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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region III
Division of Bulacan
Parada, Sta. Maria, Bulacan

Detailed Lesson Plan

English 8

Afro-Asian Literature



Polytechnic University of the Philippines- Sta. Maria Bulacan Campus



Critic Teacher

“Quote about teaching”

A Detailed Lesson Plan in English 8

I. Objectives:
At the end of 48-minute discussion, the students must be able to:
 Identify what is Journalistic Writing
 Distinguish the characteristics of Journalistic Writing
II. Subject Matter:
 Topic: Journalistic Writing
 Reference: www.independent.com
 Materials: tarpapel, cartolina, chalk and eraser
III. Lesson Proper:


A. Prayer
Stand up everyone and let us pray. (The students will pray)
Michelle, please lead the prayer. Angel of God, my guardian dear.
To whom his love, commits me here
Ever this day be at my side,
To light and guard,
To rule and guide Amen.
B. Greetings
Good afternoon class. Good afternoon Sir Francis

C. Classroom Management
Before you take you seats, pick up (The students will follow the order of
the litters and arrange you chairs. the teacher.)

D. Checking of Attendance
Secretary of the class, do we have President: None Sir.
any absentee for today?

E. Review


G. Motivation
Class let us have an activity.
Count yourselves 1 to 4. (The student will count 1 to 4.)
I want to divide this classroom into 4
Group 1 will be on 1st quarter area.
Group 2 will be on the 2nd quarter (The students will go to their
area opposite side of 1st quarter and designated area.)
so on.
Before we start, here are the
Each group will be given phrases of
words. What you need to do is to
arrange the phrases to form a
sentence. Make sure that you form
the right answer before you post it
on the board. I will give 3 minute to
finalize your answer.
Is that clear class? Yes Sir.
You may now start.
(After 3 minutes the students will
post their answers on the board.)

Given Phrases Correct Answer

1. around the world., reports stories, 1. Journalistic writing reports stories
Journalistic writing around the world.

2. retells events., writing that, A form 2. A form of writing that retells

of events.

3. that is used to report, A style of 3. A style of writing that used to

writing, of media forms., in a variety report in a variety of media forms.

4. persuade and, to inform, 4. A great way to inform, persuade

entertain readers., A great way and entertain readers.

(The teacher will give the last part.)

5. use quote to give, Journalists, the 5. Journalists use quote to give the
story credibility. story credibility.

Let us check if your answers are (The students will the sentences)
Everyone read the sentences.

Very good class. All of the answers

were correct. (The students will do the Catriona
I want you to give yourselves a clap.)
Catriona clap. 123…
Base on the activity, what do you Yes Sir!
think is our topic for today?
Yes, Rico. Rico: Journalistic Writing
Excellent Rico.

H. Lesson Proper

Our topic for today is all about

Journalistic Writing.

Again when we say Journalistic it

reports what? Yes, Pamela. Pamela: Stories around the world.
Very good Pamela.

Another, Kenneth. Kenneth: It retells events.

Very good Kenneth.

How about you Micaela. Micaela: It is used to report a variety

Nice Answer Micaela. of media forms.

And what its purpose? Yes Jenny. Jenny: To inform, persuade and
Excellent Jenny. entertain the readers.

Why the Journalists use quote?

Alfred. Alfred: to make their writings
Very well said Alfred. credible.

Now let use proceed to the actvitiy.

(The teacher will post his visual aids

on the board.)

Characteristics of Journalistic

Direction: Choose the correct

characteristic of Journalistic Writing. Correct answers.

1. a. short b. long 1. short

2. a. complex sentence b. simple 2. simple sentence

3. a. objective b. subjective 3. objective

4. a. based on opinion b. based on 4. based on facts


Answer the number 1 Tuesday. Tuesday: Short Sir.

Can you explain your answer why it When it is short, it is easy to be read
is short? by the people.
Very good Tuesday.
Tuesday is right. It should be easy to
read and not tiring to the eye.

