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Prepare and develop arrangement and detail conceptual, FEED, studies, and detail

design drawings of high technical quality and professional consistent presentation

ensuring clarity and ease of construction. Develop 3D models and ensure clash free
with all other disciplines. Ensure design deliverables are completed and issued per
project specifications, MDR and project Level 2&3 procedures, and within agreed
schedules and budgets. Apply knowledge and/or skills to a range of activities. Set
priorities, organize own work and time to meet objectives, and (as Lead Designer)
forecast and plan resource requirements.
Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities:

 When acting as Lead Designer, in addition:

o Direct small or medium Pipeline & subsea Design Team as Lead
o Lead projects as Lead Designer engaging the participation of other
disciplines. Coordinate all activities within own discipline and Discipline
interfaces with other disciplines.
o Lead the design team of the assigned work area and complete within
planned schedule and budget, in accordance with standards, MDR and
project-specific procedures and to a high professional standard.
o Plan, organize, and direct all aspects of Discipline execution on the
assigned project including scope, deliverables, schedule, and all Discipline
manpower resources - agree allocations with the Engineering Manager.
o Ensure interfaces and deliverables are clearly identified.
o Maintain responsibility for progress and productivity, identifying any
required corrective action.
o Act as project-based Discipline point of contact in communications and
meetings with Project Team, Customer, vendor/supplier and/or
subcontractor counterparts; and relevant agencies such as certifying
authorities, auditors, third parties, etc.
 Become fully familiar with the Contract Scope of Work, specifications, schedule,
and all inter-discipline requirements; including identifying concerns as early as
practicable and taking appropriate initiatives to address the issues.
 Identify changes to scope and promptly raise change notification in the Change
Management system, including providing any necessary supporting
documentation and estimates. Provide similar support for Variation Orders.
 Interface with all disciplines to develop clash free designs.
 Interface with other disciplines to obtain input for Discipline designs and
 Liaise with other discipline support groups to ensure clearly defined interfaces,
deliverables, and schedules are met.
 Document substantive communications (communications that result in significant
decisions or assignment of actions), and forward copies to Discipline Lead
Designer and Discipline Supervisor.
 Assist Discipline Lead Designer in preparing estimates for proposals and job
scope changes, including execution statements, work schedules, and manhour
requirements, identifying software requirements and any other project-specific
 Raise technical queries to obtain missing information, clarify work scope, and to
maintain preferred McDermott procedures, specifications, standards, practices,
and operational requirements.
 Participate in finalizing deliverables lists, deliverables and philosophies to ensure
compliance with specifications and functional integrity.
 Review project schedule and fabrication schedule in relation to construction
sequence, milestones, and design scope.
 Attend project kickoff and review meetings, vendor/supplier meetings,
engineering and design meetings and offshore site surveys as required.
 Research customer standards and procedures in order to prepare project-
specific design procedures and standards for submission to the customer for
 Set-up and maintain the Discipline Master design drawing and document files.
 Develop and maintain project job books.
 Prepare and review Discipline deliverables such as:
o 3D model
o Detailed design drawings
 Develop conceptual layouts based on experience and good offshore engineering
practice and develop these through detailed design.
 Assist the Lead Designer in supervising the preparation of Key Discipline
 Liaise with the responsible Engineers for the timely expediting of Vendor Data to
efficiently progress the project according to schedule requirements.
 Review drawings issued by other disciplines and incorporate the required data
into Discipline drawings and documents.
 Assist in providing necessary design inputs to other disciplines to enable them in
proceeding with their deliverables.
 Identify all items for which insufficient data is available to allow the drawing or
model to be completed (HOLDS), and list these on the drawing and on the
standard 'HOLDS' list form. Notify the Discipline Lead Designer when there are
updates to the Holds List.
 Generate IDC design documentation for the project.
 Perform design verification through single discipline checks (SDC) and/or inter-
discipline checks (IDC), providing comments to Lead Designer.
 Review all project IDC design documentation for detail technical interfaces.
 Maintain single discipline and inter-discipline check drawings and filing, including
final archiving.
 Prepare, issue, and update material and weight data take-offs.
 Assist fabrication as required in the resolution of construction difficulties relating
to design problems, clashes, etc.
 Monitor progress and maintain the deliverables register on an ongoing basis.
 Ensure compliance with the Project Execution Plan and the timely completion
and archiving of drawings and documents.
 Keep Lead Designer apprised of all activities, progress and concerns, including
manpower and budgetary related.
 Assist in providing inputs for actual, planning, and forecasting progress reports
including associated productivity.
