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UN SMK 2015 TKP Bahasa Inggris

Doc Name: UNSMKTKP2015ING999 Version : 2016-05 | halaman 1

01. Caller : Should I get the number for Questions 6 to 8 refer to the following
A B text.
Ratih school of modeling?
Battelle Insurance Company
Operator : We don't have listing under that
Chicago, Illinois
name. William P. Mervin Policy Number:
23 Dribble Drive A987 8907 E08
02. Bill Smith's garden is large than Joe's. Bill Hobart, IL 33456 Car Description:
A 1993 For Escort
works harder than Joe and grows more
B Enclosed is your latest dividend check.
flowers and vegetables, but Joe's garden is Since Battelle's claim costs continue to be
C less than anticipated, our Board of
more interesting. He has made neat paths Directors has authorized payment of this
D dividend on your auto insurance policy.
and has built a wooden bridge over a pool. If you have any questions about your auto
policy, or about insurance for your home,
03. A magazine whom I read in the doctor's life, or health, please call me.
We are pleased to send you this dividend
office had an article you ought to read. It's
and to take this opportunity to thank you
for selecting Battelle as your insurer.
about the importance of good educations in
D Sincerely,
our family. Joe Mullee
Battelle Insurance Agent
04. We are a leasing company. As many as 65%
of our employees are posted in the
06. For what insurance is the coverage on the
above policy?
marketing division. Most of them are smart,
tallented, good look, young men, (A) Life
B (B) Home
who do not mind working ten hours a day, (C) Health
C D (D) Automobile
six days a week.
07. What has William Mervin received from his
05. News articles try to present only facts. The insurance company?
editorial page is the section of the newspaper (A) a payment on a claim
who news writers are given the opportunity (B) a rebate on his payment
A (C) a bill for insurance coverage
to express their opinion about events, (D) a notice of his policy cancelation
policies and community activities. 08. ".... to take this opportunity to thank
D you ...." (last paragraph).
The underlined word refers to ....
(A) profit
(B) chance
(C) payment
(D) information

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UN SMK 2015 TKP Bahasa Inggris, Soal

Doc name: UNSMKTKP2015ING999 Version: 2016-05 halaman 2

Questions 9 to 11 refer to the following Questions 12 to 13 refer to the following

text. text.
Think Globally with World View Software! Rudyard Kipling, one of England's most
Keep time with the rest of the world by famous writers, was born in Bombay,
converting your computer screen into a India, in 1865, where his English father
world clock. Clocks located at the top of was working for the British government.
the screen display the current time for Kipling spent his early chidhood in India.
every time zone in the world in an
At six he was taken to England and
attractive graphical display. The display
educated in an English school. From 1882
can be customized to display the local time
until 1883 he was editor of his school
for virtually any world cities you choose.
paper. He went back to India in 1883.
World View Software adjusts automatically
There he became interested in writing and
for Daylight Saving Time. It Can also be
working for a newpaper. When he was
set up as a screen saver.
twenty -one he published his first book,
Typically costs $45.00 or more at retail
which was a small book of poetry. Before
stores and $40.00 when you order from
he was twenty-four he had brought out a
the software washer, but now available for
small collection of short stories. These
Nationwide Airline passengers at the
were well-liked and full of brilliant
discount rate of only $34.35 when you
descriptions and accurate observations.
order directly from Sky catalogue!
Between 1887 and 1889 Kipling travelled
around the world. He visited China, Japan,
09. What is the text about? and he lived for a few years in America,
(A) Computer clock. where he married an American woman.
(B) Computer screen. During this period he wrote several of his
(C) Time of the world. most popular works, the stories for
(D) Daylight Savings Time. children, which made him famous; The
Jungle Books (1894), Kim (1901) and Just
10. What does this product cost when we order So Stories (1902). He also published
from the software washer? several books of peotry during this time.
(A) $85.00 Kipling returned to England from
(B) $45.00 America and spent the rest of his life there
(C) $40.00 until his death in 1936.
(D) $34.35
12. What is the first paragraph about?
11. What is the synonym of the word (A) Kipling's brief background.
"converting" (in line 1)? (B) Kipling's favorite writers.
(C) Kipling's popular books.
(A) Imitating.
(D) Kipling's foreign family.
(B) Changing.
(C) Adjusting.
13. What made Kipling famous?
(D) Purchasing.
(A) He wrote some stories for children.
(B) He married an American woman.
(C) He was educated in England.
(D) He visited many countries

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UN SMK 2015 TKP Bahasa Inggris, Soal

Doc name: UNSMKTKP2015ING999 Version: 2016-05 halaman 3

Questions 14 to 16 refer to the following 14. What is the text about?