Number 2, yes Kim. Kim: simple sentence Sir.

Can you explain your answer? It should be direct to the point to be
Very good Kim. easy to understand.
The main purpose of journalistic
writing is to inform, persuade and
entertain. And usually the targets of
their writings are the mass, meaning
every kind of people.

3. Billy, would you like to answer 3. Billy: objective Sir.

number 3? It should base what really happen
Justify your answer. not just what the writer wants to
Very good Billy. write.
Especially when we write on the
newspaper, we should avoid writing
what we believe. We should only
base on what is really happen.

And the last, Gilbert. Gilbert: Based on facts Sir.

Why do you say so? It should be based on facts for it to
Excellent Gilbert. be credible.
When you write on the newspaper or
magazines, we should be factual to
avoid the confusion on the readers.

Are we clear on that class? Yes Sir.

Do you have questions? None Sir.
Very well.
Now let us generalize what we have

What is our topic for today Jean? Jean: Journalistic Writing Sir.
Very good Jean.

And we say Journalistic it report

what? Yes, Paul. Paul: Stories Around the world.
Very good Paul.

Another. Yes, John. John: It retells events.

Very good John
How about you Shiella, Shiella: It is used to report a variety
Very good Shiella. of media forms.

And what it is purpose? Hellen. Hellen: to inform, persuade and

Very good Hellen. entertain.

What kind of people that writes Kendra: Journalists Sir.

news? Kendra.
Very good Kendra.

How many characteristics does the

Journalistic Writing have? Gino. Gino: 4 Sir.
Can you enumerate those? Short
Simples sentence
Based on facts
Excellent Gino.

I. Application

Let us have an activity. Bring out

your notebooks and answer the
Direction: I have an example of a
news article. What you need to do is
to analyze the article and Write Why.
You have 5 minutes to answer.

1. It is short.
2. It used simple sentence
3. It is objective
4. It is based on facts.

Sample news article.



A photographer captured the

moment a couple said “I do” as a
volcano erupted in the background
of their wedding.
On Sunday 12 January, Chino and
Kat Vaflor were married in the
Philippines. The venue for their
wedding was 10 miles away from
the Taal volcano, one of the most
active volcanoes in the country.
Over the weekend, clouds of ash
began spewing from the volcano,
resulting in the evacuation of around
8,000 people and warnings of an
imminent “hazardous explosive
Wedding photographer Randolf
Evan said that the wedding party
were worried the volcanic activity
would prevent the ceremony from
taking place. “We were actually
nervous because while working we
kept on checking social media for
updates on the volcanic eruption,”
the photographer told CNN.
According to the authorities in the
Philippines, hundreds of thousands
of people will be evacuated from
areas surrounding the volcano.

(After the given time, the students

will check their activity. The teacher (Several student will recite their
will ask several students to recite answer)
their answers.)

IV. Evaluation

Directions: Write T if the statement

is true and write F if it is false. Copy Directions: Write T if the statement
and answer. You have 5 minutes to is true and write F if it is false. Copy
answer. and answer. You have 5 minutes to
____1. The purpose of Journalistic
Writing to inform, persuade and T 1. The purpose of Journalistic
entertain readers. Writing to inform, persuade and
____2. News articles use complex entertain readers.
sentences to easily understand by F 2. News articles use complex
the readers. sentences to easily understand by
____3. The people who writes news the readers.
article are called Journalists. T 3. The people who writes news
____4. In writing news articles, the article are called Journalists.
writer should be subjective. F 4. In writing news articles, the
____5. The Journalists use comma writer should be subjective.
to make their article credible. F 5. The Journalists use comma to
make their article credible.
Who got a perfect score?
Very good class. (Those who got a perfect will raise
their hands.)
V. Assignment
Make an advance reading about the
Features of Journalistic Writing.

Let’s call it a day. Goodbye Class.

Goodbye and thank you Sir Francis.