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Long Quiz in Grade 9 TOS

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Multiple choice.
Direction: Encircle the letter of the correct answer. a) The "winner" is allowed to divorce his/her spouse
and marry any other villager of his/her choice.
I. “The Lottery” b) The "winner" is stoned to death by the entire village.
1. What year was "The Lottery" first published? c) The "winner" is taken in back of the town hall to be
a) 1948 beheaded by Mr. Graves.
b) 1820 d) The "winner" wins all the money in the town's
c) 1968 treasury, although the amount has never risen higher
d) 1976 than $52.75.
2. What day is the lottery held each year?
a) January 1 II. “Conditional Sentences”
b) June 27 11. Conditional sentence is/are _________.
c) December 5 a) Usually begins with “If”.
d) December 25 b) Includes a dependent and independent clause.
3. In what time period is the story set? c) Comes in different forms including zero, second and
a) Ancient times third conditional.
b) Modern day (the date of publication)* d) All of the above.
c) Pre-Revolutionary War 12. A ________ conditional sentence is a sentence that can
d) The 1850s express two ideas.
4. Why was Tessie late to arrive at the gathering to hold the a) zero
lottery? b) second
a) She forgot what day it was. c) third
b) She ran away but was caught and returned. d) fourth
c) She started to leave town to protest the lottery. 13. A ________ conditional sentence expresses a past idea
d) She wasn't late--she was the first to arrive. that did not occur.
5. What does the box that holds the lottery "tickets" look like? a) zero
a) It is a brass box, resembling a pirate's treasure chest. b) second
b) It is a gold box covered in emeralds, rubies and c) third
sapphires. d) fourth
c) It is a shabby black box, splintered, faded and 14. A ______conditional sentence is a sentence that expresses
stained. a fact or simple implication.
d) It is a simple wooden box, with no paint or a) zero
ornaments. b) second
6. What was the original purpose of the lottery? c) third
a) A ritual sacrifice to guarantee a plentiful crop. d) fourth
b) No reason is given. 15. She wouldn't have had two laptops if she ________ one to
c) The small town was becoming overpopulated. her friend.
d) The townspeople wanted to make one person rich a) did not lend
each year. b) do not lend
7. What is Tessie's reaction when her husband is asked how c) does not lend
many children the couple has? d) had not lent
a) She demands her six-year-old son be excused from 16. If I was/were a millionaire, I ________ in Beverly Hills.
participating. a) lived
b) She demands that her married daughter and b) will live
daughter's husband take their chances with the rest of c) would have lived
the family. d) would live
c) She instructs her husband not to answer the question. 17. You would save energy if you ________ the lights more
d) She wants as many people in her family to draw, so often.
they have more chances of winning money. a) had switched off
8. How is the "winner" of the lottery selected? b) have switched off
a) Each person puts half a ticket into the box. The c) switch off
tickets are then drawn by Mr. Summers. d) switched off*
b) Each person writes his/her name on a piece of paper 18. If we had read the book, we ________ the film.
and drops it into the box. a) understood
c) He/she draws a piece of paper with a black spot on it. b) will understand
d) The person who draws the paper with the bluebird of c) would have understood
happiness on it is the winner. d) would understand
9. Where is the box kept between lotteries? 19. My sister could score better on the test if the
a) A special shelf had been constructed for the box in teacher _________ the grammar once more.
the back room of the town hall. a) explained
b) It had no special place. One year it was at the post b) explains
office, another the grocery store, another a barn. c) had explained
c) Mr. Summers always kept the box in the attic of his d) have explained
house. 20. They ________ on time if they hadn't missed the train.
d) The lottery box was kept under lock and key in the a) had arrived
town's bank vault. b) might have arrived
10. What happens to the lottery "winner"? c) will arrive
d) would arrive
Long Quiz in Grade 9 TOS

key to correction
1. a
2. b
3. b
4. a
5. c
6. a
7. b
8. c
9. b
10. b
11. a
12. a
13. a
14. c
15. d
16. d
17. d
18. c
19. a
20. b

Prepared by:
Francisco P. David
Long Quiz in Grade 9 TOS


TAUGHT Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating

Lesson 1: The story “The Lottery”

1. Identify the background and setting I. 1-3

of the story. 7 3 15%
2. Determine the significant events of I. 4-10
the story. 17 7 35%
Lesson 2: Conditional Sentences

1. Define the conditional sentences. II. 11

3 1 5%
2. Identify the types of conditional II. 12-14
sentences. 8 3 15%
3. Determine the tenses of verb that is II. 15-20
used in a conditional sentence. 15 6 30%

TOTAL 50 20 100% 3 7 4 6

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______________________ ________________________
Francisco P. David Prof. Jezreelita I. Casimiro
Student Instructor