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Good News!

Catholic Parish of St Mary & St Thomas More

2 Hallcourt Crescent, Cannock , WS11 0AB
Parish Priest: Fr Peter Weatherby tel: 07766 335591
Deacons : Rev Michael Vickery, Rev Paul Hender
26th January 2020 • Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Parish Sister: Sr Jacinta Mariette 07488 369482
Welcome to everyone at Mass today, especially if you St Mary’s Music Group: rcmusicgroup.weebly.com
are new to our church or haven't been to Mass for Stafford Hospital Chaplaincy: 01782 676400
some time. Practising Catholics, clear in conscience New Cross & Cannock Hospital Chaplains: 01902 695098
that they are properly prepared, may receive holy St Mary’s Centre (Meals and Functions) 01543 579364
priest@cannockcatholic.org & www.cannockcatholic.org
communion. Others are invited to come forward for Cafod Representative : Jo Burrowes
a blessing. If so, please place your hand on your Safeguarding: Jo Burrowes & Ann Hinsley
heart to indicate this to the priest, deacon or minister. (Birmingham Diocesan Trust: Reg Charity No. 234216)

Masses, Intentions & other services The God who speaks …

Check mass intentions online at bit.ly/mass-intentions Scripture is at the centre of everything the Church
26th January • Third Sunday • Community does. The word of God shapes our prayer and
Sat 25 5pm Patrick Kilgallon RIP worship. The Bible shows us how to understand
Sun 26 8am Annie Wright RIP the world, how we are called to live and relate to
10.30am Olivia & Amila (Wedding each other.
Anniversary thanks) Pope Francis has designated the 3rd Sunday of the
Year as the Sunday of the Word of God and the
Mon 27 9:30am Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes, Hednesford Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and
Tue 28 7pm Marie Murray RIP Wales has dedicated 2020 as a year of focus on the
Wed 29 9.15am Christine Rogers RIP (School Mass) Bible and ‘The God Who Speaks’.
Thu 30 9:15am Neil Wilkinson RIP
1.45pm (No Mass this week at St Thomas More During this year, we will be celebrating, living and
School) sharing God‘s word It’s an opportunity to develop
Fri 31 9.15am Betty Murphy RIP and explore new ways of responding to ‘The God
Sat 1 10am Parish & People who Speaks’.

2nd February • Presentation of the Lord • Hope For information on events, activities and resources,
Sat 1 5pm Deceased Members of McDonnell/ go to bit.ly/2RDHBd2
Egan Families
Sun 2 8am Nancy Costello (Thanks)
10.30am John & Kathleen Murphy RIP

Saints & Holy Days

Tues St Thomas Aquinas, Fri St John Bosco
Baptisms None this week Jan 27th is the 75th anniversary of the liberation of
Funerals 28th 10:15am Kath Turner; 30th 2pm (Stafford Auschwitz and it is also Holocaust Memorial Day.
Crematorium) Audrey Potts. (Audrey’s body will be taken In cities and towns across the United Kingdom,
into Church at 4pm on 29th); 31st 3pm (Stafford events will be held to mark this milestone in
Crematorium) Gerard Pearson; Feb 7th 11am Peter human history and to express the hope that such
Garnett. evil may never happen again.
Children’s Liturgy during Sunday 10.30am Mass This year, the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day
Rosary 8.50am before Mass on Thursday and Friday; and is “Stand Together”. Those who are targeted by
first Saturday of each month 9.40am. persecutors and racists find protection when
others stand together in solidarity with them and
Morning Prayer 9.40am Saturday (not first Saturday). challenge what is being done.
Confessions Saturdays 9-9.50am; 10.30-11am
During the Nazi era, Jews were saved because
and 4.30pm - 5pm. At other times on request.
people stood together with them, hiding them
Parish Income 19th January £519.57 (Gift Aid £303.50), from the Nazis. Children were given refuge in our
IHM Sisters Philanthropic Fund £434.94. Thank you! country by families willing to shelter them.
APF (Missio) Please collect red boxes from the back of
Holocaust Memorial Day is an opportunity each
year for us to stand together with those in our
Second Collections: 2nd February Clergy Training Fund community, learn about those affected by genocide
(retiring collection); 16th February Parish Development around the world and take action for the future.
Fund. Full list here: bit.ly/2LQNZKN
More information: bit.ly/30SXNM2t
Diocesan Newsletter 14 Jan 2020 bit.ly/3a7jLPD
Youth Service Newsletter : bit.ly/2TAgF0z
Please submit notices and items for publication to Fr Peter by hand, by text 07766 335591 or by email to priest@cannockcatholic.org

