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Curriculum Mapping

-is a process or procedure that follows curriculum designing. It is done before curriculum
implementation or operationalization of the written curriculum
Curriculum Mapping Process
-it is the ways of doing things, according to what outcome one needs to produce.
The Curriculum Map
-are visual timelines that outline desired learning outcomes to be achieved, content, skills and
values taught instructional time, assessment to be used and the overall student movement towards
the attainment of the intended outcomes.
Example of a Curriculum Map
Grade 3-Matter

Content Content standards Performance Learning Competency Learning Materials


1.Properties The learners The learners should The learners should be Learning Guide in
demonstrate be able to…. able to……. Science & Health:
1.1 Characteristics
understanding Mixtures
of solids,
Liquids,gases BEAM-Grade 3 Unit 4
Group common Describe the different
Ways of sorting Materials
objects found at objects based on their
materials and
home and in school characteristics (e.g. LG-Science 3
describing them as
according to shape,weight,volume,ease Materials Module 1
solid, liquid or gas
solids,liquids, and o flow)
based on

Classify objects and

materials as solid, liquid and
gas based on some
observable characteristics

Describe ways on the

proper use and handling
solid, liquid and gas found
at home and in school

Changes that Effects of Investigate the Describe the changes in BEAM-G3 Unit 3
materials undergo temperature on different changes materials based on the Materials-Distance
materials in materials as effect of temperature Learning Module
affected by
BEAM-G3 Unit 3
Materials Module 44-
Sample A1- Curriculum Map
Qtr G3 G54 G5 G6 G7 G8 G9 G10

1 Matter Matter Matter Matter Matter Force Living Earth and

Motion Things and Space
Energy Their


2 Living Living Living Living Living Earth and Matter Force

Things and Things and Things and Things and Things and Space Motion
Their Their Their Their Their Energy
Environ- Environ- Environ- Environ- Environ-

ment ment ment ment ment

3 Force Force Force Force Force Matter Earth and Living

Motion Motion Motion Motion Motion Space Things and
Energy Energy Energy Energy Energy Their


4 Earth and Earth and Earth and Earth and Earth and Living Force Matter
Space Space Space Space Space Things and Motion
Their Energy


Sample B-
Outcomes PO1 PO2 PO3 PO4 PO5 PO6 PO7 PO8

Sample Subjects P L L O L O O O

Facilitating Human Learning P P L O L O L O

Social Dimensions P L L O O L O

Teaching Profession P P P P O P P

Principles of Teaching P P P P L O P O

Assessment of Learning P P P P L O P O

Educational Technology P P P P L O P O

Curriculum Development P P P P O P P

Developmental Reading P P P P O O P O

Field Study P P O P O P P P

Practice Teaching P P P P P P P P