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Career Options After 12th Science PCB in Medical - Graduate Courses

The medical courses after 12th are one of the professional fields in India. Every year,
lakhs of candidates appear in the NEET exam to get into the medical field, but only a
few candidates qualify in it. Candidates who didn't qualify for it and want to get the
medical field without NEET can choose some other Career Options After 12th Science
PCB in Medical.

In the below-mentioned list, some courses are very exciting such as Microbiology,
Genetics, Bio-Chemistry etc. and others are conventional but high-paying career
options. Candidates can select any one medical course after 12th as per your interest.

B.Sc. in Anthropology

B.Sc. in Veterinary Science

B. Pharma (Pharmacy)

B.Sc. in Nursing

B.Sc. in Physio-Therapy

B.Sc. in Medical Science

B.Sc. in Speech and Language Therapy

B.Sc. in Rehabilitation Therapy

B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy

B.Sc. in MLT-Medical Technology

B.Sc. in Audiology

B.Sc. in Genetics

B.Sc. in Microbiology

B.Sc. in Bio-Technology

B.Sc. in Bio-Chemistry
B.Sc. in Bio-Informatics

B.Sc. in Bio-Medical Science

Note: - 150+ B.Sc. Courses are available in India. You can select any one as per your
preference if you have passed 12th class or equivalent from a recognized college or

Courses in Biology After 12th Except MBBS - Graduate Courses

When people talk about medical courses after 12th, the MBBS and BDS courses are
the only choices that rises in our mind. Many candidates have the misconception that
the only career options for 12th PCB students are in Medical Field. On contrary, you
have a lot of career opportunities in non-medical fields such as the study of plants,
food, environment, nutrition etc. Some of these courses are:

B.Sc. in Botany

B.Sc. in Zoology

B.Sc. in Home Science

B.Sc. in Environment Science

B.Sc. in Food Technology

B.Sc. in Agriculture

B.Sc. in Horticulture

B.Sc. in Fisheries

B.Sc. in Food Technology

B.Sc. in Radiography
B.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics

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Career Options for PCB Students in Research Areas

Research Area is another career option for PCB students. If you are choosing research
area as a career option, then you should select the research topic as per your interest.
As Biology is a vast subject, there are various research opportunities out there.

When you start your research, you find many new concepts that you’d never explore
in your academic studies other way. Research area is the best career option for higher
study in the medical field. Below, we have provided you some topics for research:




Cell Biology

Computational Biology

Conservation Biology
Developmental Biology




Marine Biology


Molecular Biology



Plant Biology

Population Biology
The above information was only based on the courses in which you can appear after
12th PCB. Now, we’ll discuss the job-related career options after 12th PCB and
Graduate Degree.

Note: - If you are not interested in Biology and want to make your career in PCM
(Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) then you should read Career After PCM.

Career Options for PCB Students - List of Popular Jobs

Students who have completed Class 12th from the PCB stream have many job options
too. They can choose from a range of options like Lab Technician, Scientist, Doctor
etc. Below, you can check the list of popular jobs which offer a good salary, career
growth to PCB graduates.

Government Jobs Career Options for PCB Students

In India, most of the people always give the priority to the Government Jobs. They
believe that government jobsare a better choice than private jobs. The reason behind
the popularity of the Government Job is that it provides the job security and benefits.

After completing your graduate degree in PCB, you can apply for the following
government jobs:
Government Hospitals

Civil Services

Teaching Field

Armed Forces

Banking Sector



SSC Exams

Private Jobs Career Options for PCB Students

If you are interested in the private sector, then you should choose the right
organizations or industries or hospitals which provide you high salary, good career
scope, peace of mind and professional satisfaction. There are many industries,
hospitals, research laboratories in India and abroad, in which you can get a job.

Private Bank and Insurance Companies

Private Hospitals

Teaching Field

Lab Technician

Independent Researcher

CSL Limited