 February
Chinese New Year Festival • Maiden - Friday 6 March
• Lion King 2019 - Friday 13 March
& Market Day • People's Choice - Friday 20 March
Saturday 18 January 2020, 4.00pm • Season Finale To be announced - Friday 27

For online advertising

ASB Showgrounds, 217 Greenlane Road West,
Epsom, Auckland As always, proceeds from popcorn sales at
About: Our Chinese New Year Festival & Silo Cinema are donated to The Auckland City
Market Day to welcome the Year of the Rat will Mission. Other highlights in the summer calendar

options, email at
feature the following activities: include World on the Street. A celebration of
• Grand Opening by Prime Minister at 10am Latin American culture launches the series on
with a Lion/Dragon Dance 8 February, and an East and South East Asia
• Over 200 specialist stalls selling traditional & themed event will follow on 14 March. Each event

exotic will feature gourmet food trucks from the region
• Chinese hot delicacies, Chinese New Year along with tailored music and entertainment.
foodstuffs, Chinese traditional arts & crafts, & Ice Cream Sundae is returning on 26 January
promoting advisory services and is set to be bigger and better than ever with

• Extensive entertainment programme of more scoops to try, more activities and more fun!
Chinese cultural songs, dances & musical Two other great events returning this year are
items Photo Laundry and Dog Day Afternoon.
• Outdoor entertainment programme of martial Silo Park has become synonymous with great
food trucks.

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