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Genesis of Wah

Chapter 1

1 ​In the beginning, Waluigi created the dinosaur earth. 2​ ​The earth was created into the
shape of a dinosaur. Dinosaur is the shape of the earth. Even though there were no dinosaurs
at the time, it was called and shaped into the shape of a dinosaur.
In this time, the whole earth was covered in water, and darkness was inescapable. So,
Waluigi created a spherical star. 4​ ​Waluigi saw it was good, and called it “Sun”. From the Sun,
came light. 5​ ​Waluigi then saw that the opposite side of the dinosaur earth was dark, so he made
another body, which reflected the spherical sun's light. 6​ ​This body was called “Moon”.
Looking down towards the earth and the moon, Waluigi longed for his own companion.
From the sun, a being came forth; “I am Wario. I am God of the sun.” And so he was.
Together, they raised mountains, high above the waters.
10 ​
Together, they planted gardens, and spread living creatures throughout the earth.
11 ​
Together, they created the first dinosaur, from the image of the Earth. The dinosaur,
was to be named the “Velociraptor,” whom had free will and would live without sickness and
death. Because of the Velociraptor's loneliness, Waluigi created another one for him. A Yoshi;
whom also had free will and would never die. 11 ​ ​Together they shared the earth.

Chapter 2

1 ​Now, Waluigi had made a paradise for Velociraptor and Yoshi to live in. It was full of
gorillas, frogs, dogs, penguins, and others. 2​ ​Going into the garden was a river. The river was
long. It was also skinny. Long and skinny. This river was called the Penic river. 3​ ​In the Penic
river, the holy Breadfish swam.
In the middle of the garden was a Holy Bush. This bush was the only bush that
produced the Holy Rice Cake. 5​ ​To Velociraptor and Yoshi, Waluigi commanded, “Don’t you eat
those h*cken rice cakes, or else I’ll give you the bubonic plague” To which, they did not eat the
rice cakes.
Now in the back of the garden, to the North, wind began to blow. From the thorns of a
rose bush, the tricky, deceptive pair sprung up. 7​​ In Bryanton, they are called, “Mario,” and,
“Luigi”. Like a rose, they seem good, but their stems are sharp.
Mario approached Yoshi in the form of Toad, and Luigi in the form of Toadette.
“Eat the rice cake,” Mario said.
10 ​
In response, Yoshi said, “No, for Waluigi had said , ‘You eat that rice cake, I'll give you
the bubonic plague.”
11 ​
“Eat the damn rice cake!” Luigi yelled, as he held a up a Beretta M1951 to Yoshi's
12 ​
During this time, Velociraptor had been going on a walk, and hearing the commotion,
he started walking towards the sound. Velociraptor walked up to see Mario in his original form,
shoving the last rice cake down Yoshi's throat. 13​ ​Luigi, in his original form, turned around, and
shot and killed Velociraptor.
14 ​
All of a sudden, clouds rumbled across the sky, and it started to rain heavily. A
dinosaur shaped hole opened up among the clouds. From it, a lightning bolt flashed out, and
struck the Holy Bush. Waluigi's voice thundered across the who earth, “WAH?!”

Chapter 3

1 ​Since Yoshi had technically eaten the last rice cake, he was cursed with death. But
before he died, Yoshi had sexual relations with another living creature, Daisy the Slut. 2​ ​Daisy
the Slut was sister to another, Peach the Thot.
Peach the Thot bore children to Mario. This began the Mushroom Kingdom.
Daisy the Slut bore children to Yoshi. This began the Wah Kingdom.
The children of Daisy the Slut included Baby Daisy, Bowser, Dry Bones, Birdo, Donkey
Kong, and Drybones. The descendants of the Wah Kingdom were blessed with Holy Wah. 6​
Together, they all built up the kingdom.
The appointed king was Bowser. King Bowser had sexual relations with Daisy the Slut,
and together, they produced Bowser Jr, Boo, Villager, and Gaepora. The four descendants set
up their own Kingdoms, except Bowser Jr because he's a little dick.
King Bowser was appointed King on June 21, on the 29th year. Waluigi had blessed his
ceremony, providing multitudes of Chicken Nuggets. Life in the 4 Kingdoms of Wah were great.
As for the Mushroom Kingdom, they were left on their own. Mario and Luigi would
control the Kingdom from thereon, for they had made themselves like gods. The people they
influenced had made themselves like gods, and they started new religions.​ 8 ​They worshiped
many planets. Each one, they thought, was dinosaur shaped, and they cursed God for their own
mistakes. ​Lol losers
They did these things because of Mario and Luigi. During the 31st year, Mario
appointed Peach the Thot as Queen of Mushroom Kingdom.

Chapter 4

1​ During the 34th year, Peach the Thot had started to believe in the Wah. Seeing the
danger of staying in the Mushroom Kingdom, she called up Bowser on her Blackberry.
King Bowser had just gotten through a divorce with Daisy the Slut, so he was happy to
But before he made the final decision, he prayed to the Lord, Waluigi. Waluigi had
blessed Bowser for his faith, and instructed him on how to rescue Peach the Thot.
Bowser was to travel along Highway 69 till he reached an old 7/11. There, the Potted
Plant of Yamauchi would be waiting. The Potted Plant of Yamauchi would then show King
Bowser the Underground railroad to the Mushroom Kingdom. King Bowser would take it there,
and at the end, Peach the Thot would be waiting.
King Bowser had left the Wah Castle early in the morning of April 20. Before he did, his
father, Yoshi, gave him a special laxative to use in special emergencies. Bowser took it, thanked
his father, then left.
King Bowser made his journey down Highway 69. It took him 7 days to reach the 7/11.
There, just as Waluigi had told him, was the Potted Plant of Yamauchi. Just as Waluigi said, it
showed King Bowser the way to Peach the Thot. 7​ ​The Underground Railroad took him 14 hours
to travel. At the end, Peach the Thot was waiting.
Being a little pussy, Peach the Thot didn’t like the tight tunnel; she wanted to go to the
surface. Before King Bowser could convince her otherwise, shouting came from down the
tunnel. Now both being little pussies, they ran to the surface.
Peach the Thot got tired, and stopped running. Bowser, picking up the slack, picked up
the sack, and ran out. Mario seeing the whole thing through his playground window, ran after
10 ​
Through the power of the special laxatives, King Bowser shot fire from his mouth. With
this new power, King Bowser and Peach the Thot escaped.