GN195 • Third Sunday in Ordinary Time • 26th January 2020

26th January 2020 • Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Gerry Marriott, Billie
Notices Please Pray … Wyles, Maria Wacławski,
Journey in Faith First Holy Communion … The Holy Father's Bernard Deakin, Iris
continues on January Preparation for children Prayer Intention: that Robertson, Mary Casey.
30th - now on Thursday not in Catholic Schools Christians, followers of ... for those undergoing or
evenings 7.30pm at Our begins on Saturday 1st other religions, and all recovering from
Lady of Lourdes, February at 11am in the people of goodwill may treatment or otherwise in
Hednesford in the Presbytery. See Fr Peter promote together peace particular need of our
Presbytery. This week: St or Shirley Weatherby if and justice in the world. prayers: Ann Sprigg, Gill
Catherine of Siena. interested.
… as we remember the Dockery, baby Darcy Gray
Schedule: bit.ly/36l4M1a Diocesan Memorial liberation of Auschwitz, Sr Monica (Colwich
Thanksgiving Mass for Mass for Fr Pat Farrelly, end to genocide, from Abbey), Emily Pritchard,
Marriage 12pm on Sat celebrant Bishop David prejudice and hatred and Anthony Lawless,
May 9th and Sat May McGough, preacher for the courage never to Cathryn, Katie Bruce,
16th at St Chad’s Canon Michael Neylon is stand by in the face of John Morris, Vincent
Cathedral for all married at St Mary’s, Cannock on evil. Dockery, Hannah
couples and those Wed 12th February at Newborough, Peter
preparing to marry. 7.30pm. Notice: bit.ly/ … for the people of Clamp, Ray Bishop,
Those with milestone 378XyPg Australia, suffering Audrey George, Geoff
anniversaries please send because of the extensive Tipping, Josie Riley, James
Marriage Preparation, bushfires
names as these couples Enrichment and B, Helen, Lynne Causland,
will be listed in the Mass Support: 2020 … for the sick or Sylvia Fawdrey, Peer
booklet. Also we are Programme of weekends housebound: Maureen Mohammed
looking for the couple organised by Marriage Murphy, Catherine
married for the longest Encounter and Holloway, Mary Rowley, The Holy Souls
time in the Diocese: Last Retrouvaille: bit.ly/ Stella Skillen, Winifride
year this was Mr & Mrs …. for the recently
2R93rGF Haynes, Annette Mason, departed: Peter Garnett,
Beveridge, who have Doris Crabb, Joanne
been married for 75 Baby Bear Knitathon Audrey Potts, Kathleen
Jeavons, Nicola Turner, Christine Rogers,
years! Contact: Lianne Monday 17th February
McCulloch, Celia Hurdiss, Canon Gerry Breen, Fr
Pap lianne.pap@rc- 8am-8pm at Salem
Dee Fellows, Theresa Brian Doolan, Fr Pat
birmingham.org. Methodist Church,
Hadley, June Weatherby, Farrelly
Cheslyn Hay. Raffle, Baby
100 Club Draw Sunday, Priuyani Jacinta
Bear Stall & Handcrafted … for those with
2nd February 2020. Fernando, Sarah Hughes.
Cards. Why not pop in anniversaries about this
Collecting for the new for a chat & … for Helen Pawlak time: 28th Mary Teresa
year of the draw begins refreshments? Poster: (acutely ill), Richard Rose.
soon! bit.ly/30wfoZK. Playfair (just out of
hospital) Thanksgivings
… for those in our parish
St Mary’s Centre 01543 579364 receiving communion at
… for Darcy’s successful
Sunday Carvery 12-4pm £6.95 home: Gladys Chmieleski,
Wednesday Carvery 5.30-8pm 2 for £10 Wanda Sliwka, Joan … for the appointment of
Thursday 5.30-8pm 2 for £10 (OAP £4 each) Pinson, Dan Lyonette, Canon David Oakley as
Friday 5.30pm-8.30pm from 2 for £10 Mary Kirby, Norah Perry, the next bishop of
@cannockrcclub Peter Clamp, Don Hinton, Northampton.
All functions catered for
Full rota is at bit.ly/cannockparishrota
Readers Ministers Readers Ministers Readers Ministers
ROTAS Sat 5pm Sat 5pm Sun 8am Sick Visiting Sun 10.30am Sun 10.30am Counters Cleaning Stole Washing

D Bruce Team 5
January 26
Paul Doyle S & T Bullivant Margaret C Bridges Tom Burrowes C Hunt M Powell A Spencer
2020 Pat Wilson
3rd Sunday Morna Doyle P & C Wilson Tym D Gleve Richard Playfair Julie Kennedy S Nelson V Brookes
M Sargeant M Tym
Gail & David Eileen Clancy
February 2 Françoise Javier Gonzalez- Team 6
Korzonek Shirley M Harris Pat Johnston G Keeling Margaret
2020 Gray Fritz S & T Bullivant
Candlemas C Bridges Weatherby Amy Pritchard Sister Jacinta C Bridges Harris
Cath Hunt Wendy Owens G Dockery
C Jackson A Pritchard

Facebook: facebook.com/cannockcatholic | Twitter: @cannockcatholic | Parish Calendar: bit.ly/cannockcal

GN195 • Third Sunday in Ordinary Time • 26th January 2020