text. (A) How to encourage maximum
How to Organize Your Workspace (B) How to organize our work schedule.
Organize your workspace to encourage (C) How to manage our work space.
maximum productivity. (D) How to place our computers.
1. Place your computer monitor directly in 15. What should we do with the files?
front of you if you want to discourage (A) Post them.
people from interrupting your work. (B) Label them.
2. Position your desk so that you can see (C) Avoid them.
people who approach your door. (D) Establish them.
3. Avoid leaving spare chairs around your
desk to minimize distractions. 16. What is the synonym of the word "... to
4. Keep important papers or equipment encourage maximum ..."?
within reach. Your phone, computer, (A) Avoid.
filing cabinet, fax machine and printer (B) Place.
should be within reach if you use them (C) Manage.
frequently. (D) Support.
5. Post a calendar and clock close by. Try
using a large calendar that can be posted 17. Rudi : Maya, do you think Anita will help
on your wall and written on with dry us solve this Math homework?
erase markers. Maya : I am sure, she will ....
6. Have papers and materials for only the (A) You should help her.
task at hand on your desk. (B) She may ask you about it.
7. Establish a filing system, keeping (C) We would go somewhere.
current files in your deep desk drawer (D) She is good at math.
or a filing cabinet within reaching
distance of your desk. Store papers you 18. Fariz : I'd like to book a room, please.
need only periodically somewhere else. Aladin : Certainly ....
8. Label file names clearly, and try color-
(A) When would you like to stay?
coding your folders for better
(B) When will you be available?
organization. File alphabetically.
(C) Would you like a single or a double?
9. Set up an inbox and outbox one to
(D) Would it be OK to have a suite?
receive incoming papers and another to
hold assignments you've completed
19. Donita : I feel exhausted today, but the
before forwarding them to the
report is due at three.
appropriate person.
Fikri : ....
10. Read incoming paperwork with a
Donita : Thanks. That's very kind of you.
highlighter in hand, marking important
deadlines or phone numbers. Deal with (A) You can take a rest later.
urgent papers immediately, set aside (B) I had better give you a hand, then.
those that aren't urgent, and throw away (C) You ought to finish the repost now.
the ones that aren't important. (D) I have to concentrate on my job, first.
11. Tidy your desk space at the end of the
day, noting what you need to work on 20. Ayu : Tell me, what do you do in your
tomorrow. spare time, Yudi?
Yudi : .... I always try new recipe from the
newest cooking book.

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UN SMK 2015 TKP Bahasa Inggris, Soal

Doc name: UNSMKTKP2015ING999 Version: 2016-05 halaman 4

(A) I care about Japanese tofu. 25. Sue : Why did you come late this morning?
(B) I love eating many kinds of food. Jane : I'm sorry, .... Because, I forgot to bring
(C) I enjoy collecting traditional utensils. my notebook. It's really important for
(D) I like preparing the table. me.
21. Bank Teller : May I help you? (A) I had to go back home.
Customer : .... (B) I had to call my brother.
Bank Teller : Certainly, Madam. Is that a (C) I need to cancel the presentation.
savings or checking account? (D) I'm going to report it to the office.
Customer : Saving account, please.
Bank Teller : All right. Please fill out this 26. Receptionist : I'm sorry. Ms. Bertha isn't in
form then. the office today.
Caller : ....
(A) I'd like to cash a check.
(B) I want to do a transfer. (A) Then I'll call her back another time.
(C) I'd like to exchange currencies. (B) All right. Would you like to leave a
(D) I want to make an account. message?
(C) What can I do for you?
22. Mona : Oh, I've left my calculator at (D) I think I've dialed the wrong number.
home ....
Mariah : Yes, please do, but return it to Questions 27 to 29, complete the
me soon. following text with the words provided!
Mona : Okay, thanks.
Library Closure
(A) I'd like to give it to you. Parkhurst Library will be (27) ...., from
(B) Would you like to borrow mine? Monday December 2014 until further
(C) May I use yours? notice, due to staff (28) .... We (29) .... for
(D) Can I lend it to you? any inconvenience. Please make use of
other libraries in the area like Parkview,
23. Dena : Have you lived in Medan since
Emmarentia, and Linden Library.
you were born?
Selly : No. We used to live in Jakarta, Management of Pankhurst Library
then we moved here only three
years ago... 27. ....
Dena : Oh, I see. (A) built
(A) If our father had not got a job here, we (B) open
would have stayed in Jakarta. (C) closed
(B) Unless there was an economic crisis, we (D) renovated
would move to Medan.
(C) We will move to Medan if our father 28. ....
works in Jakarta. (A) shortage
(D) We would stay in Medan if our father (B) surpluses
came from Jakarta. (C) excess
(D) extras
24. Rani : Where are you going for your 29. ....
holiday, Sin?
(A) apologize
Sinta : I haven't decided it yet, but .... I
(B) feel bad
do really want to visit the Pisa
(C) feel sad
(D) sorry
(A) I must finish my term report.
(B) I should accompany my mom to the
(C) I might go to Italy with my family.
(D) I will just stay at home.

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UN SMK 2015 TKP Bahasa Inggris, Soal

Doc name: UNSMKTKP2015ING999 Version: 2016-05 halaman 5

Questions 30 to 32, complete the Questions 33 to 35, complete the

following text with the words provided! following text with the words provided!
Memorandum To : Rebecca Winter
To : All (30) .... 156, High Street Bristol
From : Thomas Rifangi 30th Jnuary, 15
Subject : New Procedures Dear Ms. Winter,
A new procedure will be (31) ....for a style On behalf of (Global Software Systems),
of letter writing that will take place(32) .... let me (33) ....you on being selected for the
for Westerns Security Systems. An example position of (Project Manager) in our
of the new block style is enclosed. company. I invite you to (34) ....our
Enclosure company and wish you the very best for
30. .... your new role here. For any clarifications
(A) employ or doubts, please feel free to (35) ....me.
(B) employers Sincerely,
(C) employees (Anne White)
(D) employment (Manager - HR)
31. ....
33. ....
(A) implemented
(A) inform
(B) developed
(B) introduce
(C) done
(C) invite
(D) held
(D) congratulate
32. ....
34. ....
(A) surely
(A) come
(B) certainly
(B) include
(C) immediately
(C) join
(D) immeasurably
(D) enter

35. ....
(A) text
(B) contact
(C) letter
(D) email

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