 Prepare forecasting schedules of delayed deliverables.
 Advise the Lead Designer of problem areas and/or manpower concerns.
 Report errors and suggest resolution for same.
 Participate in design reviews and audits.
 Capture lessons learned and enter into MDR's Lessons Learned System.
 Capture knowledge Objects and enter into MDR's K.now system.
 Act as a resource for colleagues with less experience.
 Act as technical resource to others in own Discipline.
 Guide less experience Designers on MDR and Discipline procedures, standards,
worksheets, design calculations, software, technical queries, etc.
 Provide leadership, mentoring and guidance to others.
 Assist in the maintenance of departmental technical guidelines and standards.
 Participate in development and maintenance of Global Procedures, Software,
Guidelines, and Standards.
 Further develop understanding of MDR's business and processes.
 Identify and provide training to staff in specific techniques and proprietary
 Provide information on employee performance to the Discipline
Supervisor/Engineering Manager.
 Assist Discipline Supervisor/Engineering Manager in interviewing job applicants.
 Prepare/review and (as Lead Designer) approve Pipeline and Subsea Design
deliverables such as:
o Alignment sheets
o Pipeline routes
o Field layout drawings
o Crossing drawings
o Approach drawings
o PIEM drawings
o Pipeline protection drawings
o Field joint drawings
o Shore approach drawings
o Drawings index and general notes
o Expansion/tie-in spool drawings
o Rigid riser/SCR drawings
o Riser system drawings
o Equipment drawings
o General arrangements
o P&IDs
o Schematics
o Block diagrams
o Equipment arrangements and installation details
 Travel to fabrication yard or offshore to assist in mechanical completion, hook up,
and/or commissioning, as required.
 When acting as Lead Designer:
o Act as project-base discipline point of contact in communications and
meetings with customer, vendor/supplier and/or subcontractor
counterparts; and Project Team.
o Ensure substantive communications are documented.
o Prepare bid's and project's Discipline design budget and execution plans,
updating as required.
o Identify project staff needs based on knowledge of individual designer's
skill sets and provide requests to the Discipline Supervisor/Engineering
o Plan, organize, and assign tasks, responsibilities, and manhour budgets to
the Discipline team, and verify tasks are completed within budgets.
o Plan Discipline Level 4 detail deliverable schedule/register complaint with
the overall execution plan.
o Supervise and guide assigned to the project execute assigned tasks in a
consistent manner.
o Prepare working forecasts identifying change management plans,
corrective action and real-time schedule.
o Provide Discipline inputs for actual, planning and forecasting progress
reports including associated productivity.
o Alert project team of any deviation from the scope or a need for change
o Monitor KPI measurement results, and take corrective action as necessary
to improve Discipline performance, including performance at interfaces
with others.
o Coordinate with other disciplines' Lead Designers to ensure timely receipt
of necessary design inputs.
o Ensure discipline designers have sufficient input information for the
drawing or model being undertaken.
o Raise and approve technical queries to obtain missing information, clarify
work scope, and to maintain preferred McDermott procedures,
specifications, standards, practices, and operational requirements.
o Review and approve Discipline project:
 Schedules
 Execution plans
 Deliverables lists
 Deliverables
 Forecasts
 Estimates
 Progress and productivity reports
 Procedures
 MTOs
 Single discipline checks (SDC) / inter-discipline checks (IDC)
o Review comments from Customers and other agencies on documents and
drawings produced by the team, and resolve and give guidance on their
update and incorporation.
o Lead the Discipline Team during project audits (internal, Customer, and
third party technical audits) and Design Reviews.
o Assist Discipline Supervisor/Engineering Manager in the preparation of
quarterly forecasts and manpower planning.
o Anticipate project engineering needs and plan accordingly.
o Assist discipline Supervisor/Engineering Manager, and Project
Engineering Manager or Project Manager in Performance Evaluation of
project team members.
o Travel to fabrication yard of offshore to assist in mechanical completion,
hookup, and/or commissioning, as required.

Basic Qualifications:

 10 years minimum experience with major contractor or consultant of which 5

years of experience in predominately offshore oil and gas.
 High school graduate with a diploma in Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical Design, or
drafting in a related discipline or equivalent experience.
 Detailed knowledge of associated industry detailing standards and codes.
 Detailed knowledge of 3D and 2D drafting and material control systems
(autoCAD and/or MicroStation).
 Minimum of 1-2 projects working experience in PDMS and/or PDS/SPM.
 Capable of leading projects.
 Knowledge of QA Systems and a good communicator.
 Working experience in project coordination and execution skills.
 Detailed knowledge of AutoCAD and/or Auto lisp Programming, 3D Modeling,
Menu and/or Macro compilation skills would be an advantage.

Company Overview:
McDermott is a premier, fully-integrated provider of technology, engineering and
construction solutions to the energy industry. For more than a century, customers have
trusted McDermott to design and build end-to-end infrastructure and technology
solutionsfrom the wellhead to the storage tankto transport and transform oil and gas into
the products the world needs today.