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New Online Leader in Leadership Skills Emerges

Leadership Depot, an informational site, providing insights on leadership skills development.

Fort Walton Beach, FL, January 24, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Leadership Depot, a leadership skills information
site, began making its presence known in late 2019. While there's no shortage of sites providing advice to
managers in business settings, this is a place where leaders or want-to-be leaders can go to glean quick
insights from a group of professionals with a variety of backgrounds within different industries.

The editorial team is comprised of a small group of professionals whose backgrounds collectively include
training and development management, human resources management, management consulting,
hospitality management, sales management and independent business ownership.

“We have a great group willing to share some interesting insights with regards to leadership across
industries,” says the head administrator Karen Scholz. “There will be articles on topics such as the
characteristics of effective leaders, leadership communication, and how to create more long-term
employee engagement, something that's a constant concern for leaders wanting the most productivity
from their teams. Additionally, we'll begin featuring posts from guests with special expertise in their own
verticals so that our visitors can take advantage of their unique perspectives.”

Development of leadership skills in new and existing managers, supervisors and executive teams is more
important now than ever before. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an expected 7%
growth in management occupations until the year 2028, which is faster growth than the average for all
occupations. A study by Deloitte found that 86% of respondents said that developing of leadership talent
was urgent for business success, yet only 13% said that they thought they did a great job preparing
leaders for the job. (1) Still another survey conducted by Careerbuilder found that 58% of nearly 4000
employees across the US said that they received no training for their leadership role. (2)
LeadershipDepot.com provides quick anecdotes to current leadership dilemmas; their posts are easy to
scan with suggestions that are simple and can be put into practice immediately. They have different types
of assessments and provide recommended training platforms and tools for the new and veteran leader

For more information, visit LeadershipDepot.com.

1) www2.deloitte.com; Human Capital Trends 2014
2) Careerbuilder press release; Chicago, 3/2011

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