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Spine Care Technologies Inc. and Zober Industries Inc.

Announce Strategic

Hauppauge, NY, January 27, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Spine Care Technologies Inc., headquartered in
Hauppauge, New York, is pleased to announce its new strategic alliance with Zober Industries, a one-stop
source for custom manufacturing and assembly. Located in Croydon, Pennsylvania, Zober has been in
business for 50 years and they currently operate a 180,000 square foot facility under one roof with easy
access to transportation.

Spine Care Technologies' Roland Kiser, President & Chief Executive Officer stated, “This new alliance
with Zober Industries impacts our core strategy on many fronts and we have started to significantly scale
production while maintaining and improving the quality aspects of our products.” Roland further
commented, “Zober Industries will allow us to manufacture over 85% of the parts in-house - and helping
to reduce cost, overhead, risks and hassles dealing with 3rd party vendors.”

Rich Zober, President & CEO of Zober Industries commented, “We are delighted to support Spine Care
Technologies with all manufacturing and assembly efforts and we have decided to provide a significant
capital contribution in order to align ourselves as a valuable strategic partner.”

Currently available in over 15 countries, the FDA-cleared Extentrac® Elite has a 20-year track record of
effectiveness and safety in delivering non-surgical, drug-free, disc and spine care treatments. Health
professionals worldwide have confirmed excellent clinical outcomes in the management of low back pain
in both private and hospital rehabilitation facilities using Extentrac®. To learn more, visit

About Spine Care Technologies Inc.:

Spine Care Technologies is a medical technology equipment developer & distributor whose flagship
product (Extentrac® Elite) has earned long-standing worldwide acclaim and recognition at pain
management clinics and rehabilitation hospitals. The firm's products provide relief for people who suffer
from the disabling effects of acute and chronic back pain. For more information please visit:

About Zober Industries:

Zober Industries, Inc. is a comprehensive contract manufacturer with over fifty years of experience. Since
our inception in 1970, Zober has strived to build a competitive, quality conscious manufacturing
operation. Through the regular procurement of the best equipment available, to a team of highly skilled
people, we feel we have achieved this goal.

Zober Industries offers the following capabilities and services: Surface Mount Technology, Printed
Circuit Board Assembly, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Machine Shop Services, Sheet Metal
Fabrication, Design & Engineering, Robot Welding and Warehousing & Fulfillment. Zober Industries is
certified to both ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485 (Medical Devices). For more information please visit:

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